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Gary Weber: Another former Scientology official talks about women forced to have abortions

Gary Weber was one of several GO members who paraded outside the Clearwater Sun offices in 1979 to protest how the newspaper was treating Scientology

Gary Weber was one of several GO members who paraded in Nazi uniforms outside the Clearwater Sun offices in 1979 to protest how the newspaper was treating Scientology

Gary Weber first went public about his past as a member of Scientology’s Guardian’s Office seven or eight years ago at Arnie Lerma’s site. It’s an excellent read, and we recommend that you go over there for the full account from Gary about his tenure as a Scientologist, a member of the Sea Org, and an operative in Scientology’s original spy corps, the GO.

He’s now agreed to a video interview with Karen de la Carriere, and we’re happy to premiere the first episode today.

We also talked to him last night by telephone, and he told us about what he did as a Guardian’s Office member, circa 1979: “I would go into the Org and get these folders of the parishioners, and brought them to the GO, where they were putting together dead-agent packs for anyone who might turn on them.”

Yes, another account from someone in a position to know that Scientology takes the secrets members give up during counseling sessions so they can be used against them later if they dare to leave or criticize the church.

Now, let’s take a look at his video interview…



After we heard Gary talking about being just one of several people helping to enforce the forced-abortion rule at Flag in Clearwater, Florida, we remembered Gary ‘Jackson’ Morehead saying he was doing the same thing at Scientology’s International Base in California…


So now we’ve heard from two former enforcers who each were involved in forcing Sea Org women to go to clinics to have unwanted abortions so they could keep working 100-hour weeks for pennies an hour.

Gary Weber says the Sea Org’s no-children rule was handed down in about 1982. He knows, because he and his wife Kelly were allowed to have a daughter in 1981. But the next time Kelly got pregnant, they were under intense pressure to end the pregnancy. (Since Karen has held back the result of that story until next time, we’ll not spoil it. Part two is coming soon, we have no doubt.)

That rule stayed in place until 2009, when the Tampa Bay Times exposed it in their monumental series, “The Truth Rundown.” After that, we’re told, the Sea Org modified its rules and now just remove couples that get pregnant from the Sea Org.

But the change in that rule didn’t come fast enough to prevent Laura DeCrescenzo, Claire Headley, and many other women from being forced to terminate their pregnancies. Readers here know that we’ve been following Laura’s lawsuit over her forced abortion very closely.

Gary Weber is among only a very few former Guardian Office members who have come forward to describe their time in Scientology’s original spy operation. By the time he joined in 1978, the GO’s days were numbered. The previous year, the FBI had raided the church over the GO’s burglarizing of federal government offices, and eleven of the GO’s top officials — including Mary Sue Hubbard, wife of the founder — would eventually go to prison. By 1981, the GO had been dissolved, replaced by the Office of Special Affairs, which today operates as Scientology’s intelligence wing.

Many of those original Guardian’s Office members still remain in the church — including some of the ones who went to prison. But if you’re a former GO operative, we’d like to hear from you. Please drop us a line.

Now, on to our regularly scheduled Sunday Funnies! And speaking of the Office of Special Affairs, we were practically knocked on our keister when we saw this flier, sent in by one of our tipsters. We’re used to seeing Scientology’s appeals to join staff, but OSA? Wow. We sense a whiff of desperation…


After the Super Power Building opened with all that fanfare — and after 15 long years of construction — we know you must have been wondering, what Big Beings will be the first to go through the perceptics floor (and the oiliness table!) and finish the Super Power rundowns? Well, now we can tell you that two of the first to finish were Grant Cardone and his lovely wife Elena, whom we have featured in the past for her sage advice.


If you happen to be a Scientologist in any of the cities listed on the left side of this graphic, we hope you have one of those chains on your wallet, or this is going to be a rough year…


Things always look so peachy at Ron’s home in England, Saint Hill Manor. Look at that lawn!


We can never get enough testimonials. Tell it, Oleg!


We love L. Ron Hubbard quotes. No matter how smooth they start out, you know they’re going to end up making you scratch your head, nogginwise…

London Ideal Org

And finally, when you can’t keep your Ideal Org staffed in one of the biggest areas for Scientologists in the world, what does that say?


Thanks again to our great tipsters!


Posted by Tony Ortega on January 12, 2014 at 07:00

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