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‘Aftermath’ subject Brandon Reisdorf arrested for entering San Diego Scientology church

[Brandon Reisdorf]

It pains us to report that Brandon Reisdorf, who we got to know from his appearance in the first season of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, has been arrested again, this time for attempting to enter Scientology’s church in San Diego.

According to the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, Brandon was arrested on Saturday evening, and he has been in the county jail since then, with a court date this morning at 8 am. His mother, Lois Reisdorf, asked us to speak with Brandon’s attorney, Graham Berry, and Berry said he would speak to us as soon as he was able.

In the seventh episode of her first season Remini featured Brandon, whose parents Lois and Gary were deeply into Scientology in South Africa before drifting away from it. Brandon and his older brother Craig got into Scientology on their own, and Lois and Gary didn’t interfere. But eventually because of their connection to a friend who had spoken out against the church, Lois and Gary were declared “suppressive persons,” and all church members were ordered to disconnect from them. Brandon chose his parents and left the church, but Craig didn’t.

For Brandon, it was devastating to lose contact with his older brother. Combined with his own emotional problems, it produced a rage in him that he decided to take out on the church. In January 2016 he drove from San Diego to Los Angeles and threw a hammer into a window on a Scientology church at 2 in the morning. No one was hurt.

Rather than try to help Brandon with his rage, the church asked the LA District Attorney to charge him with a felony for vandalizing a “place of worship.”


In Remini’s program, she highlighted how Scientology was leveraging its questionable status as a religion in order to ramp up charges against a former parishioner who needed help, not jail time.

Brandon was sentenced to probation and was ordered to stay away from all Scientology facilities. Since then he’s been trying to get his felony conviction downgraded to a misdemeanor. We’ve spoken to him numerous times about that in the last couple of years, and he was hopeful that it was going to happen soon.

But it was also clear that Brandon’s emotional problems were not going away. This was a young man who desperately needed serious help. We wish we could have done more than simply bring up his recent behavior with his family. Maybe we could have.

According to the San Diego Sheriff’s website, Brandon is being held on a misdemeanor charge of disobeying a court order. But two felonies are also listed: violation of probation, and vandalizing a house of worship. We’re hoping to find out from Berry just what charges Brandon is facing this time, and which are carry-overs from before.

The church itself claims that Reisdorf had made a threat on social media about the church and then was caught trying to sneak into the San Diego org. The church has already begun using Brandon’s latest arrest to attack Remini and her show on its own social media feeds.

UPDATE: We received this message from Graham Berry with the latest on Brandon’s situation…

Nothing happened in court today. Although the records showed it would be today there had been a mistake at booking time and the City Attorney’s Office now has until noon tomorrow to decide whether to file the misdemeanor failure to follow a court order charge (Penal Code section 166 (4)). If they do so decide it will probably be called tomorrow afternoon. If so, little would happen. We would waive time and continue it so we can discuss an appropriate resolution in light of the felony probation violation charge which is calendared for arraignment on February 21. Meanwhile, Brandon is still in custody. He says he is being treated well by the jail staff. Brandon’s Mom and I were at the courthouse most of the day, as was Scientology attorney Kendrick Moxon. I visited with Brandon for the third time today. He appeared to be in a much better frame of mind. He appreciates all the expressions of care and concern that I told him about.

BRANDON’S PARENTS have made a statement. Please see their account here.


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Posted by Tony Ortega on February 13, 2019 at 07:00

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