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Leaked audio of Scientology ship commander giving marching orders during the pandemic

We have an unusual leaked conference call from Scientology’s private cruise ship the Freewinds. It was intended to be heard only by Scientologists in the ANZO continent (Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania).

The commanding officer of the ship is Sharron Weber, and the call was billed as an analysis of the state of the planet during the global pandemic.

Dense with the loaded language of Scientology, the call was a motivational rally to encourage Scientologists to become more active as Field Staff Members, or FSMs, who act as salespeople, getting a commission for convincing other Scientologists to further their expensive progress up the “Bridge to Total Freedom.” Those they can bring to the org to start a course are called Selectees.

In the call, Weber stresses that the largest period of expansion for Scientology is just around the corner. This claim is as old as Scientology. Active membership at recently opened Ideal Orgs is in the dozens, not hundreds or even thousands.



Also in the call is the announcement of “Independence Week” on the Freewinds based on the movie Independence Day with Will Smith. Just as in the 1996 film in which Smith’s character led the attack on invading aliens, Scientology will lead the attack against the coronavirus. Weber declares that the pandemic is suppressive and anti-social and Scientology will just “take it out and take it down.”

It’s an interesting call that shows again how Scientologists talk among themselves in a language that most non-members would find nonsensical.

— Rod Keller

Here’s a transcript of Sharron Weber’s portion of the call…

Hello, good morning, good morning! [Hello, sir!] This is very exciting, I can’t believe it! You got up for breakfast. [We did.] So can they hear me? [They can, they can hear you, but I’ve got everybody else in the room muted so it’ll, it’ll sound like you’re talking into dead air but everybody is…] That’s all right. I can feel every single one of your presence. Absolutely. Total theta.

Oh my goodness. So just throughout this total insanity we’ve actually had the fun of making OTs every single week so far, and we’re just about ready to run out now so the gates have got to open. So everybody who’s waiting to arrive can arrive, but every single week we’ve been making one to two. And there’s even weeks where we made four new OT 8s in one of these insane weeks, so that is really what it’s all about.

So this was my idea, I wanted to see how I can help wake up the world with just my favorite thing to read LRH, and in FSM Series 1 LRH says, “The purpose of a field staff member is to help LRH contact, handle, salvage and bring to understanding the individual and thus the people of Earth.” And I believe that in this time our job and our duty is to work together as a team to activate every Scientologist to the best of our ability to become field staff members and start selecting every Scientologist where all the services they so desperately need in their lives — whether it’s their grades or their FPRD or their next solo preparations or their OT levels or their life repair or their Purif or their SRD or their training levels whatever it is — I believe that in the very near future just from what I read from the IGN bulletin that I received and you received, I know the largest and the greatest expansion ever is just around the corner.

And I want all of us to be a part of it. And those [ ] of our organizations are open and all the airlines are open again to receive our guests, and all the arrivals that will be arriving for like OT 8 or into your orgs, it’s like how many do you want to have arriving on that day. The doors are going to open and you want to have every single chair, every honors chair, every academy chair, every chair filled with individuals connected to Source and moving in their lives, and we can create that impact by selecting, selecting, selecting, and doing our jobs right now.

And that’s really the message I wanted to say because, it isn’t just FSM for the Freewinds, it’s FSM for LRH. What does your guy need next? LRH says, and in this reference, “The expansion of Scientology depends in no small measure upon the industry and effectiveness of field staff members.” It’s you, the contacting, handling, salvaging, and bringing to understanding the individuals and thus the peoples of Earth. It’s you as FSMs.

I obviously want to have as many OT 7s as I can possibly get onto planes arrive to take their first step onto the first [ ] OT levels for all mankind. I want them to address a [ ] necessity for a thetan’s total freedom which LRH says has to be addressed and handled. And of course amnesia on the Whole Track. So that’s what I want [ ] anything. But to get that we also have to start somewhere and start shoving people up the lines into our AOs, into our organizations, getting people to go Clear, getting people to go OT, getting people to arrive.

And then I also want to provide services to assist every Scientologist in the world on anything they need that we can make into a killer convention to give thems wherewithall, to make it as fast as possible. So really it’s like I want us to apply this reference. It’s from the Second American ACC, and this is what LRH says: “The best way to know any future is to cause one and that’s why you see when you start consulting the Oracle at Delphi you’ve taken a step downhill. You’ve assigned cause for the future elsewhere. One predicts a future as much as one is cause. The future isn’t a pattern laid out to abuse and bully you, the future is a beautiful playground that nobody happens to be combining. You talk about virgin territory the most virgin territory there is, is a future. You can do anything you want with it. Nobody is doing anything with it.” — LRH


We can totally predict our future by our actions right now: getting all your selectees selected for their next services, getting them to sign up for their next services with your local registrars, getting people to sign up for extension courses. But the main thing is being cause and not going affect of some pandemic that’s really just simply suppressive and anti-social to begin with.

I think we need to just take it out. Just take it out and take it down, and we’re going to be doing that by creating future. And you know it’s really funny, I almost when I first came on I started giggling, but then you wouldn’t understand what I was laughing about. But I was just showing this very funny telephone image like a sticker that you guys sent to [ ], and it shows all these people jumping up and down going oh my god oh my god oh my god, and I started laughing so hard. And I think that is the perfect thing is going to be happening all around the world when doors are open and thousands are flooding in.

But the best part is, we did it, each and every one of us did it. LRH, you know in The Way to Happiness he says, “The true gift of heaven may have been the potential to be competent. In common pursuits and activities men respect skill and ability. These in a hero or athlete are almost worshipped. The test of true competence is the end result. To the degree that man is competent he survives. To the degree he is incompetent he perishes. Demand high performance standards. The test of a society is whether or not you, your family, and friends can live in it safely. The ingredients of competence includes: observation, study, and practice.”

Now obviously this is something we go over on board every day of our lives with Competence and Leadership Program, which I also would love to have you come and do. But we can start also being that now, putting the future there, selecting your selectees, getting active, and honestly keeping ethics in. It’s like when you have someone that’s 2.0 or below on the Tone Scale, if you understand your ‘Science of Survival,’ you understand the individual is keying in engrams, locks, and secondaries that are connected to that tone as they drop down the Tone Scale.

It would be very cool to allow someone you love to be dramatizing, you know, tone levels and defeated attitude, and majorly talking about how bad things are. So it’s our job to go, “You know what I love you so much, you got to knock it off, man. You got to get your ethics in, and I want you to start thinking about your future. I want you to put the future there. What can you cause? What can you create? What can you be? What can you do? What can you have by your actions.” And their space will get larger and they’ll start moving up the Tone Scale because you care enough about them to not agree with their thoughts or barriers, to not agree with any kind of down-toneness.

But you forward command intention and tell them, “Put a damn smile on your face, dude, let’s go.” Because that’s what it’s all about, and that’s really what I wanted to say more than anything. Remember, “Knowledge itself is certainty. Knowledge is not data. Knowingness itself is certainty. Sanity is certainty, providing only that that certainty does not fall beyond the conviction of another. When you use it to obtain a certainty one must be able to observe. It starts with knowledge.” — LRH.

That’s from ‘Creation of Human Ability’ [ ], so you want to get your guys, one: They should be getting through their Basics books and lectures right now. And believe me anybody who hasn’t done it that’s been around more than three years, that’s it now, get your ethics and applied danger formula and get through it. There are no services in Scientology to take that long to get through. And there is no Scientologist that should not be through all their Basic book and lectures, all of their congresses by now, and well into their ACCs.

And right now we have a grand opportunity to do that. Get on your extension courses, get going. You know, we’re even delivering them here, it’s like our own delivery. So we’re getting people signed up and getting them started right now. Their lives are changing, they’re getting smarter and they’re getting more causative, and they’re becoming more able. And when it’s time to get going, bang, they’re gonna be on their Life Repair. Bang, they’re going to be on the Grades. Bang, they’re gonna be going Clear. Bang, they’re going to be showing up to do their Solo and their OT one, two, three, four, five. Bang, they’re gonna be coming to the Flag Land Base to get through their six and seven. Bang, they’re going to be finishing seven and arriving for OT eight, and this is my biggest dream.

And this is why I’ve been here for 33 years of my life, to see the first OTs made for all mankind. This is some [ ] I’m gonna share with you. It’s [ ] that thing of which a person is afraid he will bring into actuality and existence. So remember when you’re helping your best friends, family select these all the individuals you truly love which is all mankind, you don’t want them dramatizing being afraid of something oh my god oh my god my job oh my god. You want to get it, that’s it, that’s it, it’s like, don’t let them drive themselves into being afraid. Because if they are, all of the things they’re afraid of, Ron just said, will come into actuality and will come into existence.

That’s the power of a spiritual being. So that’s really what I wanted to say and I’m really I’m really thankful that you were so willing to get up so early and pick this phone up and talk to me. I’m like so grateful that I had this opportunity and I thank you so much and I really want you to get busy, closing OT 7s to arrive for OT 8. Closing people for Competence and Leadership. Closing people to do their exchanging courses on board. Oh, and also working with senior [ ] orgs back there. But whatever, get together guys and work. LRH needs an army right now and there’s no better army on Earth than field staff members.

Because the expansion of Scientology depends on no small measure upon the industry and effectiveness of field staff members. That’s an honor to be called an FSM. It’s an honor to work from. So that is what I want you to do, that’s my order, so — I’m giving you an order. You better be done. Get to work. Thank you very much. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Here’s… [Sir, yes sir.]


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“Power of choice, when that is too badly thrown aside, people object to this thing. That is why slavery has gotten a bad name as a practice. In actual fact you look at the economics of it and you find a lot of things about a slave society which are quite interesting. You find a society which is, has no objection to this sort of thing and which can free slaves rather easily and you find a lot of people walking up and saying, ‘I want to be a slave.’ But slavery itself is this thing of a beingness, an enforced beingness over which an individual has no power of choice and therefore it gets a bad name.” — L. Ron Hubbard, May 17, 1962


Overheard in the FreeZone

“The thirteen senators are alive and well today. Having escaped the effects of the Big Bang — they have resurfaced and disappeared many times throughout this universe’s almost endless history — affecting civilizations to a greater or lesser degree. So me seeing Thoth was correct — one of the senators. The bird-like deity. That is why I am allowed to understand this. Did I receive any help, or it is only my thetan who was the complete cause?”


Random Howdy

“Sherbet, if you saw ‘Heavenly Creatures’ — the best film Peter Jackson ever did — you would understand the similarities between the folie à deux world the girls live in and that of Scientologists. Plus it’s got clay modeling as well as Kate Winslet and ‘Rose’ from ‘Two and a Half Men’.”


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