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Scientology video: Some of the best L. Ron Hubbard word salad ever

Scientology8-8008Our video source has a fun item for us this week. It’s another “quote video” made to market another L. Ron Hubbard lecture — in this case, Scientology 8-8008 and the Philadelphia Doctorate Course.

The PDC came early in Scientology’s history — December 1952 — but like everything else Hubbard did, this series of lectures was meant to be taken as gospel (which explains why it’s still on sale and at premium prices).

But we like this video in particular because it features a passage by Hubbard which may be among the most nonsensical word salads he ever uttered on tape. Give it a look, and then take a look at our transcription of the second half of it…



Here’s what Hubbard said…

Scientology 8-8008 is named Scientology 8-8008 because it is the roadmap of a process. And it says the attainment of infinity by the reduction of the MEST universe, apparency of the MEST universe, is infinity to zero. And the increase of one’s own apparent zero to an infinity of his own universe. It’s a roadmap, it’s a roadmap. And when you reduce the MEST universe’s infinity towards zero, you do it by reversing a cycle of action. How do you think you’re going to get out of the MEST universe if you keep saying I don’t want it? Its vectors are all backwards. If you say to the MEST universe ‘I don’t want you,’ it’s going to hold on. I don’t want you? It’s going to have you. How do you get out of that bear trap? You have to want it. You have to be able to limit yourself in nothing in comparison to what your desire level was. You have to want to live. You have to be willing to use your beingness and so forth in all the living there is to do. That doesn’t mean in evil things or all this sort of thing. You just have to want this universe, that’s all. And then know at the same time that you don’t want it, too much. You have to be able to want and experience the sensations of this universe. You have to take as a high level of tolerance at speed. In other words, you have to be able to live in order to back out of the universe.

The man’s charisma and intellect is just off the charts, isn’t it?

Once again, we asked former Scientology worker Marc Headley to tell us what he could about the production of this video.

This is another video that promotes the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures. You’ll have to get one of the techies to give you the explanation of the “8-8008” title. I vaguely remember but I will certainly get it wrong if I tried to explain it. Whatever it is supposed to mean, I am starting to lose my Scientology programming and I fear that if I try to remember too hard I might regress. I know he explains it in the video, but every time I hear Hubbard’s voice all I can think of is those long ass fingernails and wondering what poor soul has the horrible job of sticking with a needle of Vistaril in his backside. And if one does listen and there is a “roadmap from zero to inifinity” then why haven’t any Scientologists gotten in their space buggies and zipped down the road? This lecture was given in the 1950s, and I swear not one single person has ever known what the hell he is talking about.

So this has the usual suspects on the Int Base employee actors, Chris Olander, Ron Sommerville, Noemi Strom, Heidi Stahli, Pat Buglewicz and I don’t recognize the guy they used for the rest of the video but the shots are at the Int Base so he is probably a hired actor.

Like the rest of these videos, just a bunch of period auditing shots, some walking shots, and then we end up on a mountaintop sunset shot. This mountaintop shot was a rip off of a helicopter shot that we used to do for films. They did a ghetto version of that shot for this video with a crane, but you can tell they ain’t flying by the dude and it sort of goes limp at the end of the shot. Well, for no money that is what you get, Dave.

Also, if anyone cares, you can buy these lectures from Bridge Publications for $1,150 or you could just get them new on eBay for $99.95, which is still waaaay overpriced.

Thanks for another illuminating explanation, Marc!


Posted by Tony Ortega on February 13, 2014 at 07:00

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