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As Stacy Murphy lawsuit heads to crucial hearing, two Scientology entities settle


Thanks to one of our researchers, we noticed something odd about the docket in the wrongful death lawsuit that Stacy Murphy’s family is pursuing against Scientology’s drug rehab center in Oklahoma, Narconon Arrowhead. And when we looked into it, we learned something pretty surprising.

Four years ago this month, Stacy, 20, was found dead in the withdrawal unit at Arrowhead, the victim of an overdose in a drug rehab facility that had no medical personnel on hand. The eastern Oklahoma rehab center was supposed to be the flagship of Scientology’s Narconon network, but Stacy’s was the third patient death there in nine months, which led to national media and local official investigations. The lawsuits over the previous deaths, of Gabriel Graves and Hillary Holten, have been settled. But we reported last month that the defendants in the lawsuit filed by Stacy’s parents had filed a motion for summary judgment, hoping to get the lawsuit kicked out of court.

One of our crack researchers noticed that there were two dates for a hearing on the motion, set for both August 3 and August 17. That didn’t seem possible, so we called up Gary Richardson, the former federal prosecutor who is representing Stacy’s parents — Robert Murphy and Tonya White — in the lawsuit.

He told us that it was probably a mistake, and that the second date, August 17, was the correct one. But he then told us something that stunned us.

“Narconon International and ABLE have settled,” he told us. “And we’re very happy with the settlement,” he added, which is lawyer-speak for ka-CHING.

We know that nothing will bring back Stacy Murphy, but we hope that getting some compensation from Scientology’s two top Narconon umbrella groups, Narconon International and ABLE (the Association for Better Living & Education) will come as some relief to her parents.

Narconon of Oklahoma, the corporate entity of Narconon Arrowhead itself, is still a defendant, and will present its argument for the motion for summary judgment on August 17, but Richardson didn’t sound very worried about it.

We sure wish we could be in the courtroom to hear Narconon Arrowhead’s attorneys argue their motion now that the facility’s two boss organizations have bailed. Have we got any Bunker readers in Oklahoma who might be able to attend?

Meanwhile, one of our good sources of Narconon Arrowhead information, who has been right in the past about the place, tells us that the dwindling facility is now down to only 10 staff and only three patients. While that’s pretty shocking for a major Scientology project that was built to house more than 200 patients, it’s consistent with the declining revenues of the place, which have plummeted from $11 million in 2007 to less than $1.5 million in 2014, according to tax returns.

Scientology leader David Miscavige is apparently letting Narconon Arrowhead die on the vine as he puts a new emphasis on smaller, less regulated and upscale facilities in Ojai, California and elsewhere. We have to wonder if Narconon Arrowhead will have anything left to give Stacy Murphy’s parents after Gary Richardson is done with the place.


Chris Shelton looks at an academic apologist

Chris tells us about his new series: “I started reviewing the book Scientology by cult apologist James R. Lewis for research on my new book and found myself outraged at the inaccuracies and distortions about Scientology which he and others were claiming were facts. Since this is an academic work meant to be taken seriously and is also positioned as an objective analysis of Scientology, I figured it was wide open to some constructive criticism and I’ve started a new video series to do just that.”



Bonus items from our tipsters

“Am I OT 8 yet?”


Tampa org, actual caption: “Carol is one of Tampa’s long-term public and one of our Survival Rundown Students. Last night she enrolled for her full route to Clear AND Solo 1! Well done Carol!!”



The verdict on the Hungarian shit-throwing incident

We just heard from Peter Bonyai, our correspondent in Budapest, who has finished with his investigation of the story published by the scandal sheet “RiPost” about David Miscavige being targeted by a protester with a bucket of shit after the Ideal Org opening there this weekend.

Peter talked to eyewitnesses and came to a couple of conclusions.

First, as to the scene with the Roma family in a restaurant after the ceremony: This incident did take place generally as described, Peter says, but Miscavige was not present. The Roma family did encounter several Scientology officials in a drunken scene, and the officials were put off by the attention.

Second, as for the shit-throwing scene, here’s what he found out:

A block away from the new building, someone threw four small barrels of liquid pig excrement from a white minivan onto the sidewalk when Miscavige and his entourage were approaching. It happened a block away from the new building. One of the private security guards was fully covered with shit, a few others got smaller doses, but Miscavige himself was not hit.

So we were right to caution that “RiPost” was a sketchy source, but we can say that Miscavige actually was targeted with buckets of shit, and narrowly escaped with his coif intact.

Thank you for clearing that up, Peter!


3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on July 28, 2016 at 07:00

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  • beauty for ashes

    Amazing new interview with Kate. Talks about going to scientology building with Caitlyn Jenner. Funnily enough I was just talking about this, but she does a great Caitlyn impression. And she has a fat pug. And she is a wise old soul that gives great inspiration. <3 <3 <3

    • Todd Tomorrow

      Caitlyn, is a right wing wacko.

      • Ella Raitch

        Who Kate has managed to engage over some her views (according to what I have read)

      • beauty for ashes

        I’m pleased to say a recovering right wing wacko. Kate and Jenny Borlan have been quite an eye opener for her.

  • Dave Reams

    Tony Ortega battles the evil farces of Scientology

    – Painting by Tony Ortega

    • daisy

      please battle the evil farces of discus on your way out- your fan daisy.

    • WTF is that? Some racist bullshit or a clunker of a joke?

      • Dave Reams

        Far from it !!! This is the work of the well respected painter Tony Ortega.

  • WTF! did you notice the new DISQUS menu F5

    • Todd Tomorrow

      No, but never paid attention to the old one. Is it more invasive? How is it different?

      • You can turn off “Media” and select those you want to see. Try it. It speed things up

        • Todd Tomorrow

          Umm ok. Thx.

        • Baby

          I don’t get what you are saying Dice.. You seem psyched about it it must be a good thing.. YAY!

          • Try select “Hide media” and you will get psyched – It’s a new High!

    • Todd Tomorrow

      So does Dice mean you gamble?

      • lol – No, not really. – I just wanted to make a profile that would signal, that i really don’t like “nice” and fake people that want to “help” me, all the time! A statement if you will. That’s also why i chose the 666 – black – and other obscure symbols 🙂 Also [Dice] was not used so much around forums, so any identity mix-up could be avoided. I use the – Dice No More & DiceMore- combination when i create accounts around the Internet, like Twitter and FB etc.

  • Todd Tomorrow

    Carol looks like she’s just put that first food in the grave. Too bad those credit cards won’t work, can’t afford her health insurance.. But at least she has friend’s that all snitch on each other. Going to ass writing an entheta letter this weekend, can’t hurt.

  • Lady Squash

    Sorry to be off topic, but I thought the Democratic Convention was great! Trump reminds me of Hubbard: full of bombast, ego, lies, arrogance, and will do anything to win–even get in bed with Putin. For all his faults, Hubbard was never close to our nuclear codes. Tonight gave me hope. (Apologies to Trump supporters.)

    • He is not going to win – relax! The office is a family business and he don’t have one.

      • Snippy_X

        That’s what everyone figured about Hitler until it was too late.

        • They did not have Internet

          • Snippy_X

            I worry the internet makes it worse, the way people get stuck inside their own google/facebook bubble that feeds them what they already believe.

            • i know what you mean. but in my book, it’s not the people who decide who is the next puppet.

            • Snippy_X

              Who then?

            • as far as i can see, they want a woman

            • Snippy_X

              Who is “they” ?

            • he he.. don’t even go there! Hollywood ?

            • Snippy_X

              Oh like the Inuiati … ok.

            • who are they?

            • Snippy_X

              It was a joke.

          • daisy


      • Lady Squash

        Hope you are right.

  • Andrew Kiyotaka Caesar

    Sorry to rain on your parade but I do hope Trump wins. The Clintons’ ( I mean Jefferson Wilks Booth) have too much blood on their hands. Makes El Chao a boy scout in comparison (Maybe not)

  • Andrew Kiyotaka Caesar


  • Andrew Kiyotaka Caesar

    I also get what David Icke says too. If the elite powers that be with their untold wealth and power don’t want it to be then Trump wouldn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of winning anyway.So he might be part of the problem just as much as Hitllery.

    • OOkpik

      Andrew, why not give yourself (and us) a break?

      • madame duran

        There’s the “collapse” option and block feature at your disposal. Seriously…you should try one of them.

        • Andrew Kiyotaka Caesar

          I would try those options if I knew how but I will look into it although I am not thrilled about it.

      • Andrew Kiyotaka Caesar

        I am and I did Ookpik. Not making any promises though.

  • Andrew Kiyotaka Caesar

    As rats that run in a maze

    Unaware of hands directing up & above

    To anyone’s dismay if only they knew

    How shortsighted is the colour of cheese

    Running & Scurrying to and fro

    Never seeing beyond the near wall

    If only they could see, sadly that’s not so. ….

  • Andrew Kiyotaka Caesar

    Sorry, not good at this stuff….

  • Andrew Kiyotaka Caesar

    You soy Gustav a LA playa.

  • Andrew Kiyotaka Caesar

    Damn, retarded Samsung spelling error checker…

  • richelieu jr

    You have to wonder if that little shit Miscavige had got too near the puddle of poop if they would have joined up like Odo or that knife-handed Terminator.

  • So I was right to put my hysterical giggling on hold over the shit throwing incident. Oh well, next time 🙂