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Graham Berry does it again: More Scientology financial fraud spelled out in legal demand

[Attorney Graham Berry]

Once again, Graham Berry has helped a victim of Scientology in desperate straits. Like others we’ve told you about recently, Louis Stephen, 69, was targeted by Church of Scientology employees who ran up stunning debts on credit cards he didn’t even want to open in order to purchase expensive Scientology courses he had no interest in taking.

Previously, we told you about 75-year-old Efrem Logreira, who was targeted in a similar scheme. Also, an 82-year-old woman in the Midwest who said she had to escape in the middle of the night from a Los Angeles hotel after being hounded by Scientology employees. And in April we told you about Sean Henderson, another client similarly abused. All three were made whole by Berry after he took their cases. Another person was refunded money before he could even get Berry involved, that’s how quickly Scientology reacts now when they know Berry is on a case.

“Mr. Stephen was made whole after I submitted my Pre-Litigation Demand letter,” Graham says. “During the past six months I have resolved four of these credit card cases directly. Another one was repaid immediately after I had agreed to represent the claimant. A sixth claimant has a response due on May 25. Three of the claimants were also alleging Elder Abuse.”

As with the Henderson matter, Graham is generously sharing with us the actual demand letter he sent Scientology, which lays out the facts in this case. “It’s a copy of the Factual Summary only; 9 1/4 pages of a 16 page letter. I have redacted one line that details private medical information,” Graham says.

We think you’ll be as stunned by Scientology’s methods as you were the last time, with Henderson.


We urge anyone else who has been treated like this to contact us or Mr. Berry. Many of these people have spoken with law enforcement, which is particularly interested in Scientology’s financial crimes. Have you also been abused in this manner? Let us know.

OK, here’s the letter, and the story of another ordinary person subjected to Scientology’s extraordinary methods…


Mr. Stephen is a 69-year-old man residing in Mesa, Arizona. He has various health issues, some severe, including hearing loss. In March 2018, when he was 68, he observed Church of Scientology advertisements on DirecTV. Curious, he called the advertised number and ordered a Scientology book. Thereafter, Scientology representative Brittany Mann called him on several occasions and persuaded him that he needed to buy more Scientology books and then Scientology compact discs. Initially, she was persuading him to buy books costing between $300 to $500. Eventually he was pressured into spending $5,000 to 7,000 on even more books and CDs which he told her he could not afford. They also sent a book case to house the books. He only read a few chapters of one book before deciding he could not understand the content. Eventually he terminated this course, during a telephone conversation with his course instructor Mr. Dion Arnow.

Mr. Stephen also had numerous other telephone conversations with Church representatives including Brittany Mann, Kelyn Hubbard and Natalia Ricketts. He told them that he was in failing health and his monthly living costs (rent, utilities, food and vehicle) absorb all his monthly Social Security income. His secondary income from working as a school janitor paid the rest of his living costs and some financial assistance another person.

To put this another way, Mr. Stephen had repeatedly pleaded with the Scientology’s telemarketing ministers that he could not afford these purchases, advising them that although he was 68 at the time, he had to keep working at his employment as a school janitor/custodian. He also indicated, several times, that he was financially supporting an inmate at the Women’s State Prison in Arizona and, along with his social security, his custodial income mostly paid for communication, an Access Inmate Secure Pak (monthly goods), medical and personal care finances; this was his primary purpose for working as a custodian.

The Church responded to these pleas of being impecunious by telling him he would need to speak with the credit card experts Kelyn Hubbard and Natalia Ricketts. One of the ladies (Brittney Mann or Kelyn Hubbard) called him back and informed him that a Church lady was flying into Mesa’s Sky Harbor airport and she needed a car ride to meet someone in Phoenix, which is about twenty-five minutes from Mr. Stephen’s home in Mesa. She asked if he would assist. Mr. Stephen explained that he generally studies online each weekend (Grand Canyon University) and works as a school janitor, but he was persuaded to meet the lady as requested.

Mr. Stephen met the Church lady at the Sky Harbor Airport one Saturday at approx. 3:15 PM. He did so reluctantly because he had much homework to complete. The Church lady’s name is Natalia Marafkova Ricketts. Mr. Stephen understood that Natalia, Kelyn, Brittany, Don and others he dealt at the Church were Scientology ministers. It turned out that Natalia’s business was not to meet someone in Phoenix but to meet with him. She asked to go to his house and Mr. Stephen took her to his mobile home in Mesa where he resides. It became an all-night thing. She was insistent on finding out absolutely everything about his finances and demanded all his financial documents; even his 2016 and 2017 tax returns, other IRS documents, and annual income statements from Social Security and the Mesa Public Schools.

Her excessive persuasion overcame him, and he took her to his desk where all his financial documents are kept. While scrutinizing them she said, “You’ve got plenty of income, look at all this credit you are able to receive.” Mr. Stephen substantively and clearly indicated that he could not pay for ‘all’ this credit, he is alone and self-supporting … and that he also supports a women inmate in prison. Eventually, at nearly 11 PM, Mr. Stephen told her he had to go to bed because he was exhausted from the long day and he had to travel early in the morning to Goodyear, Arizona. However, he also informed her he would drop her at Phoenix Airport at 4:00 am for her to return at California. However, Natalia stayed at his desk throughout the rest of the night reviewing his financial documents.

Some days later, Mr. Stephen discovered two years of his filed IRS tax returns missing (2016 and 2017). He contacted Natalia who admitted she had taken the documents. He told her that he needed the tax returns and she agreed to return them; but only after he had agreed to travel from Mesa, Arizona to Los Angeles, California. Natalia told Mr. Stephen that she would arrange for someone to meet him at the Los Angeles Airport and then take him to a hotel. During some of these conversations Natalia and her assistant George would also offer to pay for his interstate plane ticket. They even tried to persuade him to move to Southern California permanently. Eventually, Mr. Stephen declined the offers because he had extensive university course homework each weekend, a pet cat to care for, and a woman inmate to support and visit.

Although Natalia had stolen Mr. Stephen’s two years of tax returns, and had agreed to return them to him, she never did for the longest time, as copies of email traffic in Mr. Stephen’s Pre-Clear Folders should demonstrate. For example, see his email of October 29, 2018, 9:43 AM MST to “Subject: I.R.S. Documents-Important. One of her excuses for the delay was that his tax returns were now in her Correspondence Department. Eventually, the Scientology Communications Department returned them to Mr. Stephen. This conversion of his tax returns still disturbs him because it means that the Church probably has copies along with all his personal identity information, such as his social security number and birthdate, in the Church’s files and available for misuse.

Natalia and Mr. Don Arnow, an instructor, continued to telephone Mr. Stephen and plead with him to take more Scientology courses. All the while he would tell them that he could not afford the cost of the Church’s goods and services, or the cost of travelling at his expense to California for Scientology treatment and training (air flight, hotel, food and minor expenses). However, under their unrelenting and excessive persuasion, he eventually weakened and was persuaded to make several additional purchases. Natalia and Kelyn had browbeaten and unduly influenced Mr. Stephen that would be able to afford the Scientology training services if he put their cost onto several credit cards; and the Church would assist him to open the various credit card accounts. By this time, he felt intimidated by Kelyn and Natalia and he was too scared to resist the Scientology organization. Besides, he understood them to be ministers in the Church, and without his knowledge, consent or authorization they had taken all his most personal, tax and financial data into their (Scientology) possession in California. This terrified him and he felt as though he was being extorted. Remember, this was a 68-year-old man with serious health issues.

Mr. Stephen was told that he, not the Church, would have to open the credit cards. However, the Church representatives would assist him. Natalia Ricketts would first call Mr. Stephen and brief him on the calls that were going to be placed through a California Scientology conference phone-line and what he would say to each financial institution. Prior to each phone call to credit card companies and financial instructions, Natalia Ricketts would have Mr. Stephen rehearse his inquiries of obtaining credit cards and opening accounts with banks and credit unions; some of which were denied others obviously were not. Mr. Stephen said he was scared and did not think he could do it. Several times she told him that it was “perfectly legal and not to worry; that we (Scientology) do this every day all the time.” Notwithstanding, Mr. Stephen would initially refuse and advise the Church’s representatives that “[he] could not afford these payments.”


So, with Mr. Stephen on the phone line (as an undisclosed conference call) Natalia Ricketts (and for the books it was Kelyn Hubbard) would dial the credit card companies. Mr. Stephen would then do as he had been told and coached by the Church’s representative Kelyn Hubbard, but mostly Natalia Ricketts. Sometimes he could not answer questions that were asked of him so she would intervene on his behalf. This intervention would occur after Mr. Stephen told the credit card company that she was his niece and that [he] gave her permission to provide the information he could not. In addition, Mr. Stephen usually had to confirm his permission for the payment to be made to Scientology through text or email for each approved account.

However, on July 18, 2018, Mr. Stephen had to provide the authorization by email to Amazon Payments ($850.00). The email read: “I hereby give explicit authorization for this account and acknowledge this transaction to Bridge Publication.” At an early point (in connection with the book purchases), Kelyn told Mr. Stephen that the Internet credit card transfers “were our little secret and should not ever be discussed.” This further intimidated him.

In connection with these transactions, Natalia also instructed Mr. Stephen to apply for a ‘Chase Freedom credit card.’ Upon being approved with a $4,000 credit limit, Natalia learned of a ‘Chase Pride credit card’ which had a cash limit of $20,000. Before Chase would decline the ‘Pride credit card,’ Natalia Ricketts also had Mr. Stephen apply for the ‘Pride credit card’ and transfer $20,000 cash from the ‘Chase Pride credit card’ onto the ‘Chase Freedom credit card’ which had a credit limit of $4,000; thereby making the grand total on the ‘Chase Freedom credit card’ escalate to $26,000 plus interest and other fees. Then Natalia, while posing as Mr. Stephen’s niece, closed out the ‘Chase Pride credit card.’ At the same time, on July 19, 2018, Chase Bank wrote to Mr. Stephen advising him that due to information from credit reporting agency Experian it had decided to close his credit account (ending in 1196) because of: “Rapid increase in revolving balances, Too many requests for credit or reviews of credit.”

To recap, during every communication that Mr. Stephen had with creditors, Scientology’s Natalia Ricketts was also on the other end of the telephone listening and observing the manner of the banking and credit card conversations. However, Mr. Stephen had to return several calls to credit card companies that refused him funds, either from representatives or mostly fraud departments, and convince them to continue with the credit card application, while Scientology coached [him] with the call from another telephone line. Often Natalia Ricketts would intervene as his ‘niece,’ in order to secure the transactions in his name, because of credit card company questions he was uncertain how to answer. Regarding local banks and credit unions, Natalia would have him travel to acquire the account numbers and return the information on the account by cell phone to her of the new credit cards, presumably so Natalia Ricketts could control all the transactions from California. On each occasion, Natalia Ricketts gave adamant instructions for Mr. Stephen not to telephone her with account information from within the bank or credit union premises, or in the presence of any bank or credit union representative, and to wait until he was in his vehicle away from the lending institution before doing so.

In addition, Natalia Ricketts calculated the cost of each card beforehand, and re-assured Mr. Stephen that the monthly payments would be affordable and consistent with Mr. Stephen’s annual income, lasting only a few years in order to pay Scientology foremost. However, most of the credit card payments were double what the Scientology ministers had assured him they would be, and included interest, which Natalia had also promised him would not be the case. The payments on one card, the ‘PayPal credit card’ was triple what he had been promised. Both Natalia Ricketts and Kelyn Hubbard had assured him that all payments would be interest free for one year, and after one-year, that they (Scientology) would monitor payment schedules and research other card investments without interest—this did not happen.

Furthermore, Mr. Stephen had told Natalia Ricketts, when she visited him at his home in Mesa, and after she had returned to Los Angeles, that no-one was to ever go into his checking account. Moreover, he did not give her any account information regarding his Desert School checking account. About the same time as the Church had him open the Amazon credit card account, he also opened a PayPal account. Soon after, Mr. Stephen examined his checking account and was furious to see that monies had been withdrawn by a Bridge Publications, Inc., via PayPal. Mr. Stephen was angered and immediately notified Natalia Ricketts at the Church.

She denied having taken any funds from Mr. Stephen’s personal checking account. Mr. Stephen then notified PayPal, because it turned out the money was taken from his Desert School checking account by the Church’s publishing subsidiary Bridge Publications, Inc. Mr. Stephen had not authorized the Church to take this money. Without admitting they had taken the money, Natalia agreed that the Church would replace the funds which it eventually did. On November 21, 2018, the Church returned the tax returns that its minister Natalia had stolen from him. Shortly thereafter, on November 26, 2018, at 10:34 AM MST, Mr. Stephen sent an email to Natalia Ricketts. He informed her that he had decided to decline her invitation (by text) to travel to the Scientology Los Angeles Org in California. He also stated that he had told her from the beginning, and on numerous occasions, that he could not afford the cost of the Scientology training and other services (including the multiple flights, hotel and food costs in

The large minimum monthly fees to the credit card companies were now crippling him financially. He asked her to put the monies back into the credit card accounts immediately. Subsequently, Natalia contacted Mr. Stephen and said it was not that easy (or that simple) for the Church to put his money back into the credit company accounts. Mr. Stephen felt even more deceived by the Church and ‘blackmailed’ through Scientology stealing and keeping all his personal identity and Internal Revenue data in their possession (from approx. April until November 21, 2018), which was after all the new credit cards and financial accounts were opened. Then, in the aftermath, Mr. Stephen had to continually find a way to retrieve his financial documents and personal identification data, until the Scientology Correspondence Department finally released and returned the documents to his possession. However, because he assumes that Scientology has photo-copied all his personal data and holds it in their files, Mr. Stephen now fears that in the future Scientology might attempt to again misuse his personal information and identity to engage in other wrongful transactions, transfers of money, and identity theft.

Mr. Stephen is under continuous Doctor’s care for hypertension, out-of-control diabetes along with other health issues. He injects insulin twice daily and takes other diabetes medications to control his A1c and blood glucose levels. The stress, anxiety and fear from Mr. Stephen’s encounters with Scientology has caused his medical conditions to become significantly worse. He has also suffered emotional distress, anxiety and depression due to the Church’s misrepresentations, deceptions and unfair conduct. Consequently, he is having to consult with his Endocrinologist every 3-8 weeks. In addition, and as a direct consequence of the Church’s misconduct towards him, Mr. Stephen’s credit and FICO scores have been seriously damaged. He is now overwhelmed by the excessive credit card debt the Church manipulated him into assuming and this has severely and adversely impacted him financially and in his quality of life. He now struggles to afford his medication co-pays and other medical expenses.

Through the above misrepresentations and misconduct, and despite Mr. Stephen’s protestations, the Church, through its representative ministers, intimidated, unduly pressured, and unduly influenced, Mr. Stephen into incurring the following indebtedness which they knew or should have known would likely be physically, medically, emotionally and financially harmful. (Welfare & Institutions Code, Section 15610.30):

SRV 157745 Monday 09-Jul-2018 HGC Auditing Intensive (12.5 hours) $23,300.00
SRV 158235 Wed. 18-Jul-2018 HGC Auditing Intensive (12.5 hours) $2,000.00
SRV 158254 Thurs. 19-Jul-2018 HGC Auditing Intensive (12.5 hours) $10,000.00

SRV 161584 Sunday 02-Sep-2018 HGC Auditing Intensive (12.5 hours) $1,250.00
TOTAL: $36,550.00

The credit cards that the Church, through its minister (s), unduly pressured Mr. Stephen to open, and their approximate balances as of the latest statements, are as follows:

AMAZON $00.00 (Mr. Stephen has paid off the $850.00 balance and is due the reimbursement)
CHASE $25, 599.00 (min. monthly payments approx. $255.00, due 4/28)
FIRST TECH FCU $9,456.51 (min. monthly payments approx. $192.00, due 4/12)
WELLS FARGO $6,543.00 (min. monthly payments approx. $66.00, due 4/4)
PAY PAL CREDIT $3,422.81 (min. monthly payments approx. $101.00, due 5/2)
DISCOVER $1,056.92 (min. monthly payments approx. $35.00, due 4/20)

TOTAL $46,708.24, minimum monthly payments $649.00

In addition, since Mr. Stephen’s credit card loans were opened and charged at the instance and with the assistance of the Church, Mr. Stephen has made the following payments:

CHASE $1,866.0 [9/13/18:$271.00, 10/28/18:$269.00, 11/28/18:$266.00, 12/28/18:$263.00,] [1/28/19:$261.00, 2/28/19:$258.00, 3/28/19:$265.00]
FIRST TECH FCU $1,161.00 [9/12/18:$200.00, 10/12/18;$191.75, 11/28/18:$195.54, 12/12/18:$193.35,] [1/12/19:$191.23, 2/12/19:$189:13, 3/12/19:no invoice,4/12/19:no invoice]
WELLS FARGO $578.00 [10/4/18:$71.00,11/4/18:$70.00,12/4/18:$69.00, 1/4/19:$69.00] [2/4/18:$68.00, 3/4/19:$95.00 (incl.$27.00 late fee), 4/4/19:$65.00]

PAY PAL CREDIT $307.00 [3/2/19:$104.00, 4/2/19:$102.00, 5/2/19, $101.00]
DISCOVER $245.00 [10/20/18:$35.00, 11/20/18:$35.00, 12/20/18:$35.00,] [1/20/19: $35.00, 2/20/19:$35.00, 3/20/19:$35.00, 4/20/19:$35.00]
AMAZON $850.00 (now fully paid off)
SUB-TOTAL $5,007.00
PLUS $1,368.00 (monthly payments for April & May)
SUB-TOTAL $6,305.00
PLUS, LEGAL $3,000.00 Legal Fees
TOTAL $56,013.24

The Church had these credit cards opened in order to facilitate unfair and deceptive financial transactions that would not have occurred absent the Church’s aggressive ‘hard sell’ tactics, manipulative and false representations, and undue influence on a then 68-year-old man.

Furthermore, the Church knew or ought to have known that its deceptive and unfair financial transactions with Mr. Stephen would cause him harm, or at least be “a substantial factor” in causing him harm. Its minister, Natalia Marafkova Ricketts, had flown to Mesa, AZ for the express purpose of meeting with him and selling him the goods and services that the Church trades in through “fixed donations.” She had ridden in his modest car, visited his mobile trailer home, and knew of his employment as a school janitor or custodian. She obviously knew he could not properly qualify for the six credit card loans she would later arrange in order to sell him Church goods and services. She also knew his modest income would not permit him to service the monthly principal and interest payments on the loans. The Church and its ministers, such as Natalia, were fiduciaries to Mr. Stephen. (see generally, Wood v. Jamison (2008) 167 Cal.App. 4 th 156).

Objectively they knew of the adverse economic consequences that Mr. Stephen would likely and unfairly suffer, as a result (and a “substantial factor”) of their financial transactions with him. It does not matter that the Church calls these financial transactions “fixed donations.” A “donative transfer” is included. See, Welfare and Institutions Code, Section 15610.30 (c).

Mr. Stephen only had one credit card (from Desert Schools Federal Credit Union) when he first encountered the Church. He had maintained that one credit card for emergency expenses only (e.g. sudden car repairs or health costs). As far as the six credit cards that the Church’s deceptive conduct and excessive persuasion caused Mr. Stephen to subsequently open are concerned, he has made no charges to them other than the above-described charges that the Church wrongfully and excessively pressured him into making.

On December 20, 2018, Mr. Don Arnow, the Extension Courses Editor at Bridge Publications, Inc., wrote an email to Mr. Stephen saying: “How’s it going? What happened? Did we do something to upset you? Did you just lose interest? Well, hope to hear from you and hope you’re enjoying the holidays! Best, Don Arnow.”

On January 1, 2019, Natalia Ricketts emailed Mr. Stephen stating: “How are you? I really miss our comm line. Would really like for you to come to LA and get in session [smiley] Let me know when you can and I will buy you a plane flight! ML [for Much Love], Natalia.”

On January 23, 2019, Mr. Don Arnow, wrote to Mr. Stephen saying: “Hi Louis: Haven’t heard from you in a long time. How’s it going? Was there something you ran across in Self Analysis that didn’t make sense to you? Why did you stop? Best, Don Arnow, Extension Courses Director, Bridge Publications, Inc.”

On Friday, March 15, 2019, (2:08:02 PM MST) Natalia sent an email from It read: “Dear Louis, How are you? This is Natalia from LA Org. It has been a long time since we talk. Hope you are doing well and you are still studying your Basics Books. I know you somehow got super upset and that was not good but I would still love you to come to LA and experience some of this AMAZING technology! Anyhow please let me know:) MI, Natalia 323 953 3200”

On Tuesday March 26, 2019, Mr. Don Arnow, wrote to Mr. Stephen again asking if he was “ready to continue on the book course? I imagine you’ve been busy. But if you improve yourself you’ll be better able to handle things! Starts with you. And something to think about, you don’t stay the same in this universe-you get better or you get worse! You can get better by doing the [Scientology] book courses!”

The Church is now constantly harassing Mr. Stephen with frequent and numerous daily telephone calls. On Friday March 29, 2019, the Church telephoned him ten different times while he was at work. He did not answer the calls and now ignores all telephone calls and emails from Church numbers and ministers. However, if the calls and emails do not cease immediately he will have to seek restraining orders from the courts.

Mr. Stephen is not a Scientologist and he is not bound by any of the Church’s beliefs, practices or procedures. (Exhibit 2). Furthermore, he does not recall signing any of the Church’s contracts of adhesion.

— Graham Berry


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Mirriam Francis has not seen her brother Ben in 2,817 days.
Claudio and Renata Lugli have not seen their son Flavio in 3,078 days.
Sara Goldberg has not seen her daughter Ashley in 2,117 days.
Lori Hodgson has not seen her son Jeremy and daughter Jessica in 1,829 days.
Marie Bilheimer has not seen her mother June in 1,355 days.
Joe Reaiche has not seen his daughter Alanna Masterson in 5,444 days
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