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Marty Rathbun tries to rewrite the record on Scientology spying. But we have the dox.

[Gary Morehead’s Bearcat 3000. In the biz, this is known as “dox.”]

We truly did not want to pay any more attention to Marty Rathbun’s lame swipes at Lawrence Wright’s book Going Clear, but in his latest video (“Going Clear, Part 9”) he is making some claims that are staggeringly dishonest. We felt we had to respond.

Let us tell you about Gary “Jackson” Morehead. He is a gentle giant, and one of the most pleasant and forthright former Scientologists we have ever met. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Gary had a remarkable job — head of security at Int Base, Scientology’s secretive 500-acre compound near Hemet, California. Gary has a lot of very fun stories about those days — including a great one that we not only got from Gary but confirmed in all its details with several other former church members.

What we found from that experience is that Gary Morehead is a solid source, even if his stories about Scientology are mindblowing. One of the things Gary was in charge of was the “blow drill.” When a Sea Org member “blew” — escaped — from the base, it was his job to use whatever means at his disposal to bring that person back.

In one memorable episode he told us about (which yes, has been confirmed by other people), a young woman named Jan Simms made a break for freedom in the late 1980s. She did so by getting a doctor’s appointment in town, and then bolting when she got there. Ever after, Gary tells us, this became known as “the Jan Simms method,” and it was one that was also used by Claire Headley to make her break for freedom in 2005.

When Simms ran, Morehead says he got to fly on an airplane for the first time. He went to Tallahassee, where Jan’s parents lived.

“I was set up in a Holiday Inn and provided equipment by Ben Shaw,” Gary told us last night by telephone. “I sat there all day. That’s all I did for a solid week.”

And what was he doing there? “I had scanners provided by OSA. I was listening for Jan Simms talking to her parents.”

And how would you do that, Gary?

“I knew the frequencies for cordless phones and cell phones,” he says. He sat there, listening in on phone conversations, for days and days.

Marty Rathbun, in his latest video, says this never happened. After calling Morehead “goofy,” he quotes from Lawrence Wright’s book about Gary spying on phone calls.

“He says in here that they were using scanners to listen to cell phone calls,” Marty says. “I got news. A scanner will not net you the content of a telephone call. Either Gary is into this embellishment for fame or Wright has invented this.”

“Marty doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” Gary tells us. “First of all, OSA had a closet full of equipment for listening in on conversations. That’s where I learned how to do it. I saw the closet and I saw the equipment, and Ben Shaw and I learned how to do it. I was listening to cordless phones and cell phones. Just like we could call an airport and get information on a passenger, the technology had got ahead of the security.”

Gary explains that for a limited number of years, the scanners were more sophisticated than the phones they were eavesdropping on. And he says that Marty knew full well what they were capable of at that time, in the late 1980s.

“I’m surprised he would even say something like that. And he called me goofy? Wow. Well I guess that ain’t too bad, huh?” Gary says with a laugh. (We’ve never heard Gary Morehead sound angry about anything, ever.)

Gary explained that US scanners had restrictions in some frequencies, so as part of his job with Scientology, he purchased a Uniden Bearcat 3000 XLT in Canada, where those frequencies weren’t restricted.

“I still have it!” he said, and then photographed the scanner and sent it to us, as you can see above.

That, in the business, is what we call “dox,” for documented proof. And in his videos, Marty repeatedly proves that he has none.

Let’s take another example. Marty repeatedly says that Lawrence Wright invented things out of whole cloth for his book, which is a scurrilous accusation to make. Here’s one that Marty makes in the video, and let’s please keep in mind that he’s not speaking under oath:

“An undercover campaign was launched to discredit or blackmail Lawrence Wollersheim’s lawyer, Charles O’Reilly.” False. Didn’t happen. I was there. I was in charge of everything that had to do with all that. Did not happen. Wright writes, “His house was bugged and his office was infiltrated by a Scientology operative.” A complete and utter invention of Lawrence Wright.

An invention by Lawrence Wright, really? Why isn’t Rathbun at least acknowledging what is easily found in seconds through a web search, that Wright is working from material that previous journalists had also reported, such as Joel Sappel and Robert Welkos in the epic 1990 series about Scientology in the Los Angeles Times, which is where we found this reference to Joseph Yanny’s court testimony which, we’ll point out, was under oath:

In a recent lawsuit, former Scientology attorney Joseph Yanny alleged that the church and its agents had implemented or plotted a broad array of fair-game measures against him and other critics, including intensive surveillance and dirty tricks.

Earlier this year, a Los Angeles Superior Court jury awarded Yanny $154,000 in legal fees that he said the church had refused to pay.

Among other things, Yanny said in his lawsuit that he attended a 1987 meeting at which top church officials and three private detectives discussed blackmailing Los Angeles attorney Charles O’Reilly, who won the multimillion-dollar jury award for Wollersheim.

According to Yanny, the plan was to steal O’Reilly’s medical records from the Betty Ford Clinic near Palm Springs, then exchange them for a promise from O’Reilly that he would “ease off” during the appeal process.

Yanny, who later had a bitter break with Scientology, said he objected and the idea was dropped. The church denies such a discussion ever took place.

It’s one thing if Marty, who was there and was “in charge of everything that had to do with all that” were to, all these years later, raise questions about Yanny’s testimony. But what gives with the obviously false accusation that Lawrence Wright is making this stuff up?

And it gets worse.

Also in this segment, Rathbun makes this claim:

The paragraph is capped off with a quote: “A former Scientology executive, Vicki Aznaran, later testified that there was an effort to compromise the judge by setting up his son, who they heard was gay, with a minor boy.” It’s a complete invention of Vicki Aznaran. Now, if it is even an invention of Vicki Aznaran. It says she testified. I doubt that she testified. If she did testify, she lied. And she just made this stuff up. But I question whether you’ll find such testimony…He’s just inventing this stuff.

For Xenu’s sake, Marty. Before you accuse Lawrence Wright of inventing things, how hard is it to work the Google? Here, in fact, is what Vicki Aznaran testified to in a 1993 declaration:

During the 1984-87 period, Scientology operated a number of “dirty tricks” operations out of the office of Special Affairs (OSA), including one called MFTC (for “Mission Find The Crimes”) and the “WOLLY” unit (which targeted Lawrence Wollersheim, his attorneys, and his case). The orders for these operations would go directly from OSA to private investigators, although Scientology deceitfully tries to cloak such operations under “attorney-client privilege”.

MFTC and the WOLLY unit each had about 8-10 staff, and engaged in whatever dirty tricks were necessary to attack people and entities which were considered to be “enemies” of Scientology. The dirty tricks they used included destruction of evidence, theft of documents, illegal surveillance or bugging, blackmail, bribery, physical assault and other intimidation, securing perjured testimony. MFTC’s mission was to find or manufacture crimes for “enemies” of Scientology.

Before and during the trial in Wollersheim v Church of Scientology of California, MFTC and WOLLY ran a number of operations directed against Wollersheim, his counsel, and the Court. One of these operations was an attempt to put pressure on Bill Swearinger, the son of the trial judge in the Wollersheim case, based on his alleged homosexuality. The idea was to dig up, or manufacture (perhaps by setting the son up in a compromising sexual position with a minor boy), dirt on the son which could be used to pressure the Judge to rule favorably for Scientology, or else to get the Judge disqualified.

Attached as Exhibit A is a true copy of an internal Scientology memorandum, dated 6/21/86, which discusses this “Swearinger Investigation”. I received a hard copy of this document at about that time, and I believe I also received a copy of this document on my computer. The Linda referred to on the first page is Linda Hamil, who at the time ran the MFTC. The Marty referred to on the first page is Marty Rathbun, a top Scientology “intelligence” official, who ran this operation.

Oh, say what? A document that refers to Marty Rathbun not only knowing about this particular operation but being in on it?

Let’s take a look at it. Here’s that exhibit, dated 1986, which has some missing letters because of a poor scan of a court document. But we can see enough to get the picture…

21-Jun-1986 10:37

From: MFTC I/C

Re: Swearinger Invest

for your info and whatever else you can do with this…

20-Jun-1986 20:56

Dear Linda,
What does JP want to do with Bill Swearinqer? What did Bowles say to him? Why would we want Bill S to have Royce confess? Confess to what? When will the rest of the 13 original targets be done?

ML Marty

20-Jun-1986 20:40

Dear Sir,

Compliance Report.

What was ordered:

I sent over a 18 step invest to revive the Swearinger Invest. In response you merc’d’

“‘Ilk, I’ll expect the results of all of this by Friday.’

(In this same comm you asked for the Mayer invest which is forwarded in a separate Merc.)

What was done:

The results of the Swearinger Invest are in the report below. The original targets are at the very end of this comm.

This is DK.

ML Linda

Swearinger Invest results:

resulted in a) two Swearinger neighbors recalling a White Cherokee by Bill’s house a few times in the last 6 months {that’s what Royce drives} and by Bill Swearinger calling up Tim Bowles wanting to end cycle of it all once and for all. Step by step results follow.

1. Learn[?] was not yet interviewed as she has not yet been located. However we did find out that she has left the employment of Varsity Communications and we found her last name, traced her through her parents and now have her unlisted phone number in Hollywood. She has not been in yet but should be able to be reached either tonight or Saturday. The good news is that she no longer works for the company so will not be under the thumb of Palmieri.

Perry and Embinder have not been at the office or at home over the last days so have not yet been confronted. Ambush interview of Steve Perry (a.k.a. Bubba}. He could confirm the relationship of Bill S. and Walker.

Photos were taken to Royce’s neighbors and none recalled having seen Bill, None of Bill’s distinctive cars in the vicinity.

5. Bill’s neighbors were shown Royce, Bubba and Embinder and did not recognize them. They were also shown the photo of Royce’s white Cherokee and two of his nearest neighbors independently recognized having seen such a car parked adjacent to the stairs leading up to Bill’s house a few times over the last six months. One of these neighbors, Mr. Franklee (a film editor said that Bill frequently had parties where young boys were observed at Bill’ s house but had no distinct memories of any faces.

6. We have not been able to confirm where Casey was 9-10-11 May due to terminals not being accessible.

7. The line to the secretary to get further data from the court reporter ran into a logistics snag and will need to be done Monday.

8. Though Royce has refused to speak at all with Francovich, a line to go in on to reestablish the comm has worked out which can be done early next week (Francovich will take over a check owed to Royce which will be coming in Monday or Tues,.

9. The young mexican we’d seen with Swearingor last month has not been identified. The neighbor checked with (Pranklee) recalled having seen him about a month ago walking away from the house, upset, originating to this neighbor “I can’t go on like this any more, I’m really upset. And this neighbor hasn’t seen him since. Checks were made at a local mexican restaurant the two had stopped at when under surveillance, no data, and a number in Guatemala possibly associated with this kid was checked but the only person at the number with contacts in LA was out of town for a week. So the kid could not be located to interview.

10. The spots where Bill was seen to stop on surveillance were checked for familiarity with Royce or his vehicle or friends and there was no recognition. The vicinity of an address where Royce had been seen dropping off two young men was checked and one neighbor, a foreigner, man (Mr. Behar) recognized having seen a car similar to Bill Swearinger’s in the neighborhood.

11. Stuart and Steve’s office was visited, they were not there but the current office manager related a story consistent with Royce Walker’s description of Swearinger and Walker only casually knowing each other.

12. Royce & friend’s photo was shown to the receptionist and security man at 69~ Hollywood (where Swearinger’s office is located, but ~ot d~a~in~ attention to Swearinger). No recognition. His old office across the street was also checked, no reads.

13. It was found that Caryl Warner does still practice law and works out of 69~ Hollywood – Suite 500 – a full schedule every day. However a check made on Thursday revealed that he was out until Monday so no pretext interview has yet been done.

A definite impingement was made from the actions taken Bill Swearinger phoned Tim Bowles at ~:15 today and said the following:

that Al Bei[?] of Ingram investigations was asking his neighbors ~ his clients questions about the veracity of Royce Walker, was very upsetting and said he wants it to stop immediately. He wants to end cycle on this escapade on his knowledge of the Judge’s prejudice “once and for all”. He said he is not willing to submit to a deposition (because the federal judge ruled that such a depo is irrelevant). However, he said he is willing to meet with us to tell us what he knows. He insists there is no prejudice from his father. He termed our efforts ‘shooting in a barrel with nonexistent fish”, something like that.

He said that if we can’t come to an immediate resolution on [missing words] is he going to take “self-help”. He specifically mentioned buying a gun or drafting and filing a motion for protective order in the federal case. He said he couldn’t wait until Monday, he decided to resolve it now.

It is of interest that Al Bei[?] did not interview any of the neighbors, that was done by Mark Marinc. Al Sr. went to the 6922 Hollywood building (Swearinger’s office and Al Bei Jr. went to Royce’s
office at 7715 Sunset. We don’t know who any of Bill’s clients are (though one of the women interviewed by Marino could have been a client}.


a) Have the confrontation with Swearinger and get him to tell the truth about this matter. If he insists he is being truthful, have him drag in Royce to confess, and Francovich can be there too.

{the following steps to be done but called off if step (a) resolves it as continuing would be pointless.}

b) Interview Leann (per last call her ~o~ate said she’s expected to be there Saturday) who is no longer part of the Varsity office. She’ll be checked out whether the boys went to Palm Springs as well.

c) Ingram to call Casey to ask him Just one more question – the Palm Springs question he neglected to ask him during the interview.

~) P~.l ~ ~u~t reporter string via the secretary resource.

e) interviews of Embinder and Bubba.

f) Francovich to recontact Roy~ with check owed to him and get him in.

f) Pull down Caryl Warner string through pretext interview.

il Ambush interview on Leann, the secretary (she was the one other person mentioned in the depo of Walker as someone he talked to about Son. She will be gotten outside of the office as in the office someone could contact Palmieri and she’ll clam up.)

ambush interview of Steve Perry (aka Bubba). He could confirm ~i~g of Bill S. and Walker.

~q~ ~erv~e~ of Embinder as possible.

Photo of Bill and Ron taken to Royce’s neighbors to see whether ~~ seen them around.

5. Photos of Royce, Bubba, Embinder and Casey shown to Bill Swearinger’s neighbors.

6. Find out where Casey Klinger was the weekend 9 – 10 – 11 May, i.e. whether he was in Palm Springs or not. (pretext has been worked out to get this.) If in Palm Springs, get identity of the two fags they were with.

7. Use secretary resource who has a good line already to the court reporters to find out anything further on the cash payment cycle, i.e. was the Judge irritated, who else may have been there, etc.

8. Francovich to re-establish comm line with Royce over some business dealing, and see what further can be obtained from this line, get him to cop out to what occurred (witness present).

9. Use our Spanish speaking PI (Joe) to suitably interview the young mexican (P. Garcia may be name) guy who was seen with Bill Swearinger at least three mornings, who may live with Swearinger, and get the data on Bill’s relationship with Royce

18. Use the data we have on Bill’s contacts (places he was observed ~oi.nO ~n~en under surveillance and known comm lines he has) to interview the contacts with pictures of Royce and Bill re: their

11. Stuart and Steve (Bill’s former employers and Royce’s friend) ~=en w/photos to establish how many times and for what reason Royce visited Bill.

12. Suitably inquire (with photos) at Bill’s current law office about Walker, does he show up there frequently etc.

13. Pull down strings on any possible relationship between Swearinger and Caryl Warner (work in same suite though different offices) – through pretext interview. the above to be done by Friday, then analyzed and retargetted.

Wow. So Marty Rathbun is now saying that Lawrence Wright invented a story of Vicki Aznaran testifying that there was a scummy Scientology operation to target the son of a judge hearing the Wollersheim matter, when it turns out that not only did Aznaran testify to it, but a Scientology document entered as evidence suggests that Rathbun himself was in on the operation.

Marty, did you seriously intend to open this can of worms?

Instead of casting any doubt on Wright’s book, all you’re doing is reminding us that you never came clean in any of your three books about the operations you were involved with as Scientology’s chief enforcer. You ran those scummy operations, Marty. And now you expect us to take your word over Larry Wright’s?


And once again, why did you give Dani Lemberger’s private email to the Church of Scientology to use against him in litigation? How about just answering that simple question?


Bonus items from our tipsters

Actual caption from an image posted on a public page by the Mace-Kingsley center in Clearwater: “These 2 girls just finished their current auditing program! They start really young these days. Children can do the Purif as early as 9-10 years old at Mace-Kingsley, then Objectives/SRD & then get their Grades (by the age 12) and go on to Clear! This is the usual here at Mace-Kingsley in Clearwater, FL. It is Great to see so many children going up the Bridge on a daily basis!”


Seriously, FBI? What the hell are you waiting for?



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— London-based Australian journalist Steve Cannane talking about his book Fair Game
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Scientology disconnection, a reminder

Bernie Headley has not seen his daughter Stephanie in 4,781 days.
Jamie Sorrentini Lugli has not seen her father Irving in 2,538 days.
Quailynn McDaniel has not seen her brother Sean in 1,884 days.
Claudio and Renata Lugli have not seen their son Flavio in 2,378 days.
Sara Goldberg has not seen her daughter Ashley in 1,418 days.
Lori Hodgson has not seen her son Jeremy in 1,130 days.
Marie Bilheimer has not seen her mother June in 656 days.
Joe Reaiche has not seen his daughter Alanna Masterson in 4,745 days
Derek Bloch has not seen his father Darren in 1,885 days.
Cindy Plahuta has not seen her daughter Kara in 2,205 days.
Claire Headley has not seen her mother Gen in 2,180 days.
Ramana Dienes-Browning has not seen her mother Jancis in 536 days.
Mike Rinder has not seen his son Benjamin in 4,838 days.
Brian Sheen has not seen his daughter Spring in 945 days.
Skip Young has not seen his daughters Megan and Alexis for 1,347 days.
Mary Kahn has not seen her son Sammy in 1,220 days.
Lois Reisdorf has not seen her son Craig in 801 days.
Phil and Willie Jones have not seen their son Mike in 1,306 days.
Mary Jane Sterne has not seen her daughter Samantha in 1,550 days.
Kate Bornstein has not seen her daughter Jessica in 12,659 days.


3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on June 14, 2017 at 07:00

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  • daisy

    Get your own covfefe ! Sorry that joke is just never going to get old for me.

    • Supper Powers

      Good to see you. Hope things are going ok.

      • daisy

        Good to see you back. All is well

  • Little Brother Joey (3-7-77)

    Oh for the love of… this is just getting painfully ridiculous. Marty’s talking so much shit his teeth must be stained brown.

  • RadioPaul1

    I said it before and I say it again…
    Scientology has a new spokesperson and his name is Marty Rathbun.
    Eat your heart out Tommy Davis.

    • Little Brother Joey (3-7-77)

      The sad thing (for me at least) is that while Tommy was always somewhat entertaining, everything lately comes with the sour taste of remembering Marty’s past, constructive contributions. For a guy who was once #3 on the list of people crippling Scientology, he’s sure going that extra mile to shit on what could’ve been a halfway decent legacy.

  • Graham

    Grief, what a painfully sad picture of those poor little girls. They look bewildered.

    • NOLAGirl (Stephanie)

      Can’t even comment on that right now. It makes me want to fight someone.

    • Silence of the Clams

      Forcing children to believe that a Hubbard, an Allah, a Jesus, a Hanuman is some mythical figure that watches everything you do and has some punishment waiting for you after you die is sick. There should simply be no tax exemption for any of them. And in the case of Scientology, I would hope that people start getting sent to jail sooner than later.

  • NOLAGirl (Stephanie)

    Marty seems like the kind of guy who gives his heart surgeon advice on how to do the surgery properly.

    And Gary cemented his credibility with me when he said the scanners they had back then were more sophisticated than the cordless phones, he’s right. My uncle was a volunteer firefighter and used to occasionally pick up a bit of a nearby phone call on his scanner back when cordless phones had those long antennae.

    Gary’s right.

    • RadioPaul1

      He has no heart

  • HTC

    I was never a fan of MR and never thought he came clean about the extent of his involvement in the cult. As much as I hate to give him one second of attention, these videos are like watching a train wreck in slow motion that I can’t help but look. He’s beyond redemption, although he doesn’t realize it.

    • Graham

      Sadly he seems to be under the illusion that it’s David Miscavige, the Punching Pontiff, who will offer him redemption.

  • Graham

    Yet another tragedy in England. Yet another opportunity for a nominal group of 4 or 5 Scientology’s Volunteer Ministers to turn up for a photo op two days after the event, grinning like they’re on a school outing and contributing nothing. Watch out for social media pics in the next day or two (Once the danger and the immediate need is well and truly past):

    • Little Brother Joey (3-7-77)

      God I hope they don’t show up. I’m just watching the footage on this now, and feeling more than a bit panicked for a couple friends I know that live in the area. Seeing those glory hounds poking around would be equal parts tragic and infuriating.

      • Graham

        I think they’ve learned the lesson that they’d not be welcome whilst rescue operations are going on and now confine themselves to turning up days later for the photo op for the Scientology record books. You would think at the very least they’d pose with appropriately concerned faces. Instead they grin like idiots, betraying the fact that the danger’s long over and their ‘efforts’ are in no way serious.

        • Little Brother Joey (3-7-77)

          Well yeah, I mean who cares about the tragic event or the lives lost or the damage caused? Gotta grin like a moron for the photoshoot and convince the rest of the clams they’re saving the world. Freaking morons couldn’t even save a spot in line.

    • NOLAGirl (Stephanie)

      Oh Graham. I hope everyone is okay. From what I understand vertical firefighting is some of the toughest to do. Sending my best to all the first responders & hoping everyone gets out safely. ❤️

      • PickAnotherID

        It’s like trying to put out a fireplace from inside the chimney.

  • Little Brother Joey (3-7-77)

    “They start really young these days” and “This is the usual here at Mace-Kingsley in Clearwater, FL” are probably the two saddest things in the story today.

  • madame duran

    *sees yet another photo of kids subjected to Hubbard’s quackery; is steamed*

    Can’t handle Marty right now. Children’s lives are being ruined and none of the authorities are protecting them.

    • salin

      Could just be how she mugs for a photo – but that little one on the right, already has that dead-eye TRs trained stare down to a t. Definitely disturbed by this item.

  • Vault Digger

    Please can everyone stop pulling their guts inside out to emulate Mr. Pretzel? One would like to hear from The Proprietor the reasoning behind Marty’s turnaround. Thank you in advance.

    • Juicer77

      Ok. Come sit by me while we wait.
      (hides mustard bottle behind her back)

  • Scanners couldn’t listen in on analog cell phones, cordless phones? O RLY?

    More dox:

    • NOLAGirl (Stephanie)

      Muwahahahahaha!! I couldn’t wait until you got here. 😀

    • Little Brother Joey (3-7-77)

      I gotta ask, what’s that little figurine you have there to the right of the scanner? It looks familiar somehow, but I can’t quite tell what it is.

      • A Ral Partha D&D viking figurine.

        • Little Brother Joey (3-7-77)

          Nice, thanks for putting my curiosity to rest!

    • Victoria Pandora

      I went through my neighbors entire divorce with her, in 1990, simply because it was the only frequency on my baby monitor that worked.
      It just happened to be the same as her phone, several rows down in the condo complex.
      So, who is Marty kidding?

      It’s all just more footbullets.

  • Panopea Abrupta

    One final post in this series before stopping for a while.

    Missions? What Missions?
    post #64 in the series – a preview

    In the 1979 edition of “What is Scientology?”,
    the following Missions were listed.
    This was in fact the listing of existing Missions from late 1978.
    There were 39 of them in California:

    Mission of Adams Avenue
    Mission of Berkeley
    Mission of Beverly Hills
    Mission of Burbank
    Mission of Castro Valley
    Mission of Chico
    Mission of Chula Vista
    Mission of Davis
    Mission of Davis-Sacramento
    Mission of East Bay
    Mission of Fresno
    Mission of Hollywood
    Mission of Marin
    Mission of Lake Tahoe
    Mission of Long Beach
    Mission of Glendale/Los Feliz
    Mission of Los Gatos
    Mission of Manhattan Beach
    Mission of Monterey-Carmel
    Mission of Mountain View
    Mission of Orange County
    Mission of Palo Alto
    Mission of Pasadena
    Mission of Canoga Park
    Mission of Riverside
    Mission of Sacramento
    Mission of San Francisco
    Mission of San Luis Obispo
    Mission of Mid-Peninsula
    Mission of Santa Barbara
    Mission of Steven’s Creek
    Mission of Santa Rosa
    Mission of Sausalito
    Mission of South Bay
    Mission of Stockton
    Mission of The Valley
    Mission of Vista
    Mission of Walnut Creek
    Mission of Westwood-Wilshire

    In their submission to the IRS for tax exemption, in 1993, these are the Missions listed.
    There were by now only 21 of them in California.
    By 2009, they were listing 43 Missions in California:

    The IRS, as of April of 2017, has 39 active Missions in California listed, over 50% of a total of 77 in the US.
    Here is PickAnotherID’s post from the IRS dbase:

    Hey, DM, that’s exactly the same # of Missions as in 1978!

    Oops, and then there is a hard and cold reality:

    The Department of State of California lists only 25 active Missions of the 115 total that have been registered over the years.
    One of those 25 is definitively closed – Temecula.
    Despite being listed as tax-exempt with California AND the IRS.
    A few more have zero presence except as a PO Box or in a private residence
    (e.g. Santa Monica, listed as active, is now ostensibly 400 miles away in Fair
    Oaks at Rohn and Vicki Walker’s home.)
    Several run extremely limited opening hours e.g.

    Here they all are:

    Continued below due to Disqus

  • Opticheart

    I watched the Ep. 9 with my mouth open. I was totally gobsmacked. He is a person who was fair gamed denying that fairgame took place! I saw he and his wife in The Passionate Eye here in Canada talking about all they had been through. I saw the squirrel busters show up at his house. Now he is defending the church and saying things never happened that did. I mean what is his relationship with the Church now? They certainly haven’t taken down their smear website. What is or will be his 20 pieces of silver?

    • Peter

      I don’t know if it’s on the chart of emotions Hubbard created, but Marty is certainly in a condition of “DESPERATION”. What the hell is his wife thinking????

      • gtsix

        “That’s my man.”

  • chuckbeattyxquackologist75to03

    There’s so much ex top officials of Scientology have to mentally unwind from.

    I wish Marty would unwind from his years leading up to the “IRS win” which he’s obviously stuck in. He got his Waterford Crystal Punch Bowl award at the “War Is Over” event, that was his public highest award in his Scientology history.

    If he dissected critically and wrote up for posterity all the weaknesses on the Scientology side that were papered over, then the future IRS might have some points allowing them to overturn that religious tax exemption.

    I bet if there were an ex IRS agent who likes to review tax exemption issues, had the interest to do a book reviewing Scientology’s tax exemption, I wish Marty would help them!

  • Marty 2017, say hello to Marty 2009:

    Has Scientology been watching Pat Broeker for two decades? November 1, 2009, Joe Childs, Thomas C. Tobin, Tampa Bay Times

    Miscavige wanted him watched, said Rathbun, who arranged for two private investigators to find and stay on Broeker.

    One became a drinking buddy and gave Broeker a cordless phone as a Christmas gift.

    In the early 1990s, before cordless phones became sophisticated, conversations could be monitored via a police scanner from a block or two away. It was a legal practice.

    “Dave loved this idea,” Rathbun said. “He wanted to hear as many conversations as he could with Pat. We recorded all his conversations for probably a year. We knew everything he was up to.”

    • salin

      Most excellent recollection and replaying of his own words via Tobin & Childs. Thanks.

    • Little Brother Joey (3-7-77)

      He’s probably only just begun to contradict himself. Maybe he even has a checklist of all the things he’s said on camera or interview that he now has to disavow…

      Still, makes me wonder how a discussion would go between ’09 Marty and ’17 Marty. To be a fly on the wall for that convo!

      • It’s like he’s reverted (or been reverted) to Marty 2002, and all the shore stories are now true for him again.

        • Little Brother Joey (3-7-77)

          I think you might have something there with the ‘been reverted’ part…

          • To me, he’s always seemed to have some kind of split-level thinking going on, where one minute he’ll be saying that CoS would never harm someone’s dog, and the next that he wouldn’t put it past them to do that. Like there was a war going on between In-Marty and Out-Marty in his head. I guess the war is over now.

            The Tip of the Spear December 18, 2012, Joel Sappell, Los Angeles Magazine, p.6

      • Noesis

        Marty does sound like he is operating from a checklist…or more likely from a series of targets arranged in a program…just like he was taught in Scientology.

        He going down a list making some points (he thinks) in his videos that have something to do with something – that is not yet quite clear.

        But a pattern is beginning to emerge.

        If nothing else he is trying to convince HIMSELF that what he did in Scientology was more good than bad.

        It does not appear that he is convincing anyone else that has been paying attention to the 60+ year crime wave perpetrated by top church management – including Marty.

        Quoting Hubbard writing to the U.S. Attorney General in 1951 “When, when, when, will we have a round-up?” (See near the bottom of page 6.)


    • And if Marty 2017 thinks Marty 2009 is unreliable, the PIs later confirmed the details:

      Scientology’s Master Spies November 29, 2012, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker, p.2

  • Mighty Korgo of Teegeeack

    So, I guess the idea is a representative of Miscavige and Marty Rathbun sat down in an out of the way coffee shop and had a discussion that went something like this. “Marty, we want you to spread some gradient truths, shore stories and plausible lies about our enemies. You will be our fifth column. In exchange we will lay off, give you money and return to you some of the respectability you had among our people”. Marty accepted his first payment and began to work for the greatest good along the greatest number of dynamics.

    It has taken me a while to get it, but he wouldn’t be the first.

    • Rasha

      Rasha’s congn…. conic…conignit…. brain thing was simpler — he was fibbing the whole time.

      • Princess Poopypants

        No, my vote is he has turned.
        If he was faking the whole time, I just don’t believe that DM would have ever let him go as far as he did with media.
        I think they kissed and made up.

        • DoveAlexa

          I guess being lieutenant Pope to a measly 20k people (who won’t ever admit they hate you) is better than being loved and appreciated by millions for your contributions in bringing the cult down… or something?

          • Mighty Korgo of Teegeeack

            In the Louis Theroux movie there is a touching scene near the end where Rathbun says he is unemployable. Being flat broke, especially with a wife and kids, can make a person do strange things. And there are so many other extenuating circumstances in this story that I imagine that Rathbun reached his breaking point.

            • Little Brother Joey (3-7-77)

              I’ve wondered that as well, if things just came crashing down to the point where somehow that old life was the only thing he had left to turn to. A poor one to be sure, but maybe that was the one constant/certainty/comfort he thought he could turn to.

        • Juicer77

          It’s possible Missmanage is letting Rashbum *think* they are making up. What’s really happening is Rashbum’s getting played for a gigantic sucker.

          • MarcabExpat

            STAAAAHP you guys. Remember Tony won’t talk until we stop speculating??????

            • Rasha

              No pretzels today???

            • Juicer77

              Nah, he loves it. Eventually we’ll wear him down to pure exasperation and he’ll shut us up. 😉

          • Little Brother Joey (3-7-77)

            That strikes me as the only possible outcome, really. After all Marty’s done, I can’t see DM ever forgiving or welcoming him back. All he’s doing at this point is burning what few bridges he’s got left until the one to total freedom’s all that remains.

      • Juicer77
  • Andrew

    Ok so most of you won’t know me because I’ve posted very few comments here, but I hope you’ll hear me out. My own personal history isn’t all that exciting although I’ll describe it if asked. But this is about the newest Marty video, #9. I haven’t yet watched the first 8 just because I’ve slowly watched him ease back into this Scientology think mode, which I find sad and repulsive. As a quick aside, I was really touched by Marty’s appearance in Going Clear when he talks about dying multiple deaths reflecting on his misdeeds and hurtful actions. That sentiment brought me to tears because I’ve felt that way (as I’m sure many people have) about things in my past.
    But last night I watched his latest video and I have some thoughts. First, watch the video at 3:36 and 3:46. He is trying to refute Wright’s reporting and he does something that you may not notice at those points. He touches his face while talking. Now I have to say that on its own that isn’t necessarily remarkable, but people who study body language will tell you that touching your face while talking is often a huge red flag that you are being deceitful. I’ll concede that this isn’t the case 100% of the time; sometimes you just have an itch. But it is a suspicious gesture. However the BIG one is at 6:23. While expertly dead-agenting Gary Morehead (calling him “goofy” but then saying he’s likable), he covers his mouth while saying he is “not trying to put the guy down.” Now THAT is a dead giveaway. He is lying through his teeth. Period. And immediately after calling Gary goofy he criticizes this current “pile-on culture.” O.M.G. You mean the current negative culture created by people who, oh I don’t know, call people disparaging names?! Jesus Marty, you’re not that slick are you. And BTW, I’ll refer you to the book “The Definitive Book of Body Language” if you’d like to read more about all sorts of body clues; it’s a fascinating read.
    Ok back to the video. I have to laugh at 5:22. Talking about the number of people who attempt escape, he chuckles at the notion that 100 people a year try to do so. Ok let’s just assume 100 is incorrect, even vastly so. How many do try Marty? After all you were “in charge of”- no I’m sorry “were intimately connected with” security at the base. So was it 50? 20? 3? Wouldn’t ONE be too many? Does he deny that anyone tried to escape? Nope. If you were trying to defend an organization accused of keeping people hostage, would you just laugh at the NUMBER reported? Hell no, you would fight the basic accusation. Oh and last one, skipping back a minute to 5:03. He again chuckles at the notion of a “sniper’s nest” at the base. Now if I were Wright I might not have used that term (unless I had a very credible source to refer to it as such given the serious implications), BUT we have all seen the high-def video from Angry Thetan here at this website flying over the thing. It’s there for us to see in beautiful 4K resolution. It sure as hell looks like a tactical sniper position with the vestiges of a fort of some kind.
    This whole situation is so bewildering watching Marty take this road. It’s truly like a train wreck in slow motion.
    In conclusion I’m not sure what provoked my interest in creating this long post, but I hope some of you find it interesting and I appreciate your feedback, even if it’s critical. Thank you for reading.

    • salin

      Thank you for speaking up. Very interesting body language cues that you picked up on. I hope you weigh in on the bunker comments more often.

      • Andrew

        Thanks, I’ll consider posting more often.

    • Juicer77

      Welcome, Andrew.
      I can’t keep up with the number of times Rashbum’s head has spun around.

    • Chee Chalker

      I also have an interest in body language and noticed the hands on the mouth action several times throughout the videos.
      As an aside, there is a body language expert who has many videos on YouTube of celebrity interviews. It’s fascinating.

      • Andrew

        Thanks I’ll check that out. I’m sure all of his other videos contain similar examples. I just didn’t have the time or stomach last night to watch another one.

  • Supper Powers

    I can’t even look at that photo of the little girls. It is an insidious child abuse I’m embarrassed our country’s law enforcement turns away from because they simply are askeered of the church. My stomach hurts.

  • Jeb Burton

    You’re being unfair to the warrior. He’s just doing this as part of his secret settlement.

  • Panopea Abrupta

    Let us prey.
    Today’s reading is from the
    The 47th Epistle to the Howdycondeans

    And the days lengthened and, the Shun rising high in the sky,
    In those times, it was as had been prophesied.

    For Rathbun the Reneger smote against his enemies.
    But he was like unto a man that would strike the wind
    Or seek to tell the tides to turn.

    For there hath arisen anew another Hurricane out of Brooklyn.
    And all was to be swept before it,
    Going Clear from sea to sea
    Raking clam-bed, yea, unto clam-bed.
    Making it go Wright.
    And soon, rue was in the Land.

    And the tribes watched, in pity and in scorn.
    And some in anger too,
    For he was as Judas after the Supper.
    And Peter that hath denied.

    But Mark was as a beast howling in the wilderness.
    Came he then, as a Sigh Warrior upon his Trike.
    Clothed was he in fine raiments
    And the light shone on the left side of his head,
    Yet, I say unto you, he did rant and rave.
    And he did live on intellectual locusts and wild berries.

    For he sought meaning where none could be found
    And railed against Big Farmer
    For he hath fallen into a deep Mind-shaft.
    For he hath sold his birthright for a potted message.

    But the Howdycondeans did rejoice.
    For there was being prepared for them a feast.
    Libations and Ale Mary and rue-barb pie and much cerebrations.
    And, lo, they would find parking.

    And inside the walls of that High City would they gather,
    from the Land of Ire and from the East unto the West,
    Yea, verily, from the North and from the South.
    Even out of the City of Angels

    But the Dork Lord fulminated upon his applebox
    For Troubles came, even unto the Gates of Hemet
    And He was as a Vice crying in the Wilderness
    And there was Whaling and Gnashing of Thieves
    And he plotted.
    For he loved not Angels but Angles

    This is the Turd of the Lord.


    Please open your hymnals to page 47.
    We will now sing “Nearer, My COB, To Thee”

    • skiesareblue

      Your pen flows like Mozart’s.

    • Juicer77


    • Draco

      Been reading Revelations lately?

    • Mark Foster

      Morty´s been taking ¨dictation¨ from The Dork Lord.
      Another winner, Pan !

  • Jimmy3

    I believe you, Marty. These ASC bullies are always expecting people to read stuff like court documents and long articles of text, but we all know watching video is easier than reading. You are smart to disable comments on your youtubes, because who wants to read shit anyway? Just shut up and watch the videos.

    • NOLAGirl (Stephanie)

      Make me a sammich’

      • Jimmy3

        I’ll make you a Marty Rathburger.

        • Juicer77

          I’d rather have a Rue-bun

          • Jimmy3

            I didn’t know we were doing Rathpuns today. Is there a schedule posted somewhere?

            • Juicer77

              You know Rathpuns are always fair game around here.

            • Jimmy3

              I got a hole lot of nothin here.

        • NOLAGirl (Stephanie)

          Blergh! I’ll take the salad, thanks. 😀

          • Jimmy3

            You sure? The Rathburger is a specialty.

            • NOLAGirl (Stephanie)

              Yes, but you over-do it on the Rue, giving it that hint of middle of the road possum. That smell is just too much. LOL

  • MarcabExpat

    If you’re a corrupt, pompous politician, do not piss off a comedian or a cartoonist.

    If you’re a criminal who’s gotten away with his crimes, do not piss off an expert investigative journalist.

    Holy shit, this video was a bad idea.

    • Chee Chalker

      Particularly if it leads to a lawsuit by any number of people, including the former firm that represented him.
      Imagine that deposition – going through the lies in these videos – lie by lie.

  • Observer

    I feel bad for anyone who put any trust in Marty.

    • Juicer77

      That’s what gets me, too. Anyone who gave him info about their personal life must be really concerned. I hope they are able to take their families and friends and whatever money they have left and just walk away from the Co$ and the “Tech” entirely.

    • KNMF

      A particular little person especially, who one day may be confused by all the flip-flopping and inconsistency. I wonder when the auditing begins.

    • Gothic Joe

      Me too. Marty is truly a cowardly, backstabbing puppet. I’m guessing he’s back under Miscavige’s thumb.

  • Little Brother Joey (3-7-77)

    Looking over the picture from today’s story, the scanner and antenna being placed against the board’s horizontal lines remind me of a polygraph. Rather fitting imagery considering Marty’s current antics.

  • No campaign to discredit or blackmail Charles O’Reilly? Scientology’s former lawyer disagrees:

    On the Offensive Against an Array of Suspected Foes June 29, 1990, Robert W. Welkos, Joel Sappell, Los Angeles Times

    Among other things, Yanny said in his lawsuit that he attended a 1987 meeting at which top church officials and three private detectives discussed blackmailing Los Angeles attorney Charles O’Reilly, who won the multimillion-dollar jury award for Wollersheim.

    According to Yanny, the plan was to steal O’Reilly’s medical records from the Betty Ford Clinic near Palm Springs, then exchange them for a promise from O’Reilly that he would “ease off” during the appeal process.

    Yanny, who later had a bitter break with Scientology, said he objected and the idea was dropped. The church denies such a discussion ever took place.

    • And O’Reilly seemed to think it happened:

      The Two Faces of Scientology July 1, 1992, William W. Horne, American Lawyer

      O’Reilly contends that, in the years following the verdict, he was questioned by the California state bar for substance abuse (the inquiry was eventually dropped), by the IRS (an investigation in ongoing), and by the state franchise tax board (no charges were ever brought). The evidence of church involvement in these matters is circumstantial — and thin. O’Reilly points to documents filed in federal court by church lawyers during the Wollersheim case seeking records from substance abuse treatment centers relating to him. “I’ve never been in any of those facilities,” he says. O’Reilly presents no other proof of church involvement.

    • I swear that exact quote wasn’t already in the article when I posted. Mutter-mutter. Heh, that’s what happens when I get riled up before coffee by something as stupid as Marty’s comments.

  • Sarcasmo

    These recent Marty Mark videos (which I’ve decided not to watch after being so bored with the lies in pt. 2 or 3) remind me of these scenes from ‘The Breakfast Club,’ and ‘Go.’ He’ll never answer questions about his baseless claims, how he turned over Dani Lemberger’s private email to the cherch, or anything else for that matter, but it’s good to see Tony and a good number of people who comment here and at other sites holding Marty Mark’s feet to the fire and not let him off with his spewing of complete and utter bullshit.

    I’m pretty sure that anyone still in who’s thinking of getting out will check out this site as well as Marty’s videos so the flow of people leaving the cherch won’t stop (or even slow down), but Marty is doing a great job at dead-agenting himself for Miscavige.

  • Seconded on the call to the FBI to get on with investigating child abuse in the criminal organisation known as the church of $cientology.

    And good use of flip-flop propaganda as a clue about where to look. Now I don’t know if I want to never again hear about Marty. Hmm.

  • Opticheart

    I wonder what Mike Rinder thinks of all this. He hasn’t said a word about it on his blog. I wonder if he’s hurt, angry, disgusted. I wonder if Lawrence Wright is getting ready to sue.

    • Little Brother Joey (3-7-77)

      And not just Mike. I can’t even imagine how many people must be feeling frustrated, betrayed, and hurt by all of this. For all the people who turned to him for help, or as a source of guidance or comfort after leaving the church, this has got to one hell of blow. Going back on all that he’d said, and working against the critics is one thing, but it’s the betrayal to the people who trusted him that really gets to me.

      • madge filpot

        It’s what LRH did.. lied to and betrayed us all.

    • MarcabExpat

      Mike Rinder is to smart and too coolheaded to voluntarily jump into a pile of someone else’s shit.

      He’s got skeletons too, but notice how nobody’s been able to make him do awkward videos or questionable attacks that sound like someone else’s voice. He took care to avoid putting himself in anyone else’s power ever again.

      • Juicer77

        And is working d*mn hard to expose the Co$ for what it is, and stop future abuse as much as he can.

      • NOLAGirl (Stephanie)

        And if you’re someone Mike Rinder has hurt in the past, you could email him right this minute and he’d kindly talk with you & no doubt offer you an apology.

        Humility. Marty should look into it.

    • Silence of the Clams

      I bet you Mike knows exactly the what’s and why’s behind Marty’s turnaround. But really, why would he care now? Mike is essentially the co-star in a wildly popular show and frankly, I think he has a bigger fish to fry. Oh wait, we’re talking about Miscavige….I meant a minnow to fry.

  • Ann B Watson

    Yes, It is so uplifting to see all the proud Thetans shoving their kids up the Bridge. Totally heartless & disgusting. I have said all I will say about Marty. I have zero left in me that wants to pay attention to him. But Tony and all who let his videos speak for themselves y’all are Heroes. 💔💛

  • Vault Digger

    I just figured it out. Marty has a new book on the horizon, this is just his way of drumming up interest. I am available for consulting work (payable by BitCoin and flour).

    • $cnMonkeyNut$

      I have some work that needs doing… but as I only have some salt, would a salary be acceptable…

    • Syd

      You should butter him up and show him you’re worth your salt. And let him know you can still cut the mustard even if you are a little twisted at times.

  • Apparently Marty Rathbun just says whatever is scripted and makes Miscavige happy. He doesn’t seem to care how ridiculous it is, only that he does his job for Scientology.

    Is Marty a millionaire now?

    It’s no secret that Scientology has spent millions silencing and paying off its critics.

    How much did Rathbun get? And how much does he make now as a Scientology talking head spinning for David Miscavige?

    IMO Rathbun is a well-paid rat who has gotten rich flipping for financial gain.

    Maybe if Rathbun had ever spent time in the hole and suffered like Debbie Cook he would have deserved compensation from Scientology. But Rathbun’s main source of suffering seems to be that his grossly inflated ego was deflated by his demise as a Scientology kingpin and later as a Scientology critic he soon was intellectually running on empty and lost meaningful relevance.

    Rathbun is little more than a gasbag and what he spews stinks.

    • chuckbeattyxquackologist75to03

      What do IRS agents do when they retire? Ones who have consciences and any who can write, ought to do a review of the Scientology IRS religious tax exemption, with Marty’s input of all the things Scientology tried desperately to keep OUT of the IRS’s consideration, but which would potentially have tanked the IRS “win.”

      Or at least, get a few ex IRS agents to sit down, on video,and have the ex IRS agents interview Marty for the full back details, and see if anything the IRS wanted to know was being withheld.

      Marty needs be interviewed by some ex IRS agents who could today get full disclosure out of Marty, IF Marty is completely forthcoming to them, even if they are all retired and their views hold no force other than reveal some hidden details that may have influenced the decision to not give Scientology the exemption for religious reasons.

      • Marty Rathbun will not willingly help the IRS to do anything.

        He is working for Miscavige and will not do anything willingly now to hurt Scientology.

        • chuckbeattyxquackologist75to03

          Agree. Marty’s too invested in the rightness of his past actions. He’d have to reconsider and learn how his actions have not helped human society, and instead caused harm. He’s far back into his career as “warrior” and thinks himself some kind of unstoppable Terminator character in the Scientology history, and he’s not come to grips with the damage that has done.

          The “IRS win” he majorly helped achieve, and it’s still a “win” morally, in his mind.

          That’s the button OSA I’m sure profiled him most to push, and he pushes the key “wins” he was part of as if they are still the right things to have done in his life.

          It’d be interesting to read the “Marty Handling Programs” that OSA crafted over the years to win Marty’s allegience back. Hopefully someone from that OSA “handling program” team defects and leaks all their paperwork.

          • You are very kind.

            IMO this is mainly about money.

            He’s probably a rich guy now. And he likely has some ongoing income from the propaganda rants he is doing for Miscavige.

            You are right about Rathbun’s failure to consider his evil past and all the people he hurt for Scientology. Rathbun never came clean about that.

            Pretty sad history. Rathbun’s apparent claim to fame seems to be helping to get tax-exempt status for the “Cult of Greed.”

            But it would appear in the end all Rathbun really cares about is his himself and living well.

            Dying rich may have been Marty Rathbun’s goal all along.

    • Mighty Korgo of Teegeeack
      • Great.

        Looks like a place ratty Rathbun might scurry in for happy hour.

      • Little Brother Joey (3-7-77)

        Bonus points for the Help Wanted sign in the window.

  • Sejanus

    Ratbum seems to have ample time to make videos these days.
    I wonder when he gets time to work to pay the bills.
    Maybe he is just letting his wife work while he figures out new ways to be Dinky Massengils C**k holster.
    Perhaps there is some new found wealth he is enjoying.

    Anyone Ratbum audited should be in Brown Pants Mode too, for you know everything in those sessions is in the hands of the Co$.
    What a pathetic bit of slunk meat he is.
    I wonder if Rinder still talks to him?
    God I hope not.

  • Syd

    It seems to me that Marty is making these videos for those people still in Scientology but who are getting worried about all of the flak the “church” is getting. By doing these videos he thinks he can dispel some rumours and I highly doubt any of the parishioners will be fact checking him. No, they will take him at his word and breathe a sigh of relief that Larry Wright, Jesse Prince, Vicki Aznaran, Gary Morehead and ALL of the others are just SPs who are out to destroy Scientology but never fear….Marty’s got their number and he’ll right all of their wrongs……. YAY – Scientology Superhero Marty!!!!

  • Chee Chalker

    I’m officially done twisting my guts. (I was a proponent of the ‘Marty’s family/adoption process was being threatened’).
    Sadly it appears it has just come down to the oldest (or maybe the second oldest) motivation known to man – it’s all about the money.

    And I’ll add on here….for all those who feel sorry for his wife – don’t. She’s counting the money with him.

    Because at this point, if it’s not money or threats, it has to be (to borrow a phrase from Marty) complete and utter insanity.

    I always kind of gave Marty a pass on not revealing everything he had done. I figured he was doing enough Inn the present to rectify his sins of the past.
    But now I wonder if the reason he never divulged everything he had done was he was playing the long game – create enough havoc until the big pay day came in.
    Either that or he’s just a complete coward who can’t face his evil past.

    We know Mary reads all these comments….so Marty, when you lie with the dogs…..
    The only new part is now Marty has given his wife fleas as well

  • PRenaud

    So Marty Rathbun is putting his hypocrisy, lying, backstabbing skills back to work… lordy, lordy he’s not fooling us, hope the money he gets from Miscavige for his shameful, scandalous expertise is worth it, hey Marty???

  • dreamcatcher
    • Silence of the Clams

      50 to 100 shots fired? Holy crap.

    • Missionary Kid

      Apparently, according to the news, nobody was killed. The shooter is in custody, and supposedly got shot by Capitol police. One congressman was shot. Everyone shot is in at least stable condition.

      The police are not releasing any more information.

    • NOLAGirl (Stephanie)

      I’ve already called Congressman Scalise’s office (he’s my Congressman) and his local staff says he’s in stable condition and doing okay, as is the rest of his D.C. staff. How or why this happened, I do not know but I’m avoiding Twitter today because I don’t want to see all the speculation.

      • dreamcatcher

        a wise decision….

      • Kim O’Brien

        fat white dude –

  • MissCandle

    Delusional break from reality.

    • Mark Foster

      If he was ever in contact with it for the last 3 decades…

  • Mark Foster

    Wondering if the Francovich in the doc is Mark/Marc Francovich? If I have the name right, I think he also worked for Chick Corea for a while…
    Anyway, this is an excellent post; it is an example of how the cult has operated for decades. it´s driven by the cult´s policies and hubris. The most ethical group on the planet, eh?

  • 0tessa

    I hoped you’d come up with some dox. Thanks.
    It seems rather easy to show Rathbun is lying and doing a bad job of it.
    Is he stupid of what? Who are in fact his public?
    The only public that I can think of not going to check his claims here or elsewhere on the web, are Scientologists.
    His videos are aimed at Scientologists only?
    Then this must be a request by Miscavige. And Rathbun complied happily.
    Which then could mean Miscavige and Rathbun closed ranks again (off the record for now probably).
    Again Miscavige came to him for help. Makes sense, with all the stats plummeting.
    But for me Rathbun sold his soul to the devil this time.

    • Philbyification

      Looks like “the Devil” has always “owned his Soul”. What must his “marks” be feeling now knowing he was handing their info to Co$ the whole time CEMENTING the Disconnection from their families. Vile and Despicable. I’d Love to hear what R.J. thinks about it but he was undoubtedly a Target and has Real Ethical Standards to adhere to unlike his “clients”. Imho.

  • Little Brother Joey (3-7-77)

    Maybe it’s just fatigue leading my mind into strange places, but now I’m
    imagining that this is all an elaborate con on Miscavige’s part.

    The handwriting is on the wall, the ship is sinking, the noose is tightening. He’s wrung all that he can out of the remaining clams and figures now is the time to cut his losses and boogie on out of town.

    But DM’s ego can’t handle the notion. After all, that would be like admitting that he failed as leader, that he ran the cult into the ground. No sir, that won’t do at all! He needs a fall guy, some patsy that can be handed the reins while he moseys off to Bulgravia.

    And how about that, here comes Marty! He’s disillusioned by his time as a critic and free-thinker, the lawsuit is just dragging on and wearing him down, maybe he’s bitter that other critics and former members are enjoying more praise and recognition than him. However you slice it,, he’s just the sort of drifting and broken man that DM is looking for.

    So Davey comes over waving the olive branch. Offers sizeable compensation and a chance to bury the hatchet if the Rathbuns drop the case. From there it turns to constant lovebombing, telling and offering Marty whatever he wants under the guise of making amends. All he’s got to do in return is disparage every poor sap he ever aided during his brief time on the outside.

    What a success story it will make! The bitter, defrocked apostate ventures out into the cold and unforgiving world of the wogs, only to learn that it truly is a horrible and MEST-y place. Regretting all his suppressive acts, he came crawling back to Miscavige in the hopes of reconciliation. And behold! COB saw fit to grant him mercy, returning him to the sweet and nougaty goodness of Scientology!

    Back in good standing and with the deep sense of knowledge and understanding that came from his time philosophizing, Marty will finally get the chance to reform the church as only he knows how. And, what a surprise! DM allows it! He gives Marty his full faith and confidence, even bequeathing him the coveted Chairman position, much to Tom Cruise’s melodramatic horror. Assuring his followers that Scientology is in good hands under Marty’s reign, DM will quietly abscond with the war chest held under one arm and his beagles in the other.

    Once the church tailspins into its inevitable destruction through infighting and bankruptcy, Miscavige will be able to regretfully point out the changes made by his scapeg… I mean loyal officer and ruefully lament the ignominious circumstances that would surely never have happened if HE was till in control.

    Chances of this actually being true are approximately zero and a half, but on some level of my sleep-addled brain, I can see it happening.

    • madge filpot

      Ya know.. I’ve been sort of thinking the same thing. Marty will take up the reins. And inherit the mess.

    • Gerard Plourde

      It’s certainly plausible. Scientology also historically traps people who are experiencing stress and uncertainty in their lives. It’s not a far stretch to assume that Marty was in that position from the lawsuit as well as the financial pressures that his relocation from the Texas Gulf Coast due to Scientology’s harassment and the birth of his child. A settlement would relive the financial burden and the uncertainty of a trial. There would also be the comfort of going back to a known routine. I believe Miscavige (or a public Scientologist he knew well) could manipulate him.

  • Chee Chalker

    Why do I have the feeling that one of these future videos will be about Mike Rinder?
    It will probably go along the lines of
    “I never attached Mike Rinder. I know. I was there. He attacked me. Upon reflection. I realized I was projecting. Mike attacked me and David Miscavige”

    • Little Brother Joey (3-7-77)

      And of course all those videos with the two of them fishing were a clever sting operation to get Mike to open up on camera about Miscavige!

      • Chee Chalker

        I was thinking more along the lines of Marty turning up the heat on Miscavige little by little until it reached a boiling point (Monique’s lawsuit) and Miscavige folded like a cheap suit.
        I’m sure they offered Marty $$ before.
        But after the success of the lawsuit – that’s when the real money came in.

  • ombrifuge

    I presume these videos are part of Marty’s A thru E steps?

    • ombrifuge

      Fortunately, Leah decided to do the A & E steps instead.

  • chuckbeattyxquackologist75to03

    I wish Gary Klinger would get his head on straight. I believe Gary Klinger, if his memory is any good, can tell to what extent Gary’s “team” of PIs and people they used, were doing things that even they KNEW not to tell Marty.

    That’s how the Hubbard policy on “pink legs” goes, and Klinger was old GO era trained, he knew NOT to relay up the “pink legs” really nasty old GO stuff that Klinger, who was RTC as was Marty, was doing.

    HIgher ups are to NOT be given those details, per Simon Bolivar policy. The higher ups, like Marty knows this too, and Marty today ought to hear from Klinger, or whoever next down the chain, there will be the denial gap at one point on the chain of command.

    The nasty Sea Orgers like Klinger, are the ones I think at that level of denial gap, and we need a defector like Kilnger I believe.

    Chuck Ohl, for Clearwater, was old Guardian’s Office, and I think Chuck was an earlier similar person at that “pink legs” denial gap position.

    And then there are the PIs and people who acted as agents that Klinger or the PIs were using, all them could talk the nuts and bolts of things they did, since they are the ones who did the nastiest stuff.

  • Rasha

    Just had a horrible thought….. Oh, no…. no….that book — “To Serve Dave”….. Marty’s turning us into pretzels…. PRETZELS!!!!


    • gtsix

      We’re gonna need a lot more condiments and beer.

      • Rasha

        And deck chairs. And a fire pit. I’m all in.

    • Robert Hanna Moore

      Pass the mustard, please. Om nom nom.

  • Silence of the Clams

    I can’t figure out this Marty thing. The guy is never going to wipe out his SP status no matter how many videos and A to E’s he does. Everyone knows this. So is he just a paid shill now? He’s sold his soul more than once so it wouldn’t shock me but I can’t think of another reason to completely embarrass yourself like this.

    ….and Marty, it really is completely embarrassing.

    • Little Brother Joey (3-7-77)

      That’s the thing, I can’t see anyone from the public up to RTC trusting him as far as they could throw him after everything he’s done. At the same time, any goodwill or trustworthiness he built in his time as a critic is out the window as well. I feel like these videos are for the sheer purpose of wrecking his past credibility. To undo the anti-scientology work he’d previously done. Maybe DM hopes that having Marty refute all these things will make it so that, in some court case in the future, his conflicting statements somehow muddy the waters further.

      • Silence of the Clams

        Excellent point. I can see Miscavige doing that.

      • BosonStark

        Several people, including myself, have thought the videos might be a way of Marty publicly dead-agenting himself. You expressed to what end very well.

        • Little Brother Joey (3-7-77)

          Whew, glad it made sense! I’m about two hours over the usual time I go to sleep after a night shift, and I feel like half of my comments have just been ramblings.

  • Ben Franklin

    I wonder what Marty Rathbun thinks about the squirrel busters now that he is back to kissing Miscavige’s ass passionately. For everyone who supported Marty or sympathised with him during the squirrel buster’s episode and the lawsuit, it seems like it was just a big waste of time. The only way Marty could have redeemed himself is by atoning to all the bad things he has done to others over the years. There is something out there called Karma and one day Marty is going to come face to face with Karma. No amount of money, no amount of brown nosing of Miscavige, no amount of braggadocio by Rathbun will ever wash away all the hurt he has caused others. What’s next for Rathbun? Denying that he destroyed important documents in the Lisa McPherson case to alleviate legal pressure from the church and to Miscavige’s skin?

    • Interested2

      What squirrel busters ? She says re writing history…. It never happened. Eveahhhhhh

  • Mosey.

  • RadioPaul1

    I am gonna put on my tinfoil hat here and go all conspiracy theory.
    The lies Marty are telling are so easily provable and the claims he is making are so debunked that I can only conclude that if Tony Ortega keeps exposing them, sooner or latter Marty will try to sue him for slander. Clearly Marty is trying to provoke something. He is trying to make his videos look like they are a part of a documentry or something. Who is behind this? If he does get in to a suit, who will fund it? Who bennifits?

    Marty has come out swinging for a reason, why? These videos will not be the end of this, what is the next move? Who will be the next target? When will Marty and Co make their next move?

    • Science Doc

      I don’t know much about libel law in the US or the U.K. Usually the truth is an absolute defense against libel. Having said that, there must be a step 2 in this nonsense, and litigation is something to watch for.

      • Philbyification

        ASC Attorneys would be my guess Doc.

      • Interested2

        Yes but litigation by Lawrence W. against Marty….? So all the proof to debunk his lies ,Marty’s, would come out.

    • Incontinental Breakfast

      I think Rathbun is acting out a fantasy in his make-believe world. Notice that his YouTube videos ( with majority thumbs down) have the comments disabled. He doesn’t want to debate he wants to preach without interference. You see that a lot in people with mental health deficits.

      • RadioPaul1

        You also see this on the Scientology YouTube videos, just saying

      • Little Brother Joey (3-7-77)

        Gotta love how his previous videos, like the LAX shouting match are still proudly displayed.

  • Kim O’Brien

    one of the little girls name is Riley . My daughters name. Chest hurts . ugh

    • Chee Chalker

      Ikr…..when you think of your own children in those circumstances, it really hits home.
      Imagine only seeing your child for one hour a day…..As nice as that may sound (from time to time) I would not be able to focus on ‘saving the planet’ if I didn’t know what my own kids were doing on a daily basis.

    • Jenyfurrrrr

      I know, Kim! Ugh – I got tears as I looked over at my sleeping little girl then back to the pic of those 2. The idea that those precious children are likely already being talked to about joining the SO someday, going through that hypnotic bullsh$t! PLEASE let their parents be UTR’s that won’t allow them to be recruited in as “staff” or SO in the coming years…!!!
      THIS is why!!!

  • Observer

    Scientology claiming Gary Morehead stole the scanner in 3…2…

  • 0tessa

    Part 10 is up.

  • chuckbeattyxquackologist75to03

    Marty in video Part 10 says the 50 lawsuits brought by COS people against Cult Awareness Network were meritorious on civil right’s principles.

    Staggering that he thinks nothing wrong there.

  • Silence of the Clams

    Dear David Miscavige,
    I will call Tony Ortega a big poopy head for a fee. Please contact me here in the comments section to arrange payment. Thank you.

  • Missionary Kid

    Early cell phones were unencrypted. They are encrypted today. I remember that a woman I knew was able to listen to all sorts of conversations by people who lived close by. I believe it’s now much more difficult to eavesdrop on conversations as they are transmitted over the air because they are digital, unless they have the resources of the NSA.

    • Kim O’Brien

      i heard a pod cast about this about a month ago . Marty looks like an idiot

      • Missionary Kid

        Only looks like an idiot? He is.

        • Or repeating words that an idiot told him to say.

        • Little Brother Joey (3-7-77)

          If it looks like a clam and… um… quacks like a clam… then it’s… nevermind. I’m already ruing my attempt on that analogy.

          • Robert Eckert

            If it looks like a Cheshire cat and walks like a clam and quacks like a rat, then it’s probably a weasel?

    • Philbyification

      Yep. Plenty of 4th A cases on cordless no warrant seizures of com back then.

    • Techie

      Today even the wireless phones (the ones that are connected to a land line but use a wireless connection) are encrypted. A long way from my Mom’s day, when all the neighbors were on one line and you could pick up and hear conversations from everybody up to a block or two away. Fun factoid – at one time Dave had us put an antenna on top of the Qualifications Building (the one with the cross you can see from the road). This connected to a wireless phone that Dave carried around before they got the Nextel phones with the push-to-talk feature. So an enterprising SP could have listened in to Dave’s daily phone calls back in the late 80s.

      • Philbyification

        Ahh, the “party line” lolol Like “Petticoat Junction”!

    • Philbyification

      Or employ a “leaker” out of 1.3 Million Ind. Contractor’s whose sec checks are only re-uped every FIVE years….just sayin MK.

  • Eivol Ekdal

    How many levels on The Bridge to Total Shill-dom?

    • ombrifuge

      It’s never ending. Straight up and vertical.

  • Jimmy3

    How big strong warrior man let puny tiny hand man hold him by balls? Big strong warrior man balls small?

    • Little Brother Joey (3-7-77)

      Jimmy have you been getting into the Gamma again?

      • Jimmy3

        Gamma roam forever plains with gampa.

  • Kim O’Brien


    i am going to imagine Marty being jealous and howdycon driving him nuts. I’m sure it is not true , but I’m going to run with it .

    • Little Brother Joey (3-7-77)

      The pre-howdycon jitters are already starting, Kim! Having a hell of a time actually focusing on work in the face of so much anticipation 😀

    • Jimmy3

      Did Marty ever RSVP?

      • Kim O’Brien

        someone sent me an email – calling me a cunt and telling me the party was ” fucking stupid ” . So ..i’m gonna say no

        • Jimmy3

          I was kidding, lighten up

          • Kim O’Brien

            it was beautifully written 😉

        • John McGhee

          A badge of honour; you have gotten their attention 👍

        • Observer


          • Kim O’Brien

            yup 😉 Not like i have not been called that before ..but the crack about the party was funny. I even invited them to join us LOL . Did not go over well i guess

            • Philbyification


            • Observer


            • Robert Eckert

              Any word from Kuba Ka?

            • Kim O’Brien

              sadly , no 🙁

      • Missionary Kid

        Are you talking RSVP for HowdyCon or hell?

  • Mat Pesch

    I think that you can have a situation where a person thinks they are leading the march for “good” only to find one day that the opposite was true. In an effort to live with oneself the person feels the mental and spiritual need to create a false past memory in an effort to help justify their actions. If one can’t eat the crow and swallow the truth pill they will never recover from the effects of a cult like Scientology. Some have a bigger hill to climb than others.
    I feel for those people and wish them the best. Sounds like the material for the creation of another episode of “The Twilight Zone”.

  • Observer

    My opinion is that there is no actual reasoning behind M’s actions. It’s ego, pure and simple. He discovered that, far from making him able to handle life, Scientology made him an unemployable failure in the wog world. Now, rather than swallowing his pride and doing what it takes to make it out here, he wants to go back to the only place where he ever felt like the bigshot he considers himself to be. In inimitable M contradictory fashion, he’s willing to not just humble himself but debase himself to get there.

    • Jimmy3

      Who’s M? You mean 007’s boss?

    • EDN/laineybin

      I completely agree. Marty’s still struggling with not being a big fish in a little pond where his every word was cannon as the violent and mean $cientology enforcer. When he first started blogging he became the go-to expert and now he’s been outshone by Leah and Mike and it’s killing him.

      • Little Brother Joey (3-7-77)

        I’m trying to recall, but didn’t it really start to show when Theroux was calling him out during the filming of My Scientology Movie? Or had there been some rumblings of discontent even before that?

  • I get it now. Scientology is just a front group for an intelligence agency and dirty tricks organization called OSA (Office of Special Affairs).

    A fake religious front so that they can mess with people’s lives.

    • Ann B Watson


  • Missionary Kid

    Dw;dc (didn’t watch, don’t care) and I’m not going to worry about Marty Mark. It’s obvious he’s full of shit, and he’s crucifying himself. Thanks to all who are coming forth with evidence of what a shit and a liar Marty Mark is.

    I’m not going to even watch any more of his videos. They’re just made to “entrubulate” all of us. That’s what OSA’s playbook is.

  • EDN/laineybin

    It seems we’re living in an age where despite all well-documented evidence of people’s comments, actions and dare I say it, Tweets, they have no trouble lying about all of it. When the President of the US can get away with it, I guess others feel they can do the same.

  • sketto

    Those two little girls already have the dead-eyed Scientology stare. Frightening.

  • lkjasdflkjlkj

    You absolutely could listen to cellular calls back in the late 80s. A friend and I used to drive around town with one of those old Bearcat scanners doing just that for our own entertainment.

  • Panopea Abrupta
    • Jenyfurrrrr

      Seeing those 2 sweet little girls and knowing what info they’re being fed everyday at school positively breaks my heart!

  • KKat

    I wonder when Marty is going to deny that he was harassed by the Squirrel Goon Squad ?

  • Speak softly, drive a Sherman tank
    Laugh hard, its a long way to the bank.
    (They Might Be Giants)

  • Mrs. V.

    Ok. I’ve been trying to stay out of this; I just chalked it up to (my own speculation) that Marty was resentful that everyone abandoned him after he and his wife abandoned her lawsuit and stiffed her lawyers.

    But now…..what a slap in the face. Actually, no. That’s too much of an understatement. It’s like he built a sanctuary for people who felt they had no where else to turn and then just blew it up and blamed them for lying.

    He himself was stalked and brought back into the fold – he testified to that under oath during the Garcia case (I think that was it? Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I know it was recent). He has admitted that he had to “escape”. He has filmed himself being harassed at home and in public. He has spoken out against the church dead agenting him (and we all saw it). He has published former scientologists’ stories of harassment, disconnection etc etc and gave them a voice. What an ass hole.

    After all that…and now he’s saying none of it is true? Oh this is so so so bad. Apparently rock bottom for him wasn’t rock bottomy enough.

    • Little Brother Joey (3-7-77)

      To misquote and paraphrase Roger Ebert:

      “This behavior doesn’t scrape the bottom of the barrel. This behavior isn’t the bottom of the barrel. This behavior isn’t below the bottom of the barrel. This behavior doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence with barrels.”

  • Linear13

    Hi all I am a long time lurker here at the Bunker. I have been an avid Scientology researcher for years, I was pulled in at the age of 14 by a teacher no less but it didn’t last long as my parents quite rightly BALKED when said teacher came to our home wanting money to continue my (and our family as well) future in Scientology. I of course was horrified, at that age I wanted nothing more than to be a ‘Scientologist’. Said teacher continued my education at his own dime for about 2 years and then I discovered that I would rather spend time with friends than said teacher and the cans. Today this teacher would have been arrested but that was years ago.

    The reason I have decided to post is that Marty Rathbun has pushed me over the edge. Can he not google? I’ll get to the point. I worked for years at Radio Shack. The nerd Mecca if you will for my area of the Deep South. It took several years for digital cellphone towers to be installed here. So for around 300 bucks you could come to me and I could order you a Uniden Bearcat scanner that had ALL the frequencies. Later Uniden started blocking these frequencies but we just opened them up and did some creative soldering (schematics were easily available on the net even then). You could hear every cellphone within reach as well as the people they were taking to on landlines because all a cellphone is is a two way radio broadcasting everything that comes across it. There was a gentleman by the name of Bob Grove who owned a magazine called ‘Monitoring Times’ , a scanner magazine, that would give step by step info on how to mod these scanners. He was on TV a time or 2 defending everyone’s rights to intercept these calls. Even digital calls can be intercepted NOW if you have the money, the equipment runs in the thousands and requires different chips for every provider so pretty much the Feds or law enforcement only have it. But never doubt that every call you make may be heard by someone. Cell phone and landline phone ‘Phreaking’ is some of the oldest hacking there is. I think Rathbun is on a long train of DENIAL. Maybe he thinks is he just lies and denies that maybe SOMEONE will believe him. Either way this is my evidence and introduction glad to finally be aboard…

    Ps. If you had just a landline and needed to tap it we sold phone recorders that tapped landlines as well…

  • Angelbug

    Wow, so sad. Seems like Marty buckled under scn pressure finally and has lost it. Why else would he be lying and discrediting situations that have actual documentation to prove he’s wrong?

  • Michael Leonard Tilse

    Marty(r). He’s throwing himself on the double cross, a pawn sacrifice.

    But, why.

    I don’t know what it is, but what it feels like is this:

    Something very significant and very damaging is in the wind for Scientology and Miscavige. The early storm surge is happening somewhere and Marty(r), well he is a distraction. He is keeping critics focused on his inconsequential natter so they don’t observe the somewhere.

    Miscavige needs the distraction so the ever vigilant exes and watchers will miss his move into the shadows.

    Yea, something is in the wind.

  • TheKremlinCandidate

    Marty’s gripe appears to be the lack of effort of the ‘anti-$cientology industry to do their own independent research, rather than simply repeating the old, tired rhetoric. I’m sort of with him… it’s getting boring. And as the US law doesn’t seem able to touch Scientology no matter what crimes they commit, then what’s the point of beating that dead horse anyway?
    Right or wrong… Marty is trying to point everyone toward a different direction. I’m intrigued as to the result. My wish is that rather than sending ‘Megyn Kelly’ to once again beat the dead horse… instead send ‘Oliver Stone’ to examine the man in depth. Let him keep talking. What harm can it do, other than at worst to himself? You never know… there might be something enlightening, even vindicating, come to light.

  • In the Vicki Aznaran declaration:

    Attached as Exhibit A is a true copy of an internal Scientology memorandum, dated 6/21/86, which discusses this “Swearinger Investigation”. I received a hard copy of this document at about that time, and I believe I also received a copy of this document on my computer. The Linda referred to on the first page is Linda Hamil, who at the time ran the MFTC. The Marty referred to on the first page is Marty Rathbun, a top Scientology “intelligence” official, who ran this operation.

    Almost certainly that’s Linda Hamel, now head of OSA.

    Naturally, as part of the Aznarans’ settlement, she recanted her declaration. There was no YouTube back then.

  • Philbyification

    OT/ GOP House Leader Scalise shot at in VA. Park, one of 4 shot at…Breaking news.