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The fully corrupt reason live TV wrestling is deemed ‘essential’ in Florida

Attorney Scott Pilutik wrestles with the news of the day, from a lawyerly perspective…

[Regarding this story: Linda McMahon’s Trump Ties Under Scrutiny As WWE Is Deemed Essential In Florida]

When I heard that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had declared WWE to be an essential business I immediately figured that Vince and/or Linda McMahon had worked a corrupt end-around. Sure enough, they did.

The WWE, which operates out of Orlando and where two of its employees have tested positive, has a contract with NBC and Fox stipulating that they tape a live show in Orlando 49 of 52 weeks. Like every other sports league, they stood to lose a ton of money.


So Linda McMahon donates $18.5 million to a pro-Trump Super PAC, earmarked for TV ads in Orlando and Tampa.

Hours later, DeSantis deems WWE an “essential business.”

WWE’s potential breach averted, hundreds of millions saved.

This is basically riot looting. With law enforcement too occupied and too co-opted, who’s going to even notice this TV set being gone? Here, grab an end.

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