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NEW DATE: Celebration details of Los Angeles Scientology facilities leaked

HollywoodTestCenterJust yesterday, we told you about information that was leaked about Scientology’s plans for its Los Angeles headquarters. Now, we’ve received another leaked e-mail which suggests that the dates of the grand re-openings have been moved back a week. And we have some additional details.

Renovations in LA have been going on for some time, and now we’ve learned why: Scientology’s “Advanced Orgs” — where church members go for high-level and expensive processing — are also being upgraded to “Ideal” status. On Saturday, the Advanced Org in Copenhagen (AOSHEU) went through a grand re-opening that featured Scientology leader David Miscavige.

A similar party is being planned for LA — will Miscavige be in town? We’re hoping our LA correspondents can be on the scene to find out.

Here’s the new e-mail which explains the dates for re-openings for several different buildings:

These are the dates that COB announced at the Copenhagen Ideal Org opening.

Please DO NOT FORWARD this to anyone else!!!


Friday, February 28 — 6:30 PM — the grand opening of the Hollywood Test Center will be held. You should plan to arrive by 5 PM. There will be buses transporting public to the Test Center location.

Saturday, March 1 — 6:00 PM — the grand opening of the PAC Base (the ASHO and AOLA buildings) will be held. Again, you should plan to arrive by 5 PM. After the dedication speeches, COB will cut the ribbon and then the doors will be opened for tours!

For Scientology watchers, these are very familiar places among the many properties that Scientology owns in the Los Angeles area. The Hollywood Testing Center is west of Big Blue, the big Scientology headquarters complex that contains both AOLA and ASHO.


The Hollywood Test Center is housed in the historic Hotel Christie (see photo above) at 6732 Hollywood Blvd, just a block east of the Hollywood and Highland center. The Testing Center building has been closed for renovation for a long time, and it will be significant if it’s reopened on February 28 — will Scientology ask for Hollywood Boulevard to be shut down? Here’s a satellite image, showing the Testing Center and Hollywood & Highland (which was festooned for the Oscars when the photo was taken).


The next day, on March 1, according to the e-mail, Scientology will re-open the American Saint Hill Organization (ASHO) and the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (AOLA). On this map we’ve indicated the locations of each. The street between them, L. Ron Hubbard Way, is a public street, but Scientology regularly has it shut down to public traffic. Sunset Boulevard is just out of view at the top of this shot, and Fountain Avenue is at the bottom.


There are plenty of Bunker regulars who live in the area. We hope we can get some interesting reports on those two evenings!


Posted by Tony Ortega on February 17, 2014 at 07:00

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