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David Miscavige gets ribbon-happy in Florida: It’s the Scientology social media review!


It’s time again for Rod Keller’s Scientology Social Media Review. He’s made a specialty of hunting down the odd and wonderful things Scientologists post to the ‘net. He’s a chronicler who piece by piece builds a highly detailed assessment of what Scientology is doing around the world, and this is what he found for us this week…

Yesterday, Scientology leader David Miscavige presided over the grand opening of two adjacent buildings in Clearwater, Florida. The West Coast Building, which the church has owned or leased since 1981, has housed the offices of the Religious Technology Center, of which Miscavige is the Chairman of the Board (and that’s why Scientologists call him “C.O.B.”). Next to it is the Lee Arnold building, which the church purchased in 2013. It’s been renamed the Flag Crew Administration Building, and the two renovated office buildings will “represent key facilities for the managing and administration” of the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, according to Scientology’s press release about the event. The announcement also claimed that 3,000 Scientologists attended the event, which, judging by Scientology’s math at such gatherings, means there were probably closer to 800.



In the wake of the massacre in Orlando, Florida, Scientology has a plan to create calm in the city by distributing a copy of the booklet The Way to Happiness by L. Ron Hubbard to every resident of the city. They are soliciting donations for a customized cover version of the book.

In the midst of confusion, chaos and grief, The Way to Happiness® when passed from one person to another, is a calming influence containing the common sense to keep the calm flowing. This is our intention for our brothers and sisters in Orlando.

But The Way to Happiness volunteers want everyone in Orlando proper which is 250,000 people to receive these gifts.

An individual person makes hundreds of decisions every day. The common sense found in The Way to Happiness enables the person to make “Survival” decisions which includes “Do Not Murder”. It also describes the difference between “killing” and “murdering”.

“The stupid, the evil and the insane seek to solve their real or imagined problems with murder. And they have been known to do it for no reason at all.

“Get behind any demonstratedly effective program that handles this threat to Mankind and push. Your own survival could depend upon it.” – The Way to Happiness

Distributing the booklet is believed by many Scientologists to prevent war, lower crime, ease civil unrest, and create a calmer population. Terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels this year have been followed by similar campaigns in those cities. The photo features the Aspire apartment building as seen from Lake Eola.


This price list for AOSH EU in Copenhagen is for children who want to take “Div 6” courses at the Advanced Org. Division 6 is the Public Division, and these courses are seen as a route onto the Purification Rundown and Survival Rundown in Div. 4 as a “T&P,” or Trained and Processed public Scientologist. One Danish Kroner is about $.15 US.


Rick Alexander is presenting a Dissemination Workshop via Skype from the Freewinds at the Orange County org. He professes to have convinced 43 family members to get Scientology training or processing.



Delphi Academy in Los Angeles is a Scientology-run school that is offering a summer program for students to continue their studies.

Here, one of our high school students uses clay to demonstrate an advanced concept regarding personal integrity.


The Scientology front group Youth For Human Rights would like Italians to donate their “cinque per mille” to fund the group’s programs. In Italy, 0.8 percent of taxes are sent automatically to a religion, and Scientology, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism don’t qualify. Taxpayers can allocate an additional 0.5 percent of taxes to be donated to not-for-profit organizations, and Scientology groups believe they qualify for that payment.


Scientologist Eilat Cohen and friends at the Foundation for a Drug-Free World distributed Scientology’s anti-drug literature on the streets of Tel Aviv, Israel this week. Passers-by were asked to sign a pledge to be drug-free.


The Foundation for a Drug-Free World New York and its president Bernard Fialkoff sponsored an inter-faith event this week with Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams entitled “Effective Drug Education Tools.” The event was held in Brooklyn Borough Hall.


This is Narconon’s yacht “Rock Star,” on Lake Balaton in Balatonfüred, Hungary this week for the FINA Open Water Swimming Championship.


Unless this was cancelled by the recent police raid, the Moscow Org held an event this week urging Scientologists to be as strong as Supergirl in order to join the Sea Org.


An Ideal Org fundraiser at the Quito, Ecuador org this week featured a showing of the movie Star Wars Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace.


Scientology opened a Volunteer Ministers tent in Volgograd, Russia this week. Olga Pavlova (left) cut the ceremonial yellow ribbon, followed by music and performances by local dancers.


Drug and alcohol addiction patients at Narconon Los Molinos in Madrid practice their Training Routines (TRs) this week. The Narconon program involves many hours of staring at a partner without speaking or moving.


The Valencia, Spain Mission is hosting a seminar on relationships.

– Why a relationship is deteriorating.
– Why the relationship becomes monotonous.
– Why it doesn’t work out as you’d like.


The CCHR office in downtown Clearwater, Florida is hosting a talk by Pamela Seefeld, a “natural pharmacist,” on July 2nd.


Attendees at Maiden Voyage events received this T-shirt as a present from David Miscavige


— Rod Keller


Fred Haseney hit with a summons as Scientologist seeks restraining order


[At the ‘Battlefield Earth’ relaunch on June 14, Fred Haseney, holding the ‘Call Me’ sign, is confronted by Scientology operatives Sheila McDonald Bakker Chaleff and Ed Parkin while Phil Jones, right, looks on]

Fred G. Haseney, a former Scientologist who has been documenting Scientology’s activities in Los Angeles with photography, was served papers yesterday which indicate that a church member is seeking a restraining order against him for stalking her.

Scientology employee Beatriz Castro Macias, represented by Scientology’s in-house attorney, Kendrick Moxon, is seeking the restraining order because, she claims, Haseney followed her home after his protests against the church.


Haseney denies that he’s stalked or followed Macias, a person he doesn’t know by that name.

“I have never followed her home and have no idea what she’s talking about. I’ve never gone to her place of work repeatedly and I’ve never stalked her there. Everything she has said is not truthful,” Haseney tells us. “I have only said ‘hello’ when she happened to walk by. Scientology and the Sea Org just don’t want me anywhere near PAC Base, and getting Beatriz to play along with their hijinks is just another bad thing that they’re going to be remembered for.”

He noted that the home address Beatriz listed — the one she says Fred surveilled — is a well known Sea Org berthing in the area, a set of apartments owned by the church and known as the Anthony Building. He denies ever following her home to the building, or in any other way casing it like her complaint proposes.

Fred tells us he’s originally from Long Island but was in Salt Lake City in 1976 when he was introduced to Scientology. Four months later, he joined the Sea Org and was assigned, like so many other SO workers at that time, to help with renovating the “Big Blue” headquarters complex in Los Angeles. Fred didn’t care for the Sea Org and left it, but he remained a “public” Scientologist and then he got involved with numerous Scientology front groups that attempt to spread the church’s influence in the world of business.

His last full time job was working for an OT 7 Scientologist who owned a construction firm. But in 2009, Fred lost his job, and after his unemployment insurance ran out, he had to leave his apartment. For the last four years he’s lived at a transitional home in Los Angeles. When he first got there, he tells us, he still hoped to continue his progress up Scientology’s “Bridge” of courses.

But living in the transitional home gave Fred unfettered access to the Internet. He didn’t dare search on the term “Scientology,” but one day he searched on the name Mary Sue Hubbard — Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s third wife. He had heard that Mary Sue’s dog had recently died, a decade after Mary Sue herself. Fred wanted to know where Mary Sue had lived, and planned on walking by to honor the place.

That search brought him to this website, and more specifically, to the story we wrote about the death of Mary Sue Hubbard’s Shih Tzu. The death of the dog meant that the house they had lived in at 2345 Chislehurst in the Los Feliz section of Los Angeles could finally be sold.

Fred says he was stunned to see the story, and he couldn’t help himself — he began reading about Scientology’s many controversies as they are described on this website. He credits the Underground Bunker with helping him to decide to leave the church. Since then, he’s become a regular at this website and he’s become known for his photo collections of what he’s seen at Scientology’s facilities. He didn’t expect, however, that one of the people he’s encountered during those peaceful protests would file a restraining order on him.

A July 15 hearing is scheduled in the case.


3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on June 26, 2016 at 07:00

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