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Judge in Danny Masterson lawsuit doubts Scientology ‘arbitration,’ sets hearing

[Judge Steven J. Kleifield]

In what appears to be a pretty unusual turn of events, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Steven Kleifield, after hearing Scientology’s argument on November 6 about why it should be able to force Danny Masterson’s rape accusers into “religious arbitration,” has decided to erase that hearing as if it never happened.

In a new two-page order, Judge Kleifield expresses doubts that Scientology can force former Scientologists into arbitration, and has asked the church’s attorneys to submit new filings answering his specific questions about how Scientology’s scheme fits under federal law. He set a new hearing for December 18 to make a ruling on the answers they submit.

Um, wow!

We told you previously that attorneys for Chrissie Carnell Bixler and the other plaintiffs (who are suing Scientology and Danny Masterson not for the rapes they accuse Masterson of, but for the campaign of harassment they say they experienced after coming forward to the LAPD in 2016) had argued that Scientology should not be able to force four former members of the church into Scientology’s own internal brand of religious arbitration and what is essentially a “religious ritual.” It’s a First Amendment violation of religious rights, they have argued.

But Judge Kleifield is bothered by something entirely different, and something that neither side has previously brought up (“not previously briefed,” he says). In his ruling, he points to the language of the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA), under which the church claims that it has authority to hold Carnell Bixler and the three other former members to the language of contracts they had signed as Scientologists, promising to bring any grievance not to a court of law but to internal arbitration.


Kleifield notes that the federal act relies on the idea that arbitration is appropriate in cases of commerce, not complaints of harassment or stalking or libel.

“Defendants argue that the arbitration agreements are broad enough to cover any claim whatsoever. The question arises whether the FAA is available to Defendants to enforce the arbitration agreements at issue in this case.”

To that end, Kleifield has asked Scientology’s attorneys to submit new filings answering these specific questions:

1. Do the contracts at issue evidence transactions involving commerce?
2. Do the controversies arise out of the contracts or transactions?
3. If the answer to issue #1 or 2 is “no”, may the arbitration agreements be enforced under the FAA?

The simplicity and obviousness of it is stunning: How is Scientology successfully convincing courts that it can stalk, harass, and slander former members for the rest of their lives without recourse to the courts? Judge Kleifield seems to be the first one to point out that this is being done under a law about contractual disputes involving dollars and cents, not harassment, surveillance, and poisoning pets.

And to add some insult to injury, Judge Kleifield has told Scientology’s attorneys that they have to limit their answer to his questions to only five pages. Those of you who are familiar with Scientology’s style of litigation will understand not only how difficult this will be for attorneys working for David Miscavige, but it also says something about Judge Kleifield’s tolerance for the way the church has been conducting itself in this case so far.

We cannot wait to see the Scientology freakout over this. The church’s response is due about December 2.


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Source Code

“The only other thing I could tell that you really need to know about this meter is, when it’s all the way up to the vicinity of 6.0 or even into the black, you’re reading a thetan who believes he is dead. Completely aside from the theta bop, these are the readings of a body if it were dead: But the thetan believes he’s dead up that high. I learned this from plants. When plants think they’re dead, man, they rise right up there and there they are. And a plant can conceive that it’s dead long before it departs. It says, ‘I’m dead,’ goes right on up here to 6.0. After that, you get no needle motion. You get nothing.” — L. Ron Hubbard, November 16, 1959



Overheard in the FreeZone

“Regarding the FBI who like the IRS and the FDA along with their controlled media are just tools used by various vested interests who consider actual Scientology a threat to their monopoly. Seems they have no objection to what since 1993 has been called ‘the Scientology Religion’ which is based on meaning in a derivative sense as in squirrel ‘the works of L Ron Hubbard’ which is probably why they don’t get all hot and bothered when someone like Mike keeps bleating for an investigation of some kind of the hen house by the fox etc. It sort of emphasized the point that as Ron says there is no other hope but ourselves in straightening up this mess.”


Past is Prologue

2000: Reuters reported that Scientologist and owner of Executive Software Craig Jensen is angry that Microsoft has released a way to disable the Diskeeper software. “‘The stench of religious intolerance is high among government officials in Germany,’ Craig Jensen, owner and CEO of California-based Executive Software International, said in a statement issued over the weekend. Microsoft — bowing to pressure over the Scientology link — has said it will remove the part of the Windows 2000 operating system software that has generated the bad publicity — a disk defragmenter which helps hard disks run more efficiently. A Microsoft spokesman in Germany said on Friday the problem stems from the fact that ‘people and the media’ in Germany became aware of the fact that the developer of the tool was Executive Software, whose CEO is a member of the Scientology Church. A German Interior Ministry information security expert, who spoke on condition of anonymity, has said that some German officials and clergy have voice fears that this part of the software ‘could have a security problem’.”


Random Howdy

“My wife used to say the reason I was a such a morbid negative weirdo was because of all the horrible stories my dad use to tell me about Korea and WWII and all the other mondo cane shit he saw during his time in the merchant marines. I think she may have been right.”


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Criminal prosecutions:
Danny Masterson charged for raping three women: Masterson’s demurrer denied Oct 19, arraignment delayed to Jan 6.
Jay and Jeff Spina, Medicare fraud: Jay’s sentencing delayed for ‘Fatico’ hearing on Jan 19.
Hanan and Rizza Islam and other family members, Medi-Cal fraud: Next pretrial conference set for Jan 12 in Los Angeles

Civil litigation:
Luis and Rocio Garcia v. Scientology: Oral arguments were heard on July 30 at the Eleventh Circuit
Valerie Haney v. Scientology: Forced to ‘religious arbitration.’ Petition for writ of mandate denied Oct 22 by Cal 2nd Appellate District. Petition for review by state supreme court filed Oct 30.
Chrissie Bixler et al. v. Scientology and Danny Masterson: Dec 18, re-hearing on motions to compel arbitration; Jan 29, Masterson’s request to stay discovery pending the criminal case
Matt and Kathy Feschbach tax debt: Eleventh Circuit ruled on Sept 9 that Feshbachs can’t discharge IRS debt in bankruptcy. Oct 19: Feshbachs still considering further appellate relief.
Brian Statler Sr v. City of Inglewood: Second amended complaint filed, trial set for Nov 9, 2021.
Author Steve Cannane defamation trial: Trial concluded, awaiting verdict.

Concluded litigation:
Dennis Nobbe, Medicare fraud, PPP loan fraud: Charged July 29. Bond revoked Sep 14. Nobbe dead, Sep 14.
Jane Doe v. Scientology (in Miami): Jane Doe dismissed the lawsuit on May 15 after the Clearwater Police dropped their criminal investigation of her allegations.


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Scientology disconnection, a reminder

Bernie Headley (1952-2019) did not see his daughter Stephanie in his final 5,667 days.
Valerie Haney has not seen her mother Lynne in 2,122 days.
Katrina Reyes has not seen her mother Yelena in 2,626 days
Sylvia Wagner DeWall has not seen her brother Randy in 2,146 days.
Brian Sheen has not seen his grandson Leo in 1,166 days.
Geoff Levin has not seen his son Collin and daughter Savannah in 1,057 days.
Christie Collbran has not seen her mother Liz King in 4,364 days.
Clarissa Adams has not seen her parents Walter and Irmin Huber in 2,232 days.
Carol Nyburg has not seen her daughter Nancy in 3,006 days.
Jamie Sorrentini Lugli has not seen her father Irving in 3,810 days.
Quailynn McDaniel has not seen her brother Sean in 3,126 days.
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Melissa Paris has not seen her father Jean-Francois in 7,611 days.
Valeska Paris has not seen her brother Raphael in 3,779 days.
Mirriam Francis has not seen her brother Ben in 3,360 days.
Claudio and Renata Lugli have not seen their son Flavio in 3,621 days.
Sara Goldberg has not seen her daughter Ashley in 2,659 days.
Lori Hodgson has not seen her son Jeremy and daughter Jessica in 2,372 days.
Marie Bilheimer has not seen her mother June in 1,897 days.
Julian Wain has not seen his brother Joseph or mother Susan in 252 days.
Charley Updegrove has not seen his son Toby in 1,427 days.
Joe Reaiche has not seen his daughter Alanna Masterson in 5,978 days
Derek Bloch has not seen his father Darren in 3,127 days.
Cindy Plahuta has not seen her daughter Kara in 3,447 days.
Roger Weller has not seen his daughter Alyssa in 8,302 days.
Claire Headley has not seen her mother Gen in 3,421 days.
Ramana Dienes-Browning has not seen her mother Jancis in 1,777 days.
Mike Rinder has not seen his son Benjamin and daughter Taryn in 6,080 days.
Brian Sheen has not seen his daughter Spring in 2,186 days.
Skip Young has not seen his daughters Megan and Alexis in 2,588 days.
Mary Kahn has not seen her son Sammy in 2,460 days.
Lois Reisdorf has not seen her son Craig in 2,043 days.
Phil and Willie Jones have not seen their son Mike and daughter Emily in 2,538 days.
Mary Jane Barry has not seen her daughter Samantha in 2,792 days.
Kate Bornstein has not seen her daughter Jessica in 13,901 days.


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