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Scientology destroyed her family, but this former Sea Org worker has a surprise ending

[Katrina and her mother Yelena, in the Sea Org]

Last year, we finally got to tell the heartbreaking story of Katrina Reyes. About how she had come to Florida from Siberia to join Scientology’s Sea Organization at only 11 years old. About how her mother seemed less concerned with her daughter’s well-being than about finding a husband in the Sea Org and working its long hours. About how Katrina had finally broken away from the Sea Org, and then was thrown out of Scientology and was “disconnected” by her mom.

While Katrina’s mother, Yelena, remains a Sea Org worker at Scientology’s Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Katrina moved on, getting married and having a child. She and her husband Jose and their son Nolan moved to Austin, Texas, and Katrina has not heard from her mother since 2015.

So many elements of her story are remarkable. That she happened to meet Jose on a smoke break at JFK airport while flying back to Siberia for a passport. That when she went to her Sea Org superiors asking to see a doctor because she feared she was pregnant or had contracted an STD after being raped in Siberia, they instead interrogated her and kicked her out on the streets. That her mother disconnected from her for, among other infractions, “liking” a photo of Tom DeVocht’s dog on Facebook.

When she called us with an update, we braced for the worst.

She explained that a part of her story that we had essentially skipped past was about her first years, which took place in Uzbekistan, before she lived in Siberia. Her mother and grandmother took her to Siberia when she was three years old after her mother divorced Katrina’s dad.


Since then, Katrina says she had been told by her mother that her father had never wanted her, and had encouraged Yelena to have an abortion when she became pregnant.

So, according to what her mother had told her, Katrina always believed she never really had a father. And then her mother had cut off all ties with her because of Scientology.

She says that since 2015, she considered herself an orphan.

But she always remembered a family in Tashkent, Uzbekistan that she had been a part of. There was an aunt, her father’s youngest sister, who was only four years older than she was. She could still remember playing with her aunt and enjoying her grandparents’ farm, with animals and exotic birds.

She began to wonder. What if her Scientologist mother had been lying to her about those years?

Katrina says she began scouring Russian-language social media for her aunt. She knew her name, knew her approximate age, and knew that she resembled Katrina quite closely. Was the family still in Tashkent?

After searching extensively, Katrina found her aunt. And as soon as they reconnected, the aunt told her that Katrina’s father was desperate to talk to her.

Katrina’s mother, it turned out, had been lying to her. Her father had never wanted to be separated from his daughter.

“I have finally found the father that I have not spoken to or seen for 28 years,” she tells us. “He didn’t know anything about my life. He didn’t know he was a grandfather.”

She says when her son appeared behind her during their first video call, her father burst into tears.

Katrina says the experience has been bewildering and bittersweet. “My father has seven brothers and sisters. So now I’ve reconnected with some of my aunts. And I have a brother and a sister! Holy shit, I’m no longer an only child.”

She learned that her father was only 19 and her mother was 16 when she got pregnant, and that Yelena’s mother said she would go to the authorities if the couple didn’t marry. So they did, unhappily.

Then, just a couple of weeks after Katrina was born in 1987, her father was shipped off to the Soviet Army. He was gone for two years. When he got back, he and Yelena fought, and they separated. Eight months later, Yelena, her mother, and Katrina moved to Siberia, cutting off all ties with him.

“My mother asked him to sign papers giving up all parental rights to me, and he refused,” Katrina says.

She admits that she was nervous about finding her former family. What if it had gone badly? But things have turned out well. She’s glad to have the connection after being told for so long that none was there.

“Seeing the human reaction of this man, breaking down when he sees his first grandchild? I think that’s what I needed to see,” Katrina says. “It’s a huge milestone for me, mentally.”

She has also made a major decision.

“I’m done with my mother, by the way,” she tells us. “I’m not going to reach out to her anymore.”

She and Jose had made multiple trips to Florida, hoping to get some kind of contact with Yelena at the Flag Land Base.

“Why am I fighting for a woman who won’t even accept a picture of her grandson? My husband would ask, why are you still trying to get her back into your life? I guess I’m finally there.”

We’re reminded of a similar thing that Liz Gale told us, and we hope it eventually gets through to Scientologists who destroy their own families through disconnection: Wait too long, and you may not have a family to go back to.

But for Katrina, at least, there’s a new family for her, and one untainted by Scientology.

“I’m not an orphan anymore,” she says.


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