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Memories of a Scientology warrior: Marty Rathbun’s curious career as church rebel

Last week, we caused a bit of an uproar in the Scientology Watching community when we reported evidence that Mark “Marty” Rathbun gave a Church of Scientology attorney in Israel a copy of an email that independent Scientologist Dani Lemberger sent to Rathbun in 2013, and which contained private information about Lemberger’s Scientology auditing.

The church used the contents of that email during a cross-examination of Lemberger in a court hearing last month, including the detail that Lemberger had said during auditing he thought about putting a bullet in the head of Scientology leader David Miscavige. Lemberger tells us the email’s use had little effect on the trial, which ended with a settlement last week. But he wrote to Rathbun that it was upsetting to him that Rathbun would turn over an email to the church, and he received no reply. When we asked Rathbun about it, he denigrated us without answering our question or denying that he, in fact, gave Lemberger’s private email to the church for its use in court. While some readers are still arguing whether the email proves that Rathbun is actually cooperating with Scientology under some kind of agreement with church leader David Miscavige, and whether or not that agreement involves some kind of secret financial settlement, there’s one thing that seems pretty certain: Marty Rathbun’s career as one of Miscavige’s most effective critics is over.

At one time, “Moving On Up a Little Higher,” the blog that Rathbun started in 2009 to criticize his former boss, was, with no exaggeration, a serious threat to Miscavige’s very control of the church itself.

So we thought, given how much Rathbun’s work has been a part of our reporting the last several years, we should take a long look at his contributions, regardless of where he ended up. And also to understand what we can about his personal rise and fall — were there clues early on that Rathbun was on a crash course? Take a look at our summary, and let us know.


[From the first blog post, Rathbun and actor Jason Beghe]

July-August 2009: A Texas truth rundown begins

Marty Rathbun was a member of the Church of Scientology for some 27 years, and left in 2004. He then vanished so completely, there were rumors online that he was dead. But in 2008, some of his old friends in Scientology figured out that he was living in south Texas.

Former Sea Org veterans Mat Pesch and Amy Scobee were the first to visit Rathbun that year, followed by the actor Jason Beghe, who had just left Scientology himself. Rathbun has said it was a conversation he had with Scobee about the church trying to separate her from her mother Bonny Elliott that made him realize that he had to try and do something about the abuses going on in Scientology.

He put up a static website, but then, with the secret help of activist Mark Bunker, he started his blog after the 2009 St. Petersburg Times series “The Truth Rundown” had come out and interest in him was high (the first installment of the series by Tom Tobin and Joe Childs had appeared June 21). The first entry of Rathbun’s blog was dated July 1 and its first comment was left by Beghe.

In the first two months of the blog’s existence, Rathbun revealed that Tom Cruise had actually been away from Scientology for about a decade, from 1992 to 2001. Pesch and Scobee were being stalked by private investigators in the Pacific Northwest. Back in Texas, Rathbun was dealing with letters from attorneys — Scientology lawyer Wally Pope told him not to talk publicly about the Lisa McPherson lawsuit that was settled in 2004, and Tom Cruise attorney Bert Fields told him not to talk about being Cruise’s auditor. Rathbun defied both. And Rathbun made it known that he was auditing visitors to his home in Ingleside by the Bay near Corpus Christi, and that although he was practicing Scientology, he was not plotting to return to or take over the church itself: “I have no intention of ever going back to the Church of Scientology — in any capacity whatsoever. I believe it has been so thoroughly rotted to the core that it is a lost cause.”


September-December 2009: We are independents

By now the early pattern is well set. Rathbun is delivering independent Scientology and discussing ways to rescue L. Ron Hubbard’s “tech” from the corruption of David Miscavige. Other posts reveal ways that Miscavige and the church are retaliating against Rathbun and the other defectors. And longtime church members are beginning to use the blog to announce their status as outcasts.

Rathbun reveals that he is working on an alternative “ethics paradigm” for people doing Scientology outside the church (Sep 10). And already by Sep 15, there have been four waves of private investigator activity trying to disrupt the lives of the Rathbuns. Marty makes it clear that he considers Mike Rinder “a very close friend” (Sep 18). On Sep 26, Rathbun again feels compelled to explain that he has no plans to create a rival Church of Scientology or to try to usurp David Miscavige’s position. On Sep 30, Rathbun announces that the new community will refer to itself as “independents,” and beginning on Oct 2, a parade of former church members begins to announce their defections from the church, including Christie Collbran, Dan Koon and Mariette Lindstein, Steve Hall, Jim Logan, Martin Padfield, Ken Urquhart, and Haydn James.

Beginning on Oct 14, Rathbun begins to print in installments a lengthy defection letter by an unnamed writer. After the fourth portion, on Oct 24, Rathbun reveals that the letter writer is actually director Paul Haggis. Traffic to the blog explodes.

On Nov 7, Marc Headley’s book Blown for Good is published, and Rathbun pens a foreword for it, even though “Marc Headley and I don’t see eye to eye much on LRH and Scientology.”

Early in December, Rathbun and Rinder make a trip to London to be filmed for a John Sweeney documentary.


January-September 2010: Strength in unity

More longtime Scientologists come out as independents, including Silvia Kusada, Sam Domingo, Shane Weightman and Chrissie Pearlman, Tiziano Lugli, and Steve Pfauth, who was with Hubbard during his last years.

These are not just people who are leaving the church because of their dissatisfaction with David Miscavige, but also because they generally want to get back to a purer form of Scientology, with a focus on auditing and not on the snitching and interrogation culture in the church, with its “security checks” and extortion methods. In his home in Ingleside on the Bay, Rathbun is trying to create an environment where ex-church members can get back to the things that brought them into Scientology in the first place. “I make it no secret that I audit, or help through other means, anybody who reaches. Anyone. I don’t sec check them to find out whether they are worthy of help, or may one day become a liability to me. I’ve audited at least four extensive previous psycho-therapy/psychologist cases, at least one suicidal individual, and even some walking in with fears in their minds whether it was safe to pick up the cans in any circumstances so deep was their anguish about their previous extensive intensives with the C of M. I never had anyone sign a waiver, disclaimer, nor pay a single red cent for the privilege of going in session,” Rathbun explains on January 25.

Mike Rinder and Haydn James contribute pieces about the corruption in David Miscavige’s church.

On Feb 17, Rathbun mentions that he’s reading Will Durant, the historian who Hubbard dedicated Dianetics to. Other posts include lengthy passages from Hubbard’s own work, but as we’ll see, Rathbun is beginning to read more widely, and will begin recommending other authors on a regular basis.

Milestones: Shane Weightman and Chrissie Pearlman marry in February. Christie Collbran is profiled by the New York Times (Mar 6). Amy Scobee’s book Abuse at the Top comes out (Mar 10). Anderson Cooper turns the St. Petersburg Times “Truth Rundown” series into his own four-part series about Scientology in March.

Rathbun visits Arizona in April, and then he and Rinder go to the Flag Land Base in Clearwater to attempt to see Rinder’s son, Benjamin, who Rinder has learned is dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Rinder also reveals that while he had taken Collbran to a doctor appointment, he was ambushed by his ex-wife and by church official Jenny Linson and others in a crazy encounter.

On April 29, Rathbun reveals that John Brousseau had escaped from Int Base and then had made his way to Rathbun’s house in Texas, where they were swarmed by church operatives. Rathbun, meanwhile, talks about auditing people on the “OT levels” at his home (May 5).

More independents come out on the blog, including hardcore Hubbardite Tom Martiniano (May 10).

For the first time, we learn from Rathbun on June 8 that David Miscavige has ordered church members, even high-level OTs, to focus on lower level steps on the “Bridge,” including Objectives, the Purif, the Cause Resurgence Rundown (running around a pole), and the Grades.

More milestones: The St. Petersburg Times reveals that women in the Sea Org are forced to have abortions as a matter of policy (Jun 13). John Brousseau tells his story of escape from Int Base (Jun 18). Valeska Paris tells of being a prisoner on the Freewinds cruise ship (June 20). Karen de la Carriere reveals that she’s left the church (Jun 30).

On July 5, Rathbun writes about the “first Independent Scientologist wedding,” as he marries Monique Carle, and about 65 independent Scientologists show up for a weekend gathering. Then, in New Orleans for their honeymoon, Rathbun is arrested for being drunk and disorderly. Knowing that Scientology will use this to smear him, Rathbun writes about it on the blog on July 16.

Rathbun visits with Steve Pfauth and Jesse Prince on a trip to Michigan in July. In August, the lawsuits filed against the church by the Headleys are dismissed. Jefferson Hawkins publishes his book Counterfeit Dreams on Sep 5. Photos taken by John Brousseau show the lavish work done by Sea Org workers on Tom Cruise’s Burbank hangar (Sep 14). The BBC airs John Sweeney’s follow-up documentary, “Secrets of Scientology,” which features Rathbun and Rinder (Sep 15). Says Rathbun about the show: “L. Ron Hubbard was truly ahead of his time in many respects. Unfortunately, for whatever reasons that could be debated for many lifetimes, his ideas were monopolized in a zealotous religious context that has resulted in Scientology being left in the dust by great minds.” (In other words, while the independents rebelling against the church tend to be treated sympathetically by the press, the indies are generally disappointed that reporters insist on referring to L. Ron Hubbard and his ideas as a complete joke.)

Rathbun says there are “dozens, if not hundreds” of independent Scientologists who understand where he’s coming from.

Also in 2010: Monique Rathbun goes Clear under her husband’s guidance.


October 2010-April 17, 2011: A first hint of division

On Oct 4, Rathbun for the first time reveals that he’s getting pushback from some “independents” about the direction of the blog: “These come from people that seem offended by my allowance of comments that question aspects of Scientology and my posts suggesting reading outside of Scientology.”

More milestones: Daniel Montalvo makes his escape from Scientology, taking with him hard drives with terabytes of insider information about the church (Oct 8). Mike Rinder is under heavy harassment from church dirty tricks private investigator Dave Lubow, as videos reveal (Oct 10). On Nov 18, Rathbun suggests that Miscavige could go the way of Jim Jones at some point.

Beginning in October, Rathbun begins to use the blog as a way to make public formerly secret internal documents about operations run by Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs and other Sea Org departments. On Oct 19, he publishes a document showing the extremes that the Sea Org went to in order to cater to Tom Cruise. On Nov 29, he reveals the OSA harassment program designed for former church member Tory Christman. On Jan 6, Chuck Beatty’s OSA program is published. On Feb 15, Rathbun reveals that Vanity Fair reporter John Connolly has been working as a paid Scientology spy for years.

In November, Rathbun begins posting a series of videos made of him fishing with Mike Rinder and discussing things like David Miscavige’s involvement in John Travolta’s movie Battlefield Earth, and Miscavige’s abusive relationship with the media.

More independents tell their stories: Luis Garcia, Claudio and Renata Lugli, Lori Hodgson, Hy Levy, Michael Fairman, Lynne Hoverson and Bert Schippers, and Rachel Denk.

Lawrence Wright’s New Yorker article about Paul Haggis, “The Apostate,” hits on Feb 7, 2011.

Rathbun continues to talk about defending Hubbard’s “tech” from Miscavige, saying that he finds the “ser facs” processes by Hubbard particularly powerful and that Miscavige has mistakenly reduced their use. He also “deconstructs” the “Mayo myth” that it was David Mayo, not L. Ron Hubbard, who was responsible for much of the upper-level technology in Scientology. Rathbun then admits that he’s surprised how much heat he gets from commenters: “I didn’t anticipate as much worship for David Mayo.”

On April 16, he mentions that he has a visitor arriving for auditing, and he needs to prepare for it. He doesn’t say that it is Lori Hodgson, whose visit will change everything.


April 18-December 2011: The Squirrel Busters

“Miscavige Shock Squad Hits Casablanca,” Rathbun announces on April 18. In an encounter that will soon become famous, a delegation of Scientologists with GoPro cameras strapped to their heads shows up on the Rathbun front porch demanding to talk to Marty. “This morning I had just completed Lori Hodgson’s first two STANDARD sessions, which incidentally included cleaning up the trauma of having been stalked, assaulted and threatened by ‘OT VIII’, ‘OT Ambassador’ John Allender. That assault occurred the day after she returned from her first trip to Casablanca in December…While on a lunch break, our quiet theta environment was interrupted by loud pounding at my front door.”

The Village Voice begins daily coverage of the visits by the intimidation squad, soon to be joined by other local and national media.

As the Squirrel Busters are continuing their demonstrations outside the Rathbun house for the next 199 days, we read about other milestones: Actor Michael Fairman posts his declare order (Apr 23). Anon Sparrow, Brian Mandigo, is acquitted on criminal charges for his demonstrations outside the Washington DC org (May 5). Tiziano Lugli posts video of intense private investigator activity outside his Hollywood Hills home (June 5).

When Rathbun goes to Los Angeles in June, the Squirrel Busters go too, and they recruit OT 8 Scientologist and art dealer Izzy Chait to confront him at the LA airport.

On June 26, after putting up with the Squirrel Busters for more than two months, Rathbun pens a long open letter to the residents of his town, to make them aware of the siege he’s experiencing. Rathbun is defiant, and says he will never back down to Miscavige, nor can he ever be bought off…

The cult has two weapons and two weapons only: a) harassment to a degree unprecedented in a civilized society, and b) money to buy the victim of “a” when he is put into an amenable frame of mind. Just so everybody knows, as Miscavige just won’t seem to get it through his head, I will never fold to any pressure no matter how intense, and I am not for sale – at any price.

Rathbun continues to use his blog to expose Scientology black-bag operations: The OSA scheme against Washington Post reporter Richard Leiby (May 11), Freedom magazine “reporter” Jim Lynch’s harassment of Mike Rinder (Jun 9), a list of OSA volunteers in the Western US (Jun 14), Grant Cardone’s operation to smear and destroy legendary acting coach Milton Katselas (Jun 20), and the program to investigate South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone (Oct 23).

On July 27, Mark Bunker reveals that he had secretly helped Rathbun to help him get his blog going, and announces that he supports what Rathbun is doing, despite complaints from some critics about Rathbun promoting “independent Scientology.”

Squirrel Buster activity continues into the summer, but on August 7, Rathbun reveals that a videographer briefly hired by the operation named Bert Leahy has reached out to him. The Squirrel Busters are actually being run by Scientology private investigator Dave Lubow, Leahy reveals, who told them the real goal of the group is to “make Marty’s life a living hell.”

In September, Scientology finally gets around to attacking the New Yorker for its February Lawrence Wright story, to great unintended hilarity. Meanwhile, Rathbun makes a trip to Germany to meet with Ursula Caberta.

Janet Reitman’s book Inside Scientology comes out in June, and in September, Ohio State University professor Hugh Urban releases an academic study of Scientology’s history.

On Sep 17, the Squirrel Busters manage to get Marty Rathbun arrested, but a local prosecutor refuses to charge Rathbun, who had scraped one of the protestors while removing his sunglasses.

The blog tells the unsettling stories of Richie Acunto and Biggi Reichert, and Mike Rinder writes about harassment of Robert Almblad and his clean ice machine.

Rathbun announces his interest in Martha Stout’s book The Sociopath Next Door, which he will continue to cite repeatedly.

In November, the St. Petersburg Times, under its new name, the Tampa Bay Times, publishes another blockbuster series, “The Money Machine.”

And the indies are still making waves: Rinder visits Ireland in October, Lana Mitchell reveals secrets about Tom Cruise for Australian television in November, Luis Garcia writes a devastating takedown of the “Ideal Org” scam as it unfolded in Orange County (Nov 22), Michael Fairman files suit against a Scientologist chiropractor who had dumped his wife as a client because of her independent status, and Rathbun is still savaging David Miscavige over his fundraising activities while quoting L. Ron Hubbard to counter his critics as the year closes out.


[“The Battle of San Antonio,” February 2012]

January-June 2012: The Debbie Cook earthquake

As 2012 begins, a message written by former Sea Org official Debbie Cook strikes like a nuclear bomb, and is quickly disseminated to thousands of current and former Scientologists. In the message, she methodically catalogs David Miscavige’s corruption with the use of L. Ron Hubbard’s own quotes. It’s a devastating takedown that will motivate hundreds, if not thousands of Scientologists to leave the church in the coming years.

It becomes pretty clear that Rathbun and Rinder at least had knowledge of Cook’s plan, if not involvement in it directly. On Jan 23, Rathbun announces that he’s started a defense fund to support Cook more than a week before the church actually files a lawsuit against her. (He also, on Jan 19, criticizes her for how poorly she was handling things, saying she was still too trusting of people who had connections to Miscavige.)

On Feb 1, we’re in San Antonio and for the first time meet Rathbun and Rinder at what becomes an epic courtroom showdown between Cook’s attorney, Ray Jeffrey, and George Spencer, the local attorney hired by Scientology.

On Feb 12, Rathbun reviews the events of the “Battle of San Antonio,” saying that it was the Independent Scientology community that had really saved the day, as well as an assist from the attorney Cook had hired. “Probably the most crucial clutch play of the game also came from a Texas Independent. His many years of ethical business practice and consequent connections lead us to the biggest star of the entire battle, Sugar Ray Jeffrey. Mike and I have worked with some of the most expensive and accomplished lawyers in countries across the world for several decades; and both of us recognized the day we met him that Ray was the only horse that could run the course before us in the time allotted to prepare.”

Beginning in March, inspired by Cook’s example, we get a parade of independents who ask Rathbun to post their own “Debbie Cook letters” denouncing Miscavige. (Most of them are interminably long and nearly impossible to get through, to be honest.)

On May 17, Rathbun reveals that he had turned down an offer of $20,000 from the National Enquirer to reveal what Tom Cruise had told him in auditing sessions.

On April 24, Scientology pays Debbie Cook to settle the lawsuit that it had filed against her, a stunning turnaround that shows how effective her day of testimony had been. (Critics to this day suggest that Cook should have “kept going” and refused the settlement, and they seem to forget that she was the defendant in a lawsuit that potentially carried millions in liability for her, and it was being heard before a judge who might have found against her claim of signing agreements with the church under duress. As Mike Rinder has pointed out, she had no real choice but to accept the deal, which carried with it a confidentiality agreement that prevents her from speaking publicly about Scientology today.)

Another wave of independents announce their status on the blog: Andy Porter, Marilyn Brewer, Brad Halsey, and Dave Fagen.

On June 23, Rathbun publishes his first book, What is Wrong With Scientology?, a dense read that is intended for his independent Scientology followers, not the general public. Five days later, he mentions that he’s helped two people finish OT 7, and he’s case supervised three others to finish OT 5.

Then, all hell breaks loose.


July-December 2012: The TomKat split, and the last days of unity

In only a single week at the end of June and early July 2012, Scientology is rocked by several revelations: Katie Holmes ditches Tom Cruise in a surgical operation that she must have been planning secretly for months. News emerges that David Miscavige’s own father, Ron Miscavige Sr., had escaped some months earlier from the Int Base, and so had L. Ron Hubbard’s granddaughter, Roanne Horwich, around the same time. Karen de la Carriere learned that her son Alexander Jentzsch was found dead at only 27 — his father was Heber Jentzsch, still the nominal president of the Church of Scientology and a prisoner in “The Hole” at Int Base. And meanwhile, in Israel, an entire Scientology mission had broken away to become independent.

At the blog, Rathbun deals with those upheavals. He also continues to post proclamations of independence (Mark Shreffler, the Waterkamps), praises Mike Rinder for his Rock Center appearance, and gripes about the lukewarm reception for his book at the Village Voice.

On Jul 30, Rathbun encourages independent OT’s to come for auditing at his home: “We are prepared to deliver the entire Scientology grade chart. We are particularly ready to assist those who are interested in moving on up from their corporate Scientology experiences.” A few days later, on August 13, he points out that anyone who comes to his south Texas home will get a quick and painless suppressive person declare, saving perhaps months of agony over whether or not to cut ties with the official church.

More milestones: Luke Catton dishes on his days as president of Narconon Arrowhead (Sep 1), Maureen Orth’s Vanity Fair story on Tom Cruise and Nazanin Boniadi is published (Sep 5), the Headleys are asked to spy for the church and refuse (Sep 6), the Luglis travel from Italy to the new independent center in Haifa, Israel (Sep 15), and Rathbun likes what he considers a positive portrayal of Hubbard in Paul Thomas Anderson’s movie The Master (Sep 23).

On Sep 21, there’s a fascinating new lawsuit filed against the Church of Scientology by two men who had worked for 24 years as private investigators for David Miscavige to keep tabs on just one man: Pat Broeker. With Ray Jeffrey as their attorney (who had also handled the Debbie Cook matter), they will walk away with what we believe was a huge settlement from the church. A week after filing the lawsuit, the two former PIs, Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold, visit Rathbun in Texas, and bring a reporter along for the ride. Also at the house at that time are Jeffrey Augustine and a UK Channel 4 film crew.

On Oct 11, Rathbun releases his second book, The Scientology Reformation: What Every Scientologist Should Know. Less of a tract for Independent Scientology than his previous book, this one reveals more of the corruption of David Miscavige and makes for some fun reading in parts.

On Oct 25, Rathbun records a video message for OSA operatives: “Get the reports. Get the evidence. Get them to me. And I will guarantee you this. I will guarantee you this. You will absolutely have complete immunity and complete protection of any type of liability. I am telling you right now I am guaranteeing you that protection and I am guaranteeing you that ability, which will be an incredibly important thing for you because it will help you to make good on what you’ve been doing to stop Scientology by forwarding Miscavige’s plans.”

Rathbun is still posting indie coming-out stories (Steve Poore, the Krohns, Don Shaul, and a final one — Ronn Stacy — on January 2, 2013), and the blog reviews the work of indefatigable independent Steve Hall (Nov 9).

On Nov 16, Rathbun gives a deposition to attorney Ken Dandar for his complex litigation against the Church of Scientology and reveals that the church had spent some $30 million trying to influence judges and state officials to fend off the legal assault surrounding the 1995 death of Lisa McPherson.

Rathbun knows that in the new year, Lawrence Wright will be coming out with the book, Going Clear, that had grown out of his 2011 New Yorker article on Paul Haggis. Rathbun warns his independent Scientology readers to prepare themselves that Wright’s book will probably treat L. Ron Hubbard roughly.

Tired of the harassment and surveillance in Ingleside, at the beginning of December the Rathbuns move to a more secluded and secure rental home outside San Antonio and closer to attorney Ray Jeffrey.

Over at the Underground Bunker, we reveal that Rathbun and Rinder have recorded rap lyrics for Tiziano Lugli’s biting satire of Scientology life under David Miscavige which also features Nazanin Boniadi.

Also in December, Rathbun posts a couple of interesting surveys, asking his readers about some of L. Ron Hubbard’s more outré ideas about past lives, and about between-life implants.

In other words, after nearly three years of blogging, and a thriving readership, Rathbun seems to be wondering, how many people actually believe this space opera stuff?

In hindsight, it appears to be a hint that things are suddenly going to change in a big way.


[“Nueva Casablanca” in Bulverde, where a deer camera turned up.]

January-August 2013: Marty gets weird

On January 4, 2013, Rathbun posts an image from a painting of a worn couple of shoes. He asks readers to tell him what it evokes for them.

It’s a “say what?” moment that seems to mark a sudden shift at the blog.

A few days later he posts another odd survey, asking readers to discuss what they had experienced in the last 75 million years.

And on January 10, there’s a pretty telling admission from Rathbun that he’s hit some kind of barrier. “What More Can I Say?” he titles it, and acknowledges that readers are asking what’s happened. He reminds them that he had published two books which say most of what he wants to about Scientology. He also hints that he’s losing patience with the “independent” community that he’s been so instrumental in putting together.

On Jan 20, Lawrence Wright’s book has come out, and as he predicted Rathbun isn’t very happy with it for all the shots it takes at L. Ron Hubbard.

Two days later, Rathbun gives space to doctrinaire Hubbardite Tom Martiniano to argue that it’s important for the independent movement to rely on Hubbard for guidance, and to keep things on track.

Rathbun then responds, criticizing indies about having a “Keeping Scientology Working” (KSW) mindset, and urges them to take a more heterodox approach to Scientology by considering the ideas of other writers who had come before and after Hubbard. Hardcore Hubbardites howl, and on Jan 20, Rathbun pens a world-weary post sounding like his ideas are underappreciated.

Getting more heat from the KSW indies, Rathbun on March 1 recommends that his followers read the Tao Te Ching.

Mike Rinder, meanwhile, contributes another piece that avoids the philosophical arguments going on and takes a hard look at Miscavige’s “Ideal Org” program.

Rathbun now announces that he’s interested in “integral theory” and continues to move away from a KSW view of Scientology. On Mar 13, he releases a video he titles “The Tao of Scientology” as he continues to slip into guru mode. On March 18, he says that the message of his books has been that the only way Scientology can remain relevant is to “integrate, evolve, and transcend.”

Two days later, Mike Rinder announces that he’s starting his own blog, “Something Can Be Done About It,” where he will stay focused on Miscavige’s failures and evidence of the Church of Scientology’s crumbling.

Rathbun, meanwhile, continues to turn his blog into a mashup of quasi-Scientology ideas immersed in Eastern Philosophy as he extols the nature of the pseudoscience book The Tao of Physics. On April 6, he acknowledges the “noise” over his “heretical views,” but he insists that it was all in his books if you just looked carefully enough. On April 19, he even uses quotes from L. Ron Hubbard to refute his critics, saying that Hubbard himself had predicted that Scientology would stagnate if it didn’t evolve.

On May 23, Rathbun publishes his third book, Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior, and he then reacts angrily to our review, which is only partly negative. We considered the book a lost opportunity as Rathbun looked back on his years as a Scientology enforcer running retaliation campaigns, but instead of using that as a confessional, he still saw himself as the hero of his tale, and he still saw the project of attacking church critics as a righteous one. Referring to himself as a “warrior” was actually how he saw himself.

With the book out, Rathbun says that he’s free again to take new appointments for counseling, even if what he’s doing now can’t really be called “Scientology” any longer.

On June 17, the UK Channel 4 documentary Scientologists at War airs, documenting Rathbun’s split with the church and his battles with the Squirrel Busters. Already, it feels dated as Rathbun continues to move into his new role in post-Scientology thought.

Rathbun reiterates that he is no longer a Scientologist, independent or otherwise, and he trashes some of his former followers who form a more doctrinaire Hubbardist movement they call “Milestone 2.”

Rathbun is still close enough to Mike Rinder that he gives away the bride as Rinder and Christie Collbran are married in June at a home on the intracoastal in Clearwater.

Another move away from KSW: On July 1, Rathbun says Scientology is doomed not just because of what David Miscavige is doing as head of the church, but because L. Ron Hubbard’s ideas resist being used in an “integral” fashion so that Scientology can evolve. Meanwhile, Rathbun says he’s started work on two more books. “The first book is about moving up from the ultimate trap that is Scientology for those stuck in it to one degree or another. The second book is about applying Hubbard’s workable discoveries in an integrated fashion…”

A week later, news breaks at the Underground Bunker that Leah Remini has defected from Scientology after years of disillusionment.

On July 23, Rathbun says he’s still offering counseling, but it’s his “integral” approach and not Scientology. On August 5, he criticizes Scientologists who are unwilling to consider ideas — even psychiatry — that might be useful to evolving Hubbard’s dogma. And he reveals that he’s working on a new approach to help people “graduate” from Scientology.

Then, a few days later, there’s a bombshell.


August-December 2013: The lawsuit

On August 16, Monique Rathbun files her harassment lawsuit against David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology, with Ray Jeffrey as her attorney. She’s suing over the years of harassment she’s had to go through because the church surveils and tries to sabotage her husband for his views, which also upends her life, even though she never belonged to the church. Also, what we won’t find out until later, the Rathbuns have been planning to adopt an infant, and Monique wants the harassment out of their lives before that happens. What she’s seeking in the lawsuit is a permanent injunction so that she can raise her child in peace. (The adoption happens in November.)

While Rathbun is still using the blog to argue for exploring ideas beyond Hubbard (and enraging indies), he’s also singing the praises of Monique’s legal team of Ray Jeffrey, Marc Wiegand, and Elliott Cappuccio, referring to them as “Hot, Blue, and Righteous” (Sep 13).

His pronouncements about Scientology and eastern thought continue to get more cryptic with a post about Thoreau on Sep 28 and then this bizarre maxim on October 7, when Rathbun proposes to summarize Scientology “in a nutshell.” To wit: “L. Ron Hubbard devised methods using Aristotelian and Newtonian two-value logic constructs that can and do sometimes create peak experiences of a non-dual, infinity-logic consciousness nature.” Three years later, we still have no idea what the hell he’s talking about.

“Scientology begins with the Tao,” he announces a week later and we have to think he’s just messing with the KSW crowd at this point.

References to Miscavige have nearly disappeared — but while his wife’s lawsuit is going on, that may be a smart legal strategy. The blog itself has also slowed, and Rathbun puts up only three entries in November. One of them, however, announces that he’s planning to publish three books in 2014 (none of which have appeared). The first one is “Clear and Beyond: How to Graduate from Scientology.” He says it will in part consist of him saving the OT levels not from Miscavige, but from Hubbard.

On Dec 4, Rathbun writes, “I have been a little consumed of late dealing with a psychopath who insists upon forcing himself upon our lives.” We’re not really sure who he’s referring to. Let us know if you figure it out.

On Dec 9, Rathbun criticizes Miscavige for the first time in quite a while, blasting him for the nature of OSA’s tactics.

Rathbun then describes the other two books he’s planning for 2014. “Deconstructing Scientology: Mental Therapy or Thought Reform?” will look at the origins of Hubbard’s creation, and will debunk some of it. And “Scientology Armageddon: What Led America’s Most Vengeful Cult to its End Times” will describe how David Miscavige ruined everything.

And on December 30, Rathbun announces that he’s now offering a new correspondence course in “Graduating from Scientology.”


January-August 2014: The Great Middle Path

On occasion, in the new year of 2014, there is a reference to Monique’s lawsuit at the blog. On Jan 20, Rathbun announces that he’s looking for certain pieces of evidence that his readers might have. Later in the month he praises news coverage of the suit in the San Antonio Express-News, and he remarks that Miscavige is throwing an army of lawyers at the case.

On Feb 8, he notes that Scientology’s operatives are stalking them when they’re in New Braunfels for court hearings, and a couple of days later he tries to explain why David Miscavige is obsessed with him and Monique.

Through the first half of March, Rathbun publishes a series of L. Ron Hubbard writings he titles the Aims of Scientology, describing how Hubbard wanted Scientology to take over control of the planet. After apologizing to Russell Miller on March 13 for spreading lies about his book Bare-Faced Messiah and abusing the legal process to keep it from achieving publishing success in America, on March 16 Rathbun finishes up his series of Hubbard writings and concludes that Scientology’s rot was set in well before David Miscavige ever showed up.

And then, in May, the lawsuit goes into stasis. The church’s attorneys appeal a decision made by Comal County District Judge Dib Waldrip denying the church’s “anti-SLAPP” motion, and while the Third Court of Appeals considers it, the lawsuit is entirely on hold for more than a year, until November 2015, as the two sides fight over the appeal.

The blog, meanwhile, slows to a trickle, with more references to The Tao of Physics and the Zen of fishing. “Objects arise in consciousness,” Rathbun says on June 18.

A month later, he says that the way to fight cult thinking is to seek the “Great Middle Path,” and avoid either Scientology or anti-Scientology. Pushing even harder against his former indie colleagues, on July 23 Rathbun announces that Scientology is actually a monotheistic religion, and Hubbard is its god — just as Hubbard had intended. A few days later, he calls another indie movement that is popular in Europe, Ron’s Org, a “cult.”

And on August 8, there’s this pretty remarkable broadside: “I would not recommend to anyone that they get involved in Scientology. That is because having thoroughly deconstructed the subject I came to realize that its control and exploitation elements are so thoroughly embedded within the teachings of Hubbard as to make the journey more likely to be on-the-whole negative than positive.” And… “I have devoted the better part of six years to attempting to help the subject survive by elimination of its negative elements. I concede that the experiment was a failure.” He also admits that his idea of a few months ago to help people “graduate” from Scientology entirely has not been working out. He can apparently find few people who are interested in it.

Then, on the last day of August, there’s one of the strangest and we think most portentous entries that Rathbun ever posts. We’ve puzzled over it, and we’re not sure what he’s getting at — has he already decided to cut a deal with Miscavige, and he’s preparing his remaining fans that at some point they’re going to start hearing some strange and troubling things about him? Here’s a key passage from the mystery post, in which he hints that he’s working on some long-term project that’s about “ascendancy of power over force,” and something that he won’t be able to discuss…

It has nothing to do with any current legal proceedings and is unrelated (as am I) to the scientology infotainment lampooning industry (whose main useful purpose is attention distraction). If you hear rumors or ‘inside skinny’ about what this parallel work entails, you are hearing lies or the imagination of someone still caught in the scientology hallucinatory cause syndrome. In the interim, I inform you that nothing about any of this is inconsistent with what I have written over the past two years. Just as certainly, many spectators will be sure that is not the case when they witness that 2015 and 2016 make 2009 and 2010 look like child’s play.


September 2014-January 2015: Filming with Louis Theroux

On Sep 9, Rathbun finds some common ground with David Miscavige, saying he can understand, at least partly, how the church leader might feel compelled to create “the Golden Age of Technology” and the “Golden Age of Technology II” because Hubbard’s brand of Scientology required some evolution.

He then goes on, over the next few weeks, to describe how Hubbard’s Scientology is mind control, using hypnotic techniques, and if David Miscavige and his minions were destructive, it was only proof that Hubbard’s Scientology doesn’t work.

But he also criticizes those who reduce Hubbard solely to a con man, as well as those who consider him infallible and call him “Source.” Again, Rathbun is seeking the “middle path.”

On Oct 19, Rathbun makes public a remarkable video he shot at the Los Angeles Airport. While he was in LA filming scenes for what will eventually become Louis Theroux’s documentary, My Scientology Movie, he is ambushed in the terminal by three Scientology officials, who surround him and tell him he’s pathetic. After no new blog posts in November, on Dec 24 Rathbun posts another stunning video — this one of him being ambushed outside a studio in L.A. where he was filming with Theroux. This time, it’s two older Scientologists who try to intimidate Rathbun about his “foster care” payments, a ham-handed attack on his adoption of a son. Theroux also comes outside the studio to film the encounter with his phone, and the incident will become the climactic scene of his movie.

Meanwhile, the blog again slows to a trickle, and through January there’s almost no indication that Rathbun is a major part of another movie, Alex Gibney’s Going Clear, which is about to have its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah on January 25. Rathbun doesn’t go to the premiere though several of the other participants, including Rinder, Spanky Taylor, and Sara Goldberg, make the trip.


February 2015-January 2016: The beliefs of Scientology

On Feb 3, Rathbun drives a final nail into Scientology’s coffin, announcing that even the introductory courses that so many ex-Scientologists say are beneficial is actually nothing you can’t find elsewhere. “In fact, Scientology never achieved even the scientifically recognized 20 to 30 percent placebo effect in terms of long-term satisfaction,” he writes.

On Mar 11, Rathbun thanks the organizers of an Austin screening of Going Clear where he appears on stage with Lawrence Wright and Alex Gibney for a Q&A. But otherwise, you can hardly tell from his blog that Gibney’s movie that features Rathbun so prominently is going through a period of huge media promotion before its March 29 initial airing on HBO.

On Mar 29, Rathbun says that the hate in Scientology was built-in by L. Ron Hubbard.

In April, Rathbun is profiled in Esquire as Going Clear turns out to be the most-watched HBO documentary in a decade. An ID network episode about his escape from Scientology, filmed months earlier, airs for the first time. And at the Underground Bunker, we publish our last story that will include cooperation from Rathbun, a lengthy piece on Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers.

Also in April 2015, the Rathbuns quietly move back to south Texas after purchasing a four-bedroom house in Ingleside for $277,000.

Through June, Rathbun is hardly posting, and what he does put up doesn’t even refer to Scientology. On July 21, in his only post that month, this is the entire text: “Purpose of life might be reducible to the following simplicity: We serve that which and those whom we care about in the best manner we see fit. Life becomes most complicated by the arrogant who attempt to dictate to others whom, that which, and how they must serve.”

Many readers puzzle over something Rathbun posts in November, after the horrific terror attacks in Paris that left 130 dead. He says that the German intelligence community was too distracted by its harassment of Scientology in 2001 to see that the 9/11 attacks were being planned from Hamburg. And the 2009-2010 FBI investigation of Scientology was a waste of time that took away from investigating and prosecuting the billionaires who were responsible for the 2008 economic collapse. And now, Belgium was wasting its time prosecuting Scientology. (Eventually, that case was thrown out of court.)

None of the three books Rathbun had planned for 2014 had come out by the end of 2015, but in December he does put out a self-published novel, Texas Tropics.

There’s no indication on the blog that in November, the appeals court had finally come back, after a year and a half, to hand the Rathbuns a huge win in Monique’s lawsuit. As one of our legal experts remarks, the Rathbuns were now, more than two years after filing the suit, in the driver’s seat and within another year could begin inflicting the Church of Scientology with serious pain — and might even get David Miscavige in the witness chair.


February 2016-January 2017: Ruing the day

On the morning of February 1, we break the stunning news at the Bunker that Monique had suddenly, and “without cause,” fired her entire legal team. We quote our legal experts, who are shocked, and call it “bizarre.”

Later that day, Rathbun says at his blog that we will “rue the day” that we criticized his wife and her decision. But he resists questions from commenters asking for some explanation of what was going on.

Over the next several months, Rathbun posts only a few times, complaining that our readers are attacking him and his wife. He begins to talk about an “Anti-Scientology Cult” that is just as bad as the Church of Scientology itself.

Meanwhile, the Rathbuns gamely continue to handle the lawsuit on their own as the church takes its next appeal to the state supreme court. But then, Monique indicates her intention to dismiss the lawsuit entirely, and she ends it formally in May. While doing so, she files a couple of documents that blame her attorneys for mishandling the complaint and for telling her there was no money in the suit — neither of which comported with reality, our legal experts tell us.

On August 31, Rathbun attacks Ron Miscavige Sr.’s memoir, Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige and Me, which had been published in May. (And about which he’d said nothing at the time.) The broadside against the book looks wholly uncharacteristic for the blog. It’s a lengthy piece that has clearly been put together with some forethought, and it drives toward a final point that Rathbun intends to be a death-knell for Ron’s book, that its claims about private investigators speaking directly with David Miscavige about their surveillance of his father wasn’t credible, because Rathbun, in the 24 years he’d worked with Miscavige, had never seen him speak directly with private eyes working for the church.

We pointed out, however, that in one of his own books, Rathbun had described Miscavige speaking directly with a private investigator, Gene Ingram. And the private eyes he hired in 1988, Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold, also said they were in direct contact with Miscavige many times.

Then, on Sep 5, Rathbun is back with another lengthy and polished attack, this time on Louis Theroux’s My Scientology Movie, which is about to open in theaters in Australia. Rathbun calls filmmakers Theroux, Simon Chinn, and John Dower dishonest and deceitful in a way that seems intended to cause them trouble with the BBC, who had developed the project. Specifically, Rathbun claims that a scene recreating David Miscavige’s abusive nature in “The Hole” at Int Base, written in part by Rathbun himself, was, Rathbun now claimed, really a portrayal of Rathbun and was unfair to Miscavige, and that Theroux used almost nothing Rathbun had written.

Again, his claims are refuted, this time by Steven Mango, who was also in the scene and says it was entirely done to Rathbun’s direction, and by Tom DeVocht, who was in The Hole and says the scene does accurately capture Miscavige’s abusive nature.

Rathbun goes after other former Scientologists in the rest of September, including Karen de la Carriere and Jeffrey Augustine, Jefferson Hawkins, and Chris Shelton.

And then the blog, after a few more abortive posts, including a couple on politics, goes dormant after a final post this past January.

For many observers, the attacks on Ron Miscavige, Louis Theroux, and the others was plenty of evidence that Rathbun had entered into some sort of agreement with Miscavige, perhaps related to the dismissal of his wife’s lawsuit. But others defended him, saying that he and Monique, raising a small child, had simply tired of the suit and that it was understandable that they had walked away. (This view didn’t explain why badmouthing the attorneys was necessary, however.) And as for turning on the “anti-Scientology cult,” these supporters saw it as an extension of Rathbun’s announced goal of seeking the “great middle path” and wanting to remove himself from the debate over Scientology altogether.

And that’s where things stood until this past week, when an unexpected bit of news arrived from Israel.

UPDATE: Since we wrote this article in March, Rathbun’s trajectory has only become more dramatic. In June he began putting out a series of professional-looking video segments trashing Lawrence Wright, Alex Gibney, Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, this website, and many more targets.

Then, portions of those videos began showing up on advertisements put out by the Church of Scientology and its many accounts on Twitter, such as the one below. We sent an email to Rathbun, asking him if he had given the church permission to use his words in this way, and we also asked him if he was being compensated for it. He didn’t respond.



HowdyCon 2017: Denver, June 23-25. Go here to start making your plans.


Scientology disconnection, a reminder

Bernie Headley has not seen his daughter Stephanie in 4,690 days.
Quailynn McDaniel has not seen her brother Sean in 1,793 days.
Claudio and Renata Lugli have not seen their son Flavio in 2,287 days.
Sara Goldberg has not seen her daughter Ashley in 1,327 days.
Lori Hodgson has not seen her son Jeremy in 1,039 days.
Marie Bilheimer has not seen her mother June in 506 days.
Joe Reaiche has not seen his daughter Alanna Masterson in 4,624 days
Derek Bloch has not seen his father Darren in 1,794 days.
Cindy Plahuta has not seen her daughter Kara in 2,114 days.
Claire Headley has not seen her mother Gen in 2,089 days.
Ramana Dienes-Browning has not seen her mother Jancis in 445 days.
Mike Rinder has not seen his son Benjamin in 4,747 days.
Brian Sheen has not seen his daughter Spring in 854 days.
Skip Young has not seen his daughters Megan and Alexis for 1,256 days.
Mary Kahn has not seen her son Sammy in 1,129 days.
Lois Reisdorf has not seen her son Craig in 710 days.
Phil and Willie Jones have not seen their son Mike in 1,215 days.
Mary Jane Sterne has not seen her daughter Samantha in 1,459 days.
Kate Bornstein has not seen her daughter Jessica in 12,568 days.


3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on March 14, 2017 at 07:00

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  • Lousy Ratatouille

    Cognitition: Scientology is rotten to the core. Wish I knew before.

  • Ben Franklin

    One of the A&E Afermath bonus clips. In this clip Rinder talks about how Scientology takes away compassion for others, something that Rinder says that he just started to regain.

    • Scream Nevermore

      I have to say, those two are a dynamite combination!

    • Gerard Plourde

      Excellent observation. I also think that Mike has shown that he has made great strides in regaining his sense of compassion (and also his sense of humility).

  • My stand on Marty – he did a lot damage to scientology brand through his blog.

    I also remember that video where he teared up a little and was sorry for whatever it was in the presence of Ursula Caberta. May be it’s still on youtube.

    Perhaps, what happened is a Debbie Cook route, but out of the court. Or not. That’s all I got.

  • There is so much I could say on Marty but I will not get into it.
    I will reveal one one thing, I did support him financially in 2010 and 2011
    significantly. I also financed his trip to see Sarge (LRH Caretaker RIP Steve Pfauth) for his book and gave Sarge a generous donation as well at Marty’s request.
    In addition to the cash support sent for 2 years I gave Marty an AMEX Platinum card to use at will, and paid
    his usage of the card. He purchased a complete computer system and did other travel on the credit card.
    When he turned on me and Jeff with vicious hatred and even some LIES, it was stunning.
    On his blog he called me his “Spanish Angel” more than once in some poetic way of relaying thanks for the financial support and he sent me stunning Emails of gratitude and affection. His change of character turning on me with such venom has been hard to understand.
    He did hold my hand and help me exit the cult and for that I will be forever grateful. Its hard for me because he helped see straight and he was my RESCUE. RESCUE.

    • Tony Ortega


      • Gerard Plourde

        This fills in a gap that I have speculated about for some time. It alaways seemed to me that Marty had fewer adaptable skills for life outside Scientology than Mike RInder and because of that I often wondered how he supported himself. I think I remember seeing something at some point about him selling used furniture but that didn’t seem to be enough to account for his apparent standard of living. I won’t make a judgment about Marty’s choices but this example of Karen’s selfless generosity has increased my (already high) admiration for her a thousandfold.

        • Jgg2012

          Yes, Rinder seems to be very bright. I’m glad that he is now able to use his brains to help people.

        • richelieu jr

          Plus Marty would insist that he never made a dime from his auditing, and still.. House after House…

          • Bert Allen

            I don’t think he claimed that he never made a dime. He claimed that he never charged anyone. That doesn’t mean he didn’t accept contributions from those he audited.

      • Mockingbird

        A long expose or series on all the people Marty Rathbun screwed over would be helpful. It seems like a lot of people to me.

      • Ronn S.

        Being Karen’s friend I’ve known of the support, but I didn’t know it was to this extent. As if mysteriously dropping the lawsuit and Marty’s rambling inventive criticism of ASC wasn’t enough, I’ve gone from one of his biggest fans to losing all respect for this turncoat, beyond pisses me off.

    • Frodis73

      Wow Karen. I understand that you will not go into detail, but I want you to thank you for what you did share. I can imagine how betrayed you feel. He is also a hypocrite of the highest order considering what you just shared. You are definitely the one that is handling this with maturity and insight. Hugs.

    • Jimmy3

      Lazy scorpions forget to sting you while they’re on your back.

    • Kim O’Brien

      i believe you just ” dropped the mic ” so to speak . wow

      Marty …you really are a dick

    • Observer

      I’m sorry, Karen. 🙁

      • richelieu jr

        There you go– those are the appropriate words I was searching for.

    • Ann B Watson

      💛💛 to you Karen & Jeff. You are both a very very special cherished couple and I send you Love.

    • Syd

      This information makes me even sadder about the situation. When a good friend or family member turns on you, that is the sharpest knife in the heart. What makes matters worse is not understanding their motive.

      • Sine qua non

        Some things cannot be understood. It’s one thing I’ve tried to accept as I’ve gotten older (old? 😢) but it’s difficult. Some things must just be accepted. It’s the way of the world.

    • Harpoona Frittata

      If I remember correctly, just a little after he went mad dog on his blog, Marty began spewing vitriol about Tony O. being “kept man first class,” then went on to accuse Jeffrey and others of being “kept men” as well. I don’t recall him directly accusing you of being their “keeper,” but the clear insinuation there was that you were.

      It struck me as being completely gratuitous and unsupported at the time. But now we know who the real kept man was…such a hypocrite and soooo ungrateful!

      Thanks to you and Jeffrey for all the work that you’ve done to bring an end to this killer cult’s long history of crimes and abuses!

      • Ella Raitch

        It’s called projection xx

        • Harpoona Frittata

          Exactly…projection on steroids!

      • richelieu jr

        “Kept Man” the accusation flung from the “Number 2” for years in Scientology, Ina position without exact tpitleor portfoloio besides,: Davey’s confidante, strong-arm, enforcer, first voice of the morning and last in the evening…

        When I envision his role in the Hierarchy, I always end up picturing Tom Arnold on the Rosanne show more than say, Frank Nitti for Murder Inc. Rosanne came back to the shpow married, made him head writer by fiat, amd fired anyone who complained, didn’t clap loudly enough or joked about him. He was an OK writer, and the shows results speak for themselves (though so does John Goodman leaving it, in spite of millions thrown at him and millions more waved under his nose), but t
        Jose laughs at all his table read jokes were a little too loud, the gifts a bit too generous from underlings, etc… All,the power resided with Rosanne, but it flowed through him and he was the litmus test or loyalty– love me, love my dog.

    • flyonthewall

      he might actually resent you for helping him financially. Like he was beholden to you or you had something over him. Just a thought

      • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)

        Or he could just be a nut-job.

        • flyonthewall

          that’s a stretch but I guess anything’s possible.

          that was sarcasm btw

        • FeeIsMe


        • SarahDB

          considering that his brother had serious mental issues, I think his recent behavior shows he may be suffering some as well

      • Frodis73

        Good point, but jeez, what a sexist jerk if that is the case.

        • flyonthewall

          it may not be just bc she’s a woman, if he’s the type to feel that way it wouldn’t matter if it’s a man or woman who gave him money. I’ve seen this type of thing play out before, X gives Y money and eventually Y inexplicably turns on X. That’s why I floated it.

          • Frodis73

            You are right, I guess the reason I said that is because he went out of his way to call Jeff “a kept man” that was living off Karen. Seems like that is a button for Marty.

            • flyonthewall

              mm-hm, projection

          • It’s definitely a thing.

      • Erica

        That makes perfect sense to me. I

    • Joe

      Your compassion in the face of his betrayal just shows how you are a beautiful human being inside and out. Sometimes I think he resents that as much as he wants to get out of Scientology, he can’t get Scientology out of him.

      Keep being you, Karen. Much love.

    • Juicer77

      I’m sorry you were hurt by someone who was your friend. I’m sorry that Rathbun gave up helping people. There are still so many who need that help. Hugs.

    • John McGhee

      Marty the kept man; such a hypocrite.

    • Being so grateful as you are is the high road Karen. I hope you never regret what you so honestly did to help Marty. I too was helped enormously by Marty if even just to know I wasn’t the only one going thru a mind wringer while visioning a real me in the future. I’m still working on it and I sincerely hope my friends that have stood by me these 6 years don’t hold it against me when I was confused switching from LRH’s methods of handling life to my own. Fortunately I’m not famous or followed around by reporters LOL

    • Christinadina

      Karen, I once helped someone I thought was a dear friend but who ultimately turned on me in a vicious manner. It was my window into malignant narcissism and it really hurt. I’m sorry that happened to you on top of everything else you’ve been through. Sending you wishes for peace!

    • Free Minds, Free Hearts

      Karen, I am so sorry that you have been turned on, betrayed. This really sucks. Thank you for your kindness and generosity, and your ability to still thank Marty for helping you get out.

    • That follows in the great tradition of L Ron Hubbard himself – use people, discard them, try to discredit them and then move on.

      • Mockingbird

        Narcissism 101.

        • Whatever you call it, at the heart of it is an empathy deficit, justified for some by the way in which Scientology teaches members to treat others as deployable agents rather than unique individuals.

          • Mockingbird

            Yep. No empathy is Scientology ultimately. In abusive relationships whether one on one or a totalitarian regime or a cult is the same mechanism.

            Humorously enough I just read an explanation by George Lakoff on how corporations treat employees as two pools. They have easily replaced people they try to pay the least possible, give the least in benefits and consideration possible and the “talent” staff they see as more valuable. The talent get recruited by headhunters, paid far better, get perks and have their faults overlooked. This can include CEOs, salespeople and various artists in some cases or people that generate a lot of money or have hard to find skills like some too engineers.

            The capitalist corporate model holds some common factors with an abusive relationship. The replaceable people are like the red headed stepchildren that get scapegoated while the talent, particularly at the highest end, are like the golden children that get praised. Scientology with its own caste system takes this even further.

            • I often think of corporations as psychotic social entities. It’s written into their basic constitution that their sole purpose is to maximise profit (within the law) and in the US the are (incredibly) legal persons.

              How would you expect a person whose only objective was to maximise advantage for himself, to behave? Much like Hubbard, I would think – and Scientology, the psychotic social entity he created.

            • Mockingbird

              I think there is a growing consensus that corporations lack empathy and compassion. They are so profit driven over the short term they don’t value human rights or a safe environment over the long term. That makes them extremely dangerous.

      • Within a destructive cult those that most emulate the leader often rise to the top.

        • I think there’s something larger going in a bureaucratic organisation like Scientology.

          The doctrines and practices of Scientology (all devised by Hubbard) operate to reproduce Hubbard’s attitudes and tactics in its members – for example. Hubbard had no empathy, so the suppression of emotion is emphasised and rewarded by the system he created.

          In this case “the leader” that Scientologists (including Miscavige) emulate is still Hubbard.

          Those who are most like him, tend to rise through the hierarchy – until they meet each other at the top and fight it out.

          Perhaps that’s why Miscavige has taken so much power to himself. He knows what he did to seize power from Hubbard, and can’t trust anyone who can rise to ‘high office’ because they remind him of himself too much.

          • That’s a common thread in destructive cults. The leader is an object of worship and therefore the ideal prototype for human perfection.

            The problem is that most destructive cults are led by psychopaths. So becoming like the leader means largely dispensing with your humanity, e.g. empathy and sympathy.

            Some that already lack empathy or sympathy may find it easier to gain the approval of leadership and move up to higher levels of authority in such a group.

            IMO Miscavige has much in common with Stalin. Stalin would purge people before they were in a position to challenge him. You could say Stalin’s innate talent was spotting them early.

            • My point is that Hubbard is, in a sense, still the leader through the elaborate system he created and even is a glove puppet animated by his guru’s dead hand.

            • Yes. Hubbard lives on through the machine he created that we call Scientology. And now that he is dead, Miscavige runs the machine. The genius of Hubbard was how well he constructed that machine. Miscavige was simply clever enough to exploit the situation surrounding Hubbard’s decline and death to seize its controls.

            • I’d go so far as to say that Miscavige is run by the machine – none of his own ‘contributions’ to Scientology (e.g. Ideal Orgs, and now this farcical retain scheme) have proved in the least successful.

              While he sits, isolated, at the top of the tree, the rest of the organisation runs itself, day-to-day.

            • Is Miscavige still a true believer? I don’t know. But he runs Scientology as an absolute authoritarian dictator. He may do so as loyal Hubbard devotee or as a cynical self-interested nonbeliever motivated by money and power.

            • He may – but Scientology is all that he has ever known, and the basis of his inflated self-image and that dictatorial attitude is the only way to control a organisation designed by Hubbard.

              If someone from outside of Scientology had seized power the non-believer theory would be more feasible.

            • Miscavige knows Scientology’s secrets and he dealt directly with its founder Hubbard firsthand. He knows about the lies concerning Hubbard and his work. If Miscavige is a true believer, he’s certainly not a very conventional one within Scientology.

            • In his mind, he is surrounded by proof that he achieved power by extraordinary force of will, and so was evidently a ‘natural OT’ who didn’t need the training that lesser beings do. It’s possible that he now sees himself as the personification of Scientology itself.

              To recognise lies as lies you have to have some other experience. Miscavige has spent his entire life immersed in nothing but Scientology. It’s given him almost everything – except the ability to critically examine his own situation. Consequently, he’s quite content to deny inconvenient facts – or blame a minion for their existence.

              He’s a true believer in himself, and that self was forged by Scientology. He’s not a conventional ‘true believer’ but he is a convinced one.

            • Only a psychological evaluation administered by a psychiatrist would be able to discern what is going on mentally within the mind of Miscavige.

              I suspect he’s a psychopath. Not much different from Hubbard and other “cult” leaders. It’s pretty much almost a job requirement for a destructive cult leader to be psychopath or at least a sociopath at bare minimum. He probably has grandiose delusions like Hubbard too.

              But he knows when Scientology is lying and when his spokesperson and/or lawyers are spinning BS. I don’t think Miscavige is so delusional that he doesn’t get that.

            • NewSciWatcher

              You can’t get a psychiatrist close to Miscavige, that’s kryptonite for him, he would probably have a heart attack just by seeing one in person, only way to do that is if he got committed due to a major scandal with definitive evidence. He’s in the middle of a thick walled bubble and there are so many scapegoats between him and justice.

              For sure he knows everything that is going on in details and orders them with full knowledge of the illegalities and imorality of it. His grandiose delusion, like Hubbard’s, is thinking that he will get away with it.

            • Of course no one will ever have Miscavige evaluated. My point is that this would be the only way to have a full understanding of his mental state and the root causes psychologically for his behavior.

              All psychopaths have delusions and think they are somehow above it all.

              Watch the 2 hour special coming up about Charles Manson and the Manson murders on ABC 20/20 tomorrow night. Manson blames everyone and everything other than himself. All his critics are wrong and he is always right. His followers are to blame for whatever went wrong, etc. Sound familiar?

            • Philbyification

              What does one expect from a petty career criminal like Manson? He LOVES the Attention! The fact that they are called “the Manson murders” strains reality, they should be called, “the Tex Watson murders” and he should have been tried with the rest of them and not allowed to leave CA., EVER! But no, “Tex” is allowed to marry, have kids, conduct fake Xian interviews with victim’s shattered Mother and “correct his wiki page”? LOL What business did Watson possibly have with multiple visits to a Bev. Hills atty’s office, BEFORE the crimes? See: Watson Extradition And why doesn’t anyone ever mention that Tate and Polanski were some of the few “opinion leaders” of the CA. Dem. Party that spoke intimately with RFK shortly before he was shot in the back of the head, at a downward angle, with stippling, apparent to Coroner Namaguchi?(motive?) 92 yr old Kennedy aide, Paul Schrade, also wounded in the pantry, has some very interesting things to say to Sirhan’s last parole board, which refused to release him as he didn’t take an “anger management” class? That transcript is a “bombshell”! His lawyer, William Pepper, is the one who finally won MLK’s family their civil rights “conspiracy” payout…Do you think Sirhan could have been “brain-washed” also Rick? Who, in their right mind, would agree to STIPULATE to Guilt, with NO memory of crucial events, the results of Namaguchi’s autopsy, and NO ballistics? And what lawyer “worth his salt” would Encourage him to do so? I just never bought the “Manson Cult Leader” Super-persona, as it’s been Sold too hard and there are still so many unanswered questions surrounding that case. Thanks for your body of work on cults and your “old” radio show! Cheers!

            • Not sure which radio show you are referring to here.

              Manson completely manipulated and controlled his cult. He programmed them to kill for him. Watson was certainly a puppet.

              But that doesn’t excuse their horrific crimes nor mean that they should ever be released.

              No. Sirhan was not in a cult and was not brainwashed.

            • Philbyification

              Exactly my point, Tex Watson should Never have been allowed Sex Visits and should never be released. Same with Manson the Scammer. He should NEVER be granted interviews. It is wrong to give him even More publicity.

            • I agree with you, but don’t set prison policy.

              Watson no longer can have conjugal visits and his wife left him.

              What’s really bad is that cult leaders are allowed to run their cult from prison. For example, Warren Jeffs of the FLDS and Wayne Bent of the Strong City group in NM.

              Jeffs runs the lives of about 10,000 people from a Texas prison. Bent ran a small group compound in New Mexico through prison visitation until his release.

              Again, prison authorities set whatever policies are in place.

            • Philbyification

              Why do you think 92 year old Paul Schrade was Apologizing to Sirhan for not showing up sooner and speaking out characterized as the biggest regret in his life? He made Quite a Flap!

            • I don’t know. That case isn’t connected or relevant to my work.

            • Philbyification

              Fair enough. Do you have an opinion on Atty. Mark Lane’s role in the Guyana Incident vis a vis the visit to Jonestown of Congressman Leo Ryan and news crew? Or, Author, Larry Schiller’s role in getting Susan Atkin’s Manson story told for $?

            • I write about Jonestown in my book “Cults Inside Out.”

              Jim Jones decided to murder Congressman Ryan and then himself and all his followers. Very sad. More than 200 kids were killed.

              It’s a story that has repeated itself many times with various cult leaders. A delusional leader slips over the edge into the darkness and takes all of his followers with him.

              Regarding Atkins, I don’t think any murderer should profit from their story. There are some laws about that.

            • Philbyification

              Yes. There are laws now. Thank you. Your book looks very interesting if your interview on Media Mayhem is any indication. Of those 200 children, how many were “Wards of the State of CA.” and Allowed to be taken to a foreign country by Jim Bloody Jones fleeing investigation in US after the problems he had at Happy Acres in Ukhiah? Have all their names and passport numbers been collated somewhere for reference? Couldn’t find all of them at the SDU site and list of known dead ID’d. Horrific. Do we know all these Children’s names Rick?

            • See

              This is all that I have regarding the list of deaths at Jonestown.

              I don’t know what the status of each child was at Jonestown. According to what I have been told the overwhelming majority were with a parent and/or family.

              The State of California is not blame. Jim Jones was to blame.

            • Philbyification

              Thank you Rick. So, you think the Lt.. Governor of CA characterizing Jonestown as a “paradise” after 2 visits, bears no responsibility to Wards of the State? I see. Mark Lane comparing the place to Albert Sweitzer’s clinics in Africa wasn’t a complete Con Artist “Atty” licensed by CA like C of $’s “Morxon”? I see a State Nexus in hindsight.. Do you know how much money Lane left there with? The amounts differ depending on which Old Article one reads…Time to read your book. Thanks for answering Rick!

            • There were many people deceived by Jim Jones. This included Governor Jerry Brown, Assemblyman Willie Brown and Mayor Moscone. Jones was good at conning politicians and manipulating them through his community organizing and grass roots support networks. Willie Brown has made public statements about his regrets. Jones hid his abusive behavior and lied about what was going on constantly as did loyal members of the group. Congressman Ryan uncovered the truth and died for it.

            • Philbyification

              Thanks Rick! Yes. Their statements are compelling. Do you think Mark Lane knew the “truth” also? Congressman Ryan has got to be the bravest Man. After that guy tried to stab him on the way out, the most chilling video ever on way to tarmac, horrific. The witness “Sung” from news crew interview is illuminating. Where was Mark Lane when Ryan was murdered? How did that Shady guy Survive and end up “hiding in the jungle” with a bag of cash? His story has too many holes. Was Mark Lane “deceived” like the well meaning pols, iyo?

            • Philbyification

              Thanks so much Rick! Lane reminds me of the unethical $cilon Attys. for some reason. Maybe because they are Shady Cult Attys and should be indicted/sued for facilitating Bogus LRH’s Hoax under the RICO Act like any other Cult Criminal Org. They are no better than “recovered memory” Satanic Panic “therapists” in the 80’s ! Thanks for the links and info!

            • That’s where we differ. I think he’s so invested in the delusion that is Scientology that he doesn’t get it. If he did understand what was really going on, in the world beyond his yes-men, he would be spending money to address of the existential threat posed by the collapse of recruitment. He isn’t.

              Lot’s of huge conventional businesses, run by hard-headed people have gone awry because they lost touch with reality. In a world where this is possible, it’s not a stretch to believe that somebody with no meaningful education, who grew up with Scientology, could come to believe his own lies.

            • NewSciWatcher

              He KNOWS they are lies, he gets it, everything points to the direction that he`s covering his tracks. Other people lying for him is just a shell to protect him from questioning when the truth comes out, getting Yingling the outsider attorney is a second shell to scientology itself (instead of Rinder or Jentsch). All of the ad hominem attacks and spins are smoke screens. Buying support (like Rathbun`s) is the standard way to go because he can`t convince any outsider without cash. Intimidation with PIs and litigations works to discourage uncovering the truth. Isolation and demanding unbreakable loyalty of his peers further shields him.

            • So… what goes for Miscavige should go for his second-in-command and enforcer, Rathbun, right? – and Rathbun has proved to be either a very, very consistent actor or a ‘true believer’ in L Ron Hubbard.

              The dirty tricks can also be explained by the fact Miscavige is following Scientology doctrine and Hubbard’s example – always attack and insure you are protected from the consequences of your orders.

              The PIs and Wog spokespeople are needed because of an unindented consequence of Scientology that troubled Hubbard too – eventually he couldn’t trust his own people because, if they proved effective they might grow popular and present a threat to his power. Better to hire in mercenaries.

            • NewSciWatcher

              I feel that you can make anything out of Hubbardspeak, by its overusage it becomes obsolete and worthless, so it eventually falls on to being a practical person to get things done and after execution you cherry pick whatever HCO bulletin you wish to justify what you`ve done. Its a permit for being schizoid and fractured, the institution and its people. I mean, how can scientology have a Citizen`s Comission on Human Rights while making kids sign a 2 billion year contract???

              So, in my view, Miscavige is just thinking in a practical way for his circumstances. Science of Survival for him is to use Hubbard as a 1st amendment shell to do as he pleases, in full conscience with all calculations and machinations necessary. There is no true believing.

              I`m not sure if I would extend all of Miscavige`s guilt on to Marty, but they were in collusion, he tasted that power. Marty`s hands are dirty, he could help a lot of people… he could… but it doesn`t mean that he should or that he may want to or if he will be able to. We may never know.

            • Hubbard’s writings are so extensive that you can ‘prove’ anything by searching through them. In practice, people respond to a situation (ruthlessly, if necessary, because that is the internal culture of Scientology) and justify it with ‘LRH references’.

              If your practical solution solves the problem and doesn’t fall foul of internal politics, that’s sorted.

              The ‘true believer’ has learned what George Orwell called ‘doublethink’ in his novel “1984” – the scary ability to see with your own eyes that an ideology is wrong, destroy the evidence, and go on believing because you have an overriding ’emotional need to do so.

            • It’s impossible to know what David Miscavige thinks and what drives him emotionally and psychologically without a professional psychological evaluations by a doctor.

              Miscavige may be a cynical man simply using Scientology to get whatever he wants, money, power, etc. Or he may be a true believer. He could be a mix of both.

              IMO he does know when Scientology is lying and fabricating alternate facts. Miscavige knows the church membership is shrinking.

              Does he really care about the future of Scientology?

              He may just care about himself. And Scientology has billions of dollars in assets to keep him happy. That is, unless authorities somehow intervene and cause things to collapse.

            • I tend to agree in part. When the Int Events come around, like they do 6 or 7 times each and every year, DM’s gasket-blowing tirades ramp up and his internal frustrations levels must be commensurate. He has been doing this for more than 30 years now, probably onwards of 200 of those suckers. As much as he enjoys taking it out on others it must have some effect on him that he can’t wash off. He set that machine in motion and now he is the effect of it for sure.

    • Jgg2012

      Karen, that’s amazing. But I think that he has found someone who can support him even more. And his initials are DMM.

    • Newiga


    • downtherabbithole

      Your generous spirit speaks much louder than Marty’s anger.

    • George M. White

      That explains a lot.

    • L. Wrong Hubturd

      Oh Karen. After all you’ve been through, you didn’t deserve that. My heart breaks all over again for you, but you’re a strong, eminently kind person and together with Jeff, will continue to be force for good. Thank you for everything you do both publicly and privately.

    • daisy

      I am so sorry he did that. I have no idea how someone could betray someone as beautiful as the the two of you. You are wonderful good – hearted people . The two of you have helped countless others to get out.

    • Mockingbird

      I didn’t know he turned on you personally. I am increasingly disappointed but not surprised about Marty Rathbun. I fortunately did not know him while in the Scientology cult and was lucky enough to be warned warned that he might not be on the up and up when I left about three years ago. I think I dodged a bullet. I am sorry he betrayed you. I feel you have helped a lot of people to leave Scientology, try to make sense of what happened and see they are not alone. I am sorry Marty Rathbun did that, sorry for your ex husband, sad for your son and I hope you somehow get justice and some comfort someday.

    • Faux Gibbler

      Oh my.
      I don’t mind donating to help any Scientologist who leaves but you went above and beyond.

    • Faux Gibbler

      Nothing wrong with helping people, I would help anyone leaving Scientology, but you went above and beyond. That was nice of you.
      I Always suspected he made money from auditing independents etc.

    • richelieu jr

      Dear, chere, Karen,

      I am speechless.
      You generousity (of spirit, most of all, but now we see, financially…)
      And your ability to still treasure the good he did for you, in spite of the thousand reasons I am sure you now feel to question it,
      speaks louder and I just hope will shine longer and brighter than
      his ingratitude and betrayal…

      “Rue the Day”, indeed!

      Is there any anecdote that speaks louder or more clearly to the type of people you both are?

      Thank you for sharing this part of the puzzle, one which has been ending and gnawing at me for years…

      (Shout out to #GeeBeen for the heads-up on this post! Thanks!)

    • Jenyfurrrrr

      Karen, I clearly recall right after the lawsuit and “the the day” occurred, you’d posted publicly about his help when you left and also through the loss of your son (along with some other times while still in you saw him run interference for you and others to protect you/them) and how you’d forever be grateful. You reminded people of the good he’d done, especially the deeds that were unseen/unknown to the majority.

      When the vitriol started in your direction, I was shocked he’d lash out at someone who’d so publicly supported him and it changed how I viewed his character. This does even more so!

      I’ve heard so many stories of people you’ve helped quietly and I hope you know and feel the love and respect for your character, courage and heart. Lastly, I’m so sorry to hear this – deep is the pain left by those we allow the closest to our hearts when they then choose to betray that. I hope whatever demons he’s not dealt with that brought him to this place are put to rest so that in time he may quietly go to those of you he’s hurt and offer at least explanation, if not apologies, someday down the road!

    • It’s outrageous that he took your support and then turned on you.

      The man doesn’t seem to have any sense of loyalty to anyone, even those that helped him. And given his history in Scientology it can be seen as Marty Rathbun’s moral duty and in some sense restitution to rescue Scientology’s victims, without any form of compensation, other than the knowledge that it is the right thing to do.

    • LesJolies Choses

      Karen, as a mother myself, I’ve always thought how life could have be if your beloved son
      would have live with you?
      Your devotion and relentless work, along with your husband Jeffrey
      is to spare as many people as you can
      to suffer from what you went through in the hands of this cult …
      your generosity toward everyone, specially to Marty is clearly in the name of your ONE and ONLY child.
      it is through your educative videos that i came to know Scientology is a church in the States
      while here in france is no more than a cult..
      getting from Paris.

    • LeeAnneClark

      Oh Karen. This is heartbreaking.

      He should pay you back every penny.

    • Erica

      May I ask: are you still an independent Scientologist?

    • willloomis

      Marty’s not wearing a wedding ring anymore, check out this recent video pic

  • DoveAlexa

    I got my husband to watch Theroux’s My Scientology Movie! (Yaaaaay)
    Then I asked him if he wanted to watch Going Clear and he evaded the question! (Booooooo)

    While watching it, I was blow away by how friggen creepy Marty was. Just in the middle of going through the pocket Sci experience with the actors to get them ready, he starts accusing Theroux of starting his own little cult. Also the part where Theroux was just reiterating that the Cherch called him a bitter appostate, he gets all pissy and acted like Theroux was calling him names.

  • Ben Franklin

    OT: ABC Action News story about Church of Scientology request to meet with City of Clearwater leaders one-on-one. Clay Irwin is interviewed in the story. If wondering who Clay Irwin is, see:

    • Qbird

      Pub owner, Clayton, sounds sweaty. Must be the heat in Clearwater.

    • otviii2late

      I’ve been hearing “Things are really changing here in Clearwater. There’s a downtown revival underway” for 3 decades. I want to throw up. How can anyone believe this crap?

      Great find, Ben. Thanks for the post.

    • Sunny Sands

      The newscaster at the beginning says “Will they operate the city how they want, or will the Church of Scientology continue to call all the shots”. She got that right.

      As far as the idea of downtown anchor stores, in the 1960-1970s, there were downtown anchor stores like J.C. Penney, but these stores pulled up stakes and went to nearby malls. So it’s already been done, but times changed.

      • ze moo

        You can’t have anchor stores with out W T Grants!!

  • Techie

    I guess as someone besides Marty who was at the Int Base, I would have to critique Louis Theroux’s reenactment a little differently.First off, the set is ridiculous. The Hole was a typical office space with partitions, decor and so on. Not just a conference table in a white room. And the participants did not just stand around looking shocked. Mostly they sat down looking shocked, but you can’t look too horrified when these things happen. That makes you the next target. The participants would nod and agree. A better reenactment would have all the participants seated around the table with notes and documents. They were all trying to do something about the situation and had different roles in the organization. That it was all for show is true, but they could not act that way and get away with it. They had to go along with the show. Just like the Truman show. Second, while it is true that the actor playing Miscavige did an excellent job you would have to shoot hundreds of hours to obtain that much actual violence. I was at the Base 20 years and never saw Miscavige get physically violent at all. A realistic reenactment would have hundreds of hours of boring shots where Miscavige endlessly explains why all the participants are stupid, lazy, expletive expletive, Miscavige has to do everything himself expletive expletive, this situation and that is still not handled and all you guys are stupid expletive expletive, look at the way he looks at me, on and on. About as exciting as a speech by Mussolini or one of Fidel Castro’s 6 hour Sunday radio rants. Third, it is not clear what the reenactment is supposed to accomplish. Theroux had no access to the Int Base, so he recreated it? But he recreated a situation from 13 years ago based on the memory of someone who was only in the Hole a short time. Most of Marty’s career in the Sea Org was as Miscavige’s right hand man, hero of the 1993 IRS exemptions, enforcer, destroyer of Lisa McPherson records, auditor of Tom Cruise, Scientology Warrior. Why not reenact some of that? What do we learn from Miscavige breaking a stick on a table? What about Miscavige sending expletive laced texts to Mike Rinder? That would make some real movie excitement and we have actual transcripts of some of it. Where Theroux’s takedown of the Westboro Baptists really revealed something of their soul, this one just reveals Rathbun the victim and Miscavige the victimizer. It is an interesting exercise with some telling moments but does not really take us to the heart of darkness.

    • Tony Ortega

      Tom DeVocht, who was actually in the Hole, told me that Andrew Perez’s performance only caught a small portion of how violent Miscavige actually got.

      Maybe you just weren’t in the right place to witness it?

      • Techie

        Well, I’m 6’3 and 250 pounds so maybe he feared to get uppity with me in the room. But seriously I was just not in the right places at the right times to have experienced it myself. I have absolutely no doubt that it really happened. As a lowly technician doing work that he wanted done I was rarely a subject of his wrath directly. I did experience a few Severe Reality Adjustments of the in-your-face shouting type.

        • LOL! My X is a mechanical engineer. Probably you mechanical types are harder to brainwash but also harder to replace so don’t give ’em to much ammunition (justifiers). DM is not dumb.

        • “As a lowly technician” – I like that 🙂 it’s cute he he
          eta: i read it as “lovely” my bad… ha ha

    • Techie, thank you for your thoughts. I myself refused the FBO INT post (92?) as it required me to leave my 4 children and husband in PAC. I’m quiet thankful I never had to witness the hole or attempt to hold the line on finance policy while DM was wasting church money. I have no clue how Paulette (Otten) even got me approved with my then 15yr history at AOLA often times flat out refusal to go along with orders from management. I’d likely still be in the hole to this day.
      But I don’t regret that I don’t know exactly how it was. I don’t give a shit if it’s portrayed incorrectly. Every witness has their own memory and version of things that happen. I expect that very few even 1st hand witnesses will have it the same. That’s just the way it is and likely more so with Hubbard indoctrinated minds.
      What I think valuable to somehow communicate is the dangers in giving up ones thinking to someone else’s whims. That can and does happen in scientology and in many other groups/labels whatever.
      Mainly seems to happen when the person is young and hasn’t taken time to figure out much for themselves – in scientology so much of normal life is ‘explained’ for one.
      Sometimes it’s extremely damaging lies believed and used that don’t work in life (like 3P and handling a psychotic or depressed mind) and people die as a result or at best disconnect themselves from real life all the while thinking they are wrong and continually beating themselves up.
      That can go on until death with a die-hard Hubbard fan/addict.
      What is important is that we educate others and ourselves to open our eyes and see things for themselves without bias. I don’t mean watching Theroux’s movie and thinking that’s exactly the way it is but realizing it’s only that view point and there are many and keep discovering until you have it figured out for yourself or learned enough, lose interest & move on knowing what you know for now.
      I’m glad you were at Int Base 20 years and never saw DM get physically violent. It doesn’t change my image after reading the several books out by other first hand reports stating otherwise.
      My X husband of 24 years (Jack Kruchko) has been in the SO now about 35 years and as of only 5 years ago he had never been, RPFed, taken off post for decks, assigned a lower condition or ordered to Sec checking. Some staff don’t run into that for whatever reason. I did often. My 1st hand witness accounts are quite different now then they would have been say 6 years ago. It’s expected I believe.
      The brainwashing is wearing thin and I am questioning and re-looking at things that happened in a different light or in some cases seeing things I never looked at before (mostly due to the hill-10s and emergencies tossed in to post and life that were a distraction to other things going on).
      So if only one person (me) could have 2 different versions of the same thing then oh boy are you in for trouble if you take everything you see literally. I do appreciate what you said – I wasn’t there myself and everyone speaking out has something valuable to say whether its about what they saw or more about what they felt when they saw what they think they saw. Keep talking and let the sunshine in 🙂

  • Bob

    Marty’s blog was very significant in de-PTSing many CofSers who were in mystery as to why the CofS was going so wrong. With his blogs, and with a couple of websites dealing with the same issue, those questions were answered.
    Also, with the explosion of Anonymous protests, the CofS became hesitant to pursue criticism, and as a result, many CofSers felt it was safe to publically renounce the CofS, and Marty’s blog gave an avenue for them to do so.
    Marty’s effect on the exposure and thinning of the CofS cannot be overestimated.

    • Observer

      I wonder if his behavior now is calculated to give the impression that he’s unreliable, thus casting doubt on the insider information he gave at the beginning.

      • Bob

        Well, I tend to doubt it, as I can’t imagine the point of doing so. If there were present day legal issues that referred to those statements, then maybe, but I’m unaware of any such ongoing activity.
        Also, there were statements by others, a significant number, that more or less reflected what Marty was putting out, plus websites.
        Why Marty has shifted into other directions is unimportant, unless unnecessary harm is inflicted.
        Personally, I read every single post and all the comments, more than once, and it enlightened me considerably, and I sent many, many CofSers to his blog with the same results. Personally, I would have like to have seen the blog continue on in that line, an avenue of exposure and safe expression, but, Marty moved on.

        • Observer

          It appears to me that Marty is attempting to appease Miscavige for whatever reason, and in that scenario him attempting to discredit his own earlier damning statements about DM and the cherch makes perfect sense. To me, anyway.

          ETA: and if you read Karen’s post a little way down, you’ll see a very recent example of Marty’s deliberate infliction of harm.

      • TexasBroad

        Dead-agenting himself?

        • Observer

          Just the truth he told when he was still telling it.

    • burythenuts

      true thing. Bob, is that you? I don’t know your new avi and want to make sure it is you.
      Been gone a bit. sounds like you. Anyhow…hi.

      • Bob

        Well … I am me, but I’m not sure if I’m the ‘me’ you think I am. Do we know one another? I hope so.
        Yes, this is my first post in a long time.

        • Robert Eckert

          Used to be Cary Grant getting followed by the NxNW cropduster?

          • Bob

            That was the double.

          • Bob

            Well, one of the names is correct.

  • Still_On_Your_Side

    Rathbun may just have lost interest in the dying church of scientology and has figured out he has more important goals. After all the church is quickly becoming nothing more than a money grubbing scheme that is losing members daily. Soon, the church will be nothing more than tax haven for a handful of whales.

    Notwithstanding, Rathbun’s handing over of an email to the church for use against the Lemberger’s is puzzling. If he was compelled to produce it because of a subpoena or threatened subpoena, why not just admit it? (It’s doubtful an Israeli lawyer could easily domesticate his case in a Texas court in order to get a subpoena, but he could threaten to do so. In any event, Rathbun has demonstrated he cares very little for his old friends in the indie community, so it wouldn’t take much to get him to hand over documents.)

    Rathbun’s venomous attacks on the “anti-scientology cult” demonstrates that he really hasn’t “evolved” that much over the past eight years. Otherwise, he would understand the grieving of thousands of ex-members as their families remain disconnected from them, or as they come to terms with the damage done to them by the church.

    • Observer

      See Karen’s post below.

  • Faux Gibbler

    I don’t agree with Marty helping Scientology recently and criticizing Ron Miscaviage.. however given how Marty was treated in My Scientology Movie, no doubt was the vehicle that turned him. Here he is helping someone make a film, and the director is giving him hell for doing what every high ranking Scientologists do for David Miscaviage. Mike Rinder also comes to mind..
    i don’t think any former high member rank in Scientology is not reminded what they did for D.M. I do think they thought they were doing the right thing and only finally blew as in leave when they couldnt take the abused.

    Go ahead and yell at me. 🙁 but before you do, I am not agreeing with Marty helping Scientology lately.

    • Jimmy3

      How he was treated? Louis Theroux gave him an open lane to tell his story and frame it for the viewers. He reverted back to the bully he always was in the Church of Scientology. Only this time it was focused at a bunch of unknown actors.

      • Faux Gibbler

        See my comments above. My battery is running low. I will be back on line tonight.

      • jayla197145

        You know Jimmy that is a really good point. He had control of how he came across..why not try to build some bridges…or at least try to stay calm. BTW Happy Birthday to you Jimmy3!! 🙂

      • Faux Gibbler

        That is not what I got out of it. Louis kept making him feel guilty for things he did — while in Scientology (harass, deny truths etc. etc)

    • DoveAlexa

      I just finished watching the movie, and Theroux was a super soft touch. Just asking Marty anything was setting him off. Theroux was ticking him off with just saying anything at all really. There was no ‘hell’.
      If this is what turned him, it was because absolutely no one was questioning Marty at all, then.

      • Faux Gibbler

        Remember, this is edited, for we know they could have had a big argument before the scene was shot or re shot.

        I can’t point my finger on it, but something is off.

    • “Go ahead and yell at me.”
      “HOW HE WAS TREATED”?????

      • Frodis73

        Exactly. Fuck this narrative on how Louis treated him bad in some way, I am not buying that at all. .

        • burythenuts

          You are right, all Louis did was put a camera on him and let him go.
          He screwed himself in the end.

          Note this interview:

          Marty, never has truly been self aware. He can talk in circles (wonder where he learned that) about this sort of scientific-philosophical quantum tinged spiritual soup…but he has no idea who he is or what HE is about.
          He needs to continue to look inward, but bring a mirror next time.
          Flipping idiot!

      • Faux Gibbler

        I am not defending his behaviors, I am simply saying I can understand him being angry with the “My Scientology Movie” here he is, helping them for free and they are making him out to be the bad guy meanwhile..

      • Faux Gibbler

        By the way, you can yell at me all you want like I said but leave the squirrells behind, m’kay? 🤓

    • MarcabExpat

      I do think they thought they were doing the right thing and only finally blew as in leave when they couldnt take the abused.

      I think so too, but the others have behaved a lot differently – that is to say a lot more heroically and a lot more ethically – since leaving.

      • Faux Gibbler

        Up until recently (helping the cult) what did Marty do that was wrong?

        • MarcabExpat

          I don’t think you understood my comment. Others have taken responsibility for their actions, Marty has not and keeps trying to make himself the hero of the tale. His behavior has been entirely self-serving, even when it did help others — and when it didn’t help others, he didn’t respond to their need. There is a very good reason why he is floundering while Mike Rinder is growing, and it boils down to character. Mike is trying to make amends, Marty just wants a sphere of influence. He has not shown Mike’s capacity for blunt honesty and self-examination, and I fear now he never will.

          • Faux Gibbler

            Oh I see.

  • otviii2late

    Thank you Tony for another great article.

    Here’s my personal take on your story: Someone dear to me worked closely with Marty when they were both on lines. He had incredible admiration for Marty’s intelligence, tenacity and ability to “make it go right.” There was no question Marty was a high level force to be reckoned with–and admired, depending upon your lens. So much so, that when my contact heard Marty was out, that gave him the impetus to leave saying if a guy of Marty’s calibre walks, that’s all the proof I need to know it’s time to get out. And he did. After he left, I left. So really, Marty was inadvertently instrumental in helping both of us get out of Scientology.

    I see Marty as a powerful guy with a powerful past who wants a future. I see his bravado, his books, blog, legal activities and media appearances as an extension of who he is and the way he’s always operated. It’s hard to know exactly why he did what he did in recent times.

    But I chalk it all up to be ‘his journey.’ Much has been written and said on this site about the steps one goes through on their pathway “out.” I see all this as Marty’s path. There is no point in comparing him to Rinder or anyone else for that matter as everyone bears the scars of the past and the challenges of building their own future. I see Marty as still working through whatever depressions, angers, confusions and the lot he needs to. Personally, after years of fighting, now with a new child and a wife, I think he probably just wants to move on.

    He’s done a lot of good but he’s also done a lot of damage. I can understand the rage many must feel and I have shared the confusion and fallout of his actions.

    But looking back on a life as you have outlined it, Tony, I am feeling charitable and philosophical at this moment and see this all as a journey that he, like everyone has to work through. Us ex-s have all been through enough. I wish everyone, including Marty, the right to a fresh start, without harassment and drama. I don’t feel the need to be his judge or ethics officer. His actions both good and bad, speak for themselves. Scientology is it’s own horror. May he and his family—and all the ex-s—get the healing and peace they are looking for.

    • Dave Reams

      Beautifully put!


    It’s not exactly curious IMO, when you look at it in one certain light. The Rathbun blow was a set-up and his “defection” a con to get inside and right to the highest levels of the blown community for the church’s benefit. It came complete with dramatic squirrel-buster bells and whistles, a press-fooling lawsuit they never had any intention of seeing out, and Rathbun’s anti-church/DM rhetoric & efforts where probably all written in playbook somewhere just for the scheme. It was all bunk from the start. This was one of their insane ops.

    • Jimmy3

      I love this theory, and it’s one I’ve entertained many cannabinoids with. But do you really think they are that patient? 2004-present, it gained them a crackpot and a settlement in Israel.

        • Jimmy3

          I thought every copy of this had been destroyed, but you’ve obviously been in comm with my mother. Well played.

          • Sherbet

            Eivol found it on the wall at the Post Office. Yep, it’s still there. Oh, and happy birthday, young ‘un.

          • Juicer77

            Happy birthday!

        • ze moo

          Gimme this cake and no one has to get hurt!

      • flyonthewall

        loved Logan. They need to make more hero movies like that. But not too many!

        Also got to try Microsoft VR at the mall. Was pretty cool. Did underwater, space shooter and paint. I had a grand day out.

        • Jimmy3

          Yeah! Beaten down drunks with adamantium skeletons and razor claws can be heroes too!!!!! That’s how I’ve felt since I was a kid in the 18th century.

          • flyonthewall

            your b-day is really Pi day? That is cool

            • Jimmy3

              It’s pie day.

            • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)

              Happy birthday, Jimmy3.14!

            • flyonthewall

              don’t li

            • Jimmy3

              This for the red cups and the backwoods smoke
              Me and mom in the shack in the woods broke

              you know the song mofo


            • flyonthewall

              i think one of my fav lyrics from this album is, “The lady ain’t a tramp just cause she bounce it up and down like a trampoline”

            • Jimmy3

              “paid my dues but they still wanna Wesley Snipes”

            • MarcabExpat

              Happy3Birthday3, Jimmy3! Do people always give you pie instead of cake for your birthday? And does that make you happy or sad? (You and I have never got drunk together, so I’ve never learned whether you are Team Cake or Team Pie.)

            • Jimmy3

              Always forpie. Never backcake.

    • MarcabExpat

      Is Monique in on it, or a sacrificed innocent? She never struck me as the crisis actor type.

  • Missionary Kid

    At times, I’ve wondered if MartyMark isn’t a slow-cycling bi-polar, with a big streak of paranoia….

  • Panopea Abrupta

    Researchers in the neurosciences may have identified where shame is located in the brain.
    However, it seems that Marty Rathbun and David Miscavige are devoid of this function.

    $cientology con tracts: like a spiritual junk food ingredient list –
    the words are too long and too meaningless and the writing’s
    too small

    David Miscavige?
    $cientology, being anti- all drugs except nicotine (and The Macallan),
    ends not with a bong but with a wimp.

    $cientology Dr. Seuss:
    Keen Regs and Spam
    Horton Hears the Woo
    How The Grinch Stole R-6mas

    And a pre-blizzard haiku from this morning.

    Robins, red sumac –
    Flashes in this spring morning
    White will soon turn green

    Look out there now 🙂

    • Sherbet

      You live in a snow globe?

      • He lives with Mrs. Claus, I’ve seen the elves.

        • Sherbet

          You’re right; I’ve seen them too.

  • Sherbet

    Tony’s precise timeline proves Marty doesn’t have a clue when he says Tony doesn’t have a clue.

  • One more thought. Could it possibly be that Marty turned against both scientology related friends and enemies in order to get out of the whole subject? Alienate everyone, so they they all hate you, and go on with your life.
    I can see that scenario.

    • Kim O’Brien

      or ,he could just say thank you to everyone who helped him and tell them that it is best for him if he removes himself . He could say that he will always value their friendships and that he will be there as a friend for them in return , but that scientology is no longer a part of his future .

      like a grown up 🙁

      • Good point.

      • Frodis73

        Yes, this. Totally understand if he doesn’t want to waste one more second on the subject. He has every right to do that. To do what he did though? Just fucked up imo.

      • And skip the part about bad-mouthing their lawyers, which served no purpose except to Make Marty Right.

        • Kim O’Brien

          knowing how scientology lawyers work …and knowing how the law works , are 2 different things . I can only imagine how condescending he was to the legal team ..of actual lawyers .When he was telling Louis how to shoot a scene , i almost peed my pants .

          • burythenuts

            Louis let Marty be Marty.
            And then Marty saw himself.

            Game over.

            • Kim O’Brien

              you nailed it

              nice to ” see ” you !! 🙂

            • burythenuts

              Ditto, Grrl.

            • Kim O’Brien

              ya know what always got me ..?? right in the heart ? the photo you use as your avi , Annie B. , looks just like my little cousin Tess …who has been having some serious struggles for the past few years , and she is too young to have such a heavy heart . I imagine her …maybe right on the cusp of having some peace and quiet , and someone to love and love her back ….and fucking MARTY shows up and and murders her hope . ” and her shoulders sagged ” . knocks the wind out of me …and makes me want to rip his throat out .

              patriarchy can suck my dick

          • And with the CoS lawyers, I’m sure that he didn’t understand as much of what was going on as he thought.

        • Observer

          And not smear Karen and Jeff, who gave him significant financial support.

      • flyonthewall

        that just wouldn’t be very Marty though, now would it?

    • Ben Franklin

      That is a terrible way to go out though. No human being can survive on an island by themselves. It is the people outside the church who supported Marty, why burn those bridges. If he wanted to retire, he would have gone quietly into the sunset and he won’t have been bothered. A few names who have done just that comes to mind: Stacy Brooks, Debbie Cook etc.

      • No scientology, no critics, no lawyers. Fresh start. Family, fishing and grilling with neighbours.
        Just guessing.

    • Jenyfurrrrr

      That’s what some of the commenters at Alanzo’s blog seemed to insinuate. Or that this is all DM trying to smear marty’s reputation now that he’s decided to move on. My brain hurts and the whole thing isn’t just sad.

  • burythenuts

    Your freeloader bill is 47 bazillionty dollars.
    And no, you can’t use Karen’s credit card.

    Make it so!

  • 3feetback-of-COS

    Tampa Bay Times:

    “Afternoon update: Scientology leader proposes entertainment center backed by Tom Cruise;”

    • Tom is great in retail, he does all his own sales!

    • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)

      “Entertainment center” – No doubt everything will be scientology or LRH related.

      • Jenyfurrrrr

        Lol but Johnny, would that mean SMP is in charge of content? If so, it may turn out ok since they don’t seem to be doing much of anything but asking for more money.

        • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)

          So Clearwater should not expect the “Entertainment Center” to open for another 20-30 years, after scientology has scrounged enough money from its dwindling flock of sheep. And, of course, Davey will want another state of the art film production facility in Clearwater. And he won’t release OT9 or OT10 before this entertainment center is Ideal. Cheeze, this thing is never going to get of the ground.

    • Kristen

      Let me guess: an arcade and roller rink?

      • Glen

        No, you’ve got to think big. A multiplex film center with continuous showings of Mission Impossible, Jerry Maguire and The Last Samarai; a Branson type street full of venues with permanent shows by Joy Villa, Kate Ceberano, the Jive Aces, Kuba Ka and Stacy Francis; and a grand concert hall for the $cilon Tabernacle Choir to perform the extended version of “We Stand Tall” accompanied by Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke and orchestrated by Mark Isham.

        • Kristen

          Yep. I know what my nightmares are gonna be tonight.

      • ze moo

        They still need a bowling alley.

    • Rasha

      Like, a stereo and a TV with a Wii U?

    • Jeb Burton

      So scientology pulled the “entertainment center backed by Tom Cruise” card. We are screwed. The clueless city council will eat this up.

    • ze moo

      How about a Lasertag and pinball parlor too? And Chuckie Cheese!! Ok, a Clammy Cheese in that town.

    • Sunny Sands

      They say that like it’s a positive thing, when Tom is really kryptonite.

  • Jeb Burton

    Being a resident of Clearwater, the first time I had a bad experience with Scientology security downtown, and almost got arrested for harassment, I decided to look into Scientology. The first thing I found was the squirrel busters. I started down the rabbit hole of googling Scientology. Eventually I stumbled into the bunker. I was saying how cool this Rathbun character was, fighting the cult. A person privately emailed me and told me what the warrior had done. What a fucking sleazebag if true. It was. I posted on this website that people needed to look into the history of this scum. I was attacked, Marty has atoned for his sins, he is attacking DM. He is the reason I am skeptical of ex scientologists.

    • Frodis73

      It is healthy to be skeptical. Judging all ex’s with caution at first is okay. After some time goes by the truth will be revealed. I think Rinder is a perfect example of this.

      • Jeb Burton

        You’re right. I was skeptical of Leah at first, I said she needs to tell her story, not just hint at it. Boy did she prove me wrong, after a couple of years she did more to expose the cult than anybody ever has.

        • Frodis73

          Yep same here. I wanted her to come out guns blazing from minute one. I was wrong. What she has done has had so much more of an impact and I love her for it.

    • MarcabExpat

      Jeb, do keep in mind that most exes are not Marty. Many exes are victims of Marty.

  • littlefish

    I love this kind of broad stroke view of ye olde rue machine’s last decade or so. I wonder if when he reads it he’ll throw a fit on his blog, or if he’ll actually have a little whisper in the back of his mind that says “maybe you ARE the problem.”

    I think the former is most likely, but I hope for the 2nd. Life is too short to live so blind.

    I don’t think there has been dollarydoos sent to ole Marty … YET. I think he’s gotta keep quiet/toe the line/talk shit for DM for a while FIRST before seeing anything – maybe hoping the dust will settle and in a few years Jeffrey, et al, won’t look into his finances.

    • littlefish

      The unhinged Delphi at Marty’s blog seems to think that Tony endorsed Donald Trump and I literally spit wine everywhere laughing about it.

      • Frodis73

        IKR? That is pretty funny that she thinks that…or did for even a minute.

      • Jenyfurrrrr

        I saw that too and felt it explained a LOT about the firsthand research that does NOT go on by that group.

        • littlefish

          Right? And the self righteous monologues are so odd because there are so many words strung together that have no meaning.

          • Jenyfurrrrr

            Exactly! I’d come away thinking, “I can read and enjoy ee Cummings poetry but THIS bends my brain!”

  • Ben Franklin

    OT: ABC Action News follow up on the Clearwater Officials meeting with Miscavige to discuss plan for Downtown Clearwater.

    • Rasha

      “They were saying Cleveland Street offer us some of that component.”
      “Because this is really a… .has to be a partnership.”

      …not getting a positive vibe….

      • Jenyfurrrrr

        Yeah they got really nervous and sketchy when it came to that “partnership” part. Also rubbed me wrong how he kept referring to “the chairman.” Oh but he assured them he’s not trying to control downtown…. phew. How easy we forget this is the same man who assures all that disconnection isn’t forced, that the CO$ is growing and that allegations of abuse are all lies! Sigh

        • Rasha

          Good thing all the meetings are one on one and behind closed doors. With the recluse leader of a billion-dollar operation that hides all its activities behind a cloak of religion that is the result of a “war”, in his terms, and whose opponents are ALL criminals and liars and degenerates.

          Just sayin’. Preparing my Clearwater shopping trips now, lemme tell ya…

    • madame duran

      Great reporter question about transparency to the dolt speaking from 1:13. He’s too stupid to notice the conflict between his words and his actions. Secret one-on-one meetings with Miscavige on cult property with no media and/or members of the public present…and yet he dares talk about transparency? Idiot.

    • flyonthewall

      they did a good job of hiding the brain slugs that were placed on the officials

      • ze moo
      • Rasha

        It’s okay. It’s his intent to encourage them to release that plan as soon as, uh, they can, and to be as transparent, and uh, about it, and, ‘cuz this is really a, uh, has to be a partnership. But he’s not here to talk about that.

        I mean – Ice Cream Parlors!*

        * “Ice Cream Parlor” is a wholly-owned trademark and legal entity of the International Association of Scientology-Owned Trademarks and Legal Entities®

    • ze moo

      “$cientology has no intention to control the downtown.” Do these guys know what projection is? Of course the $cienoes will control the ‘redevelopment’. And they will try to get state and city and federal dollars to do it. Run away my little ones, it is a scam!!

      Adding retail and ice cream shops will not bring any new traffic to that part of town. Note that the plan Rod Keller published a few days ago omitted parking. Without the Aquarium, there is nothing to really draw anyone to that part of town. And there is no parking.

      • Rasha

        If you have to mention that they “have no intention to control the downtown”, doesn’t that indicate that the idea already is present?

        “Hi, I’m your new neighbor, and, for the record, I have no intention of breaking into your house!”

      • Noesis

        The folks on the Clearwater City Council might want to Google (and actually read) the (previously) secret Scientology documents known collectively as Project Normandy that spell out EXACTLY what the church secretly planned to do decades ago – which was to “take over” the city of Clearwater:

        Below is a snippet from a related internal Scientology Guardian’s Office Order # 261175 cover document:

        It is almost impossible to over-estimate the degree of deliberate dishonesty to which Scientology leadership will stoop in order to gain the upper hand in a situation. Fair play, honest dealings and straight talk have no role in what the church intends to do. They ALWAYS take the low road…like criminals…it is how they survive.

        • PerpetualOutflow

          And that is underscored by the TBT article Tony tweeted out today about the meetings today between DM and individual members of the City Council. They were told the Co$ didn’t have any plans of buying any more property, yet there is evidence they are out making offers on various properties. They made that assurance in October too and then bought a bunch more property. Hello Clearwater. You of all people should know by now that YOU CAN’T TRUST ANYTHING THEY TELL YOU. Co$ doctrine justifies lies and/or omitting relevant facts and/or telling “acceptable truths” in the service of their world hegemony, and yet you’re still letting them reel you in to the further detriment of your city? Add in the seduction of a Tom Cruise entertainment center lure and a facade paid for by Co$ and does that mean you’ll sell that much desired parcel to them after what they did to undermine its current owner’s plans? That would be unjust, terribly shortsighted and downright despicable.

          • Noesis

            In addition to outright lying, there is every reason to believe that the steps in Project Normandy have been done also on the current city council members, as well as all of the other officials and opinion leaders needed to sway decisions in favor of the church.

            One should expect that to the degree that overt persuasion does not work (including lying) that covert overwhelm will be employed, including blackmail and smears on those who will not go along.

      • burythenuts

        This whole thing is a ridiculous joke. They have controlled the downtown for HOW LONG already?
        When you walk around downtown and the freaks come following you to tell you to get out of “their” town because they don’t want you there….well….
        That is kind of a ‘tell’, isn’t it.

        And, no reason to include parking in a plan that doesn’t really require cars, or people or anything like that.

      • PerpetualOutflow

        No worries. Tom Cruise will draw them with the big entertainment complex.

    • Glen

      My goodness, as a non-Clearwaterian, my impression is that the mayor and city council are not altogether too bright or competent. And what about their integrity?

    • Noesis

      I love this exchange in the video between the on-the-scene TV reporter and the first gentleman she interviewed right after he exits his meeting with Miscavige:


      City Official: “I encourage Scientology to share their plan with others and to be transparent about it”

      News Reporter: “How is it transparent to meet with city council members one-on-one in private when discussing their plan?”

      City official: “I’m not here to talk about that.”

      Lol, Lol and…WTF?

  • Jenyfurrrrr

    I am quite sure this has already been posted, but Alonzo publicly complimented this blog and said he is potentially willing to “eat crow” and admit Tony was correct about Marty et all… that said a different conversation plays out in the comments. Alanzo sounds quite angry at Marty and a number of die hard followers from Marty’s blog commented.

    • I say one “Told ya so!” and drop it.

    • Harpoona Frittata

      Hilarious reading over there in Alonzo Land today! Short & sweet: Alanzo is ready to eat crow about defending Mutty, but needs some ketchup. Refugees from Mutty’s blog are not so sure, however, with some giving him holy hell about his own critical stinkin’ in coming to that conclusion.

    • Mick Roberts

      I read his “eating crow” post, where he started blasting Mike Rinder. Then I looked a bit more through some of his blog posts (I’ve never read or heard of him before), and I saw where, back in June of this past year, he posted this:

      “It’s very clear to me now, and has been since years ago when he blew the
      Indie movement and started his own blog, that Mike Rinder is a very
      good person who was born into Scientology and literally knew nothing

      Kinda confusing his back and forth… day he likes you, the next day he despises you. Not sure what to make of that.

      • Kim O’Brien

        my 15 year old daughter would call it ” two faced bullshit “

      • grundoon

        Enjoy the days when he’s aligned with your side, but don’t get too attached.

        • Mick Roberts

          Sounds like you could be talking about David Miscavige here too.

          • grundoon

            Sorry, I don’t see the connection.
            If Miscavige is ever aligned with your side, you’re doing it wrong. And I don’t think you’ll enjoy it unless you’re Tom Cruise.

            • Mick Roberts

              Mike Rinder has discussed in the past how one day you’re Miscavige’s pet but then he’ll turn on you in a heart-beat. Newer people to Int learned that the hard way. They enjoyed the days he’s “aligned by their side”, but they learn quickly not to “get too attached”.

            • grundoon

              Got it.
              Miscavige’s reversals seem characteristic of a malignant narcissist.
              I see little if any similarity to Alanzo and other ex-Scientology survivors.

      • Jenyfurrrrr

        He was banned here and twice on ESMB (before my time I believe) for instigating, I believe. He seems to enjoy playing devil’s advocate & writes as though everything he does is master-planned to “stimulate” certain thoughts, discussion, etc. Don’t know how he might be IRL but he’s definitely an exercise in confusion to follow! I read it because someone else posted a link on ESMB & was impressed until I read the portion on Mike Rinder and then the comments! Ugh

  • LeeAnneClark

    Wow. Just…Wow.

    I read this entire thing. Took me all day. I remember all of these happenings, but to see them laid out like this in chronological order, and summarized to zero in on the main points of each blog post/incident, was amazing. What a trip down memory lane!

    The one passage that caused me to literally spit out my diet coke was this one:

    “To wit: ‘L. Ron Hubbard devised methods using Aristotelian and Newtonian two-value logic constructs that can and do sometimes create peak experiences of a non-dual, infinity-logic consciousness nature.’ Three years later, we still have no idea what the hell he’s talking about.”

    Thanks Tony. Now I need a new keyboard.

    • Juicer77


    • ze moo

      Marty was alluding to non-Aristotelian logic. What AE Van Vogt called ‘null-a’, a concept that was in several of his novels. It simply means many valued logic, or more than 50 shades grey, but without all the bondage.

    • Back in the days of “Astounding Science Fiction”, the editor, John W Campbell, was notorious for his vulnerability to fringe ideas. It was Campbell who gave dianetics its start by promoting it as a revolutionary new science and featuring it in the magazine

      One of the earlier fads that Campbell fell for was called ‘General Semantics’ and, being a hands-on kind of editor, he encouraged his best writers to produce stories around that theme

      The GS-influenced stories remembered today are AE Van Vogt’s “The World of Null-A”, Robert Heinleins “Gulf” (in which the term Homo Novis occurred before Hubbard used it) and several of the works of Frank Herbert (of “Dune” fame).

      General semantics claimed to apply ‘non-Aristotelian’ logic (i.e. not just ‘true’ or ‘false’ but supposedly ‘many valued’). The consequences were presented not only as a new science but also as having practical applications in ‘increasing sanity’. Sound familiar? According to Wikipedia:

      L. Ron Hubbard claimed to have used the theory in his creation of Dianetics and acknowledged this in the books Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, Science of Survival, and Scientology 8008.

      As with many other things, Rathbun was elaborating on something he had heard of from Scientology, trying to make his version more convincing by piling in references to words and ideas he didn’t understand (just as Hubbard did in his writing).

      .PS: I don’t know how Newton got in there… that must have been Marty getting carried away…

      • Rasha

        Newton: “Wait – what? Whoa whoa whoa…. hold on… what?”

        • The passage above includes the words ” LRH devises methods using Aristotelian and Newtonian TWO VALUE LOGIC”.

        • Lol – Gravity you know! It’s heavy

      • LeeAnneClark

        That all just seems like WAAAY too much deep thinking for me. Life’s short. I’d much rather spend my limited spare time scuba-diving and marveling over all the beautiful critters down there. Either that, or drinking wine. GOOD wine. (You know the adage, “life’s too short to drink cheap wine.”) 😉

        I guess that’s why I was never at risk of becoming a Scientologist!

        • I learned most of this from a study of pulp Science Fiction, which I enjoy, so I agree – and there’s little deep thinking involved, because General Semantics is nonsense.

          • burythenuts

            Man, I have missed this blog.
            I talk to idiots (no really…not kidding) all day.
            (DISCLAIMER) By the way, these are adult idiots with acceptable IQ’s who CHOOSE to be idiots.
            I need to come here more often before I forget all the “big words” that I word cleared out of the dictionary until I got totally stumped and landed on a word chain from hell on the word….”The”.

        • kemist

          It’s not deep, just nonsensical.

          A bit like the “quantum” bullshit you can find in Deepak Chopra books.

          Non-Aristotelian (why Aristotle, I have no idea, my computer science logics books are mostly filled with theories elaborated by two dudes called Bool and Morgan) logic is just bullshit to confuse people.

          Maybe it’s cargo cult math, mimicking non-Euclidian geometry (which is a thing, geometry applied to non-flat surfaces) ?

          ETA : Only way I can make any sense out of “infinity valued” logic, is that there is such a thing as boolean arithmetic – that is, rules you can use to manipulate two-valued variables (elaborated by that Morgan guy). “Infinity valued logic” then would be… Ordinary, regular math.

          That’s pretty mundane, so I don’t think that’s what “Non-Aristotelian” logic is about.

          • LeeAnneClark

            Oh I fully agree that it’s all just nonsensical blather used to give the impression one is a “deep thinker”.

            My preferred method of “deep thinking” involves diving down to 130 ft and thinking about all the cool stuff I see in the deep. 😉

      • The trick is Semantics

      • burythenuts

        The map is not the territory?
        Until you fly your spaceship into an uncharted volcano?

        Thats gotta be it!

        • Pretty much.

          Fringe belief systems are built on simple, superficially attractive, ideas like, ‘The map is not the territory’. They are then turned into an explanation for absolutely everything.

          At least it makes some sense – unlike ‘engrams’.

          • burythenuts

            Engrams? They taste great with a bit of sour cream and some cheap lump-fish caviar.

      • ombrifuge

        Newton probably got in there to add a bit of gravitas.

    • Kay (aka Nasty Lady)

      “Ah yes…..(rubs reading glasses with cleaning cloth then leans back in chair to pontificate) LRH devises methods using Aristotelian and Newtonian TWO VALUE LOGIC that can and do sometimes create peak experiences of a NON-DUAL, infinity-logical consciousness nature.” Can’t have it both ways…..two and dual both mean, well TWO, so either the experience is two value or non dual value.” Of course none of this means anything anyway, at least that I can discern, so I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about.

      • LeeAnneClark

        BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Y’know, as nonsensical as this whole passage is, I too did pick up on the obvious contradiction there. I mean, how can your method be a “two value” method if it’s…um…”non-dual”?

        It’s all just so…so…Hubbardian. LOL!

        • Kay (aka Nasty Lady)


    • burythenuts

      His needle is stuck on axiom four.

  • Observer

    I forgot to post my Lafayette birthday shoop yesterday! It’s a couple of years old, but still…

    • oknow

      i wish i had a word for all the giggling, snorting, laughing out LOUD, knocking a few things off the desk that is going on here!

  • Marshall

    All of us are speculating on this – only Marty knows for sure what the heck is going on. Call me naive, but I do still hope there is a reason for this. Is it his son? I can believe that would make anyone do anything to protect their child and I believe the “church” would absolutely stoop to that level in a second. Regardless, I don’t know how you can read this whole article and not realize how much he did do against $cion to believe he was a plant. Something did change and I’m not making excuses for his behavior at all. It looks like he betrayed a lot of people who trusted him. No excuse for that but look at that beautiful picture of him and Mike Rinder with their wives. There is still a small part of me that wants to believe that it all wasn’t a lie.

    • flyonthewall

      times like these I am grateful to be a nihilist

    • Sarah James

      You may want to hold Martymark’s hand, but don’t expect him to return the favor. He will just tell you how you pulled it in. You sound very nice-just know they will chew you up and spit you out if given the chance.

    • Kay (aka Nasty Lady)

      He obviously has gone through many periods of change, emotionally and philosophically. It is confusing to watch to say the least. I think he needs to a see a therapist that specializes in working your way out of a cult environment and re-establishing a solid personal baseline, and that it would be good to drop out of sight and go through that process in private, rather than engaging with anyone or anything relating to Scientology. I believe that would be incredibly helpful to anyone trying to find their way again. Just my opinion.

      P.S. I doubt he will ever do that which is too bad.
      P.P.S. I’ve seen cult survivors go all over the emotional, intellectual, philosophical and guilt map for years. Those who do not at least get with an experienced former cult member mentor for help, or who don’t see a licensed therapist take a lot longer to get grounded. Even then, I’ve seen some who after YEARS out who have gone back to their cult, regardless of the horrific abuses they have suffered or even perpetrated on others. It’s such a complicated process.

    • Juju00

      This topic ,somehow, led me down the rabbit hole to find Kim Baker’s story. I am not saying that Marty’s story or reason behind his “flip flops” are the same but gave me insight into how it may occur.

      • grundoon

        Also, Bob Minton

  • Glen

    Marty sez, “I don’t give a damn.” I sez, “Marty who. I don’t really care much.”

  • Rasha

    Geeze, I’ve deleted so many comments before posting them today… Probably for the best.

    • Observer

      You and me both, sister

      • Rasha

        Thing is, as a never-in, I have little stake in Marty’s position. I do care that anyone who has experienced the brainscrew that is Scientology gets out and lives a normal, natural life, but everyone reacts and recovers differently. What Marty – regardless of his former or current relationship with the Organization of Scientology – does is of no importance to me, other than I hope he fully recovers from Scientology. Just sayin’. I have no important input, but my position is that the content of Scientology to me is crap, it may be based on a few concepts of human interaction and not a small amount of interpersonal control, but on the whole, it is basically a structure of influence and coercion. It’s the people who matter.

        • Observer

          My problem with Marty is how he has screwed people over (did you see Karen’s post?). As with every Scientologist, the worst I wish for him is that he be held legally accountable for the crimes he committed. But I’m angry about what he has done to people who trusted him. I get angrier on others’ behalf than I do on my own.

          And tomorrow I’m going to start trying to ignore him again.

          • burythenuts

            Me too. But not tonight.
            Freakin jackass!

            • Observer

              Good to see you! How’s things?

            • burythenuts

              I would give you a hug, Obs….
              But we both would hate that 😉

              I miss the hell out of you though.
              I read when I can.
              And today was a GIFT for me….LOL.


              Edit: Oh, and I am fine. Just swamped. Happy and swamped.

          • Kay (aka Nasty Lady)

            Yes it’s hard to be sympathetic when you see others victimized like that. All I can say is that again, I think he is really screwed up and truly needs to get some help. I’m sure he would not agree with that, but hey look at the timeline and erratic behaviors listed by Tony…..that is not within parameters of whatever we refer to as “normal everyday behavior.” (I mean that in it’s widest sense as we all vary in our behaviors, but there is a core of “normal” that he is not inhabiting as exhibited by the fact that he is all over the map from hither to yon and back again.

            • Observer

              Being a screwed-up mess doesn’t give him a pass to trample people into the ground.

            • Kay (aka Nasty Lady)

              True but it might help him to stop it.

            • Observer

              I’m not holding my breath.

          • Rasha

            Totally with you. No one should be let off the hook because they ostensibly “just gave all that up”. I just don’t hold him as a standard in the fight against Scientology. Even if Davey himself denounced Hubbard’s “tech” and methods, he’d still have a shitload to answer for. There is just no influence on my position based on what Marty, or anyone else, does or says. (This is one of the comments I wrote and deleted before posting earlier.) People who leave such organizations have different levels of success in doing so.

            • Observer

              All good points.

    • Marty is a Brick! There fixed it for you…

  • Kay (aka Nasty Lady)
    • 5 Feet Long and Luminous

      The man so nice they named him thrice is a Pisces? I wouldn’t have guessed that.

      • Kay (aka Nasty Lady)

        Come to think of it, I wouldn’t have guessed that either !! I like your little limerick…”the man so nice they named him thrice.” He needs a green T shirt with that printed on it, truly.

        • 5 Feet Long and Luminous

          Truth: I stole that rhyme from Newsradio, though slightly adapted.

          • Kay (aka Nasty Lady)

            It’s still great !!!! All poetry, songwriting, short story writing, composing, lyric writing, ANY kind of writing always has a bit of thievery involved, intentional or unintentional. It’s like recombinant DNA !!

      • Robert Eckert

        I don’t know, he always seemed a little fishy to me.

  • ze moo

    No retail development can succeed without anchor stores. Use the winning business model of Sears, JC Penny and the very successful W T Grants. Thrown in Woolworths and you have a plan that even Lron could endorse.

    • Intergalactic Walrus

      Think of the stink Macy’s, Nordstroms & Neiman Marcus got from having a business relationship with the Trumps. That’s why the retailers severed ties. What big name retailer is going to want to sign a lease/business agreement with the Satan of Scientology? The bad press and blowback on that would be enormous.

      • Noesis


        There is Satan.

        And there is Scientology.

        A “Satan of Scientology”…sounds pretty bad.

        Am I misreading this?

    • Noesis

      One advantage that Scientology brings to the table…they already know how to buy and “develop” dozens of buildings all over the world that sit idle and barely used for their original purpose (the study and application of Hubbard’s “tech.”) Those buildings (unironically called Ideal Orgs) are virtually bereft of people.

      Think how incredibly handy that skillset will be when the church buys and “develops” a bunch of empty retail properties in downtown Clearwater – that will also be – bereft of people.

      It’s a win-win!

      • dungeon master

        Reminds me of all the southern city centers build around the rail lines, and all the vacant storefronts.. ghosts.

      • Kestrel

        Empty? Oh, I don’t know. They can fill up the space with chiropractors and vitamin stores, can’t they? Cal-mag smoothies, anyone?

        • Noesis

          Renting space to retailer tenants is one thing. The church already rents the space in the Ideal Orgs back to the Orgs that actually raised the money to buy / rehab the buildings in the first place. Lol.

          Bringing in actual customers who have interest and money to spend at the retailers that are renting space in a Scientology developed outdoor mall is of course…another matter.

          With the massive and unfriendly presence of the Scientology church and administrative buildings as neighbors, most likely retailers will not be able to attract large numbers of paying customers.

          Who wants to shop / dine in a creepy cult environment?

          Maybe once for novelty, then…adios.

  • Ronn S.

    Wow, hell of a recap Tony. I don’t know how you do it, but very concise, precise and well done. Extremely odd the way things went with Marty and Monique these past couple-three years, and for sure one is left to wonder what the hell.

  • Mick Roberts

    I’ve had comments that were awaiting moderation before, and probably justifiably so with some of the colorful language I typically use when I get butt-hurt about something, but how in the world is the comment by @otviii2late awaiting moderation? That was a great, civil, and thoughtful comment. This can’t be Disqus automatically moderating a comment like that one.

    • jayla197145

      I’m not sure Mick but it seems that Disqus does some weird things sometimes for no good reason.

      • burythenuts

        Disqus fills the definition for 31% of the DSM-5.
        But only when it is in a manic phase.

        • iampissed

          Now that’s FUNNY.

    • Ben Franklin

      I was just wondering about the same thing too as I didn’t see anything wrong with the comment either.

    • Frodis73

      It must be a disqus glitch because it was showing earlier without a problem, but now is showing as in moderation.Stupid disqus!!!

      • iampissed

        Can Disqus moderate?

        • Tony (&/or his designated moderators) can moderate Disqus comments made here, but do so very rarely, and only for good reasons.

          PS: It can be set up to moderate a post if there are more than a specified number of links or certain specified words – but other post show it isn’t, and that doesn’t apply in this case anyway.

    • Qbird

      These automatic awaiting comments also often get placed to the top upon an F5.

    • MarcabExpat

      I’ve never seen “this comment is awaiting moderation” on this blog before. Normally People just post, and if Tony thinks something is really unacceptable he just yanks it, which is very very rare. I think this must be Disqus having a bad case of indigestion.

    • Robert Eckert

      A bunch of people flagging can sometimes cause that, but unless we are having a specialized OSA visitation I do not understand it in this case.

    • Possibly, since it is such an isolated case (one out of hundreds)
      someone accidentally clicked on the button that reports posts for
      moderation – I occasionally accidentally open people’s profiles when Disqus lags a
      little and my cursor goes awry.

      In this case, you can just click the ‘view anyway’ link so it’s not a big thing.

  • Bon Jovi alert. Good night/day.

  • iampissed

    So there is this little thing going on in Los Angeles and maybe elsewhere. Seems there is an actress
    that some scum might have recorded as a revenge porn thing, she thinks it was recorded without her
    knowledge. How do you feel about that Danny, do you find it repugnant? Oh and what if there was an
    organization that recorded you and had the protection of the constitution?

    Just asking….Dude

    ETA…and the recording is being shopped around, hope yours is to think about it.

  • iampissed

    Hey Tony wanted to thank you for today’s article. You are front line.

  • Sarah James

    Martymark have you given any thought to paying back Karen? Monique what do you think of your man takig the money and then turning on her? You are no better than he is.

    • iampissed


      • Kestrel

        See Karen’s post downthread.

        • Kestrel

          Sort on Best. It should be at, or near, the top.

          • Qbird

            at the top now.

            • iampissed

              Thank you..

        • iampissed

          Thank you.

      • iampissed

        Ok …I need to look got it thanks.

    • iampissed

      Well after being given clarification. What can is say.

  • Rasha

    …Totally and completely O/T – apropos of nothing…. Godzilla anime coming out this year. Just sayin’. Only putting it here because Tony doesn’t have a geek/anime/misc blog….

  • downtherabbithole

    This whole Marty topic has me puzzled. I never read his blog and his history of exposing the under belly of COS and the challenges it brought him carries no more weight than the many others who have suffered and shared their own horrific story.

    • downtherabbithole

      I simply do not see him as all that special or unique. There are too many other with the same expierences but have grace in sharing their story.

  • Ben Franklin

    OT: But may be useful to you if you own chicken.

    • TexasBroad

      I sent this to my MIL who has chickens AND knits — she said she would knit them if I would be in charge of putting them on the actual chickens. So, cute video. No chance in hell I will see this in person.

    • Rasha

      This bodes well for my “Bow Ties For Piranhas” business.

      • daisy

        great big belly laugh !!! and just to be clear it is a big belly !!

        • Rasha

          there you is….

      • beauty for ashes

        What? Do you want the piranha tank or no?
        ***giggles** “Grills for Piranhas”

    • EmmaDaoust

      I was going to post this!

  • RexAinsfree

    Thumbs up, Tony, for today’s concise, yet detailed study of The Marty Chronicles.

    Thumbs up to Tony and In Touch magazine (March 20, 2017 issue, with Matt Lauer on cover).

    Inside the mag is some coverage of the Danny “Donkey Punch” Masterson situation. Nothing new to Bunker readers, but I was glad to see this topic being addressed in a checkout-stand publication where there’s an opportunity for it to be seen by people who might not read about it in The Bunker.

    Guess who was quoted several times as a knowledgeable, credible expert! Well done, Tony 🙂

    • Jimmy3

      It wasn’t touched on in the newest In Touch Assist magazine, but I suppose this is a good start. Good for you, T.O.

      • L. Wrong Hubturd

        Happy birthday dude.

        • Jimmy3

          Thanks you buddy. I’ve been rockin like it’s my real birthday. Someone bought me KFC. 😉

          • L. Wrong Hubturd

            Nashville hot? So sloppy, but gooood.

      • Rasha

        *reviews magazine subscriptions* ….wait a sec… The Tan magazine???? Dammit! Wrong one again!! There’s $12.99 down the drain!

      • Missionary Kid

        It’s probably the day after your birthday for you now, so happy belated birthday.

  • Frodis73

    Attn @L. Wrong-If you see this check you email when you have a few minutes. Thanks!

    • Rasha

      This is generally good advice. I will also check my email. Oh – and my voicemail.


    • L. Wrong Hubturd

      You’re too slow. Been there, done that. (POOF! He disappears again)

  • Jimmy3
    • Rasha

      6 and 11 fer sure. 4 because Bowie.

      • Jimmy3

        I’m ashamed to say I still like Little Michael before he was touching little mikeys. :/

        • Rasha


          • Jimmy3

            don’t tell anyone tho

            • Rasha


  • EmmaDaoust
  • Forest Bird

    Very sad and upsetting to read. And Karen’s input- oh my. That’s so awful.

    Is it that Marty is, at the end of the day, unable to trust anyone? It sounds like he spent most of his life being a violent criminal, gaslighting others and messing with their minds. As such, he can never be sure that others aren’t messing with him, because he’s operated that way himself for so many years? It seems like he has to recover not just from Scientology, but also himself. If he wants to be a good person, a good husband and father, he can do it. He WAS doing it. It was brave to come forward. He should keep trying.

  • TexasBroad

    Jimmy3 – I googled “Irish Birthday toasts” and picked my favorite three for you…

    Here’s to a long life and a merry one.
    A quick death and an easy one.
    A pretty girl and an honest one.
    A cold beer-and another one!
    –Old Irish toast

    May you live to be a hundred years,
    With one extra year to repent!

    May all your joys be pure joys,
    and all your pain champagne.

    (Honorable mention…
    May your liquor be cold,
    May your women be hot.
    And may your troubles slide off of you
    slicker than snot.)

    Happy Birthday…and thank you for making me laugh every single day. 🙂

  • Paul V. Tupointeau
    • Rasha


  • outraged

    OMG!! Tony laid down the gauntlets!
    I am SO looking forward to reading this post.
    Thank You Mr. Ortega!! Finally TIME to come out and face the Passive Aggressive Backdoor Snide comments coming from over yonder for the last year or so.

    Will Rathbun respond? Will he sue? Will he write a blog post? A rap?
    Stay tuned for…..”Scientology, Suppressive Style”, coming to a local brewerue near you. 😉

    • NOLAGirl (Stephanie)

      A rap. Bahahahaha!! I’m dead. 😀

  • beauty for ashes

    I feel sorry for the people who believed in him as some sort of guru.
    I have to say I have compassion for Marty, but I am more excited that it does seem to be Jimmy ‘s Birthday. I am sick for sure. It could be the vistaril I took today because I am out of zyrtec, and promptly fell asleep. I am very relaxed though. And thank God sneezing and itching anymore. I would never recommend it as an actual antihistamine. Unless you were also desperate for sleep. Extremely tranquilizing. I’m sure Hubbard would agree.
    As also evidenced from this rambling paragraph 🙂

  • Harmless Weirdo

    It’s still Jimmy’s birthday here on the West Coast for another two minutes. I hope it’s been a good one!

  • Fink Jonas

    I just came back from My Scientology movie, Marty comes across like one of those people that get upset if you don’t ask them the question they want to hear. Instead of waiting for the “right” question why didn’t he run his mouth all over the big screen and have Theroux edit his rambling? but no seems like he was withholding a lot limited to talk only when he is asked to explain something. Theroux could have used some Scientology lingo to talk to Marty they would have gotten along better if he did, all in all funny moments, in general they come across as nuts, I understand now why Marty got upset about the standing ovation to LRH, he simply got re-stimulated about how stupid the whole thing is, the re-enactment in his face is telling him “this is how silly you were” ,unwillingly Theroux is mocking him without knowing it and that hurts his pride and he can’t stand it and walks away.

  • OOkpik

    Happy Birthday, Jimmy.
    Happy Birthday, Jimmy.
    Happy Birthday, Jimmy.

  • Oh that Marty!

  • Jeb Burton

    FYI, todays TBT, front page above the fold, “Church Leader lobbies council.”

  • richelieu jr

    Reposted response, that I wish would fall before more eyes as number 1000:

    Of course he (Chris Shelton went through stages), but none of them were of the ‘free zoner’, ‘independent’, Scilooneriy Lite where 10% slightly less deluded people strive tirelessly to find a way to continue to delude others and rehabilitate the reputation of the Big Fat Liar himself.

    No sympathy or respect for this approach or the Hand-Me Down Discount Snake Oil merchants who inflict it.

    Simply because they still end up having to accept reality doesn’t lean out works. As with everything that Hubbard invented, stole and lied about, there is a faster
    , better, more truthful way– Go out and learn some common sense. Stop making the same mistakes.

    You don’t need a smaller, kinder, gentler rake to step on, you need to get the hell out of the garden shed.

    Did you hear the one about the guy who kept hitting himself in the head with a hammer?
    It just felt so good when he stopped.

    Perhaps he should have moved down a size? Then a padded hammer, then a wrench of some sort, then just his fist, until ready for a soft landing in 12 Step Ex-Hammerhead meeting?

    Life is short.

    Indie Scilons simply waste more of it running around the same fucking post in the desert like they were Linus and Painful delusion their security blanket. And we do no one any favors by pretending it is a good idea.

    Go get a professional therapist or one of those immortal evil Psychiatrists and stop discussing magic oils, homeopathy, LRH, Vaccine threats, Chem Trails, Obama wire taps and the most fashionable tin foil hat.

    The way in is not the way out, no matter how thin and inexpensive the door is.

  • Bert Allen

    I have one question for Marty, which I know he won’t answer. Where did he get the money for his $277,000 home? Maybe his books did better than I thought. But until I see proof of legitimate income I am going with the theory that the down payment was part of his settlement with the COS. I call any payment(s) received from the COS illegitimate, since Mosey’s attorneys haven’t received a dime. And make no mistake, while it was Mosey’s case, Marty, with his ego, was the controlling voice in their family regarding the litigation.

  • NewSciWatcher

    It might not be a very appropriate comment, but I think this timeline description vindicates Gerry Armstrong. He has been pushing for Marty to release the information he has on all that spying-harassment nonsense he did over the years, arguing that Marty would be the greatest contributor to many of the cases against the church that are rolling in the judicial system. This also goes for Mike Rinder, obviously.

  • Sine qua non

    No wonder haven’t accomplished my five year plan! I’ve been following this blog religiously for way too long. 😕😁👍 I’m going to share this with the pharmacist who doles out my “evil” psych meds so she can augment her knowledge of COS. Great time line.

  • mrssandoval

    I don’t get it. We all watched and/or read Going Clear, right? Wasn’t Marty a prominent anti-scientology figure? What happened? Having a kid? Having a kid did not change my values, nor my religion (I’ve never heard of it happening to anyone!)
    Can someone whack him about the head with the common sense stick?

  • Karen

    If Leah Remini’s autobiography is titled “Troublemaker”, then Mark Rathbun’s should be titled, “Troubled”. I have a tremendous amount of compassion for Mark and his journey in and out of Scientology, but I nevertheless cannot shake the feeling that he is still suffering the effects of being a believer in a cult. Since leaving Scientology, he has continued to believe in the Tech and has practiced it personally as well as offering it to others. He aimed to divorce the cult from the teachings, but I fear this endeavor has done more harm to him mentally and emotionally than any good that could have come from it. Although he has made statements on his blog about having his “A-ha” moments about Scientology, the tech, LRH, etc…, it was never more evident than in “My Scientology Movie” and his blog about the movie that he is still very much a believer in the whole experiment. In the movie, his intensity about the communication skills test, and his claim to be able to “bring the whole thing down” when his son is threatened, reads a bit unhinged. Until he sees the whole religion as the farce that it is, he will forever be vulnerable to David Miscavige and Scientology, no matter how strenuously he denies it or doesn’t want it to be true.

  • richelieu jr

    One last comment: Monique going Clear was obviously deliberately kept quiet, and understandably (if not rightly) so… I really puts the lid to the “She is totally uninvolved, never a member business” which is great PR, and technically true, but a bit besides the pint if the argument s that Marty was baiting his Master Miscavige by flaunting his so called Free Auditing , which we now know was effectively underwritten by Karen, in Davey’s face.

    It also illustrates the rings of insider versus less inside insiders that exist out here in the ex and never in worlds. This blog is but the very tip of the Iceberg in which subjects where Tony is obliged to make journalistic decisions about what and when to publish in order to cultivate and maintain sources, and the obviously superior knowledge of those who have personal knowledge of certain events trumps those of us who saw it on TV, or read about it here or in another book, resonates in uncomfortable and sometimes downright stomach churning sympathetic harmony with Hubbard’se sided Brideg to Nowhere and the snitching and boxes within boxes culture in Scientology’s ham fisted imitation of Egyptian Mystery Schools…

    People knew Monique was clear was clear but stayed mum because they didn’t want to hurt ‘her’ case; Evem more knew Marty was putting together a shadow- CoS where the transition post-Miscavige to install him in tip of othe pyramids scheme so that it would rip people off and destroy lives exactly as Hubbard intended with none of Davey’s ‘improvements’, but kept silent because …? They just wanted to see him bloody or embarrass Miscavige? Or wanted to see him succeed..? I do not know…

    One of the common arguments used to try and get me to shut my (admittedly too big and of late scattered and at times incoherent) mouth, has been to say, “Careful what you say, it can be taken out of context to be used against our mother side”, or “You shouldn’t joke in such a provocative schoolyard way. It is not helpful image-wise amd may scare off lurkers who still believe Hubbard was the Bees Knees and only lil Davey is wrong in the CoS…”

    Both of these criticisms are valid, and I personally believe to be factually true, as far as they go. Yet I will
    Not stop. Why?

    Because I am not here to put on a show for the benefit of OSA goons who seek any point to hang a ‘bigot’ sign on. They will find one anyway, believe me; r am I here to speak in hushed respectful tones of a belief system that deserves no respect at all, in the hopes of replacing some lurker’s Hard Lining Hubbard Heroin Habit with Discount Bunker Brand No-Mo Miscavige Methadone to get them into the kiddy pool where we only give them 80% bullshit whilst they fiddle with crystals and speak of rehabilitating Hubbard from the. DNA found in some Amber-preserved Sucker who swallowed his crap whole back the day before it got less “fun”.

    I am often here, however, as Howdy and SPF were as well, to publicly ridicule the ridiculous, amd hopefully raise Miscavige’s blood pressure, as well as Marty’s, with any luck. I also bring up Trumps tiny hands on occasion for the same reason. These lying, narcissistic Billie shave exrptremekyntin skin, and as long as they remain “He Who Won’t Be Named” terris t. E whispered about in respectful fear, you undo South Park’s work, and Tony’s and a while long list that freed little smart,luths like myself from the arrival of million-dollar lawsuits because the made joke about the Exeter.

    Do you think it bothers Miscavige if there is a group of terrified exes talking about his crimes and the hellishly titanic fury of his revenge? Hell,,no. It is why he does it in the first place.

    Picketing wasn’t the worst thing that’s happened to Scientology, nor was exposing its secrets. Rendering itmockable ad open to the derisionit so richly deserves, therefore exposing the little man behind the curtain as the pathetic fraud that he is and always was. It you don’t think they can get you,and Marty can track you down with near preternatural prowess, 100% of the time, or that Joking and Degrading get you your much-merited RPF, then Hubbard’s got nuthin leftinhis box for you.

    If you are allowed to snicker at the Marcabians, Body Thetans, Hubbard’s inexplicable inability to emphasize the correct syll-AB-le in the word “gal-UHX-y”, then the whole spool of his yarn spins out and no one can keep a straight face any more…

    Lastly, and I have not come to any solid opinion pa this, but am I the only person who wonders whether it was morally correct to stay mum about Marty adopting a child into a practicing Scientology household that was simultaneously under very real harassment and attack from the CoS and paying its bills with other people’s money?

    YMMV, and I can see not wanting Miscavige sending OSA goons out to screw up the process as would surely have happened, but might not the adoption agency have had a valid right to know these sorts of details about the household the poor child was entering?

    On this level I sincerely wish Monique, Marty and their poor,innocent child, all the luck and success in the world. Monique might not have been as untouched and uninformed on the subject of Scientology as she claimed, but that kid sure is.

    For that reason alone, I hope they made the right choice, one that will allow them to lead Scientology and Miscavige-free lives from now on…

  • Jon Atack

    Kudos to Tony for even-handed accurate reporting – as ever. Indignation at the treatment of Karen – who really is an angel. Kudos to Mark for his many contributions that helped people to break the spell – or at least one or two layers of the spell.
    We need another book from Mark explaining the last few months. ‘Find or manufacture enough threat’ is how the inviolable scripture of Hubbard reads. The strongest outburst on My Louis Theroux Movie is Mark’s ‘love’ button (described in the Information Full Hat that Mark trained on and applied on a daily basis for many years). Standard operating procedure is laid out clearly in the Full Hat – find and exploit ‘love’ and ‘hate’ buttons. They’ve had film of it since the day they made it happen.

    • Ann B Watson

      Jon, Thank you for your comments. Brilliant & golden,and true. Respect & Love.💛

  • Philbyification

    Marty RatFinkBunz, the “Kim Philby” of the $cilons. Who better to cap the damages and provide an “alt. routing out” and intel for DM to infiltrate his biggest most effective critics AND their Legal teams? ffs! He is a despicable excuse for a human being. He will soon find out that money won’t solve his Real problems in Life. Keeping the early focus on the B.S. “indie” vulnerable dissidents and squirrel tech was sure NOT to create any Real sympathy from the Gen. Public. Did he happen to advise that Human Brain Eater, Aslan, in his latest Debacle? I’m sorry for Karen and Jeff but not surprised that he would use them in this Extreme and Outrageous manner. Nobody would have put up with the “squirrel busters” unlawful picket for that long and not have been part of the scheme…Was he making the calls to Lori’s family in TX too? Go to Hell Rathbun and take your crummy Wife with you. The guy deserves No Quarter.

  • Kenneth Tarlow

    75 million years ago was the Cretaceous
    Period. Dinosaurs, giant animals and fish. it would end in 10 million years. maybe instead of an asteroid striking, throwing millions of tons of stuff into the atmosphere, blocking the Ultra violet spectrum of the sun and plunged the earth into a Ice Age , Instead maybe Xeno put atomic bombs in his space fairing DC8’s and and well you know the story better than me. Mr Hubbard the physics export was only off by 10 million years.

    Maybe young people needing a sense of community and purpose formed together, thinking they could do some good, and joined Mr Hubbard, idealistically, an organization that promised both. However, It seems the organization had no Torah, no moral center.

    Perhaps this dance with Scientology is more of an indictment of us, our human condition. why do we dance with silly things. I am sad by the whole thing,especially for the people who thru their lives away.

    I don’t know, or want to know Marty Rathbun, I wish him peace, make peace with his demons.

  • willloomis
  • chuckbeattyxquackologist75to03

    Masterful detailed history layout.

    Tony you are peerless covering Scientology’s ongoing history.

    Future years “experts” of Scientology MUST return to this article above, for exemplary coverage of the Marty Rathbun history story. That Tony spent the years to get to the point of writing the above, is a huge thankyou warrented.

    People OUGHT to donate to this blog, for articles for Tony’s years of reporting on this subject, Scientology!

    Chuck Beatty
    ex Sea Org dupe 1975-2003
    1 July 2017
    comment made re-reading Tony’s treasure trove of material on Scientology’s biggest side stories, and Marty Rathbun is a big sidestory presently. Unbelievable excellent summary here above.
    Total Scientology history nuts I still think Marty’s 3rd book, Chapter 24, “Meanwhile Back at the Ranch” is huge unappreciated new material to this whole Hubbard history story—it’s the chapter with additional details of Sarge Steven Pfauth’s recollections of the final months of Hubbard’s life.

  • madame duran

    Marty Rathbun’s truthful exposure of the abuses and the insanity going on within the Scientology organization still stands. It was the TRUTH of what he said at the time (backed up by multiple witnesses) that caused Miscavige to harrass both him and his wife Monique as a means to silence him. If Marty was telling lies all along, do you think Scientology would’ve retaliated in that way? Marty was labelled “psychotic” by the cult…yet Miscavige promoted and kept him in a high position during the time he was harming others. How does Scientology explain that profound lack of leadership? By saying, “Oh, we didn’t know”?

    Marty is currently lying and/or recanting all that he previously said but the cat is already out the bag. You can’t undo factual events. Marty is no longer a reliable witness because of this recent compromise of his own integrity. However, that doesn’t change the validity of what he said previously. That’s one thing about truth: it’s consistent.

    Side comment: upvoting your own post looks tacky. It looks like you’re praising yourself.