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Thanks for the slick videos, Marty Rathbun. Here’s a not very slick one for you.

As we write this, Marty Rathbun has put out three segments of a video that he shot recently with professional help. He says in these videos that he is going to expose the “anti-Scientology cult” that uses Lawrence Wright’s book Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief as its “bible.”

It’s truly fascinating, we’re sure. But as Rathbun emerges after months of silence, he’s avoiding a particularly important question that we’d like to see him answer.

We’re letting Dani Lemberger himself ask that question, from the old harbor at Caesarea, the Roman port built by Herod the Great which today is a charming place in Israel to have a glass of wine and catch up with old friends. Here’s Dani’s question, asked in our very unprofessional, not shot by Golden Era Productions video. (Sorry for the wind noise.)



Your proprietor: What question would you like to ask Marty Rathbun?

Dani Lemberger: Marty Rathbun, you gave my email to you to the Church of Scientology. Why did you do that? It didn’t damage me, it didn’t hurt me, but I’m curious to know why you gave the church my email.

Your proprietor: And that’s the question we’d really like him to answer.

Dani: Yes.

Rathbun, in his first couple of video segments, has been criticizing Lawrence Wright for some inaccuracies in Going Clear. As an author, we can tell you that errors happen, and we do our best to keep them out. If Larry Wright let a few through, it certainly didn’t take away from what was one of the most significant books published in this genre.

But the question we’re asking Marty Rathbun is far more important than a few gaffes in Going Clear. The question we’re asking goes to Marty Rathbun’s very credibility.

Why did he hand over a potentially damaging private email written by Dani Lemberger to the very Scientology attorney who would then use that email in litigation against Dani?

We’ll review the situation for those readers who missed our earlier story.

If you’ve seen our detailed summary of Rathbun’s blog over the years, you know that from about 2010 to 2012, he was the centerpoint of a movement. People who were leaving the Church of Scientology over their dissatisfaction with its leader David Miscavige were flocking to Rathbun’s website and to his home in Texas — particularly those who still had an affinity for the ideas of L. Ron Hubbard.

In 2012, an entire mission in Haifa, Israel, led by Dani and Tami Lemberger, split away from Miscavige and the church, and the Lembergers made a pilgrimage to Texas to meet with Rathbun. They spent six days there, and then we interviewed Dani on his way back home.

Since then, Rathbun’s blog went through significant changes. He increasingly criticized Hubbard, which turned off many “independent Scientologists,” and at one point he and Lemberger clashed over the formation of a stringent pro-Hubbard online group. Dani tells us that flare up was temporary, and he never considered it the end of his friendship with Rathbun.

In the last couple of years, however, Rathbun increasingly cut off ties with many of the former Scientologists he had associated with. By 2016, his website no longer had any criticism for David Miscavige, but instead Rathbun attacked people like former church members Ron Miscavige Sr. and Karen de la Carriere, filmmaker Louis Theroux, and this website.

A few of his remaining supporters applauded Rathbun, saying that he was taking a “middle path,” and that he was rooting out extremism on both sides of the Scientology debate.

While that didn’t make a lot of sense, it didn’t begin to explain what happened next.

In a Tel Aviv courtroom earlier this year, a trial was being heard in regards to a lawsuit filed by Dani Lemberger against the Church of Scientology for harassing him after he had announced the independence of his mission, the Dror Center in Haifa.

At one point, with Dani on the witness stand, Scientology’s local attorney, a partner with a prestigious law firm in Tel Aviv, Mattan Ben Shaul, said this, according to a transcript of the hearing we obtained:

I am telling you that I contacted Marty Rathbun, that enemy of Scientology that you visited in 2012. And I received from him an email that you sent him in 2013. Please confirm that you sent an email to Marty in April 2013? I will read to you what you said about Mr. Hubbard. Admitted into evidence as N33.

Dani confirmed to the attorney in court that day, and he confirmed to us, that the email Ben Shaul showed him in court that day was one he had written in private to Marty Rathbun. It contained a reference to Dani’s auditing, during which Dani admitted he’d imagined what it would be like to shoot David Miscavige in the head.

Dani tells us he was joking, but in the hands of a Scientology attorney, such an email could be very damaging in court. Dani was shocked that Rathbun had turned it over to the church for its use in the litigation.

“My email is my private email and I don’t know if he [Marty Rathbun] was allowed to give it to you, without my consent. But the fact is that he gave it to you,” Dani said on the witness stand.

Today, some five months later, Dani is still stunned that Rathbun would turn over such a potentially damaging email to the church to use against him. (As he pointed out in our video, the email turned out not to do him harm as the judge largely ignored it, and Dani and the church ultimately came to a settlement.)

How, we wonder, does helping out the Church of Scientology in its litigation against a former member fit with exploring a “middle path”? And what does it say about Rathbun that he would deliver such an email to the very church that he once railed against on his website?

Before we consider anything Rathbun has to say, shouldn’t he answer this question that casts his integrity in such doubt?

What about it, Marty? Is the “anti-Scientology cult” so important that you couldn’t answer this question first?



In the meantime, here’s the third segment of Rathbun’s video, in which we learn that Larry Wright is a fame whore, L. Ron Hubbard’s lectures were criminally overlooked, Paul Haggis is a liar, and that if you endorse the crackpot who suggested we are infested with invisible alien souls, for some reason you aren’t taken seriously. Enjoy.



Tom Cruise gets mummified by the NY Post

Oh, Tom. Five years ago, we warned you this day was coming.

We think Tom Cruise is a fine actor, and he’s still major money in Hollywood. But now that he’s in a turkey of a movie, The Mummy, the Hollywood press is pouncing.

Maureen Callahan at the NY Post has assembled a lot of the great reporting by Maureen Orth and others over the years to produce an unrelenting indictment of Cruise and his relationship to the Church of Scientology.

Callahan is right: Why don’t reporters ask Cruise about this stuff? And we’d add one question that she left out: How can Cruise simply abandon his daughter, reportedly because Suri is attached to her Scientology-defying mother?

How does Cruise get a pass?

Maybe it’s taken a bad movie to make him less than untouchable.



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— Cathy Schenkelberg performing for us scenes from her one-woman show, “Squeeze My Cans”

You don’t want to miss out, so please visit the convention page and get in contact with Kim.

HowdyCon 2017: Denver, June 23-25 at the Residence Inn Denver City Center. Go here to start making your plans.


Scientology disconnection, a reminder

Bernie Headley has not seen his daughter Stephanie in 4,776 days.
Jamie Sorrentini Lugli has not seen her father Irving in 2,533 days.
Quailynn McDaniel has not seen her brother Sean in 1,879 days.
Claudio and Renata Lugli have not seen their son Flavio in 2,373 days.
Sara Goldberg has not seen her daughter Ashley in 1,413 days.
Lori Hodgson has not seen her son Jeremy in 1,125 days.
Marie Bilheimer has not seen her mother June in 651 days.
Joe Reaiche has not seen his daughter Alanna Masterson in 4,740 days
Derek Bloch has not seen his father Darren in 1,880 days.
Cindy Plahuta has not seen her daughter Kara in 2,200 days.
Claire Headley has not seen her mother Gen in 2,175 days.
Ramana Dienes-Browning has not seen her mother Jancis in 531 days.
Mike Rinder has not seen his son Benjamin in 4,833 days.
Brian Sheen has not seen his daughter Spring in 940 days.
Skip Young has not seen his daughters Megan and Alexis for 1,342 days.
Mary Kahn has not seen her son Sammy in 1,215 days.
Lois Reisdorf has not seen her son Craig in 796 days.
Phil and Willie Jones have not seen their son Mike in 1,301 days.
Mary Jane Sterne has not seen her daughter Samantha in 1,545 days.
Kate Bornstein has not seen her daughter Jessica in 12,654 days.


3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on June 9, 2017 at 07:00

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  • Bob Crouch

    Marty’s review of Going Clear strikes me as peculiar in several ways:

    1. Among all of the books about scientology, this is the ONLY one (that I know of) that was also “fact-checked” by the cult in detail.

    2. Marty sets out to deconstruct the book by analyzing (and sometimes merely alleging) certain narrative techniques; techniques that per Marty’s claim serve only one end: Wright’s “bias.” At the same time, he alludes to some untold story about scientology (one he never comes close to explaining). How would Hubbard fare if subjected to a similar analysis. After all, Wright offers journalism, Hubbard pretends to offer “science.”

    3. Even if Wright’s book WERE fatally flawed (and I don’t believe that for a second), what does THAT say in support of Marty’s big claim: That reporting about scientology in general is full of click-bait (true enough but immaterial) and that this is perpetrated by an “anti-scientology cult.” Spoiler: Absolutely nothing! Unless one were to believe that the “anti-scientologists” revere Wright’s book the same way that scientologists worship Dianetics!
    Did Wright become “source” and I missed the memo?

    4. Tell us already, Marty: Who are the conspirators (the “troika”) perpetrating all this evil. At least Hubbard gave it a name (although, as usual, one he lifted elsewhere): SMERSH.

    5. If Going Clear was so terrible, why did Marty come back for more and participated in the film version?

    • flyonthewall
    • PeaceMaker

      Some of what you’re describing there is the continual revisionist thinking and scapegoating that scientologists engage in, exemplified in the smear videos as well, where the previous friend, collaborator or colleague, becomes the SP to hate and blame – and claim showed signs of their faults all along.

      It seems to me Rathbun’s thinking is more inconsistent like that, and illogical, than people presume when they try to assign his behavior all sorts of meaning. He may just be a has-been old guy lashing out as he sits in a Texas backwater dealing with the stresses of being what used to be classified as an “elderly” (late in life) parent, and watching the world pass him by.

      • George Layton

        Could even be some of the ghosts of his past are starting to gnaw a little to deep.

    • aurora50

      As a never-in, I first learned about CoS when I somehow stumbled over the Mike and Marty Go Fishing videos on YouTube:

      He is now so grey and drained and sad; I haven’t had the stomach to listen to the whole three videos on Going Clear yet. There’s enough going on to make me sad these days…

      • Missionary Kid

        Don’t worry, you don’t need to watch. Marty is self-immolating. It’s sad, because he had so much potential, but I believe that living outside of the $cientology bubble scared him, because he had so much certainty inside. It’s like he’s trying to climb back into the womb of $cientology, as hellish as it was.

    • The focus is on “Going Clear” because it dealt with the modern CofS and opened with crrepy footage of David Misavige speaking at a Scientology ‘event’ that came over like a nazi rally.

      DM will spend any amount of other people’s money, even years later, when he feels personally slighted.

      • Bob Crouch

        That was definitely a great moment in the film. However, the attacks on GC started BEFORE that, when only the book was out. What made those attacks unusual was the DETAILED refutation of Wright. Usually they would have settled for calling him a “bigot” (which naturally, they did) and been done with it.

  • Michael Leonard Tilse

    Did all y’all see the twitter from Ivanka Trump about hanging out with Joy Villa at the WH?

    ETA: Oh, I see below. Nevermind.

  • BuberZionist

    I’ve watched the film Going Clear 20 times and read the book. In the film Wright said Hubbard developed Scientology in part to address Hubbard’s own mental state. Contrary to Rathbun’s interpretation of the film and book, they don’t allege that a desire to be in films was a major motivation for Hubbard to develop Scientology.

  • Mischa

    I wonder what Katie H. Tells Suri about her father being absent in her life?

    • George Layton

      “Your a lucky girl.”

      • Mischa


    • iampissed

      I can tell you how I felt not having a father in my life. My dad was a good guy, took care of his family.
      Child support was always on time and he continued it even past 18 till 21. Yes my dad was a good dad but he wasn’t a dad that was there….yea I had him every other weekend till about age 13 or so
      then he moved. So I never got to KNOW my dad good or bad. The only thing I would tell Mr Cruise is that when my father was dying…Ya I was there that week. Is at one point I told my Dad he was a good Dad, he looked at me and said no he wasn’t. I’m not to sure if I was right or he was.
      Mr Cruise you don’t want to have a doubt in this area!
      ETA: I’ve changed spelling errors and spell check nonsense. Mainly because I had to go wipe my eyes.

      • chukicita

        Maybe you were both right. I think that is possible.

      • Mischa

        Thanks for sharing your viewpoint, and by the way, very touching story. Tom’s the one missing out.

    • PeaceMaker

      That’s a tough question.

      And it’s got to be compounded by the fact that it’s not just the sadly typical parent who no longer has any presence, but a famous parent who is in the news and who the child’s friends will ask about.

      Reassuring them it’s not their fault, appears to be the key starting point. Here’s the first thing that a search turned up in terms of professional advice, which is what you’d want in an awkward case like that:

      Fathers Who Abandon Their Kids: A Tough Father’s Day Topic

      I think I would tell the child that the parent had a strange belief that family wasn’t important – but that they were very, very wrong about that. The article also says to tell the truth, and that’s basically it.

  • ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ✓ ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Marty I could use a little of your expert advice to help me understand myself.

    I find Scientology to be a batshit crazy cult that makes for quite an entertaining freak show, and love reading about it on this site, but as hard as I try I can’t seem take it seriously, so what cult does that make me a member of?

  • Jimmy3
  • Off topic. Took this photo of the cracks on a wooden wall/panel today that resemble a city’s skyline, I think.

    • Observer

      It does!

    • Puget Buckeye

      You and Obs take the coolest pictures. Thanks for sharing.

      • My pleasure. Obs and many others here I learn from.

    • iampissed

      Ah…I got its from Frazier. It takes me a min or two to figure it out.

    • J. Swift

      It’s obviously a message from God. You’re supposed to sell all you have and preach the gospel in the big city.

      • Missionary Kid

        He’s also supposed to take a vow of poverty and sell it everything he has to me for $.10.

    • Stephanie Loving

      I love this. Saving it. I like the shadow pointing to the skyline. I have saved other of your great photos. One of a sunset from fire escape. You are so good!!

  • iampissed

    I need to lighten up a bit, so if ya see a fool wearing this in Denver give him a hug.
    Flip,if you must.
    ETA: I’m in the 1 present camp…she has blue eyes.

  • jayla197145

    Hey Beautiful Bunker Peeps, this has probably been mentioned already but I just saw on MSN that Reza Aslan has lost his job as the host of “Believer” so there will be no Season 2.

    • Missionary Kid

      Believe it or not, but Hannity says that he shouldn’t have been fired over what he said about Trump. I think he should have been fired for sloppy work.

    • Supper Powers

      I do not believe that was the reason, rather a political ass kiss reason the pr goons pushed. The real reason is, he sucks and they know it.

  • Liberated

    Bill Maher just made a Tom Cruise – scientology joke.

    • Whatever

      I smirked at the mainstream mention, but the joke itself was lost on me.

  • Observer
    • Some mornings, I only wear socks.

      • Puget Buckeye

        Well now then…..I just complimented your picture taking skills. I haven’t seen any pictures of your…socks.

        ETA–Inappropriate. Sorry.

      • Missionary Kid

        Just on your feet?

        • Hahaha! My brother. Lol!

          • Missionary Kid

            I believe that’s the name for what male actors wear when they do a nude scene. Of course, we never see the sock, just like we don’t see the stick-ons that the female actresses wear.

      • Supper Powers

        That’s me all day. I feel badly for the bus driver and my colleagues.

    • Gus Cox

      I always upvote chunky doggies!

    • Robert Eckert

      I can’t put my arms down!

  • J. Swift

    Bill Cosby appears to be a strong candidate for the first “As Evil As Scientology” Award:

    “Quaaludes happen to be the drug that … young people were using to party with, and I wanted to have them just in case,” Cosby said, according to the testimony read into the record.

    This is an excerpt from an older deposition that the Judge allowed to be read into evidence at this week’s trial.


    • Philbyification

      His Spanish Fly routine looks very sinister in hindsight. YUK! ffs

    • Puget Buckeye

      “just in case” Just in case the opportunity presented itself. Predator.

    • Gus Cox

      Same drug combination (‘ludes-n-liquor) that Roman Polanski used to do a 13-year-old in all three orifices when he was 43. Polanski’s trying to get out of it, saying that because he avoided court for 40 years, he’s due a pass.

      At least Cos stayed away from the kids, if that’s worth anything.

      All those Hollywood types who say Polanski should get a pass should either line up behind Cosby or shut the fuck up. I say throw the both of ’em in jail.

    • Supper Powers

      *whispers* I’m jonesing for another SSR. Got anything good, man?!?

  • chukicita

    Sweet baby Xenu. Ivanka tweeted about how great it was to meet the talented and beautiful Joy Villa at the White House today.

    • Puget Buckeye

      They both look like they’re wearing dresses made from space blankets. Which, now that I think about it, would be appropriate.

    • Missionary Kid

      This was posted earlier, but deserves to be posted again.

      Apparently, both Ivanka and Joy tweeted about it. You know that Joy is now going to have all sorts of status in the Co$, because they’re all about getting to “decision makers”, and in Davy’s mind, there’s no one larger than the Drumpf family.

    • Gus Cox

      Aaahhh, Ivanka is as tall as Villa’s hair. Swoon.

      I can’t help it, I have a crush on Ivanka.

      • Missionary Kid

        IMO, her body has been shaped by plastic surgery, but that’s just an opinion.

        • Gus Cox

          Maybe, but you can’t fake height – at least not that much!

      • George Layton

        So does her dad.

        • Missionary Kid

          *Laughing* ZING! Good one.

          • Robert Eckert

            If only that was a joke

    • Supper Powers

      No surprise. Have you seen the company the Trump clan keeps?

    • J. Swift

      Scientology photographers must have used some optical trick to get Joy Villa’s enormous head into the frame.

      Context: The Faith and Freedom Coalition is a Christian Conservative group. FFC is having its big shindig at the Omni Shoreham in DC. June 8 -10. President Trump spoke along with other GOP leaders and even Pat Boone. Ted Cruz, James Dobson, Ralph Reed, and other Christian fundamentalist and extremists are in attendance. Folks, this is a power event in DC. All the big GOP names are there. Tonight VP Mike Pence speaks at the Patron’s Ball.

      For enough money, you can rub elbows with the right people and have your photo taken with Pat Boone or even the President. Scientology bobblehead Joy Villa is a Christian when it’s convenient and that’s why she is at the FFC serving as Scientology’s Goodwill Ambassador. Tom Cruise was too busy in the UK releasing The Mummy. Scientology was also too embarrassed to send Sylvia Stanard as a PR. Sylvia is probably still in lowers after her fiasco at Chautauqua a few years back.

      • Missionary Kid

        I’ve had antipathy, at best, towards Pat Boone since he did his whitebread version of Little Richard’s Tutti Fruitti. It turned something raw and visceral into pablum. Blecch!

        • J. Swift

          I actually thought Pat had died several years ago. But then I realized I had him confused with Paul Crouch.

          • Missionary Kid

            Did you see where a relative won $2 million from TBS because Jan Crouch, who was also ordained, screamed at Cerra Crouch, her then 13 year old granddaughter, “”it’s your fault.” after the granddaughter told her about being sexually assaulted by a TBN employee at a “Praise-a-thon”. Cerra is now 24.

   The article I read before the one in the OC Register said that Cerra woke up with blood on the sheets.

            As you may surmise, I don’t like Televangelists. They are, IMO, almost as bad as Co$.

            • Marshall

              I don’t think it’s just Televangelists – just finished watching “The Keepers” on Netflix. That was like watching my high school days and just another example of the Catholic Church’s many cover up of priests. I’m sick of all these “organizations” and their hierarchy. I think of all the parishioners giving their money because they think they are doing something good and the church has paid out over 4 BILLION in legal and settlement costs. Where do these people think that kind of money is coming from? Think what 4 billion $ could do! My very catholic sister will still say that these were just isolated incidents. So much cognitive dissonance. Stepping off my soapbox 🙂

            • Missionary Kid

              I agree, but since I was raised as a protestant and the son of missionaries, I got an insight into ministerial behavior because I got to meet a lot of preachers. I never heard any direct criticism of (then) radio evangelists, but there were raised eyebrows at some of their tactics because of all the ways they whined or offered “gifts” to those who contributed. There was a certain amount of professional courtesy, but often that was strained.

              The way they operated, and now televangelists now operate is a combination of prosperity gospel, homilies, and biblical passages interpreted to their advantage. The nicest, and probably the most honest financially was Billy Graham (98), but even he will not die a poor man, and he’s produced an asshole of a son who preaches hate. Graham worked together with local churches, most others don’t.

        • Liberated

          Me too…it was disgusting.
          Little Richard wasn’t happy either…it was his song for christ’s sake.

          • Missionary Kid

            The only good thing is that Little Richard made some money out of it.

            Growing up as a fundamentalist, I thought Pat Boone was OK. At the time, his version of Tutti Fruitti. didn’t bother me that much, but as I grew older, the more I resented it.

            At least Boone really didn’t want to record it, but it went further up the charts than Little Richard’s version. It did make the song more acceptable to parents.

            The Wikipedia article on the song is interesting.

            • Liberated

              It was given to him by the record label – cause the white boy would make more money.
              His white bucks and all….girls swooned.

            • Missionary Kid

              From the Wikipedia article I cited, Little Richard said, in an interview, “They didn’t want me to be in the white guys’ way. … I felt I was pushed into a rhythm and blues corner to keep out of rockers’ way, because that’s where the money is. When ‘Tutti Frutti’ came out. … They needed a rock star to block me out of white homes because I was a hero to white kids. The white kids would have Pat Boone upon the dresser and me in the drawer ’cause they liked my version better, but the families didn’t want me because of the image that I was projecting.”

              History has vindicated Richard’s version. Is Pat Boone in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? No, and, IMO, that’s no great omission. Leaving out John Mathis is.

      • Liberated

        No booze was served, or else Mike Pence had to be with his mommy…I mean wife.

        • J. Swift

          Ronald Reagan called Nancy “mommy.” It’s a GOP thing apparently.

          • Missionary Kid

            I’ve seen that before in families. The husband calls the wife “mommy” because she is the mommy to the kids. I attach no sexual significance to it, unless there is other evidence that they’ve got a weird relationship.

            I believe that, to the man, it’s meant to be a term of endearment and a compliment, although most women today might well get pissed.

            • Marshall

              I agree with you but it always seemed so weird to me – I was definitely in the “don’t call me mommy” camp! Of course, I’m not married anymore so who am I to criticize anyone else’s relationship? 🙂

            • Missionary Kid

              Maybe it has to do with the fact that I’m 72, and I’ve known mostly older people who do it. A lot of it is probably generational. It pigeonholes women.

    • mOstSpecialAgent Joe McClaine

      Her head looks huge compared to Ivanka’s. Maybe it’s the perspective of the photo, or Ivanka’s head is tiny? It reminds me of Fassbender’s head in the movie Frank.

    • Mockingbird

      Who is more evil ? I vote Ivanka !

      • Missionary Kid

        Ivanka is more evil by birth and the power she wields. The question about Joy? Is she stupid or evil?

        • Mockingbird


          • Missionary Kid

            Probably both. At least she keeps up the happy talk, so that keeps her in with the Trump camp.

    • John Prince

      Does Ivanka know joy was actually a Hillary supporter ’till the Game was over?

      • chukicita

        I believe she was a Bernie supporter.

        • John Prince

          O.k. point is; she jumped on the Trump bandwagon after the gig was up and the votes were counted! I’ll be hoping Trump gets impeached Just to pee on her Parade ☻

  • Gus Cox

    You know, I used to give Marty a pass because of the stress he went through having to be that asshole Miscavige’s right hand man for so long. He aided and abetted that evil cult, but then he mended his ways.

    Until he gave that evil fucking cult’s lawyers Lemberger’s email, thus aiding and abetting that evil fucking cult once again.

    So fuck Marty. I don’t even give enough of a shit about him to watch his stupid videos because I just don’t care. He’s either on their payroll again, or he’s sucking Miscavige’s cock, or both. Well, he can suck mine too. Fuck him.

    • Missionary Kid

      In other words, you’re saying, “MRSCOHB”?

      • Puget Buckeye

        And everywhere else, it seems.

    • Mark Foster

      No, Gus! Be kind to your cock! You don´t want any part of that mofo on it!

      • Gus Cox

        lol good point!

  • JJ

    Back scratch fever. The reason reporters don’t ask TC hard questions they know he doesn’t want to respond to is A: You may want future interview with him and although the momentary scandal of “asked TC a question he didn’t want to answer” has it’s fun, it won’t get you another shot at a potentially worthwhile (monetarily or subject wise) interview. And B: TC is an OT something or other with a Scorpio Rising and once killed a reporter in Australia just by lookin’ at him. S’true, the guy asked Tom if Nichole was the love of his life. Now I grant you this is not a very nice thing to ask someone who just got divorced by any stretch, but in this case it was deadly. With-in hours of asking the question the reporter developed an unusual rash on his neck and a week later he dropped dead, right as he was editing the interview. Was a big story in Australia. TC’s OT mind powers combined with the arch rising sign was simply too much for the average wog to handle. This is why reporters are much more careful wit the questions they pose to Mr. Cruise.

    As for the Marty Question. I have not got a clue, I literally can’t make heads or tails out of it. I am thinking what ever he gives has a reason behind it, and we may just never know the reason.

  • PeaceMaker

    He’s ba-ack.

    Not like I’m waiting, but I tend to be up late, and did just check before packing it in for the night, since it seems like Rathbun might be trying to take a page from Tony’s book and post daily at the same time.

    More deconstruction of Wright’s approach in Going Clear, nothing that struck me as noteworthy except that he’s dredging up the tactic of accusing Wright of a cult/brainwashing technique, “thought stopping”; and making the familiar techie diehard claim that the problem with those who say that they didn’t get anything out of Scientology (though often what such people really report, is more nuanced) is that they “never really got the subject,” such as that Paul Haggis “never really understood the subject.”

    • Missionary Kid

      Of course, since Marty is the Source on everything, everyone else is wrong.

    • iampissed

      I’ll wait till tomorrow.

      • Joy Lover (Ex-CS)

        Yeah, I’m already getting behind on these…

    • Liberated

      How dare he insult Paul Haggis…I love him.

      • PeaceMaker

        Yeah, Haggis seems like a nice guy – and the wrong person to pick to attack.

        Also, from what I can tell, Haggis was either an OT III or OT IV, and a 35 year member. Okay, maybe he wasn’t an OT VIII, but Rathbun is still falling into the typical old trap of not realizing that if he claims someone with that depth of experience “never really understood the subject,” then it really calls into question the intelligibility of the subject itself.

        • Quite. I may be an expert on the folklore of Gnomes – but that does not entitle me to be believed if i claim that they really exist.

    • Harpoona Frittata

      Mercifully, his videos seem to be getting shorter!

      I just hope that before he’s said it all and is done, that he’s going to demonstrate proper pole running technique…that’s super important!

      • Mockingbird

        Marty Rathbun pole dancing !!!!

    • Mockingbird

      Marty Rathbun or whoever is really writing this garbage cherry picks a phrase here and there from different subjects to create a horrid hodge podge of mixed metaphors and half assed fake scholarship.

      He tries to take thought stopping from Lifton. It’s hysterical because the actual eight criteria for thought reform describes Scientology exactly. Don’t take my word for it. There are excellent free short articles on it online.

      He tries to act like Lawrence Wright uses thought reform in his book to control the reader. WOW.

      Well Marty, plenty of cult experts have written at length on the use of thought reform in Scientology like Jon Atack, Margaret Singer, Steve Hassan, Rick Alan Ross, Daniel Shaw and dozens more.

      Forget that part ? Doesn’t fit your narrative ?

      And he tries to attack the guests on Going Clear. Weird thing is Marty Rathbun used to know all about and write all about the abuses the guests describe.

    • Mockingbird

      Marty Rathbun says Lawrence Wright uses fallacious arguments and people that never got anything out of Scientology. Then says he uses sophistry. Merriam Webster has this :Sophistry is reasoning that seems plausible on a superficial level but is actually unsound, or reasoning that is used to deceive. End quote.

      So, amusingly enough Marty Rathbun presents the fallacious arguments that Lawrence Wright can’t be trusted and his guests can’t either because they are biased and didn’t get anything from Scientology.

      That’s the genetic fallacy from Marty Rathbun. Genetic as in genesis or origin. The origin or source of a claim is irrelevant, particularly if the claim can be proven or disproven regardless of the claimant.

      For example in science if anyone came up with a flying machine and could show it working their name and education would be irrelevant. Because their claim can be proven.

      Marty Rathbun is using sophistry and claiming Lawrence Wright is. It’s a reversal of truth.

      Only someone who is totally unaware about Scientology could fall for this.

      So of course Scientologists will. The genetic fallacy of saying “only people that have successfully used Scientology understand it.” Is used constantly by Scientologists. I have seen numerous comments where they agree with each other that Lawrence Wright can’t understand Scientology because he lacks spiritual awareness. Literally in those words.

      This video is designed for the UTR crowd. And no one else.

      Marty Rathbun is using extremely poor propaganda techniques to reconfirm the beliefs doubting Scientologists already have.

      This is beyond pathetic.

    • Drip-feeding that video like this is a deliberate tactic to keep attention on Marty an off of other things – and it’s succeding.

      PS no critism implied for your excellent analysis.

      • DoveAlexa

        I don’t doubt you, what are we suppose to be not noticing, I wonder? Since there are so many seperate pairs of eyes around here we don’t seem to miss squat. I’m impressed by what occational commenters manage to drudge up.

        • i thnk the danger here is assumeng there is something to miss when, in fact, marty’s blatherations are every bit as banal as they appear to be.

        • PS; I meant that news of things like Leah Remini’s fil went to the back burner here, while everyone piled in on Marty (me included).

          If he’s going to release his meanderings every day, that could get wearing.

  • PeaceMaker

    And finally, a bit of relief from Martyology and the Grassy Knoll, to end the night.

    Tom Cruise’s ‘Mummy’ to Get Buried by ‘Wonder Woman’ at Box Office
    ‘“The Mummy” is heading for a beating. The opening is at the low end of the most recent projections, which were in the $35 million to $40 million range’

    Another article projected the range starting as low as $30 million – and suggested that actual production costs were as high $195 million, not the $125 million budget claimed.

    • Phil McKraken

      I’m going to go out on a limb here. It’s not Tom Cruise’s fault that The Mummy sucks. The movie is a big corporate mistake by Universal Pictures (Comcast). I am not gleeful at this failure. I want Universal to be successful with its foray into movie extended universe endeavors. As a matter of fact, it was Universal that invented the concept of the movie extended universe when it developed crossovers between its own monster movie characters and concepts 80 years ago.

      • Missionary Kid

        His acting in the movie has been described as wooden. Yes, the script and director may be at fault, but Tom, who actually can act well, didn’t, according to critics.

      • DoveAlexa

        It’s interesting to hear from someone who actually had a stake in seeing this dark universe thing work out, I’m sorry you might end up missing out. I didn’t ever hear about this thing until last Sunday.

        I’m guessing they thought they were just printing money and didn’t put in the amount of effort they really needed to.

    • Missionary Kid

      I hope Tommy Boy had money in it. Unfortunately, Russel Crowe is in it, too, but I haven’t heard any criticism of him. Cruise gets it all.

      • PeaceMaker

        Cruise has been negotiating huge salaries and box office “back end,” leaving his films marginally profitably – but up until now, at least predictably profitable. He may walk off with a big chunk of the production cost that leaves the film foundering financially, but if it does poorly there may not be any back end share for him. And I suspect that the studios and investors who have been settling for very meager returns from films after he takes his share, are going to be much more hesitant and demanding about his future projects – which he may now have trouble even securing.

  • Alan Clark

    I watched the intro and some of the first part. It’s my impression that Marty is not in a good place inside himself. I’m a UK ex Hare Krishna, leaving after 17 years. There is a Sanskrit phrase that comes to mind when watching Marty: ‘atmanam manyate jagat’. Basically it states the obvious, that the state of a person’s soul/mind will colour how they perceive the world. Marty is looking at others as playing the same games that he himself played. I feel very sympathetic to him. He was a very big fish in the small pond of Scientology. I would want to encourage him to go further and maybe he will not feel the need to project intentions on others. The world is an amazing place. It’s ok just to see what will happen next. I’d say there is a danger of Marty falling into the trap of grandiosity. I found it helpful to encounter deep philosophies and histories of the real world. My one lesson from 17 years is that one of the most powerful forces in the world is vanity. You anti folks need not to lose sight of a compassionate approach. All the best. Alan from London.

    • Baby

      I am glad you left Hare Krisna Alan. Compassion…Yes. I will work on it. Thank you

      • RexAinsfree

        Compassion Kitty is so beautiful! Thanks, Baby.

        • Baby

          You are welcome Rex.. I love this little baby girl ..dreaming of the day she escapes from the Sea Org..

    • Missionary Kid

      Vanity, thy name is Marty, or maybe, Marty, thy name is vanity. You’re right about Marty. I believe it’s because of his narcissism that he’s acting with vanity.

      You’re right about the compassion, and Marty got a lot of it when he was fair gamed. Unfortunately, he conflated the posts by Bunker denizens with Tony’s personal actions and opinion, and that’s why he lashed out at Tony. At that point, he lost the great part of that compassion for him. There is still a lot of compassion for his small child and Mosey.

      Tony exercises little control over posts here, except when there are personal attacks or patently pornographic posts or annoying, repetitive or violence trending posts. There are few times Tony censors or bans a poster.

      On the other hand, Marty always exercised strict censorship on his followers: it seemed like there was little discussion allowed, unless a lot of ego stroking of Marty was included, but I assume that he expects Tony to do the same, and he blames Tony for the anger that is often expressed here by people who were fair gamed while he was a part of OSA.

    • Mark Foster

      Nice insight and thanks for the reminder about compassion 🙂 MK´s point below is worth checking out, too.

  • Kid Kat
    • PickAnotherID
      • Baby
        • ReallyMGM

          Have some fun for me Baby!
          I thought I would be staying home to “babysit” my helpless husband (next year, screw that), but the joke was on me. I ended up having cervical spinal scheduled on June 12 (Yes, Monday at 5:30 a:m) So I am the one being BABYSAT, aÀ
          So while y’all are partaking of Colorado’s finest, have a smoke for me and my pain. I will be sitting here taking mucho pain meds and eating jello and chicken soup.

          • Baby

            Well, Shit.. I’ll toke for you and you take pain meds for me.. Deal?

            Oh kitteh.. I am sorry honey.. Wow Monday.. I will be thinking of you.. sigh.. Good luck with your surgery..and get some rest! xoxo love baby

            • ReallyMGM

              I’ll hit that pain med button as many times as I can!

            • Baby

              Yay… and I’ll be vaping and drinkin for you honey..

      • Baby

        Are you going to HC…?

        • PickAnotherID

          I can’t. I’m having hip replacement surgery on the 20th. And because of the blood thinners, etc., I take for my heart, the doc doesn’t want me hiking around at that kind of altitude so soon afterwards.

          • Baby

            You will truly be missed ID… Good luck with your surgery. I will be thinking of you! xoxo baby

    • Missionary Kid

      I think that he should have been fired for his sloppy reporting on religion, not his comments about Trump, but if he would have made similar comments about Obama when he was in office, he probably would have been fired then, too

      • Shivani33

        I don’t like Aslan’s product at all. But there’s a Trump and Trumpette trend going on across the board to strive to ruin Trump’s critics and resisters. During his campaign Trump avowed that he would do this. Trump is too important and supreme in his addled, aggressive mind to let a liitle thing like freedom of speech get in his way.

        • Missionary Kid

          As I’ve said before, Trump is ignorant of the Constitution. I’ll bet he hasn’t even read the cliff notes version. He really doesn’t read, and he’s a vidiot.

          • Marshall

            I would bet ANY amount of $$ that he hasn’t read anything about the Constitution!

            • Missionary Kid

              You’re probably right. His misunderstanding of the democratic process is profound, and it’s one of the reasons he keeps firing footbullets.

  • Shivani33

    There are a few noticeable things about Cruise’s movie career. If you look up his filmography, Cruise has been making movies nonstop for the past four+ years, and there’s no end in sight. He did used to take some breaks. He could want lots of money for the scientology syndicate and for himself. However, the endless schedule could be being used by him as an excuse for how come he’s just too busy to see his daughter. This might be his compartmentalized, “brainwashed” way of having what he considers a socially acceptable rationale as a cover story.

    Cruise used to talk about his little girl, even after the divorce. And he did say that his work kept him away from her. Now it’s a forbidden subject. He’s just busy, busy, busy. The roles that he chooses keep him in a time warp and demonstrate that he doesn’t use critical thinking to find work as an artist anymore. That aspect of Cruise seems to be long gone, replaced by a machine. He keeps making pretty much the same movie, over and over.

    Meanwhile, Cruise’s list of forbidden subjects keeps getting bigger and bigger. And by his own choice, he doesn’t seem to know his daughter anymore, doesn’t know how she is or who she is. But oh no, it’s not okay to mention disconnection or SP. It’s only okay to compliment Tom Cruise for being such a hardworking guy.

    • Missionary Kid

      I believe that the “too busy” excuse is just to cover up that his daughter is probably considered a Potential Trouble Source, if not an SP. The rest of the world just doesn’t understand that he’s disconnected from her.

  • Supper Powers
  • WhatAreYourCrimes

    Marty Rathburn… untrustworthy.

    In this world, all you have is your reputation. This is a tragic case of a selling out, with a character that will limp into the sunset as a forgotten failure.

    It honestly makes me so sad. This guy had a chance at heroic status in the world, and pissed it away for the benefit of David Miscavige, a deal with the devil that will utterly ruin him.

    I am very happy I never trusted Marty with any of my inner thoughts.

    So, so tragic.

    • You wonder how things would have turned out in an alternative universe, where his wife’s case had been taken to completion, winning a legal precedent that would have offered protection to so many others.

      Marty would have been a hero… for a while. I think he would still have overreached himself, and come to grief in a different way.

      His fatal flaw is that he still sees himself as a ‘Big Being’ entitled to deference from all, and becomes frustrated when he is not given his imagined due. That frustration motivates him to do stupid things which backfire.

      The only universes in which Marty could be happy and productive are those in which he never encountered Scientology in the first place.

      • WhatAreYourCrimes

        You’re right, ONCE_BORN,

        Marty was a good man, and still is a good man. He is not a big being, because none of us are.

        Marty, please give up the big words, give up the insistence of trying to be relevant, just relax and be honest…

        You will then have vindication, and you will have peace…

  • WhatAreYourCrimes

    Marty, why are you exposing my cult?

    As a card carrying “member in good standing” (TM) in the anti-scientology cult, it frightens me how ably you penetrated the sinister workings of this organization.

    First question, sir, is how did you do it? How are you so adept at exposing this highly secretive cabal?

    The Troika in charge will be angry, but I just hope they don’t stop paying me for my contributions to promoting the cult of anti-scientology. They pay so well, and that is why we members appointed them as the tribunal of our LRH-Attack cult.

    Oh, and you call it a cult, but we call it a church! All hail the TROIKA!

    No mimesis transgressions to be found here!

    • Mark Foster

      Shhh, don´t tell him about the ASC coffee cups, wrist bands, hookahs, t-shirts, proprietary weed, multi-colored condoms, bicycles, racing team, multi-gendered pole-dancing team, or the ASC Media Productions Empire, okay?

      • I wonder if I could make money selling merchandise online. Probably could…Hmm

      • Marshall

        No one told me about the hookahs and proprietary weed! Can I get a partial refund on my membership?

      • EDN/laineybin

        Well at least I can now wear my t-shirt out in public!

  • Mark Foster

    O/T, short & hilarious: former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox

    • TheKremlinCandidate

      How many Mexicans have been deported from the US to Mexico so far? Who is paying for them now? So Mexico is indeed paying for the wall… already, by the virtue of savings made by the US NOT having to continue to pay for Mexicans.

      • chukicita

        How much is a Mexican? What exactly are we paying for? Are they more expensive than, say, Russians?

        Mexicans were deported from the U.S. 242,456 times in 2015 – up from 169,031 in 2005, but down from a recent high of 309,807 in 2013.

        • TheKremlinCandidate

          In many, many cases certainly not $0.

          • chukicita

            Hm. Let’s say a quarter million people who are paying all the sales tax, property tax, etc. are removed from your community. Who’d be paying then?

            According to the Social Security Administration, there were nearly 11
            million undocumented immigrants in the United States in January 2009 (not all of them Mexican).
            Factoring out kids, nonworking immigrants and those working in the
            underground economy and not paying taxes, the Social Security
            Administration estimated about 3.1 million unauthorized immigrants worked and paid Social Security taxes in 2010. Yet undocumented immigrants do not qualify for social security.

            • TheKremlinCandidate

              Social security is not the ONLY monetary cost. Not to mention the social cost.
              You are justifying an open borders, globalist agenda using selective facts to do so.

            • chukicita

              I’m not justifying anything, just trying to explore facts where they exist from reputable sources. Can you contribute any?

            • TheKremlinCandidate

              ‘Reputable’ seems to be rather subjective these days, don’t you think? And even more so when trying to sort and separate ‘facts’… despite the fact that it shouldn’t be the case. Hence, when even discussing the same facts, such as Comey’s testimony, both sides can come to two completely polar opposite conclusions depending on which ideology they held to begin with.
              Only war is truly going to sort this out.
              Bring it on, I say.
              May those with the most conviction win.

            • chukicita

              You can only come to polar opposite conclusions when one side is gaslighting.

              Really, you think we need a war? That would be easier to you than, say, sorting out some facts? I notice you declined to contribute any.

              Seems like there is already a war, though. Do you know how many Mexican citizens have been killed by bullets from US Border Patrol – while still in their own country? Did you know that once a bullet crosses the border, even one shot by Border Patrol, they are no longer responsible for it?

              “May those with the most conviction win” sounds a lot like Scientology to me.

            • TheKremlinCandidate

              Ha… well, we do know which side is doing the gaslighting… or lying outright, don’t we.

      • April

        Who do you think picks the majority of the vegetables you buy at the grocery store? And they do so for paltry wages. If it weren’t for them, we’d be paying 4x what we already pay. Do you know any Americans who want to stoop over in the hot sun all day picking vegetables for below substinence wages and no benefits? The state of Alabama “got tough” on Mexican immigrants, deporting most of them in the state. Then they had no one to pick their vegetables.
        How many Mexicans immigrants pay income tax into the system and will never be able to file for a refund?

        • TheKremlinCandidate

          Well… as a member of a farming family… I do, and local workers, some backpackers. And Mexicans are NO where near our crops, nor any other farms in my country. We don’t need illegals to get the jobs done.

      • Robert Eckert

        What April said. We profit from the exploitation of the Mexicans.

        • TheKremlinCandidate

          I don’t exploit anyone… you, on the other hand should probably think about the reason Mexicans are in a position to be exploited… starting with the fact that not enforcing immigration or border laws leaves them in a place where they can be taken advantage of. Enforce your laws. No illegal immigrants.

    • Mymy88

      Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Thanks for posting this.

  • Bert Allen

    Tony, loved your Golden Era reference, because it is on point. You are watching one of the first productions of the revamped COS’ media enterprise. There should now be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Rathbun has gone back to the dark side, no doubt for the money he found out he couldn’t earn anywhere else. I still refuse to watch or read anything Rathbun has to say as Miscavige’s puppet. I will rely on Tony’s reporting of his bombast.

  • chukicita
    • Scientology is fundamentally not equipped to cope with distributed, networked opposition. No leaders, no single agenda and diversity of opinion. They cannot understand that these things are a strength, not a weakness.

    • Ann B Watson


  • Marty has always been the shopping cart with a crazy wheel.

    The Ass Clown Offensive – Miscavige Becomes “Anonymous” July 17, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

  • xenuYESxenu

    If it took a bad movie to make Tom Cruise less untouchable then why was he ever untouchable in the first place 😉

  • donald king

    People might think that Marty Rathbun has settled his differences with his old friend David Miscavige out of court.

    People might think that he was awarded an undisclosed sum as ‘compensation.’

    People might think that part of his settlement is to become (or at least pretend to become) an apologist for Mr Miscavige’s thriving church.

    If people do think that is what has happened in the past year, surely they’re wrong!

    I for one, I believe every word that Mr. Rathbun says. The same as I believe every word of Mr. Miscavige and every word of Mr. Hubbard. Honestly, I do. Don’t you? Surely you don’t have doubts? I look forward to seeing Mr. Rathbun demolish ‘Going Clear’ in his objective and fair-minded way. I believe in him because he’s not doing it for money. Not like cult leaders such as… er, Chris Shelton, who has made himself a multi-millionaire by brainwashing people. (Have I got that right, or should I ask ‘Marty’ for the ‘facts’?)

    Will Mr. Rathbun eventually be welcomed back into the Church itself to become Mr. Miscavige’s right-hand man once more? What a reunion that will be! Tears will flow, and hosannas will be sung. Maybe it’s all a plot by Marty to overthrow the Chairman of the Board from inside, take over the Church, and turn it into a kindly evangelical group preaching God, Mom, and Apple Pie. Will Mr. Miscavige find himself consigned to the Hole, surrounded by the ghosts of his old friends? (A bit like Richard the Third on the night of the Battle of Bosworth.)

    • Suppressive Tomato

      Maybe his departure from the church, his squirreling, his blog and his wife’s abandoned lawsuit against the church were all actually part of an elaborate OSA operation meant to draw out and identify covert enemies of the church and COB. It sounds ridiculous, but this is Miscavige we’re talking about, King of the Ham-Fisted Foot Bullet.

  • Mymy88

    Oh barf. I tried to watch that Marty part 2 video. I had to skip around a bit. It sure does take him a lot of words to say what comes down to, in my opinion “I am a dooffus. Pay no attention.” There is a part of me that feels bad for him because sometimes I think he is only a badly damaged person that has potential to come back around one day, with some help from caring people. I do hope that happens.

  • What’s interesting about this latest Rathbun video is that you can literally hear Rathbun turning the pages of his scripted notes. Was his script reviewed and approved before he began making this video? If so, who reviewed and approved it that professionally produced this video?

    Rathbun claims that whoever is a critic of Scientology is somehow automatically given credibility by Lawrence Wright, while those that don’t are likely to be dismissed and/or marginalized.

    Ironically there are many people that never saw Marty Rathbun as credible despite his criticism of Scientology and instead remained deeply skeptical about both his intentions and personal character.

    In the final analysis it seems that those concerns were well justified. It appears Rathbun was critical of Scientology because he lost his position and personal status. And that he used his posture as a supposed Scientology critic ultimately it seems to gain enough leverage to garner a big pay day. Now Rathbun appears in a video apparently to please David Miscavige.

    It’s Rathbun not Wright who is suspect regarding both his “projection” of “cult” self importance and his seemingly deliberate and selective “errors” of omission contrived to please his benefactory/producer and stay on script.

    • bigsue

      Are they not both projecting?

      • No. Wright simply wrote a book about Scientology that included a collection of established historical information. It reflects research and thoughtful writing. Rathbun is now engaged in propaganda for his sponsor and video producer.

        • Marie Rivera

          What I don’t understand Alan and I bet you can explain it to me. Is that all these videos are about Larry Wright’s book that came out what a year ago. didn’t the movie come out after the book and wasn’t Marty in that movie? yes? right? I’m confused! Guess what I’m saying is how can he complain now when he was in the movie? Am I my missing something?

          • IMO what you are missing is between then and now Marty Rathbun was paid off by Scientology. He simply sold out for financial gain. Now he’s a jobber for David Miscavige.

  • richelieu jr

    I’ve said it before and Inwill say it again re: Pro-Hubbardian “middle ways”:

    You know when a bird shits, that milky runny liquid that surrounds it, dries into white crust?
    You know what that is called?

    Yeah, that’s shit, too.

    And you know what you call someone who spends their life trulign to sort the “good” Hubbard lies for root eh stolen ideas and just shitty, harmful lies?

    A shit stirrer, shit-picker, and a person who simply makes shitty decisions and shitty reasoning in their life.

    Kiddy steps, whatever.

    Heroin lite is not health food.

    The cure for Scientology is learning the scientific method and how to test assertions and judge pronouncements. Falsifiability. Verification. Repetition. Openness to new data and the evolution of know,edge-
    Openness to being proved wrong.

    Either Marty is truly so weak-minded and devoid of any awareness or insight as to what he has experienced inside or outside of the church, or Miscavige has him by his much-vaunted seldom-seen balls, or, more likely–

    This puffed-up, agressive, barfly guru of a thug has been promised his part of the kingdom, and peace, as long as he uses what contacts he has in the media and his fleeting fame to confise and delude people so DM can take their money.

    If Miscavige is Hubbard shorn of the compulsive lying and drive to stay one step ahead of creditors, the IRS, and the Looney Net, then Rathbun is sort of the steam rising off of Hubbard’s shit, only visible in the reflected light of his wasted life as head thug for a totalitarian cult…

    Without the illumination of DMs attention, or of confused ex-Scilond and never ins who mistake his high status inside Hubbard and DM-Wits bizarreoland with real value and rank outside it.

    People not being entirely dim when not obliged to be by misinformation threats, blackmail, limited sleep and food; the shine went off of Marty’s Medicine Shiw relatively quickly.

    And poor “Mark” truly confused the media’s spotlight on a festering problem (for which he bore as great a responsibility as any other living human being not named Miscavige) for proof he was a True Celebrity, just like he had always believed!

    And when his ‘groupies’ faded away, or worse, dared to criticize the Great Scilon Warrior– well, they must obviously be under the influence of another Guru!

    So Mr Tough Guy (with adolescent girls driven out onto ledges by his antics) faded like Tinkebell in search of an Applause Fix…

    But once a thug, always a thug,no matter how much you try and cop from Swayze in Point Break. The only thing interesting obout Marty’s brand of hot steam was the brand of piss from which it arose and which h has now persuasively proven he has nothing new, interesting or or provably true to add to.

    I do hope we won’t all look away now, though. Unpleasant as it is to contemplate, this deep-thinker is now a proud father who will in 5 short years be putting an innocent child on the cans.

    To quote POTUS:


  • ExCult.Jan

    The spotlight had grown dim.
    Marty just put in a fresh bulb.

  • Moonchalk

    Bottom line: Since he hasn’t denied giving the CoS that private email, he did and is the same criminal he was while working for the church. Everything flows from that.

  • Moonchalk

    Marty knows these videos of his are bullocks hence disabling comments. Scamologists cannot handle critical discourse or scrutiny.

    • bigsue

      Specifically, where are they “bullocks”? Are they not that “critical discourse or scrutiny” you speak of?

      • Moonchalk

        LMAO! 1) People who are critical of scientology are part of a cult. 2) NOT allowing discourse by others. 3) Rent an IQ or just tell us that you are an OSA bot.

  • Snake Plissken

    As they say … when you’re a hammer everything looks like a nail, and when you’re Marty everything right now looks like a cult … until he finds the next thing to be the self proclaimed expert of.

    Marty’s latest ramblings remind me of those guys who get out of prison but end up continuing to do things that land them back in prison because they feel more comfortable there, and while they’re in prison they ramble on about how everyone on the outside are the ones who are really in prison.

    • bigsue

      Specifically, where does he ramble? He seems to directly address what is important to him succinctly with a minimal of rambling.

      • GeneralGeorgeSPatton

        Seriously? did you even bother listening to his babbling?

        • Moonchalk

          OSA Troll alert general.

      • Marie Rivera

        Perhaps not rambling per se’, but he talks in circles. Just SAY IT MARTY! Goodness

  • bigsue

    Rathburn’s commentary in all the videos is reasonable and considerate. Anyone who acts brainwashed and dismisses or trolls everything he says or worse, blindly buys into everything that he says, is suspect IMO.

    • Right Wing Circle Jerk

      Yeah it’s so reasonable and considerate that he felt the need to disable comments on his videos

      I can see why you needed to created a new disqus account to post this, I’d be embarrassed too

  • Cindy

    The videos are absolute chloroform. The viewership count is dropping by the day.

  • Proud American ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I can understand Marty cutting a deal with the cult, at this stage in the game what else is he going to do for money? I can even understand him getting all weird and doing complete 180 for an added settlement bonus from the cult, he has a child to raise after all; but what I didn’t expect was his plan and execution to be so fucking lame.

    Come on Marty put a little effort into it, these cheesy OSA tactics are beyond worn out, and a little creativity wouldn’t hurt either, trying to be the cult’s version of Chris Shelton just isn’t working for you.