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First AME Church & USC both disclaim letter Scientology using against Leah Remini

[Rev. Dr. Cecil ‘Chip’ Murray and David Miscavige]

On February 8, we told you about Robin Athlyn Thompson, a brand manager in Phoenix who made a few inquiries and discovered that her counterparts at USC believed a letter one of their own faculty members had supposedly written to Disney’s CEO, which was being featured by a Scientology website, was a fake.

Since then, Robin continued to pursue the matter, and has some startling updates for us.

First, let’s review the situation: For a couple of years now, Scientology has struck back at Leah Remini and her A&E series, Scientology and the Aftermath, with what it hopes people believe is a grass roots religious rights group that calls itself the STAND League. We and many others have long pointed out that it’s mostly a fake group of bogus Twitter accounts using stock photography portraits and bots tweeting around the clock.

But another STAND strategy is sending letters to A&E and its parent company, Disney, as well as the show’s advertisers. These letters are full of bluster about “bigotry” and “religious discrimination,” and they are designed to inflame the passions of people who may not be familiar with the show and what it has been accomplishing — namely, exposing Scientology’s host of abuses.

The STAND League clearly believed it had attained a new level in its game when it landed a letter written by USC fellow and well known Los Angeles religious leader Rev. Dr. Cecil “Chip” Murray. Written on December 13 and addressed to Disney CEO Bob Iger, the letter appeared on letterhead of USC’s Center for Religion and Civic Culture, where Dr. Murray is a major figure.


In our previous story, we described how Robin Thompson had wondered how USC’s brand managers felt about its letterhead being used in that way. And we were stunned at the response she got back from Brenda Maceo, USC’s Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing.

“Reverend Murray has stated that he was not the author of the letter that was addressed to Mr. Iger on a discontinued letterhead. We are currently looking into the misuse of the university’s trademarks,” she wrote to Thompson. The Daily Beast subsequently followed up with USC, which confirmed Ms. Maceo’s response.

We noticed that the STAND League reacted by replacing Dr. Murray’s letter with another copy of it, this time on what appeared to be the letterhead of First AME Church (FAME) in Los Angeles, where he is emeritus pastor.

So Thompson then turned her attention to FAME, sending multiple emails and leaving voice mails asking about the letter’s authenticity.

Yesterday, she received a phone call from FAME’s Senior Pastor, J. Edgar Boyd.

“I told him that it befuddled me that the STAND League would use two different organizations to further its cause in this way. Pastor Boyd said to me, ‘It’s certainly not our letterhead and our name was certainly not used with our permission.’ He also said that he was talking to Brenda Maceo at USC, and they were discussing what to do about it.”

Um, wow. So both USC and the First AME Church in Los Angeles now deny that the letter has any connection to them.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Augustine, who reported on the scene for us when Dr. Murray’s letter was “presented” to Disney itself at a protest outside its studios on January 28, followed up with some of the clergy who attended the small event. One of them was the Reverend Shane Harris, who was there with Dr. Murray.

“Harris told me Rev. Murray wrote the letter,” Jeffrey told us.

We sent an email last night to Dr. Murray, asking him to clarify things for us. USC says he told them he never wrote the letter, FAME says it was never asked permission to put the letter out under its name, but STAND continues to have the letter on its website.

As long as Dr. Murray allows Scientology to use his letter against Leah Remini, doesn’t he have something to explain to USC and FAME?

And if Scientology is misrepresenting that letter (at best), what about the other letters that STAND has sent out to A&E, Disney, media companies, and the companies that advertise on Remini’s show?

For example, in December 2017 Inquisitr wrote something about Scientology that didn’t sit well with the STAND League. So the League’s Alicia Selverson sent out a sternly-worded letter.

“Your rendition of Scientology is so far removed from anything connected with the subject that you make yourself an object of ridicule by writing it,” she huffed in the letter, which is still posted at STAND League’s website.



But there was only one problem. “Alicia” was a fake, her photo pulled from stock photography…


In January 2017, the Conan O’Brien Show got a letter from an unhappy Catriona McKenzie. “Shows like your recent one featuring Ms. Remini convey false impressions and promote religious bigotry,” she told Conan.


Only, whoops, it turns out that Catriona is also a stock-art character. (After Jeffrey Augustine and some Twitter sleuths started outing the STAND League fakes, Scientology tried to defeat the Google image reverse search by replacing the photos with cartoonized images like you see above, but the swap didn’t really mask what was going on.)



Several other STAND League figures are flat-out fakes. But more than a hundred other people sent out angry letters on STAND letterhead to various companies, with Disney receiving the bulk of them. Who were these letter writers? It turns out most of them are simply the usual Scientology operatives who have been relied on to carry out Scientology’s initiatives over the years, and who would do anything David Miscavige asked them. Here’s a rundown on some of them, which we put together with the help of several former church members…

Beth Akiyama (Letter to Anheuser-Busch, Aug 22, 2017), OSA Int
John Allender, Bay Area public and notorious Squirrel Buster
Laurie Bartilson, ex-In-House lawyer for OSA Int
Linda Batdorf (Little Caesars Pizza, Nov 1, 2017), LA public
Gerald Beeny (Disney, May 31, 2017), LA Public
Gracia Bennish, LA Public
Siouxie Boshoff, Flag public
Toby Burwell (Walgreen, Jun 16, 2017), LA public
Gail Carroll (Disney, Dec 23, 2017) LA Public
Michael Chan (Disney, Aug 15, Aug 26 and Oct 1) Flag public and searcher for Obi-Wan Kenobi
Leisa Collins, ex-SO
Courtney Condon, PTL public

Michael Duff, LA public
Riggs Eckelberry (Disney, Dec 22, 2017) LA Public
Bodhi Elfman, LA Public and flaky celebrity
Catherine Emrani (Anheuser-Busch, Oct 8, 2017), LA Public
Pat Felske (Toronto Star, Mar 10, 2017), Ex-GO Canada
Dean Glosup (Disney, Dec 12, 2017) LA Public
Lee Holzinger (Expedia, Sep 27, 2017), DSA STB ex-OSA Int
Jim Kalergis (Disney, Oct 15 and Dec 23, 2017) LA Public
Andrea Kluge (A&E, Dec 21, 2016), LA Public
Avi & Shiri Lonstein (ABC, Jan 5, 2017), LA Public
Jim Meskimen (Disney, Dec 19, 2017) hack d-list celeb
Paris Morfopoulos, Flag public
Joel Morris (The Wonderful Company, Jan 15) LA Public
Dennis Negley (Skechers, Sep 5, 2017), SFO public, former staff
Cathy Norman, DSA Austin
Jennifer Pantermuehl (A&E, Dec 22, 2016), Public
John Pantermuehl (Volkswagen, Aug 24, 2017), Texas public
Edward Parkin, OSA Int and STAND League director
Ann Pearce (Aaron’s Stores, Jan 15) DSA Seattle Org
Matt Pearce (Disney, Jan 6, 2017) SO member
Bernard Percy (Proctor & Gamble, Aug 15) LA Public
Carolyn Percy (Hyundai Motor America, Sep 21) LA Public
Joel Phillips (Nestle, Aug 21, and Disney, Jan 4) LA Public
Raleigh Pruitt, ex-SO
Jeff Quiros (Sears, Sep 18, 2017), DSA SGO and San Francisco head goon
Edith Reuveni (Disney, Aug 2, 2017), LA Public
Eric Roux, DSA Belgium
Ken Shapiro (Walgreen, Jun 16, 2017), ex-SO ASHO
Judi Shervell (Anheuser-Busch, Jan 15) OSA Int
Peter Sokoloff (Disney, June 1) LA Public
Randy Stith (Walgreen, Jun 16, 2017), LA Public and embarrassing goon
Koko Tabibzadeh (Hyundai, Oct 8, 2017), LA Public
Alethiea Taylor (Nestle, Oct 7, 2017), ex-SO from the Apollo
Clair Taylor (Burger King, Oct 22, 2017), LA public
Diane Temps (KFC, Oct 21, 2017), LA public
Pam Vilinsky, DSA
Rev. Peter J. Vilinsky (Liberty Mutual, Oct 24, 2017), NY public
Cass Warner (Disney, May 30, 2017), LA Public and studio figure
Jenny Widmaiger, ex-SO
Janet Weiland, OSA Int and longtime Scientology operative
Richard Weiland, OSA Int
Nick McNaughton (Walgreen, June 16, 2017), OSA Int

We’d like to believe that A&E, Disney, and the other companies getting these astroturf messages from the STAND League can see through them and realize what a put-up job this campaign is.

Unfortunately, some actual religious leaders in Los Angeles appear to have been taken in. But Scientology always manages to find some shills.

It would be a shame if anyone took them seriously.



We have some news for you about how our plans for this year’s HowdyCon have changed a bit. First, to review: We had decided that because this year we’ll be in Los Angeles, we would coordinate with Janis Gillham Grady, who has an annual reunion barbecue and this year is dedicating her event to former Scientology ED Int Bill Franks, who died in December.

We were hoping to hold that barbecue at a former Scientology mission building in Riverside, but the sheer distance between Los Angeles and Riverside and the lack of public transportation in Southern California made our original plans problematic.

So, we’re still planning on holding events in LA on Thursday and Friday, June 20 and 21, but Janis is now looking for a new location for Saturday’s combined event in Burbank. She also says she will soon have hotel information for those coming in from out of town.


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