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LA’s Sheriff Lee Baca Handing Out Scientology Booklets This Sunday?

Given its rather unsavory reputation, the Church of Scientology usually has a hard time getting much love from politicians or other prominent personalities. For every glittering movie star that actually belongs to the wacky group, many, many more would never have anything to do with it.

But it’s those exceptions — big names that agree to shill for David Miscavige’s church — that tend to grab our attention.

In particular, the willingness of Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca to go to bat for Scientology has been something of a curiosity over the years. And just today, we were forwarded by one of our tipsters a rather surprising notice that Baca, this Sunday, will be helping out the church in an interesting way.

Here’s the e-mail that went out to church members which was forwarded to us, including its misspelling of the sheriff’s name (“Bacca”)…

And while you contemplate the image of the sheriff of Los Angeles handing out copies of L. Ron Hubbard’s 1980 booklet The Way to Happiness, containing Hubbard’s 21 precepts of anodyne life advice (“take care of yourself,” “do not murder,” etc.), you might keep in mind that Baca is having a hard time finding much happiness himself these days. At least with the county board of supervisors, which has been all over him lately about a decade of unchecked guard-on-inmate violence in the jails that he runs.

And if this mailer is correct, Baca will be inserting himself into one of Scientology’s most odd recent developments: its ongoing relationship with Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, a partnership which has been spearheaded by Scientology’s Alfreddie Johnson, also mentioned in the flier.

Just last month, a similar “United in Peace Festival” motorcycle ride was held, and this is how the Nation of Islam’s Final Call described it…

Members from 15 different bike clubs started the Peace Ride at the Magic Johnson Park in South Los Angeles. They rode through the predominantly Black/Latino neighborhoods of Watts, Lynwood, Compton, and Carson….They distributed brochures of Minister Louis Farrakhan’s historic Million Man March Pledge and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s “The Way to Happiness” guides to better living.

With his jails melting down, Baca is lending a hand to an unholy alliance of Scientology and the Nation of Islam to distribute bland L. Ron Hubbard life advice as a way to solve gang violence in South Central L.A.?

L.A.’s in worse shape than we realized!

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  • eric

    Tony you should start a petition for the government to look into scientology on we the people. If it gets 25,000 signatures the goverment has to formally reply.

      • Obama said, “We don’t do religious stuff.” Now you SHOW ME where Scientology, the multi-level marketing scam, has anything to do with religion outside “we believe Man is a spiritual being.” Yeah, that’s it. That’s why they claim religious status. The word ‘spiritual.’

        We OG picketed in LA when Baca was running for reelection, but the chumps put him back in office. Now you got chaos in the jails, and a stupid sheriff pimping for a destructive cult. You get what you vote for, LA! We tried to warn you.

        • The White House response was that it could not comment on law enforcement matters. It said nothing about religion when it responded to the petition.

          • DWD (Down With Dave)

            Let’s try again…every day seems to expose a new crime for the Co$……maybe if we get 100,000 signatures they would do something

        • Emily

          Don’t know how it was this last time around, but the elections I voted in while living in L.A., Baca ran unopposed. You either voted for him or nobody for the office of sheriff. I voted for nobody.

    • nobs

      Actually, there WAS a petition on We the People that got over 25,000 signatures. I think it had to do with finding out why the FBI investigation into scn went away. Obama said something like “Not my job.” See Tony’s story about it on VV. (I’m sure someone will help me out with a link, right?)
      Perhaps might be a good place to circulate some kind of petition, but what do I know?

  • anonymad

    So, public officials in California can now hand out religious material to people? That crazy progressive state. I am a little worried about this gang connection though. I mean, the gangs are going to have to raise a hell of a lot of money to get this “happiness” aren’t they? Where do you suppose they’ll get all that cash?

    Maybe I’m missing something here. This campaign is supposed to curb violence right?

    • sugarplumfairy32

      They’ll get reduced rates.. co$ has special reasons for this type of recruitment.. Not sure what those reasons are, but I’m sure they’re self-serving and have nothing to do with community betterment..

      • SpecialFrog

        I’d be willing to bet that LA Scientologists are being hit up to pay for the booklets at the usual rate (which includes a nice margin for the CoS).

        And they will ask for the donations with the claim that giving out TWTH is somehow community betterment, as if people wouldn’t commit crimes if only they had Hubbard telling them to brush their teeth.

      • VillageDianne

        I think Miscavige would like to have his own fiercely loyal private army ala Fruit of Islam.

        • VillageDianne

          Fruit of Islam is a paramilitary arm of the NOI.

          • DWD (Down With Dave)

            Dave could call his army the “Fruit of the Loon”

    • DWD (Down With Dave)

      We can mix politics and religion when it is something the “progressives” will benefit from……but, if anyone attempts question morality. then “tolerance” becomes a dirty word.

      Has any news organization ever looked into Baca in depth? Anything interesting come up? It’s either the votes (and how many votes are we talking about really since how many $cinetologists are there) or money. I don’t think Baca is a stupid man.

      If the Co$ infiltrates the police or courts or government, then we’re all in trouble. Instead of the national anthem, we’ll all be singing “We Stand Tall” at ball games and the teams will have to wear henious blouses like the one DM wore in the video. (and I meant to say blouse, not shirt)

  • sugarplumfairy32

    Has baca had any auditing? Is he a believer or a paid henchman? Very, very disturbing to see these two self-serving orgs with a recruitment plan that is going to appear to be socially sanctioned..

    • nobs

      Very disturbing indeed. Maybe the gangs will look at this mash-up and go STFU.
      Baca’s not listed at Truth about Scn, but that isn’t necessarily the last word on the subject. He’s been photographed at IAS events and his picture has been in the impact mag holding some sort of certificate.

  • What a curious symbiosis, Lee Baca and Scientology. Is it mutualistic, commensalistic, or parasitic? Biologists might well scratch their heads.

    Sheriff Baca might well scratch his head too and wonder whether his support for Scientology, an organization which is not without its detractors will enhance his reputation.


  • Dean Fox

    The church of scientology and the nation of islam is an unholy alliance if ever there was one. Right wing christians will be rejoicing it too because it’s written that a sign of the end times is the lion lying down with the lamb, or something like that.

    • trustmeonthisone

      Which one is the lamb, again? o.O

      Damn, I can hardly wait to see the photos from this.

      If I were in LA I might even dress up as a thug and go check it out.

      • Dean Fox

        LOL, I wish I could check it out. 🙂

  • And here’s what the last “United In Peace” festival looked like.

    • Sherbet

      And it must have been so effective that peace finally broke out throughout the land, thereby cancelling all future “United In Peace” festivals.

      Either the cos is very naive, or it’s desperate for new blood.

      And I hope there are plenty of trash barrels around, or there will be some serious littering going on.

  • Dean Fox

    I think they mean Clovis Avenue and El Segundo not Clovis Street, still it wouldn’t be a church of scientology leaflet without some kind of mistake. ^^ Doesn’t look like such a bad neighborhood.

    • Observer

      And they misspelled Baca’s name on it. lol

      • Califa

        And they’re giving out TWH booklets.

  • Boson Stark

    Baca and Miscavige probably have a reciprocal agreement. Baca won’t arrest him if the cult doesn’t fair game him. More likely, the cult has dumped a boatload of money on Baca’s department and Tom Cruise hangs out with him once in a while, to secure the deal. All the celebs feel better having him at Scilebrity Scientology events.

    Great to know that after distributing Scientology’s The Way to Peepee Poo Pamphlet, gang violence will end or be drastically reduced. It usually happens instantly when hardened criminals and wayward youth alike come in contact with Hubbard’s literature, even if they can’t read. The pictures get the message across.

    • trustmeonthisone

      There’s always clay modeling!

  • Melinda

    I can almost understand a politician’s reticence to get involved. I just watched a documentary on Jim Jones and The People’s Temple. The government official (a congressman I believe) who went to investigate ended up dead and it ignited the mass suicide of over 900 people. It’s sad but there are so many facets to the COS that I’m not sure where the government would start. I think what’s happening with Narconon is a good beginning.

    • It was Rep. Leo Ryan, among others, that was murdered by Jones and his cohorts.

      • Yep. Congressman Ryan, along with SF newspaper photog Greg Robinson, NBC news reporter Don Harris, cameraman Bob Brown (who kept shooting video as he went down), and Temple defector Patricia Parks. They all died at the airstrip, and many others were badly wounded. Because Jim Jones ordered it.

        But the suicide wasn’t triggered by the investigation. Jim Jones was planning, and rehearsing, mass suicide of his followers for YEARS before the fact. They had all been through literally dozens of “drills”, some where they actually drank fruit punch or wine that was supposed to be poisoned but wasn’t. They rationalized them as loyalty tests; and so they learned to go along on the assumption it would keep them out of trouble.

        Plus, out there in the jungle, you can’t just go to the local pharmaceutical warehouse for large quantities of cyanide, Valium, chloral hydrate, and sodium chloride. It was imported, weeks in advance, in several shipments, until they had enough for everyone. Only a few people in Jonestown knew, and they helped set up the killing.

        The horrible truth is that Jim Jones planned all along to kill his followers. He was evil incarnate, and his highest-ranking members were right there on board with him. The question I have is, can we say the same about the current leadership of the COS? Could their brand of crazy blow up like that?

        • Homer

          My take on it is that while Jim Jones murdered many of his followers, many actually believed he was their savior, and willingly drank the cool-aid. He said “If you see me as your God, I’ll be your God.”

          I don’t see Miscavige being revered as a “savior”- he’s not charismatic, and of course there really no religion in the mess of scientology. Bottom line, it is self-interested self-improvement, and even though the adherents are brainwashed, they tend to have big egos.

          • Good points. Miscavige is definitely lacking in charisma. But Jones controlled more through fear than love. The price of speaking out against “Father”, or disagreeing when he said he was god, was brutal. Group “catharsis”, beatings, hard labor, even forced sexual encounters with Jones for both male and female members. People were pushed to abandon their lives and give the Temple all their money — meaning they had nowhere to go if they left. Typical cult tactics.

            As for the religion, Jones discarded that early on. He told his people they were being persecuted as socialists, not xtians. When it came time for the mass “suicide”, he told them that Ryan had been killed and now Guyanese soldiers were coming to torture their children and elderly.

            Add in the fact that all these people (except the elite few) were malnourished, sleep-deprived, and had been listening to Jones’ voice droning frightening lies over the PA for 15 hours a day EVERY DAY, for months.

            Given those conditions (all of which are duplicated within scientology practices), can we say these people really “chose” to follow Jones? No more than those who find themselves trapped at Int base or on the Freewinds are there by choice.

            It is a puzzle to me, because there are so many similarities, but also some crucial differences…

        • It’s good to take a moment to remember the journalists who were killed and wounded trying to follow up on the terrifying and unbelievable accounts of recent defectors from the Peoples Temple.

          I can see why reporters would also be reluctant to charge on to the COS Int base. People were WARNED that Jones had armed guards, and a plan for mass suicide. They just gravely underestimated the risk. No surprise that now they err on the side of caution.

          Big ups to Tony O, and all the others who take on this story!

  • Dean Fox

    Just a thought, will Tom Cruise and his hard ass biker buddy David Miscavige turn up to cruise with the dudes…. maybe not.

  • Where’s missingthepoint to explain how scientology enlightens people enough to be able to do sec checks but not spell check ?

  • Anne

    I live in L.A. and I’m beyond disturbed that Sheriff Baca is taking part in this. I’m going to make a call and/or email to City Hall to tell them what I think. They probably won’t care, but I just can’t let this one go…

    • Sherbet

      Did you, Anne? What did they say?

    • I am amazed that an elected official can promote a “religion”….I thought church and state were completely and entirely one without the other. Why is there not an investigation? Can you not remove him?

    • Not to nitpick, but to offer constructive advice: LA City Hall definitely will not care about Sheriff Baca, since he is an employee of the county and not the city. You would need to go to the county Board of Supervisors, and probably to the offices of each supervisor individually.

  • Who in Los Angeles holds this idiot’s leash? (btw, ‘baca’ in Japanese means ‘fool.’ )

    • Trogg

      I wonder if Tanaka, Baca’s second in command, ever dared to mention that to him?

      • I read that Baca threw Tanaka under the investigatory commission bus and he’s

      • blach blach

        In spanish baca means cow, a stupit cow. even thou he is not fat, the name suites him fine. a cow.

    • And I’m Cute, Too

      I’d noticed that, too.

      Cosmic coincidence? Hmmmmmm…..

  • Boson Stark

    Following the epic “battle of the librarians,” to get their hands on the re-release of Hubbard’s Grade C pulp fiction, you can just imagine the mayhem that will erupt as gang members kill each other try to be the first to get their hands on a precious Way to Happiness pamphlet.

    How come they don’t hand out copies of Dianutty instead? It’s the 1950’s modern pseudoscience of mental health, and certainly a prerequisite to happiness–got to get rid of those “engrams” before you can get happy.

  • Anne

    By the way, here’s the number you can call to voice your outrage about this:

    Complaints/ Commendations regarding Sheriff’s Department Employees… (800) 698-8255

    • Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

      Won’t Baca be at the top of that complaint totem-pole? I’m sure that he’ll get right on it.

  • Boson Stark

    I picture one of Scientology’s major “happiness” campaigns being:
    Just say no to unhappiness — turn that frowny face upside down.

  • Homer


    Oh, wait, that last one actually is LRH-approved, I forgot.

    • Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

      And LRH definitely didn’t believe in the second one, for himself at least.

  • sandyshores50

    I wonder if the sheriff is going to be in uniform when he hands out religious pamphlets. Would he be allowed to do this if it were a bible?

  • Ordinarily I would protest such an event but I am NOT going to Inglewood to confront bike gangs!

    • Pope, call up the local Hells Angels chapter and tell them there’s a new MC trying to move in on their turf.

      • Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

        Tell them to watch out for that Alfreddie guy riding the chinajunk Honda-knockoff scooter. He be bad news!

  • sandyshores50

    L.A. County sheriffs are not supposed to be in uniform endorsing anything. If those pamphlets have an org name and contact info, that would be endorsing scn.

    Here is an article from Aug. 2011 where Deputy Benjamin Ring was under fire for appearing in a photo endorsing Scientology while wearing his L.A. sheriff’s uniform.

    • Dean Fox

      Maybe someone could inform the local media that Sheriff Baca will be there promoting the church of scientology’s way to happiness and let them run with it.

  • JJ

    What a bunch of hypocrites. They’re so concerned about human trafficking. But it’s OK to have 10 year old kids in the Sea Org doing slave labor.

    Where’s my bucket, I need to barf.

  • Tony, I live in LA County. Baca receives $100,000 a year in “gifts” from groups like Scientology, without apology. (Some people use a different word than “gifts”).

    • Anon!

      GAH!!!!!!! Rant in 3… 2… 1… This kind of crap with the LA County Sheriff is enough to make one consider taking the law into one’s own hands… on second thought, No ! his stupidity is not worth losing my freedom.

      GIFTS? $100,000 in gifts? Who does he think he is kidding and why does he bother to waste the energy? Corrupt officials are not a new phenomenon, but one conducting himself so poorly in UNIFORM, in PUBLIC, seriously? How does this make him any better than a “common criminal”? Where shall I begin… Bribery? Buying influence? Mafia-like behavior, no, that’s an insult to the Mafia. Baca needs to be handled by the public who pay his salary. This does NOT include DM (Das Midget) & $cn or Tom Cruise, why not? They are likely sources of the largest percentage of that $100,000.

      Now to beg the question, what will it take and at what level of “professional MISconduct” will the citizenry decide that the corruption will end? Like entirely, especially as it pertains to to Co$, with its policies to: destroy families via coerced abortion, disconnection and prolonged estrangement of spouses so that each are vulnerable to “regging” in favor of divorce as a means of staying in SLAVERY, I mean the Sea Org?

      NOTE: I have no OPINION on the subject of $cn and if you believe that I
      have some ocean front property for sale, very! cheap.

  • muldrake

    Unfortunately, Baca can get away as an elected official with doing things a deputy could not do. It’s probably worth filing an ethics complaint of some kind anyway, but the way to get rid of an elected official is usually to elect someone else.

    However, Baca may be violating the separation of church and state, and someone could theoretically sue over it. Federal law is pretty hostile to such claims at present, but it is possible California’s law would permit a lawsuit over the expenditure of public funds to promote a religious cult.

    There’s also the question of whether Baca has received anything of value in return for endorsing a criminal organization. That would be bribery. I haven’t seen any evidence of that, but Baca certainly has a reputation for corruption.

    • Sherbet

      Separation of church and state: I was thinking the same thing, but this may be one of those phony cases where cos supposedly ISN’T acting as a church (like in narconon). The definition suits the occasion as cos sees fit. Now, if a church group erected a Christmas creche in front of the sheriff’s department, it would be gone, pronto. No whiffs of religion in a municipal place! A publicly-elected official shilling for a “church,”, though, that’s another story. Baca has to be getting something out of this.

  • Josh

    I hope for their safety the scientologists don’t start screaming “What are your crimes?” at the gang bangers. That would not end well…

    • Sherbet

      Oh, yes it would! Heh heh.

  • Observer

    The image of a Scientologist handing a booklet titled “The Way to Happiness” to a hardcore gangbanger and getting an incredulous look in return is one I find endlessly hilarious.

    I don’t think that’s what will happen though. I bet that the lucky recipients of TWTH will be the nonthreatening, non-gang residents who aren’t the problem.

  • I wonder what kind of dirt Scientology has on Baca to convince him to get involved in things like this. It’s not only appalling that Baca would support either NOI or Scientology, but that his endorsement is tantamount to the County of Los Angeles throwing their support behind Scientology.

    I think I might draft an e-mail to the County of Los Angeles condemning this action. Not only is it a violation of the separation of church and state but it is spitting in the face of all the people, like me and many others here who have been harmed by the actions of the church.

  • mooki

    guess who was at Capitol Hill the other day

    such hypocrisy…

    • sugarplumfairy32

      They’re so frking amazing.. Always attack, never defend..

      • mooki

        oh and nice adam’s apple, Jada….

  • The job of Los Angles County Sheriff is an elected one. Most elected officials will do anything to get a picture of themselves doing anything legal in the news. The CO$ and NOI will brag about have the sheriff around, doing their bidding, and they’ll look like winners to their audience.

    I think jgg2012 said it best
    “Tony, I live in LA County. Baca receives $100,000 a year in “gifts” from groups like Scientology, without apology. (Some people use a different word than “gifts”).”

    Baca allows off duty officers to provide security to CO$ and he covers up the harassment of protesters by the LACPD. It’s a win-win for everyone except the protesters. An IRS investigation of Baca’s income would be very interesting….

    • sugarplumfairy32

      Off duty officers are paid by lots of private agencies, religious and otherwise, to provide security for festivals, bazaars and all kinds of things.. They’re impartial at these functions and just do their jobs.. That’s a lot different from the county sheriff appearing to be supporting a controversial ‘religious’ group while representing the government..

      • When you get a significant amount of your off-duty money from one source, you’ll do a lot for that source. Elected officials, like the sheriff, get a lot of latitude to do ‘community service’. If being associated with scientology was the political kiss of death, Baca wouldn’t do it.

        • This example from Nashville is even better..

          • My stupid sister was directing the OSA at that incident.

            • sugarplumfairy32

              The expired permit was in the name of “sciencetology”..

          • Sherbet

            Unbelievably shocking. It’s like a bad crime movie.

            • Yea, they sent her down from NYC to “handle” the protests and make sure everything went right. She did a great job. ROLF !

  • Trogg

    One reason why the LA county sheriff sees nothing wrong with Scientology could be because he runs his organization in much the same way that Miscavige runs the Scientology cult.

    One example would be the mandatory “regging” — deputies are required to donate to their boss’s political campaign, at least if they hope to ever get promoted. This is outright payola, and it’s amazing that this sort of thing is even legal. But the fact is law enforcement has always been a cult in its own right.

  • Trogg

    One reason why the LA county sheriff sees nothing wrong with Scientology could be because he runs his organization in much the same way that Miscavige runs the Scientology cult.

    One example would be the mandatory “regging” — deputies are required to donate to their boss’s political campaign, at least if they hope to ever get promoted. This is outright payola, and it’s amazing that this sort of thing is even legal. But the fact is law enforcement has always been a cult in its own right.

    (redacted links from earlier post)

    • Trogg

      (seeing if these non-links go through the firewall)

    • “deputies are required to donate to their boss’s political campaign” That is illegal, in fact it is what George Steinbrenner was convicted of.

      • Trogg

        On the PDF I posted, notice that the vast majority of campaign contributors are deputies. It seems the going “donation” rate is $100 for a junior-level deputy and $200 and up for higher-ranking officers.

        Steinbrenner got in trouble because he didn’t follow the letter of the law. It’s the difference between illegal bribery and legal bribery. (and even if they did break the law, I can’t imagine seeing all those cops being sent to jail)

  • All sorts of reasons to loathe Lee Baca. He opposed the California ban on shark fins. He supported a program to deport illegal aliens, even though his mother was an illegal alien from Mexico.

    Lee Baca..Joe Arpaio..what is it about “county sheriff” that lends itself to douchebaggery ?

    • Trogg

      It seems odd that Baca’s Wikipedia page makes no mention at all about Scientology, especially now that ‘Scientology’ has become a dirty word in the public mind.

      • Yea, I noticed that also.I was expecting at least a brief mention of it.

    • tessa

      Maybe mr. Baca learned some dictatorship tricks from Miscavige and is he on his way to become a big being like Cruise? Anyhow, he is an ally of $cientology Inc and therefore it could increminate him at a certain point.


    Apparently Sheriff is the kind of guy that not unlike Miscaviage prefers to move forward, and forget all his past “mistakes.” : )

    • Wow ! Baca could definitely give DM/OSA lessons in “spin”. Baca makes it sound like he wasn’t even remotely involved, and according to the article everybody in L.A loves the dude even if they think he’s doing a crummy job.

  • Well, he’s probably on the Scientology payroll – he may as well earn it.

  • Observer

    The pic up at the top is cracking me up. Baca standing behind Miscavige’s podium shows just how small-scale that podium is. It hits DM little above waist height, but it’s right at Baca’s crotch.

  • D.Geiger the 1d

    This is something I did not know. O.J. Simpson got away with murder but was that because he was a scientologist.

  • D.Geiger the 1d

    The strange thing about my last post is why did this never come out.Reporters jumped on this story like flies jump on shit yet they never said a word about scientology.

    • Because obviously OJ was about as much a scientologist as the other 95 % of people who ever tried scientology and dropped it like a booger.

  • tessa

    Is the LA police infiltrated by $cientology Inc? Do they pay protection money to mr. Baca?
    It looks more and more like real maffia.

  • megia

    Hey guys, question: Why do you spend your valuable time mocking people trying to do good in the world. What are YOU doing to make the world a better place? “Show me a cynic who doesn’t have a better plan and I’ll show you a waste of a life.” -Unknown

    • What good is Scientology doing TO the world? I like how you used the phrase “doing to” and not “doing for”. That really summarizes the nature of Scientology. Instead of doing stuff FOR you they do stuff TO you.

      • Sherbet

        I’m going to embroider it on a pillow for my couch: “Don’t feed the troll.”

    • Observer

      We are warning people away from the abusive organization known as Scientology, which apparently considers bankrupting its members to buy big empty buildings; locking away and violating the human rights of its top executives through degradation and mental and emotional torture; destroying families through disconnection; trafficking in human beings (i.e. the Sea Org members who are denied all of their civil rights and used as slave labor, denied medical care, forced to work under inhumane conditions, etc.); denying its members mental health care, which has resulted in more than one death (ever hear of Lisa McPherson? Google her if you haven’t), handing out thousands of dollars worth of booklets to poor people who have very real physical and material needs which that money could have been used to meet, and many more useless at best and reprehensible at worst acts, to be “doing good”.

      It seems to me that if this is all any of us ever do (and I’d wager most of us do much more than that, but unlike Scientology choose not to trumpet it about), that’s still of more value than the joint Baca/Scientology PR op under discussion.

    • You really wanna help the world ?

      Go here:

    • “The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.”
      – George Bernard Shaw

    • Pointing out that the criminal organization known as the “church” of $cientology is excessively cozy with elected politicians is likely to improve the lives of many. Once it is realized that the front organizations, like the hate organization CCHR or the lethally dangerous “detox” program narCONon, are not merely goofy would-be social betterment programs but at best induction into a mind-fuck and at worst bad for your health (in a terminal way) politicians will be unable to lend a veneer of respectability to such programs and the criminal organization can be ostracized (before it’s shut down) as it so richly deserves

    • This is upsetting to me. Although I don’t live in LA, I live in La. As a community activist working to reform the criminal justice system, I am insulted by this sheriff or any government official who would come into a community plagued by violence and distribute be it the bible or The Way to Happiness booklet. Instead of addressing the real issue of violence in communities like Inglewood. I am pissed that this sheriff whose department is plagued by abuses thinks it’s a good idea to throw books written by a nutcase at an impoverished community, living in substandard housing and failing schools. What is he trying to tell them? “You only need to clear your body of pesky body thetans, oh my bad, you can’t afford that? Well, let me introduce you to auditing* and someone will guide you into remembering past lives, leading you to believe them as real.” Yeah to new memories! Yeah, to Inglewood you saved yourselves from yourselves, you just had to think differently. See it was always your fault.

      What is interesting about Rev. Alfredie is, he is not part of the Nation of Islam, he has a Christian church in Compton and uses the other scientology “tools.” Is this a trend? I bet this scientology outreach through black churches is a bit more widespread then we know.

      *From my yearlong love affair with Ortega and his VV blog, I am still learning scientology.

  • scilonschools

    “significant failures of the senior leadership in the Sheriff’s Department. Both Sheriff Baca and Undersheriff Tanaka have, in different ways, enabled or failed to remediate overly aggressive deputy behavior ”

    Way to Happiness!!!!

  • scilonschools

    Infiltration & Corruption of ‘Power’. two Mainstream Media breaking stories are covering it soo well.History catches toy in the end!!

    “Leveson Inquiry has momentous implications for free speech. But Mail dossier raises disturbing questions about the influence of ‘people who know best'”

    “Lavish parties, ‘outrageous conduct’… and ‘dates’ with an ex-governor: How twin daughters of Lebanese immigrants reached the upper echelons of power… and triggered the biggest sex scandal for a generation”

  • mooki
  • Baca needs to go. Like… yesterday.

  • InTheNameOfXenu

    Hmmm, 20,000 booklets will be handed out? I just hope that when they’re all thrown in the garbage that people would have the decency to throw it into the paper recycling bin.

  • InTheNameOfXenu

    Sherriff Baca reminds me of the corrupt police chief from the show Sons of Anarchy. Like that show’s character, Baca is on the payroll of a mafia-like organization that wants to keep the status quo.

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  • WOG with Attitude

    Boom. Just convicted. So much for Way To Happiness books magically fixing criminals!