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Continuing to chat with a Scientology celebrity: On ‘SP’ Danny Masterson, and more

[The LA Ideal Org, a shining example]

Our conversation with a foreign Scientology entertainment celebrity continues.

The Bunker: This really struck a nerve with readers.

Scientology celebrity: Thank you for informing me that it was out. Wow, they did not trash me I see. I noticed one comment though, about the 30,000 Scientologists [that his agreement with the assertion that Scientology is smaller than it admits could get him hauled in for an interrogation, a “sec check”.] Regarding sec-checks, I have done countless, but I have never paid for it. But that’s [foreign org] for you. Its “calmer” and more theta, I guess, compared to areas where there are more Scientologists. [Foreign org] is indirectly run by CSI from LA now because of the new Ideal Org, and we will get a new ED soon, OT 7. A great woman. And I want to say one thing that I think is on behalf of many Scientologists. I wish the Church would step away from the Mastersons and let them handle their own O/Ws. If anyone should be classified as SP it is Danny Masterson.

The Bunker: That’s a very interesting perspective. The church, at least under David Miscavige’s guidance, has exhibited the opposite, and has been fully involved in Danny Masterson’s defense. Do you have some opinion as to why that might be?


Scientology celebrity: I have no idea. My only guess must be that someone likes the idiot. It’s not helping the reputation of the Church, which is damaged from before. And I cannot understand if COB has any sympathy for him. Everyone that ruins the reputation, that is out-ethics, the church should distance itself from. In the end he is just another parishioner, and upper management should not have anything to do with it. It’s up to their org to guide them through ethics if they are savable at all. The church should focus more on the positive things. LA org is a good example of how an org should operate.

The Bunker: What makes LA Org a good example, in your mind.

Scientology celebrity: They do a lot for the community they are “serving.” Food handouts is one example. They are supportive of all parishioners. Like with the man that has gotten cerebral palsy, I think it is, if I remember correctly. They do events coordinated with other associations. They are a positive example. And they are good at promoting what they do on Instagram.

The Bunker: When I think of the LA org, I think of disconnection. It reminds me of this story, that we published in 2016. Regarding that story, I don’t know how familiar you are with Caitlyn Jenner, or Kate Bornstein. They’re both pretty important trans icons. Do you have any opinions about Scientology’s reputation for homophobia? I’ve talked to many former Scientologists who said it was one of the things that really disappointed them about the church. And they usually point out to me that Hubbard said that thetans had no gender and you could have been male or female in past lives, so you’d think Scientology would be a little more enlightened about gay or trans issues. But that doesn’t generally seem to be the case.

Scientology celebrity: Yes I know who Caitlyn Jenner is, and I have heard of Kate Bornstein before. Regarding the question, that’s something I have thought about myself several times because I do have a few friends that are gay. And I have talked with other Scientologists (high ranking) about this, and we agreed among ourselves that there is nothing wrong with being gay. It’s not our “business.” This talk I have had with a high level auditor that is also my auditor and one of my best friends. But I don’t agree with the leftist agenda of changing the biology of the human body. In my opinion there are only two sexes. Male and female, and that can’t be argued. Though these days all “facts” are thrown out and you get attacked for having another opinion than these “leftists” have. Before they used to be “far-left,” now they are what is central. I believe it is dangerous to teach or talk about this to children. They can figure this out for themselves when they grow up if they have any doubt. But a child at age 3-16 is not at all developed enough to have a “safe” opinion on this. Especially the younger kids. As there have been several cases I have heard of that have put the child in danger. For example there was a case of a child trying to “cut” off his penis with a scissor because he had been hearing about this nonsense. But like what Disney tried to do in Florida is not OK at all. And I believe the governor of Florida is one of the few “sane” politicians you have left in the USA. Teaching non-binary stuff to kids is not a teacher’s job. Regarding the thetan can have been different genders in past lives I think is absolutely possible. And I think that is one of the “roots” of the confusion of what gender they are for some people. It’s the “bank” that is making these confusions, and it gets even harder when society is pushing this agenda of several types of sexes. I believe that the body in this lifetime is supposed to be the gender the thetan has chosen and it is not supposed to change that. That’s only the engrams talking. The confusion is coming from the reactive mind. And in today’s society many get this idea of being another sex because of the factor of people pushing this as the new norm and the reactive mind is responding to this and this creates all new engrams for the thetan. But I don’t have anything against people that change their sex or are so called “fluid.” But I strongly object to this becoming the new “normal” in society. People can be whatever they want, but just keep it to yourself. You don’t need to change the entire world. I have a 9-year-old daughter and have talked with her about this. She is highly developed for her age. She behaves more like 1 or 2 years older. And she totally agreed with my viewpoint on it. And that is before I told her what my viewpoint is.

The Bunker: So where are you on the Bridge?

Scientology celebrity: I was Grade 0. But because of my accident I will have to re-do the Bridge. But that’s fine anyway. Except for that I have done all Basics courses and all congresses, all Life improvement courses and more. I did a lot more in the academy than in auditing so far. And now I am re-doing The Basics since I now live 500km from the org, just to keep me active. But I am making plans to go as soon as possible for a trip. Getting some free auditing for my accident. (Yes, free). I haven’t had the chance to be sessionable until recently because of all the medicine I have been on. I was also the one that held the Dianetics Seminars in [foreign city] in 2009 and 2010.

The Bunker: Between the auditing, the courses, the books and lectures, and donations, can you give me a ballpark estimate for how much you’ve spent on Scientology since you started out in 2008?

Scientology celebrity: I would guess somewhere around $80,000. Give or take. I gave a $1,000 flow this Friday to the org. Keeps them happy.

The Bunker: Do you intend to go Clear? And then OT?

Scientology Celebrity: For me it’s more the philosophical aspect of Scientology I am interested in. How I can be a good person and try to affect that positivity onto those around me. So going Clear or OT is not the most important thing. From basic teachings you learn a lot of skills on how to “be good” and also to sense negative people. But yes, I guess I will go Clear and then OT. But first my priority is to get better physically through physiotherapy. And also auditing the incident will help. So that’s my short term goal. I was very lucky, so I have started training with crutches now. So progress is going as planned (in my mind).

The Bunker: You said your daughter is 9. Has she begun Dianetics processing yet? And were you aware that L. Ron Hubbard’s sec check for children, which he wrote in 1961, is designed for children as young as 6? Would you allow her to be subjected to it?

Scientology Celebrity: No she has not. I am not together with the mother, and we live in different parts of the country. They live closer to [foreign city] though. Still I have her about 26 percent of the time. (she spends all of the holidays and summers with me). When I lived in [foreign city] she was on events, but she was too young to understand anything then. She just ran around and had fun. But she knows I am a Scientologist, though she does not really understand what it is yet, and I haven’t really talked about it with her. I think she is too young to make up her mind about religion now. But in a few years, if she wants to study Scientology then I will be happy with that of course. If she doesn’t, then that is OK also. Yes I am aware of the sec check. I would not allow my child to be subjected to a sec check at age 6 and up to at least 15 I guess. I think from 16 it is OK, but not before.



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Source Code

“Time is a temperature. I don’t know what that temperature is in Kelvin, but now that I know that time is a temperature, I can find it. And the moment I find the exact temperature, I could make any area, at any given instant, timeless or speed its time up. I know that sounds very strange. But this is a great discovery in physics. Only you know about it, but it is a great discovery in physics. It’s rather a staggerer. ” — L. Ron Hubbard, May 26, 1961


Avast, Ye Mateys

“MELBOURNE: We served a writ on Anderson, the ‘judge’ of the Melbourne Inquiry for legal faults. Ian Tampion there got lots of immediate raw public congratulations and good wishes. Dianetic Auditing is starting up there and the org will soon be reestablished. Some real good people are on the grounds.” — The Commodore, May 26, 1970


Overheard in the FreeZone


“I think that Scientologist women make very bad lovers. They can not enjoy sex freely. I think that Scientologist women make very bad wives. They put Ron before their husbands. I think Scientologist women make very bad mothers. Too many have shown to be willing to kill their own children if somebody in a position of authority in the Church of Scientology orders them to do so. It would be better if the same way that Scientology states clearly that it does not encompass the eighth dynamic, it also would clearly state that it does not address, handle, or encompass sex and sexual relationships.”


Past is Prologue

1997: Attorney Ford Greene held a live interview on the net with OMNI publishing, in which he discussed cults. “The reason I became an attorney was because I had a firsthand awareness based on my being indoctrinated by the Moonies that cults are institutionalized systems of evil. Therefore, I felt compelled as a human being to proactively do what I could to bring sunlight on such evil. I was particularly horrified by the fact that this evil was being perpetrated in the name of God and under cover of the Constitutional protections given to freedom of religion. My theory is this: In order to exercise an intelligent and informed and voluntary consent, an individual always needs at least two things. He needs the raw brainpower to accurately evaluate information. The other thing he needs is sufficient, accurate information to consider. When both are not present at the same time, the result is not a constitutionally effective consent. Cult groups engage in deceptive recruitment practices. When the individual’s capacity to think is high, the cult fails to disclose its true nature, intentions and plans for the individual. Cults mislead the individual by manipulating his need for trust, warmth, belonging, and security to be the agent of his own undoing.”


Random Howdy

“The ultimate goal of Hubbard’s bridge was to take all your money and then turn you into a slave once your money was gone. And if you did have enough money to make it all the way up the Bridge, the EP was hopefully insanity or suicide so you couldn’t sue Hubbard’s ass for fraud or spill the beans.”


Full Court Press: What we’re watching at the Underground Bunker

Criminal prosecutions:
Danny Masterson charged for raping three women: Next pretrial conference May 31. Trial scheduled for August 29.

‘Lafayette Ronald Hubbard’ (a/k/a Justin Craig), aggravated assault, plus drug charges: Last hearing was on January 18, referred to grand jury. Additional charges also referred to grand jury after January 5 assault while in jail.
Jay and Jeff Spina, Medicare fraud: Jay sentenced to 9 years in prison. Jeff’s sentencing to be scheduled.
Rizza Islam and other family members, Medi-Cal fraud: Pretrial conference June 9 in Los Angeles
David Gentile, GPB Capital, fraud: Next pretrial conference set for June 2.
Joseph ‘Ben’ Barton, Medicare fraud: Pleaded guilty, awaiting sentencing.
Yanti Mike Greene, Scientology private eye accused of contempt of court: Found guilty of criminal and civil contempt.

Civil litigation:
Baxter, Baxter, and Paris v. Scientology, alleging labor trafficking: Complaint filed April 28 in Tampa federal court.
Luis and Rocio Garcia v. Scientology: Eleventh Circuit affirmed ruling granting Scientology’s motion for arbitration. Garcias considering next move.
Valerie Haney v. Scientology: Forced to ‘religious arbitration.’ Valerie’s motion for reconsideration denied on March 15.
Chrissie Bixler et al. v. Scientology and Danny Masterson: Appellate court removes requirement of arbitration on January 19, case remanded back to Superior Court. Next hearing scheduled for June 29.
Brian Statler Sr v. City of Inglewood: Third amended complaint filed, trial set for December 6.
Author Steve Cannane defamation trial: New trial ordered after appeals court overturned prior ruling.
Chiropractors Steve Peyroux and Brent Detelich, stem cell fraud: Lawsuit filed by the FTC and state of Georgia in August, now in discovery phase.



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Scientology disconnection, a reminder

Bernie Headley (1952-2019) did not see his daughter Stephanie in his final 5,667 days.
Valerie Haney has not seen her mother Lynne in 2,676 days.
Katrina Reyes has not seen her mother Yelena in 3,181 days
Sylvia Wagner DeWall has not seen her brother Randy in 2,731 days.
Brian Sheen has not seen his grandson Leo in 1,721 days.
Geoff Levin has not seen his son Collin and daughter Savannah in 1,612 days.
Christie Collbran has not seen her mother Liz King in 4,918 days.
Clarissa Adams has not seen her parents Walter and Irmin Huber in 2,787 days.
Carol Nyburg has not seen her daughter Nancy in 3,561 days.
Doug Kramer has not seen his parents Linda and Norm in 1,892 days.
Jamie Sorrentini Lugli has not seen her father Irving in 4,365 days.
Quailynn McDaniel has not seen her brother Sean in 3,681 days.
Dylan Gill has not seen his father Russell in 12,247 days.
Melissa Paris has not seen her father Jean-Francois in 8,166 days.
Valeska Paris has not seen her brother Raphael in 4,334 days.
Mirriam Francis has not seen her brother Ben in 3,914 days.
Claudio and Renata Lugli have not seen their son Flavio in 4,176 days.
Sara Goldberg has not seen her daughter Ashley in 3,212 days.
Lori Hodgson has not seen her son Jeremy and daughter Jessica in 2,927 days.
Marie Bilheimer has not seen her mother June in 2,452 days.
Julian Wain has not seen his brother Joseph or mother Susan in 807 days.
Charley Updegrove has not seen his son Toby in 1,982 days.
Joe Reaiche has not seen his daughter Alanna Masterson in 6,533 days
Derek Bloch has not seen his father Darren in 3,682 days.
Cindy Plahuta has not seen her daughter Kara in 4,002 days.
Roger Weller has not seen his daughter Alyssa in 8,857 days.
Claire Headley has not seen her mother Gen in 3,976 days.
Ramana Dienes-Browning has not seen her mother Jancis in 2,332 days.
Mike Rinder has not seen his son Benjamin and daughter Taryn in 6,635 days.
Brian Sheen has not seen his daughter Spring in 2,741 days.
Skip Young has not seen his daughters Megan and Alexis in 3,139 days.
Mary Kahn has not seen her son Sammy in 3,015 days.
Lois Reisdorf has not seen her son Craig in 2,598 days.
Phil and Willie Jones have not seen their son Mike and daughter Emily in 3,093 days.
Mary Jane Barry has not seen her daughter Samantha in 3,347 days.
Kate Bornstein has not seen her daughter Jessica in 14,456 days.


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