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Need a boost to your superpowers? Scientology has a (pricey) solution for that!

Thanks to Rasha, we have the new Source magazine from Scientology’s Flag Land Base, and it has some fun items to help you expand your space and your havingness!

These publications put out by the church which encourage Scientologists to travel to Clearwater, Florida and spend serious money are a lot of fun. And in this issue, we were intrigued to see they were featuring the L Rundowns — L10, L11, and L12.

We have a special fascination for the Ls, a set of three auditing processes that are only available at the Flag base and which stand somewhat apart from the grade chart that Scientologists follow up the Bridge to Total Freedom. Three years ago, as part of our project to learn about each of the courses and levels that Scientologists experience, we spent some time talking about the Ls with former church executive Jefferson Hawkins.

Here’s an excerpt of that story, with some examples of what you actually pay for in L10, the first of the three L Rundowns…

The L10 intro tells us it is “designed to handle the things a thetan uses to restrain himself. The person regains his ability and power to do those things he intends to do and as a result he feels more at cause than ever before.”

To begin, there is a huge amount of review (which seems common for most Scientology processes), and various tests to make sure the subject is in the right frame of mind for the level itself.

L10 then begins with many individual “rundowns” and auditing. The subject is read chains of many words as the auditor looks for reactions on the E-meter.

The subject is also read lists of questions on various “dynamics” — questions related to his relationships (2nd dynamic), the larger group (3rd dynamic) and so on.

Then come questions from a “sec check” (security check, or interrogation). These get rather interesting. Here’s a sample.

Is there some connection you won’t let go of?
Have you ever done a family member in?
Have you ever brutalized another with sex?
Are you best left alone?
Are women stupid?
Do you have a secret desire to annihilate the opposite sex?
Are you spied on?
How powerful do you have to be to be successful?
Are other people necessary?
Have you squashed a thetan out of existence?
Is life worth living?
Are you facing eternity with lack of hope?
Is there hope for man?

Another set of questions is specifically designed to force the subject to admit to “overts” — transgressions that he or she is hiding.

One set of questions is about family. A sample of them…

Have you ever badly raised a child?
Have you ever split up a family?
Have you ever forced a child into an unsuitable profession?
Have you neglected your child’s education?

The next set of questions is about sex.

Have you ever sexually aroused someone and then not satisfied him (her)?
Have you ever made love to a person of the wrong race?
Have you ever made love to a person of the wrong species?
Have you ever used the wrong body part for intercourse?
Have you ever failed to have intercourse with someone you should have?
Have you ever misused sex?

There are many more sets of questions and processes.

Remember, Scientologists are paying to be asked these very invasive questions. And what exactly are these auditing sessions supposed to produce? Well, let’s take a look at the descriptions in this new Source magazine to see how the church is selling these pricey sessions.



Are you ready to master your existence and rocket your ability, reach and cause? If “Yes, please!” is your answer, consider the transformative results awaiting you with the L Rundowns. LRH developed the L Rundowns specifically to enable a being to swiftly evolve into an unshakable, certain powerhouse radiating pure theta.

ONE OF THE LEGENDARY SERVICES ONLY offered at Flag, the three L Rundowns (L10, L11, and L12) are so powerful and require such refined expertise, only Class XII Auditors can deliver this service. With the best-of-the-best elite auditors shepherding you on this expansive journey, you will never look at your life and the world around you the same.

Say goodbye to limitations on the L10 Rundown. These auditing techniques bypass the normal protective mechanisms of the mind, reaching deep into the case to fully address the basic reasons a thetan lessens his power. You will eradicate any self-imposed whole track stops as well as restraints that have been holding you back for many lifetimes. Upon completion, you will enjoy a newfound freedom to create unlimited expansion and do exactly what you intend to do.

The L11 Rundown will grant you an entirely new life by unleashing your personal power. Designed to locate the most major aberration on your case and remove it at the very root, L11 will lay your track wide open and give you unlimited reach and havingness. Any veils of ancient darkness dissolved, you will walk away with a brilliant new vision of yourself and all existence. Say hello to your new life in truth.

LRH deemed L12 the Immortality Rundown. And it is your light at the end of the tunnel. Truly astounding, totally OT auditing at its finest, it handles the factors that hold you introverted and in a body. Ridges explode and total extroversion is your new reality. You will address suppression like never before.

The L Rundowns can be done at several points on the Grade Chart after NED Case Completion, Clear, OT III, New OT VII or New OT VIII. Your C/S will determine the best sequence for the three L Rundowns. L10 typically requires three to five intensives, while L11 and L12 are usually completed in one or two intensives each.

An “intensive” is a 12.5-hour block of auditing. So the claim here is that L10 is going to take between 37.5 and 62.5 hours, and L11 and L12 will take between 12.5 and 25 hours.

That’s somewhat different than what a 2007 price list entered as a court record states. According to that price list, L10 takes a minimum of 50 hours (4 intensives), and L11 and L12 require a minimum of 25 hours (2 intensives).

One intensive at Flag for any of the Ls, according to the 2007 price list, ran $15,125. So your L10 with 50 hours would cost $60,500 or more.

And that’s just for the L’s auditing. As Jason Beghe once explained to us, when he went to Flag for the Ls, he spent far more than just the price of the auditing. They had him there for weeks on False Purpose Rundowns and other interrogations to make sure he was ready for the Ls, all the while he was paying for accommodations at the base and plenty of other expenses and donations.

So let’s look at how each of the Ls is being sold by the magazine.


L10: Aaron Kyro, professional skateboarder, Bay Area, California

Aaron Kyro shares his passion for skateboarding with a worldwide audience through his hugely popular YouTube channel, Braille Skateboarding, dedicated to teaching basics, tricks and techniques and experimenting with unusual equipment and materials. Aaron did the L Rundowns as a Clear and saw instant gains personally and professionally. In fact, he’s gone on to New OT V.

L10 was a particularly revelatory experience for him. “The gains and abilities are so high. I could not even dream they would be available,” Aaron recalled. “I am so aware of how my thoughts and postulates directly affect the universe. My space is so big and so clean and my flows are wide open. I got rid of masses that had been in my space for trillions of years. I truly uncovered my basic goodness and rightness as a being.”

He’s still having daily cognitions directly related to L10 and his online traction has seen a noticeable uptick. With 2.6 million YouTube subscribers, his daily views spiked to an all-time high of an average of one million views a day, reaching a record 65 million monthly views. His channel is ranked #738 in the world based on subscriber figures and he’s received YouTube’s Gold Play Button Award.

“I stopped invalidating myself. Not only am I stable enough to handle literally anything, I can create a whole new level of prosperity for myself and any group I am a part of.”

If his growing online influence is any indicator of what “no limits” means to Aaron, his future trajectory is out of this world.


L11: Nikoletta Fiala, real estate agent, Budapest, Hungary

Nikoletta Fiala’s husband had been encouraging her to do the L11 Rundown for years because it had such a tremendous impact on him. Just one month after attaining Clear, Niki signed on for the step that would open her existence in new and unexpected ways. She credits the service with changing her perspective of the whole world. “My space is extremely big, my love for Mankind is infinite,” Niki shared.

The rundown infused her family relationships with even more love and strengthened her already unbreakable bonds with her husband and daughter. “It feels like we just started a new relationship. I can see my husband for the beautiful being he is.”

The professional gains were equally game changing. “I got more work done in the last three days than I would normally do in two weeks time. I can easily see myself achieving highest ever on my post in the next couple of months.” Better yet, she now has the courage and confidence to expand her business, which she’d previously always held herself back from doing.

Ultimately, L11 put Niki in an OT state and motivated her to raise her commitment levels accordingly. She plans to start on Academy Levels next. “I would recommend all Clears do this action. I know that having completed this, my future Bridge progress will be lightning fast.”


L12: Vick Tipnes, entrepreneur & CEO, Tampa, Florida

Vick Tipnes knew he had untapped potential and signed on for the L Rundowns to get unstuck, unleash his capabilities and accelerate his business endeavors. On L12, the successful business owner and founder of Blackstone Medical Services uncovered his true self and further opened his path to prosperity.

“L12 brought me back,” Vick recalled. “Valences I never even knew I used blew one by one on L12. Nothing can ever shake me as a being again!”

Vick sees the L12 Rundown, which on the Grade Chart is called “The OT Executive Rundown,” as an invaluable business enhancement tool appropriate for any CEO, executive or opinion leader. “I now understand why it’s called that. It helps orgs boom. After completing the Ls, my company stats have been at the highest level ever. The stats never lie.”

One aspect of L12 stood out for Vick — its ability to foster positive case gain. Rather than dealing with bank or case, it involved changing his own considerations about things because it deals with the thetan directly.

“I will no longer be my own enemy. I have taken responsibility for the mess this planet is in, and I will now work to do my part in making it better. My flows are super clean. I have an awareness of self beyond measure and I truly have a new life. My responsibility has increased, and getting only OT VII right away is now a must.”

Hey, we remember Vick, the dapper CEO! And don’t forget Vick’s response.

Well, there you have it, Scientology’s pitch for the L Rundowns. Did you happen to catch any claim that was actually measurable? Once again, Scientologists seem to be spending incredible amounts of money for what basically comes down to a confidence boost. But hey, who couldn’t use more havingness?

BONUS ITEM: The magazine also promotes Super Power, another Flag-only expensive set of rundowns. And in order to advertise it, the publication chose to feature Danish photographer Thorsten Overgaard. And who’s that sitting next to him? Why it’s his blushing bride of Trump dress fame, Joy Villa!


Come on, Joy. Tell us how the oiliness table was!


Countdown to Denver!


HowdyCon 2017: Denver, June 23-25. Go here to start making your plans.


Scientology disconnection, a reminder

Bernie Headley has not seen his daughter Stephanie in 4,718 days.
Quailynn McDaniel has not seen her brother Sean in 1,821 days.
Claudio and Renata Lugli have not seen their son Flavio in 2,315 days.
Sara Goldberg has not seen her daughter Ashley in 1,355 days.
Lori Hodgson has not seen her son Jeremy in 1,067 days.
Marie Bilheimer has not seen her mother June in 593 days.
Joe Reaiche has not seen his daughter Alanna Masterson in 4,682 days
Derek Bloch has not seen his father Darren in 1,822 days.
Cindy Plahuta has not seen her daughter Kara in 2,142 days.
Claire Headley has not seen her mother Gen in 2,117 days.
Ramana Dienes-Browning has not seen her mother Jancis in 473 days.
Mike Rinder has not seen his son Benjamin in 4,775 days.
Brian Sheen has not seen his daughter Spring in 882 days.
Skip Young has not seen his daughters Megan and Alexis for 1,284 days.
Mary Kahn has not seen her son Sammy in 1,157 days.
Lois Reisdorf has not seen her son Craig in 738 days.
Phil and Willie Jones have not seen their son Mike in 1,243 days.
Mary Jane Sterne has not seen her daughter Samantha in 1,487 days.
Kate Bornstein has not seen her daughter Jessica in 12,596 days.


3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on April 12, 2017 at 07:00

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  • AngryNotSoOldHippy .

    “Unlimited ability” — ROFL! These filthy criminals are selling rubes, marks, and suckers outright blatant frauds and they’re selling the dimwits the promise of “unlimited ability.”

    Yeah? Unlimited ability for what? To be rooked and swindled like dimwitted idiots who can’t recognize a fraud when they see it being committed against them?

    • Missionary Kid

      If it doesn’t work, you’re not doing it right.

      • stanrogers

        …and, really, doing it right is no more difficult than assembling that flat-pack Gothic cathedral you picked up at Ikea.

        • Missionary Kid

          I’m fast at assembling Ikea flat packs, but a Cothic cathedral would be something else.

  • Jgg2012

    Have you ever joined a cult? Has anyone ever disconnected from you? Have you ever heard anyone make bogus medical claims? Have you ever been attacked for being a critic?
    Wow, I can make up a lot of TRs for ex-members.

  • Lousy Ratatouille

    “Are women stupid?”
    Not me, but the people say …..

    • stanrogers

      And there’s a whole section of that questionnaire that’s all just “the woman piaba and the man piaba and the Ton-Ton call baka lemon grass” to me.

  • nottrue
    • Observer

      Yeah, like tracking down whole track incidents and engrams…

  • Lousy Ratatouille

    “Are other people necessary?”

  • Jenyfurrrrr

    The creepy questions – a list of all the weird things on which LRH seemed to be fixated… projection, much?

    • Missionary Kid

      All $cientology is Hubbard’s projections.
      Did you get my contact info?

      • Jenyfurrrrr

        Got it and replied just now!

        • Missionary Kid

          I just replied.

  • flyonthewall

    Jimmy said he likes it when people tag him using the @jimmy3x:disqus disqus feature so if you all could use that when referring to or mentioning him that would be great. Thnx

    • Jimmy3

      mother fuck

      • flyonthewall

        shut up! you’ll get the notifications and you’ll like it

        • Jimmy3

          I had a system. It is all ruinsed. 🙁

  • I would have kicked his ass off too:
    “The passenger hauled off a United flight is a lung doctor with a taste for gambling, a history of angry outbursts — and a conviction for trading narcotics prescriptions and cash for gay sex in motels.”

    • Missionary Kid

      Seeing as how it’s the Post, there’s a lot more to the story. Those hamfisted cops were really cops, and not rent-a-cops. They function under a separate organization from the regular Chicago police. The angry outburst occurred when he discovered that bumping him, which he originally agreed on, then changed his mind when he discovered bumping would make it impossible to get home until late the next day.

      Yes, he may be subjected to outbursts, but he’s served his time for suspension of his medical license. United, and the Chicago PD made it far worse. The Chicago PD acted as if the cops were some of their own, and the United CEO blamed the passenger initially. He’s since had to apologize.

      Whatever a slime bag the doctor may have been, to drag him out on the floor that way was unwarranted. There were enough cops to pick him up and carry him out.

      There’s enough blame to go all around.

      • Fuck all that. You’re told to get off the plane, get off the fucking plane.
        No regard to all the other passengers. Guy is a ticking time-bomb.
        But hey, that’s the mood I’m in.

        • Missionary Kid

          I believe that the cops, along with everyone else on the airline side were feeling the time constraint. The passenger had his own agenda, but cops, being Chicago cops, especially, wanted immediate compliance. The confrontation wasn’t the result of a felony stop, he obviously wasn’t a danger to the cops, and he didn’t have anywhere to run, but they tried to throw him to the ground, standard technique for a non-compliant person, but they disregarded the fact that they were in a confined area, with lots of things to bash a person’s head into, and with plenty of witnesses.

          He was a 69 year old man, he’d paid for his ticket, and the airline had the right to take him off. He, like most passengers, didn’t realize that they can do that to anyone. How big a threat was he to the cops? Not much.

          The cops had a right to physically remove the passenger, but they were vindictive, clumsy, idiots.

      • Chee Chalker

        How are you supposed to remove a passenger from a plane?
        I don’t think United was right…..they should have just offered more money. Someone eventually would have said yes

        I read the doctor and his wife refused because they wanted more than $800 per person (which again, is what united should have done)

        But that clown was screeching before he was even out of his seat

        • Missionary Kid

          I agree, but you have to know that yelling like that is sometimes a Chinese cultural action. Two Chines will stand toe to toe, screaming at each other, but the first one who lays hands on the other loses.

          The cops screwed things up when they banged his face on the armrest.

          There were enough of those airport cops to pick the guy up and carry him out, instead of dragging him along the floor.

          Supposedly, he agreed to the price, then, when he found out how much later he would be, reneged.

          Part of it was that those cops were from Chicago, IMO.

          • Chee Chalker

            Hey hey hey
            I’m from Chicago
            And I have a good friend who works as an airport police officer at O’Hare
            Why is it ok to disparage Chicagoans for forcibly removing people from planes, but not Chinese people for screeching?

            If you had to deal with the people the police deal with every day, you might act the very way they did.
            I don’t know how one can be removed unscathed from that situation. It’s not the cops fault he refused to leave

            I watched the video several times and yes he was injured as he was being ejected from his seat and dragged off the plane.
            But guess who had complete control over preventing that situation? The passenger!
            I’ve also read he was Vietnamese, not Chinese, but I don’t know if that is true or not. I also don’t know if is normal for Vietnamese people to screech like howler monkeys.

            I have absolute zero sympathy for a DOCTOR who abuses an addict by forcing the addict to trade sex for drugs – First Do No Harm – that went right out the window

            Yes, United was wrong by not paying passengers for bumping them

            But this ‘doctor’ is STILL in the hospital, milking this for all he can, while people who really need a hospital bed (like the junkie the doctor used to rape) can’t afford one

            He’s also lawyered up with one of the most prominent personal injury lawyers in the country

            This is going to have a ripple effect on a future flights….people will deliberately try to cause problems to get tossed off flights and the rest of us will have to sit through 10 hour delays.

            • Missionary Kid

              I understand that you’re pissed at what the doctor had done previous to that, but couldn’t that ex post facto knowledge about his life affect your attitude towards the passenger? His simple offense at the start of the police actions was non-compliance. They were in a hurry.

              The cops had right on their side, but they took things too far. They were pissed.

              I realize that it’s hard to take someone out of the narrow space between the rows of seats, and a person resisting can end up in all sorts of weird places. The passenger getting his face planted on the armrest could be considered his own fault, but dragging him on the floor like that isn’t. They could have picked him up, and they didn’t.

              I’m sure that the doc is still in the hospital, to make things look worse. The cops’ and United’s problem is the humiliation that they imposed on him by dragging him out like that, and then allowing him to come back and retrieve his luggage with his face all bloody. Nobody wiped his face, which shows a lack of care.

              The fact that he was allowed to come back to pick up his luggage (probably with an escort) says that both he and the cops had cooled down, and that he wasn’t that much of a threat.

              United’s president made things worse by the way he made his initial statement. The stock went down 3%. It came back up after he apologized and people realized they could make money off of the dip.

              I believe that people won’t cause a scene because they don’t want to be removed like that. People will, however, hold out for more money when they get bumped.

            • Chee Chalker

              I hope you’re right, but I would allow myself to be dragged off a plane for $10mm settlement!
              As far as wiping his face…..the guy was acting like a complete weirdo, running up around and mumbling
              I wouldn’t have gone near him either

              Now knowing the guys past, I think he knew exactly what he was doing

              This is a man who abuses his position of power as a doctor and picked on the most vulnerable people
              And he hired an attorney (who I know tangentially) who doesn’t get out of bed for less than $5mm

            • Missionary Kid

              At the worst, he seemed dazed and out of sorts.

            • Chee Chalker

              Here’s an interesting article with someone who has more skin in the game than I (and who states her opinion and little more clearly than I have)


            • Missionary Kid

              I agree with everything she wrote. I still say that the cops went further than they needed to. I also am willing to bet that she’s a white women, who gets approached differently than a person of color and/or a person who doesn’t know what she does about the laws. Since obviously the passenger didn’t understand the laws, his reaction wasn’t as measured as hers would be.

              People get arrested at demonstrations for asking the police questions. What they don’t understand is that the cop is trying to control the situation, and it isn’t the time to ask questions. That constitutes interference with an officer trying to perform his duties. You comply first, then talk about it later.

              Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t understand that compliance is necessary if given a lawful order, or they’re so angry or afraid that they don’t comply, which can piss off a policeman. Unfortunately, there are cops who have a short fuse and escalate when they could take other tacks or just wait a few seconds or minutes before laying hands on a person.

            • Chee Chalker

              What makes you think the doctor didn’t understand the laws?
              He certainly didn’t seem to understand that exchanging narcotics for sex was wrong (but let’s assume he does now since he lost his medical license for a while)

              I think assuming ‘people of color’ or foreign born people (my parents are in that category) don’t understand US customs or laws is kind of silly and in a way racist (or xenophobic) because one assumes they are not smart enough to understand the laws of a different country just because they are not native to that country.

              I think the guy knew exactly what the laws were and chose not to abide by them. (There is evidence that he does not follow rules in his past with the whole drugs for sex problems he had)
              If he wants to hide behind the ‘I’m in a foreign land…..I don’t understand the customs…..’. argument, maybe he should not be be praticing medicine here.

              I understand that I may be able to litter here in the US, but if I go to Singapore, you can bet i understand the consequences for that behavior could be severe

              Unless I am completely misunderstanding what you are saying when you say he didn’t understand the laws.

            • Missionary Kid

              I’m guilty of not being clear. What I meant be “not understanding the laws” I meant the laws regarding the rights of passengers. Most people don’t know that while you purchase a ticket to fly, that you travel entirely at the desires and even whims of the airline. I assume that it’s because everyone is traveling in a situation that requires a high degree of safety in a confined place.

              The police had no knowledge of his previous behavior and his legal problems, and, indeed, regardless of his past criminal behavior, as a doctor, he may have taken the attitude that he should be treated specially. My brother-in-law is a physician, and he has never exhibited that behavior, but I have seen doctors take that attitude. That would be his fault and mistake.

              I am suggesting that if the doctor had been a white man or woman that he would have been treated differently, if only to be granted a bit more time to comply by the police.

              As I said, I agreed with the points that the pilot’s wife posted, but I am also saying that she knew the laws and rules that airline travelers are subjected to much better than most people.

            • Chee Chalker

              Ok fair enough
              I would agree that a pilots wife would know more than the rest of us.
              But I disagree that the doctor would have had any less knowledge than the average person regarding air travel
              We just don’t know what his intentions are.
              What bothers me is the complete lack of accountability of his own behavior. Actions have consequences. There was something in the news about this individual having trouble following basic rules/authority in his past.
              And now his attorneys (very very prominent personal injury lawyers here in Chicago) are playing to his injuries acting as if this guy is some sort of hero/Rosa Parks refusing to give up hid seat for altruistic reasons

              When there were reports he was willing to give up his seat for the right amount of money

            • Missionary Kid

              I’m saying that the doctor probably is an asshole and probably slow on the uptake. He was probably pissed and used to getting his way. It will be interesting to find out if he agreed to be bumped, then reneged when it was discovered that he wouldn’t be able to get home until late the next day, as was reported.

              Once the lawyers get involved, the spin machine goes into high gear. They know that everyone hates to be pushed around by the airlines, and that’s what they’re gonna play on.

              The cops had the right to grab him and throw him to the ground. The problem is that he hit his face on the armrest in the process. Then, the cops did something that will make a jury very sympathetic to him. They dragged him up the floor when he was limp, whether from being stunned or compliant, is to be determined. Apparently, there were three officers, and it would have been very easy for two of them to pick him up and carry him up the aisle.

              His attorney is going to make hay out of that. The video of him with his bloody mouth, speaking incoherently will be used to say that he suffered a concussion, and that was the result.

              I’m on the airline’s side, but IMO, everybody was in a hurry and the cops’ impatience added to their anger at his non-compliance. I believe that they took their frustration out on him, and that’s what’s gonna cost.

            • Chee Chalker

              I agree with your sentiments. It makes me ashamed of the legal profession when I see the lawyers circle like sharks
              I think of it this way…..would I be upset if I saw David Miscavige treated that way? Absolutely not
              I lump doctors who abuse patients, teachers who abuse students and ecclesiastical leaders who abuse staff all in the same bunch

              Did you see the new video just released? Where the doctor is refusing to get up and says he is going to sue United and doesn’t care if they drag him out of the plane

              I think we’re going to discover a lot more about this guy before this is all over (as if we don’t know a lot about him already!)

            • Missionary Kid

              I didn’t see the latest video. The attorney is going to try to keep this in front of the public as long as possible.

            • Chee Chalker


    • ze moo

      That is just United safe pointing and casting aspersions. Just like many other pr operations.

      • Chee Chalker

        This is going to open up a whole new can of worms with drunks and other disruptive people refusing to get off planes because now everyone thinks they are going to ‘get paid’

        • gtsix

          You are conflating two very different issues. There is no can.

          Removing someone for safety is not the same as removing paid customers from a plane because you want to use those seats for your employees.

          Physically dragging a paying customer away from what he paid for is horrible business practice. You want people to give up something they paid for, you have to get them to agree. So up the price until you get a person that agrees.

          • Chee Chalker

            I agree that United should have offered more money to the passenger and not bumped paying passengers for their employees. No question
            But, the doctor is an adult. He had control over how that went down

            It’s too soon to tell, but I think we are going to see a lot more people refusing to get off the plane when asked to do so for any reason. And when removed, the lawsuits are going to be flying

            There’s not 2 issues….any passenger can be removed for almost any reason, by the pilot or the airline. I agree it’s not a good business practice, but it is something we all agree to when we agree to fly

            • Mark Foster

              Really? And that applies to 1st class and business class flyers, too?

            • Chee Chalker

              Yes….If a pilot is uneasy or doesn’t like the cut of your jib, the pilot has the right to toss anyone off the plane

              I’m not arguing that United’s policy of bumping people off planes in favor of their own employees or limiting the amount of compensation is correct
              In fact, all the airline had to do was start a bidding war….when the reimbursement got up to a couple of thousand, they would have had several volunteers. So, shame on them
              But look at the fine print the next time you buy a ticket and before you hit ‘I Accept/I Agree’. It’s all in there

              The bottom line is the situation did not need to devolve the way it did
              Shame on the airline
              Shame on the ‘doctor’/ drug dealer

            • Chee Chalker

              Alec Baldwin was kicked off a flight a few years back

            • gtsix

              So did the armed police officers. Or were they children?

              No, there are 2 issues:
              1. Removing a person who is causing a safety hazard: no one refutes this necessity for safety of all aboard
              2. Removing anyone else because the business wants to do so for their own gain: many refute this should be allowed.

              That an airline company and its employees have carte blanche to remove people with absolutely no explanation might need to be changed.

              But hey, the Garcias signed their contracts with the church. Its something they agreed to. Nothing to see here.

            • Chee Chalker

              The Garcias were defrauded and lied to
              Passengers on an airline agree that they may be removed by the airline at the airlines at the airline’s discretion
              But you bring up a good point….be careful what you sign and agree to

              The Garcias learned that the hard way

    • gtsix

      Well good for you.

      • Observer

        He’s being sarcastic.

        • gtsix

          I know 😉

          ETA: apparently, he is not. Oh well.

    • OTVIIIisGrrr8!

      Why are you opposed to barter? In this economy, some people with, err, special needs use barter to get what they need.

      • Chee Chalker

        Dave’s a handsome woman

        • gtsix

          No, no he’s not.

      • Harpoona Frittata

        lil davey’s twin sis looks like she’s been doing More Extra Tremendous Hard substances than just smoking a little reefer, doesn’t she?

    • Mark Foster

      Fuck that. UA overbooked. The way they handled the situation was fucked up. Also note the history of lawsuits for use of excessive force with the enforcement authority responsible for taking him off of the plane.
      ETA If your comment is just being sarcastic, disregard mine…

      • MostSpecialAgent Joe McClaine

        From another article.
        ” [I]n the case of the United Airlines flight from Chicago to Louisville, it doesn’t. Every person who bought a ticket was seated. The plane was not overbooked. What happened that was at the last minute, the airline discovered that it had to get a crew to Louisville to be on a flight the next morning. A rule against overbooking wouldn’t have changed a thing since the flight was not overbooked in the first place.

        The fault lies entirely with the airline, not with the big bad government. Under current law, the airlines are allowed to offer payment to passengers to voluntarily give up their seats. For the flight in question, the allowed payment was $1,350 in cash. The airline offered $800 in scrip (basically, vouchers for United flights within a year with blackout dates and other restrictions). At the very least, the airline should have made a clear offer of $1,350 in cash plus a hotel room and a first-class ticket the next day. Alternatively, it could have offered cash plus a ticket on a competing airline. American Airlines has a nonstop flight an hour later and Delta has a 1-stop flight also an hour later. If there were still no takers, only then should it have started the bumping procedure. There might well have been no takers for the better deal, but the airline didn’t even try.
        The United CEO made it worse by saying that the people chosen for eviction were chosen at random. That is patent nonsense. No airline would ever, ever bump an unaccompanied minor. Losing your suitcase is one thing; losing your kid is something quite different. Airlines also never break up families, nor do they bump first-class passengers, full “Y”-fare cattle-class passengers, or people with high status in their frequent flyer program. Most likely they pick passengers who paid the cheapest fare and checked in late, preferably people with no checked baggage that has to be located and removed from the plane. Finally, after Dao identified himself as a doctor with patients to see in the morning, the gate agent should have explained the situation on the PA system and tried harder to find someone else. In other news, “

        • Mark Foster

          Thanks for the correction!

          • MostSpecialAgent Joe McClaine

            I just liked the article and wanted to share it. It was about Gov. Chris Christie and how he wanted to enact legislation to ban overbooking. I thought it gave more background.
            I’m disgusted with the victim blaming and their CEO needs to go.

            • Mark Foster

              I agree. It´s disgusting that a CEO thinks it´s appropriate to spin the story like that.
              What would I do? Immediate, public apology to the doctor, plus refund, plus medical care, plus a shit-load of freebies. I would make sure EVERYONE in the company, including me, was well-trained in customer relations & conflict management. I would
              operate the airline on the basis of excellent customer service, safety, and really good treatment of my employees. The profits will come and be stable if you operate ethically
              over the long haul, I believe.
              On the other hand, maybe I´m being unrealistically idealistic…

    • DoveAlexa

      They don’t even necessarily have the right guy with that whole horrid backstory! They’re likely trying to ruin plane guy’s life by connecting him to the wrong man!

      We apparently don’t even know where all the details of his alleged activities are coming from, in this blantant attempt to move the spotlight away from the airline itself.

      This is all incidental to how it doesn’t matter that the guy may be not lily white pure of heart, this shit is awful.

    • Missionary Kid

      Here’s how Southwest treated someone trolling them over the incident.

  • nottrue
    • DoveAlexa

      Perfect example of a statement meant to make you sounds better than people actually makes you sound super sad.

    • Mark Foster

      DM refused to let a TBT reporter come to the event. No public meeting with city government or citizens; meetings have been private.
      This guy is acting like the homo novus fuckwit tyrant that he is. I am hoping that the city and its citizens refuse his ¨offer¨ .

    • Harpoona Frittata

      More and more these days, formerly “loud and proud” $cilons are following Krustie’s lead by staying indoors and out of the public eye. Even Tom “Third BIGGEST Being” Cruise has been falling down on his job as the cult’s World Ambassador and hasn’t been putting ethics in on his fellow Oatees either…how the mighty have fallen!

      About all that one can say there is that if they get this spun up over a little entheta, then how are they ever going to stand a chance against the Marcabians when the next space invasion finally happens!!?

    • ombrifuge

      Wonder if he tried to get Tom Cruise too, but failed?

      • Missionary Kid

        Supposedly, he’s in England, filming another movie.

    • all together now

      Gala dinners, jive bands and Tom Cruise: how the Scientologists woo City police

      But, of course, this is Florida, not London, so the odds of anyone noticing are slim 🙁

  • OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    Scientology Media Productions is pleased to announce its Spectrum Cable launch sponsor: COB’s Sticky Buns! Hot & Sticky goodness from the Golden Era Bakeries!

    COB’s Sticky Buns are the perfect food to keep you going at home, on the road, or at Flag when you’re doing Super Power, L’s, your OT Levels, or when you’re locked in your cabana crying!

    • stanrogers

      At least it’s not schweddy balls.

      • Mark Foster

        Actually, take a look at those raisins… 🙂

    • Newiga

      COB’s Sticky Buns? Ewww! Tell Yingling she’s gone too far. >_<

      • chukicita

        Poor Yingling. We tried to tell her, blink twice if they’re watching you…

  • I posted this late yesterday. Posting again so you guys shouting out about this very devious destructive cult, take a win and know your voice matters. From Mike’s blog (((Love you guys. Hugs)))

    • JaxNGold


  • OTVIIIisGrrr8!
  • OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    UA CEO: Hello Dave? Did you get the wire transfer I sent you for PR damage control consulting?

    COB: It arrived safely.

    UA CEO: This incident on the plane… it’s getting uglier by the second. People think United Airlines is evil and that I’m the Antichrist himself.

    COB: Tell me about it. That’s my life most days.

    UA CEO: You guys in Scientology know all about being in bad situations… I just need help.

    COB: Here’s what my people in the Office ah Spe-shul Affairs found out. The guy your goons dragged off the plane and beat is a freakin’ pervert with a capital P! I mean what we got here is a rageaholic doctor trading ass for narcotics. Jesus R6 Cheerist! How I wish this guy was a wealthy Scientologist! I could clip him for $25,000,000 easy!

    UA CEO: So whadda I do?

    COB: Whadda do?! Lou can you believe it? This effin wog gets it handed to him on a silver platter and he don’t know whadda do. You stupid meat body wog! Look, I took care of it for ya’s. That’s why ya’s pays me the big moola! I had my people in Office ah Spe-shul Affairs publish the dirt on this here pervert doctor all over the place. We put this guy on trial!

    UA CEO: Lemme look at the interweb here… Dave, I see it! The guy looks like a freakin’ criminal scumbag!

    COB: Exactamundo! That’s the beauty of Fair Game. You beat a guy to a pulp and suddenly he’s the pervert and the criminal! I do it all the time. Now just write this perv a check and have your wog lawyers make him sign a buncha contracts to shut up and go away.

    UA CEO: You’re the best Dave!

    COB: Thanks for the ack. Now while I gotcha on the phone it seems my people in the Office ah Spe-shul Affairs found some stuff on ya’s that ain’t so good while they was digging….

    • Jimmy3

      Holy shit you’re on a roll today.This is good stuff.

      • OTVIIIisGrrr8!

        Our create is straight up and vertical since we did the Q’s here at the Bunker. A super-fantastic rundown designed to blow all the stops and barriers, the Q’s uncover the reasons for, uhh, uhm, err, ahh, …Mexicans on the racetrack. What? Oh yes. Correction, the Q’s handle the reasons for amnesia on the wholetrack.

        • Jimmy3

          I have a few ideas I could write for your blog, if you’d allow me. If not, we’re still cool fist bump it out for peace.

  • Liberated

    Have you ever made love with someone from the wrong race ?

    Have you ever failed to have intercourse with someone you should have ?

    Are you kidding me with with stuff ? Gee, LRon tell us what race is the right one.

    Well, now the rest of my day is ruined.

  • Much more spiritual then all the Ls and free.

  • mockingbird

    Here’s part of the theory on L 11 and it explains why Scientologists think they are free and more able.


    PART TW0

    The theory of this rundown is that:

    a. Man is basically good,

    b. That when faced with doing evil that Man restrains himself and limits or lowers his power/cause level,

    c. That long ago on the wholetrack, evil persons (originally said to be “psychs”) implanted people with evil purposes. Such an implant is referred to in this rundown as an “Implant to Harm”, as these implants embedded commands to do something harmful.

    d. That when an Implant to Harm gets keyed in, the person has the choice of dramatizing it (i.e., committing the harmful act), or, suppressing the dramatization (and himself). But in any event, because the person has an impulse to do something evil or harmful, he tends to consider himself harmful or evil and thus tends to restrain himself generally.

    e. If the person dramatizes the Implant to Harm, he commits overts and becomes more susceptible to the Implant being restimulated and dramatized again in the future.

    f. Subsequently, the person will probably form an evil purpose of his own and commit overts as a result. These overts form a chain on that evil purpose. There is usually one such evil purpose and chain of overts on any case, or one major one (most dramatized).

    g. Although the person formed that evil purpose himself and is (it ends here)


  • Science Doc

    If these rundowns are to Unleash Potential and gain Unlimited Ability, shouldn’t they be the Un-Ls? I think maybe they are doing wrong.

  • Panopea Abrupta

    Mutton Dressed As Clam

    “How did I operate before Super Power?
    I have no idea.”
    Thorstain Von Underpantz

    For someone who has been a $cientologist since
    1989 and alive since 1965, that is a more than
    pathetic statement.
    After 28 years of immersion in this vile cess-pool,
    you would have me believe that decades of toiling
    over a sweaty e-meter gave nada.
    But …
    Nah, you are as full of faeces as your bride and twice
    as conniving and criminal, though perhaps less fond
    of the spotlight.
    You deserve each other.

    Beam me up, Spotty

    DM brought out the aging “big” guns in Clearwater last night.
    Kirstie looks awful.

    • Rasha

      At least they embalmed him.

    • Mark Foster

      Text for that bottom photo: WINNING!!!!!

    • Sherbet

      John lost a few pounds.

      • gtsix

        No no, his wife is standing right next to him.

    • Harpoona Frittata

      JT looks like he’s almost mastered the look for his upcoming starring role in “Frankenstein’s Grandpa,” which is sure to be a big hit!

    • Liberated

      Wonder how many donuts she has in her purse ?

      Poor girl looks famished.

    • L. Wrong Hubturd

      Betcha Kirstie grabbed his ass while wife/beard had a finger up his bum.

  • Mark Foster

    Late to the discussion today, but…I just wanted to throw this comment out there:
    I remember reading that kind of shit and thinking that it made sense. Now, it sounds like gibberish.
    The ¨loaded language¨ feature of cults creates, maintains, and locks down the cult reality. That shit
    means absolutely NADA outside of the scino kool-aid party…but folks inside the cult will
    tell you that you don´t understand the ¨effectiveness¨ of the tech, because you don´t know the language
    and the procedures of ¨the tech¨, etc.
    I have been re-reading the numerous posts on Mockingbird´s blog in which he deconstructs that shit.
    It´s fascinating reading and it also, necessarily, leads me to other sources of information about hypnosis,
    how our minds process information, memory, cognitive psychology, philosophy, rhetoric, etc. Good stuff…

  • Vault Digger
    • Jimmy3

      Oh this. This is.

    • Pezza

      Good for reddit users!

      • Jimmy3

        Every now and then they try to help the humans.

    • Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner

      Just fabulous.

    • Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner

      Here are a few more:

      “I can’t get my thetans as white as I want them, am I using the wrong bleach?”

      “John Travolta is an awesome actor. His hair implants were probably diverted from the mothership.”

      “Hey Jenna! At this point do you wish that we would upvote this post so that more people become aware of it? Or would you rather it disappeared?”

    • Harpoona Frittata

      Well, this IS gratifying! It looks like all of the sell-sword internet trolls that I hired to give Jenna hell on her Reddit debut are doing a bang up job! They’re really cheap if you order them off of the “Evil Psychs 4 Rent” website. The only concern there is that the site is rumored to be using out-sourced $ea Org child labor to keep their prices so low.

  • Intergalactic Walrus
  • Pezza

    The Ls are weird indeed. Some people don’t even remember what they audited on after them just the results. Then there is M6 Assessment used for some parts which is “Assess the subject of the group M6. The word is called or shouted very accusatively with the auditor looking directly into the PC’s eyes.” Can you imagine someone looking you in the eyes shouting these things- HERMIT!!!, ANIMAL!!!, A HORSE!!!, ROBOT!!!, UNICORN!!!, THE ALMIGHTY!!!, BLOODSUCKER!!!, SORCERER!!!!, Ex) Tho you only M6 the item in Caps, the rest is in a calmer voice i believe. UNICORN!!! _____

    Unicorn? _____

    Forest Spirit? _____

    Fairy? _____

    Gnome? _____

    Nymph? _____

    Water Sprite? _____

    Faun? _____

    Sylvan? _____

    Mermaid? _____

    Chimera? _____

    • Robert Eckert

      I first read it as “MI6”: so, Mister Bond, HAVE YOU EVER BELONGED TO MI6??!!!???

  • Liberated

    OT…sad news.
    David Letterman’s mom Dorothy died today, and today is Dave’s birthday.:-(

    • flyonthewall
      • Pezza


        • flyonthewall

          ikr. Idk if he had family but I feel bad for his brother

      • Shivani33

        Charlie’s last tweet, 10:00 pm April 11, 2017 – “One to Sleep On: Release the past to rest as deeply as possible.” 57 years old and 3 children. And fuck leukemia.

    • GfldedKim

      Oh no. I loved her. Such a character and good sport with all Dave’s silliness.

  • Once more the European editions of Source have to carry somewhat revised copy, to conform with our stricter advertising rules… (re-flow text as necessary):

    • Rasha


    • Sherbet

      You have a way with words. Biting, sarcastic, flippant words.

    • Jenyfurrrrr

      “…Flogging a dead-horse process that promises you the sky while delivering sweet F.A. in results…” you win funniest sh$t on the interwebs today AND the truth bomb awards!

    • Gus_Cox

      That, Sir, is fucking brilliant! LOL Me Leica a lot!

    • bravo!

      PS: If you’re going for “I’m getting too old for this” I would suggest “jeg er ved at blive for gammel til det her” but what you have is OK.

  • Intergalactic Walrus
    • flyonthewall


    • Jimmy3

      This guy can’t spell pretentious.

    • What—now he’s a jar of cheap imitation mayonnaise?

    • Jimmy3

      I like how even Elena is making a face like… I know this guy is a douche. It’s rough. Just deal with it.

    • Jenyfurrrrr

      So he’s decided he’s a miracle?!?! Only miracle here is that this guy doesn’t get punched in the face every time he opens his mouth!

    • Observer

      Are catastrophically, supernaturally awful things called miracles instead of plagues now?

      • Mark Foster

        The miracle: It´s shit that refuses to decompose!

    • Juicer77

      That disembodied head he had surgically attached to his back is a nice touch.

    • Harpoona Frittata

      Elena thought bubble to read: “I’ve got to keep both hands on Grunt’s shoulders or with all that hot air that he’s been spewing, he’d simply float up to the ceiling, which can be damn hard to explain!”

    • OTVIIIisGrrr8!

      COB was really pissed when he saw two of the the SO waitstaff at Flag seated at the IAS Patrons tables. But then Ken Delusion told him it was that horrible Cardone couple. COB said that couldn’t possibly be true because Bob Duggan’s ass wasn’t anywhere in the vicinity.

  • Jimmy3

    I’m sorry to have to say this, but Cindy Plahuta looks a lot like Laura Dern, and I’ve been thinking about Jurassic Park all day. My only goal in life is to live long enough to visit the actual Jurassic Park some day. Because you know they’re building it.

    • Science Doc

      Sorry. It’s going to be Triassic Park at first and then evolve into Jurassic Park.

    • My only goal in life is to live long enough to visit Laura Dern.

      • Sherbet

        Speaking of Bruce Dern (sort of), did you see the movie “Nebraska”? Wonderful little film, and Dern is so good in it.

        • I see that it has comedic overtones, so there’s a chance that I might see it.
          I’m on a comedy-only diet.

  • Lousy Ratatouille

    Question: “Is there some connection you won’t let go of?”
    Answer : “My WiFi.”

  • Lousy Ratatouille

    Question: “Have you ever done a family member in?”
    Answer : “Yes, I recruited my cousin for the Sea Org.”

  • Ann B Watson

    Hello all you adorable Bunkeroos. Does anyone else have this problem today? I get this on every blog I go to at some point but not this particular tangle.When I go to my profile page to read replies & recent posts all of a sudden a mustard colored box pops up saying sorry Disquis does not support your browser,then it lists the ones it does support and of course Safari is on the list because that is what Apple uses and that is what I have. But Disquis will not let me in 😭😭

    • Phoebequeen

      Just started happening to me on other sites. I do internet explorer.

      • Techie

        Internet Explorer has been discontinued by Microsoft for some years now. There is now no safe version of Internet Explorer. The script kiddies and Russian hackers are on the prowl looking for folks who still use Internet Explorer. The current Microsoft browser is called Edge, and the symbol looks a lot like the old Explorer symbol so many are using Edge without knowing it. If you are keeping your Windows system updated you probably have the Edge browser, if not you are using an old operating system and that puts you at risk too. Chrome and Firefox can easily be downloaded and used. Both are currently being maintained and are relatively safe. Just be sure to download from the actual Mozilla site (Firefox) or Google (Chrome), there are sites that offer a download that looks just like Firefox but it turns out to be ransomware. In any case, get out of Internet Explorer as fast as you can, any way you can.

        • Phoebequeen


          • Ann B Watson

            Double Yikes! ❤️

    • Jenyfurrrrr

      Yep I got that one today too and I’m using one of the supported browsers. I need to update my OS though (I have an iPhone) so it may be that they’re only supporting the latest version update? Who ever knows w/Disqus – its more touchy than me during PMS!!!

      • Ann B Watson


    • stanrogers

      I don’t think disqus actually supports any browsers, but there are bugs in the system that make it seem like some of them work… for short periods… every once in a while. Developers are on the case, trying to plug all of the holes.

      • Ann B Watson

        Thank you stanrogers, I am learning that the Internet Landscape can be challenging because I am not familiar with alot of the bugs and what makes them bite! But with each new viewpoint I am able to understand a little more! ❤️

        • stanrogers

          Actually, web development was difficult… years ago. Frankly, it was once a nightmare, since no two browsers could agree on how to do anything. Since then, it’s mostly become quite easy, but developers have made it ever more complicated because, well, because it’s kinda fun to add eleventy-nine layers of tooling that, in the end, allow you to do indirectly what you could have done directly with about 5% of the code and marginally more thinking. Every time I see a 4 or 5 megabyte page with dozens upon dozens of resource requests that could easily have been done with three requests and maybe 200 kilobytes in total, I die a little inside.

          • Ann B Watson

            Thank you again stan, I am a little dinghy trailing in your wake when it comes to the Web. I think I see that developers have made it harder to do actions that are actually simpler when they were initially created. Is that anywhere close to your comment? 😘

            • Missionary Kid

              Sometimes, all you have to do is reboot.

            • Ann B Watson

              Thank you mk. Good advice. However I did reboot I turn off the IPad totally & then back on. It does work at times but with Disquis it would not change the message to let me back after I rebooted. I will say Disquis got rid of the yellow box last night,so as of now I am running on all engines. Love All of You, such a helpful, funny, loving bunch here.😘

            • Ann B Watson

              Thank you, good advice mk. I do the reboot Dance alot with my Apple family, turn it all off turn it back on. I also Clear the cache of history on Safari too. This usually works but in the case of Disquis it took till early last night before their yellow box was removed. Before that I just could not get back in. Now I am running with all engines! I love how All You Amazing Bunkeroos are so helpful. knowledgeable, sweet and Funny!! XOXO 😘😍

            • stanrogers

              Not really, but not your fault at all. You would see just about the same thing as a user no matter how they go about it – except that it would be faster and more reliable if they did things the simple, but ever so slightly more difficult, way.

              What they’re doing is… are you familiar with either Rube Goldberg (American) or Heath Robinson (British), or perhaps with the old Mousetrap game/toy? Press a button, and a thing happens… but there will be balls rolling on tracks, monkeys being bribed with bananas to open cages, carrier pigeons striking matches with sandpaper attached to their tails, and boiling kettles making steam that turns a wheel, etc., between the button you press and the thing it affects. Nobody’s really sure how either the monkeys or the pigeons “work”, so if anything does go wrong, they’re just guessing how to fix it. That’s “modern” web development in a nutshell.

            • Ann B Watson

              That Mouse Trap game played for hours with it when I was 8. A great comment, thank you so much, makes sense now. 💖

    • Missionary Kid

      It’s not Disqus, It’s Disucks.

      • Ann B Watson


  • gtsix
  • Phoebequeen
    Apparently, I am not the only one seeing this message about disqus.

    • Jimmy3

      Whenever I begin to type ‘Disqus’, autocorrect changes it to ‘Disqualified’. This probably doesn’t help you at all. But I thought I should mention it.

      • Phoebequeen

        Ha! I just saw on discuss disqus, that they are aware of the problem and are looking into it.

        • Jimmy3

          Yeah, they’re aware of it because people having been yelling at them for the last hour. Lol

          • Phoebequeen

            I can’t even post a comment there, just read the other ones. I feel so left out! sniff.

          • Ann B Watson

            Disquis has been driving me Nuts Today! About as bad as sitting through dm and shermanspeak. ❤️

  • The dude paid $60K+ for YouTube viewers? That’s like the oldest scam in the book. The thing about Scientology testimonials is that they have to invent things that don’t exist and then pretend like they were “improved”. Can you imagine walking into a doctor’s office, paying $60K and then they ask you, “Did you ever leave someone with blue balls?” “Thank you. How do you feel now?” Then actually, publicly admitting that you paid for that because it made you “feel better”.
    On another note, I was in NOLA this weekend and I went to the Oak Alley plantation. It was beautiful. The part that really captured my attention was the exhibit that demonstrated the lives of slaves on the plantation. All of their stories were heart wrenching.

    I also couldn’t help but notice the parallels between the way Scientology treated me while I was in the Sea Org, and the way those slaves were treated. I hope it doesn’t sound like I am belittling the atrocities of slavery at all. I’d hate to make a Sean Spicer-level blunder.

    • Jimmy3

      If I’m paying $60k, I better not be leaving with blue balls. This will be a problem.

      • gtsix

        Who says you are leaving with balls?

        • Jimmy3

          This thread took an unforeseen turn and I wish I could go back

      • If they gave you everything on the first visit, you wouldn’t bother coming back for more.

      • chukicita

        Blue *laundry* balls!

    • Missionary Kid

      If not slaves, sea org members are indentured servants…forever.

    • Bobby Tolberto aka TDA

      There was a pseudo-scientific explaination of the tendency of some slaves to run away and seek their own freedom, it was called drapetomania:

      • I see the correlation with Scientology’s term “blowing” here.

  • Lousy Ratatouille
    • “Are you spied on?”
      Yes. By Scientology.

  • flyonthewall

    I don’t think that’s a pic of Cindy at all

    • Jimmy3

      Tellin you bro. It’s Dr. Ellie from Jurassic Park.

      • flyonthewall

        Dr. Ellie isn’t a hippy, man. She’s a paleontologist. This whole thing stinks

        • Jimmy3

          She’s a paleobotanist, jerk.

          • flyonthewall

            paleobotany is a specialized field of paleontology so technically it’s not incorrect to call her a paleontologist, you amicable gentleman son of a bitch

            • Jimmy3

              Nice try. Dammit, Nat’s here

    • Sherbet

      Well, the boots are Vaquera’s. But it’s Cindy, otherwise.

      • flyonthewall

        i thought V just wore cowboy boots?

        • Sherbet

          Maybe. I just thought she liked sexy boots. What do I know? I don’t know! Don’t persecute me!

  • Fink Jonas

    I don’t see how can it be so empowering focusing on what I have done or has been done to me without focusing on my future goals, it might be more empowering for them getting all that information on file ready to Blackmail you in the future.

  • Missionary Kid

    Oh, shit. It’s time to get out of the Coachella Valley. Coachella Fest is on this weekend, and if I don’t get out, at least I’ll stay in the west end of the Valley.

    The weather should be beautiful there, at least this weekend. Highs close to 90 and lows in the 60’s. The winds should be quiet.

    • Jimmy3

      Screw that. Go get your swerve on, buddy

      • Missionary Kid

        I got over going to concerts a long time ago. My hearing does weird things with music, and I’m not big on crowds any more. I saw Rod Stewart at the Oval in London, just after he left Faces, and America (I didn’t know who the hell they were) in the early 70’s, and I’ve seen Bonnie Raitt numerous times, Joe Cocker, drunk on his ass, but still able to sing a couple of times in a bar, Stevie Ray Vaugn both in concert and when he dropped in to play with a band at a bar I was at. Huey Lewis, The Tubes, Jefferson Starship, and a bunch of others I saw in the 80’s.

        I’m officially an old fart, at 72. I’d rather fly over Coachella, like I’ve done before, and look down on the crowds. It’s a PITA, though, to get to the Thermal Airport, where I usually fly out of.

        • Well, I can’t be bothered with crowds and I’m only 57.

          • Jimmy3

            I’m only 30 and I already hate people.

        • 5 Feet Long and Luminous

          I’m just an old fart in training, and even I’d much rather fly over Coachella than walk thru it.

  • EmmaDaoust

    This is so off-topic, but we in Toronto (okay, me) are very excited that Dutch artist Florentijan Hofman’s giant rubber ducky will be floating in our harbour this summer to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.

  • nottrue
    • Missionary Kid

      *Laughing* Thanks for sharing!

    • Juicer77

      A somewhat subtle approach that would fool some who don’t know how $ci works, or weren’t residents of Clearwater. The points *sound* reasonable at first, but there is always too much @ss-kissery in these comments about how much the Co$ has done for the city. Everyone knows it’s a lie.

    • Harpoona Frittata

      Joel Goldclam must be talking about some alt universe Clearwater in which it’s “clear that $cientology has a very positive impact on Clearwater.” That’s only true of Cult City, Florida if you think that emptying out all of the downtown area, except for the uniformed cultists, is a positive improvement.

      lil davey’s “brilliant plan” just calls for more ugly storefront facades to be built, which is pretty much what $cn is, a flimsy facade, so it’s oddly appropriate when it comes to the kind of makeover that you’d imagine would appeal to these conniving, false-front fools!

    • 5 Feet Long and Luminous

      Looking at those responses, the people aren’t so easily fooled anymore.

  • I was involved in delivering L-10, L-11 and L-12 for 8 years of my life, morning noon and night, either as a counsellor or case supervisor.
    One of the outright falsehoods that the cult continues to promote (and I used to fight this when IN the cult) is that the Ls will give you the state of “Exterior with full perception stably.”
    Translation : You will operate OUTSIDE your body as a free spirit non stop forever STABLY.
    Utter nonsense. Fabrication, hype and LIES.
    In 8 years I never experienced anyone *EVER* achieving this or anything like it.
    Neither on the ship Apollo or the Flag Land Base.
    No human being achieves this EVER.
    Marketing ploy and it sells.

    • Ann B Watson

      Thank you Karen. Truth Revealed and how bright it shines. The Lies from Ron to dm are a never ending stream that is so rancid and rotten and has caused terrible heartache and pain.💛

    • sizzle8

      Thanks Karen. How are the L’s related to what was called “The New Vitality Rundown” and weren’t they originally just for staff (like Super Power)?

      • Sizzle8. Not related. New Vitality uses the Dianetic procedure of going down chains of incidents. Not for staff, labelled “Flag Only” so there was more to sell to visitors. Never heard of anyone being made into a more decent human being from having NVRD, only $15,000 poorer.

    • Noesis

      Agree with you.

      The hyperbole still used to sell the Ls is very powerful. The surveys that were done to create the language for selling it were right on the money (lol.)

      I knew a lot of folks who did the Ls and several of the L’s auditors. People were often happy when they completed the Ls – some claimed they had moments of going exterior during the processing, but no one I knew ever went stably exterior or could do anything like go exterior at will.

      That was just nonsense.

      That it continues to be thought of as true and is not successfully challenged by anyone still active inside the church, is testimony to the strength of the shared, hopeful delusion that exists within the group.

      When the Ls went bad…they went very, very bad. As with any processes that involve listing…a person can be driven nuts (or might have already been mildly nuts and been made much worse) by the listing being done incorrectly…or being done correctly…but still having unexpected outcomes.

      One outcome that seemed to play out among many of the people who completed one or more Ls – they became meaner…at least as measured by wog standards. By church standards, they might be considered more “effective.”

      EDIT to add: It was apparently L-11 that drove Lisa Mcpherson into psychosis, introverting her beyond recovery and leading to her eventual death.

      • As with any processes that involve listing…a person can be driven nuts
        (or might have already been mildly nuts and been made much worse) by the
        listing being done incorrectly…or being done correctly.

        Uhu. I seem to recall that L Ron Hubbard went on about listing:

        (of course, the kicker is in the last part of yours that I quoted: there certainly is a risk of breaking the person being put through this rubbish – a chance of fixing them, to the extent there was anything wrong not put in there by $cientology, not so much)

        • Noesis

          That tape is indeed a source of great amusement – Hubbard at his (probably) coke-addled best.

          In any event, it was well known among technical staff that listing processes needed to be done with great care as the potential for them going wrong was high…and the results of them going wrong were often terrible.

          As an aside, Hubbard is talking about the difference between assessment and listing / nulling in this tape and the reality that many people confused the two.

          In practical terms it’s like confusing water and non-desensitized, liquid nitroglycerin – at least in terms of possible outcomes from mishandling.

          Within the context of all of Scientology “tech” – listing processes were among the most dangerous.

      • Mark Foster

        Yes, I worked closely for years with an OT who had done the L´s and she was an intense, crazy mix of sweetness and utter shittyness.

      • Hexagonal Thetan

        Are you sure? I remember that the poor Lisa did the Introspection Rundown before attesting Clear and then, after the minor car accident, she acted crazy and was hospitalized. Then Scientologist “rescued” her from the Hospital and put her on the Introcpection Rundown for the second time. And then – after days – she died.

        EDIT: I just saw the Lisa photo with the L11 cert in her hands. I had missing info.

        • Noesis

          There was also a write-up from the (since deceased) Case Supervisor who was over the L’s unit at the time Lisa did L-11 that described his view that she had unflat questions from the Rundown. In his view, she should never have been put on the Introspection Rundown (which is often used when people go psychotic) but instead needed to have her L-11 repaired.

          Scientology has not “fixed” the problem that people still go psychotic from their “tech” – they have just made it an ironclad rule that if someone does go psychotic they must not be allowed to stay at FLAG.

          To them it’s not a “tech” problem – it’s a PR problem.

    • Harpoona Frittata

      Love the Elron quote there! Sounds like the promise of truly great things that last for all. Too bad it’s a complete lie. If $cn ever managed to make even one person go exterior with full perception and maintain it, the world would be busting down the cult’s door.

      Even aside from all of its ongoing criminal behavior and massive civil/human rights abuses, the fact that $cn doesn’t deliver what it promises in the way of results is reason enough that this killer cult is on the endangered species list.

    • Mooser42001

      “I was involved in delivering L-10, L-11 and L-12 for 8 years of my life, morning noon and night, either as a counsellor or case supervisor.”

      Just shows to go you. At the time, I bet that would be all it would have taken to convince me of their efficacy!

    • mockingbird

      I meant to give this quote today and the mythology around it. People are buying the bridge through the OT levels and all the L rundown specifically to get the promised result of “stably exterior with full perception” and to remain so.

      I have seen them promoted in that way for decades and it is a specific claim of a measurable result.

      A person that really could operate independent of a body and see could go and perform many fears to prove it. No one ever has, just like moving pennies via telekinesis or anything at all ever.

      I wish I had shown Tiny this reference early this morning because it is incredibly relevant to the Ls, how they are sold and really the lack of results in Scientology.

      Additionally in looking at exteriorization I found information on dissociation that described a state of feeling outside your body that can seem like being out of body but is a hallucination reproducible with drugs or sensory deprivation or even virtual reality devices in labs. No seeing things you cannot see or imagine. No seeing behind walks or in drawers etc.

      I wish I had remembered to post that stuff earlier.

  • Jamie de Wolf just posted this over on FB. Interesting . . .

    EYES OPEN: For all my friends and collective performance family, something you need to know.
    I just got the disturbing news that a private investigator showed up at the front door of my ex girlfriend’s house. I haven’t seen her in almost ten years. He had a cover story about “representing parents of kids I may work with”, asking if I’m a violent person, what are my ‘past crimes’, drug use, if I made adult films and even why we broke up, all under the guise of seeing if I was ‘safe around children’. My ex is a special ed teacher and was trying to be helpful, defending me, thinking it was some extreme background check.
    I had to break it to her that there are no parents, no kids and no background check. This was Scientology tactics 101, they’ve done this before the first time they came after me: cover story, invasive questions, all on a dirt digging mission. Sometimes the PI’s don’t even know who they work for. They either got sloppy or are trying to threaten me. Either way, ya’ll need to know they’re moving against me with the ultimate goal being some sort of frame up/ public smear campaign/ or worse. This is not paranoia, this is how they operate. As to why now? There’s a lot going on behind the scenes. They probably want to take me out in whatever way before I can be more public about it. Research Paulette Cooper. There’s a long list. I’ve been stalked by them before and have it on camera. I may be a walking bullseye, but they’ll have to pull the trigger with everyone watching.
    1) To all my arts community nation-wide: If someone is asking about me, no matter if they say it’s the friggin’ NY Times for a ‘story’, or a documentary, ask for an ID first, and please let me know ASAP so I can check them out in detail. They’ll never identify themselves as a member, it will always have a cover story that sounds benign. You don’t need to be scared of them, just take their info. If they show up at your house, take a picture of their license plate if you can. And ask them to leave. You don’t have to answer anything ever.
    2) I ain’t scared of those sneaky slime-bags. I put my dirt in my life on stage and in performance. Trying to ‘smear’ a guy who writes true stories about drugs/suicide/sex while also performing in a clown troupe, hosting circus shows and being an out-loud idiot who will do anything for a laugh is the best they got. Doesn’t matter if you like my art in anyway or don’t like my sense of humor. I yam what I yam.
    But you know what I don’t do? Run a cult that devours families. You know what I haven’t done? Blood sex magic rituals to bring about the end of the world and give me dominion over mankind. I don’t know that magic trick. You know what else I don’t do? Lie about my entire past and make myself a hero out of ashes so I can bleed you for money. Whatever dirty bomb you wanna lob at me, my great grand-dad did dirtier. And hey, being a rogue runs in the family. At least I can own my actions. L. Ron never could.
    3) If something weird happens to me anytime soon from my car going off the road, to suddenly a half kilo of cocaine and bag of kiddie porn in my trunk, don’t buy it for a second. I’ve been touring, performing and teaching for 20 years. I’ve worked in over 150 high schools, have gone through dozens of background checks and worked in prisons. It’s a little late in the game if their angle is to make me some new criminal. When the inevitable hate website/smear campaign jumps up, ask why all of the sudden after 20 years I’m causing a new outrage.
    4) And to the OSA agents no doubt reading all of this, I honestly feel sorry for you that you dedicate millions of dollars and hours to investigate me and anyone else that speaks out against the cult, without taking even an hour to investigate my great gandfather or your current leader. Ask yourself why his own blood family would speak out against them. Trust me, my life is a happy art explosion without that shadow over me. But these tactics only harden my resolve. And you ain’t gonna keep punking people in the shadows and scaring us. You know where I live. Feel free to come by anytime.
    5) And to anyone who thinks I milk this for ‘fame’ or ‘money’ has never had longer then a five minute conversation with me or been to any of my shows. My life is perfectly happy without this poison. It’s a dark cesspool of misery, paranoia and all out awful to go near. You don’t get to pick your family. The fact is, I was born into this and refuse to be bullied into silence. They’ve been getting away with it all for too long. And finally the world is starting to understand how dangerous they truly are and have always been. Truth will out. And empires fall.
    Tick. Tick. Tick.

    • Juicer77


      • Observer


        • Philbyification

          I’m surprised his “ex” fell for it considering….ffs! Wth? DERP!

    • Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner


      • I’m wondering if he’s working on the second season of Aftermath with Leah and Mike. Or something else entirely . . .

        • Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner

          That was my first thought, too.

        • Harpoona Frittata

          That’s my bet too! For those who don’t have a deep background of understanding concerning Jamie’s unique family background and personal story, it sure would make a great episode (or even an entire movie). That would explain how he suddenly got back on the cult’s dirty tricks to-do list.

        • 5 Feet Long and Luminous

          That would be incredible. I think he’s had something else in the works, too, though. I remember him alluding to it last year. Whatever he’s got going on, I’m all in.

        • Chewkacca

          I have a feeling that Season Two is going to be a real barn burner………..!

        • Possibly – but even if he’s not, they might be trying to get something on people who might get more media attention as a result of the second series.

          Of course, that kind of behaviour (which did work for Hubbard in a different age) is only likely to backfire on them, now. However, it’s doctrine, they can’t change and it’s the only way that Miscavige knows to interact with people.

          • Mark Foster

            Miscavige…¨interact¨ …ha! That´s diplomatic.
            Use, abuse, suck the life/money/dignity out of…Yes.

            • It’s hard to express how people like Miscavige have an effect on others because all of the words we have are based around concepts which assume:

              a) That both parties understand that the other is an individual with consciousness and subjective feelings much the same as their own
              b) That there is some kind of give and take when you…well… interact.

              Miscavige does not seem to understand (a). Also, he has an effect on others outside of Scientology (an even within, most of the time) through intermediaries. What’s unusual about these events is that he’s personally meeting outsiders, albeit in carefully controlled conditions.

              He certainly does not understand (b). Everything he says and does is subordinated to getting his own way, and he likely strongly resents having to take that unusual measure instead of just issuing ‘command intention’.

              You can’t casually use ordinary language when describing the way Miscavige impacts upon the lives of others because he breaks all of the assumptions implicit in that language.

            • Mark Foster

              Well said!

    • UhLasare

      Good for Jamie. Shine the light on their dark deeds!

    • Jamie’s post is a brilliant Zero Fucks Given message to OSA/RTC.

      • Mark Foster

        A new acronym: ZFG. 🙂

    • GfldedKim

      What completely dispicable pieces of shit. 😡

    • Harpoona Frittata

      Love me sum Jamie Da Big Bad Wolf! Takin’ it to his great granddaddy’s killer cult like no one else can!

      There’s no one else in his entire extended family, including Elron’s own surviving children, who is speaking up in public on how completely Elron destroyed his own family, leaving no one untouched by his evil.

      Even 30 years after the Fatman’s demise, the cult STILL follows, surveils and harasses his closest descendants, many of whom have lived in fear of this criminal cult all their lives. The real history of Elron’s family life is so despicable that it can’t be allowed to be told by those who lived it because it completely contradicts the myth the cult is trying to spin which all but nominates Elron for Sainthood.

      “When the inevitable hate website/smear campaign jumps up, ask why all of the sudden after 20 years I’m causing a new outrage.”

      Well, I’ve got a pretty good idea why that’s happening now (wink, wink)!

    • 5 Feet Long and Luminous

      As if I couldn’t love that tall slice o’ginger any harder…Stick it to ’em, Jamie!

    • BEETEE

      I love the fact that Jamie knows how to confront and shatter Scientology and David MIscavige’s thugs he hires. Good Job Jamie DeWolfe.

      David Miscavige is hiring private investigator’s to fair game the critics of Scientology using the tax exempt billions he amassed by fraudulent, deceptive and criminal means…

      Nice church! Very humanitarian of them.

      I will make sure I copy this and send it out to all of my friends.

    • Chewkacca

      When the Chult “Fair Games” some people, they “shudder into silence”. Other people get angry, real angry. Leah, Jason, Mike, Jamie. There will be more. And those angry people DO stuff. Like write books, make TV series, and make movies. And then EVEN MORE people get angry, even outraged. And because of those angry people, the Chult will be gone in a few short years. The Chult is SO doomed. OSA-holes, start looking for a new job. Like “shoveler at sewage treatment plant”.

      • Philbyification

        Their Shit has hit the “Heartland” Fan! LOL

    • Mark Foster

      Yes, live your life, make art, speak truth, be authentic; all of those are things that are antithetical to the cult´s philosophy, policies, and actions. Onward & upward!

  • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)
  • Mooser42001

    Auditor: “Have you squashed a thetan out of existence?”
    Subject: “Oh shit, sure, bunches of times”
    Auditor:” The E-meter didn’t budge. I’ll ask again: Have you squashed a thetan out of existence?”
    Subject: “With one can tied behind my back, I squash ’em!”
    Auditor: “Sorry, Meter says you ain’t never squashed a thetan, or popped na’ar a grape”
    Subject: “Well re-adjust the damn thing, listen I tell you, I’m a thetan-squasher from way back. Used to kill hundreds a night when I was in SEA-org!”
    Auditor: “Those were bedbugs, you idiot”
    Subject: “They weren’t bad. A little like shrimp”
    Auditor: “Oh, now look, you’ve wasted so much time blathering. Slide your ATM card through the little slot in the E-meter and key in your PIN.”

  • nottrue
    • Jimmy3

      Aren’t the L rundowns based on the Joburg sec checks? If I’m wrong about that, correct me. But if so, that is straight up apartheid racism. The wrong race is anyone that isn’t white. No excuse for that type of hate.

      • flyonthewall

        Hubbard just jelly cuz he don’t have no melanin like me

      • Douglas D. Douglas

        Actually, I would assume the “wrong” race is their way of saying a race other than your own. Back in the day “race mixing” was an actual thing in general society, and is still viewed as a negative by fringe types and certain White House advisors today.

        • flyonthewall

          you’re talking about miscegenation!

        • Sherbet

          He could have worded it “race other than (or different from) your own.” I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s, and, even back then, “wrong race” would have been the wrong way of expressing the concept.

          ETA: There’s no reason these questions should exist anyway, especially as part of a confessional. Nosy, slimy, racist church.

          • Douglas D. Douglas

            “Wrong race” sounds like LRH’s tortured syntax. It is an odd, odd way of expressing basic racism.

            • Sherbet

              lrh was an odd, odd person who couldn’t mask his racism or misogyny. How many different ways can we say, “What a moron”?

            • Techie

              Well, it is stupid, but remember the point of it was to invoke a reaction in the one holding the cans. So whatever “wrong race” means to the person receiving the Ls is what will be taken up for further questions etc. If you asked an apartheid believer that question in the 60s you might get quite a reaction. The reaction is what they are after.

    • Observer

      Homo Novus.

    • Rasha

      Once you go wrong, you never go…. um… back. -_^

      • flyonthewall

        so true

    • This one alone, but with the others, made me say that if these questions were more widely publicized it would have more of an effect than the Xenu story, which is fairly innocuous.

      • Harpoona Frittata

        Innocuous!!? We’re talking the Mother of all engrams here, pard! $cn is all about Xenu and the dastardly deeds he did which ended up infesting each and every human on Teegeeack with thousands of disembodied space alien spirits…75 million years of degraded beingness ain’t no small potatoes!

        • Douglas D. Douglas

          But innocuous in the sense of, ” So what’s the difference between a space alien dropping souls into volcanoes and a talking snake that makes all Mankind evil?” Racism, misogyny, and homophobia, on the other hand…

        • DDD said it better than I could.

  • Silence of the Clams

    Here we see the true idiocy of this cult. You’ve spent tens of thousands, attained the state of clear…blah, blah, blah. But hey, you need the “Ls” to fix all of the stuff the cult was unable to fix before. And next year, you’ll need superpower to fix all of the things the L’s didn’t fix.

    I want to feel bad for Scilons but when I see them buy into the ongoing stupidity of “fixing themselves” with more expensive courses to fix what earlier courses failed to fix, a part of me feels like they deserve running on that hamster wheel.

    • The Church of Scientology has long had a problem with product differentiation, especially after the Grades and once one has gone Clear. Basically, everything is supposed to accomplish everything, so no given thing is necessary, much less more than one.

      The only possible exception *might* be the separate Super Power Rundowns, which at least have different names and separate purported results. Even with Super Power, no Scientologist allows themselves to ask why they need the Super Power Rundown on study if one has previously done Student Hat, or the Super Power Rundown on Ethics and Justice if one has previously done the PTS/SP Course. Techies may argue that the earlier courses are training on one side of the Bridge to Total Freedom ™, while Super Power is audting on the other side of the Bridge to Total Freedom ™, but the RESULTS are, or should be, largely the same.

  • UPDATED: Scientology leader David Miscavige presents Clearwater retail plan to downtown stakeholders


    • Noesis

      At the very end of this article is a quote from one of the 70 community representatives that were hand-picked to attend the Miscavige presentation on the rooftop of the Ft. Harrison hotel. The person quoted, Socrates Charos, owns a dance studio on Cleveland Street in the heart of the area that the Scientology funded retail facade improvements would occur.

      “To the eye it looks good,” Charos said, “but I don’t know if it is good.”

      Has anything more true ever been said about Scientology?

      • OOkpik

        Regarding Miscavige’s proposal: To the eye it looks good but based on the Church’s history it would be the death knell for downtown Clearwater.
        Do I win a HowdyCon trinket?

  • Rasha

    “Have you ever forced a child into an unsuitable profession?”

    …I have no words…..

    • Missionary Kid

      For some, the answer is “Yes. Sea org”.

    • flyonthewall

      Like forcing your son to be an auditor instead of a pilot like he wanted?

      • Rasha

        I mean, there’s always Chain Locker Maintenance. If you’re qualified, of course. And 10.

  • And let us not forget that Lisa Mcpherson proudly touted her L-11 cert only weeks before her mental breakdown and death.

    Peter Buttery RIP and by David Gellie were both Class XIIs who supervised and
    audited her L-11 through her “L-11 completion” , a mere 3 weeks before her
    Psychotic Break, (they were permanent removed and Peter died in a freak accident
    where a ton of confessional folders fell off a high rack giving him a brain
    injury and subsequent death.) Here is Lisa ~

    • Douglas D. Douglas

      …and Peter died in a freak accident where a ton of confessional folders fell off a high rack giving him a brain injury and subsequent death.

      Now there’s something you don’t hear about every day.

      • flyonthewall

        I’ll go ahead and say it. That shit is funny to me, I don’t care

        • Sherbet

          I’m giggling along with you and feeling slightly guilty. It sounds like an urban legend on a par with: “And there was a hook hanging from the handle of the car!”

          “And then a ton of confessional folders fell off a high rack…”

          • flyonthewall


            • Sherbet


          • Gus_Cox

            I have to admit, I giggled too… I am a bad, bad man lol. I better go get my evil int handled!

        • Douglas D. Douglas

          I knew I could count on you to say what we ALL were thinking…

        • outraged

          There were no file folders hurt in the making of this blog.

          • Sherbet

            This thread reminds me of the Mary Tyler Moore “Chuckles The Clown’s Death” episode.

        • If I believed in reincarnation and died that way, I’d be too embarrassed to come back.

        • Robert Eckert

          Did you ever hear about the Brink’s truck driver who died making a delivery of coins to the bank, when he had to make a sudden stop? He was nickeled and dimed to death.

        • Philbyification

          Me too. I’m still on my Compassion TR’s when it comes to the freak death of an Intentional Scammer for some reason. Maybe I will be as nice as Ms. Karen when I grow up?! I love her vids and posts!

    • outraged

      Someone was murdered by Scientology file folders???
      omg, that takes the cake.
      Lock ’em up!!!

      Seriously, these notorious file folders have been the source of so much suffering, back breaking labor, useless paranoia and decade long guilt, I am not at all surprised they actually killed a poor soul. Burn them all.

      • It was a freak accident where the metal racks and folders collapsed on his head.

        • outraged

          I understand. But for me, a never inner, hearing SO much about these damned folders, it is hard not to blame them. :-}

        • OOkpik

          Scientology will get you one way or the other.

          • outraged


        • califa007

          According to Scn, isn’t it so that there is no such thing as an accident? Didn’t he just pull it in? I had something in my garage fall on my toe and was limping. The course sup would not let me continue until I was cleared by Ethics. She did not want a PTS in her course room!

        • Robert Eckert

          You hear about the Brink’s truck driver who died making a delivery of coins to the bank? He had to make a sudden stop and was nickeled and dimed to death.

      • JJ

        My eyes are readin’ that paragraph funny I keep seeing mudcake.

    • Techie

      Heartbreaking, Karen, so glad to hear your truth blast after all the hype and generalities from the so-called church. They call them the “fabulous Ls”, only true if you use definition 2

      2: told in or based on fable fabulous dragons

      • Douglas D. Douglas

        It’s a typo. They meant Fabulist Ls.

    • 5 Feet Long and Luminous

      See, this is why the Ls freak me the hell out. Look at that woman’s eyes! That is not the gaze of a mentally healthy person. So many of the post-completion “success stories” that have been shared here and elsewhere feature people saying things that don’t just sound a little nutty, they sound downright frightening–as in, someone should intervene for the sake of the person’s health. I don’t know what it is exactly about the Ls that seems to send so many people over the edge of sanity, but I feel like there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest a trend.

      • JJ

        The eyes you can’t quite see into and you’re not real sure they’re looking out… Yeah, I know that one. That poor woman needed help and it wasn’t Scientology. Making the able more able? Leave the mentally ill alone, these guys have a shit track record with us!

        • 5 Feet Long and Luminous

          More like making the able un-able. Scientology doesn’t find your ruin, it creates it for you.

          • JJ

            And charges you for the privilege…
            How is that so different from (some) psychiatry. Here’s is what’s wrong with you, that’ll be $750.00 cash or charge, no checks.

    • TonyOrtega

      Great picture. Not sure where the notion came from, however, that this was just before her bad period. Records show her L11 was published in May 1994, which means she actually did it at least a few months before that. Her L10 was published in May 1995, so she did that early in the year. Her problems didn’t really get bad until the fall of 1995.

    • machiabelly

      I’m begging for a book of anecdotes from the trenches, Karen (and others). Please? Amazon makes it easy to self-publish!

      • Philbyification

        Well ya know “even DM didn’t Gas his own People” ffs Spicer, what a Complete Moron!!HAHAHA! sigh..

  • outraged
    • Sherbet

      Y’know, I look good for my age, too, but I can’t do what I did at age 40, and I don’t even try. Tom…reinvent yourself. The running-riding-hanging shtick is starting to embarrass you.

      • outraged

        Exactly the criticism. It is getting old, the motorcycles, the running, the hanging.
        Lainey calls him a “stay in your laner”.
        She alludes to someone else who is the same, as if the “stay in your lane” is also a reference for….something…sexual?

        • Sherbet

          I wondered when I read the piece who the other was. Anyway, Cruise is definitely a stay in your laner, except he’s one of those older folks who leave the turn signal blinking, blinking, blinking.

          • outraged

            hahahah. Sunday driver.

            Who do you think it is?

            • Sherbet

              I really don’t know. There are a lot of formula actors who stick to the tried-and-true. Maybe I’m being thick?

            • outraged

              At first I thought another in the closet gay actor. Then, maybe another in the closet gay actor who ALSO stays in the same lane…Not Jamie Foxx? He is so much more versatile. Also probably not gay but maybe dating Katie. Then of course Travolta, but his movies are all….different from another usually. And the latest – OJ – was very well received.

              I’m overthinking this. lol

            • Sherbet

              Yes, you are, outraged. Let it go, like a little bird. 😀

      • JJ

        He doesn’t ‘look happy’ but he is keeping busy… and that’s the point right. Up there will obeying DM, hassling outsiders and anyone who questions your faith, abandoning your own children and telling yourself you really really really believe all this crap you’ve been paying for for thirty+ years…

    • Rasha

      …why editors and cinematographers get their own Oscars…..

    • Looks like he just woke up in that photo on the right.

  • Liberated

    Okay L Ron, I’ve created my own sec check just for you.
    It’s a two-flow universe…man.

    Have you ever made love to a person with hideous acne ?
    Have you ever brushed your teeth less than 3 times a month ?
    Have you ever not-issed a second wife ?
    Has a family member ever committed suicide ?
    Are wogs necessary ?
    Have you ever caused a family member to commit a federal crime ?
    Have you ever advocated pedophilia ?
    Have you ever punished a child in the chain-locker of a ship ?
    Have you ever blamed a sexual partner for your own impotence ?
    Have you ever lied or conned anyone ?

    See the reg. on your way out….bitch !

    • OOkpik

      I see this is the abridged version. 🙂

      • Liberated

        Oh yeah !

      • Liberated

        I just remembered a really good one…it will just have to wait.

    • PerpetualOutflow

      Have you ever kidnapped a child and told your spouse you cut the child up into little pieces?
      Have you ever tried to create a moon child in a black magic sex ritual?
      Have you ever advocated tricking, lying to, and utterly destroying people?
      Have you ever told anyone you were the anti-Christ?
      Have you ever told anyone you were the Buddha?
      Have you ever had the intention of making all men your slaves?
      Have you ever used hypnotism to get people to give you all their money?
      Have you ever conned people out of their money by selling something that doesn’t work?
      Have you ever made things up and presented them as universal truths?
      Have you ever stolen another man’s wife or girlfriend?
      Have you ever written a bad check?
      Have you ever lied about your educational achievements?
      Have you ever been guilty of stolen valor?
      Have you ever been told you are a hypochondriac?
      Have you ever felt, deep down, that you are a horses *ss and an evil SOB?

      • Liberated

        I forgot one,
        Have you ever lied about taming a bunking-bronco at age 3 ?

        Sure I believe that.

        • PerpetualOutflow

          LOL, I’ll raise you one:

          Have you ever lied and told people Old Tom made you a bloodbrother of the Blackfeet tribe when you were four-years-old?

          Tag, you’re it.

          • Liberated

            It’s go time…

            Have you ever lied about being the youngest “Eagle Scout ” in the entire world, ever ?
            Too bad it was never recorded, ever ! And no one can confirm such a tall tale.

            • PerpetualOutflow

              Combine it all and I think we have ourselves a rundown.

              Have you ever been on the run?
              Have you ever been unwelcome in a foreign country?
              Have you ever shelled a friendly island by mistake?
              Have you ever tried to make people believe you are Mankind’s Best Friend?
              Have you ever had a vendetta against psychiatrists?
              Have you ever tried to run your own private Navy?
              Have you ever been a hypocrite, preaching one thing while doing another?
              Have you ever been cruel to your wife or child?

              Tag. You’re it.

            • Liberated

              Oh okay, it’s getting late but here goes

              Do you actually deep down really really hate women ?
              Do you actually think you can do anything you want, it just depends on the strength of your “will ?”
              Have you never considered the pleasure of your sexual partner ?
              Have you blamed all of mankind’s ills on women and their love of ” attempted abortion?”
              Did you secretly hate your mother ?

            • PerpetualOutflow

              Liberated, you have outdone yourself and gone to a deeper level. I must meditate on this. To be continued.

            • Liberated

              See ya tomorrow.

      • Harpoona Frittata

        Hahahaha…It’s the ElrunDown!

        • TexasBroad

          !!!! ^^^^^ !!!!!
          ElrunDown – lol!

        • mockingbird

          That is priceless.

    • JJ

      run him over already, they are lucky they didn’t bury a corpse, LRH. I swear that grave would have been mangled by now…

    • mockingbird


  • Thank you for your input.

  • Christian

    “My flows are super clean” Am I the only one that thinks that sounds like a UTI cure? L12 – a sure cure for nasty wee

    • machiabelly

      Entrepreneurial person in a sandwich board advertising outside a drug rehab lab?

  • machiabelly

    Ya know, I do like the cover image on Source. It’s eye-catching and well designed, especially compared to the dated cheesiness of what they usually put out.

    The inside has the layout of a J.C. Penney’s catalog.

  • JJ

    Wrong Race? Lovely.

    have you ever been given the wrong change (to your gain) (to your loss) but not said anything.
    have you ever played Twister.
    have you ever thought you thought something and been wrong.
    have you ever used a chap stick all day and then realized you had not taken the top off.
    ironed your clothes and put them away to find you had not turned the iron on.
    driven to work and done half a day before you realized you were at the place you used to work.
    drank half a six pack of light beer in your PJ’s standing in the isle at the store at three AM before you realized you don’t even like light beer.
    eaten chicken.
    eaten beef.
    eaten pork.
    eaten crow.
    joined a up and coming motivational semi-scientific-paramilitary-mind power group that took all your money, made you abandon your friends and family, told you not to read the paper or watch the news and instructed you that the worlds problems could be solved via empty buildings and enemas.
    have you ever answered a question and answer poll about have you ever…

  • WhatAreYourCrimes

    Have you ever made love to a person of the wrong race?
    Have you ever made love to a person of the wrong species?

    Yeah, these questions tell me more about the questioner than myself. SIck f***s, these scientologists.

    • JJ

      Only one race, the human race. I got one for them. “mixed”? There are people who literally have checkerboard skin tone white black and everything in between, looks really cool. would this count as the “wrong race” or only if you were black on white white on black? I mean for reals? What an asinine thing to promote, wrong race?
      “No, but I went to bed with a Scientologist once, Man I was shit faced after the pot luck. I thought he was an Episcopalian! Was I shocked. The next day he said he had some brochures for me to look at and asked me if I thought I was living my best possible life…?

  • Bavarian Rage

    OT: Canadian news headline – “Psychiatrists Ask Liberals to Keep Cannabis Illegal Up to Age 21”

    Scientology conundrum: Side with Psychs or side with drug accessibility….what to do…what to do…

    • JJ

      OMG what are they gonna do with that one? Agree and descent? That’s a ways off from attack attack attack.. how bout agree and obfuscate, or obfuscate agree and disavow?

  • What’sup
    • JJ

      coffee, tea, soda, broken color bone…

    • grundoon

      We will apologise when it costs us over a billion dollars. It’s a moral thing.

      • JJ

        They’re getting there… man corporate, I swear. HOW did they think it would look bodily hauling paying guests off the plane (in the age of camera phones), bleeding? Who are these people?

      • Bavarian Rage

        You’re absolutely right. It really is amoral.

    • grundoon

      Just imagine how we treat your luggage.

    • grundoon
      • JJ

        Well, we knew it was bad when they started confiscating nail clippers but really…

    • Newiga

      It’ll take a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time for United to live this down, if ever.

    • mandymarie20

      Did any of you Bunkaroos participate? Good job if you did.

  • JJ

    I’ve got it! On the Clearwater plan. They need to build retirement apartments and cottages ala a complex in the down town core, for the aging populace (minimal) of Scientologists. Like it or not they are gonna get old and die, no matter what Tom Cruise looks like in Paris. There is a HUGE market for Secure all inclusive gated Retirement Communities that merge into assisted living etc. Scientology really has an opening here, Flaf Base Estates! Even with their shrinking customer base, the fact is it is aging and coupled with the desire to be part of Scientology only space means there is a huge market for a Scientology Retirement Center. Granted they have to overcome A: the belief that the human body is still worth using or keeping around once it is no longer functioning optimally, ie useless eaters, B: admitting to infirmity they can’t clear up with their supposed mind powers. but the money is there in the form of wealthy donor members who would like to retire to a sunny, SOS, Scientology Only Space, a end of the bridge utopia where they can age out of usefulness with like (un) minded others in cheery little 12 room bungalows with all the amenities and services they could want. In package deals that would of course be broken down by pay scale with the uber wealthy saps getting the primo locations, accommodations and celebrity Scientology next of doors. Have say a real-estate-tone-scale say 10.0 to 0.1 scale of luxe and lavish caterings down to plebeian 2 room flats and you were once one of us so we’ll have someone do your laundry once a week?
    There is money to be made here! the proposed pool could instead be part of the fitness center for the aging Scientologist, trying to hang on to what little power and physical control they have.
    After that I don’t know, how abut a Scientologist only cemetery/cremation service/mausoleum fixture with uber High End finishings and piled with over the top Scientology imagery.

  • Sookie Sookie

    The L’s give me the creeps, piss me off, and make my lip curl.

    As an antidote, I like to read the repulsive guy’s personal affirmations. And laugh my goddamn ass off.

    • Robert Eckert

      He’s bad enough, he’s dumb enough, and goddamnit, people hate him!

  • April 16, 2017 – The first season of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath debuts in the Philippines.


  • Andrew Robertson

    Just when earthquakes become routine and boring, Nature springs an exciting surprise:

    ‘Cyclone Cook: New Zealanders flee ahead of huge storm’

    See you at the implant station on Mars!


    • Tony Ortega

      Take cover, compadre.

    • TexasBroad

      Oh!!! Prayers, Wishes, Postulates, Positive Energy, 12 rosaries (whatever it takes!) for your safety, and for all. Please let us know how you are when you can.

    • TheMirrorThetan

      Look after yourself, mate.

    • Kiwis are tough and resourceful, but be careful down there!

    • Newiga

      Stay safe!

  • TheMirrorThetan

    Good news because they really need it.
    The Aussie orgs would have no staff at all if it wasn’t for the Taiwanese they con into joining staff here.

  • Newiga

    LOL at Ebner’s tweet. Normally, I might feel sorry for someone getting flamed online but in Jenna Elfman’s case… Need to dig in once I get home from work.

    • Baby

      I didn’t get this at first.. click on reddit . com ( gray) beside Elfman’s photo..hahaha OMG.. did that backfire. The comments are hysterical.

      • Newiga

        Not easy being a Scientology celebrity in a post-Going Clear/Scientology Aftermath/etc. world. I would feel sorry for her if she hadn’t displayed such arrogant attitude in the past.

    • ReallyMGM

      I wouldn’t have asked about Scientology. I would have asked her about her You Tube channel where they refer to their children as “little f&ckers.”

      • Newiga

        Yeah… They try to sound rad and hip but end up sounding vulgar and arrogant. Blegh

        • ReallyMGM

          I got a giggle about her anti aging secrets…sleep and whatever. She appears to have at the very least an excellent cosmetic esthetician.

    • Graham

      This is the woman who asks people if they’ve raped babies, calls her children ‘little fuckers’ and says she’d blow a horse for a subscription to Netflix. Yet she’s not robust enough to answer some legitimate questions about her religion. As we’ve seen here on the Bunker there were Scientologists signing up to make one comment and then deleting their accounts. Not so much confront and shatter, more like dump and run.

      • Newiga

        I’ve compared that tactic to an old childhood prank where you ring your neighbor’s doorbell and run away before the open the door.

    • TheMirrorThetan

      ” Keep up the critical thinking and one day you will be able to do it properly, it takes years of studying and thinking about deep questions in order to be able to critically think”

      “Stupid times stupid equals stupid” You would know from personal experience, idiot.

      If this is the class of hate mail he is receiving then it is sad and lame.
      A butterfly fart is more powerful than that drivel.
      Bunch of butthurt gormless inbred idiots.

  • Juicer77

    Welcome, newbies and lurkers and under-the-radars. Whatever challenges you are facing, read and ask and learn as much as you can. There is more support “out there” than you realize. f5

  • Graham

    For “mountain base teaching” read “mountain of bloviating lies based teaching”.

  • ombrifuge

    I just found this video of a Class XII Auditor talking about the L Rundowns:

  • madame duran

    “Mountain base” refers to the infamous volcano on the Dianetics book cover?

  • Bert Allen

    Wow, can you imagine a Sea Org member trying to answer those questions about child rearing. No floating needles in that session if the e-meter actually worked. Of course we know it doesn’t. And the sexual encounter questions are truly bizarre. “Have you ever failed to have sex with someone you should have?” How would a person know the answer to that question?

  • Robert Eckert

    Like in “Backstroke of the West” (Revenge of the Sith re-translated from Chinese) where “the Jedi Council” becomes “the Presbyterian Church”

  • Yes!!

  • Anonymous Confused Person

    Late to the party, but the picture of Overgaard and Villa looks like a scene out of “Alien”. As I recall, that story didn’t turn out too well for the majority of the characters. Eaten by a ravenous alien — wait, sounds like Scientology, all right (but Miscavaige only wishes he were that tall).