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Underground Bunker Reader Gets Declared a Suppressive Person by Scientology

SO_LetterheadWe’re bursting with pride here in the Underground Bunker for Dee Findlay, a reader who first made contact with us about a year ago.

At that point, she had just decided to come out of Scientology, and had discovered the Voice blog almost right away. She became a frequent reader and commenter, and also communicated with us behind the scenes. We couldn’t say it then, but she’s been a great inspiration for us.

That was especially true last July, when Karen de la Carriere stood up to the church that didn’t want her to see her own dead son, and several of our readers banded together with her in solidarity and dared to reveal their real identities in the comments section of our blog. One of them was Dee.

Dee has become one of our most active commenters — under the name DeElizabethan — and now, she’s shared with us her latest accomplishment: she’s been declared a Suppressive Person by the Church of Scientology!


She sent us the letter she received from Cara Golashesky, the Flag Land Base Justice Chief, and we’ve posted it below. In it, Golashesky informs Dee that a “declare order” has been issued in her case, which means that Dee has been excommunicated — “declared a suppressive person” in the parlance of the church. Now, no church member may have anything to do with her unless she takes certain steps to get back into good standing. Fortunately, Dee has no family members or close friends in the church, so she will not be losing contact with people important to her.

The letter is not the “goldenrod” declare itself, but attached to the letter was a 15-page policy about suppressive acts, with some of its lines highlighted to let Dee know what she had done that got her excommunicated.

The first of those transgressions reads: “Public disavowal of Scientology or Scientologists in good standing with Scientology organizations.”

Well, she’s certainly guilty of that. But she tells us, she just wonders what took them so long.

“Finally! I’ve been really trying hard!” she says with a laugh.

Dee’s involvement in Scientology goes back to 1972. From 1979 to 1984, her dedication was so great, she became a volunteer for the Guardian’s Office and its replacement, the Office of Special Affairs, and spied for the church, infiltrating a group that was protesting Scientology. (She even got arrested with the other protesters at one point!)

But at the end of that mission and some follow-up auditing, she began to feel disillusioned and walked away from Scientology for the first time. In 1987, she traveled to San Francisco to try out a Scientology alternative, and through that adventure eventually met David Findlay, whom she married later that year.

They became publishers, putting out a natural lifestyles magazine, New Times, until they sold it years later. David died of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2009 at age 69. His involvement with Scientology had also been deep — he had been a Sea Org member on the flagship yacht Apollo with Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

The next year, when the church contacted her again, Dee decided to purchase some new materials and do some coursework from home. But as she got more exposure to the church, she was shocked to see what it had become.

Attending an event at the Fort Harrison Hotel, Scientology’s most holy place, she felt very uncomfortable, particularly when one church official she knew came up to her and said, “What are you doing here?”

“It’s the most unfriendly place on Earth anyway, but this was really bad,” she says. “And I had to wonder, what was I doing there?”

About that time, early last year, she read about Debbie Cook’s infamous New Year’s Eve e-mail in the Tampa Bay Times and soon discovered additional reporting about it at the Village Voice. She tells us she soon became a voracious reader of the blog.

For a while, an OT VIII (a Scientologist who has reached the highest level of spiritual achievement) came by periodically to see how she was doing. “He was keeping tabs on me,” she says. But when she revealed to him that she was reading “entheta” websites, he suddenly stopped visiting.

In July, former Scientology auditor Karen de la Carriere was kept from seeing her Scientologist son, who died suddenly, because she had been “declared” and excommunicated. We covered her story last year as she put on her own memorial for her son, since she was barred from the one the church held. Our readers were inspired by her courage, and several of them, led by commenter Windhorse, announced that they were going to reveal their true identities for the first time…

“Those who knew me in the Miami church may remember Deena Bruno and before that was Dee Dee Johnson, after the church was Dee Johnson, then as now, Dee Findlay. I will keep my Elizabethan name in memory of my dearly departed husband David, an ex for 3 decades. Thank you, Windhorse for inspiration and much love to you.”

Since then, she’s been a steady presence in our comments, which she says is her primary home on the web.

Looking back on her career in Scientology, she knows it seems odd that she went back in after so many years away.

“I had to get back in there so I could completely disconnect from it. So I could see what it’s really all about,” she says. “Now I have a goal, to make sure other people don’t go in there.”

Below, we have the letter she received from the church, instructing her to do her “A to E” steps to get back in the good graces of Scientology.

She says she has no intention of doing so.

Dee Findlay Declare by


Posted by Tony Ortega on February 13, 2013 at 07:00


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  • Glad you made it out Dee. I fear there are some so brainwashed that they will be unable to escape from this black hole which COS has become. If LRH was so knowledgeable about cosmic realities where are his warnings of the need to stay well clear of Black holes?

  • You know, you would think that at the rate that they have been declaring people suppressive, there would be more declared suppressive persons than actual parishioners of the Church. At some point, the number of declared suppressives would be so high that dissemination would be effectively impossible. I’ve seen at least one “amnesty” issued in COB’s time, but it laughingly included the qualifier “save suppressive acts only”—well that pretty dang well renders the amnesty totally impotent!

    At some point the Church is just going to plum run out of people.

    • dbloch7986

      I think we are all mystified by the same thing and that is what keeps drawing people back to see what’s happening.

  • ParticleMom

    Congratulations Dee! Your “suppressive” comments are always informative and a pleasure to read. I’m so glad you hang out with us wogs and SPs <3

    • DeElizabethan

      Me too <3 Glad you're here.

      • California

        Congrats. It took me a moment of some more extensive reading to realize that Dee was you.

        You will have many friends and supporters on this journey as you recover and explore your new life…. not the old/old life nor the life in SCN but your new life. And you have been helping and will be helping others, as well…….

        • DeElizabethan

          Glad you found me out California. I always benefit from your comments and links given. Right, not the past life shall we say, but new every day and me being what I’m supposed to be, just me! Thank you so much, Dee

          • California

            I am looking forward to continuing to read and responding to your posts. And when (or if) OSA starts giving you challenges, just tell them (as I do) that every bad action of their’s results in their losing more….. and why don’t they just get out……

  • HeatherGraceful

    Congratulations, Dee. That letter will look beautiful framed.

    Is the use of the word “labeled” unusual? The CCHR, for one, is always opposed to the use of labels.

    • DeElizabethan

      Not sure. Don’t really bother me, labels are just that, labels. Not know a lot about CCHR.
      Thanks Heather.

  • moxonmoxoff

    Congrats, DeElizabethan. If it’s written, it’s true! You should hawk it on ebay as an SP Declare 2.0, maybe earn some ducats back. Added value: it was touched by a real live Scilon, a rare breed these days. For my part, I’m tossing some beers back for you–10 Barrel Sinister Black Ale and Hopwork’s Abominable Winter Ale. Nothing but the good stuff for this celebration. 🙂

    • DeElizabethan

      Oh thank you! I’m staying up late to make sure i thank every one of you stars. That mixture sound like really good stuff, drink well and hearty mate, one for me as well!

      • i-Betty

        You’re so lovely 🙂

  • EnthralledObserver

    Censored on Marty’s blog AGAIN… this time for no good reason… in fact he won’t even give me a reason. Apparently must not like to read an opinion that challenges his delicate beliefs; even if it is FACT.
    Valkov ‘clucked’ at me and accused me of being OSA. Me… just a Mummy from a remote (from Scientology) place… that fricken hilarious that they can’t even recognise a real OSA, or someone definitely NOT OSA. Them OT powerz are working great… :p And now I’m apparently not allowed to respond… tried twice, both erased.

    • LaLa104

      Oh My! I am shocked by your treatment at Marty’s site. You mean you didn’t start off posting by kissing Marty’s bum and stroking his ego before you stated your FACTS. You mean to say that Marty’s Minions accused you of being an OSA spy all because you didn’t do the special CLAMDANCE before you posted on his site? Oh the “CLAMATITY” of it all..

      • EnthralledObserver

        Well… my experience is that you can kiss Marty’s bum numerous times, in fact all you want, but as soon as you point out LRon was a thieving, conning, lying charlaton who developed his ‘tech’ for nefarious reasons he snubs you… go figure. :p

        • EnthralledObserver

          Isn’t this a form of Disconnection…??? Just thinking…

          • DeElizabethan

            If it were me I’d just disconnect from him, unless I enjoyed the aggravation.

            • EnthralledObserver

              Well, it IS a little bit fun to stir the pot… but Marty takes most of the fun out of it by not allowing free dialogue… so I’m willing to let it go. At some point, when I’m ‘unblocked’ (if that ever happens) I’ll share with him one last time how I really feel about him now (see above). Gosh that’ll be an enjoyable moment – and I guarantee he’ll be the only one (or the mod if it’s not always him) to see it.

      • EnthralledObserver

        Actually… not censored, but Blocked. How pathetic. What a fucking coward. Scared of a girl and her logic.

        • LaLa104

          Yeah, I’ve been blocked too… I feel kinda special.. Don’t you?

          • EnthralledObserver

            I feel effective… that’s how I feel, now if only Marty would clear the way I could effect the whole bloody lot of them. :p
            And before I was on the fence about Marty’s character… but now it has become clear – that prick needs to go to jail or be punished in some way for his crimes! I thought maybe he genuinely felt remorse, but I think he’s not remorseful, he’s peddling the same crock LRon did in order merely to make money for himself. Whether he genuinely believes in his ‘tech’ is immaterial, his goal is to fortify a lifestyle for himself, not ‘help’ people. I gather this because not only does he censor me when I state negative facts about LRon, but when I express my distaste in individuals profiting from the activities of a ‘religion’, or selling an unproven ‘product/service’. Conman number three! LRH, DM and MRathbun.

            • LaLa104

              Agreed. I believe that Marty is still selling the LRH crock of BS and has only changed the flavor of the cool aid to make the Indies feel like they’re above the crap of what Tiny Fists is doing to the “CHURCH”. BS is BS and it still smells the same no matter how much Marty wants to package it.

            • As the rats leave the sinking ship of scientology, they flock to Marty. I read in a story somewhere, that an indie said it would of cost him $12,ooo for an auditing session at corporate, but it was only $2000 with Marty. Do 4 or 5 of those a week, you got a nice tax free income. I think we know the real reason he wont let you criticize LRH.

            • EnthralledObserver

              Precisely… that’s about the figure I read somewhere on his blog too. And one Indie had the audacity to chastise me and assert that Marty ‘deserved’ to be paid – and, of course, handsomely too – because of all the time he spent training or something I suppose. This Indie’s assertion I read to be pressure to pay, and not very subtle either. I doubt Marty ever takes on, or continues on with, anyone who doesn’t smartly cough up the dough. Oh, he’ll no doubt bluster that he does, but the reality is this is his main ‘income’, and he’d come up with some excuse not to take on too many ‘non-donators’… there are only so many books you can sell unless you are constantly producing (so LRon worked out quickly too).
              And I don’t care if he does charge to do auditing on the saps… so long as he’s running a legitimate, registered business with all the licences and accreditation that his home state/country requires AND that he supply some proof that his product/service delivers what he says it will.
              Or, if he wants to play the religious game, that the service be provided legitimately for free for the public benefit and any ‘donations’ be handled correctly by the establishment that is fully registered correctly for a religion. If he garners a ‘wage’ as a member of ‘clergy’, so to speak, then those expenses to the establishment get recorded and delivered as is usual for any current, mainstream religion and excess funds be used for public benefit.
              Of course, I don’t believe they have a valid, workable product that can be proven for the ‘business’ route… and I doubt he is treating ‘religious’ funds appropriately at this point (Marty is no doubt paying his electricity bill with the proceeds) – so I only hope that when the COS finally goes down that some of the blowback will force Marty and his ilk to conform to law or run them out of business. That’s why I’d really like a ‘legal’ outcome against the COS to be the cult’s demise, because then we might kill two birds with one stone. *daydreaming is a nice pasttime*

            • Sidney18511

              I was getting a kick out of you posts slamming some reality in the face of the Martybots. I was surprised he let you go on as long as you did. They live in an alternet reality and can’t tolerate the truth. I was cheering you on…..but all good things must come to an end.

            • EnthralledObserver

              The stuff that didn’t make it through was even better. And I was surprised I wasn’t pulled up a little earlier, but thought maybe it was as simple as I wasn’t breaking any blog rules… but then I guess I must have pushed the poor, unstable man and his realities too far.
              I noticed, and maybe you did too, that except for davefagen, none of the Martybots (as you put them) dared to challenge my actual points – just skirted around nitpicking irrelevant issues and comments.
              Please to hear I had some mates cheering me on in the background – I miss those thumbs up/down over there… they were a useful guage of the true popularity of each post. Marty and his minions couldn’t hack that reality either it seems. Booo!

        • Observer

          It’s like you’ve been awarded your own Indie declare!

  • DodoTheLaser

    Congrats and welcome to the club Dee! Even though I don’t know you personally, your posts tell me you are good, caring person. They can label people as SPs all the want, but almost every time it’s their loss and a foot bullet.

    • DeElizabethan

      You’ve supported me and others that I saw here. I remember you put your real name out for others to see the same as I did at that same time. Nice! Glad you saw your declare. Well I accept you as a brother but older? I’m not sure. Now in strength and brain power you’ve got to be the big brother for me, thank you very much and most welcome. You’ve helped a lot of people on their way here and on other blogs, so you are, as you know, a proud SP even as baby ones, and effective. <3

      • DodoTheLaser

        Thank you for your kind words, Dear Dee! Humbly, thank you! <3

  • Susan

    Why were they so cold and unwelcoming to Ms. Findlay at the Ft. Harrison Hotel event? At that point, she was a member in good standing and, perhaps more importantly, had money. I would have thought they would bend over backwards to get her more involved and also to reg her.

    • DeElizabethan

      Number one didn’t know many people there and i didn’t fit in with the big money people, they know who you are. Yes they bend over backward each time you talked with someone regging or asking for donations, but soon as it wouldn’t work or if they got something from you, left in a puff and ok they got what they want or not, you knew they were through with you and all the false friendliness was gone, in fact a few got hostile. Other were only interested in talking of what they were doing currently and what you were doing, nothing outside of Scn. Very false, egotistic and heads up the ass. I did find maybe 3 people in a year to have a half way decent conversation with, all were public, but you have no time for friendship at all with any of them. ants in a hive with no interest in the world they live in. Well there, hope that explains my side.

  • I want one! Who do I have to blow around here to get one? David Miscaviage? I’ll blow him, sure! I want one so much!

  • “For two months, Cornell has led a persistent band of
    placard-bearing Scientology foes in a daily rush-hour demonstration in
    front of the Scientology-owned Fort Harrison Hotel. Passing motorists
    are urged to honk if they do not like Scientology. The protest is
    usually accompanied by a din of honking.”

    ROFL! I can’t think of anyone who likes Scientology. When the insane crooks posted advertising in a football game, everyone at the Daily Show and Colbert Report in the audience laughed.

  • Woo hoo! I wish the crime syndicate would declare me SP also, but that’s only for ex-customers. I was protesting the crime syndicate on the day Stacey Moxon was ordered to her death.

  • DeElizabethan

    I’d like to add that on a personal level, one person who trusted and helped me was Ragne Mansfield, a Freezoner in Sweden. Who by email showed me sites and gave me links that helped me find answers to the many complicated questions I had. Altho I am not an indie, tho wasn’t sure at the time, he had the courage to stick by me and be my friend and continues as such. One important issue when you first look at this THING, is to find a reliable person who will be there for you, in whatever you choose, and someone to communicate with, who understands. Just like in real life.

    • Truthiwant

      A friend? This is something a Scientologist from the Church, is not able to be, nor conceive. If you have a problem with the Church, according to them, you should be cast in to an everlasting flame for being such a dishonest and corrupt person. It’s absolutely crazy. I’ve never seen anything like it in any other part of society.

      • DeElizabethan

        Sorry but you don’t seem to know much about Freezone or anyone who is an ex scio and lump them all together. I’m am ex like he is, so are you saying any ex could never be friends to an ex or someone else? You would hold their past against them? Of course each to his own and freedom is wonderful thing. Medicine works and so does education. Did I get this right?

        • Truthiwant

          No, that’s not what I meant. What I’m saying is that the hard headed Scientologists can never be friends. Of course the Swedish guy is a friend. The difference between an indipendent and a church member is unbelievable. Sorry if I wrote my last post in a slightly ambiguous way.

          • DeElizabethan

            Good to hear that we’re on the same page really. I can’t stand to talk to any scientologist and didn’t for a year. Tried to talk with ex’s (indies) and they were hopeless for various reasons. It was rare to find one that did help me and that’s why I finally said his name which was OK with him. He helped me with editing/proofing my resignations, etc. and I could trust him. I don’t care what he wants to believe in as long as he’s not harming. Everybody needs one friend (knowing the subject) to start as i did and now of course got lots of them, thanks to Tony’s Bunker, and you too, should that be OK. Thanks love. Always admired your avatar btw.

            • Truthiwant

              Thanks Dee. One day in the very near future I am going to get rid of my pseudonym and put up my real name. I really don’t think anything would happen. In the mean time I can say that I live in Italy.
              Have a great day! Here the sun is shining and it’s lunch time!

            • DeElizabethan

              Truthiwant, good name. Wow italy nice, my first husband was Italian. My last ethics officer was too. Patricio, sound familiar? Nice guy if not controlled. I wish I could’ve found more wog type friend like I had for some years but, that knows about it of course. Find someone for support unless you have. I’d say keep up with this blog and in time you will know many truths, something you want. I personally don’t want to belong to Any group. The Bunker group is like connecting to the world with all seeking truth.
              My computer was down and will be getting new soon. Keep seeing the sunshine! 🙂

  • California


  • aquaclara

    SO SO late to the party…was out of town for a few days! Hope you are skipping those silly A through E baby steps and tap dancing all the way to Z! Adding my deep congratulations for the Official Extraordinary Most Grand Super SP Declare in recognition of your honorable achievements and delightful exit strategy! Thanks for sharing this SPecial moment!

    • DeElizabethan

      Thanks aquaclara! I was a rock star for the day and loved it on the Bunker. As far as skipping A-E, I completely ignore them since I am no longer a scientologist , therefore they mean zero to me.

      • aquaclara

        Love this! A BIG Zero indeed! Hmmm, wonder if the local frame shop carries burlwood?
        Let the celebration continue….

  • Roger Larsson

    Scientologists selling a bridge to the total freedom ends up digging themselves out from RPF prison camps through a tunnel. They had been glad for a declaration of being suppressive.

  • whingeybingey

    Who is the International Justice Chief these days, and can they take calls in The Hole?

    • DeElizabethan

      Hahaha. Who knows, such a farce.

  • Doug Parent

    Congrats Dee. Although I’m sure you are already aware, for those who don’t allow me to translate. A “Suppressive Declare” from the Scientology cult means : “you have discovered our crimes and have the audacity to make them known to others or to write about them in internal reports within the organization. Therefore you are now subject to personal slander, lies and attacks on your character. We will also attack suppress and destroy your relationships with anyone NOT currently on our SP lists who has ever taken a service or is on our mailing lists”. “It also means that we will ignore any further communication with you including requests for return of unused donations since we don’t communicate with SP’s.” CONGRATULATIONS on “disconnecting” from perhaps the most toxic cult on the planet.

    • DeElizabethan

      Correct. Plus when I left, had no money on account since I doubted I’d be doing services with them when i went back for that year. I did spend big bucks on products and I have it here as a good reminder until I find someone who wants them cheap.


    Go Dee Findlay – DeElizabethan!!! Thank you!