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The secret of everything? It’s time for Scientology’s Original Operating Thetan Level Five!

BigBangClaire Headley and Bruce Hines are taking us on our journey to train as Scientologists. Claire spent years working with Scientology’s “tech,” and was trusted to oversee the auditing of Tom Cruise. Bruce was in Scientology for 31 years and spent about half that time as a senior case supervisor. Go here to see the first part in this series.

This week, as we move on up to Original Operating Thetan Level Five (OT 5), Claire told us she never had any experience with it. But Bruce was ready to help us get another step up the Bridge to Total Freedom.

According to the Original OT 5 materials we looked at, this level is about “the truth about the physical universe,” which is different from “the laws of physical scientists.”

Yes, Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard is going to tell us the truth about the MEST universe (matter, energy, space, and time), and once we do, we will become “free of its laws.”

Sounds fun! At this point, we should be able to exist completely exterior of the physical body, and the drills of OT 5 will allow us to “communicate” freely with the “environment.”

Oh, we can hardly wait! Now, let’s see how the true nature of the universe is revealed in a way that those silly scientists have never figured out…


We start with preliminaries. We lie down and get comfortable. With our eyes shut, we do the following:

“1. Spot a spot in the room”

“2. Spot a spot in your body”

This is continued as we spots spots “outside” and on the sun. Then we’re asked to sit up and spot an object or locate objects in the room and outside.

We then locate a moving object, locate a space, and do a few similar things until we’re exterior of our body.

In the next set of exercises, we’re again lying comfortably with our eyes closed. Now were asked to “create an illusion” which can be a “condition, energy, or object.”

Then, with that illusion in mind, we’re asked to do various things…

Conserve it, Hide it, Age it, Rearrange it, and Destroy it, among others.

Next up are some precious exercises that take place outdoors. We’ll quote a few…

“Pick out an object ahead of you and wrap an energy beam around it and yourself and pull yourself toward the object by shortening the beam. Notice what happens.”

“Locate a cloud and notice the space between you and it.”

“Notice the motion of the earth and your relationship to it.”

We’re asked to repeat these steps (and several others like them) until we have a “major cognition.”

And that’s it. What would that major cognition be, Bruce?

BRUCE: Like Claire, I have had little experience with the original OT 5. Like the original OT 4, very few people did it after 1978, and virtually no one after about 1982. Even though from my position in the Sea Org I had access and had to study a lot of confidential materials, the original OT 4, 5, and 6 were not among them. I think I read them briefly once. They were kind of hushed up after the “Bridge” underwent major revisions in ’78 and ’82.

Usually, a “major cognition” in Scientology can be any realization that in the person’s estimation is major. There are only a few auditing actions that go for a specific cognition (like the “Clear cog,” or the realization that one is just oneself in certain auditing actions designed to shift the person’s valence). A major cog should be a wow, mind-blowing thing accompanied by “very very good indicators.” There is a whole long list of “good indicators” and another one of “bad indicators.” In fact there is a whole educational film on the subject of indicators. That said, I would guess (and it really is a guess) that a preOT on the original OT 5 would “realize” something along the lines of, “I really am a spiritual being separate from and senior to the physical universe.”

I put the word “realize” in quotation marks because the whole thing is taking place in the person’s head. They lie down and perform various mental exercises. Let’s take, for example, “Spot a spot on the sun.” If you were to try this, it isn’t too hard to imagine that you are out in space somewhere, exterior to the body, and viewing the sun and some location on it. Having imagined that, and after carrying out a whole bunch of such mental tricks, it is a small step to believing that you are some really bad-ass thetan not confined by the physical universe. I believe this is analogous to what happens when one begins to recall past lives in auditing. When the person being audited is first told or asked or encouraged to find a past-life experience, he or she gets some dim thought that seems to just be something that would answer the auditing question. Then through repetition of this, and with the help of various re-enforcement mechanisms of the whole auditing system, the person gets more and more confident that these thoughts really are past-life experiences. If one fails to “perceive the motion of the earth” or find the past-life incident, then there is something wrong with that person. They then have to get expensive repair auditing, or have to re-do levels already supposedly done, or one might even be suppressive.

Mr. Hubbard taught and Scientologists come to believe, that only the ill-intended would attempt to invalidate or refute the truth of these experiences. After all, who is to say whether the person, as a spiritual being, was not out in space viewing the sun. Well, if it really worked, if these exercises really did produce super-able, super-ethical beings, it would all be good. I have concluded that it does not work. Of course, that makes me an SP. Starting in 1978, the idea was that these earlier original OT levels did not produce their intended results because everyone needed “NOTs” auditing (which now includes New OT V, New OT VI, and New OT VII). So for many years the focus became getting people through those levels. When enough people (read “enough to make it profitable”) had done so, New OT VIII was released. Then a bunch of people did that. But there were still no people with OT powers. That must mean that the earlier steps on the “Bridge” were faulty. But that’s OK, as it meant there were a whole lot of things that people had to pay for. People were even convinced that errors in books from the 1950s were the problem.

When Mr. Hubbard was alive, when his discoveries did not produce the touted results, he could come out with a new discovery that explained why. Then everyone would have to do that. Mr. Miscavige, cannot simply dream up a whole new thing. Mr. Hubbard made it very clear that only he was Source. So Mr. Miscavige has to keep repackaging and “fixing” the things that Mr. Hubbard had issued.

The whole system does not hold up under the scientific method. It is then very convenient to label scientists as fakes and physics and biology as false subjects.

THE BUNKER: Wait, Bruce, so you’re saying we’re not going to understand the truth of the physical universe and be free of its laws?

Well now we are seeing spots.

Next time, we’ll do New OT 5, and we’ll add it on to our running total. For now, we’ll stay at $288,105.50 for now.


Posted by Tony Ortega on February 5, 2014 at 07:00

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