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Sonya Bianchi, 1927-2020: Hubbard’s first ‘Clear’ who vanished from Scientology history

Sonya Adelaide Bianchi Hulswit, a woman L. Ron Hubbard presented at an August 1950 presentation at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles as the first example of a Scientology “Clear,” died last night in Northampton, Massachusetts. Her son Chris Hulswit tells us that she was 92.

In December 2018, we reported that we’d located her some 68 years after she vanished from Scientology history. Chris Hulswit was very helpful, confirming for us that his mother was indeed the Sonya Bianchi we’d been looking for, and he asked her some questions for us.

We had hoped that we might have an opportunity to meet Sonya, but that didn’t happen. We are glad, at least, that we got to learn more about what happened after that fateful August night in Los Angeles, when she then got far away from Hubbard.

Hubbard published his book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health on May 9, 1950, and it was a bestseller. In the book, he says that a reader could attain the state of “Clear” — which supposedly brought with it effects like total recall, perfect vision, and raised IQ — with as little 20 hours of the counseling techniques that he’d come up with. So there was some pressure on him to produce results.



He announced that he would demonstrate a Clear at the Shrine Auditorium event, and brought Sonya out on stage. She was only 23, and a transcript of the event suggests that it wasn’t the success Hubbard hoped for. He wouldn’t present another Clear to the public until 1966, when he declared that a man named John McMaster was actually the world’s first Clear.

But what happened to Sonya? She seemed to have vanished after that night at the Shrine.

“That’s because my father, a grad student at MIT, flew out and grabbed her and eloped with her. That’s why nobody ever heard from her again,” Chris told us. “She was a stunning redhead in those days. I can see why Hubbard brought her out on stage. She was a redhead and very attractive.”

Chris’s father Frank Hulswit was a recent MIT grad. Sonya had also recently graduated, with a B.S. in physics as the 1949 class president of Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. Frank and Sonya were married on Sep 11, 1950 at St. James’ Episcopal Church in Los Angeles. Chris’s older sister was born in 1952, and he was born in 1954.

We asked Chris if his mother remembered the event at the Shrine. “She was that woman, but she doesn’t have any real solid recollections of it. I got the distinct impression that she didn’t want to talk about it,” he said. “After that she got married and left. She lived in London for years, and she also lived in Rio. Three years, for her husband’s business.”

Meanwhile, Scientology historians had lost track of her. Some said “Sonya Bianchi” (or Sonia or Bianci) was a pseudonym and the woman’s real name had been Ann Singer. There seemed to be no way of finding her.

But then, an astute reader who goes by the name Meepthorp noticed something we published in May 2018, a letter written in 1985 by a former Dianeticist named Don Rogers which contained a reference to “Sonia Bianci” marrying a man named Frank, and that Frank’s mother had been involved in giving Hubbard the idea for a substance called “guk” that the early movement experimented with. Meepthorp pointed out that in Hubbard’s 1951 book Science of Survival, a “Mrs. Hulswit” was thanked for her help with the concept of “freewheeling.” Sarah O. Hulswit of Maine, it turned out, was an enthusiastic early adopter of Dianetics, and records showed that she had a son named Frank.

Another researcher then tracked down Frank and Sonya’s marriage certificate for us, and a third helper, Eivol Ekdal, found photographs of them. We then looked up Chris Hulswit and gave him a call and talked with him about the possibility of meeting his parents.

Frank Hulswit, however, died in December 2018 at 94, and it was then we decided to reveal that we’d managed to locate Scientology’s first Clear while she was still alive.

“She’s definitely had a good and healthy long life,” Chris told us, and assured us that she was still “sharp as a tack,” if a little hard of hearing.

Last night we expressed to Chris how sorry we were that, a little more than a year later, he’d also lost his mother.


“One thing mom taught me is to be brave and soldier on,” he said. “She was 92 and didn’t suffer.”


Source Code

“And this is what? Eleventh of Jan. The mystic month. And we are finding ourselves in the middle of — no, it’s at the beginning — What cycle are you in? Well, anyhow, it’s on a planet, on a twelfth-rate sun, and it’s the beginning of the, it’s shortly after the winter solstice. Saint Hill Special Briefing Course. Well, if you lived right and if you knew what you were doing and many other unlikely activities, you have it made. But we have to assume, we have to assume that if none of you have grown wings in the last 24 hours and you actually have had a PC on an E-Meter as an auditor and the PC hasn’t grown wings in the last 24 hours with all the tools which you’ve got, we must assume that there is some faint disconnection between what I am trying to teach you and what you are doing. I would say there’s some small gap. Maybe not a large gap. Maybe only a light year or two.” — L. Ron Hubbard, January 11, 1962


Overheard in the FreeZone

“It’s a choice or at least a potential choice to introvert or interiorise into an alternative theta line at a particular point in time, or to view the past from the future, future from.the past and to zone in on a specific concurrent moment in an alternative universe. Perhaps if the person is OT 30, then OT1 — when they are actually trying to get their case handled — acts like an interiorisation. As far as I am concerned the entire phenomena reduces to unresolved theta programming as Static which is only aligned with the rehabilitation of Spiritual Reality and Native State. If instead the person chooses to plummet back into MEST, that’s their choice. In doing so they also plummet back into MEST case factors and automaticities which are only resolved at a theta level exterior to both MEST and Static.”


Random Howdy

“If Scientology could, then based solely on the words of L Ron Hubbard they would be gladly killing ‘infidels’ who refused to convert.”


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Scientology disconnection, a reminder

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Posted by Tony Ortega on January 11, 2020 at 07:00

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