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Scientology Accused of Spending Millions to Influence Florida Judges

Last night, the St. Petersburg, Florida CBS affiliate, WTSP, broke news that Marty Rathbun has made blockbuster allegations in sworn testimony that the Church of Scientology spent millions in an attempt to influence Florida judges as it was fighting the criminal investigation and then civil litigation following the 1995 death of church member Lisa McPherson.

We’ve talked to Rathbun about his testimony, we have a copy of his deposition, and we’ve also asked our legal department — Manhattan attorney Scott Pilutik — to give us his thoughts about these stunning new allegations that Scientology spent freely to influence judges in Florida.

First, some background: on October 31, Florida attorney Ken Dandar, who represented McPherson’s family in the wrongful death civil litigation, filed a federal lawsuit against the Church of Scientology and two of its attorneys, alleging that his civil rights were being trampled by Scientology through its manipulation of the state court system. Dandar claims that in a closed hearing scheduled for November 26, a Florida state judge will saddle Dandar with $1 million in court fees the church is asking for. In his federal lawsuit, Dandar is asking for a court injunction to stop the November 26 closed hearing.

To support his lawsuit, Dandar deposed Rathbun, who was once the second-highest ranking official in the church, and who oversaw the church’s fight against the criminal investigation into the McPherson death and then the wrongful death litigation. In other words, it was Rathbun’s job to strategize against the state investigators and Dandar. But now, Rathbun has provided startling testimony that tends to bolster Dandar’s position.

McPherson was a troubled church member who had a mental breakdown in 1995 in Clearwater, Florida and then was taken by Scientology officials to its spiritual mecca, the Fort Harrison Hotel, where she died 17 days later. Pinellas-Pasco medical examiner Joan Wood initially found the cause of McPherson’s death to be “undetermined.” But later, under intense media scrutiny and pressure by the church, she changed the finding to “accidental,” and the state dropped its criminal investigation. (Wood died in July 2011.)

Rathbun now alleges that the church influenced Wood through her attorney, Jeffrey Goodis, who was plied with Super Bowl tickets and other gifts by Scientology operatives. WTSP reported that Goodis denied Rathbun’s allegations.

Rathbun also testified that former state prosecutor Lee Fugate was hired by Scientology in order to hold “ex parte” meetings with judges — meetings, in other words, that were held outside the presence of Dandar and, Rathbun says, were intended to paint Dandar and his clients in the worst possible light for judges. (Fugate told WTSP that he cannot comment on a federal lawsuit.)

“Well, Fugate was, you know…he was convincing [Judge Robert] Beach this case had nothing to do with justice. It had nothing to do with recompense. It had to do with a bunch of money-hungry relatives who didn’t care about McPherson, with an ambulance-chasing attorney, and they’re going to tie up the courts, and this thing’s going to — you know, he got Beach on board to — to consider this case something that just ought to be settled because it’s all about the money,” Rathbun testified.

Rathbun also talked about stories we’ve covered before — that local Republican party operative Mary Repper was hired by the church to influence local pols by hosting parties that featured Scientology celebrities. And that Rathbun had said on camera that he destroyed evidence in the McPherson case while being supervised by church attorney Elliot Abelson. In all, Rathbun says, the church spent between $28 million and $30 million to fight the criminal and civil litigation.

WTSP reported that the church filed a “lawsuit” yesterday — we’re assuming they meant a motion — asking for Rathbun’s testimony to be stricken. An emergency hearing is scheduled in federal court for Monday.

We talked to Rathbun last night, asking him about making allegations about sitting and retired Florida judges and high-profile attorneys supposedly being in the pocket of Scientology. Was he concerned at all about the consequences?

“I’m trembling in my boots,” he said sarcastically. “I told Dandar they’re going to have to think long and hard what to do about me. I’m best when people are questioning me. If they cross-examine me, it’s going to get five times as bad.”

Twice previously this year, Rathbun has been involved in Scientology lawsuits — he was prepared to testify on former church executive Debbie Cook’s behalf in a suit brought against her by the church, and he was a party in a suit brought against the church by two of its former private investigators. In both cases, the prospect of Rathbun testifying against his former employer loomed as Scientology settled its case against Cook and is still negotiating an end to the suit brought by the private eyes.

“I think they’re ultimately going to have to back out of this thing too,” Rathbun says. “They’ll at least drop the damages against Dandar.”

That’s still to be seen. But Rathbun’s testimony certainly has raised the profile of a lawsuit that was not garnering much attention until last night.

We asked attorney Scott Pilutik to read Rathbun’s testimony and give us his thoughts…

To start with, let me disclaim that Ken Dandar is a friend and that I worked for Ken in a relatively minor capacity on the Lisa McPherson case. Not that I’m commenting on this to advocate for him, but for credibility reasons I need to put my bias on the table.

You probably don’t need a legal expert to tell you that these are serious allegations, ranging from the outright criminal to serious ethical violations, by lawyers, judges, and whatever manner of political creature Mary Repper can be said to be.

Some of this we’ve heard before, such as Elliot Abelson ordering the destruction of evidence.

But this is the first time we’ve heard of Joan Wood’s lawyer Jeffrey Goodis accepting what would appear to be outright bribes in exchange for what I’m guessing was his agreement to exert pressure on his client Wood to change her cause of death determination. Too bad Wood isn’t around to answer whether Goodis disclosed to her the thousands of dollars in perks he was receiving.

He alleges Wally Pope, Ed Armstrong, and especially Lee Fugate having countless ex parte communications with judges presiding over cases involving Dandar and Scientology. An ex parte communication is when one party to a lawsuit speaks with the judge out of earshot of the opposing party, about the case. The trickiness here is that Marty doesn’t quite allege that an ex parte communication took place about the case because everyone involved was sophisticated enough to recognize that that just isn’t done.

What Marty’s alleging, rather, is a conspiracy to engage in ex parte communications not actually concerning particular cases but nevertheless purposed on influencing those cases’ outcomes. Actually, he alleges that Fugate deliberately communicated with Beach about the case Beach was about to preside over. The response will be, I’m guessing, that these allegations are smoke, that lawyers and judges talk about lots of things, including other lawyers, and that Marty’s allegations need to be far more specific. Oh, and they’ll obviously go into full-metal Marty character assassination mode as well.

Marty implies that Judge Beach actively sought, on Scientology’s behalf, to get assigned to the McPherson case so that Scientology might have better luck than they were having with Judge Schaeffer (which, allegations aside, is precisely what happened). This may be the most serious allegation here.

Marty’s testimony is somewhat scattered and difficult to pin down since he’s mostly on the fringes of the allegations, not often a direct witness to it. He’d be more helpful to Dandar if he discusses particular ways in which he himself conspired and carried out actions to scuttle Dandar’s cases. But the testimony does ring true, at least to anyone who watched it go down at the time or who cares to look now.

The good news for Dandar is that Marty’s testimony supports his civil rights violation complaint, whereas before this Dandar’s complaint was mostly a recitation of the litigation history from the McPherson to Brennan cases. But for the purposes of a motion to dismiss, surely forthcoming, Marty’s testimony must be taken as true, and to the extent that testimony suggests all manner of impropriety and illegality willfully committed by both lawyers and judges in pursuit shutting down cases brought by Dandar-represented plaintiffs, Dandar could, and should survive that motion to dismiss.

Whether Marty’s testimony stands up is another question, but one we’ll hopefully hear answered. Perhaps too Dandar will serve up Rinder’s testimony next? This could certainly use bolstering.

We asked Rathbun about that: Would Dandar be deposing Mike Rinder, Scientology’s former executive who ran its legal affairs wing?

“I think he already has,” Rathbun responded, and he pointed to the confident way that Dandar spoke in the WTSP report.

“I think he just set them up,” Rathbun added, referring to Scientology asking to strike his testimony. “Dandar has Rinder’s deposition, corroborating me, in his back pocket.”

We’ll be checking on that as soon as we get a chance. In the meantime, take a look at Rathbun’s testimony and give us your thoughts…

Marty Rathbun Deposition (Dandar lawsuit)

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  • Trogg

    This begs the question, how many more toxic secrets is Marty Rathbun still hiding?

    • MTP

      Hopefully enough to topple Miscavige from his padded perch several times over. Between Marty and Mike Rinder these guys represent a ticking time bomb that Miscavige has no control over and eventually karma will present opportunity for these toxic secrets to manifest in more testimony or depositions to do the needed damage. Its just a matter of time kiddies. I think it’s wise for Marty to hold his cards close to his chest, there’s bigger fish to fry then “coming clean” to satisfy those who have been trampled on in the past by these bullies. That would be wasting precious bullets before the real target is in view, the destruction and end of Miscavige’s reign over the cult. WAY TO GO MARTY.

      • When Miscavige’s goes so does the world.Like the tools of the bridgeable trail; “The Boomerang” They will reuse all the tech.The future will be sound.Get it all out now My friend.

        • sugarplumfairy32

          “When Miscavige’s (sic) goes so does the world…”

          no, it doesn’t.. No matter how intensely you postulate.. The world will be just fine without all things scientological.. and especially without the tech..

          • Eric J

            I agree with you sugarplum, the world will be fine without the “tech”. The tech that promises enlightenment, but instead hypnotizes it’s users into slavery. I think we’ll be fine.

          • Miscavige, Marty, Mike, meh. It is all Missing The Point.

            Hubbard’s batshit technology and the totalist mission it creates are the underlying problem.

        • Are. U. Fucking. HIGH?

      • Claritysav

        I also think Marty and perhaps Mike Don t mind letting David Miscaviage spend some sleepless nights and fretfull days – letting him Dow from the inside out- can t say I blame them either

    • Trogg,
      Hopefully enough to TAKE. MISCAVIGE. OUT.
      This is a phenomenal read.
      You know what, I am as critical of Marty and Mike as the next person…(from my comfy arm chair as MTP says).
      But I don’t know them. I don’t know what attempts at ammends they have made with actual people they have damaged. I am sure they would be doing that at a personal level and not for our consumption anyway.
      Try to be in the MR’s shoes. It’s not like they can ‘take it all back’.

      I hope they use every drop of the toxic venomous knowledge blood left in their meat bodies to DESTROY David Miscavige. Utterly and without sorrow!
      Fuck that dispicible little prick and his entire criminal house of cards.

      Back to the Depo!

    • This has always been an issue for me. Scientology knows everything he knows. He knows everything he knows. So the only people he’s keeping things from is the people he says he trying to reach, church members and the public. It doesn’t make sense to me. It’s great that he’s doing what he’s doing but the manner in which he does it makes it suspicious even when it probably isn’t.

    • DWD (Down With Dave)

      As The Fonz would say – “exactamundo”

    • tessa

      Enough to keep Miscavige on the edge! He will be smoked out slowly but surely.

    • Tye Solaris

      My Ouija Board says 1101.

  • Damian DeWitt

    One question: Who is the judge who is hearing this?

    I note that the case, wisely, was filed in Federal, not State court.

    • As the previous story indicated, it’s federal Judge Virginia Hernandez Covington.

      • Damian DeWitt

        Thanks. I missed that.

      • Artoo45

        All I can say is lock up your pet’s, Ginnie, batten down the hatches and brace for weather.

        • Artoo45

          D’oh! Apostrophe fail.

          • Josh

            Don’t worry just release the Golden Age of Artoo45 II with all apostrophes corrected and charge and bundle.

  • An anon

    Oh, this is going to be interesting!

  • Boson Stark

    Thanks Marty, for doing this.

    I just skimmed the deposition but I guess there were no specifics in it, about the LM documents Marty destroyed, which may have included some internal “baby-watch” Scientology document where a Scientologist — like Laura Arrunada or Heather Hoff — realized Lisa was dying and tried to get help but was thwarted? Correct me if I’m wrong about this, that there was no mention of specifics in the documents.

    • DMSTCC

      Page 32 is as close as it gets

      • Boson Stark

        Thank you. I did a search on the downloadable document earlier and didn’t find it, but there it is, Marty says (in referring to the baby-watch documents on LM that he destroyed):
        “Heather Hoff very explicitly demanded that medical treatment be gotten.”

        I imagine Heather has been relocated to Bolivia and has been given a new identity, or something.

        • Specifics matter, otherwise we may as well watch David Letterman audit Tom Cruise.

          • Notice how Cruise asks for tissue and then wipes his hands. I’ve only ever seen people do this in Scientology.

            Your hands get sweaty holding the soup cans, and the meter is some kind of, likely under-damped, skin galvanometer.

            For those who practised this pseudo-science called auditing, I reckon Mr cruise has a loose needle–warm sweaty hands.

            • “a loose needle”

              One could take this in so many directions it is unbelieveable!

          • This vid cracks me up every time, even if in a weird kind of way. Thanks, Aussie!

          • Does anyone else get the impression that he is LYING HIS ASS OFF about climbing. I don’t believe he has ever climbed recreationally. Maybe a stunt in one of his movies. Like they say……How do you know when a Scn is lying????

            • victoria

              TOTALLY lying his ass off!

          • sugarplumfairy32

            I guess the guy in the back wasn’t a big enough being to warrant oxygen..

  • spensergirl

    My, my….MTP, whatcha think now of your “religion”? LOL Do all your nice “audits” negate this? I think not. Cheers.

    So glad you decided to dislike me again.

    Beyond that, as most everyone knows COS loves to live in the shadows, and tell people what they want them to know, not what they really do. Nice to see light shed on the subject. Perhaps they might learn they do not own the world. I hope this is opened up and followed. Pass it on to any blogs or anyone you can.
    That is how you stop this madness, expose it…take away their security blanket of everything secret. All people need is light on the truth. That is what will ultimately provide the ammo that stops all this. Anyone who cares about truth, should spread the word. Anyone who cares about justice should also. Hopefully there are those left out there who do.
    I can not imagine even those (members) still in COS condone this. If you do, then I would think it negates all the things you spew of “for the greater good”.
    What part of “greater good” does this fall under? Hmmm?

    • MTP

      Aside from the subject of auditing, I think we already agree on 99% of this. (See previous post) Thanks.

      • MTP, the point you’re missing is that if all the people who participated in this horror show and all the others in the history of CoS had simply realized that the efficacy of the Tech was imaginary and that Hubbard really was making it all up as he went along, there would be no need to agree on 99% of anything. Nobody would have to ask “What Are Your
        Crimes ? “.

        “As long as people believe in absurdities they will continue to commit atrocities.” – Voltaire

        • KimO’Brien

          Love Voltaire …..nice to “see” you again Capt 😉

          • Likewise Kim. I’ve missed your “attitude”.

    • KimO’Brien

      believe it or not spensergirl…for some reason …there are those who think that if Miscavige goes away ..then the “real scientology” will be able to flourish . They think that narconon works ( if delivered “correctly” …never mind those dead children ) they think that holding onto cans will help you deal with your past lives and get rid of “body thetans ” The fact that this is so obviously a made up scam by a whacko sci fi writer is just kind of lost on them. What is totally obvious to us is a grey area for them . Phrases like ” it’s true if it’s true for you ” bullshit. There is a very nice woman who lives across from me who believes that the earth is
      6,000 years old . She is a retired teacher from Alabama . I think indies and freezoners are like that ( i love those phrases…they crack me up . Ever heard of an indie catholic ? or a freezoner hindu ?? LOL )

      • sugarplumfairy32

        I’m a seldomly practicing catholic (weddings, baptisms and funerals only, but don’t tell my mom..) Does that count?

        • KimO’Brien

          I have an aunt who is a Mother Superior and she still thinks i was confirmed and that my daughter was baptized. i will keep your secret if you keep mine 😉

      • Artoo45

        Superb posting KO’B, and I belive the indie Catholics are called “Episcopalians.”

        • sheepherder

          LOL, Artoo. i’m not telling,heheheheheh

        • Marty Rugburn

          I call them Catholic Lite

        • Actually I believe outside the USA and Scotland Episcopalians are called Protestents.

          • Actually Anglican is what is it, Episcopalians are Anglicans.

            • Laineybin/EDN

              yeah, and they’re all Protestant.

      • spensergirl

        Thanks, Kim.. I have a great deal of knowledge of what dirty tricks COS does (or POS as I call them), and yes, that is what I have trouble grasping, that “if Miscraphead goes away all will be well in Scientololand”. Given Hubbard’s teachings also included litigate people to death who opposed him, and other horrific dirty tricks, I see no large difference, other than of course Miscraphead has made a stupid situation even worse, that I agree.
        But, on the other hand, I try to understand that those who believe that without
        Miscraphead, all would be well, really DO believe that – even though to most of us it totally makes no sense. They believe it and I can not tell them, nor do not want to tell them what they should feel…so I am not insulting their right to believe that, but the cult overall. And no MTP, it is not because we are ignorant of such higher knowledge. LOL
        Sad to say Charlie Sheen could have started this “religion” and it might not even have been to the code red level of stupid it is. But I do get that many still see,
        as you said, a grey area, or an area or areas they find good.
        While I try to respect their right to feel that, even if it is not what I think, and
        even South Park makes more sense, the bottom line to me is, and always will
        be, that regardless of what good “parts” some see in this cult, you can not negate or separate that from the horrific abuses they commit and laws they break and their need to feel they rule the world. If they feel comfortable feeling
        without Miscraphead, all will be well, good luck on that…but I do not see it

        Plus let us not forget, that MEANWHILE BACK AT THE COFFIN Kyle and Lisa are still dead.

        • Plus let us not forget, that MEANWHILE BACK AT THE COFFIN Kyle and Lisa are still dead.

          I may not agree with everything you say Spencergirl (love the sarcasm thought!)…
          But this…Hell ya!

          • spensergirl

            Thanks. You know the old saying “tact is for people not intelligent enough to be sarcastic”. LOL
            Make no mistake, I agree with NOTHING COS does or believes, only that there are some people who (for whatever reason) believe parts of it have merit. I do not agree with that, am only saying I realize some people think that. But stand by my point that the horrific things they do negate any good (some) perceive to be good points. I myself to not agree there are any good points, as the dark and horrific things they do, totally negate and trump anything else, even if there were any.
            On a serious note, I do hope no one forgets Kyle and Lisa are dead and they deserved better in our court system and from our Judges than they got. Those who were trying to get justice for them (anyone), are NOT the ones who should be punished. COS needs to be, and if anyone in the court system helped them, they need to be also.

        • Rest in peace Lisa and Kyle. You are not forgotten!

  • sugarplumfairy32

    And the rabbit hole leads me back to Tony and a great article I missed first time around.. Just in case anybody else missed it..

    • sugarplumfairy32

      Oops.. I see the link is already in your story..

  • Observer

    Another shining example of the high standards of ethical behavior perpetrated by The Most Ethical People On the Planet.

    And good on ya, Marty. This is one significant step; hopefully he will take many more to right the wrongs he oversaw or carried out.

    • Anon

      It is just like “acceptable truths” – blatent lies. The ethics of heinous criminal activity. Literally, anything and everything is just fine and dandy insofar as it advances the greater good of Scientology, helping the cause of clearing the planet of war, insanity, etc.

  • spensergirl

    MTP – In fairness to you -Given we were posting at same time, I did not see your post. I see you do not condone it either. However, as I have mentioned to you before, while the parts you do condone about COS may have merit to you, it is very hard to separate the baby from the bathwater when things like this go on. That is the problem.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      And to be OTGrrrrrr8 technical, just like toilet paper, this is No bathtubs in scientology, only 3 minute showers.

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        edit: there are No (back to kitchen for more coffee)

    • MTP

      Ah…I see the problem here…I don’t condone what the COS is doing. Not in the slightest. They have hijacked the best bits of the SUBJECT of Scientology and are using it for their own corrupt ends. (Read David Miscavige) Common misconception is to lump the subject in with the organization. It’s a mess, totally understandable. I think we ‘re getting closer to a consensus. Gotta run, have a fun day.

      • There are no BEST BITS. Impossible NOT to lump subject with organization. And, consensus?? Seriously?? No. Just no.

  • disinterested party

    “He’d be more helpful to Dandar if he discusses particular ways in which he himself conspired and carried out actions to scuttle Dandar’s cases.”

    Marty in a nutshell. Marty playing the “Master Manipulator”. Marty trying to smear Miscavige while deflecting attention from his own misdeeds.

    Marty would have us think he was a fly on the wall for this sort of manipulation of our court system when, in actual fact I suspect, Marty was the main player. The “Master Manipulator”. Just worked for the other side back then.

    • Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

      If CoS can’t have his deposition thrown out, I wonder if they’ll request the chance to cross-examine him? That would be quite the mine-field for both CoS and Marty.

      • spensergirl

        I don’t think they’d want to do that…or if they do, might not go so well. Sometimes when you get so arrogant, so over confident that you feel you can do as you please like Miscraphead and others involved, you find out one day that people with true convictions don’t roll over and play dead for you. Much like a bully on a child’s playground. They are paper tigers, until they get a real one by the tail. Have fun with the tail COS. Tickets go on sale at noon.

        • Andie

          Should the COS decide to cross examine Marty, it is likely they will end up in a Debbie Cook situation. Dandar knows this, Marty know his, and any of COS’ layers knows this unless hey have been living under a rock for the last year. I don’t think they wan to go there.

  • So I made it to page 36 and so far based on Ratbun’s testimony, CoS had Dr Woods lawyer in ther pocket in the criminal case, and in the civil case they had both judges under control.

    Nookie Thompson would be proud.

    Is there anywhere more sleazy and corrupt than Florida ?

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      Just read your comment after posting below. Answer: No

    • sugarplumfairy32

      Howdy, are you ready for your close-up? You’re on pages 82-83 of the deposition.. Comments from Dodo, WhereIsShe, PreferToBeAnon and a few others are there too..

      • WTF ? 30 odd years of “questionable activities” and not a day spent in a court or a jailhouse and the bastards are still trying to get me ?

        • sugarplumfairy32

          Lol.. Good job, Cap’n.. Keep scientology working..

          The comments are incidental.. The real star of the exhibit is Tony’s story..

          • Sally

            Media Lush: “I really think you should go fuck yourself…..” makes the exhibit too :).

      • Oh, the fame, my head is spinning. lol Thanks for pointing it out SugarPlum!
        I still like that post of mine, but Media Lush is the one who made me laugh
        today repeatedly with his fame related comment! Dude is fucking funny!

    • Capt. I am from Las Vegas originally. The land of the mob, hookers, graft and corruption…
      Now that I live in Flor id DUH….
      Nevada’s got nothin’

      • spensergirl

        That is what I say. At least the Mafia does not pretend to be a self help group…and their going to Mass on Sunday does not negate what they do during the week either (even if they also think it does). I still have more respect for them, as they do not masquerade as something else. IF you go in the Mafia, you know what you are entering and it is not a self help group. LOL

    • Jon Hendry
  • TheHoleDoesNotExist

    This is shower worthy. An hour of revealing criminal behavior and he’s concerned about a photo of himself that isn’t too flattering? OTGrrrrrrr8 will be pleased that somehow he got in a good word about Hubbard’s policies on “noisy” investigation policies and procedures being on source and a good thing. Jeezus Christ. Noisy, yeah lets use that descriptive. But I give Marty all the credit in the world for stepping up in this depositionand only hope there is meat behind his hints of back up and corroboration.

    Oh, and there’s no coincidence that Hubbard chose Florida, the home base of political crookiness. It’s progressed to the point where the current FL Attorney General is friends with Greta Van Sustern and is known to Floridians as a true blonde. And of course we have a governor who ran a company that paid a record fine for committing Medicare fraud.

    Scientology in Florida is viewed pretty much like an outbreak of red algae bloom. You know when you spot it the pretty stuff floating on top is hiding the rotting fish guts it soon will be hurling and heaping up on your shoreline. Scientology stinks.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      “Throw back the little ones
      And pan-fry the big ones
      Use tact, poise and reason
      And gently squeeze them” …”Throw Back The Little Ones”, Steely Dan

    • Boson Stark

      About Marty’s vanity — I think he was either just a little tense about the deposition and wanted to lighten things up, or he was trying to project an air of “insouciance” (Marty word — one he learned just last year) to annoy Miscavige. Either way, he really should just leave that kind of thing out, definitely.

    • This case is being watched and scrutinized by the legal community. When I mean case I’m refering to the legal debacle that the COS created when removing Dandar from the Kyle Brennan case. One thing for certain– that case didn’t end with the Appelate Court ruling. If rumor is to believed there’s a paper trail of incriminating evidence looming over the heads of some of the individuals we are reading about. It’s all going to implode and the fallout should be cinema worthy.
      * Albeit, Pam Bondi could be a true blonde but she’s not going to personally sacrifice her political career to help friend Greta or the COS.

      • Andie

        I really you are right. The US legal system has not given me much reason for hope, though.

  • Well, I should have better things to do on a Saturday afternoon than read Marty Rathbun’s deposition. But, everybody, put back on the bookshelf your latest John Grisham novel, download (and print out if you want) the Rathbun Files, put your feet up, and enthral yourself in this real life crime story!!

  • tetloj

    This would make a great Carl Hiaassen novel.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      Excellent choice. Let’s see, should it be “Basket Case” II, or “Paradise Screwed” again?

      • tetloj

        A title isn’t coming to me abut I can see the scene where Miscavige gets his ass chewed out by a gator…

        • sugarplumfairy32

          Gator Bait !!

          • sugarplumfairy32

            Lol.. Spell check just corrected my original suggestion of ‘Gator Butt’.. But I like it..

            • How about ” Non-Indegious Predatory Pests From Outer Space” ?

              Shit, if I had to live in Florida, I’d choose 20 ft pythons and Monitor lizards over scilons anytime.

            • TheHoleDoesNotExist

              Carl has one title “Chomp”, but now I’m leaning toward “Team Squirrel”. Carl wrote “Team Rodent (How Disney devours the world)”.

            • Howdy? why…You can have both here..Plus plywood!

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  • Theresa Defino

    When are Rinder and Rathbun going to face the consequences of THEIR actions? These two are unbelievable. They are psychopaths who for years aided their psychopathic leader. I guess the statute of limitations has run out. They know exactly what they’re doing and the little harassment they get from CoS is nothing compared to what they should be facing for their crimes. Marty admits destroying evidence, probably the least of his despicable deeds…

    • I agree. But it is more important at the moment that these people are speaking against corporate scientology than facing charges themselves. More has been learnt about the mafia by the “pentiti” (mafia bosses that have become repentant) than from anyone else.

    • Claude

      You’re right- they should do something like sworn depositions about the crimes of the cult. Oh wait, that’s what they just did. Nevermind.

      • Laineybin/EDN

        It’s the absolute least they could do. I can’t help but think that Marty’s only actions are for revenge. He’s working on his own stuff and using others to make it happen. This just seems like payback for being treated badly by Miscavige and an attempt to set himself up as the new supreme ruler. I can’t tell you how much I hope I’m wrong and that there’s some real remorse for his whole-hearted support of this despicable behaviour.

    • I don’t think you understand the definition of a “psychopath”; it’s best to leave summations such as these to the experts. And, yes, they are culpable… but I get the impression they’d “go down with the ship”, even if just to look on as DM’s head goes under underwater before theirs do.

      • Laineybin/EDN

        I agree. I really think this is far more personal for Marty and that he would definitely put himself at risk to watch DM fall. This just feels like payback to me.

        • deElizabethan

          Laineybin. What’s wrong with payback?

  • PreferToBeAnon2

    As a side thought… I’m glad this is in Federal court: the $28-30M spent on this should be of interest to the IRS and the tax exempt status issue. Plus…. we haven’t seen the last of the investigators’ case.
    Most churches will solicit donations to help the homeless, the elderly, the infirm. These winners use “parishioner” donations to “shmooze-assist” lawyers, judges, and politicians and to hire gaggles of PIs to ensure that its murders, racketeering, and fraud continue unabated. Unbelievable!
    I would be interested to know exactly how much money over the past 5 years was spent on just settlements alone–Debbie Cook, etc. IRS–it’s time to wake up and smell the dollars!
    As Tory says… tick, tock…

  • tessa

    Miscavige will no longer have one moment of respite. The plot is thickening.
    The net he has so carefully spread to cover up his activities, will eventually ensnare him.
    That’s real law: the law of mother nature, which Miscavige so disdainfully treated.
    It’s pay back time.

  • victoria

    Is Dandar the same attorney that was being sued by the $OS for violating the terms of an agreement in which he wasn’t allow to litigate against SCN. ever again, but was also being ordered by a federal judge to follow through on a case against $CN? My head is spinning.

    I suppose there is no chance at all that the McPherson case could be reopened as a murder case? No statute on murder.

    • Observer

      Yes, Dandar is the one.

      • victoria

        Man, I feel sorry for him! I hope he gets to the bottom of this.

        • Oh Yeah, That was the Estate of Kyle Brennan vs. COS case. The Judge was Stephen Merryday who was pro Dandar until his face got slapped by the circuit court for helping Ken out by allowing him to stay on the case. I was reading a comment section from a TBT article on the case a while back and OSA nut (aka Sarah Heller) wrote that everyone thought it was really funny when Merryday got the slap down from the circuit court. What a bunch…very professional law firm having OSA trolling newspapers to defacate all over the reputation of a dead kid and his lawyer.

  • Observer

    I wonder if DM or his minions will swing by to tell us again that COB knows what he’s doing. *snicker*

  • sugarplumfairy32

    Ken Dandar: “How did they get Bob Minton to turn against me?” Answer on pages 43-44..

    Frking amazing the lengths these criminals will go to.. I truly hate this slimy ‘church’.. I’m only halfway through and I’m sick..

    • victoria

      I was always in mystery as to why Bob turned, now we know I guess.

      • sugarplumfairy32

        Very sad.. It always boils down to money..

        • Artoo45

          Unless we’ve had the “church” come after us personally, I don’t think we can ever know the harassment Minton endured. Yes, he was well off, but not well off enough to fight the CO$. I think he realized how naive he’d been and that he would never be free of the relentless hounds at the end of the Tiny Terror’s™ leashes unless he struck a deal. He’ll always be a hero to me, but like all heroes (and all of us too), he had his flaws. Dandar is made of Marcabian steel or something.

          • Dandar is backed into a corner. The Co$ is suing him he’s fighting back.

            • spensergirl

              That’s the whole point, COS never expects anyone to fight back. This will be their largest miscalculation, among tons of others. Hopefully their last also. COS must have surrounded themselves with so many people without principles for so long, they forgot there are still people out there who still have them and will fight to the mat for them.

          • sugarplumfairy32

            Agreed 100%, Artoo..

  • Miscavige knew this was coming. I wonder if there is any connection to this court case and the release of GAT2 with the event this evening. Miscavige is going to need that extra cash. So, dopey scientologists, go out this evening and buy as many e-meters as your credit cards will support!

  • Alright, everyone over at the Rodeo knows that I am NOT a Marty fan (understatement) but…..Mr. Rathbun, my hat’s off to you. Bravo!!

    • sugarplumfairy32

      Pegggggggggy! Missed you..

      • Oh, I’ve been here lurking 😉 but thanks for missing me.

  • Patty Moher

    “I think he just set them up,” Rathbun added, referring to Scientology asking to strike his testimony. “Dandar has Rinder’s deposition, corroborating me, in his back pocket.”

    Fucking delicious!

    • Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

      Umm. Possibly Marty should have kept his mouth shut and let Dander run his own case?

  • Many people, including Lisa McPherson’s family, have been waiting a long time for this information. A lot of people left Scientology when they heard about Lisa McPherson in the mid to late 90’s and started using the Internet to expose these criminals.

    To think that people who, when they were Scientologists, left the Church when they learned about this, and began speaking up on the Internet to warn others, were then further harassed and fair-gamed by Mike and Marty for speaking out – well it’s just fucking disgusting.

    That Mike and Marty – knowing what they’ve done – are still to this day calling people “punks” and running “ops” and “invests” against them, and using their pinheaded fanatic Indy OSA volunteers to do it, shows that once you start defending L Ron Hubbard, the criminal never comes off of you until you dump the whole fucking thing.

    I am disgusted all over again with these fuckheads.

    What else do you think they have NOT been talking about?

    1. What were the terms of Pat Broeker’s payoff deal?

    2. What does Pat Broeker know about L Ron Hubbard that made it important for him to have such a deal?

    3. What was the evidence, exactly, that Marty ordered “lost” in the Lisa McPherson case?

    4. Who hired the whore in the “Bloodybutt” incident?

    5. Who was the mole next to Patricia Greenway during the production of “The Profit”?

    6. Who was the MP that the GO murdered in England?

    7. What was done to Joan Wood to get her to resign as Pinellas County Coroner?

    8. What were the terms of David Mayo’s settlement agreement?

    9. What was done to Joan Wood to get her to change her ruling on the cause of death of Lisa McPherson?

    Questions 3, 7, and 9 have now, finally, been *partially* answered by Marty Rathbun – leaving out any “overt felonies” he ordered or committed, of course.

    I’m sure other people can think of other questions that still need to be answered by these criminals. And no one should let up until ALL the questions have been answered and all justice has been served for the victims of L Ron Hubbard’s Scientology.


    • I totally agree with everything you have written here Alanzo. The MR’s have a whole lot to answer for but you must admit that this was a huge first step. Let’s hope that there are a lot more steps coming and that the first step didn’t lead to a brick wall.

      • They’ve been out for over 5 years now. They are still running ops and invests and dead-agenting people from their Indy OSA Internet cult.

        It’s time they do the FULL DATA DUMP. I am pretty sure that the reason the feds have done nothing about the crimes of Scientology is because all they have for witnesses are Marty and Mike – and Marty and Mike do not make a very strong case as credible witnesses.

        So Marty and Mike’s role now, in the service of justice, is to do a FULL DATA DUMP and NAME ALL NAMES so that the feds CAN use their data to find credible witnesses that will hold up in a criminal prosecution against the church and David Miscavige.

        They also have an important role to play in letting all the people they have fair-gamed over the years know what was done to them. They COULD BE unsticking mysteries for people.. They COULD BE fully disclosing the capabilities and resources of OSA, and all their tactics and strategies, as well as the legal firms that Scientology hires, so that they can be investigated and gutted so they can never hurt anyone ever again.

        Notice that in more than 5 years of being out and writing up self-congratulatory stories to their gushing sycophants on Marty’s blog, they have NOT done that.

        It is disgusting to me. They are acting as circus clowns in a 3 ring gush-fest of cult sycophancy while slurping up all the butt-kissing their egos and arrogance can hold.

        Did I say I was disgusted all over again?

        Yes. Yes I am.


        • Jeez Alanzo, tell us how you really feel. 😉
          btw…..I agree with you!!!!!!

          • I think if Rathbun and Rinder want to really come clean then they are going to have to shun Hubbard. That is not possible for them because Hubbard never created any problems for anybody. He was perfect.
            I am sorry, I just puked up.

        • Right On Alanzo !

          p.s- I never got a chance to say “right on” in the 60’s. I was too young and I didn’t like hippies anyway, but that’s more to do with aesthetics than politics.

          • Ahhhhh….the 60’s. I kinda remember them from a from a sorta drug induced fog. And I actually sat in on a VietNam protest. WooHoo the good old days.

          • Shit Capt. I used to say right on all the time! Course I was seven at the time.

        • sugarplumfairy32

          “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.”
          -Friedrich Nietzsche

          • Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

            The Abyss got a restraining order. I can’t gaze into it any more.

        • Sniper

          basicly , I agree Alanzo. However if MArty really does it, he is in deep shit and I assume out there, beyond US, are waiting a few guys which make him beef if he ever sets his feet on Russian, German, French or other territory in Europe.

        • TheHoleDoesNotExist

          Ops and Invests? Do tell! I’ve seen the Dead Agenting (lol, reminds me now of kids kicking sand in the sandbox, only it’s actually the cat’s litter dump site).

          Whenever I hear the “he’s such a nice boy now”, I try to explain it’s like the abusive husband convincing his ex wife’s friends and family how he’s so sorry for the past, he’s really, really better now, and here’s a few gifts of remorse and amends just to prove I’m safe now…Trust Me. Or the company crooked executives who get caught by the SEC or IRS and start up a new and improved company under another name, swearing up and down this New product/service is the right one this time….Trust Me.

          But these type Do show up in the courts and can be useful. Just don’t expect it to be for honorable reasons. Revenge, PayBack, yes.

        • grundoon

          What ops and invests are the Indies running?

          • Tonight on Marty’s Blog. Junior Birdman “Newcomer” is opening a file on the “natterers” that Marty has identified for “handling” later:

            newcomer | November 18, 2012 at 8:42 pm | Reply
            Let ‘em natter Christine. It will help us identify those with ‘similar overts of their own’ so they can be marked for handling after we get Miscarriages main mess cleaned up.


        • Theresa Defino

          As a fair-game victim myself, I also want full disclosure. Marty was “kind” enough to personal details about me and my children, while revealing CoS was going through my trash in 2006.

          • Theresa Defino

            Actually, the “report” Marty posted was dated 2006. Based on the circumstances, “special collections” must have begun at least a year earlier and I have no idea how long they continued (or if it has ever stopped) or what else was done.

        • Laineybin/EDN

          You’ve nailed it! In these 2 posts you have clearly articulated why I am no MR fan. Hi ulterior motives – simple revenge on getting treated by DM the same way he treated others – have not an ounce of altruism at all. If they had, he would have done exactly what you’ve outlined. Of course, he’ll argue that he was doing the right thing by slowly building things up…or some such other crap.

    • deselby88

      True Alanzo. The best ending would be that all the information comes out from both sides… as Miscavige falls into the abyss, he grabs Marty’s leg and they go down together.

  • “Marty’s testimony is somewhat scattered and difficult to pin down since he’s mostly on the fringes of the allegations, not often a direct witness to it. He’d be more helpful to Dandar if he discusses particular ways in which he himself conspired and carried out actions to scuttle Dandar’s cases.”
    How can Rathbun possibly discuss particular ways in which he conspired, without implicating himself in criminal activity? Is he counting on a a statute of limitations here?

  • Cardinal

    Marty is not the first to speak out about the way judges and opposing lawyers are treated by that “church” :

    Quoted from :

    The following is a partial list of key individuals who have had some first hand experience dealing with Scientology’s never changing in and out of court adversarial policy. They have had experience with all or part of what is contained in this appendix.

    Judge Breckenridge, LA Superior Court Judge Robert Jones, Portland Oregon Judge Steffan Graae, U.S.D.C. Judge Brown, Cal. Sup. Ct. Judge Krentzman, U.S.D.C., Florida Justice K. Skelly Wright, D.C. Judge Ritchey, D.C.D.C. Los Angeles Federal Judge James Ideman Los Angeles Federal Special master [judge ] James Kolts Los Angeles Federal Judge Spencer Letts

    Former LA District Attorney Raymond Baunoon Former D.C. Federal Criminal Prosecutor Joseph E. Di Genova City Attorney’s for Clearwater Florida M.A. Goldbrath and James T. Russell

    Former opposing attorneys: Michael Flynn of Boston Gary McMurray of Portland Joe Yanni of Los Angeles Charles O’Rielly of Los Angeles Ford Green of San Francisco John Contas of Los Angeles Lawrence Levi of Los Angeles.

    • Didn’t the cult drown Judge Breckenridge’s dog ?

  • sugarplumfairy32

    Ken Dandar is frking AMAZING!!! What that man has been put through at the hands of co$ is un-frking-believable..

    They turned his own frking attorney against him?

    PI’s “working on” his former clients to encourage them to file bar complaints?

    And when they finally convince one of those former clients to file a complaint, they try hooking him up with an attorney to sue?

    Accessing his phone records and attempting to influence potential clients?

    And Goodis, Fugate, Pope, Beach, Quesada, Lirot, Jenkins & Gilchrist, etc.. Omfg!! These are the officers of our courts?? How does co$ find these crooks??

    Page 23: rathbun paraphrasing fugate to beach “…they’re (Dandar and the McPherson family) going to tie up the courts…” so it “…just ought to be settled..”

    How frking ludicrous is that, coming from the church of frivolous lawsuits and nuisance litigation???

    • spensergirl

      People with principles usually are amazing. For those who believe that, you all should find a way to help, be it by spreading the word, or any other thing you can think of to do for (anyone) who is standing up to COS, for as you all know, it is not easy or without horrific abuse/consequence for doing so. Irony is in one part, Marty says (if I read what is posted on here correctly) that Miscraphead detested Dandar as he had “principles and was in it for the principles”. Think about that last line for a moment and then maybe think of some way you can also help, whatever it may be, as that take guts to stand up to COS. It should make you angry, as it should anyone with any values that someone would have to endure all this for having principles. A word clearly foreign to Miscraphead.

      • sugarplumfairy32

        If you think of something you can do to help, please let us all know.. I’m fairly certain that the majority of people posting here would consider it an honor to help.. I’ve been pretty much doing nothing except watch for the past 12 years.. Well, watch and make sure nobody i know personally gets sucked into co$ again.. but i would love to really help..

    • nobs

      I was trying to imagine how it felt for Dandar to be deposing his former arch-enemy. Was he disgusted? Did he want to strangle Rathbun? Could he have felt vindicated finally, and is that enough after all he’s been through? Does he hope that someday he’ll be bringing charges against M&M?

  • Do any of the experts here know if Cruise and Travolta knew why they were schmoozing these people…. i.e. that they were people closely involved with the Lisa McPherson trial/investigation who could “help” Scientology win the case. If so then that makes the accomplices to the cover up of a murder in my book.

    • Excellent question and point, ML.

    • You are absolutly right Lush, they should be held acountable!

      • Great comment! If you think about it they must have thought something to themselves about the strangeness of the situation.

    • sugarplumfairy32

      MediaLush.. Your pretty face and snarky mouth are in exhibit 3 as well.. Somewhere around page 78..

      • “And you can fuck off, too” and “go fuck yourself”

        Whilst admittedly not my best work I hope it helps the case.

        • sugarplumfairy32

          Maybe not your best work, but I think you should definitely include it in your greatest hits cd..

        • Funniest comment! Thanks ML!

        • Laineybin/EDN

          Just having your avatar in there should be more than enough. The classic FU’s? Well they’re just gravy.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      Yes, excellent question, but I seriously doubt it. Scientologists are allowed information according to their value category and then retrofitted with an on source, Hubbard approved personality.

      And one statement Marty made in this disposition is so very true: scientology micromanagement includes extreme compartmentilization to such degrees it’s hard to imagine if you haven’t tried to do your job within the organization. However, there are So many people dead, crazed, crushed or disappeared over the decades, there are so many reliable sources coming out with rapid fire story after story, just no way in hell they don’t know there is evil oozing out of their Master’s ears.

    • sandyshores50

      Travolta was dispatched to influence then-President Clinton about the Germany and scientology issues. Travolta told George magazine that Clinton told him “I’d really love to help you with your issue in Germany with Scientology,”

      So, do you think Travolta knows when he’s being sent on a mission by DM to influence someone?

      • How obtuse would one have to be to not realize it?
        Oh, Nevermind….

  • Claude

    Why would they include 9 pages of reader comments on Tony’s article in the attached “exhibit?”

    That seems a bit odd.

    • sugarplumfairy32

      Because they’re very amusing?

      • bobxtm

        Also to subtly let the judges know that there is a wider public watching.

  • deElizabethan

    I’m overjoyed with this article and in reading the deposition. Finally some good things are happening in this area. That’s exactly how they operate, overt and covert, on the fringe. Will stay tuned for more ….
    Thank you Tony 🙂

    • Yeah.

      I love it when Marty or Mike or Dave or one of these other Int Base Psychos calls someone else “1.1”.

      • Gushing psychophant

        Alanzo, your so bitter. I am one of the gushing psychophants, so called by you, who reads martys blog on occasion, and i want to share with you a quote Marty posted the other day on his blog. Perhaps it will inspire you to refocus for your own health and well-being. ” Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” BUDDHA

        • Gushing Psychophant, you are so stupid.

          Stop dramatizing Hubbard’s bullshit, it has nothing to do with anything in Buddhism.


          • Stupid Gushing psychophant

            Alanzo, the quote was from Buddha. Had nothing to do with hubbard. Ignore the hazzards of hate if you like. Your hateful judgments may be entertainment for some of the small minds here, but in the end it will bite you in the ass big time.

            • Stupid Gushing psychophant –

              You are still not getting it.

              A Scientologist follows the tech, ethics, and admin from L Ron Hubbard.

              Please do a learning drill on that datum.

              Here it is again:

              A Scientologist follows the tech, ethics, and admin from L Ron Hubbard.

              Please repeat that datum back to me.

              Give me an example of that.

              Next datum:

              L Ron Hubbard created a criminal organization.

              Here it is again:

              L Ron Hubbard created a criminal organization.

              Please repeat that datum back to me.

              Give me an example of that.

              And your last datum. This is a big one, so listen carefully:

              The criminals from Int Base, including Marty, Mike and Dave, as well as all other criminal acts committed by Scientologists over the decades, were committed by following policies, tech, ethics issues, and secret Advices from L Ron Hubbard.

              Here it is again:

              The criminals from Int Base, including Marty, Mike and Dave, as well as all other criminal acts committed by Scientologists over the decades, were committed by following policies, tech, ethics issues, and secret Advices from L Ron Hubbard.

              Please repeat that back to me.

              Give me an example of that.

              Thank you.


            • deElizabethan

              Alanzo: “A Scientologist follows the tech, ethics, and admin from L Ron Hubbard.”
              I so loved this post and it was fun too. Thanks 🙂

            • bobxtm

              The quote is actually from Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.

            • “The quote is actually from Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.”

              Oh my god that’s funny!

              More misunderstood, and out right fake, Buddhism coming from L Ron Hubbard’s followers!



            • Claude

              Alanzo is on FIRE!!!!

              Awesome posts, Alanzo!

        • The Buddha was a BUM who never really helped anyone. Mao killed millions of people and he still did more to help people materially than the Buddha or any of his followers ever did.

          • Well then, Capt Howdy!

            Once again, your retort is your own. That was not my point.


          • Claude

            “The Buddha was a BUM who never really helped anyone. Mao killed millions of people and he still did more to help people materially than the Buddha or any of his followers ever did.”

            Holy crap, you didn’t really say this, did you? Yikes!
            I guess I need to give up my practices and hope you will teach me your superior system.

          • grundoon

            And where does LRH rank on the Howdy Scale, compared to Mao and the Buddha?

        • Laineybin/EDN

          Quoting the Buddha doesn’t make you the Buddha.

          Alanzo is quite right. The MRs are equally as culpable as DM. Full stop, period. While they may regret their behaviour, it doesn’t make them any less responsible.

  • Say what you will about Marty but he’s not stretching the truth when he’s talking Pope, Beach and Fugate.He’s spot on! This case also reaches into the Kyle Brennan civil suit. On page 65 of the CWP Report of the Brennan case you have Detective Stephen Bohling telling Fugate “like I said I’m willing to work with you on this case.” It was no mistake that the day after Dandar filed the suit that they made the report public. The St. Petersburg Times unknowingly pulled Bohling’s fabrications from the report and wrote an article that tainted the case. Lee Fugate attempted to introduce the false report as evidence to get Denise Miscavige and her husband off the hook.
    How much did it cost the COS to buy off a detective? He must have come cheap compared to a judge.
    At the end of the day we should always remember that it’s Lisa and Kyle who deserve the empathy and compassion–they had a life and deserved to live it.

  • Actually, this is NOT surprising for one reason: Dandar filed his claim under 42 USC 1983, which involves state action, implying that Co$ (a private organization) was conspiring with or bribing judges, who are state officials. This was implied. The Court’s dismissal of Brennan and Holverson smacked of bias. Allegations of judicial tampering open up the issue of Co$’s past practices of tampering with judges, jurors and documents. Do they want to revisit?

    • Any cases involving the COS with the taint of bias needs revisiting. The Brennan case is on the path to being reopened. I predict criminal charges in the near future with that one.

  • grundoon

    Note Marty’s comments on overt vs. covert actions. When you’re visibly followed and harassed by Scientology operatives and PI’s, they’re doing that to rattle you and provoke a reaction that they can use against you, but more importantly, to divert your attention so you don’t notice the covert operations going on behind the scenes to destroy you utterly.

    • victoria

      “If you are simply willing to pay the price of freedom — constant alertness and constant willingness to fight back —”

      Again the remedy for scientology is contained in scientology. Above is the “price of freedom” by their own definition. Sounds like cheap meth but costs a whole bunch more!

  • Consider this: it’s Marty’s word vs. Davey’s. Davey won’t appear for a deposition, so his defense (or Co$’s) may be stricken (the way it was in the Georgia / Narconon case) and Marty’s is unrebutted.

    Now if only Marty can be a little more specific. Maybe he needs immunity for the Florida Atty General?

  • Dorothy

    What does Marty mean by Elliot Abelson was “busted”. Does he mean Dave fired him? Does Abelson no longer work for CoS? If not, can he be deposed?

  • D.Geiger the 1d

    Wouldn’t it be great if every time the media interviewed a scientologist actor or actress just jumped in with their first question being {what happend to Lisa Mcpherson in 1995 and why did she die at the hands of the religion that she was giving over half of her income to} what would be the response from,Cruise,Travoltra,Alley ect.I think they would all just freeze and walk away but it would make great headlines.

    It would be so great to see and if it were caught on camera and more reporters siezed that opportunity to be seen on T.V. as the one that caused these high profile scientologist’s to walk away it could create a domino effect.If this were to happen then all of the scientology actor’s,actress’s would hide out and never open their stupid mouths again.

    So they would have to choose between their career and their cult.Wonder what they would choose.

  • If they paid $28-30million to cover up the McPherson disaster, I wonder how much they will spend to cover up the cover up?

  • Sandy

    off topic – kinda …Tory/Magoo says Tony is at the GAT 2 event today!!!!

    • victoria

      Tony is? In L.A.? Cool!

    • sugarplumfairy32

      Sounds like they’ll be there for a picket tomorrow.. Wonder If Mark Bunker is there too.. That means great videos!! Yay!! Can’t wait to read the story and see the vids..

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        I’m sure we’ll get a full report soon?! Here’s UTube vid. Report so far, the place was dead. Whoopy

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        Sounds like the place was D-E-A-D. Guess we’ll have a full tonyo report soon? Here’s utube vid:

        • sugarplumfairy32

          Wow.. I thought it never rained in California.. Tory is as engaging and informative as always.. And Tony is hot!!

    • Observer

      Apparently the allure of a CONFIDENTIAL BOND wasn’t enough …

  • KimberlyB

    Go Marty!!! You might just be on track to being a normal human being after all!! I can’t wait to see how this plays out!!

  • efish

    oh wowzers! of course, now, we shall see a Brand New Settlement Bonanza, courtesy of our very fabulous cult. but hell, i don’t even mind that, because it will favour dandar, who most certainly deserves a whole lotta favouring. go gettem, mr. dandar, go gettem.

  • Claude

    Your encoded SMERSH instructions have been updated, check your multi-purpose cigar-cutter/ decoder

  • Waiting patiently for promised depo from Rinder.

  • victoria

    Wow, this story has made Drudge. That’s HUGE.

  • Joe Hone
  • mjm
  • deElizabethan

    Thanks Mark! Looks like you guys are having fun and doing important work in CA.

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