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Yes, that was a Scientology ad you saw during the football game — we told you it was coming!

ScientologyAdOn Tuesday, we showed you a leaked copy of video from Scientology’s big IAS gala in November, during which Scientology leader David Miscavige previewed their new television ad.

We told you we figured it would soon be showing up on network TV, and we were right! Just after the first half of the Patriots-Colts playoff game, folks started reporting to Twitter that they’d seen the ad. (One of our readers quickly notified us, and let us know it was the same ad we’d shown earlier in the week.)

It looks like most of the tweets were located in Los Angeles — did you see the ad in other parts of the country? Let us know.

Here’s the ad itself, which is now playing at Scientology’s official YouTube channel (it wasn’t when we previewed it Tuesday).



And here were the early reactions over at Twitter — do they lead you to believe that Scientology is getting the most for its advertising dollar?



Yes, that last tweet was by the Chris Kluwe, the former Minnesota Vikings punter who wrote this at Deadspin.

After another showing of the ad during the third quarter, we got another set of tweets…


And several people said Tweet of God uttered something about it, but then chickened out!



Posted by Tony Ortega on January 11, 2014 at 22:10

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