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She ‘graduated’ from Scientology’s drug rehab, which told her she was cured. Now she’s dead.

Rod Keller is back with a grim update to one of his previous stories for us…

My friend Wendy Lee Westling died of a heroin overdose in Reno, Nevada on April 7. Wendy was one of three women I interviewed for the first story I wrote on substance abuse-related deaths among former Narconon staff members. Karl Tempest, Kevin Vavrinka, Tabatha Fauteux, Nathan Dwyer, Jacob Heider, and now Wendy Lee Westling have all relapsed and died after serving as staff members at Scientology’s drug rehab network.

She was a Narconon “student” and staff member at the Rainbow Ranch in Caliente, NV and also staff at Narconon South Texas in Harlingen. While every drug treatment program has patients that leave prematurely and relapse, deaths among drug addiction counselors in other programs are more rare. Narconon has lost at least six in the past few years.

Outside of Narconon a recovered addict would be clean for years and nearly all take formal education to become a counselor. In Narconon, a patient one day becomes a counselor the next, and drug use is common at some Narconon centers among both patients and staff. As is true with so many addicts, I found out this week that Wendy lied about her addiction. She told me her only addiction was to alcohol, but in speaking to her friends I learned that before and after Narconon she had been addicted to heroin.


[Inside the Los Angeles Org]

[Renovations at the Mission of the Foothills]

She used heroin after graduating from the Rainbow Ranch in October 2014, and in desperation turned to the Scientology Purification Rundown program to help her get clean. Wendy took this photo inside the Los Angeles org while doing the Purif. She also volunteered to help with renovations at the Scientology Mission of the Foothills in Montrose, CA. She turned to Scientology itself because there is no aftercare program in Narconon. Graduates are told they are now cured, and will not experience a craving for drugs or alcohol. They are told the long hours of saunas at Narconon have removed their cravings. The large number of patient and staff deaths doesn’t support that claim.


I kept in touch with Wendy and cheered her on as she maintained her sobriety, struggled to find a good job and rebuild her life. I gave her the contact for Legal Aid in Reno when she said she was basically homeless and needed help getting public assistance. She married a soldier in the U.S. Army, then accepted a new job at a Motel 6 in Reno as a housekeeping supervisor and things were looking up.


I’m embarrassed to admit I missed the Facebook post above, “Whiskey my only friend” from January. I only found it this week as I looked at her Facebook page more carefully. I feel badly that I didn’t talk to her to about relapsing. Additional details about her death will be available in a few months when the toxicology report and autopsy are complete, and a cause of death is assigned. Reno police will only say that it appears drug related at this time.


Wendy is survived by her husband Jeremiah and children Caylie & Corbin. A service in her memory will be held at Mountain View Mortuary at 425 Stoker Ave., Reno, NV on April 18th at 4:00.

— Rod Keller



Countdown to Denver!


HowdyCon 2017: Denver, June 23-25. Go here to start making your plans.


Scientology disconnection, a reminder

Bernie Headley has not seen his daughter Stephanie in 4,722 days.
Quailynn McDaniel has not seen her brother Sean in 1,825 days.
Claudio and Renata Lugli have not seen their son Flavio in 2,319 days.
Sara Goldberg has not seen her daughter Ashley in 1,359 days.
Lori Hodgson has not seen her son Jeremy in 1,071 days.
Marie Bilheimer has not seen her mother June in 597 days.
Joe Reaiche has not seen his daughter Alanna Masterson in 4,686 days
Derek Bloch has not seen his father Darren in 1,826 days.
Cindy Plahuta has not seen her daughter Kara in 2,146 days.
Claire Headley has not seen her mother Gen in 2,121 days.
Ramana Dienes-Browning has not seen her mother Jancis in 477 days.
Mike Rinder has not seen his son Benjamin in 4,779 days.
Brian Sheen has not seen his daughter Spring in 886 days.
Skip Young has not seen his daughters Megan and Alexis for 1,288 days.
Mary Kahn has not seen her son Sammy in 1,161 days.
Lois Reisdorf has not seen her son Craig in 742 days.
Phil and Willie Jones have not seen their son Mike in 1,247 days.
Mary Jane Sterne has not seen her daughter Samantha in 1,491 days.
Kate Bornstein has not seen her daughter Jessica in 12,600 days.


3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on April 16, 2017 at 07:00

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  • Todd Tomorrow
    • MarcabExpat

      I’m really glad they left those archives up. There’s a surprising amount of both-snarky-and-accurate Scientology coverage there.

  • ExCult.Jan
    • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)

      Lol. This beats my videos any day 🙂

      • ExCult.Jan

        How ’bout one of you on an Easter egg hunt. I’d watch that all day.

        • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)

          I never seem to be able to prepare a video for all these holidays and things. I just got a great idea, but it’s too late to make it now 🙁

          • ExCult.Jan

            Make it now and you’ll be ready for next year. I’ll be watching.

    • daisy
  • abdaman

    For any other gamers out there, I feel obligated to post about a game I’ve been playing. It’s a (relatively) new game where you get to single handedly take down the Church of Scientology in an open world gameplay. It’s called Watch Dogs 2 and even if you aren’t a gamer, fuck it, get it anyway because as a former member it’s going to be terribly satisfying. In the game there is a cult centered in Cali called “New Dawn,” It caters to the rich and famous mostly as it costs exorbitant amounts of money to receive enlightenment. This church “audits” members, and once you reach its highest levels you are permitted to see its “source” material about a bunch of alien shit. There is a secretive secluded base out in the middle of California where members are sent when they goof up (read: dare to think freely) and some are never heard from again. Anything sounding familiar?? There is even a Tom Cruise character (his name in the game is Jimmy Siska in game) and you get to audit him!

    Ok here’s the premise. You are a part of a hacker group working to expose abusive organizations (*cough* anonymous). You post a video and “New Dawn” gets it taken down with a DMCA complaint. In response, you declare war on the cult and organize a massive protest at the local org. Yes, you sit there and protest in an actual video game. You knock out Tom Cruise’s real auditor, steal his clothes, and audit TC yourself, learning about the cult’s dirty secrets like the hole. At the end of the sesh you tell TC his last five movies have sucked donkey balls. Moving on…

    You break into the (not quite) hemet base and rescue all the prisoners. Yay! Tom himself ended up getting locked up and now understands it is truly a cult. He has a poignant moment where he realizes he was brainwashed and wasted the last 20 years of his life He makes a viral video with you on youtube telling the entire world that the “church” is actually a criminal cult and basically just one big steaming pile (sigh..a girl can dream). You find the place where the highest level tablets are kept (read: OT3 and up) and youtube yourself revealing all their weird alien secrets in all their insane glory. You hack their computers and post ALL their data including the spying files and post them to the internet proving that they are a criminal organization whose sole purpose is to intimidate their members into giving up their life savings. The police immediately begin an investigation *angels sing*. Here is part 1 and part 2, enjoy!

    (This is an entire quest line with multiple missions, so the videos are long. Watch when you have free time and want to imagine a better world! start at 0:45 seconds)

    • Harpoona Frittata

      Incredible! I can’t even watch someone else play video games for longer than a minute without feeling the almost uncontrollable urge to destroy all the devices in the room, but I know that others live for their 2-D mini-worlds, so I’m very glad the cult’s getting hammered there too!

  • Lliira

    Saunas don’t stop cravings any better than willpower does. The Sinclair Method does help halt cravings. The Sinclair Method has a lot of scientific support, unlike every religiously-based method. AA has a terrible relapse rate, btw, because of course it does: it claims addiction is a moral failing. How something can be both a disease and a moral failing is beyond me.

    I was addicted to opiate painkillers. I never “abused” them, and took less than what was prescribed by my multiple doctors, all of whom claimed they didn’t have bad side effects or addictive potential. This was as false as possible on both levels. And there was plenty of evidence that this was false.

    Addiction has nothing to do with morality and everything to do with biochemistry. I’m off opiates now, and in less pain than when I was on them. Telling anyone that their biochemical problems are due to their own moral and/or religious failings is a recipe for relapse. Thank goodness I’m an Invisible Pink Unicornist.

    I still sometimes crave this crap. Opiates never even made me feel good, but as opiates do, they re-wrote pathways in my brain to convince me I needed them like I need water. I was luckily not far gone, and only needed my husband and cats to help me through the withdrawal process. It was still hellish.

    Throwing someone in a sauna and then telling them they’re cured of addiction is evil. So is telling someone they’re addicted because they’re selfish and broken. So is claiming that you only get addicted to drugs and could only possibly overdose if you’re a “drug abuser.” Communities have been dying because of this bs forever, and until our society changes how we look at people who become addicted to drugs, there will be a new drug crisis every decade. And until we treat drug addiction rationally and scientifically, there will be a new parasite wrapped in the cloak of religion who uses our delusions about addiction to make money at the cost of people’s lives on every street corner.

    • Robert Eckert

      “it claims addiction is a moral failing” No it doesn’t.

      • iampissed

        I’m going to up ya both and would like to see more discussion.

    • daisy

      AA does not teach addiction is a moral failing . I am sorry if that is what you took from it , but it definitely does not claim it as a sin.

  • Kay (aka Nasty Lady)

    RIP Wendy. This story infuriates me, this could have been a completely avoidable with appropriate treatment. Not everyone survives addiction even with excellent treatment, but at least she would have had a chance. She left two kids behind, and a husband….huge ripple effect. May David Miscavage ROT in Hell. His greedy actions in pursuit of filthy lucre continue to kill people. My contempt for him knows no bounds. I hope the family sues him.

  • Intergalactic Walrus
    • iampissed

      I’ve only looked at the first post….sometimes you just don’t want to go forward.

    • Juicer77

      More proof that 1) the Co$ is DESPERATE for personnel and 2) the elderly and very young are being increasingly targeted. What do you bet the 8 year old has no idea he/she is supposed to be getting a cut of the junk they sell? So many levels of deception and trickery.

    • Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner

      “There is of course no proper way to thank LRH, so I will give my personal tribute: From one Marine to another, SEMPER FIDELIS…”


      • Kay (aka Nasty Lady)

        Truly. How stupid.

      • Rasha

        No, no, no… I’ve read all that, and made it to the last bit, cringing at all the usual places, vomiting a little in my mouth, and got to the last part.

        …No, no, no. I have a picture of a real Marine, from whose funeral I treasure a shell from a bullet fired in his honor, here before me at my desk. A picture of a man who raised eight kids, who worked two jobs at any one time, and who woke up at 4 am to get our troublesome furnace going and then start our cars on winter mornings.

        Here’s the difference, Nick. My Dad would single-handedly confront and shatter anything that posed a threat to his children. You remember your words when a brother, sister, child, or any other family speaks out against your Church of Scientology.

        …you better keep that money rolling in, is all I’m sayin’. I do hope your family makes it out intact, but they are not known for “family first”.

        • Missionary Kid

          Hubshit was in some sort of reserve USMC outfit He didn’t last. From Page 46, Bare Faced Messiah At the beginning of May he took time off from his studies to enlist as a Private in the US Marine Corps Reserve, adding two years to his age and giving his occupation, for some reason, as ‘photographer’. (This was 1930).

      • Missionary Kid

        As I’ve pointed out before, he was briefly in some sort of reserve unit of the Marine Corps. He didn’t go through boot camp, as far as I can determine.

      • Missionary Kid

        Page 46, Bare Faced Messiah At the beginning of May he took time off from his studies to enlist as a Private in the US Marine Corps Reserve, adding two years to his age and giving his occupation, for some reason, as ‘photographer’. (This was 1930)

    • Kay (aka Nasty Lady)

      Someone get me an airsickness bag….OR drag me down the aisle off of this LRH plane immediately.
      “I want to give my love to LRH, my eternal support is yours.” OK dude….Lafayette Ronald McDonald Hubbard is DEAD. On this Easter Sunday may I inform you that he is NEVER rising again, he is taking a dirt nap. Give your eternal support to helping people who are still alive and in need……i.e. refugees, children living in poverty, those in despair. Write a check to help them, not to some carrot-haired sociopathic sexually confused faux prophet’s organization or to his minuscule little botoxed tyrant who likes to play dress up in gold braids and beat people up just for the hell of it whilst locking up his wife for life.

      P.S. LRH was NOT a marine !!!!!!!!! He was a screwed up naval dude who torpedoed an ally country. You never say Semper Fidelis to anyone but another marine. If you had ever been a marine, you would know that.

      Geez I’m irritable today.

      • Intergalactic Walrus

        Apparently LRH was in the Marine reserves before embarking on that spectacular Navy career of his. I had to look that up when I read this guy’s “Semper Phi” crap. And judging by the Facebook posts, this guy contributes to mankind by signing up ignorant foreigners into his Hubbard College. The poor saps think they are spending a lot of $$ on a legit education.

      • ExCult.Jan

        Too many jelly beans?

      • Missionary Kid

        Actually, Hubbard was briefly a Marine, as a part of a reserve unit. As far as I’m concerned, he wasn’t. It was some sore of paper outfit, IMO.

        From the timeline of Bare Faced Messiah 1903 Feb. to Sept. 24, “Ron therefore enrols in Woodward “crammer” School, also joins the U.S.M.C. reserve.”

        It was, IMO, a kiddie camp.

        I can say, “Semper Fi”, but never to that asshole.

        • grundoon

          Hubbard was in the USMC Reserve for less than two years. His status was “inactive” throughout, except twice he spent 2 weeks on “active duty for training.” In his reserve unit, apparently, with just 4 weeks of training a private with good typing skills could attain the rank of first sergeant.

          • Missionary Kid

            Thanks for finding that. I was too lazy to do it. Where did you find it?

            • grundoon

              It’s from Chris Owen’s awesome research: Ron the “War Hero”

            • Missionary Kid

              Thank you, again. I knew that I had read it, and, when I started to skim “War Hero”, I thought it was only about his experience in the Navy, but wasn’t certain, so I didn’t look too hard.

        • grundoon

          Hubbard wrote in his application to join the Navy:
          “FMCR, 1930, 20th Marines Co. G.. Enlisted Spring ’30, warranted 1st sgt. June, Drill master 2nd batt. 19th Marines in August. Requested and received honorable discharge in Oct. 1930.”

          FMCR stands for “Fleet Marine Corps Reserve.” It seems FMCR unit numbers (like 20th Marines) were separate and distinct from the like numbered units of the regular Marines. Hubbard’s FMCR 20th Marines was a reserve recruiting and training unit. I don’t know if there was a regular 20th Marines at that time, but if there was, it was unrelated to Hubbard’s unit. The 20th Marine Regiment that fought in WW2 – an engineer regiment – was not formed until 1943.

          Hubbard quit the FMCR at about the time when Congress cut its funding. One source says, “from 1931 to 1934… Congress discontinued all drill and administrative pay. Those stalwarts who stayed with the [FMCR] did so voluntarily. New members were required to purchase their own uniforms.”

          The same source says that in 1935, an FMCR “battalion had an authorized strength of 256 men, comparable to an infantry company in today’s table of organization.”

          In 1932, an officer in Hubbard’s former regiment wrote

          In these days of economy the Marine Corps Reserve training system calls for the highest sort of sacrificial patriotism on the part of the officers and men of the Reserve. The days of “drill pay” are over, the Reservist appearing on Marine Corps pay rolls only when on active duty. …

          If service in the Marine Corps Reserve entails the purchase by the recruit of his own field shoes, his own blues, those in charge of the program of Reserve training have learned that this sacrifice makes the recruit a better Marine. It takes no great scholar to know that hard earned laurels are more highly appreciated than favors that fall in the lap like manna from heaven. Thus the fellow who actually “pays to get in” appreciates more fully that his outfit is a great outfit. It eliminates the “shoe and shirt” man and the “dollar a drill” man.

          It eliminates the fellow who asks “What do I get out of it?” for that question is met with the counter question, “What are you going to put in?”

          The result is that the man who joins the NEW reserve is in there for no other reward than the honor of being a Marine with the chance, some day, shoulder to shoulder with the regular, of moving up in Marine Corps style.

          – Major Harvey L. Miller, F.M.C.R.
          Commanding First Battalion, 20th Reserve Marines, Sixth Marine Reserve Brigade.
          The Leatherneck, February 1932, p. 36

          I think we can surmise why Hubbard dropped out.

          Still, it seems he took Major Miller’s lesson to heart, making the impoverished Sea Ogres buy their own uniforms.

        • grundoon

          The Old Breed of Marine: A World War II Diary is a memoir by Abraham Felber, who joined the 2nd Battalion, 19th Reserve Marines, in 1931.

          During the 2-week training camp that summer, Felber might have been bossed around by reserve First Sgt. Hubbard, who was briefly the unit’s drill master (or so Hubs told the Navy). Six weeks after the camp, Hubbard was out. Felber stuck with it and served almost 21 years.

          Sgt. Felber was called to active duty into the regular Marines in 1940. He landed on Guadalcanal in the first wave, and was in the battle of Cape Gloucester, New Britain. The diary covers his experiences from 1941 to 1945. Felber’s post was in the headquarters of an artillery unit, a bit back from the front lines.

          Two men started off in the same unit at the same time. Felber put his life on the line to push the Japanese dictatorship out of the Pacific. Hubbard amused himself, wasted fuel and ammo, and contributed approximately 0 to winning the war. Never anywhere near combat, he lied shamelessly and pretended to medals that he never earned. What a contrast.

          Felber’s book is available at Amazon. Also, the Journal of Military History did a review.

          • Missionary Kid

            It sounds like Hubturd went through about the equivalent of what the Devil Dogs summer camp that the Marine Corps has for kids.

            That is quite a contrast between Hubturd and Felber.. Hubturd also spent his time later in the war trying to get out. and later got a pension for his “war wounds.”

    • 5 Feet Long and Luminous

      Love, caring, affinity, emotion…these things do not mean what you think they mean, Nick. Wake the hell up, for the sake of your family.

    • Observer
  • Jeb Burton

    Happy Easter hippies! Tell me if I’m wrong. I took the sarge to a steakhouse here in St. Pete called Cody’s Roadhouse. Good steak and she loved her honey ham. What I didn’t tell her that it was on dirty dining and was closed down for a day for severe health violations. I mean roaches and worse. Figured they would now be the cleanest place in town. She had a good time, and it’s two for one martinis. Hooray, I’m getting laid!

    • Your wrong!… your not getting laid. I just tweeted her 🙂

    • 5 Feet Long and Luminous

      Well, Easter is basically Fertility Awareness Day, so might as well celebrate accordingly.

    • grundoon

      Cleanest place in town? Maybe. What kind of car does the health inspector drive?

  • 10oriocookies

    I’m so sick of hearing about these sorts of deaths. They are all completely avoidable.

  • Intergalactic Walrus

    Midnight is a clam’s cat.
    Can you imagine that after your cat dies, you run round trying to find it again in another cat’s meat body? Craziness.

    • daisy

      No wonder that neighbor was peeing in our yard .

      • Intergalactic Walrus

        If I had a kitten and some dude was looking at it and told me this was the reason why, I’d call the police. This does not sound like a healthy way to handle death. It makes me wonder if when a clam loses a child, will they go searching to find it again. SMH

    • madame duran

      This is one instance where disconnection is useful. This person found another cat to love and stopped the dead cat search. Do you think s/he believes that her deceased cat can feel the betrayal of being abandoned so quickly? Would s/he even care?

  • First Independent Church of Scientology Grade Chart and more.

    Religious Liberty League: FICofS Grade Chart & Etc.

    PDF for better resolution:

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    At long last, the Classification & Gradation Chart has been approved by the Technical Standards Committee (TSC) for the First Independent Church of Scientology (FICofS).


    Feel free to give your thoughts, criticism and praise in the comments below.

    And now to catch up.

    Breaking the Church Monopoly

    The church did not respond to the FICofS request for a license to use Scientology copyrights and incidental trademarks. This means that FICofS has perfected its legal rights to use LRH materials and incidental trademarks and its defenses against a potential infringement lawsuit brought by the church after FICofS openly uses and practices the religion of Scientology.

    Simply stated, FICofS, and any of its missions, churches or affiliated practitioners can safely exercise their First Amendment right to practice the religion. This does not mean that the church will not sue, but FICofS is locked and loaded, and fully prepared to defend and counter any such action.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

    • my god! This is an insult to my Pasta :-O

      • Liberated

        Finally, I was wondering when you would get around to honoring your true religion.

    • Science Doc

      Church monopoly huh? If I build a hotel on OT III and you land on it, how much rent will I collect?

    • Notice Original OT VII is near the top. Jonathan Burke of the Advanced Organization of the Great Plains has a technical observation.

      * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

      Jonathan burke April 16, 2017 at 7:31 pm Reply

      Nice work!

      If one is going to add the original OT VII at the top, the earlier original OT IV, V, and VI were meant to come prior to that level, as one builds upon another gradiently. The original OT VII perfects a beings intention and was originally used (per reports) to be done prior to NOTS for those who were having trouble doing NOTS in it’s earlier form as a corrective rundown, prior to it’s inception as an actual OT level later to replace the original OT VII. With that in mind, it would make more sense to have this done as an audited action prior to doing the NOTS OT VII level and not after, along with the original OT levels of IV-VI, which are quite literally the only positive gain levels in the OT band created by LRH. The wins are phenomenal and in my opinion would be a glaring omission to the public at large. If they haven’t been done by all, they are truly missing out, IMHO.

      * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

    • Harpoona Frittata

      ” FICofS is locked and loaded…”

      Not exactly the message of peace, love and compassion that you might expect to hear from a new break-away denomination, but probably a wise move considering who they’re up against.

      • To be fare, it is clear from the context and their prior posts on the issue they talking about being “locked and loaded” legally.

  • Intergalactic Walrus

    It seems like every other day there is another crowd sourcing campaign begging for money for a sick, dying or dead $cientologist. All of these flourish & prosper CO$ seminars must not be working. Here is another one, begging for 20k “in order to help to support my mom, Peggy, while she picks up the pieces after the loss of my dad.” Isn’t this the kind of thing that a church is supposed to do?

    They are halfway to the goal and a few donations caught my eye:

    • MissCandle

      Now that’s what I want to hear when I “lose” my husband — that he has gone to live with another family. Ugh and Sheesh.

    • Observer

      Wow, what a bunch of cheapskates.

      • Kestrel

        I was thinking the same thing. They should at least cough up $47.

  • ExCult.Jan

    OT: “Take That, Remini! Tom Cruise To Start Scientology Cable TV Channel This Summer!”

    • Kestrel

      The comments are brutal.

  • Jimmy3

    Nope. This story still sucks.

    • Intergalactic Walrus

      Not only that, there is a Facebook killer on the loose in Cleveland :O

      • Kestrel

        I have issues with what I see on Facebook sometimes, but attempting to kill it never crossed my mind.

      • Rasha

        …edit for research…..

        wait.. he posted it? My apologies. Very sad and sorry.

        • Rasha

          It’s horrible that it even happened…

      • Jimmy3

        Yea what the hell. Every story sucks today.

        • Intergalactic Walrus

          Yeah, where’s a good Kuba Ka story when you need one? 😉

        • Rasha

          Oxford Dictionary (not related to the Oxford Capacity Test Thing, so take that for what it’s worth) added “sonic screwdriver” with a definition, but doesn’t include the recipe.

          …now, where’s that smile?

          • Rasha

            *elbow bump*

            • Rasha


            • Rasha

              *elbow bump*

            • Rasha

              eh? Huh?

          • Jimmy3

            The sonic screwdriver was a move my ex-gf used to do. Thanks for bumming me out even more.

            • Rasha

              *word clears*


            • Rasha

              Fine… okay….. let’s see… “Great Barrier Reef is in Danger of….” no, hold on….. “Baby Teething Tablets Recalled Worldwi–“…. no……

              OH! “New Dodge Pops A Wheelie in Test”!!!

              There! All good.

            • Jimmy3

              My childhood dog was hit by a Dodge. Never walked the same.

            • Rasha

              DAMMIT JIMMEH!!!

            • Rasha

              Here! “Everything Is Good! Everyone Is Happeh! There!”

            • Jimmy3

              I hate everyone.

            • Rasha

              Yeh, but otherwise…… (gives “ta-dah” sign)….

            • Kestrel

              Speaking of Dodge, she’s a friend of mine, is a Bunker lurker and thinks you’re funny. She wants to know if you’re available and cute. I told her you were a nice guy and had a great personality.


            • Jimmy3

              Now this is a story. Yes to all of this.

            • Jimmy3

              Wait why didn’t you just lie and say I was cute

            • grundoon

              Three “D” batteries, just what the Doctor ordered!

        • chukicita

          And Allan Holdsworth has walked on.

  • outraged

    oh, how sad. how bloody awful.
    my heart goes out to Jeremiah and the children.
    and to you Rod. I am so sorry for your loss.
    Instead of helping, Scientology increases the demons, irritates injuries.
    KEEPS you from healing.

    For those still in….it is up to you. Choose life over death.
    Find someone to help. Leave. And your life will begin.

  • chukicita
    • iampissed

      Did you do that?

      • Kestrel

        I’m thinking the trolley flattened the Peep. Good riddance.

        • daisy

          I do not think we have peeps in Canada. I have heard so much about them here , that I feel the lack. Oh and I wish I could smell. I have heard good things.

          • Kestrel

            That’s okay. We don’t have poutine in Texas. You’re not missing anything.

            • chukicita

              I don’t think Texas is, either.

          • Rasha

            More rail testing is in order. Peeps have no smell, and apparently have evolved to be tested on train tracks and in microwaves. So, yes, after millions of years, dinosaurs are now simply packages of six yellow mushy things that are fun to… microwave…..

            …I blame evolution….

          • Jimmy3

            They are awful. I tried a bite for the first time in about 20 years and I had to spit it out. Nasty texture

            • Rasha

              20 years old? Get a fresh one!

            • Jimmy3

              Rasha. You’re silly.

            • Qbird

              true… but plop them in a cuppa hot cocoa & voilà ~ warm & comforting.
              for faster destruction, microwave.
              :::and stand back:::

            • Juicer77


            • Syd

              They are pretty terrible – if you let them get old and stiff and then dip them in chocolate they are palatable….. it was a moment of desperation…..

          • chukicita

            I sent a giant box to a friend from the states who was living in Germany, a peepless nation. There was a black market need, evidently.

            I would happily send you a box. Maybe a smaller one.

          • Paul V. Tupointeau

            We have them here in Newfie. I’m not a fan. Too sweet, and texture somewhere between marshmallow and meringue.

      • chukicita

        No. A friend was there today. I doubt he was thinking of Scn, but It made me shiver.

    • Rasha

      ….peepeh….. allergic to freight locomotives…….

      • Robert Eckert

        …they’re always running into you… doesn’t look too uncivilized to me!

  • daisy

    Katie Holmes is starring in the Kennedy*s After Camelot at 9 pm. on Bravo or Real Housewives of Potomac.

  • pat k

    I have been metabolizing my nieces death from an heroin od. This is not our script for her. Nor is it her parents doing. We all loved her. More than five times in rehab could not make her love her hubby & baby more than her high. Some things are not ours to understand but love to the end. I will always love you Alana.

    • Kestrel

      I’m sorry for your loss, pat k. You’re right. There is no understanding.

    • daisy

      I am so sorry , try to forgive her.

    • Rasha

      pat… she did love them more.. it was the weight she bore that pulled her down. She did love them more. Keep loving her.

    • Free Minds, Free Hearts

      Pat k I’m so sorry about your niece. My heart breaks for you and her parents and husband and baby.

    • ExCult.Jan

      (((((((((((((( pat ))))))))))))))
      (((((((( Alana’s hubby & baby )))))))))

  • Observer

    Oh for Pete’s sake. Trying again. Why doesn’t Disqus let you add pics when you edit? Lame.

    • Rasha

      Lovely, Obs…

    • Sherbet

      All decked out in their Easter finery.

  • Observer
    • chukicita

      I love that last one. I can’t stop looking at it. What are these trees?

    • Jimmy3

      That is very pretty. But does it think I’m funny and want to know if I’m cute and available?

      • Observer

        I can ask.

        • daisy

          You make me laugh . You should consider a career as a straight man. or gay one whatever .

        • Jimmy3

          Oh ok good. Because I’m tired of being hit on by smoking hot car models every day. Would be a nice change of pace to date a redbud.

      • Supper Powers

        Well, you would make beautiful babies together.

        • Jimmy3

          Hey. You look vaguely familiar.

          • Supper Powers

            I look pretty different when I’m nekid.

            • Jimmy3

              It’s good to see you naked.

            • Supper Powers


    • Elegant Mess

      Middle one is now spring wallpaper for my phone. Thanks, Obs!

    • The third one is my fave. But it’s hard to choose.

    • Ahhhwwwww so nice. Will be perfect background for my miniatures 🙂

    • Kestrel

      Redbuds are one of my favorites. So are your photos.

  • Liberated

    Hi bunker….just got back from an Easter dinner at my son’s house, leg o’lamb and the whole was nice.
    I learn things when I’m around the younger generation…like Elon Musk’s brother ( I think his name is Earl) is opening his first restaurant in the u.s. in an area called broad ripple, which is on the north side of my town. Who knew?
    Now that I’m home I turned on the tv and there’s a bee gees special…..Travolta’s there, his hair looks different.

    • WhiteCentauress

      Kimbal Musk. The restaurant sounds innovative.

      • Liberated

        It’s a burger joint.

        • WhiteCentauress

          Healthy, locally sourced foods, supposedly. I love supporting local agriculture. We have a great Farmers’ Market six months a year. Picked daily.

    • And I’m home listening to Steely Dan on Tom Petty XM. Happy easter Liberated 🙂

      • Liberated

        Back at ya.

  • Off topic public service announcement.

    After trying different VPN services for a week or two, reading up, and even wasting a few bucks, I finally found the ones I am happy with, if you are interested in Internet privacy.

    AirVPN for my computer and NordVPN for my phone. Both cost money, but not too much and deliver what they promise.

    • You can use the Opera browser Free VPN as a secondary solution, but yes VPN is a rabbit hole in a jungle. I have a lifetime subscription with PureVPN $19 – perfect for Android and Windows. Not so much Linux.

      • Linux here, but it’s good to know. Thank you.

        • it’s also good to know takes bitcoins – only way to stay anonymous

          • Tor doesn’t hurt either.

            • nope! – You find you transformation to linux worth it? I bet you do 🙂

            • Yep.

            • Liberated

              Say what ?

            • from windows to linux

            • Like you are running iOS (apple) on a PC we can change Operating system from Windows to Linux. And we can also run iOS and everything else using Virtualization lol
              Now you will never ask again . I know 🙂

            • Liberated

              Ok, the only words I understand are….apple and lol.

              I will probably ask again just to annoy you, but I did learn how to make a cent sign…¢ 😉

              Now, for the new symbol you use after you name, this is all I can do.
              “ But how do I make the smile sign ?

            • シ You just use Copy/Paste to make that smile sign. I have a webpage somewhere in my bookmarks, with all the posible and imposible signs. If you want me to provide you with that link, Meme will charge you 0.0001 BTC

            • machiabelly

              Dodo, do you have any problems with Tor? I tried it but a lot of sites wouldn’t display and Google blocked access to my gmail account. Bit of a pain in the virtual ass to contact them and get it back.

              Does AirVPN have many North American servers, and are they manually selectable? My current VPN client is limited in that respect and I tend to get websites and search results in Russian or whatever country they’ve randomized me into. (Sorry to use you as tech support, but AirVPNs website isn’t clear to me on this point.)

            • I don’t use Tor directly, I use AirVPN that uses Tor for my benefits. Smooth and fast.
              And yes, plenty of servers to choose from.

              P.S. Gmail, Facebook and even my bank were alarmed at first, due to the different ISP numbers geographically. Simple verification took care of that.

    • Thx. I was wondering why I wasn’t interested….
      I’m glad you are and I’m sure you have your reasons but for now, I’m so happy that I will tell everyone all my X names and all my life but No One cares. So I don’t either. I’m very greatfull to those b4 me that got harassed, that gave me confidence that my mind was mine.
      Happy for you and thx for the advice 🙂

      • It’s not about that, Cece. OSA and most folks know who I am and where I live.

        This is about general privacy and your Internet providers selling your interests to the advertisers.

        • I love you !

          • It’s mutual!

            • Opal Lumen


            • ExCult.Jan

              Get in line.

      • Andrew Robertson

        A VPN is useful if you want to watch a video from BBC News Online and
        are fed up with getting the message “Content not available in your region”.


        • Yes, Sir. That too. Glad to hear from you. Is nature calm now in your quarters?

          • Andrew Robertson

            Jörmungandr has fallen asleep and so the battle of Ragnarök has been postponed…


            Odin, Thor, Týr, Freyr, Heimdallr, and Loki

            • Good 🙂

            • MarcabExpat

              As a veteran of too many North American hurricanes, I can attest that this right here is officially the best post-storm update ever. Thank you.

              (So glad you’re safe. Those reports we were seeing were scary.)

  • Jimmy3

    O/T: What if Tom Cruise really is a mummy? Discuss.

    • daisy

      Who thought he wasn*t ?

      • Jimmy3

        This is why newbies are afraid to ask questions here. I ask an honest question out of sheer curiosity, and I get snark-smacked in the face. Made to feel foolish.

        • daisy

          Newbie*s are afraid to ask questions ?

          • Jimmy3

            They better fuckin be. Newbies should be seen and not heard.

            • daisy

              Therein lies the reason I hardly ever posted , I am still shy hee hee hee

            • Supper Powers

              Preferably seen nekid.

            • Jimmy3

              That is an acceptable newbie question: “Should I be naked right now?” Yes.

          • Liberated

            New John Oliver on at 11:00.

            • Jimmy3

              Fake news. I’ve heard that before, and I tuned in to see the same old John Oliver.

            • Liberated

              It’s not either. It’s real.

        • Mick Roberts

          Even veterans are often afraid to ask questions when you’re lurking about J3….

        • Well, then quit 🙂

    • Observer

      It might explain why he felt the need to have his face inflated.

      • WhiteCentauress

        To match his ego?

    • Tom Cruise is Jimmy Siska in real life.

    • WhiteCentauress

      He’s not a daddy, that’s for sure.

      • daisy

        good one

    • outraged

      Miscavige is the Mummy. Cruise the Daddy.

    • GrangerFX

      Shoooooow me the mummy!

    • John Prince

      I can hardly wait for tom crooze & krustie alleycat to strike back at Leah Remeni with their new scibot cable tv show (upon the Summer Solstice, i’ve been told )..THIS should prove Highly Entertaining!

  • WhatAreYourCrimes

    Scientology is killing people. This isn’t fun anymore. I love making fun of those goofy celebrities as much as the next person, but please, where are the authorities, law enforcement, and political leaders. We all know this despicable shithole called scientology is a joke, but people are dying, others are being raped financially, and others are suffering inside gulags.. in the GOD-DAMNED-UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!! … to our eternal shame.

    • That is why we are here…Now sit down and chill out…please シ

      • WhatAreYourCrimes


        • no problem … new post up in 2 hours … then another rage will occur he he

    • Jgg2012

      “Scientology is killing people” and that is why it is not like other religions (sorry Reza) and should not be protected by the First Amendment (with all due respect to some decisions that suggest it is).

  • I did not know there was a Dice God? Maybe is should change my “Religion”

    • Graham

      Have you come across the novel “The Dice Man”? It was very big in the ’70s

      • Nope ! Thanks シ

      • he he very cool. Just ordered it for £0.01 on Amazon must be my lucky day 🙂

    • MarcabExpat

      This did not work out so well for Jimmy. I suggest you consult with him before proceeding down the path to deity.

      • aww… different dice i guess?

    • Jgg2012

      Reza Aslan has already endorsed dice religion as being just as good as Christianity.

      • fer real? lol – you have a link?

        • Jgg2012

          No, I’m kidding.

          • I will never trust you again! Ever he he

  • Wryturman

    Double Dipping 2nd Post (apologies)-went on a commenting tear on Narconon’s “educational” Youtube vids & posted comments on each one that were variations on this:

    “Beware of Darkness, as George Harrison said. Narconon uses drug information to con you into believing they’re credible and caring-NOT! Narconon is addicted to money, yours, your family’s, or any other desperate relative of the addict. Narconon only views an addict as a dollar sign, not a human being in need of authentic, professional, and caring help instead of bogus scientology “purification rundowns,” fake-psych group processes, drug-infested facilities, and untrained staff recruited from whichever former clients haven’t relapsed. Check first before becoming involved in ANY addiction treatment!”

    Despite being a “never-in” Co$, I get SO enraged at Narconon’s criminal exploitation of vulnerable addicts & their desperate families. I work legitimately & am trained/credentialed in addiction treatment and don’t do it to get rich, just to help addicts as much as I can and make a living – payback time for my own life that’s an ongoing gift of recovery. I only wish I could do more to eradicate the “disease” that is Narconon.

  • Jgg2012

    I hope that the Attorney General of Nevada is looking into these deaths.

  • kingofhell

    Fucking women piss me off. If a man had been a Horse addict and lost his kids, gone to rehab or jail, and been out with a menial job for a few weeks, nobody would describe life as “looking up for him”. But this girl gets a pass because, well, she’s a girl. She takes advantage of the fact she’s pretty and gets a soldier to fall for her, and suddenly she’s a good person. No one deserves to be taken advantage of by $cientology. But in describing people who are victims, let’s be honest about who they are. I’m tired of pretty girls who fuck up their lives and suddenly are redeemed because they “find love” or “have a baby”. The fact that they aren’t expected to be providers is a social construct that I imagine the liberal readers and supporters of this publication would at least pay lip service to as wrong.

  • Clay Jensen

    So gotta say im more than a little dissapointed at ya’ll I went throught NN i became a staff member for 2.5 years and yes although i got clean and sober it was I THAT MADE A CLEAR CONCISE DESCISION TO USE AGAIN. If you have heart surgurey and recoup the doc gives you a clean bill of health does that automaticaly say you’ll never need another? no of course not you have to change ur whole way of livin or sure as shit you be right back on the table with’m cuttin into ya or worse. a rehab is a toolbox of sorts if you dont use the tools ya get the motor will always sieze i started using in 1980 i went to NN in 2010 from the moment i set foot inside the doors of rainbow canyon ranch in caliente NV. My life changed for the better ive been to six rehabs total and while its true that NN doesnt have traditional counselors that got that big badass degree most have very little to none what i call “HARD ROAD EXP” i am 47 i lived the life sufferd, struggled, and most if not all people ive talked to about this very subject agree you cant learn,feel,loose or regain what its truly like until you’ve been on that road i knew WENDY,NATHAN, and my very good friend KARL TEMPEST. I love and miss them very much but make no mistake I KNOW THAT NOT ONE OF THEM WOULD BLAME THIER DEMISE ON NN. I myself awoke just last july in a jail cell with attempted murder charges and to this day cannot remember one single thing about what happend i lost my wife my kids my very piece of mind once again to heroin and booze but dont think for a second i blame NN or any of the other 5 rehabs i went through and graduated. The loss of any is tragic but to place blame does zero good. Well enuf outta me thanx for letting me rant