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Scientology’s Big Gamble: “Golden Age of Tech 2” Is Here!

One Golden Age was apparently not enough

This Saturday, Scientologists in the Los Angeles area are being asked to come to a “confidential briefing” that is so secret, they will be asked to sign special bonds at the door.

At that briefing, they will be told for the first time about major changes coming to the Church of Scientology — changes that we first told you about in June.

What has been rumored for months is actually here: Scientology leader David Miscavige is taking one of the biggest risks of his life and is revealing the alterations he is making to L. Ron Hubbard’s “standard tech.”

But is the Church of Scientology actually ready for his “Golden Age of Tech 2”?

Here’s the mailer that went out this week to church members, which was forwarded to us by one of our tipsters. Note the large, if subtle, number “2” lurking behind the “Golden Age Of Tech” badge in this image, and the reference to the “next phase of the Golden Age of Tech.”

A little background may help the uninitiated understand why we say this is a huge gamble by Miscavige, and one whose timing is particularly risky.

In 1996, a decade after the death of L. Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige revealed his first “Golden Age of Tech,” which made significant changes to the way auditors were trained. These were supposed to be improvements, but for Scientologists who believe that L. Ron Hubbard’s ideas and processes cannot be improved on, it was highly controversial.

Jason Beghe has explained in interviews that his disillusionment — and that of many others — began with the Golden Age of Tech, when he was asked to redo expensive levels of training. As others have told us, they remember thinking, “if the church discovered errors in training, why do we have to pay for the fix?”

Since then, resentment about the way Miscavige has altered Hubbard’s original books and teachings has been building. In 2007, Miscavige republished “The Basics” — Hubbard’s essential books of Scientology teachings — saying that many errors of transcriptions had been found in them. Scientologists were put under intense pressure to buy multiple sets of the new books, which, with new editions of Hubbard’s lectures, were sold for $3,000 a set.

Even loyal church members couldn’t help thinking it was more cash grab than anything else.

There’s just no doubt that Miscavige is facing an exodus of longtime, loyal members in recent years, many of them fed up with the way he has made changes to Hubbard’s original “technology.”

And now, he’s doubling down.

In June, we first revealed what we had heard about the “Golden Age of Tech 2” after some key defections at the Int Base brought word of what was coming. Here’s what we wrote then…

Church members will learn they have a lot more to pay for…

— Finally, the new Mark VIII Ultra e-meter will be released, and each and every Scientologist will be expected to purchase one, at about $4,000.

— Because the new e-meter has to be written into materials, an entirely new “Bridge” is going to be released, with a new structure and with new pricing…

We’re told that part of the reason for the Bridge do-over is to rewrite materials for the new e-meter, but another reason is that Miscavige is trying to address the bad press over how expensive Scientology is.

If you’re new to Scientology watching, you may have some basic understanding that church members are taught that we are immortal beings who have lost a sense of our true nature, and through church founder L. Ron Hubbard’s “auditing” we can wipe away the fog of countless lifetimes of trauma and become “clear.” Then, moving along increasingly more expensive levels of auditing (also known as Hubbard’s “technology” or “tech”), we can perfect the ability to “exteriorize” from our mundane bodies and get more control over our immortal inner “thetan.” This process of increasing control and power is known as “the Bridge” and can cost years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to ascend.

Our source on this says the many steps up the new Bridge are going to get split out with individual pricing in order to give the impression that prices are lower, even though that’s not really the case. One step on the current Bridge costing $2,000, for example, might get broken up into four smaller steps at only $500 each.

Miscavige’s overhauling of materials has caused serious strife in the organization before. In 1996, he announced “The Golden Age of Tech” and said that some training levels were in error, and after fixing them, required many Scientologists to redo training that cost them tens of thousands of dollars. In 2007, he republished Hubbard’s essential texts in a new package called “The Basics” and pressured all members to buy multiple sets of them at up to $3,000 per set.

At Int Base, the new Bridge restructure and pricing is being referred to as “Golden Age of Tech II” — a name that had been leaking out among ex-Scientologists in recent weeks.

It’s not clear yet whether members who have already moved up the Bridge will have to redo its steps once it is repackaged and repriced. But my source told me there’s no question that every church member will have to shell out for at least one new machine. (The Mark VIII Ultra has been in the pipeline for nearly a decade, as Carnegie Mellon University’s Professor David Touretzky reveals in lengthy notes about its development. Other rumors had it being priced lower, under $1,000. But my source says Miscavige wanted it cheaper to produce, but even more to buy.)…

With this step, Miscavige is taking a huge risk. Discontent over his first redo of Hubbard’s technology — the 1996 Golden Age of Tech — has never really died down, and was one of the key reasons for the exodus of longtime, loyal church members, some of them very high profile, like actor Jason Beghe. With intense fundraising driving away even more people like Dave and Synthia Fagen, Miscavige risks another wave of defections by announcing yet another alteration of Hubbard’s tech and even more demands for re-payments.

With all of the discontent that is tearing apart the Church of Scientology, we’re stunned that Miscavige would reveal such significant, and expensive, new changes to the Bridge. We can only wonder if he realizes what a risk he’s taking, and whether he’s aware of how it may only increase the disillusionment of longtime church members.

We’re looking forward to learning more about the changes ahead as these briefings take place around the globe in coming weeks. Tipsters, you know what to do.

UPDATE: We haven’t heard from Jefferson Hawkins in a while, but we’re sure glad he showed up to give us his thoughts on this development. Here’s a look at the comment he left below:

Having worked on the inside of Scientology’s marketing, all I can say is “here we go again.” The marketing problem Scientology has, and has always had, is how to keep the faithful coming back to spend again and again. Particularly if you have few if any new people coming in. Particularly if you really have nothing new to offer them. Hubbard solved it by constantly coming up with “new technical breakthroughs.” That kept people coming in and, equally importantly, kept him popular, relevant, and indispensable. Miscavige can’t do that. No Scientologist would put up with “new developments” from anyone but Hubbard. So he has to repackage and re-release, all based on the idea that he has a special inside line to what Hubbard “really” intended. He can always claim that Hubbard’s “true intentions” have just been revealed in documents “recently discovered in archives.” Miscavige has worked to position himself as “the only guy who truly understands Hubbard.”

These repackagings and re-releases have been going on for many, many years. People know about “The Basics” where all of Hubbard’s works were supposedly gone through and every error and typo discovered and corrected so the materials are now “fully on-Source” (conforming to Hubbard’s original vision and intentions). What many don’t know (and what Scientologists fail to remember) is that that EXACT SAME CAPER was pulled in 1991. All the materials were re-released then as “now fully on-Source.” And they will pull this caper again.

“Golden Age of Tech 2” is another of these repackagings, and yes, Scientologists will have to buy everything again, do every level again, and buy the new e-meter. They will be told how vital and earth-shattering this new meter is. They will not be told that these meters were made in Taiwan eight years ago and have been sitting on a shelf gathering dust ever since.

And James Byrne? Really? They are scraping the bottom of the barrel for credible spokespeople. James has been around forever of course, and yes, he was on the Apollo with Hubbard, but never really a Scientology technical expert. He’s a sort of poor man’s Captain Bill Robertson. He was the guy they’d send in when an area was deemed to be “out-ethics” and he would muster the Sea Org staff in ranks, force them to march and drill endlessly, military style, and impose draconian discipline. At best he was a cheerful, if not very bright, hail-fellow-well-met. At worst he was a bull-headed drill sergeant. Hard to imagine they’d trot him out for a technical briefing.

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  • Observer

    Wow! David Miscavige: desperate, delusional, stupid, and the greatest ally of those who want to see the “church” fall.

    • hermesacat

      Miscavige’s beyond-Gordon-Gecko true philosophy: “Greed isn’t just good, greed is God!”

  • spensergirl

    Gee – It’s a miracle. I did not think there was a way to make stupid even more stupid BUT YET, COS is going to somehow create the impossible and “alter” STUPID, the great BS teachings of their dead leader, to make them even bigger BS teachings. I have never seen stupid altered before. I wonder what the new name will be..oh, wait now I know. Brain Dead. Film at Eleven.

    • sidney18511

      No matter how much DM tries to gin this up there’s got to be some people who are going to say WTF? There’s got to be a limit on ignorance, stupid cant effect every member. Can it?

  • victoria

    I heard the confidentiality bond is for a million dollars!

    • How can a ‘church’ get it’s parishioners to sign a million dollar bond? If this ‘Tech2’ is supposed to be the greatest thing ever, should it not be made available to humanity? I think not.
      A ‘church’. Like shit!
      I hope Amy Jones of The Sun has managed to wangle a ticket!!

    • sugarplumfairy32

      “I heard the confidentiality bond is for a million dollars!”

      and a billion years!

    • I doubt there is money involved in a “confidential bond.” That kind of bond costs money; it’s like an insurance policy. Who would pay for it? And who would get the money if somebody blabs? It’s probably more like “double secret probation” from Animal House.

      • David “Bluto” Miscavige: Over? Did you say ‘over?’ Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell, no!

      • It is supposed to say “confidentiality bond” right?

    • Can they sign the bond with fake names such as “Fertilized Egg”, “Seymour Butts”, “Major Woody”, “Private Parts” and “L Ron Hubbard”? ;-P

      • sugarplumfairy32

        Anita Mann? Ben Dover? Jed I. Knight? Al Dente? Anna Rexick? Ima Loser?

        I know.. Anita Life..

        • Ditto!
          Just when I thought my ADHD was going to kick in and get the best of me and I was gonna step away from the rabbit hole for a bit……
          1. Tony gave us XENU!!!
          2. Missing the point and Derek – crossed swords for the greater good. H H H!
          3. Enough new books to keep me in Scion quicksand until St. Patricks Day (then the green beer will win!)
          4. A doubt letter at Marty’s from an 18 year old that he apparently started writing when he was about 15 (based on the word count)
          5. GAT FUCKIN 2

          Holy Crap! It’s true for me…Damn it!

  • spensergirl

    P.S. I wonder how you find “errors” in a comic book? LOL Luckily for COS, Miscavige ferreted out those errors from the science fiction writer and has corrected them, thus boosting them to the level of total babble.
    Whew, that was a close one, what if people had actually believed the original. LOL LOL LOL

    For their next trick, they will find a way to alter “dumb”. Wait for it. The only way they can make their teaching any more foolish is if they dig a crawl space under them, becuase you just can’t go much lower than dumb. HAAAAAAAAAA

    • “Even loyal church members couldn’t help thinking it was more cash grab than anything else.”
      The 1st Golden Age of Tech made Scientologists buy books and do “levels” all over again at their own expense.
      But, weren’t the copyrights running out on all of those books? And wasn’t it the renewal of copyright that necessitated this audacious and controversial move? Without the copyrights and licensing, they couldn’t go after “squirrels” – Anyone could set up their own money-collecting Scientology-inspired enterprise.
      So, what would necessitate a second go ’round? Is it PR motivated? I hope they haven’t thrown Xenu under the bus … maybe SP’s are now “Sacred Persons”. and the real bad guys are called “Ortegans” … or “Flunk!”

  • SpecialFrog

    One of Miscavige’s problems is that the tech doesn’t deliver what it claims it does. He can’t just have everyone get to the end of the bridge and then wonder what is next.

    Hubbard allowed himself to change things in order to prevent this very thing.

    Miscavige will probably pretend that this will make going up the bridge faster and therefore less exensive, even though fees per service won’t drop (and may even go up).

    Of course it won’t be true.

    • Sounds like the bridge is nothing more than a ladder to a big slip and slide……
      You go up and slide down, and then you do it again….and again….

      Miscavige is a salivating rabid Nazi Idiot.

      • Slippery indeed, with the drool of Miscavich as he is watching his bank account grow ever larger.

      • O Suzanna, don’t you cry for me
        I’ll be comin’ ’round the mountain
        With’n e-meter on my knee.

        In Marc Headley’s book, didn’t it say that the new $4,000 e-meter costs like, $30 or $40 to make? And that they’ve been stockpiled in a warehouse in Japan, because the ‘church’ has been waiting until all the old e-meters were sold out before they forced people to buy the new one?

        • Flunk, Consider yourself kicked in the shin.
          I am postulating it so!

        • I believe you are correct sir!

  • t1kk

    I’m less interested in the next tech scam than the bonds people are being asked to sign. Is this a preventative legal measure to secure what would amount to essentially liquidated damages if someone were to leak? And what kind of money are people being asked to put up? And I wonder whether the briefings people are receiving are uniquely identified so as to enable scientology to more easily ascertain the identity of the leaker, post-leak.

    • SpecialFrog

      Is this different from an NDA? I associate bond with having to actually put up money rather than just being liable for specific damages in the event of a breach.

      Also, could this get around the fact that NDAs don’t cover information already in the public domain?

      • It’s possible the word “bond” is being used in the sense of a “covenant” or promise to do or not do something, rather than in the sense of a financial instrument. The word “bond” in the sense of a financial instrument would be issued by an insurance company, and I am not aware of any insurance product available for this type of risk. If the meeting attendees were church employees, then the church could purchase a fidelity bond to keep their property (the GATII materials) from being stolen or converted, so there’s that possible angle as to attendees who are employees. But the books themselves are only a few thousand dollars at most, right? So I don’t see much benefit from a fidelity bond.

        What I could see happening is, like what you’ve pointed out, the attendees have to put down a deposit that they lose if they disclose. Alternatively, it could work like a liquidated damages clause like t1kk has noted, where the parties agree in advance that damages would be impossible to calculate (because who knows how many sales could be lost due to improper disclosure), and so they agree on a damage amount up front.

        My only other thought is that Scientology seems to have different meanings for words than the rest of us. So maybe bond has some super special meaning that I/we are missing?

        I’m super curious about this so I hope we get some leaks.

        • It’s already hard enough to get any Scientologists to attend an event. If they have to pay any kind of money up front to see something then I sincerely doubt that anyone would go.

          In all sincerity, I think that the bond is similar to the ones that OTs must sign which asks them not to disclose anything they learn in their materials and to keep them under lock and key.

          • Yep Bond=Bondage… if they needed any more of that!

        • sidney18511

          It got to be a scam just to make people feel like they are being let in on a big secret. Maybe they will have to sign something declaring that they won’t discuss this new tech with anyone as in “my word is my bond”. I can’t believe that people can’t see through this shite.

      • victoria

        Yeah, I got the wording wrong. Not a bond but an nda. I always wondered how they would get any money out of me in such a case, but there was never any doubt they could make ones life hell if you broke it.

        • Basically, it’s a standard breach of contract case. The simply have to provide evidence that the think you did breached the contract you signed and that they suffered damages as a result of that breach (and not by some other source). They would then have to provide evidence of their actual damages, unless the NDA has a liquidated damages clause, in which case you’d know the damage amount up front.

          • Mox, Isn’t an LD clause based on a “mutually agreed” upon amount based on the fact that you actually “can’t” (or have a hard time) figuring the actuals?
            So you agree up front on XYZ and if you fuck up …please make out the check for $blah, blah.
            Serious legal question.
            Because my first interpretation was what you said….But I have been corrected by my corporate Atticus Finch on that.
            I know it sounds like beans to most everybody….but I really want to make sure I execute these suckers correctly.
            And your my hero.
            Do tell?

            • You are correct, BTN. Sometimes the clauses are not upheld because, as it turns out, the damages aren’t that hard to calculate and the provision is struck down as being punitive in nature rather than compensatory. If you’re going to include an LD clause, you really need to be sure that damages are indeed hard to really calculate.

              For example, if you hire someone to do some construction work for your business and they don’t finish the job, your damages aren’t that hard to calculate–it’s the cost you have to pay to go hire someone else to finish the job. However, if the construction is simply delayed due to a breach by the contractor, then it may be harder to figure out what exactly your damages are–lost sales for every day of delay? Maybe if your sales are really predictable you could figure that out, but more likely you’re just going to agree on a number that says, for every day of delay contractor will pay me $x. As long as the number isn’t punitive (because punitive damages are not typically available in breach of contract cases), then the LD clause will be upheld.

              Basically, it’s an agreed upon settlement for a future breach. Hope this helps. Also, this is not legal advice, etc. <<damn lawyers and their disclaimers!

    • MTP

      “And I wonder whether the briefings people are receiving are uniquely identified so as to enable scientology to more easily ascertain the identity of the leaker, post-leak. ”

      Bingo. In this era of high anxiety in the cult as to who’s onboard and who’s a spy, they are circling the wagons and pressuring people to put their asses on the line. Also, this is part of the how Miscavige draws people in, if they sign a “confidentiality” agreement, it makes the signer feel like he’s part of an elite group INSIDE an already elite group.

      • “it makes the signer feel like he’s part of an elite group INSIDE an already elite group.”

        That’s exactly how I feel about it. It seems that they are trying to use the “bond” to entice people rather than as a legal instrument.

        It seems that they are trying to say, “If you don’t show up then you won’t know about it because no one here can tell you.”

        • grundoon

          Your explanation is the only one that makes sense.

          It seems that they are trying to say, “If you don’t show up then you won’t know about it because no one here can tell you.”

    • mirele

      Very good questions, t1kk. The question I have is one we’ve asked before WRT the “trade secret” OT documents–can a religion have trade secrets?

      • SpecialFrog

        I believe the CoS settled with David Mayo shortly after the court decided that no, religions could not have trade secrets.

      • grundoon

        It seems the legal question is still open.

        The Ninth Circuit decided in 1989 that Scientology’s OT materials were not trade secrets under California law, because the church had posited their worth as spiritual, rather than economic. The church thereafter asserted that the worth of the OT materials was both economic and spiritual, and on this ground the Ninth Circuit refused to block their trade secret claim in a later case (RTC v. Scott, 1989).

        In a 1993 ruling in the Vien case, San Diego U.S. district court judge Marilyn Huff granted Scientology summary judgment on its trade secret claims. (Alison Frankel article in American Lawyer, March 1996)

    • grundoon

      The “bonds” can only be pure FUD theater with all the legal force of a billion-year Sea Org contract. If Scientologists had money to secure a bond, they wouldn’t be drawn by hunger to the “free” lunch. And the Chruch wants that money today, they don’t want it socked away in an escrow account where the regs can’t get at it.

  • Sherbet

    Are you kidding, DM? I’m wondering how the exes think this will play out. Groans as members open their wallets once again? Disillusionment and angry exits from cos? Members with pitchforks storming the gates (a la “Frankenstein”), and DM finally heading for his hidey-hole?

    • Boson Stark

      This whole business with the “confidential bond” has got to be about members not talking to other people about how much all this new crap is going to cost.

      They never talk about the “tech” anyway so it’s not going to like they’re going to learn some startling new piece of information, like Xenu died in his mountain prison or the emeter is being replaced by a rectal model. They new part is definitely just going to be be an outline of a bunch of new stuff to buy, and probably kept as vague as usual.

      That’s one difference between Hubbard and Miscavige. Hubbard could babble on endlessly about Helatrobus implants and Boo-hoo clams, various processes etc. and members didn’t blink, but Miscavige talks about expansion and destroying psychiatry etc. He barely refers to any of the tech specifics and I can’t imagine his minions saying a lot about it either in introducing this new Golden BS-2.

      • I am intrigued by this new rectal model you mentioned. Do both cans go up there? Or is there a new streamlined can situation? Will I feel a fizzle in my bum when the needle rock slams? I’m having visions of the elron buttplug again . . .

        • The Irony of the L Ron butt plug is that all you have to do is look at it and your ass tightens so much you could make diamonds

      • Sherbet

        Your last paragraph is interesting. I didn’t know that. Won’t it be tough for scns NOT to rally behind DM and the Golden Egg 2 when they believe their personal eternity — and that of all mankind — is at risk? I thought that was the ultimate ace up cos’s sleeve.

      • grundoon

        It costs a little more, but the cans on my new Mark VIII Ultra are gonna be the shiny new Steely Dan model!

        • Do you have the steam powered version with the hydroponic garden in the back?
          Good fresh things everyday of the year.

          • The frame is out of Glasgow but the “tech” is Balinese.

            • Not to derail, but Donald’s new album is fucktastic. Best break-up song evah: “Not The Same Without You.”
              Complete opposite of the usual.
              I can’t stop listening or laughing.
              “I can hold my breath for a really long time now
              I’ve grown an inch taller since July
              I’m not the same without you.
              Its like somebody switched the stars back on
              I can see into everybody’s dreams
              And everybody’s hearts.
              Without you I now have eyes to see
              Some other destiny”

          • grundoon

            C’mon pick up those cans ma’am
            Now breathe in and sigh out
            Let’s get with the program
            You’ll go clear in no time

  • E. Kapnik

    COB knows what he is doing. This is not some sort of game. What is being proposed is nothing short of a substantial improvement in Tech applicability and, yes, this does include the whole bridge. If you are now wondering why these whole sale improvements haven’t been done before, the answer isn’t that this was being developed by RTC as much as it was being discovered through the regular research that goes on in the LRH archives. To take it even further, archival papers are constantly being restored and analyzed and more breakthroughs are being made as we speak. Yes, this does include Basic Comm. up to and through BR II.

    • ZeeMoo

      Good one! You really had me going for a sec. “Regular research” LOL hilarious.

    • Is the “regular research” you speak of the same “regular research” that has brought an eager world the OT IX-OT XV levels and the Super Power rundown with such alacrity?

      And when you speak of restoration, are you talking about how the archives “restored” Hubbard’s military service record to include medals that had not been created on the date that Hubbard allegedly received them? Or are you talking about something more prosaic, involving numerous semicolons and assorted other punctuation?

      • John P., I have a gut feeling that we just heard from the Office of Dave himself…Or possibly even Dave himself.

        • Hapexamendios

          I dunno, little Lord davey gauntlet would have likely prefaced his comment with “You fucking bitter deadlocked apostates just don’t get it.”

          • I think he wrote that for the Scientologists he suspects of visiting here. Certainly whomever wrote that comment clearly already knew about what the release was. Your average Scientologist would not have any idea until Saturday.

    • Espiando

      Leave the parodies for OTVIIIIs….oh, wait, you’re actually serious, aren’t you? The official OSA spin isn’t going to work on anyone here, and that includes the fence-hangers-on among your public. They’re not going to go for another cash grab only five years after the last one. At least your boss had the decency to wait ten years between the last two.

    • Is this David Miscavich!? You sound like him! Maybe you speak to him directly? Tell him I said, “Hi.” I hope he enjoys his loveless and lonely holiday season.

      • Derek, it is not. It is Shelley….coming to you live from Twin Peaks!

        • Oh wow, they gave her internet access? I wonder if she is posting this from her VAIO laptop on her four post, tempurpedic bed that is set in the back of a large log cabin adjacent to her restroom with a Jacuzzi tub.

          LOL jk It’s probably a minion in the hole posting from an ant infested floor covered in fecal matter and dirt while eating a moldy piece of bread and drinking water that drips from the ceiling.

          I jest, but I am probably not that far from the truth.

          • LOL jk It’s probably a minion in the hole posting from an ant infested floor covered in fecal matter and dirt while eating a moldy piece of bread and drinking water that drips from the ceiling.

            Yeah, this sounds right.

          • Oh, and by the way Derek. I own a killer Tempurpedic bed.
            They are the work of the Devil. Never look towards that light!
            Hotels will never be the same!

            • I used to have one. It’s great for sleeping terrible for anything “else”. No bounce back at all.

    • Thetansarecooties

      It’s Mister Misscavidge!!

    • Observer

      “COB knows what he is doing.”

      I’ll say! Few have fleeced so much from so few.

    • I call troll, but if not: you could be correct.
      And OJ could still find the real killers.

  • Tina Sawyer

    Maybe, Miscavige is fixing to squeeze the last big money stash, and run. He has to be feeling his end is near. Fixing up his retirement plan. Go out with bang and a bundle of cash.

    • MTP

      Actually Tina, I think this is the only thing that makes sense. I was in for a few decades so I’ve tasted the soup. The only reason he still has people still onboard is because they are hooked on that recipe he keeps dishing out. To change up a “successful action” would not be some thing that makes sense. Miscavige has nothing but disdain for the public Scientologists, He has decades of experience dishing this stuff out, he’s not an idiot. He knows that the ones who are loyal are not capable of changing their thinking and they are hooked on the hope that somehow “things will get handled” and the road for them will somehow get smoother. He’s laughing all the way to the bank.

    • ZeeMoo

      And conveniently destroying LRH’s evil cult for us!! How considerate.

      • Project Chanology is on auto-pilot.
        See the original “Message to Scientology” on youtube.

  • sugarplumfairy32

    So, do we know who this mr. james byrne, veteran sea org officer who worked directly with lrh, is? What’s his deal? Obviously, misscabbage is going to use him to try and convince the clan that this tech revision is sanctioned by st. ron.. but if he was there with hubbard, he must be a long timer.. Is he a believer or just in on the scam??

    • We arrived on board in the early evening. Those who had trevelled up from Alicante were tired and hungry. The entire crew were mustered in the tween decks area and a pompous little James Byrne stood up on a desk to give us “the lecture”. He had been assigned as Chief Officer and was there on Hubbards instructions to “whip us into shape”. Otto had raided the galley on the way through was standing there eating a piece of cold chicken, the greater majority of the crew were looking at Byrne with a ” Yeah, right!” attitude. As he reached ths climax of his pep talk he waited for the applause he expected. There was absolute silence, followed by a deep, long and loud fart from one of the crew. That said it all.

      • sugarplumfairy32

        And I just watched Angry Gay Pope’s video ‘james byrne threw coffee in my face..”

        Apparently, he’s still pompous.. Chuck Beatty says that as of 2010, after 44 years in the sea org, byrne had only taken one course.. how can he be a believer if he hasn’t learned anything to believe?

        So, why is he still there? Is it just a job? Just a way of life? He doesn’t sound like he’s doing any kind of work that can land him big bucks, like the regging czars.. At this late date, is it just easier to tow the line instead of trying to make a new life?

        I can’t even imagine waking up at his age and realizing the majority of my life has been devoted to furthering the blatherings of a narcicistic sociopath..

  • bob common

    COS is always hyping new things. If the change is not too great, I do not think this will cause people to leave. The real reason it appears people are leaving is that because of all the security measures and other safeguards imposed by the church, members are not getting the service they did in the past. It is a suppressive environment and Scio’s are drilled within an inch of their lives to spot suppression. They want to get away from the toxic atmosphere.

    • victoria

      And aren’t these the new emeters that have been setting in a warehouse for the last several years, just corroding away? I think Marty covered that in several posts.
      The MK ULTRA model I believe it’s called. Good name!

    • ZeeMoo

      SMERSH was the greatest threat of all to SCN, and it was defeated by Miscavitch. Now all SCN in this quadrant of the galaxy are free to live SMERSH-free, and find their inner Napolean.

      • MidwestMom

        I have to admit, I think we have done a brilliant job tricking Miscabitch into believing that SMERSH is no longer a threat. Kudos to one and all who have successfully kept their covert operations hidden from the radar of the CoS!

        Derek, your disguise as Usher is spectacular. (If I didn’t know it was really you, I would never be able to tell, quite honestly).

        Denise, props to you for your Agyness Deyn disguise. It is spot on!

        I have to admit, my kids had nightmares when they saw me up close in my Anne Archer get-up. “Do I look brainwashed to you?” ha ha (They screamed “yes”, of course, before they hid under their beds)!

        Oh, well, I shouldn’t complain, after all, Bury the Nuts had to schlock that horrid diet drink (and drank it on QVC) and had to dance her little heart out on Dancing with the Stars. She also had to do that interview with Barbara Walters professing a past lust for John Travolta. That was amazingly SMERSHY!

        Stay SMERSHY, my friends!

        • And you see how well my sales are going…
          I couldn’t sell pussy to a troop train!

  • I first heard of the Golden Age of Tech 2 (GAT2) coming out from the Senior C/S in Kansas City – Dan O’Connor back at the end of 2010 when he was trying to help “handle” me. I refused to go back to Flag – and he had just been there for another round of training and he mentioned it without saying what it was. That confirmed for me it was more scam (though still a half-believer back then) since I had just moved from Clearwater and saw first-hand all of the “do-overs” that were going on. I thought to myself “now everyone has to do things over!”

    I agree with Tony that this is a huge gamble. If the constant hounding for money didn’t wake people up before, or having to redo services, or, or, or, then maybe this will cause many more to walk out the door.

    • Might be to “ease the gradient” and make it have smaller financial jumps with a view to spreading wider in the NOI community. I think DM sees that as his next sea of victims.

  • They’re tugging on another thread this evening…
    …even as DM is unraveling Scientology from inside. I think maybe Miscavige is a mole planted by the feds in order to destroy Scientology. If so, he’s doing a wonderful job.

    • MTP

      “I think maybe Miscavige is a mole planted by the feds in order to destroy Scientology. If so, he’s doing a wonderful job.”

      It’s not as far fetched as it sounds. Hubbard himself said that “stats don’t just go down by themselves” essentially making the point that if you have a valuable service, people will demand it. Historians of Scientology will note that until the late 70’s and early 80’s, Scientologys statistics were on an uphill trend meaning more people were signing up for services and the amount of training and auditing delivered was on the increase. When Miscavige’s reign of terror, the RTC and Finance Police started tearing things up and prices started going up 5% EACH MONTH, the statistics for Scientology delivery started a down turn that has never recovered.

      (special emphasis for those lurking on this board, VERIFY THE CLAIMS ABOUT THE STATS.)

      The story of Scientologys declining internal statistics (they are ALL ABOUT stats)
      is actually the best crowbar if you are trying to crack your way into a Scientologists brain and open his eyes. Disconnection and all the other nonsense is something they still defend because of all the cognitive dissonance built around these points, but stats, no. The best avenue in my opinion is to focus on the LIES being fed about how “straight up and vertical” the stats are in Scientology. Once daylight pours in from there, it all unravels.

    • Thanks for the link Dan, some good scienostories at And scieno sock puppets too, oh the joy!!!!!

    • Bob

      Dan, Is more on the money than any other speculation. The tiny tyrant is carrying out his assignment. It is a testament to the cultivation of Sheeple on this planet that as many people have gone along with his campaign of lies. Now he is delivering the coup de grace. The covert destruction of the organized church will be complete as the golden age of dreck 2 leads us up the bridge to total Freedumb.

      • ZeeMoo

        It ALSO is a testament to the cultivation of Sheeple that as many people went along with Hubbard’s lies.

  • “Golden Age of Tech 1?, otherwise known as GAT 1 produced robotic auditors and disillusioned preclears because of the many departures from the bits of workable technology assembled by Hubbard.

    If GAT 2 continues the divergence from what was workable, the unfortunate preclears exposed to it will be searching for relief with therapists of all kinds.

    Independent Scientology auditors and therapists of every flavor have stayed busy repairing the unfortunate results of GAT1. With the release of GAT 2, Miscavige will launch another boom in every field of therapy from New Age to traditional because the Church’s services cause emotional destruction in thousands of well-heeled people seeking relief.

    Watching a cult self destruct is not a pretty sight, but those of us in any other counseling field will be busy helping survivors. We will just add ” handle your GAT 2 failures – special rates for families!” to our promotional literature.

    • Boson Stark

      Maybe GAT 2 reverses the mistakes in GAT 1, having restored the “workable technology” to the LRH original, on instructions of LHR himself, directly from the implant station on Mars.

  • The last 6 years have brought the CO$ nothing but trouble. They had the expensive ‘ideal org’ project and its funding mechanism, the redone ‘Basics’ and a lot of begging/dunning/blackmailing of donations to run it. A GAT2 will fund the ‘super powerz’ part of the bridge. The CO$ should have trained up the new super powerz crew by now. We may be able to see OT levels above 7 now.

    Just think, scamatolgists may finally be able to cognate the havingness of oilyness and smellingness.

    The confidential bond thing sounds like just another sword to hold over the loyal minions heads. The wording of the bond should be very interesting, I wonder how many will refuse to sign it???

    • MTP

      zemoo : “The wording of the bond should be very interesting, I wonder how many will refuse to sign it??? ” No one who shows up will refuse because they already signed up when they bite down on the bait. Also, refusing to sign means that person gets targeted, written up, investigated and put on a list of “disaffected” members. Also, they keep records of active (and inactive) Scientologists. They note how often they go to pep rallies (EVENTS) fundraisers, etc. OT Committee members are tracked. They track all this information and cross-check it with people who are known friends or contacts of any disaffected member.

      • Yikes, they must be on my dad’s ass. I bet every time he skips an event they sec check him to see if he’s talking to me.

        • Well let’s hope he has the good sense to sod all the sec checking and begin to understand the real importance of a family.

          • I hope so too. It’s in the back of my mind that my parents might be coming to their sense soon, but I try not to be too hopeful.

            My dad cannot admit that he is wrong. He never has been able to. I have questioned a few times if he would rather die than admit that he is wrong.

      • Tye Solaris

        Sea Org staff is just a mirror image of Hitler’s SS.

        They both believe they are doing the “greatest good”.

        Not unlikely Hubbard used it as his model.

  • It seems reasonable to assume that the driving force behind this effort is a diminished cash flow into the CO$’s coffers. The revenue fall-off must be pretty severe to make DM risk another exodus like the one that included Jason Beghe.

    A number of factors may be contributing to the financial pinch. On the income side – fewer members, members with less available cash due to the recession, some drop-off from Narconon and WISE. On the expense side, the biggest drain has to be the Ideal Orgs, The move to build these white elephants was one of the most bone-headed decisions of all time. The minuses outweigh the pluses by a wide margin. To enumerate:

    Pluses: tax exemption. HIghly overrated – Tax is probably one of the lowest expenses involved.

    Investment value – not a factor since selling the property would defeat the initial purpose.

    Minuses: Utility services – heat (most likely oil or natural gas), electricity, water and sewer

    Maintenance and repairs – major systems like plumbing, HVAC, wiring do malfunction and wear out as do structural elements like the roof, flooring materials, etc. Not all of the labor can be performed by in-house staff (read Sea Org or RPF) since some work would require permits and licensed professionals. Even with tasks that can be performed in-house the materials have to be purchased.

    The CO$’s vulnerability has always been that it can’t defy economic reality. It is dependent on a stable revenue base and its expenses can’t exceed its revenue. It appears that DM’s appetite for luxury ensured that the latter condition couldn’t be met.

    • Gerard, good analysis on the economics.

      In particular, you’re correct in saying something I’ve been saying for a long time: the tax exemption of the Ideal Org scam is not sufficient to justify it — these guys are idiots in the real estate market, and if they do sell, they will underperform professional real estate investors substantially, because they’re buying oddly shaped properties in odd locations then saddling them up with interior build-outs that won’t work for future tenants and would have to be ripped out, lowering the resale value for the building.

      You’re also correct on a subtle but very important point: commercial building maintenance is not something they can do themselves — not just electrical but particularly elevator maintenance, which is a very specialized (and highly licensed) and very expensive trade. Mike Rinder reported a few months back that the eight-story Berlin Ideal Org let their elevator maintenance contract expire, so either people are getting in really good shape or they have abandoned the upper floors of the building…

      • Hercule Poirot :)

        It’s not only in Berlin they have problems with the elevator, also in Bruxelles Ideal Org they can’t pay for the maintenance of the elevators and sometimes they’re in the dark because of not having paid the electrical bill !
        And the native public can’t be serviced in their own language as the staffs are of foreign language.
        How ideal ! If you are a native you’ll be able to learn Italian, German and some other languages too !
        And if you have a problem with it GAT 2 will handle it even that you can study in the dark !

    • They don’t get licensed pros. They “hat” their own members or sea org personnel to do the work. Where engineering and permits are required by the authorities, they get tame scientologists who do work in those fields to front for them to officials, pretend to supervise, or to appear at inspections while behind the scenes work is performed by the RPF or EPF deck crews. Most of the work on the major projects like big blue and the guaranty building were done this way. Major trades like plumbing, HVAC, electrical, steam plumbing, roofing, flooring and elevator work were all done this way. A lot by people who really didn’t know how and without proper safety.

      • MidwestMom

        Ahh… but they can’t fake the accommodation requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • I think that the only way to save Scientology is to make everything dirt cheap. Allow Sea Orgers to have normal life and kids. Pay staff proper salaries and give them days off. And stop with regging. DM is as much greedy as he is stupid. He sits on over a billion dollars. i’d say it’s enough for his current meat body. Thus, he should just stop trying to make even more money, if he wants to “Keep Scientology Working”. Otherwise, I am sure that Danny Lemberger’s mission is not the last mission to walk away completely. Other missions outside the US might do the same.

    • Not that I think it would be a big loss if Scientology disappeared. Just wanted to make that clear. Scientology’s tenets are not exactly something invaluable to humanity or constitute a cultural or historic text [like the Bible] that we need to preserve it.

    • Boson Stark

      I disagree. Scientology wouldn’t sell if it were low cost or even free. It’s the expensive — “invaluable” — part that is part of the attraction for people buying into this. Seriously, some won’t admit it now, but the more people have to pay for this, the better they think it MUST be. That was easier to sell when it was all secret though.

      However, I think the “new and improved” part is going to be a more difficult sell in the age of the Internet, especially if they’ve had to redo courses or buy a second set of Basics. The e-meter is going to be tricky too, selling a new one. What does it really do that the older one doesn’t?

      • This is very true. The more something costs the more ‘elite’ it is. If you give something away for free, people will think ‘this can’t be all that important’.
        The church of scientology know this mind controlling fact far too well.

      • grundoon

        On the 3rd swing it plays Dixie!

        • In the North it plays Yankee Doodle. For a floating needle it plays “Float on” by the Floaters.

          • OMG, I knew the Floaters back in the day.
            Never thought I’d ever hear a reference to them.
            My roommate of the time played congas on that album.

    • MTP

      Mila: “I think that the only way to save Scientology is to make everything dirt cheap.”

      It takes an auditor years to study and hone his/her skills and even then auditing is somewhat of an art. Auditing will never fall below $50 an hour in the Independent field. Musicians who teach guitar charge $50 for a half hour. Plumbers charge like what $80 an hour? What do shrinks get , anyone???

      Please spare me the comparisons, I don’t care what the spensergirls spew on this blog or think of auditing. There WILL BE a demand for it, but don’t expect Scientology 2.0 to be cheap and at the same time expect the Technicians to get a living wage and do it full time. Health Plans are not going to include Scientology Auditing as an option covered under mental health wellness. Hell it’s taken Chiropractic FOREVER to even appear on these lists of providers.

      Scientology 2.0 will have to figure out a way to make it feasible for those who want it, and it will have to be a viable BUSINESS model.

      • MTP
        I have an MU.
        What the hell is a spencersgirls?????

        And shrinks usually start at $100 per hour (your mileage may vary)

        • spensergirl

          Uh, not hard to figure out, it is my username. For those who want to believe in parts or all of COS, their business. If parts or all of it help them, their choice. Free country. But no one with any moral code at all should buy into the tactics they use against anyone who opposes and or disagrees (and I am not speaking of charging for books).

          • Oh, you would be surprised how hard anything is for me to figure out before about my fourth cup of coffee.
            I have to get to at least my third cup before I figure out the earth seems to have a bit of a curvature to it.
            And I have to go through this everyday.
            My life is like “Groundhog Day”!

      • Nevermind.
        I am a dipshit who figured it out.

        • spensergirl

          MTP…you have a lot more to worry about then what you feel people “spew” about auditing. Believe what you will but do you really believe people do not know all the other dark parts and things COS does?
          If auditing works for some, so be it. But the rest is wrong (in so far as the other side of COS) and anyone in it knows what that is, as do those outside of it or those subjected to it.

          • MTP

            spensergirl: “Believe what you will but do you really believe people do not know all the other dark parts and things COS does?”

            You and a few others misunderstand me. I have been writing and blogging about not much else except the dirty tricks, corruption, lies about the money, lies about Hubbard, lies lies lies….for about 6 years now. The disconnection issue absolutely FRIES me. I hope those fuckers burn in hell for that crap and I have NO PROBLEM letting people know how corrupt that organization has been for decades.

            I think auditing works if done under the right circumstances. I think auditors are valuable kind compassionate people who CARE about others. I have an understanding of some basic fundamental principles as to how and why auditing works. Anything that is INCONSISTENT with these principles, can be shit canned as far as I’m concerned. I like seeing people do well in life and I have seen auditing help people do REALLY REALLY WELL in life. Thats the only thing I am defending, because I care about people and that includes you too.
            Thats my agenda.

            • Homer

              Do you consider yourself Freezone, or is that too narrow of a definition?

      • KimO’Brien

        when you pay for guitar lessons …you end up knowing how to play the guitar . Plumbers…by the end of that $80 charge …make it able for you to take a shit without is overflowing into your living room ….and saying that auditors go through years of training and comparing it to an “art form” ….seriously ? Training by who ?? People who learn math by shaping clay ? Poll dancing is more of an art form with a much better return on your investment ( like women paying their way through school …at least it is an honest exchange of a fantasy ) The end result from scientology is ending up on this forum begging for people to get the fuck out or pleading with people to go to their own child’s funeral .

        • Well said Kim !

        • MTP

          KimObrien. “The end result from scientology is ending up on this forum begging for people to get the fuck out or pleading with people to go to their own child’s funeral” ….Well if thats all you know about it than I can understand why you feel that way.

          • KimO’Brien

            i have been watching for over 2 years now – nice try

      • Thetansarecooties

        I wouldn’t assume there will still be a demand for auditing. Especially now that anyone connected to the internet can verify for themselves that LRH was insane.

      • I pay $15 per visit for my therapist. I have medical insurance.

        At the risk of starting a flame war, chiropractors are to doctors as auditors are to therapists.

        • Birdbrains of a feather flock together..Auditors, chiropractors, homeopaths, naturopaths…quack, quack, quack and quack !

          • MTP

            what withold has a duck missed on you?

          • sugarplumfairy32

            Why do I have this sudden image of Dan Rather being sec checked?

            • What is the frequency Kenneth? What are your crimes?

          • Homer

            To be fair, I’ve heard chiropractic school is similar to osteopathy in terms of difficulty.

    • Like Bosun, I think that cutting the cost wouldn’t help. The cost coupled with the lure of secret knowledge (its secrecy and exclusivity bolstered by its cost) were two big hooks to bring people into the COS. Without that and without the cult-like controls to keep the disillusioned in line Hubbard’s babblings are quickly revealed for the fools’ gold that they are.

      • Thetansarecooties

        Exactly – the most embarrassing thing about scientology is scientology (and its insane creator LRH). It needs to be doled out very slowly, with conditioning processing, otherwise it is simply laughable.

  • Tony, I think he is going to try and undo all his fuckups in GAT 1 and blame it on me, since I did most of the assembly of GAT 1. All the implementation ideas were his, such as making people redo all their earlier courses, such as striving for “perfection,” which as any Scientologist knows is not even something to shoot for, invalidating all previously trained auditors. The list goes on and on. Well, we will see.

    • Interesting! Thanks, Dan.

    • Seriously how many times are Scientologists going to accept the, “An SP fucked it up, so we need to fix it again, and you need to pay…again.” Spiel?

      Damn the brainwashing is endless.

      • I remember attesting clear back in 1989 in Milan (Italy). A couple of years later, some guy from the org phones me up and says that I am not clear. There have been auditing errors. He goes on about some suppressive C/S in Milan and because of this there was ‘out tech’ etc.etc…I am not kidding. This guy’s actual words were ‘You are not Clear’.
        You know, the incredible thing is that you are offended. “What do you mean I am not Clear?” And you begin to doubt your state of clear.
        This really is the indicator that the whole thing is made up. If somebody really had ‘Clear powers’ then it would not be nulled by a simple telephone call from a member of the Org saying ‘Your Clear status is invalid’.
        My God, is this organization rotten to the core. And yes, it is called Brain Washing.

        • In the early 2000s AOLA told a bunch of people that they weren’t clear. LOTS of people. Some of them had already been through OT V and now would have to redo their entire lower bridge, but at double the cost because they needed it to be done by Class IX auditors.

          It was terrible, just awful. People were sitting in the Reg Area (that’s where I worked at the time) in tears because they had already spent 900K on the bridge and no were being told they had to fork over another 100K to buy their lower bridges.

          • sugarplumfairy32


            But.. What’re ya gonna do? All those private investigators gotta get paid, baby..

            • Yeah, knowing what I know now, the timing kind of makes sense.

          • Zombies. We were all ZOMBIES. Brain washed and fucked up zombies. The intelligent zombies left at that point, I hope.

          • grundoon

            Wait. If they weren’t clear or OT anymore, why would they need Class IX auditors?

            • Because only Class IX’s can audit OTs…it’s policy.

            • grundoon

              But if they were never really clear, doesn’t that mean they were never really OT? If they are still OT, why would they have to redo the OT levels?

        • This is one of the amusing contradictions of Scientology (to outsiders) and perhaps the most painful contradiction of Scientology (to the poor customer). Note that I’m pretending, for the purposes of illustration, that Scientology “tech” is actually real and valid and that you really do get some sort of super powers when you “go Clear.”

          On the one hand, Scientology is supposed to be based on Science. Consider the name of the cult, and the tag line, “The modern science of mental health.” Let’s leave aside the ludicrously unscientific basis for the “theory” and focus instead on the alleged scientific process for delivering the courses and auditing that implement the “theory.” You would think given the hype that delivery of auditing is supposedly scientific (and by implication, is highly repeatable). Thus, you would expect that a customer would, through the magic of Scientology “tech” be able to get results no matter who is in the auditor’s chair (assuming that they have passed the certification exam).

          But here, on the other hand, is the story of someone who found out that auditing is not really consistent, to say the least. By virtue of what happened to TruthIWant1, it appears that if someone is audited by someone who, perhaps decades later, becomes an SP, then somehow all that auditing magically breaks and is thus no longer valid, even if the auditor wasn’t an SP at the time. Auditing (and “going clear”) thus seems to be a very fragile and delicate process, highly susceptible to even the slightest difference between auditors. Quite the opposite of the robustness that one would imagine if it really had any basis in science and methodology.

          And further evidence of the con is that not only did TruthIWant1 receive that phone call, but probably a significant percentage of the Milan org got the same exact phone call in an attempt to scam more money out of those who fell for this one. If 30% or 40% of a company’s products have massive quality control problems that lead to a recall, they are not long for this world. But that’s exactly what these “redo your Clear status” campaigns are: a massive failure of quality control. How long would Boeing stay in business if 40% of its planes had their wings fall off in the first couple of years?

          • Of course you are right. At the top level, this was a way to get a certain percentage of these people back on to Org lines. As far as the idiot that phoned me up, I guess he was just a poor pawn that had to do the dirty work.
            Until I began to post on this site, I never really immagined how much shit I had to recall. Well if it doesn’t smell too much, do you mind if I post it here over the next days, weeks and months?!!

            • I felt like writing something…

              However wacky all religions can seem, scientology is just downright dangerous. We all know that speaking up against the church can get one in to big trouble. I don’t want to draw comparisons between religions (and of course there is no religion in scientology) but there was a time when the Catholic Church had an enormous influence on its parishioners, which, back in medieval times was practically everybody. When in Italy the renaissance started in the 15th century, the church profited greatly from the great painters, sculptors and architects that were living and working there. Of course we have magnificent churches and paintings and works of art from this period. However, at the same time and for the next century, the renaissance meant that also scientists and astronomers were inventing new things and re-thinking old questions about the universe. Galileo Galilei was one of these men. It was Galileo who said, based on the Copernican Heliocentrism, that the earth moves around the sun and not the sun that moves around the earth as the church would have everyone believe up to that time. This was incredibly uncomfortable for the church and Galileo was formally interrogated by the inquisition in 1633. He was imprisoned and then put under house arrest until he died in 1642. It is interesting that the Catholic Church only accepted that Galileo might be right in 1983.
              This does sound a bit like ex-scientologists speaking up against the church of scientology, but in their case, it is to try and shed light on the abuses of the church. The church, of course, in turn then starts to litigate, use disconnection and everything else, using its power and money to ‘defend’ its position, sort of like some centuries previous with the Catholic Church.
              I am sure Galileo would never have been a scientologist!!

            • Dean Fox

              I know this is NOT what you’re doing but it really irks me when some church of scientologists bring up the catholic church and the inquisition as if that some how gives their church the right to “make a few mistakes”.

              With respect to the many spendid buildings the catholic and other churches own I feel it only proper that when a community ceases to support them that the church gives the building back to the community that funded it in the first place, that they should not profit from a real estate sale.

              I believe the same should be true of idle morgues too. If there are not enough people to financially maintain them the the “owners” should be made to hand the keys back to the local authority so the building can be disposed off to the benefit of the community.

            • grundoon

              Yes, please do post your story here!

            • MidwestMom

              Dean, in my area, two churches merged into one parish (the population of the mining town declined after the mine closed) and the vacant church building was sold for $1.00 to be used as the location for a museum and community center. It’s worked out well for the community, since the ADA accommodations (ramps, elevator, handicap accessible bathrooms, etc.) were already updated.

            • Regarding Galileo, science and the Catholic church: It turns out that while the Church formally exonerated Galileo only quite recently, they were actually well aware of the fact that the earth revolved around the sun. This is quite well documented in Prof. J. L. Heilbron’s book, The Sun in the Church. He documented extensively how, at the same time Galileo was under arrest, they were using several cathedrals in Italy as observatories, trying to develop an orbital mechanical model for the solar system. This was a top-secret but extremely important project because they had to be able to predict Easter accurately, without asking the “competition” (the Eastern Orthodox church and the Jews) how they made their calendars work. With the geocentric model, they could only accurately predict Easter a couple weeks in advance, not long enough to schedule 40 days of Lent. Nice bit of hypocrisy there, guys…

  • spensergirl

    Ok- back to reality for a minute. This religion was started by a science fiction writer, who even himself admits was for money. Why is there talk of improving and or not improving it? It is ridiculous. How does anyone even buy into this BS?

    Even worse, they feel they rule the world, use courts to litigate to death ANYONE who dare opposes them. People are dead, they keep going with the ridiculous pyscho babble and there is even any question about how ridiculous this is?

    Maybe if we lived on the planet Uranus, their “teachings” would make sense. Even if they do make sense to some (to each their own), their tactics SHOULD NEVER make sense to anyone with a moral bone in their body. Fade to black. End of story.

    • Not disagreeing with any of your points. Personally I find the ultimate goal that the COS posits, i.e. mastery over Matter, Energy, Space and Time (MEST) to be both unachievable and unappealing. And I agree that the methods of the COS have been unethical, if not downright evil. I do hold out the hope that Freezoners and Independents are honestly seeking truth and trying to live ethical lives in the process.

      • Observer

        “Personally I find the ultimate goal that the COS posits, i.e. mastery over Matter, Energy, Space and Time (MEST) to be both unachievable and unappealing.”

        What happens when two OTs are postulating opposing actions on the same bit of MEST? Is the object of their postulating torn apart? Do their heads explode a la Scanners?

        • Maybe it produces an explosion like the meeting matter and antimatter. We should experiment to see if a reliable fuel source for warp drive could be developed.

        • Thetansarecooties

          “What happens when two OTs are postulating opposing actions on the same bit of MEST?”

          Simple – tie goes to the higher IAS donation status

      • Personally I don’t give damn about the Freezoners and Indipendents. If they want to quietly audit themselves and pretend to get something out of Hubbard’s tech, then that is fine with me as long as they really do do it quietly without hurting anybody and charging people exorbitant sums of money.

        • Thetansarecooties

          And as long as they let their children get normal higher education.

      • “i.e. mastery over Matter, Energy, Space and Time (MEST) to be both unachievable and unappealing.”

        I disagree. Physics, engineering and science will get us there one day!

        • Not at the pace we’re destroying the planet, Derek.

  • Boson Stark

    All will go well, as long as they have a SENIOR WUS presiding over this reveal of Golden Age of Ca Ca 2. Signing that confidential bond is sure to seal in the super suckers, and weed out the weak links, which hopefully will be like half the cult.

    • That’s what I was thinking. How many LA scilons will find pressing business out of town has suddenly come up? I think if I were an active member and I saw that bit about a “confidentiality bond”, I would RUN as far away as possible.

      I suspect the turnout for this event will be low — even the true believers, many of them are too broke to line up for a new round of expensive bullshit.

      • “pressing business out of town”

        This is the week before Thanksgiving. Cheaper to take the kids out of school and book a nice weekend away at, say, the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego for a week than get hit up for $3,000 or $4,000 by the shark-like “reg” people at the event. Since it’s a near-holiday weekend, I bet that’ll bite into their attendance a bit.

        Incidentally, the flyer is for the Pasadena org, not for the cult as a whole. It’s interesting that Pasadena is having its own event, given that Pasadena is only a few miles away from “Big Blue” and the whole Hollywood complex. You’d think they’d want to make as big a splash as possible by having a mega-event at the Shrine. But apparently, if we generalize a bit, they’re unveiling this as a series of local events.

        And why does the ad not feature a videocast from His Imperial Pontifical Amazingness to unveil the new drivel? The missing pieces speak volumes…

        • DM is definitely a missing piece here. He is the head of the RTC, after all. Thus stuff is their purview within the COS. I would expect his face to be all over this. Perhaps his Q rating is down among the scilons?

          Also, why isn’t he showing up in Inglewood to disseminate with Lee Baca? Surely a motorcycle enthusiast such as COB would love hanging out with the bikers. Tom could come too, and they could wear matching leathers. I’m sure that would be a hit with all the guys! Plus, those hip folks in the ‘hood can only make scientology cooler, right COB?

          It seems like a great PR op to me. What possible reason could he have to stay away? Hmmm…

        • You always play Cleveland before opening on Broadway.

        • Boson Stark

          Maybe they want to test the hallucinogenic waters, in a small venue? They have to go small scale and underground with everything now.

  • I think Tony that you try to apply LOGIC into actions done by a madman. David Miscavige is a madman, and therefore his thinking process is NOT logical, not based on morals. justice or common sense.
    By doing a “Golden Age of Tech Nº2” he just wants money, it is as simple as that and this is his “logical mind”:”They are all stupid and therefore I need to give them some stupid thing so they will give me their money, and hide the fact that I am just robbing them !”

    • MTP

      izhar ” I think Tony that you try to apply LOGIC into actions done by a madman. David Miscavige is a madman, and therefore his thinking process is NOT logical, not based on morals. justice or common sense.
      By doing a “Golden Age of Tech Nº2? he just wants money, it is as simple as that and this is his “logical mind”:”They are all stupid and therefore I need to give them some stupid thing so they will give me their money, and hide the fact that I am just robbing them !” “”

      I respectfully disagree. You misunderestimate Miscavige. He is an intelligent cunning and clever sociopath. However he is not immune from being egotistically driven to continually justify his actions. The harder one has to justify, the harder they continue their destructive and inane actions. It’s no more complicated than that. He’s just proving how “right” he is and everyone around him will eventually see it and want to distance themselves from it. Including his staff. Eventually his dog will wander off too. Miscavige will be the last person to acknowledge what motivates Miscavige.

  • Damian DeWitt

    Hey Davey, you have to know when to hold’em and know when to fold ’em – good luck with this Epic Gamble of Fail.

  • Radio Paul

    It looks like to me DM is hard up for cash. The truth is that he has to deliver something to people he knows that he can get cash out of because there is no new blood coming through the doors. I also think it is important to put on a face for the NOI that makes it look as if things are really taking off. One has to wonder if this is a pitch to them as well.

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  • They are pretty clear that lunch will be served at “round tables.” Is there something in the tech that prevents them from using, say, square tables? Or rectangular or oval tables? How about the oiliness table? Heat it up for fondue!

    • Boson Stark

      They’re are using round tables because they want members to be able to meet each other’s “fixed, dedicated glare,” and file a knowledge report if they detect any doubt.

    • MTP

      NOTseriously: “Is there something in the tech that prevents them from using, say, square tables? Or rectangular or oval tables? How about the oiliness table? ”

      Just like the Church MAKES each lower organization spend about $30,000 on their Golden Era Studios special Hi-Fi stereo system for playing training films on, Golden Era Productions has spent countless man hours PERFECTING the microscopic contours of the Scientology Round Tables. HUNDREDS of discarded test round tables can be found in the dumpster behind the R & D building at the International Base in Hemet. THIS IS WHAT THE CONFIDENTIAL BRIEFING IS ABOUT. These perfectly Round Tables are statistically proven, after many a pilot rundown, to improve the quality of study as Scientologists the world over will discover. RECTANGULAR TABLES ARE TO BE REMOVED FROM ALL COURSE ROOMS AT ONCE. Golden Rods will issued on the squirrel SP’s responsible for buying rectangular tables for courserooms. Newly found photographic evidence WILL SHOW CONCLUSIVELY that L Ron Hubbard used round tables at Saint Hill in the 60’s and THESE NEWLY DISCOVERED photographs (found behind a filing cabinet) confirm it.

      All Scientologists who ever took a course will be required to re-do it, at their expense, ONLY AFTER they donate $10,500 dollars for EACH new Golden Era Productions designed and manufactured table for their local Orgs.


      • MTP,

        You should ask OTVIIIisgrrrrreat!! About his Mouse Table tech. It might interest you. As an RTC representative he continually gives us great insight into how and why the church operates the way that it does.

    • Helmuth, speaking for Boskone
  • tessa

    $cientology Inc announces Scientology 2.0.
    More errors have been corrected and new ones added, which can be corrected within a few years with Scientology 3.0.
    But the biggest error is not handled: the mere existence of $cientology Inc!
    When will that huge error be conrrected?

    • MTP

      “But the biggest error is not handled: the mere existence of $cientology Inc!
      When will that huge error be conrrected? ”

      Thats kinda funny but actually a real question. Did you mean to spell it CONrrected? Another funny. I like you already. Here’s my take:

      The Independent’s and Freezoner’s are already working on 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2.
      The funny thing is when the current inmates of Corp Scientology wise up, they’ll seek services outside Camp Davey. Then they will have their world rocked when they find out 1.0 is STILL being scrutinized OUTSIDE the walls of communist China and they have all these choices of which version of Hubbards ladder to pursue. And the hits just keep on coming.

      • Sherbet

        Welcome back, MTP!

        • MTP


    • Recently DM has been tasting the forbidden texts of the Toyota way. After a scotch fueled midnight “Kaizen Blitz” he realized he needed to implement 5S on all materials so that each scientologist would know their “standard work”. A new lean, mean Scientology machine!

  • Boson Stark

    One other rationale for this is that with the growing number of defrocked apostates, Miscavige can provide an illusion that none of them know the new, improved Scientology. Ever since Hubbard croaked, it has been a struggle to keep this cuckoo fresh.

    Of course, it’s all verified by a precious few members who worked with LRH personally, and who like many in this cult, will do anything for the brief spotlight of planet-saving glory, as long as it’s kept within the confines of the cult.

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  • Pingback: Eilmeldung: Scientology veranstaltet geheimes Treffen in der Los Angeles, um das „Goldene Zeitalter der Technologie 2“ auszurufen …Eilmeldung: Scientology veranstaltet geheimes Treffen in der Los Angeles, um das „Goldene Zeitalter der Technologie()

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  • nobs

    Now, more than ever, it sucks to be a scientologist. It breaks my heart. Really. Most of the folks lowest on this food chain are decent people, just trying to do something to better themselves and hopefully the world around them. Such massive failure is crushing. Imagine having everything you believe in wiped away, leaving you with nothing. The recovery is very painful, especially if you’re honest with yourself. Even though the indies mostly disgust me, I feel for them. I’d rather be a homeless bum than continue to lie to myself and others.

  • With all the new people thronging to Scientology daily, why would current members need this? Maybe that’s not the case, and DM is trying to use a tea bag for the third time on the same people. People are going to bitch at having to buy weak tea costing thousands of dollars. As an Economics instructor, I can say that Scientologists are the worst resource managers I have ever seen.

    • “Scientologists are the worst resource managers I have ever seen.” I agree with that! They seem to run in circles, figuratively and literally. Meanwhile, I can’t get the image of the wee one teabagging everyone out of my head. So thanks for that. 😛

  • Pingback: Eilmeldung: Scientology veranstaltet geheimes Treffen in der Los Angeles, um das „Goldene Zeitalter der Technologie, Teil 2“ auszurufen? | Blog gegen Scientology()

  • Pingback: Eilmeldung: Scientology veranstaltet geheimes Treffen in der Los Angeles, um das „Goldene Zeitalter der Technologie, Teil 2“ auszurufen? « Blog gegen Scientology …()

  • I predict DM is going to announce the release of OT 9-15 in 2016, and then spew out a bunch of numbers that guarantee that’s when all orgs will achieve St Hill size.

    That’s what I’d do.

    • Dee Fogger

      At the current rate of members leaving, how can DM’s cult survive until 2016? If it’s still around it’ll consist of NOI and Narconon grad’s.

  • Pingback: Eilmeldung: Scientology veranstaltet geheimes Treffen in Los Angeles, um das „Goldene Zeitalter der Technologie, Teil 2“ auszurufen? | Blog gegen Scientology()

  • Pingback: Eilmeldung: Scientology veranstaltet geheimes Treffen in Los Angeles, um das „Goldene Zeitalter der Technologie, Teil 2“ auszurufen? « Blog gegen Scientology …()

  • This post is an attempt to alleviate the end of Fridays as Orders of the Day and OT Wins. Some of this was posted during the week.
    No. 566a Stardate 2,003,455,751,968
    I have to once more take control of a situation on board which I know many of you have hatted at least once down the time track while learning the elementary survival skills everyone knows once the full track is realized. That is why everyone needs to get back on course up the bridge and overboarded back down again into the briny deep. That is how man has been on Teegeeack for as long as he has and still is not even upstat enough to recover even one dynamic on his own. This is an exciting time, so let’s not cause a flap over each other’s unbeingnesses.
    0600 Port Watch. All others contemplate Fourth Dynamicness.
    0630 Drills and Training and General Hell
    0700 Muster to the Master on the bridge.
    0735 1210 Ship Work
    1211 1215 Lunch
    1216 1900 Shit Work including oiliness drills
    1901 1908 Dinner (if there is anything left from Lunch)
    1909 2200 Indoctrination
    2200 2400 Severe Indoctrination
    2401 0559 Sleep Deprivation
    And here is my schedule:
    MY DAY
    1000 1004 Expel evil body thetans attached to loyal officers by secret yelling method known only by higher OT levels.
    1005 1100 Use secret yelling method to have clothes rinsed 14 more times.
    1100 1230 Breakfart
    1231 1400 Conference with OTs past Van Allen Belt; handling SPs; leading the battle against SMERSH
    1401 1500 Lunch
    1501 1600 Research
    1600 1700 Top Secret government meetings
    1701 1950 Dinner
    1951 2430 Research pills
    2431 1000 Quiet research
    Supreme Commodore
    No. 567.2a Stardate 2,003,455,751,969
    SHIP’S CONDITION: 2.67 Unexpressed Resentment over Someone’s Exhilaration
    I am so excited I can hardly begin to complain about the food. While conducting research I made some astounding discoveries and in order to successfully transmit it and work up a fee schedule for it I have made up a whole new vocabulary based on the Wombu tribe. I met them in the life before this one and learned their language in 4 minutes but it only took me that long because I had DTs mixed with my BTs and all the greys were gone but that’s a lesson for another time. Let me just say that I almost broke my chroma thetan going through the Wall of Liquid Mud but the reason I can bring back such gains is that I know that I am the only one who can and must do it.
    So anyways, here it is: ANIMALS, ESPECIALLY DOGS AND CATS AND HORSES, ARE ONE BIG THETAN AND ARE ATTEMPTING TO TAKE OVER THE HUMAN RACE!!! The good thing is, they can be easily thwarted and made to serve mankind by applying the new tech I am developing, plus of course the obscene dog incident, so if you see my disloyal dog down by the ship’s anchor, leave her down there and do not give her the good dog food. She is being punished so only give her the so-so food until she learns who the master is. However, be advised, we are not punishing her to the extent of feeding her what the crew eats.
    Someone has GOT to be on the bridge at ALL times. SMERSH has been training vultures (again, a trick I invented in a previous existence) to infiltrate and imitate the voices of loyal officers on all lines. So far we are winning and they are starting to fear us even more than when we showed our upstatness over them on the 18th Dynamic (twice!) and then went on to find undiscovered levels of the Tone Scale.
    We have just begun to fight.
    Supreme Commodore
    From Advance! # (Issue number obscured): More OT Phenomena Successes & Major Wins
    My friend and I were traveling up to San Francisco for the weekend and I had some remarkable wins I just had to share. We were driving up Highway 1 when all of a sudden everybody started to slow down and we could see some thick black smoke up ahead. I quickly went exterior to hunt down the cause of the black smoke and saw a red Vega pulled to the side of the road about 100 yards ahead with smoke billowing out of its engine area. Knowing there were might be no other Scientologists there to help I knew I had to do something. First, I sent a strong mental command to the local fire department about what was happening. Then I sent a command to the people in the car to evacuate the vehicle. I then summoned my physical body to the scene where, after watching the other bystanders freeing the passengers from the vehicle, I began applying therapeutic touch assists. Soon, one of the victims was screaming his approval, happy to know he was still alive!
    Soon, the help I had summoned arrived. I quickly willed them to put out the fire. I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself as I heard one of the accident victims say to the paramedic, while pointing at me, that I kept jabbing him with my finger right where the broken bone was, not realizing I was helping to save his life. And I had to laugh to myself when I thought about the low-tone guy who yelled at me that “the least I could have done was call 911 instead of just standing there,” how he didn’t realize that I WAS summoning help with something far more powerful than anything he had ever encountered, the MIND of an OT!
    -Nicky Hopkins, OT III Enhanced
    I was helping a friend move into a new place. As soon as we set foot in the apartment, we could feel a thetan there that didn’t want us there. Although there were already 12 Scientologists living there, we could tell it was none of them. So I said in a stern voice, “Who are you?” We soon heard a voice. It turned out the thetan had been an early Scientologist and didn’t heed Ron’s warnings about trying to do the OTIII Wall of Fire without the proper prerequisites. He had caught pneumonia and died. After explaining to him exactly what had happened to him and cautioning him about trying to assimilate the OT levels before he was ready, I instructed him to go to the hospital and pick up another body and then report to the nearest org as soon as possible. In a minute he was gone and I later heard a little voice in my head thanking me and telling me that he had done as I told him to do and that everything was going smoothly.
    -W. Burroughs, Class X auditor, OT Success Strategies Master
    I was on my way to the Celebrity Center in Los Angeles and had to stop for my disco dance lesson before the event. It was all in a notoriously hard to find a parking place part of the city. At my first stop, even though I had been thinking about it all the way there, I pulled into the parking lot of my dance lesson and lo and behold! Someone had just pulled out RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE ENTRANCE! Of course, I hate parking right in front and having everybody watch me as I get out of the car so I waited until someone in the back pulled out but still! The point is that I postulated the place right in front. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. On my way to the event, I was thinking there was no way that I would be able to park that easily at the event. But, my OT postulates must have been overloading! When I got there the whole parking lot was EMPTY. I postulated so hard for a parking place I ended up with a whole parking lot full of places! I related this to my other celebrity Scientology friend and we laughed and laughed. Got to keep those OT powers under control!
    -K. Black, OT Rundown & Purification Management

    • nobs

      Awesome! Love it love it love it.
      also ROFLMAO
      p.s. I was one of the folks responsible for his majesty’s delicate undies not getting the additional 14 rinses. I paid for that big time.

    • I would imagine the group here as the USS Voyager and the Church as the Borg. I thought it was coincidental that the story of the Borg is ever so similar to that of the church of scientology, considering that it is a science fiction story. It is a fitting analogy.

    • MidwestMom

      N. Graham, You are getting to good at this! I’m starting to get worried. You haven’t been hanging out at a certain place at Twelve Mile and Middlebelt, have you?

      • MidwestMom

        Oops! I meant “too good”, not “to good”. I am not very proficient in typing with one hand! Arghh!

        • 12 Mile and Middlebelt is the CoS “Detroit” location (Farmington Hills, ignoring the rotting hulk of the Downtown Detroit Ideal Org). I am the only one I know of who has demonstrated there in the last 2 years. (see michigananon on youtube)
          So I’m kind of sensitive to any mention. And wondering why anyone is wondering.

      • Mom joined anonymous back in the day: Brings tears to my eyes even now.

  • scilonschools
    • That’s a keeper S.S

    • Holy shit I love it.

    • Hapexamendios


      • MTP


  • KimO’Brien

    I read this article a couple of times…tried to think of what i could say that could sum up my feeling of absolute disbelief at how stupid Misgavige is and how stupid people will line up for it ( i am looking at you Tom Cruise ) Oh…for fucks sake …i’m done

    • Kim,

      You must read it three times with no emotional or physical response in order to make sure the process is flat. Scientology demands that everything be done at least three times with no change to ensure that there is nothing else left to audit out of you.

  • Hmm, I’m kind of partial to this theory that I just made up in my head before I’ve had any caffeine or pork products:

    DM’s ego is outsized. He has no idea what risk he’s taking. People have been eating his shit for so long, now he’s just serving up bigger and nastier portions for the sheer fun of it, because he can and he’s certain they’ll keep eating it. This is what gets him off–the blazing shine of his own power and awesomeness reflecting back on him. And the fact that he can get away with anything. Heady stuff, brah.

    I agree with the statements above re how lowering prices can actually have the opposite effect of causing customers to devalue the product and therefore result in lower sales. However, consider Apple for a moment. They’ve lowered all their prices over the years so people can afford their products. And of course they make sure to not only keep coming out with improvements that require you to have to repurchase the same product every 2-3 years, but they also change the hardware so that you’re always buying new peripherals. It was a pretty lucrative strategy for Mr. Jobs and could also be for McSausage. However, I think Apple’s strategy is starting to backfire a bit because their product quality isn’t a great anymore, more bugs and issues. I’ve been with the iMac, iPhone, iFucker product line for 10+ years now and I’m kind of over it–ready to trade my shizz in for something that doesn’t have me butt-dialing China all day and maybe something that can handle spreadsheets. And no I don’t want to buy parallels!

    Okay, I got off topic there for a sec. But the caffeine and sausage are on the way so I’ll be right as rain soon.

  • Right now, somewhere in America there’s a glazed-eyed Jobite getting in line for a iPhone 6. Cut the midget some slack, he knows how to make a buck in this economy. If Oompa Loompa Trump can sell $2 Chinese ties for $50, why can’t the Stump do GAT2? If Americans will watch reality TV, buy clelebrity fragrances and believe in vampire vs werewolf wars, then Slappy Miscavige should be able to squeeze the tit one more time. Let the clams line-up and sign-up and drink in the “tech,” it gives me something to watch.

  • spensergirl

    My thought is this (serious not sarcastic this time). IF, for those who do believe, this system (sorry I can not call it a religion myself) has good points, and I am sure some parts are helpful – why must it be paid for, by it’s own members and kept confidential?
    If it is so helpful and good, would you not want to spread the word? Why would (Miscrapage) charge so much. Does this mean you can not help anyone who does not have money?
    This is why I state the overall concept was a scam, although sadly for those who do believe, parts of it are not. But the bottom line, as I said before, is that no matter what you do or do not believe about it, the tactics they use are horrifically wrong and I would (hope) anyone who believes in the concepts of some of the positive parts (if there are any) would find the tactics used by Miscrapage to be an abominatoin and insult to those who believe as well as to those who find it BS, like myself. His tactics (I would hope) would be just as disgusting to those who believe as to those who do not.

    • MTP

      spensergirl: wow! suddenly I dislike you a little less now that you are not being such a wise ass. It must be paid for because just like any consulting business, or taco shop, it costs money to keep the doors open. Scientology is a self improvement personal enhancement BUSINESS posing as a religion, which, people lump into the same bin as other churches. So toss out your idea that it should be free, 20 minute pep talk-slap-you-on-the-back-and-send-you out-the-door-kind-of-church. Your statements are typical of someone who is woefully ignorant (understandably, I’m not picking on you) about how much study and how much effort there is involved in Scientology. A trained Class V auditor puts in roughly two years full time study to get their certificate.

      Secondly, the Indie movement exists now for the points you bring up. (Tactics, etc ALL OF IT)

      • Thetansarecooties

        I suppose if creating a false identity is self improvement, that’s true. Enhanced dualism, the opposite of wisdom, courtesy of a sociopath.

      • Just know MTP, that even if we disagree on the subject of auditing or the value of Scientology, everyone here wants to see the church go down.

        • MTP

          I get it. Let me be Dianetically Clear about my position. Actually I don’t really care so much about the church going down, it’s already happening at LUDICROUS SPEED (Space Balls anyone?) yeah man……full thrusters ahead!

          We’re not going to do a better job of destroying Scientology than David Miscavige and he was given a running start by the old man himself. (Sorry Scientology 1.0)

          I only seek to target my wrath on ignorance about Scientology AS A SUBJECT. If you don’t want to sound like a hater, KNOW SOMETHING about what you are spewing about. Or not. (Thats fun too.)

          The bad behavior of more than a few people in Scn rich history have cast a bad light on the subject of auditing and because I think AUDITING ROCKS, I think THAT SUCKS. Yeah Scientology 1.0 I’m still talking to you.

          I’m just trying to boost the Intelligence Quotient of the overall conversation. Sorry if my manners take a hike once in awhile. I’m much nicer in person.

          • “Sorry if my manners take a hike once in awhile. I’m much nicer in person.”

            I think we all are. Written conversation lacks the inflection of verbal communication. So often, when the reader reads the words they may hear them in the wrong tone.

            • Homer

              (Sincere Tone)

              So true, Derek.

              Sometimes I think we should state our intended tone.

            • I think a lot of times it can be inferred using the words present, but it is important to choose your words carefully because some words are harsher than others when read instead of heard.

  • This might not be the “big” announcement: after reading the flyer, I doubt that this is the big announcement of the “Golden Age of Tech 2.” I now think this might be a placeholder, to try to sustain interest and potentially to try to quash unfounded rumors. If this were the “big” announcement, don’t you think that they would have David Miscavage out with the gaudiest, most over-the-top bloviation festival that the cult has ever seen?

    Incidentally, the phone number traces back to the Pasadena org, rather than to anything in Hollywood (626 area code versus 323 for Hollywood). Why would an org only a few miles from Hollywood have its own event instead of a big gala for something so earth-shattering?

    If this is not the big announcement, then it might very well be another in a long line of “readiness” events – if I recall correctly, they have “OT prep” courses to take your money to get you ready for the OT levels, instead of letting you just get started on studying the actual OT stuff…

    The “confidential bond:” This sounds like a marketing gimmick to try to suggest to people that they are getting an inside track on something, rather than an actual bond in the sense of money being put at risk to ensure that everyone behaves (like a bail bond). I think they’re just trying to build a sense of exclusivity for the event, though I doubt this is going to fool even the most gung ho Scientologist. It almost sounds like an echo of the promise that anyone getting the OT III materials before they are ready will catch pneumonia and die – in this case, your wallet will catch pneumonia and die if you reveal any of the super-magic “tech” they’ll be hinting at.

    This is not only a cheesy marketing gimmick, but it’s poorly executed: they don’t explain why they need to go to something so drastic. Not only do they not make a claim as to why the subject to be discussed is so important, but they don’t try to make any connection with what benefits it will be to the reader. That’s where you really make the sale, not simply leading the announcement with “you’ll have to sign our “double-secret probation” agreement. Without hinting at some real benefit, anyone reading that would think attending the event is a no-win situation: I sign my life away and I might just get another layer of the same dreck.

    Pricing Games on the Bridge: If there are changes to the pricing structure (4 x $500 instead of 1 x $2,000), I doubt they will be effective. As another commenter has indicated, part of the appeal to the upper levels for some people is the implied value of the super powers promised. There is a lot of aspirational thinking in people starting out saying, “I work part-time at Wal-Mart today but if I take the first few classes, I will discover the secret to making millions, so by the time I get ready, I’ll have enough money to drop $200,000 on exorcising dead space cooties on the upper OT levels.” Shuffling the math so that the listed price is the same will not have much impact on lower-level culties who are still in that sort of aspirational thinking.

    I suspect that long-time hands who are concerned about how much Scientology costs are even less likely to be swayed by changes to the list prices. They’re still objecting to the arbitrary declaration that they were not really “clear” due to some error and they have to re-do the whole thing. Or they’re mad about the fabled redefinition of what a “floating needle” means, which Miscavige put in years ago to make it harder to go “up the bridge” and thus to make more money. In other words, experienced Scientologist understand that the true cost of Scientology is from all sorts of hidden and arbitrary charges and practices that are not on the list price sheet. So I doubt that any pricing changes would generate incremental revenue from that constituency.

    Selling new E-Meters: In re-reading what Tony wrote back in June, I think this is the real heart of the matter. It seems to me that Miscavage thinks primarily in terms of one-off programs that generate a spike in revenue, rather than taking a long-term view to building a sustainable business. That is, of course, a function of his “management by emergency” style, and it is probably also indicative of his complete inability to get new customers in the door.

    On the one hand, in order for this go-round to be more valuable to a customer base than the first Golden Age of Tech, Miscavage will have to do more than fixing several thousand misplaced semicolons. On the other hand, given Miscavage’s relatively short attention span and obsessive micromanagement of all details of these projects, I have to believe that the Golden Age of Tech 2 is going to be as small a change as is practical, rather than a sweeping and ambitious reimagining of the timeless and effective wisdom of L. Ron Hubbard.

    If I were sitting at Gold Base in Miscavage’s chair, I would try to justify the new e-meter to the customer base by showing how the technology (in the device itself, rather than the “tech” from Hubbard) will give a more consistent auditing session end result. If I were Miscavage, the next generation e-meter will be internet-enabled, and will be able to transmit session start and stop time information as well as the needle states, and potentially even an audio recording this is consistent with emphasis in recent years on having each auditing session reviewed properly by an auditor, ostensibly for the purpose of ensuring that things get done right. Of course, the actual purpose is to find things that were done wrong, requiring the cult member to have to pay several more times to have the session done correctly. My suspicion is that this endless cycle of redoing auditing to produce the result is the bulk of the cost of going up the “Bridge,” particularly in the OT levels.

    If Miscavage is able to sell Internet-enabled meters under the guise of improving quality, he can actually change the business model so that the cult is paid by our for each auditing session, particularly for “Solo NOTS,” the procedure were people on it themselves in a higher OT levels as they get rid of all of those space cooties (“body thetans”). So far, that is on the honor system, and the cult probably gets paid very little relative to the number of hours actually undertaken. But a device that will not function unless it is hooked up to the Internet will enable the cult to measure the actual amount of auditing the members undertake, and then charge them accordingly.

    You’re Right, He’s Screwed: Regardless of what, exactly, the GAT2 announcement entails, you’re absolutely right that Miscavige is impaled on the horns of a powerful dilemma. Anything he does will alienate the old guard, many of whom are already sitting on the sidelines, and which is the bread and butter for revenue. The new guard, places like Eastern Europe and Taiwan and the uneducated kids of current members drafted into staff or the Sea Org, don’t have the economic horsepower to sustain the cult. Per capita GDP in Taiwan is only 40% of the US, and Hungary is only about 1/3 of the US. Russia is less, only slightly above Mexico’s… Even if Miscavige cuts the cost to go “up the Bridge” by half, these markets don’t have enough rich people to matter.

    But at the same time, he’s got to do something as the number of people leaving the cult continues to grow and as they continue to be able to attract virtually no off-the-street new members. As Mike Rinder frequently says, “It sucks to be Miscavige.”

  • Meanwhile, the COS has apparently stepped up to get ethics in for our gov’t officials, in the wake of the Petraeus affair and other out-2D shenanigans. That’s a relief!

  • With all this going on, I can’t help by try to imagine what my parents are thinking about all this. My mom is on staff so she must already have some idea of what is coming. How long are people really going to continue to be duped by this bullshit?

    The most disturbing part is that they have to sign confidentiality bonds. That’s probably making all the Scientologists giddy right now, thinking that they are going to be let in on the secret inner workings of the church. I wonder if they are testing a model for future events to prevent people from recording and releasing them, or at least if they find out who it was that recorded it, they will have a court case against them. I can imagine the fact that they have to sign confidentiality bonds would push some more of the “on the fence” people over to the other side.

    My guess is that we are going to find an influx of new commenters here, at Marty’s place and on the various message boards scattered throughout the intarwebz after this Saturday.

    I just want to add that my little brother’s 18th birthday is coming up on the 20th of November. It’s going to be a sad day for me. I wish I could send him a message.

    • MTP

      “I just want to add that my little brother’s 18th birthday is coming up on the 20th of November. It’s going to be a sad day for me. I wish I could send him a message.”

      Pardon me for sounding like a Scientologist but put your attention squarely on him, and send him whatever birthday greeting thought you wish. I call these “theta text messages”. Just know that I am holding a steady postulate-prayer-affirmation that is : (((you two back together again.)))

      • Well thank you. I hope it does happen. I miss him and I feel horrible that I can’t help him, knowing what he is going through right now.

        • MidwestMom

          Derek, it’s so uncanny that your brother and my oldest son are just a few days apart in age, but such vastly different circumstances. My son is a freshman in college and your brother is in a cult, disconnected from you. I can get in touch with my son via a variety of ways and can even have him home for Thanksgiving, but you can’t get in touch with your brother and it’s a pivotal birthday for him.

          Turning 18 is a big deal for them, but it has more serious consequences for your brother. My heart goes out to you, as well as my prayers for your brother and the rest of your family.

          I know that your heart is heavy and I wish I could lighten that weight of sadness.
          Love is like that. It hurts deeply to feel helpless in regard to someone’s well being for whom we care about so much. Just like I’ve felt with my son’s traumatic brain injuries. Please know that you are in the thoughts of many of us here and I hope that your best buddies can provide you with unlimited hugs on your brother’s birthday and on Thanksgiving. You are loved, kiddo, a whole bunch!


          • Thank you so much MWM!

            It is coincidental to me that he will be spending his 18th birthday in the same way that I did, in the Sea Org. I spent my 18th birthday doing manual labor as I was being subjected to humiliating confessionals and being kicked out of the Sea Org.

            I think about that every day. I hope my brother comes to his senses. I hope he calls me one day looking for a place to stay. If I could tell him one thing, it would be that when he’s ready to leave I’ll always have a place for him to sleep and food for him to eat.

            • MidwestMom

              Your brother is very fortunate to have you to turn to when he leaves! Hopefully, he’ll question things the same way you did and will have the courage to run like heck away from it all! He has a great place to call home, with you, when the time comes. That’s more significant than anything that the cult can offer him.
              There’s no one in the CoS who can measure up to you!

              Just thinking about you and your brother is going to have me especially emotional as we celebrate my son’s birthday. He’ll probably think I am a blubbering fool! Oh, well…

            • You are not a blubbering fool! I love you! Your empathy and the empathy of everyone here means worlds to me. You don’t even know me, but you show so much kindness and you care so much. It means a lot and it shows me compassion that I had never known as a kid.

  • Jefferson Hawkins

    Having worked on the inside of Scientology’s marketing, all I can say is “here we go again.” The marketing problem Scientology has, and has always had, is how to keep the faithful coming back to spend again and again. Particularly if you have few if any new people coming in. Particularly if you really have nothing new to offer them. Hubbard solved it by constantly coming up with “new technical breakthroughs.” That kept people coming in and, equally importantly, kept him popular, relevant, and indispensable. Miscavige can’t do that. No Scientologist would put up with “new developments” from anyone but Hubbard. So he has to repackage and re-release, all based on the idea that he has a special inside line to what Hubbard “really” intended. He can always claim that Hubbard’s “true intentions” have just been revealed in documents “recently discovered in archives.” Miscavige has worked to position himself as “the only guy who truly understands Hubbard.”

    These repackagings and re-releases have been going on for many, many years. People know about “The Basics” where all of Hubbard’s works were supposedly gone through and every error and typo discovered and corrected so the materials are now “fully on-Source” (conforming to Hubbard’s original vision and intentions). What many don’t know (and what Scientologists fail to remember) is that that EXACT SAME CAPER was pulled in 1991. All the materials were re-released then as “now fully on-Source.” And they will pull this caper again.

    “Golden Age of Tech 2” is another of these repackagings, and yes, Scientologists will have to buy everything again, do every level again, and buy the new e-meter. They will be told how vital and earth-shattering this new meter is. They will not be told that these meters were made in Taiwan eight years ago and have been sitting on a shelf gathering dust ever since.

    And James Byrne? Really? They are scraping the bottom of the barrel for credible spokespeople. James has been around forever of course, and yes, he was on the Apollo with Hubbard, but never really a Scientology technical expert. He’s a sort of poor man’s Captain Bill Robertson. He was the guy they’d send in when an area was deemed to be “out-ethics” and he would muster the Sea Org staff in ranks, force them to march and drill endlessly, military style, and impose draconian discipline. At best he was a cheerful, if not very bright, hail-fellow-well-met. At worst he was a bull-headed drill sergeant. Hard to imagine they’d trot him out for a technical briefing.

    • Elvis, M.J, Tupac, LRH. You can only repackage that shit so many times before people turn to the Bieber.

    • Great post! The most interesting thing is knowing what really went on. And written by a real ex.

    • Jon Hendry

      I’m kinda surprised they haven’t gone ahead and found some little redheaded tyke to be declared the returned Hubbard.

      If they did that, they’d have a way of producing new tech as “Hubbard” tech. They could probably get away with keeping the kid in seclusion, so everyone would have to take Miscavige’s word that a toddler really is relating new tech discovered on Mars or wherever.

  • mooki
    • Dee Fogger

      NOI and skinheads, what could possibly go wrong?

      • Well they both hate Jews. And George Lincoln Rockwell, the guy who started the American Nazi party, was a guest speaker at the NoI back in the early 60’s.

        • Dee Fogger

          I get your point, but do you really think these two groups can get along if they’re in close proximity on any regular basis? Probably the only commonality is both believe the opposite race is the source of much trouble for their group, that different races should be separated, and, of course, both groups hatred for Jews. Scientology could help the Neo-Nazi’s remove the stigma of Nazism by blaming the Holocaust on the evil psyches instead of a blanket denial that exposes them to ridicule. It could appeal to both by blaming the international conspiracy of (Jewish) Bankers for many societal ills.

          I don’t believe the cult is actively recruiting in the skinhead movement like it does with NOI but I do think the two groups wouldn’t get along very well if they ended up being the remaining members of the cult.

  • LemonLemon

    Is it possible that Miscavige has been shielded from the outcry and exodus from the last “Golden Age of Tech” and he is unaware of just how thin the ice is for him now? Could there be safeguards in place to prevent him from knowing that people were…let’s say…”dissatisfied” with the price increases and the repeated training and the mandated purchases of multiple sets of books and e-meters?

    If he IS aware of it…and does this anyway, does he realize this might be him pulling the chewing gum off the hole in the dam.

    HUGE risk, DM.

  • brainslugged

    It looks like Miscarriage wants to take a leaf out of Apple’s book to keep the money rolling in. Maybe it’s The Golden Age of Tech 2 this year, and The Golden Age of Tech 2S next year. He could even release an e-meter Mini or Nano for one-handed auditing or all those urgent auditing needs while on the go.

    I assume that one-handed auditing would be impossible as you need two contacts on the cans to enable the current to flow for the lie-detector to work. However, this could be easily remedied by having the second can shaped like an egg which could then be firmly wedged up the scilon’s butt before they leave the house.

    • They do one handed auditing on the e-meters. It’s called “solo auditing”. It’s what you do on OT I – III and OT VI – VIII.

      You basically have to give yourself commands in your head and then respond to them…in your head. This is why the processes are thought to cause multiple personality disorders and schizophrenia.

    • nobs

      scroll down for a photo of solo auditing set-up

      • ^^ Bookmarked, thanks.

        When i first found out that most of the OT levels were solo, I was like “wow”, LRH was such a genius conman he has these people running scams on themselves.

        • Hypnotizing people into hypnotizing others without knowing that they are doing it.
          What could be more perniciously evil?
          A self-perpetuating mind control scheme.
          Its worse than you think.


    It’s all in this youtube video. He will be speaking at the event yet in forty years he has apparently taken only one course.

    • Boson Stark

      Good grief. Another janitor (not that there’s anything wrong with cleaning), turned Scientologist, turned cult security guard. Probably “worked directly with LRH,” cleaning his toilet. Good catch pope.

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        Jeff Hawkins described James well. He’s one of the two-toned Sea Ogres. A few are Natural Born Abusers, but those who start out sweet and sage and get stuck in the mire for too long morph into Jekyll/Hyde animations.
        He won’t have much social security taxes paid in so his retirement fall back probably wouldn’t support him. Always hard for me to see videos of these old timers, knowing the moment they get too tired or sick, they likely have cold hard nights ahead.

        Scientology services have been repackaged every single year, but just one or two items. Then there’s the Big Deal changes, and about every decade a Really Big Friggin’ Big Deal. The bigger the package/change, the more it’s gonna dig into your wallets and Fort Knox. I couldn’t be happier that Miscavige continues to be applying his brilliant mind strategies and ignoring all bitter entheta coming from Planet Rationality.

        That “mandatory bonding” was probably a typo. The most probably scenario is “mandatory bounding”. Or maybe the guards will be implanting GPS chips in all members wallets because you just know every sucker there is going to want to hide them before they run out the emergency exits.
        Wait, no emergency exits you say? God, I hope someone will have video cams at those exit doors. How many in the audience will already be working on their 2nd or 3rd bankruptcy? This could be the one where finally they see the glory of … of The Royal Scam.

        • Nina


    • correna

      I don’t like people being “ugly” to AGP; I <3 him!

      • Victoria

        Wow AGP, you don’t miss a beat. I’m gobsmacked. Well, looks like James will graduate the permanent state of RPF just in time for the event.

        And thanks Jeff for your valuable input!

    • HCO Chief

      Wow, James Byrne was my CO when I joined the Sea Org at CLO UK in 96. So sad to see he is still in. He’s been there since the very beginning. Very intimidating angry man, but somehow lovable in spite of it all. I remember working on a computer in his office and I guess I was humming to myself and he says to me “Are you humming”? As though it was some capital offense. I made sure I never hummed around him again.

  • My father told me he became disenchanted with the Vatican after Vatican II when the church gave up latin and changed it’s rules. He started to realize religions are made up by fellow humans not gifts from god.

    • “My father told me he became disenchanted with the Vatican after Vatican II when the church gave up latin and changed it’s rules.”

      For a second there I thought you were going to come out and reveal yourself to be Mel Gibson.

  • ClearOT

    Anyone that actually goes for this is an idiot! Just posted on my FB page, End of Days for the Church! No way, no how, will he be able to pull this off. No super Power, no OT 8 & 9. Empty orgs all over the planet. All trained auditors invalidated into the ground, Clears being put on lower level processes again and their clear status being removed????? The Sea Org continuing with their Nazi RPF prison camps. What does it take for these guys to wake up? I am so glad I left! Should have left years ago after the first crappy GAT sessions I had! You really hit the nail on the head with this post Tony. You should have titled it, The Exodus! It will really be fun to see Mr. David Misgavige meet his karmic destiny.

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  • Dean Fox

    To quote a bowl of petunias “oh no not again”.

    I expect the new structure well be sold as cheaper and more efficient. They’ll probably have “conversion courses” that will be as expensive but not as expensive as redoing everything.

    I’m looking forward to 2020 platinum age of tech. NOT!

    • Dean Fox

      They’ll probably dodge the you’re not really as clear as you think you are issue with a CLEAR+ it’s clear Rebooted; you’re clear but you need to be more clear basically.

    • Boson Stark

      After platinum, it’ll be the New Civilization Building Age of Tech. I’ll wait for the Planet Eating Age of Tech. I want to see Tom Cruise eat at planet.

      • Valkov

        The Galactus Age of Tech?

    • sugarplumfairy32

      “to quote a bow of petunias..”

      mood music.. it ain’t easy being clear..

      • sugarplumfairy32

        I think those are the old age of tech tapes she’s trying to move..

        • So where’s your cuz at ? Let me find out she’s the crazy lady who ran over her husband because he didn’t bother to vote for Mittens ?

          • She is probably out at the Philly org dressed up as Jenna yelling about baby raping.
            having a martini with OTVIIIisgrrr8

          • She must be in love.. Haven’t heard from her for a few days.. I texted her that you were asking for her.. =)

          • thenextmrstomcruise

            Howdy, I think you have me mixed up with Midwest Mom. She’s the one who wore her voting mittens on Election day. I wouldn’t be caught dead voting for Oven Mitt, although I did vote for one Republican. What can I say? I love her and knew her dead husband when I was in high school. However, I digress.

            I’ve been away from Tony’s place because I’ve had a little problem with body thetans. They were hiding in my toilet and it got all clogged up. They’re babbling about the second coming of Xenu, and frightened out of their wits about it. I told them to go hide out in one of the empty Ideal orgs, no one would ever find them there. They rather liked that idea, I think because they are all gone now. em on their way.

            • I’m sorry for the error, it’s just that SPF kept saying you were of that particular ilk.

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        Yessirree…it ain’t easy being clear, it ain’t easy being green, but it’s a real bitch being clear and not having any green. Here, let’s have Ray (who has the kind of soul scientologists wish they could buy) Charles tell it:

    • “NOT!”
      You do realize that NOT stands for “New OT’?
      “To communicate is to be misunderstood.”
      I’ll have to google to find out who said that originally.

    • Jon Hendry
      • Ha Ha that was cool and it still makes more sense than scientology. I missed HGTTU when it was around.

  • Isn’t this “squirreling the tech”?

  • tessa

    The Global Auditing Thurification. That’s what it is.
    I hope they go up in smoke.

  • Miscavige’s real problem is that fewer and fewer people have money to spend on non-essentials, period, let alone on the bullshit he’s peddling. It’s hardly an accident that the heyday of LRH’s obscenely overpriced scam parallelled that of excess middle-class disposable income.

    • First it was the Beatniks, then the Hippies, and lastly the Yuppies.

      Church of Scientology will be remembered as the ultimate “Me Generation” yuppie movement.

  • MTP – Oh my life is now complete now that I know you dislike me less. Please go back to disliking me. Thank you in advance. Guess what. I could not care less. I was simply saying that your religion is BS, but it you feel it isn’t that is your right. No one needs to give you permission, like no one needs to give others permission to say it is BS.. BUT you can’t just take parts of it out and applaud it for it greatness, while putting the rest of us and the human race down for noticing it’s dark side, and then forget your dirty tricks department. That is like saying the Mafia is not so bad, as they go to Msss on Sunday. Which I actually have more respect for as whle they also kill people they never said they were a self help group.
    My point is people are entitled to believe what they will but it does not make it any less foolish…and dangerous. I never mentioned your “teachings” should be free, I am saying the COS has money and if they really felt their teachings helped fellow man so much (could be same people who believe Charlie Sheen was “winning”) they could make them available to those who wanted them at much less cost.Personally, I am glad they charge so much so less
    people have to be exposed to it.

  • P.S. I will say the latest thing by Miscraphead is priceless. Whoever doesn’t go will never know the secrets as no one is allowed to tell them. OH LMAO.
    Maybe they can just wait for the South Park Episode and compare it like they did LRon to what South Park said with the split screen. Yes that is they key, save your money, wait for South Park to out it. LOL

    • Ditto Mormons vis-a-vis the brilliant “Book of Mormon” musical.
      Only won 9 of 14 Tony’s or something.
      Get the soundtrack and/or see it when it comes to a town near you.
      The South Park guys just lay out the facts and let the audience decide.
      There is no need to exaggerate or distort.

  • Amys Mom

    These meters were produced 8 years ago?!?!! Take a look at how far electronics have come since then. Would any of you want a new cell phone that was 8 years old? Who’d buy that $4.00 worth of plastic and electronics piece of outdated crap, and especially for $4000?!!!

    • Victoria

      Yeah and sitting in a storage unit. You know how electronics grow better with age, like a fine wine.

    • As long as people have reactive minds, the e-meter will not go out of style or become obsolescent.

      Factually, we in RTC know what Science refuses to acknowledge: The reactive mind — and thus the source of all human error and insanity — can only be unmocked by resort to Scientology’s copyrighted use of the Wheatstone bridge and its associated electronics that comprises the e-meter Only we in the Church of Scientology know how to unmock the nefarious circuits laid in 75,000,000 years ago by Psych implanters.

      In time, all of you here will come to respect and honor the e-meter and the Church of Scientology. Until such a time, however, we in RTC will keep spying on you as we do not trust wogs and their demented ambitions to destroy Scientology.

  • Sandy

    I just got a Friday itch to rewatch the original Tom Cruise $cientology video. I do think it is useful, every few months, to remind us what this cult does to people ……………….

  • What kind of world are we living in where you can buy bullshit make believe auditing, but not a freaking TWINKIE ?

    The Mayans were right, the end is nigh.

    • ,stvsnosm vp,,smfrt

      Maybe the kind of world where we come back, and are ready, and can do what should be done, and be purple and clairvoyant

      • Dear “,stvsnosm vp,,smfrt”: Nice code name. It will take me and the top-flight crypto computers at the NSA a couple weeks, maybe longer, to crack that one… But I’ll get back to you.

        • grundoon

          It’s just a step to the right
          With your hands on your hips
          You bring your knees in tight
          But it’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane,
          Let’s do the Time Warp again!

          (Well spotted, J. P.!)


      Twinkies are evil psych junk food loaded with drugs! You do not want the Twinkies. you want the Key to Life (KTL) course that will give you mastery over life and livingness. You also want to join the Sea Org.

      • Thanks for the offer OTVIIIisGrrr8!, but I’m boozin’ my religion and it’s an indisputable fact that Twinkie Tech is superior to L Ron Tech because Twinkie Tech adds mass where as L Ron Tech only subtracts ca$h.

  • ,stvsnosm vp,,smfrt

    You guys can’t tell dollars from donuts.

  • grundoon

    OT: Marty Rathbun was deposed by Ken Dandar last week for the Dandar v. COS FSO case, and he’s posted the 85-page transcript of the deposition. Dandar questions him about the Lisa McPherson case.


    You all need to google scientology news right now

    There is all kinds of SHIT breaking loose

    • Victoria

      Wow, that article reads like a journalist that just got a hot scoop and was trying to beat the Friday fall off. So, an emergency hearing on monday? JUICY!

      • Do you think I caught the flavour of the article…. here’s my header for my scientologybollocks site:


        ….. you should check out the PDF statement – it includes Tony’s VV piece on it INCLUDING the comments

    • Wow! Egggggggggcellent!!!

    • EnthralledObserver

      What’s the stuff about Tom and Suri…???? Can you provide a link, I can’t find anything new that you might be referring to…

      • They won’t be spending Thanksgiving together.

        • Dean Fox

          Sources claim otherwise. Can’t read the PDF on mobile so missing out on the real juice. 🙁

  • We in RTC promise Tony Ortega readers an extensive debrief on GAT II on our blog over the weekend.

    For now, however, we remain too busy sec checking high ranking US military officers and CIA officials. Fleet Admiral David Miscavige showed the US Senate how Scientological checking works and now we in Scientology will get to the bottom of the sex scandals plaguing the US military and the CIA:

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  • I’m so pleased about this new development. Also, I find myself agreeing with David Miscavige that the “old” levels and meters, and grades and whatnot, just were no good at all.

  • Golden Age Of Tech 2. Heh. Triple fail.

  • marvIn ledfOrd

    could it be this thread> 777 is the number of god because i am god …on GLP..god like productions? me the nobody…

  • Ed Chan

    I want to see Scientology Superpower!
    Where is the proof of Scientology Superpower?
    Don’t tell me people are paying $210,000 without seeing the proof of Scientology Superpower!

  • Pat Meepecker

    So professional and able are they in scientology that are always FINDING MISTAKES and MAKING CORRECTIONS! (sarcasm INTENDED!) So I guess they who are THE EDITORS are PTS?!
    The release of THE BASICS was the last straw for me!