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Drug flashbacks from one million years B.C.? It’s time for Scientology’s New OT 4!

What groovy substances was Raquel dosing herself with a million years ago?

What groovy substances was Raquel dosing herself with a million years ago?

Claire Headley and Bruce Hines are taking us on our journey to train as Scientologists. Claire spent years working with Scientology’s “tech,” and was trusted to oversee the auditing of Tom Cruise. Bruce was in Scientology for 31 years and spent about half that time as a senior case supervisor. Go here to see the first part in this series.

Bruce and Claire, last time we reached Operating Thetan Level Four on our trip up the Bridge to Total Freedom, but it was an early version that was later superseded by “New OT 4.” So let’s see what New OT 4 has in store for us.

It’s interesting to see the date on the materials for OT 4: January 29, 1980, which is just two weeks before Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard went permanently into hiding until his death in 1986. So this material was issued when he was at ‘X,’ an apartment complex in Hemet.

As for the level itself, we’re back to body thetans and clusters of BTs — the disembodied alien souls that take up residence inside our bodies or float nearby, which we first leaned about at OT 3.

Hubbard now tells us that body thetans are affected by drug use.

We learn that drug use along our whole track — long in the past — was worse than the drug use of today. And drug use today has a tendency to “restimulate” your body thetans about the drug use they went through in the distant yesterday.


(L. Ron Hubbard loved the idea of drugs hanging around in your body, ready to pounce on you in the form of a flashback. Now he proposes that the same problem is in your whole track, just waiting to be restimulated — which means you may get a drug flashback from millions of years ago!)

And that sets up the possibility for an odd situation — that you might have stayed away from drugs, but your BTs might be ancient junkies!

“Maybe the guy has never taken LSD or Pheno-barbitol in his lifetime and doesn’t have any of that drug actually in his body. But the BT or cluster freewheeling through an incident containing the drug mocks up the apparency of the drug in the body, making the guy feel that he is on that drug.”

Hubbard describes going through a series of “date and locate” drug incidents. He also runs through a series of case histories, mostly involving LSD. “Heavy druggie,” he describes one person.

As for the process itself, you make sure the subject has done the Purification Rundown so there are no PT [present time] problems with drugs, and then you apparently audit the drug problems of your BTs. (But hadn’t you supposedly already chased away all of your BTs on OT 3? Where did these BTs come from?)

And because your BTs had their wild times on the whole track, they may have used wild drugs that haven’t even been invented here yet.

Now that’s funny.

BRUCE: The idea is that the body thetans addressed on New OT 4 were somehow not available to be located or run on OT 3 because they were affected by drugs more than those that were supposedly blown during OT 3. And so the special approach of the “OT Drug Rundown” (the original name for New OT IV, before it became an “OT level” in 1982) allows one to find these “druggie” thetans. New OT IV is not done by solo auditing. The “preOT” gets audited by another person.

Back in the day I audited some scores of people on this action. In retrospect, it is interesting to me that, after attesting to “no more BTs” upon completion of OT 3, the preOT so easily accepted that on this level a whole bunch of body thetans, who had been there all along, have to be audited and blown. This pattern of “oh, I thought they were all gone, but now I have a lot more BTs than I thought I had” repeats as one continues up the OT levels.

I myself did not receive the version of New OT 4 that people would get these days. I had already started on NOTs auditing (which later became New OT 5) when the OT Drug Rundown came out in 1980. So the auditing I received involved NOTs techniques, which we will be talking about later.

It is interesting that there are four steps of the “bridge” on which drugs are addressed. First is the Purification Rundown. A later action is called the “Scientology Drug Rundown,” which is an auditing action that involves recalling times of drug experiences. Then later there is the “NED Drug Rundown” (New Era Dianetics Drug Rundown) that addresses drugs with Dianetic-style auditing (running through incidents of pain and unconsciousness in this lifetime and in earlier lives). And finally there is New OT IV. Mr. Hubbard did seem to think that drug use, including alcohol, was one of the main things that fuck beings up. Drugs were often used in “implants,” and in those whole-track, space-opera, high-tech societies there were supposedly some pretty sophisticated drugs. This is all pretty ironic, considering Mr. Hubbard’s own drug and alcohol use, which is now well documented.

The first test auditing of the OT Drug Rundown (referred to as “pilot” auditing) was supervised by David Mayo. If I recall correctly, Mr. Mayo wrote those case histories. If the bulletin you have was dated January 29, 1980, there is probably a “DM” in capital letters at the very end. Later such technical bulletins were revised to remove any reference to Mayo. I’m sure there could be a lively debate as to whether any of the techniques in New OT IV were originated by Mayo. I know what Mr. Mayo would say. But, regardless, Mr. Hubbard had to approve the final version of the rundown.

A key part of the OT drug handling is the idea that heavy drug experiences can form clusters of BTs. To understand this, one has to know what a cluster is. It is a group of individual thetans who all experienced some engrammic incident at the same time and in the same place. These beings then believe that they are collectively just one being. They lose their own identity, according to the theory. So on New OT IV (also on OT III) the cluster has to be “broken up” so then the individual thetans that were in the cluster can be audited separately. One process used for this is “Date/Locate”, whereby, as the theory goes, getting the exact time and the exact place where the cluster was formed will break it apart. This could be billions or trillions of years ago on planets many, many light years from earth. Really, I am not making this up!

The theory includes the idea that restimulation of drugs can make a person act sort of drugged in present time. Before the person goes Clear, this would be a restimulation of his or her own mental pictures of drug experiences. After Clear it would be restimulation of body thetans and clusters of body thetans (usually referred to as BTs and Clusters). Such is the power of a thetan that a BT can create something that acts like a drug in one’s own body. Hmmm.

Anyway, those are my thoughts.

CLAIRE: Bruce covered it very well.

I did the New OT 4 (not knowing there was an “old” OT 4) in 2000. I finished extensive review auditing after breaking my leg and shoulder during OT 3, and was finally allowed back on the level and finished it.

I agree with Bruce, in retrospect the fascination with drugs and their impact on your life is pretty extreme.

It especially seemed that way for me. I never did any form of street drug. I’d never even taken an Advil or Tylenol. Ever.

And so the “worst” “drug” I had addressed on my Purification Rundown was novocaine and radiation (from my allergic reaction to the sun aka red hair / fair skin syndrome). Honestly the first time I ever got drunk was after I escaped the base. So yeah, not much exposure. I’m sure there are some who did have a major issue with addiction etc. That just was not me.

Either way, here I came to OT 4. And now we’re back to drugs. Except now, it’s Body Thetans with drug issues. All I can say is that I somehow reconciled in my mind (or not) that now we were going to talk about this again.

At least I actually had had some drugs in the interim!

I will say Bruce pretty well summed it up, it’s counter-intuitive in so many ways to come to the end of OT 3 and “attest” to having no more BTs, only to start the next level and without even so much as a blink, we’re back at it.

This is what they call unburdening one’s case, peeling away the layers of the onion.

THE BUNKER: And peel away, we must! So let’s see what we’re going to pay for this e-meter exorcism, according to a 2001 price list.

THIS WEEK: $ 9,831.25

TOTAL SO FAR: $ 288,105.50

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Posted by Tony Ortega on January 28, 2014 at 07:00

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