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Scientology uses actor Jason Dohring as bait in what ends up as a false imprisonment case

Actor Jason Dohring may still be recovering from his Veronica Mars character Logan Echolls being blown up at the end of the show’s recently-released fourth season, but perhaps now the Scientology actor will gain some notoriety for another reason.

Yesterday at his blog Scientology and the Aftermath costar Mike Rinder revealed that a woman went to the Los Angeles Police Department earlier this month to complain that she had been held against her will at Scientology’s Celebrity Centre multiple times when she tried to leave.

The woman had arrived in Los Angeles from Nevada just a few months before, and like so many others was looking for a break in Hollywood. On February 27, she told police, she attended an acting seminar at the Celebrity Centre hosted by Dohring.

Over the years we’ve shown you countless examples of the kinds of come-ons Scientology spreads around Hollywood, trying to get acting hopefuls to come hear about how one Scientology celebrity or another broke into the business. In fact, we even posted a flier featuring Dohring for the February 27 seminar that the woman attended…



Dohring’s seminar apparently proved so effective, the woman joined the Church of Scientology on March 7, but two weeks later was ready to walk away. And that’s when she was told she couldn’t leave for the first time, according to the LAPD report that Rinder posted.

Scientologists have countless stories about how hard it can be to leave the organization, that any time someone plans to get away they are told that they have to “route out properly” and are then put through a complex series of tasks and documents to sign that end up, of course, convincing them to stay. One of our favorite examples of that was the story of the late Sinar Parman, who told the Tampa Bay Times in 2009 that he literally had to flee the organization five separate times before he finally stopped falling for the “you have to come back and leave properly” ploy.

Rinder reported that the woman who finally managed to get away from the Celebrity Centre on June 20 (by pretending she was only re-parking her car), was right to report her incident to the LAPD, and that the Aftermath Foundation then helped her “with a place to stay, help with a car, legal representation, and money for food and gas. She has now gotten a job and is getting back on her feet,” which is great news.

We wanted to emphasize today Jason Dohring’s role as bait for the church, and also to put the text of the police report online so that the names in it are searchable. Even if no criminal charges result from this case, it’s not one that the church should be able to sweep under the rug. Here’s the report…

On 7/3/2019 at approximately 0930 hours I, Officer Shaldjian #38710, was assigned to Hollywood Division front desk, I was wearing full uniform. I was approached by [redacted] requesting a false imprisonment report, Inc. #190703000957.

Investigation: Victim moved to Los Angeles from Nevada on 2/7/2019 and was looking for employment and place to live. Victim came across an [ad] that offered an acting seminar at the Celebrity Centre of the Church of Scientology.

On 2/27/19 victim attended the seminar at the Celebrity Centre hosted by Jason Dohring. Victim felt that the employment offered by the Church of Scientology, the living conditions and some values were common to her own.

On 3/7/2019 [redacted] joined the Church of Scientology and began her training. While in her training, on 3/21/2019 [redacted] wanted to leave the facility permanently. [Redacted] had packed her belongings into her vehicle and was driving out of the parking lot of the Sunset location (on Sunset and L. Ron Hubbard), when a security guard rode his bicycle in front of her vehicle and advised her that she could not leave the facility and that administrators needed to speak to her. She was advised that it was not a good idea to just leave and that she needs to sign paperwork to leave the facility. [Redacted] does not remember the security guard’s name, but at that time her recruiters, Joey Collewijn and Gioel Enriquez responded to her location and asked her to leave facility and go with them to the Celebrity Centre and sign the documents there. [Redacted] left with them and was convinced that things would get better for her and that she should “hang in there just a little longer.” [Redacted] graduated her training on 4/15/2019 and transferred to the Celebrity Centre on 4/22/2019 as her work and permanent residence.

On 6/4/2019 [redacted] decided to leave again and went to the Human Resources office, crying and spoke with Nimrod Roth to advise him of her decision. Roth advised that she cannot just leave the facility and there is a process to follow. Roth stood in the door way and pointed to a different office and stated, “You need to go in there with me to start the process.” Once in the office Roth told [redacted] that he needs to place her on the “E meter” which [redacted] describes the device as “Church of Scientology’s own lie detector tester.” Roth explained to [redacted] that he need to ask her questions and this is done to those who want to leave “suddenly.” While holding metal handles of the device Roth began to asked questions such as, “Did you steal any confidential information? Is there something about yourself you did not disclose? You told us you’re not married, are you married? Are you involved with someone outside of Scientology? When you went to visit your mother, did you do anything else other than visiting your mother that you didn’t tell us?” [Redacted stated that she felt as if she was being interrogated and the questions were intrusive. At the end of the interrogation Roth told [redacted] that they did not want her to leave and that they were going to fix all the issues to make her feel more comfortable at the facility.

To end the conversation with Roth and to move on [redacted] decided to agree with Roth and to play along just to stop the interrogation. [Redacted] also decided that the next time she wants to leave she will not tell anyone about wanting to leave, that next time she was just going to make up a reason to leave and not come back.

On 6/15/2019 [redacted] notified the staff that she was going to the store. As she was attempting to drive out of the parking lot she was stopped by Human Resources member, Edith Salamanca and Security officer Richardson and told that she could not leave the facility and needed to take care of some “handlings.” [Redacted] was taken to the Human Resources office and forced to read references that stated her obligations and responsibility was to the group and not to herself. The reading material also included information about people that want to leave suddenly explaining that they have done something negative.

[Redacted] was placed on “Condition of Doubt” which made her ineligible to leave the facility until the condition was removed. In order for the condition to be lifted [redacted] was required to read more references and to ask eight different Human Resources members for their permission to “rejoin the organization.” On the evening of 6/16/2019 she was granted and the condition was removed.

On 6/20/2019 at approximately 0700 hours, [redacted] decided to walk to go get coffee just to see if they will allow her to leave the facility. Since she could leave, [redacted] returned to the facility, in mind to leave again but this time with some belongings and her vehicle. She had been told that it is best for her to park her vehicle on the street. Once she returned, she used the excuse, to move her vehicle outside the facility and parked it on the loading zone area to have a reason to get out and “repark” the vehicle. [Redacted] was attempting to be nonchalant. She retrieved her laptop and purse went out got inside her vehicle and drove off never to return.

Also, Jason Dohring’s involvement motivates us to remind readers that his father, Doug Dohring, owns the company that operates ABC Mouse, the popular education software for toddlers, and its success has allowed Doug Dohring to give $20 million to the Church of Scientology…


With Jason Dohring getting new bodies in the front door, and his father Doug donating millions he gets from parents around the country, the Dohrings are one of the most active families in all of Scientology.


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Posted by Tony Ortega on July 28, 2019 at 07:00

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