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TMZ The Latest To Mix Up Tiziano Lugli for Tom Cruise

Oh brother, here we go again…


This isn’t the first time that ex-Scientologist Tiziano Lugli has been mistaken for Tom Cruise zipping around Hollywood on his Ducati motorcycle.

But TMZ? You’d think Harvey Levin’s outfit would want a bit more confirmation before deciding that a video of Tiziano and his wife Jamie is Tom Cruise and his “Rebound Chick.”


Tiziano Lugli does his best Tom Cruise

Tiziano Lugli does his best Tom Cruise

Tiziano does bear a resemblance to the Scientology icon Cruise, which he used to good effect when he parodied the actor in a recent video. And on his bike, if you squint, Tiziano may look even more like Tom…


And his “rebound chick?” Actually, it’s Tiziano’s lovely wife, actress Jamie Sorrentini Lugli…


But there the resemblance ends. Tiziano is taller than Tom, and he’s no longer a part of the Church of Scientology.

You may also remember Tiziano for the fun video we leaked to Gawker that showed up last December…


Yes, the infamous rap song that featured Nazanin Boniadi.

For that, at least, Tiziano Lugli will be a legend forever, even if TMZ still has no idea who he is!

UPDATE: Tiziano had tipped us that once again this had happened. And now he gives us a bit more detail…

“We went to Chateau Marmont for dinner Thursday for a little date night. It’s one of our favorite spots in town. And as we were leaving, every paparazzi was like, ‘Tom, Tom…Yeah, that was Tom Cruise!’ Jamie and I were laughing…oh, not again!”


Posted by Tony Ortega on May 25, 2013 at 12:00

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  • Xenu, Lord of Kobol

    “But there the resemblance ends. Tiziano is taller than Tom, and he’s no longer a part of the Church of Scientology.”

    Tiziano is still (apparently) married. πŸ™‚

    • Awww snap!

    • Everyone is taller than Tom – Danny Devito is taller than Tom

      • Missionary Kid

        It just seems that way because TC is such a mental midget to have drunk the Kool Aid.

      • FistOfXenu

        DM is shorter, I think.

      • N. Graham

        It’s not widely known that Mini-me is taller than DM but DM has good elevator shoes. Platinum by the way. Present from the Sea Org.

  • Davka

    And the funny thing is, I saw this and was sure it was Cruise!

  • ze moo

    I love Tiziano’s use of the phrase ‘Blown for Good’. When I discuss reputable news sources, TMZ is never mentioned.

  • Spackle Motion

    I was just reading this on TMZ and just thinking that it could be Tiziano. Funny.

  • richelieu jr

    A legend in his own rind!

  • richelieu jr

    “Tisziano Lugli does his best Tom Cruise” “I love his use of BLown for Good!”

    No way the Scilons could ever use these quotes out of context!

  • richelieu jr

    Ducati’s are too fast.. I don’t like these new cock-rockets…

    I feel like the bike is trying to slip out from under me… It makes me feel ike David Miscavige atop his church and feeling it slipping away,a tiger by tohe tail, you know?

    • 1subgenius


      He’s Italian, so he can be forgiven.

      • Missionary Kid

        The desmodromic valve train is unique in the Ducatis. Ducati has taken it’s own path to valve opening and closing.

  • Chocolate Velvet

    Oh boy. Methinks that Tiziano and Jamie could have a lot of fun with this. If they were inclined to work a little mischief…

    • monkeyknickers

      Let’s encourage them. How can they resist? πŸ™‚

  • Victoria Pandora

    Tiziano is WAY hotter than poor little Tom. This is so funny, hahaha. AND he knows how to keep a wife happy, obviously!

  • subsilentio

    Tiziano actually manages to look heterosexual while on a Ducati, unlike Cruise and Miscavige.

    • pronoia

      What is wrong with looking not-heterosexual on a Ducatti?

      Seriously. It is 2013.

      • Ian

        Amen. I’m a Kinsey 0, but black leathers on a red 999, you can add a point or two to that!

  • BosonStark

    There’s only one thing Tiziano can do about this — turn the wife over to Tom Cruise. Can she play Scrabble in inglese?

    • Snippy_X

      No, NO, No! Bad Starky.

    • Missionary Kid

      Why the hell would he do something as mean as that and torture his wife like that? Besides, she speaks English as well as anyone else. Watch her in the video:

      • BosonStark

        Lugli can find a wife at any soda fountain in Hollywood. Tom has to put women through Hell auditioning them and then inflicting the horrors of Sciloontology on them.

        Lugli’s wife has been vaccinated in “the tech.” I think Xenu would approve of this union.

        • Missionary Kid

          Which union? I take it you mean Jamie and Tiziano.

  • dbloch7986

    Tiziano is also infinitely better looking than Tom Cruise and he also is not a douche. He has a genuine sense of humor and, as an ex myself, I sincerely appreciate the rap song that he made.

  • Missionary Kid

    Tiziano Lugli, Jamie Sorrentini, along with Aida Lembo and Karla Zamudio, and a cast of bunker friends, made some videos,

    “Shit Scientologists Say to Each Other” and
    “Shit Scientologists Say to Normal People”

    They were written by Tiziano and Jamie, and shot and directed by Tiziano.

    You’ll also see some other familiar faces.

    • monkeyknickers

      I have to say tho, this guy beats Tiziano for the coveted Take the Piss Out of Tom Cruise prize, hands down.

      • Missionary Kid

        He pretty much has the laugh down cold. Hee hee.

        • monkeyknickers

          It’s the raised eyebrow serious face that gets me. Plus, he eats planets. I was automatically impressed.

      • JB

        Freakin’ amazing. Best TC impression ever!

  • OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    Harvey Levin is such a 1.1. degraded being that anything he reports is automatically filth, hatred, venom, and entheta.

    Moreover, by way of bringing the discussion into the stratosphere of Tom Cruise, Tiziano is not Sea Org Admiral material as is Scientologist Tom Cruise.

    That Is why Sea Org Admiral Cruise is second only to Fleet Admiral Miscavige.

    • Xenu, Lord of Kobol

      Another finely shooped picture courtesy of the most ethical person on earth.

      Next time please better attention to blending the hairlines. This is Tom Cruise.

      Fake hairpieces is supposed to be John Travolta’s schtick.

      • OTVIIIisGrrr8!


        There is no photoshopping at work here — just as there was no photoshopping of the audience grand opening of the Portland Ideal Org.

        If Tom Cruise is engaging in “other practices”, i.e. Hairplugology, then ask Us Magazine where a photo suggests hair plugs have been implanted in Admiral Cruise’s head:

        Go ahead and enlarge this photo and look for yourself:

        • Xenu, Lord of Kobol

          I’m afraid you misunderstood me. I am not accusing Tom of using non-OT abilities to maintain his mane.

          I’m insinuating that Mr. Cruise’s face has been placed on another man’s body (in a completely non-Tone 1.1 connotation) using artificial methods.

          I am not interested in anything Mr. Cruise plugs into his head (I’ve got a sub-ether implant in his Broca’s area and have access to everything on a 25/7 basis).

          If you think you’re the only one making fun of “confidential” information … he does a killer rendition of you and the missus.

          • OTVIIIisGrrr8!

            We in RTC are sticking to our story: There was no photoshopping at all anywhere ever.

            Everything we publish, or cause to be published, is 100% accurate and honest, we being the Most Ethical Group on the Planet.

            This is true.


            • Jimmy B
            • Xenu, Lord of Kobol

              Showing me pictures of Louie doesn’t do much to address the picture of Tom. Louie and I go back many, many years. I had to disconnect from him when he started spouting all of this racist drivel. Even -I- have standards when it comes to the people I freely associate with. BTW, your dad and niece send their love. The baby picture of you naked on a bearskin rug was adorable. Such pinchable, adorable, chubby cheeks.

              Anyway … please find nicer people to play with.

              PS: The cheeks I’m referring to aren’t on your face … if you know what I’m talking about.

          • OTVIIIisGrrr8!

            We in RTC are sticking to our story: There was no photoshopping at all anywhere ever.

            Everything we publish, or cause to be published, is 100% accurate and honest, we being the Most Ethical Group on the Planet.

            This is true.


            • Bella Legosi

              Do you have 100% certainty about that 100% accuracy and honesty claim?

    • Michael Leonard Tilse

      Yea, Tom is losing his looks. One too many bouts with the e-meter, I guess.

    • John P.

      Obviously a shoop. Where in the uniform shown is the giant lanyard, approximately the diameter of the hawser that ties your average cruise ship to the dock, which loops and swoops around and looks like some sort of nylon bondage gear?

      • DodoTheLaser

        Not if Tom purchased a submarine for the Ideal Org in Moscow.

      • grundoon

        Tom gets to design his own uniforms because he’s not actually in the Sea Org.

      • OTVIIIisGrrr8!

        We in RTC greet you in the name of David Miscavige, the beneficent and merciful.

        COB PL 412 (revised 2004) covers excessively opulent gold braid and the wearing thereof in the Sea Org:

        “Only Fleet Admiral David Miscavige is allowed to wear excessively opulent gold braid and other heroic devices, medallions, and emblems to signify his position as the exalted, beneficent, and universal ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion.”

        • Jimmy B

          Little Davey has almost as many fake valor medals as LRH!!

      • Gerard Plourde

        Agree that it’s a shoop. The patch on the shoulder has the double-headed eagle which I think is the emblem of the Russian Navy.

    • Observer

      ” … Tiziano is not Sea Org Admiral material as is Scientologist Tom Cruise.”

      Another point in Tiziano’s favor.

    • Missionary Kid

      I didn’t know the Salvation Army had a sea organization.

      • grundoon

        They don’t, but Scientology has a Damnation Navy!

        • Missionary Kid

          Scientology has a Damnation Navy! …and Cruise is it’s Admiral.

    • monkeyknickers

      Say . . . . isn’t that a Russian Orthodox Jesus painting in the background? What gives?! TC is worshiping false idols! Send him to Ethics STAT. !

      • Xenu, Lord of Kobol

        I believe it’s a picture of COB done in the style of a Russian Orthodox icon.

        The man hasn’t been able to come up with an original idea of his own in his entire life.

        His success lies in apprpropriating other people’s ideas, tastes, etc. and then screwing it all up.

        If LRH hadn’t been such a blowhard there’d be less for COB to be inspired by to cate chaos.

        If only LRH had published the PL recanting everything but the WTH pablum before dropping his meat sack like I had asked.

        But would he listen to old Xenu … NO!

  • ze moo

    Mediabistro covers TonyO and extensively quotes him. It’s not easy being an opinion leader merchant of chaos is it Tony?

  • Mary_McConnell

    Haha!! Perfect opportunity for Tiziano’s videos to get more exposure!
    ps: I love that song. What is the name of it?

    • Missionary Kid

      I posted them over at TMZ.

  • media_lush

    Whilst not exactly proof this does kind of back-up my commentating argument/discussion I had here a couple of days ago about the apparent “recent” pics of Cruise and Suri in New York were fake, i.e. they were not recent as stated…. the point I made was that no major media outlet used them as the would require a reasonable amount of provenance and that a genuine photo of Tommy Girl and his kid would be worth a fortune to the snapper and plastered everywhere… the only sites that used these pics were the same oversea sites that put out all the PR crap from his people. The point that they are willing to put out a “is it or isn’t him” photo demonstrates that Cruise/New “beard” and Cruise/Suri are highly desirable pics.

    And Tony also got a bit of a pat on the back from

  • Jgg2012

    When Tiziano is riding his motorcycle and sees an accident, does he stop and say “I’m the only one who can do anything about this”?

    • Missionary Kid

      Hell, no, he stops to see if he can help and dials 911.

      • Jgg2012

        Well, Tom Cruise DOES say this–just check his You Tube video.

        • Missionary Kid

          He also, as I remember it, says that he’s the only one who can “help,” meaning that only $cions can.

          • Jgg2012

            “when you drive by an accident-it’s not like anything else–you know you are the only one who can do anything about it.” Now, think about i–if you have an accident, what are the chances that one of the world’s 20,000 scientologists will drive by?

            • John P.

              “Where is a Scientologist when you need one?” said no one ever.

            • Jgg2012

              Maybe they need to word clear.

            • aquaclara

              Or tailor.

            • John P.

              Media_lush, thanks for the article. What a poser! It appears that he gets his taste from reading magazines for young semi-literate posers like Maxim and The Robb Report.

              Not only are all those pix of houses that guy has toured on walk-through days (where real estate agents tour properties that are coming on the market) but the selfies in the expensive clothes appear to be taken in the full-length mirrors in the stores where he is merely trying them on. I’m surprised that the price tags aren’t visible; perhaps those are shooped.

              We in Global Capitalism HQ enjoy some of the finer things in life, but we try to be understated. We don’t try to show off to the “little people.” In fact, we hide our wealth from them as much as possible. My jet is stored in a hangar away from prying eyes; it doesn’t have my name on it like poser Donald Trump does with his jet. My waterfront estate is hidden behind a twelve foot tall hedge and is invisible to the street. Etcetera.

              And we all wear The Uniform at work, rather than trying to impress each other with expensive clothes: a blue Ralph Lauren shirt, khakis and boat shoes. Sure, we have tons of power suits, but we only wear those around customers. And ours are properly tailored, unlike that particular turd’s fashion efforts.

            • Jimmy B

              His watches are pretty pedestrian. Snore. Show me a double tourbillon, I’ll be impressed.

            • media_lush

              I was in NY from 85 – 90 and [later] discovered that I was considered Eurotrash… strangely quite a few Wall Street types sought us out to guarantee entry to some of the more exclusive clubs at the time… Nells being a particular venue that few could get into, more especially if they tried to bribe or ‘give it the big one’ to the doorman (have particular fond memory of Michael Douglas barging in front of me only for the chap at the door gently moving him aside and allowing me plus 3 to walk in with “don’t you now who I am” ringing in my ears behind me, yes, he really used those words, …. he was with his wife at the time)…. the silent agreement being that they would pick up the tab for everything. A year or so later these doorman metamorphosized into Clipboard Nazis with ‘guest lists’.

              Another thing that struck me about these Wall Street types was that, pretty much to a man, they garnered favour by having a never ending supply of coke they insisted on sharing. A friend of a good friend of mine worked for a Swiss trading house and was hot off an America’s Cup crew… spoke 5 languages fluently, looked like Dolf Lundgren and was funny as hell…. two years later he was broke and looked like Andy Dick.

              I always assumed it was the drugs but I vaguely remember a copy of Dianetics in his apartment….. funny how innocuos random memories take on a whole new meaning sometimes.

            • John P.

              Yes, Wall Street was pretty coked up in those days. The money was a lot easier than it was today; commissions per share were enormous (probably $0.50 per share back then; brokerage firms typically get less than $0.04 per share for a trade these days for full-service trades, far less if trades are for “rapid fire” traders). That was before my time, however.

              These days, people with serious drug problems don’t last long, though I am sure there are plenty of casual recreational users in private on the weekends. It is still true that alcoholism among sales people remains as common as ever and only the worst cases end up getting fired over it. Analysts and portfolio managers (my clan) typically won’t survive long with drinking problems as it warps your analytical judgment enough that it will eventually catch up to you.

            • Jgg2012

              But if you are lying on the ground, they can make you straight up and vertical.

            • Jgg2012

              Or “is there a Scientologist in the house?”

            • Missionary Kid

              If I was in the accident, a touch assist is what I’d want. NOT. Screw that, gimmie the paramedics.

  • aquaclara

    This was a fun surprise. Love when Tony pops in again with another fine nugget! Tiziano COULD have a lot of fun with this. Just give us a heads up,and we can send out a bunch of tweets. “Tom hooked up to a crazy e-meter.” Tom shopping at a Dollar store. Tom gives a thumbs up to cool Anons protesting outside an org.”
    Hmmm. Could be quite fun!

    • media_lush

      …. if he really wanted to screw with Tommy Girl he’d make sure to be filmed leaving gay nightclubs in the early hours of the morning [not that there’s anything wrong with that]

      • aquaclara

        That could be very fun, indeed. Ok, who do we know who looks like JT?

        • media_lush

          you wouldn’t need a look-a-like… you’d just need good timing

  • Sidney18511

    I just gotta say…he is one good looking dude!

  • Observer

    I see very little to no resemblance between Tiziano and TC. Tiziano is 10,000 times more attractive, his front teeth are properly centered, he’s smarter, infinitely more talented, and has a sense of humor.

    • Jgg2012

      and he’s taller.

      • Observer

        hahaha … how could I have missed THAT one!

    • Jgg2012

      and he has a girlfriend.

      • Observer

        Pretty sure she’s his wife … but Tommy doesn’t have one of those either!

        • She’s his wife, and yes, she IS gorgeous—as is he. Plus they both sing and are quite amazing at that, too. πŸ™‚ Happy Memorial Day week-end, Americans! To ALL…have an excellent week-end doing what *you* want to do! TC is stuck in the Cult, and thankfully Tiz and his wife are ACTIVELY OUT!!

          • Observer

            Have a good weekend yourself, Tory! I so appreciate what you do. Thank you.

          • Missionary Kid

            Tory, have a good weekend, too.
            You were great in his video. I posted the URL to it over on TMZ.
            Hopefully, a lot more people will see it.

          • Jgg2012

            I don’t know them, but I’m guessing that he doesn’t “live like a monk” when married to her…and I don’t see her handing him written confessions each week.

          • aquaclara

            Such a lovely note, Tory! Happy Memorial Day to you, too!!

  • Xenu, Lord of Kobol

    Another difference: Tiziano is featured on one hate-site ( that acknowledges it pulls info from another hate-site.

    [This article was taken from – if the owner of that blog would like us to remove this article we will oblige as it came from there:

    Isn’t this kind of theta entheta data dead-agent fair game duplication redundant?

  • SP ‘Onage

    Ha ha ha! Tom (Crazy) Cruise is too chicken to ride without bodyguards trailing behind him. TMZ should know better.

  • Bella Legosi

    hmmm wonder of the paparazzo had to give that money back!?

  • AnonymousSP

    Tiziano for Tom? Like, maybe Tom 20 years ago.

  • Whoa Is Me

    Help. Thought I’d poke my head up from the depths where I typically lurk and ask a question. Just something that’s been on my mind for, well, years. About that video? Tom Cruise? On YouTube? Well, I understand the words that are coming out of his mouth. I even understand the acronyms. But, seriously, what the hell? Why does he think that Scientologists are only people who can “really help” at the scene of accidents? Do they possess secret life-saving “technology,” do they have magic equipment in their cars? And Scientologists “have an opportunity to help… for the first time?” Do they? Really? Help whom? How? Why now all of a sudden? “World Leaders” are depending on Scientologists for help? WTF??!! (Hey Tom, THERE’S an acronym for you!) “Now is the time. Being a Scientologist, people are turning to you. So you better know it.” Why exactly does Tom Cruise think ANY OF THIS? Is he simply, in fact, nuts?