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New amended complaint packs a wallop in Miami Scientology child sex assault lawsuit

[Defendant David Miscavige]

Just days before a major showdown hearing was scheduled for April 20 (and was likely to be put back for the pandemic), “Jane Doe” has filed a new amended complaint in her lawsuit against the Church of Scientology and its leader David Miscavige that will upend scheduling in the case.

The new complaint admits that some seven months after the lawsuit was initially filed, Jane Doe’s attorneys have still not been able to locate Miscavige to serve him, saying that he has “concealed his whereabouts and evaded service.” But because Miscavige operates in Florida through his various Scientology enterprises, he can be sued there with the Florida secretary of state becoming his agent for service, they claim.

The new complaint then spends a lot more time than before compiling evidence that Miscavige operates Scientology in Florida in major ways, which is an answer to what has been Scientology’s biggest complaint about this lawsuit: That it was filed in the wrong place.

Jane Doe’s allegations are that she was sexually assaulted as a child while a student at Clearwater Academy, a Scientology school, and while working for Scientology in Venezuela and Clearwater, and not in Miami, where the lawsuit was filed. But the new complaint goes to great pains to establish that with major centers in Florida, it’s the proper place to sue the church, even in Miami:

Defendant Miscavige is the leader of “The Church of Scientology.” While Defendant Miscavige’s official title is the Chairman of the Board of RTC, Scientology’s website designates him as the “ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion.”


Defendant Miscavige directs, operates, supervises, and/or controls the Institutional Defendants, including their suborganizations or divisions, and Clearwater Academy and directs these entities’ activities.

Defendant Miscavige and RTC are tasked with ensuring that all Scientology organizations and members, including those in Florida, comply with Scientology policies.

Defendant Miscavige “bears the ultimate responsibility for ensuring” Scientology’s “standard and pure application,” “for [k]eeping Scientology [w]orking,” and for “guaranteeing the continued growth and expansion of Scientology internationally,” including in Florida….Under Defendant Miscavige’s direction, the church of Scientology established its “Flag Campus” in Florida to host Scientologists who make pilgrimages to the facility. The church of Scientology collects millions of dollars weekly from its activities in Florida, through fundraising and payments for religious counseling sessions offered exclusively at the Florida Flag Campus. Scientologists who make the pilgrimage to Florida are expected to stay in Scientology-owned hotels and eat at Scientology-owned restaurants during their stay.

The Flag Campus is the international headquarters for the Church of Scientology.

Defendant Miscavige maintains office space at three separate Scientology-owned buildings in Clearwater, Florida.

Each year, Defendant Miscavige officiates a celebration in Florida to honor Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday, hosting Scientologists from over seventy nations….According to the Scientology website’s “David Miscavige” page, “[n]owhere is the growth of Scientology religion more evident than at Flag, its spiritual headquarters in Clearwater, Florida”….RTC “grants [CSI], the mother church of the Scientology religion, the right to use the trademarks and to license their use to all other Scientology churches,” including those located in Clearwater, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, and Miami, Florida.

We’re pretty certain, however, that Scientology will continue to insist that Miami is not the proper venue for the lawsuit, and it may be some time before we can get a ruling from the court on that.

As for the sick allegations in this lawsuit about what happened to Jane Doe, we’ll just include them here in full.

Jane Doe was born into Scientology on September 19, 1994. Jane Doe attended Clearwater Academy. Clearwater Academy is a Scientologist school serving Pre-K to twelfth grade. During her years there in grades K1 and part of K2, Jane Doe was repeatedly sexually assaulted by an employee of Clearwater Academy. This abuse, which occurred on school property and during school hours while Clearwater Academy was acting in loco parentis of Jane Doe, included, but was not limited to:

a. Multiple instances when the employee forced Jane Doe and other young girls to perform sexual acts on each other;
b. Multiple instances when the employee masturbated in the presence of Jane Doe and ejaculated on Jane Doe; and
c. At least once instance when the employee forced his penis into Jane Doe’s mouth.

Jane Doe reported this abuse to other employees of Clearwater Academy on multiple occasions, yet Clearwater Academy took no action to investigate, collect or preserve
evidence of the assault, and/or discipline or remove the employee from the school, thus promoting and encouraging further harm to Jane Doe and giving the abuser continued access to Jane Doe, thereby assisting the abuse. Even after Clearwater Academy was made aware of the abuse, the abuse continued.


Other employees of Clearwater Academy would facilitate the abuse by calling Jane Doe from her classroom and sending her to be alone with her abuser. Clearwater Academy’s employees, agents, and/or representatives’ failure to report the abuse despite their knowledge of the abuse, and their actions and statements to Jane Doe regarding the abuse, caused Jane Doe to believe that she was to blame for the sexual abuse occurring to her and that the abuser had Clearwater Academy’s authority and consent to abuse her.

After this time, when Jane Doe was only eleven years old, the Institutional Defendants and Miscavige removed her from Florida without her consent and sent her to live in
Caracas, Venezuela, without her parents. During this time, when Jane Doe was twelve years old, Jane Doe was violently sexually assaulted on the premises of the Caracas Org by the adult son of wealthy, high-ranking Scientologists. Jane Doe immediately reported this incident to her auditor. Jane Doe’s auditor got extremely angry at Jane Doe, instead of at her attacker, and subjected her to punishment as a result of the report.

Specifically, the Institutional Defendants and Miscavige “sentenced” Jane Doe to three months of hard, physical labor. Other members were ordered not to speak to Jane Doe during this time. The Institutional Defendants and Miscavige issued a “non-enturbulation” order against Jane Doe, which is a form of punishment warning Jane Doe that she was at risk of losing good standing with Scientology because of her actions of “bringing-in” (or causing through her own actions) the sexual assault.

After Jane Doe completed her “sentence,” she was sent back to Clearwater, Florida, where she then became a member of the Sea Org at the age of 14. During her time as a member of the Sea Org, the Institutional Defendants and Miscavige repeatedly forced her to perform long hours of difficult physical labor for little to no wages and a number of the other abuses…

While Jane Doe was in the Sea Org, when she was approximately 14 or 15 years of age, she became acquainted with the Institutional Defendants’ agent, representative, member, and/or employee, Senior Persof of the Hubbard Communications Office, Katherine Richie a/d/a Catrin Ritchie a/k/a Catrin Zanini in Florida. The Hubbard Communications Office is a division of CSI, RTC, and Flag Service, and it establishes what is needed to keep the Church operating, supports the spiritual purpose of the Church, and issues directives to Scientologists regarding how to operate and direct Scientology organizations. Katherine Richie arranged to become Jane Doe’s guardian with the approval of the Institutional Defendants and Miscavige. Once Jane Doe was under the control of Katherine Richie, Katherine Richie groomed Jane Doe to enter into a sexual relationship with her and Richie began sexually abusing Jane Doe, who was still a minor. This abuse occurred on property owned, controlled, managed, and/or operated by some number or all of the Institutional Defendants and Miscavige.

The Institutional Defendants and Miscavige’s agents and employees knew or should have known that Katherine Richie was abusing Jane Doe and should have prevented such abuses from occurring, but they did not, thus promoting and encouraging further harm to her. Upon information and belief, all Defendants were aware of all instances of abuse perpetrated upon Jane Doe yet all Defendants actively concealed the abuse and facts related thereto and obstructed any official investigation into the abuse by not reporting it to the appropriate authorities.

The Institutional Defendants and Miscavige continued to exploit Jane Doe in Florida, coercing her into forced labor for little or no pay until she eventually escaped from
Scientology in 2018. Since escaping Scientology, the Institutional Defendants and Miscavige have declared Jane Doe a suppressive person and launched a fair-gaming campaign in Florida against Jane Doe. The Institutional Defendants and Miscavige’s fair game attacks include, but are not limited to, tampering with Jane Doe’s vehicle, including cutting her brake lines; vandalizing her property; following her; surveilling her; and conducting hundreds of spam/crank phone calls to Jane Doe’s phone.

In all, Jane Doe is alleging 30 counts against the various defendants, which break down like this…

Counts 1-3: Sexual battery (Clearwater Academy, Flag Service Organization, Church of Scientology International)
Count 4: Battery (Clearwater Academy)
Count 5: Strict liability (Clearwater Academy)
Count 6: Duty to protect students (Clearwater Academy)

Count 7: Negligence (Clearwater Academy)
Count 8: Breach of fiduciary duty (Clearwater Academy)
Counts 9-12: Florida civil RICO (FSO, CSI, Religious Technology Center, David Miscavige)
Counts 13-16: False imprisonment (FSO, CSI, RTC, Miscavige)
Counts 17-21 Intentional infliction of emotional distress (Clearwater Academy, FSO, CSI, RTC, Miscavige)
Counts 22-25: Invasion of privacy (FSO, CSI, RTC, Miscavige)
Counts 26-30: Civil conspiracy (Clearwater Academy, FSO, CSI, RTC, Miscavige)

Although this amended complaint has beefed up the jurisdictional material, we expect that Scientology will continue to fight back in three ways: By keeping David Miscavige unavailable for service, by arguing that the lawsuit was filed in the wrong place, and by bringing a motion to compel arbitration in an attempt to stay the suit and force Jane Doe into Scientology’s internal “committee of evidence” procedure.

But at least we’re seeing some evidence that Jane Doe’s attorneys are fighting back, and with a narrative that paints Miscavige at the head of a conspiracy he controls through various subordinate entities.


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“It all depends on what the definition of a ‘win’ is. Somebody claiming they were cured of their asthma or allergies is ridiculous. Somebody saying that auditing made them happier is vague BS also. The only thing you ‘win’ in Scientology is the Booby Prize.”


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