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Sunday Funnies: Scientology Has Your Back!

EdinburghThumbOn Sundays, we love to turn over things to our worldwide network of tipsters, who send us the latest wacky mailers and fliers from the Church of Scientology.

This week, we have a fun variety of things, with an emphasis on getting your kids involved in some summertime fun that comes with a side helping of indoctrination!

Also, we raise a question about our friends across the pond. So let’s dive in.

First, you’ll be glad to hear that today, there’s a Memorial Day weekend blowout happening at the Celebrity Centre in Hollywood. We don’t know what sorts of engrams you might pick up while flying around in a bounce house, but we imagine this party is going to produce some great memories…



…And if your kids aren’t too worn out from the barbecue at the org, how about sending them to the Freewinds to learn how to shatter some suppression while also learning how to swab a deck?


Speaking of getting your kids into the Scientology frame of mind, we have to hand it to the parent who dreamed up this campaign at the Harlingen Mission in South Texas…


After that image showed up on Facebook, Julian’s pitch garnered about 800 “likes” before our friend from Ireland, Pete Griffiths, showed up and left this sobering comment…


Alas, soon after that Julian’s photo disappeared from Facebook. We’ll never know if he got his 5,000 Likes!

Now, we don’t want you to sprain your irony muscles on this next one, so take your time and slide into it real easy like. Let it wash over you and consider seriously, for a moment, the idea of turning over $180 for a set of books that will teach you the L. Ron Hubbard wisdom on Public Relations.

Couldn’t every business use the efficiency and persuasion of the Church of Scientology PR machine?


We have to admit to being something of an Anglophile, and so when we get mailers like this from our tipsters in Blighty, we have to admit that it leaves us a little bewildered. We expect Americans to sign on for something like Hubbard’s wild cosmic ride. But in London or Birmingham or Edinburgh? Perhaps some of our UK friends could help us understand why anyone over there would be willing to pick up the cans, let alone pay these sorts of prices.


Thanks again to our great tipsters. Keep those items coming!


Posted by Tony Ortega on May 26, 2013 at 07:00

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