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VIDEO: Scientology’s New Year’s Eve celebration — ‘2014 belongs to us’

2014NYEOur video sources came through again, and now, only a week after we brought you video of the November IAS gala, we have Scientology’s full New Year’s Eve party!

In a break from tradition, the event on December 27 was held in Clearwater, Florida — usually, Scientology celebrates the new year in Los Angeles. But as we’ve been pointing out, this year saw a big consolidation of events and staff in Scientology’s Florida “mecca” at the expense of both Los Angeles and the headquarters in England.

So for more than two hours, church leader David Miscavige presented the highlights of Scientology’s 2013 to a few thousand of his followers in a giant tent across the street from the new Super Power Building in Clearwater. And now you can get the same experience!

Have fun watching the show. We look forward to your thoughts after seeing the Freedom Medal winners and all of the other highlights of the year.



In that first segment, there’s an extensive tour of the Super Power Building and what it looks like when they have a bunch of hired extras pretending like the place is actually busy. It’s impressive!

But what really made us chirp with happiness was the very brief shot we got of the oiliness table in use! Did you catch it? Here’s the best still we could grab from the couple of seconds during which it was shown, with (most likely) an actor running his hands over the oil dispensers…


Another thing that surprised us: Miscavige was smart to take advantage of the recent legal victory that gave Scientologists in England the right to have a religious wedding in a Scientology org. But we were pretty stunned when, after his bloviating about it, we realized he never named the young couple who went through several years of legal purgatory to win that victory for him! Was it too much to fly over Louisa Hodkin and Alessandro Calcioli for their moment in the sun with a brief appearance in the front row? What a shocking oversight!

We have other observations, but at this point we’re more interested in your insights. Tell us what you noticed!


Grant_CardoneGrant Cardone, an asshat now with Super Powers!

We know that some of you loathe watching videos of Scientology events, so we wanted to include another item for your perusal.

And what a treat. As we told you yesterday in our Sunday Funnies, we learned that among the first people to go through the Super Power rundowns now that the new building has opened is one of Scientology’s most precious couples: Grant and Elena Cardone. From Grant’s work as an enforcer for David Miscavige, to his charming wife’s life advice, they’ve found a special place in our hearts.

And now they’re superhuman! Hey, don’t take our word for it. One of our tipsters got to us a copy of what Grant wrote when he finished the program. Like other church members, he was required to write a success story. And it’s a classic of the genre. We look forward to your celebrations of Grant’s newfound state of being!

Grant Cardone

Action Completed
Super Power

Just prior to getting on SUPER POWER, I was asked, “are you excited?” And the answer was no because frankly I trusted that whatever I was going to get here was something that I wanted to use in life and that is what I wanted.

Well, I should have been excited, no into exhilaration because Super Power is the MAC DADDY OF ALL AUDITING. This Auditing is equivalent to THE HOLY GRAIL – SUPER POWER IS what all civilizations, seekers and religions have been searching for over the thousands of years!!!! This is the stuff that movies have been written about. This is the adventure for those that KNOW they have Super Power and Abilities and are not using them. And this is not an overstatement. Nor is this in anyway to diminish any other auditing or courses I have done. Super Power is just in a league of its own.

LRH always delivers in abundance but here its beyond this world! When he describes Super Power as Humongous well…. The wins, cognitions, decisions, case gain and the charge blown on this level has been HUMONGOUS for me. The amount of power and abilities restored on Super Power is Exchange in Abundance x 1000 and in every way more than I could have imagined. Any expectations I had for this level was exceeded by just one of any of the ten rundowns or any one of the 57 drills.

From the very beginning, while reading the first sentence from one reference I experienced being in the presence of GOD. Not a mythical out of reach GOD but GOD as THE source of all that is GODLY – The source of life – the source of wisdom – The Origin of Everything. And all this was happening only moments after entering the Super Power floor and sitting in a specially made cubicle where I read LRH data and considered my life.

In that moment the magnitude of the influence of Golden Age of Tech 2 hit me and I was catapulted on one of the greatest adventures of my life and fully into MY 8th Dynamic. This happened without an auditor and was just the start of what would continue to expand throughout the auditing the rundowns and drills.

In my first sessions with my Super Power Auditor I knew Scientology was being delivered at whole new levels. The auditor was different – perceptive at entirely different levels. The meter was different and I could feel it in the set ups! Keep in mind I have done every bit of auditing a person can do from Life Repair to FPRD to All L’s, and ALL available OT Levels including New OTVIII.

On just the first of ten rundowns I had more floating TA’s than I have had in my entire trip up and over the bridge. In session I am literally having difficulty explaining to the auditor what is happening to me because the wins are so HUMONGOUS and so OUT OF THIS WORLD. The charge I am blowing is beyond the available description offered by the written or spoken world. Whatever I tell you is a degrade to the experience itself. I am leaving sessions completely exterior from my body and the only thing that is keeping me from staying there are my considerations to come back.

On Personal Revival the auditor asked me a simple question, causing me to look at things I have never considered and while I do this a few times the next thing you know I am catapulted into ANOTHER sector of the universe to make a discovery so significant that it causes the entire MEST Universe and all of its apparent ‘Valuable’ treasures to appear to be mere trinkets compared to the enormity of FREEDOM – CREATIVITY AND EXPANSION available to just one THETAN. At this point we are only on the 2nd RD and I am no longer concerned about Money – Time – or any of the trappings of this universe. I am going further and further exterior, if that is possible, in each session and remaining exterior with completely different expanding viewpoints. Every session is an ADVENTURE beyond imagination.

The Consequences RD made me aware that any operations below 20 on the tone scale are just simply an unacceptable state infected with some level of suppression. I blew out the top of the tone scale to meet an even happier, brighter, more up-tone, energized and optimistic ME.

On False Data RD I reconnect with an endless source of THETA comprised of nothing but GOOD with interest in SURVIVAL of such immense proportions that this world and its problems no longer have a hold or concern. Planetary Clearing is a GIVEN – I am not reading about GOD or Learning about GOD I am visiting and re-aquainting myself with the SOURCE of GOD.

Bright Think RD was like a flash of light exterior in immeasurable directions so exterior that earlier viewpoints of exterior were even blown. The intelligence available to me by just a simple set of questions. An acknowledgment of my powers, my intelligence and my possibilities at speeds immeasurable my mere homo sapiens.

The drills were the greatest acknowledgment I have ever had about who I am in my entire life. Because of the drills I am more aware than ever – I have more ARC for others and myself – and I KNOW more about me and others. I am a better father because of one simple drill and a better communicator because of one image.

Because of combination of auditing and drills, I became a Scientologist at an entirely new level.

Super Power is about Power. The condition of Power defined – “Because there is such an abundance of production there that momentary halts or dips can’t pull it down or imperil its survival. And that is Power.” LRH,

The condition of power is one that I strived for before SUPER POWER. Because of Super Power I believe that this condition of power can never be destroyed or altered in me through eternity. This can not be undone for me! This level of power can never be compromised or stolen nor can I ever be trapped again.

Thank you to COB and RTC for the care to and dedication to duplicate LRH and provide me with the opportunity to do this RUNDOWN. You have shown the greatest of care in your actions for me and mankind. Thank you Sir for creating the space, providing the auditors and staff, the creation of the phenomenal new Emeters and lastly the creation of our one of its kind space ship built for THETANS.

Thank you LRH – for providing me with this adventure and the Freedom. Thank you because no being has ever delivered to me at these levels or even close. You have given man more than he even dreamed possible for himself.

Grant Cardone

Note to Observer: We want a shoop using “Super Power, the Mac Daddy of All Auditing,” oh yes we do.

Also, we just want to point out something about the Super Power rundowns. Despite Cardone’s expressive word salad, the independent Scientologists who posted the actual rundowns on the Internet last year showed that, in fact, they are as mundane and repetitive as possible. One of them we already knew about, the Bright Think Rundown. Look again at what Cardone says about his experience on the rundown…

Bright Think RD was like a flash of light exterior in immeasurable directions so exterior that earlier viewpoints of exterior were even blown. The intelligence available to me by just a simple set of questions. An acknowledgment of my powers, my intelligence and my possibilities at speeds immeasurable my mere homo sapiens.

So what is the Bright Think? As we showed early in 2012 at the Voice, it consists of a single line, asked over and over by an auditor as a subject searches for different ways to answer. The question: “Where would you be safe?”

That’s it. At hundreds of dollars an hour, asked over and over.

That Cardone — he’s some homo novis.

We’ll leave you with one final video treat. A talented video artist made a mashup of the audio from Scientology’s new ad (which showed up during the weekend’s football games) with the video from Apple’s latest ad. The result is pure genius!



Posted by Tony Ortega on January 13, 2014 at 07:00

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