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Paul Haggis and Lawrence Wright on NBC's Rock Center January 17

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The folks over at NBC’s Rock Center were good enough to send us this promo this afternoon…

…just as we were about to walk into a 3-hour movie. Oh well. So you’ve probably already heard this news. But heck, there’s still plenty of time to talk about how great it is that Paul Haggis talked to Harry Smith about leaving Scientology, and that Larry Wright will also be featured. Some other ex-Scientologists were also interviewed, we hear, but we don’t know if they’ll be included in this show.

We’re very familiar with Haggis’s story as told by Wright two years ago in the New Yorker, and we have to wonder how much of this show will be new to us. But just think of the reach! Even from this short clip, we can see how credible Haggis seems, and with Scientology’s PR team in disarray, there’s just no way they’re going to have much of a comeback to this.

Wednesday night, January 16 Nancy Many’s docudrama will air on ID. Thursday the 17th is the official launch of Wright’s book, which should be accompanied by a blizzard of features and reviews around the country. And we’re also expecting a couple of other bombs to land soon, and we’d hate to spoil the surprise on them. Let’s just say one involves a huge project by a certain formidable daily newspaper, and another is a magazine-style investigation by a certain buzzy website.

And on top of that Jenna Miscavige Hill’s memoir is still to come on February 5.

The funny thing is, it’s still not enough. We want more, MORE!


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  • SP ‘Onage

    Tony, video isn’t working. Just a gray screen with a puzzle piece on it.

    • TonyOrtega

      Works for me. Check your settings.

      • EnthralledObserver

        I can’t play anything either – it’s just a still picture for me – and don’t ask me to check my settings… “check them for what?” will be your answer… hahaha.

        • EnthralledObserver

          Okay, nevermind, I just googled rock center and watched it there.

          • SP ‘Onage

            I did the same. It played at Rock Center site. Thanks for posting, otherwise I would of sat around goaning, thinking tinfoil thoughts. LOL!

            • EnthralledObserver

              No probs… 😀

        • Settings! Come in Tokyo!

      • SP ‘Onage

        I’m not on pc, using Mobil and Kindle. Weird both show no video. Cleared cashe etc. Even rebooted both.??? Anyone else having this problem with a tablet?

    • It also worked on my computer, no problem. It’s a rather short promo.

      • SP ‘Onage

        Yeah, it was short. I sure am glad Haggis is speaking out. Isn’t this airing on a Thursday? Not very upstat…hehe

        • DeElizabethan

          Yes, haha, a major down stat to start their week, love it! If it has been advertised then this week is another fail too.

  • Skwerl King

    I think Paul is being hard on himself. He was not stupid, he was trusting and they manipulated him.

  • What a great preview. I look forward to the whole video.

  • DeElizabethan

    Yes, more is always good but wow, my plate is full this month. I’m sure not many know about the NBC show unless they read the fine print, from some fine people. Thanks Tony, show time, hope you made it!
    This is Big and will be great!

  • N. Graham

    Mine worked okay. This is great, major media is finally jumping on a great story!

  • SandiCorrena

    I set the reminder in my phone! I can’t wait!

  • Rock Center have been great. And NBC in general. ABC, on the other hand, appears to be totally behind every other major network in Scientology covering, including Fox.

    • Midwest Mom

      I was just watching my local PBS station’s High School Quiz Bowl which aired at 8:00 p.m.EST and one of the questions tonight was:

      Host: “Many people question whether this controversial church is a true religion or not.”
      “””””Buzz!”””””” All the kids are frantically pushing their answer button thingies.
      Host: ” Yes (says name of girl whose answer light is on first).”
      Girl: “Scientology.”
      Host: “Yes! The answer is the Church of Scientology! Good job!”

      • mirele

        Cue up Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All:” “I believe the children are our future…”

        Or, to be more rock about it, “The kids are all right.”

  • Brainslugged

    I’ll help out the PR team:

    Disgruntled apostates / religious bigots.


    • Tabloid trash!

    • richelieu jr

      What we need are Scientology flack MadLibs… ”

      (number) (adjective) apostates said the same (adjective) lies we’ve heard a (number) times before today, said Biff (Surname of Hollywood star), Scientology spokes(sex)… “Theses (adjective bigots are simply spewing the same (plural noun) we’ve (past participle) a (number) times this (noun)…”

    • …”a handful of anti scientologist.”

    • That would be disgruntled ‘defrocked’ apostates / religious bigots

    • Midwest Mom

      Don’t forget these gems: Nazi-like, McCarthy-like, pathetic, loser(s), trash, low-life(s), nothing(s), bottom-dweller(s), bottom feeder(s), exploding tomato. inflated ego….

    • And in less-public channels, they’ll start dishing — or making up — dirt on people’s sex lives, and acting like we’re all supposed to be horrified that one of them likes to masturbate or something.

  • sugarplumfairy

    I’m with Tony.. More, more.. More more, more, more, more..

    • BuryTheNuts2


    • Midwest Mom

      spf, Don’t be jelly, but I met Billy Idol when I worked at Pine Knob Music Theater in ’84. 🙂

      • sugarplumfairy

        Cool! Love him! And one of my fav quotes is his: “I love it when someone insults me.. It means I don’t have to be nice anymore..” or something like that..

        • Midwest Mom

          I had to show him where he could spray paint his boots (with gold spray paint) and I was leading him to the grass behind the stage and he stopped on the newly paved driveway and said,
          “I’ll just do it here. Wait. I’ll need your help in a sec.”

          He then sprayed his boots on the pavement and he asked me to spray the backs and sides of his boots! When he stepped away, the outline of feet were on the pavement. He thanked me and said, “You look too young to work here. What are you? Twelve?”

          I told him, “No, seventeen”. And he said, “You look twelve or thirteen. Thanks for the help, love.”

          • sugarplumfairy

            Lol.. That’s a great story!!!! You spray painted billy idol’s gold boots.. How many people cn say that?

            My closest brush with fame was being spit on by Mandy Patinkin.. Never sit in the front row of a small theatre..

  • BuryTheNuts2

    Is this beautiful or what?
    I dont’ want to call the game…but it is so nice to see what this Enthetaesque January 2013 is bringing down.

  • My calendar is set, & I can hardly wait until next week!

  • JustCallMeMary

    And what a week that will be!!

  • Anon Nom Nom

    Looking forward to Karen’s response. “Blah blah blah…tabloid trash…blah blah blah….apostate…blah blah blah…something about new buildings…”

    • Anon Nom Nom

      “Our earlier statement unfortunately forgot to mention the following: “Mr. Miscavige’s growth has been unparalleled and explosive. This expansion has been admired by the public, our staff, and many of our celebrity members. Also too, Mr. Miscavige does not currently have, nor has he ever possessed a hole. These vicious smears must stop. [Memo to Sweeney: Please don’t just show up asking to inspect or investigate Mr. Miscavige’s alleged hole, which still does not exist. It’s fucking rude to do this without calling ahead.] Oh, and I pinky swear that I, Karen Pouw, am the person that is actually writing this letter, not Mr. Miscavige, who is also incredibly handsome by the way. Just saying.”.

      • Anon Nom Nom

        “So I just realized that I misspelled my own name in the updated statement I just sent out. Suffice it to say, I promise that was because of the goddamn auto-correct on my iPhone and NOT because Mr. Miscavige is writing press stuff under my name after staying up all night drinking scotch. Cheers! –Kar*I*n Pouw”

      • You also forgot to mention how “boring” the tabloid trash was. Why would anyone spend so much time on this?

      • Valerie Ross

        Miscavage explosive need we say more. That’s the purpose of these press releases, probably all the statements, plausible deniability. I told the truth, just added a few words. The church of Scientology IS experiencing unprecedented growth. There is no precedent for how fast it is NOT growing.

    • mirele

      “Om nom nom nom” would make more sense.

      • Anon Nom Nom

        But that would be waaaay too typical and boring. I’m striving for hard to pronounce uniqueness, damn it!

  • scnethics

    Complete awesomeness.

  • SP ‘Onage

    Stale rehash…blah…blah…disgruntled…blah…same ten apostates…yada…ho-hum…zzzzzz.

    • DMSTCC

      Don’t forget Balderdash, Nonsense, Drivel, Malarkey, Absurdity, Meaninglessness, Worthlessness, Insignificance, Unimportance, etc.

      • Anon Nom Nom

        My personal favorite is still ‘defrocked.’

        • Ze Moo

          I like the use of ‘disgruntled’. Though I was usually ‘gruntled’ when I was working.

          • 1subgenius

            Employees (and everyone) should be allowed to express themselves (grunt), or else they become disgruntled.

    • SP ‘Onage

      This was a reply to Brainslugged’s post. Don’t know how that happen?

      • It was because you were so BORED reading that SAME OLD SAME OLD tired bunch of RECYCLED drivel that you HO-HUM forgot to click the correct button.

  • CoolHand

    This makes the third piece from Rock Center on Scientology in 6 months (including the Narconon Arrowhead one) – they’re on a roll! Something tells me Anna, Harry, Brian and crew have more up their sleeves over there.

  • Sherbet

    Please let this be a much stronger presentation than Rock Center’s last program on scn, the one where the reporters played pattycake and waffled and then the show was over without any serious inturbulation. Have some guts and go for the jugular this time, NBC.

  • Ziontologist

    (I’m psyched!)

  • HeatherGraceful

    There’s a typo in your piece, Tony. It’s “MOAR!” 😀

    Love this. Love it.

  • Anononyourside

    Great Media Mayhem show Tony!!

  • Deckard__Cain

    Hear that??? Don’t you all hear that constant clacking noise???

    That’s the sound of David Miscav…, I mean Karin Powerless furiously typing, editing, re-editing, retyping the 5 page verbal vomit called a Church of Scientology ‘response’. Oh, and that background typing you hear belongs to the posse of attorneys writing up warning letters to NBC. They’ll hopefully be too busy wordsmithing what only one person thinks is an effective counterpoint to the obvious truth about this insidious cult. Let’s hope that Miscavige is too busy with this than forcing more people into the RPF this week.

    • It’s just priceless how John Sweeney drops in the church response after every interview or story in his book. The myriad of tales of abuse and criminality, sprinkled with the same old stale denials from Karen. Apostate, lunatic, terrorist, insane… etc.

  • jensting

    Seconded! More, we want more!!

  • moxonmoxoff


    Daggumit. Where is my kindle? I ordered it 3 days ago! Must. Have. Kindle. Using my OT powers to call it to my side.

    • sugarplumfairy

      Buy Sweeney’s book first.. He’s a hoot.. And really angry, but in a hilarious and informative way..

      • moxonmoxoff

        It’s already in the shopping cart. 🙂 moreover, the weather is crappy . . . which means lots and lots of reading time. wheee!

        • Valerie Ross

          Be careful with Sweeney’s book. Depending on how far “in” you were, it gets pretty intense. It’s a great read, don’t get me wrong, but I woke up with screaming flashback nightmares after reading it too. He speaks the truth.

          • You too, huh?

            So did I. What got me was Tommy Davis’ emails prostrating and debasing himself before David Miscavige, and “taking responsibility” for things he was not responsible for. I did that, too. And I am finding that it did a lot of harm to me that I was not aware of until I read this book.

            I guess it is kind of cathartic, though.

            I guess.

            • Valerie Ross

              I was way too far in but have been out 35 years and not out from my hidey hole til 2012. I actually was crying while reading the museum scene. I’ve been treated that way by them. I woke up that night sitting bolt upright screaming. Amazing what I have hidden from myself all these years.

            • cultwife

              I wake up screaming because my ex has been in a cult for decades, and I received some abuse as collateral damage. I can’t imagine how horrific it must be people who’ve been in and out of Scientology. A single detail can make experience rear its head again; an entire book of them must open the doors to a horror show.

            • Ze Moo

              Nice review Alanzo, I loved the troll that was caught using the same userid to bash other anti-scieno books. The sock puppets aren’t very bright these days.

            • burythenuts

              It IS Alanzo! While LRH called it blowing charge….we WOGS call it cathartic.
              OK, I know you know that…
              I just can’t tell you enough how much that review touched my heart.
              My wish is that everyone touched…damaged…hurt…by L. Ron Hubbard, finally finds peace and closure.

          • moxonmoxoff

            Yes, thanks for the warning. I was never in, so I think my psyche may be spared. Maybe not though. I still can’t get horrific visions of a pregnant Nancy Many sleeping in a parking garage out of my head.

          • burythenuts

            Sorry V.
            You and Alanzo…these stories…are why someone like me is here….

          • sugarplumfairy

            Wow.. Sorry, Valerie and Alanzo.. Didn’t mean to make light.. I’m so glad you’re both out and that you’re here to remind us how harmful this thing is.. I hope it ends up being cathartic and not just painful..

            • Midwest Mom

              I also want to send my virtual hugs!

  • sugarplumfairy

    Happy hour lasted 9 hours, so my gray matter may be slightly pickled, but I just saw an ad for this Tuesday’s episode of t new NBC sitcom with matthew perry and it looked like Nazanin Boniadi plating opposite him.. but I could be wrong.. and blitzed.. and sharing something that nobody gives a crap about..

    • TheNextMrsTomCruise

      No, HappyFairy, that wasn’t Naz, it was Elvis

      • LOL!

      • sugarplumfairy

        I just remember whoever it was had awesome incisors..

        • Midwest Mom

          Even with a hangover, you’re funny, spf!

    • BuryTheNuts2

      A nine hour “happy hour”.
      That is some kinda happy!

    • em bront

      Good catch SPF. Imdb has her listed for this episode.

    • Valerie Ross

      Impressive “hour” amazing assault on your gray matter, may it rest in peace lol.

      • sugarplumfairy

        My gray matter has survived, but I think I’m already having flashbacks.. I just tried to tip bf for bringing me tea..

        • Midwest Mom

          I hope you mean “boyfriend” and not “best friend”. If it is a handsome stud waiting on you hand and foot,, get off of your I-phone and compare incisors. 🙂

          • sugarplumfairy

            Lol.. Good advice..

  • 0tessa

    A TSUNAMI of Knowledge Reports on the abuse of Scientology Inc. Wonderful!

  • TheNextMrsTomCruise

    I saw this promo on TV last night, and was agog with anticipation. I found it pretty incredible that Paul Haggis was on TV admitting his stupidity regarding $ciloontology. Of course, consistent with Rock Center’s previous stories, Paul’s admission is probably the best part of the interview, but nevertheless. I’m loving it.

  • Patty Moher

    We’re only 12 days into 2013 and the entheta is galactic! It’s a great time to be an SP!

  • mook

    interesting article from about Cruise

  • BosonStark

    At one time, Haggis said he wasn’t going to speak about it further and there’s a few possible theories one could have as to what prompted him:

    1. The Naz/Cruise thing or other things he read or found out pushed him to it.
    2. He was busy with a project at the time of the Wright article and he wanted to concentrate on that, and observe the backlash before he did anything further.
    3. Wanted to wait for the book launch.

    Any or all of these would be perfectly reasonable. I think it will be powerful to have him speaking about it himself. Karin POUW (Prisoner of Unmentionable War — mind fk’d zombies vs. bitter apostates) will issue a statement about the “Church expanding many times over” since Haggis left. Really, his departure and the Cruise divorce have triggered exponential expansion of Hollywood membership? Young men who aspire to be action stars like Cruise are sharpening their files,in anticipation of what they’ll do with the teeth of the dates the cult lines up for them once they join?

    I think it’ll be fine not having a cult spokeshole present on the show, because it just makes it obvious that the cult has gone into lockdown/meltdown. In addition, sometimes too much time was spent in a show, addressing the diversionary comments of the spokeshole.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      I’m going with #3.

      • BosonStark

        Yeah, that makes sense. He didn’t want to be pestered by journalists until the book was launched, and it would have just been complicated if he spoke too much before the book was out.

    • Ze Moo

      Paul Haggis may have had something to do with publicizing the Nazanin Boniadi story. He arrears to be the one who got the story out or maybe he just lent his name to the story to give it ‘legs’..

  • anne smith

    Could this be the tipping point?? Let’s hope so! The more I read about Miscavige, the more I see what a monster he is; manipulative, paranoid and corrupt. Do cult members know that he flies in his own private jet, has personal chefs and buys himself outrageously priced clothes and shoes? He’s a coward too. If he had any balls, he’d come out of hiding and defend his cult but he can’t because what’s in the book and the endless TV interviews is the truth and he can’t refute that. I hope the book and TV interviews cause a mass defection but members are so brainwashed they’ll just repeat the mantra that it’s all about “defrocked apostates spewing tabloid trash.” They really need a new PR person because her limpid defense isn’t working. Adieu Scientology!! Your cult is dying a slow (and hopefully) painful death.

    • I worry that his father left with a fistfull of cash to set little Davey up with his own “bluebird retreat”, retreat being the key word. He’ll go into hiding just like Hubbard did. But there won’t be anyone left to fight for the prized “all clear.”
      I heard they’re doing a all hands call project, they know TSHTF right about now.

      • BuryTheNuts2

        Explain that in more detail if you can?

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        Heard that too and a weird one, never heard before. Auditors calling saying they’re not trying to recover, just curious if you’re applying tech in your life. I am alarmed by this.

        I hope like hell certain um, agencies who ‘aren’t that interested’ bust the doors open Now. You and I know what they will find at this point. The deprivations at this point Must surely be covered by violations of the Geneva convention, or human trafficking. They’ve already likely been put on nutrition deprived food levels and severe sleep deprivation, I’d guess 4 or 5 hrs at the most, reguarly, all producing physical and mental conditions that need professional attention. I can also predice they are now on 2 hours of sleep, rice and beans, but given vitamins that they are overdosed on or don’t help because of lack of fresh fruit and vegetables and minerals. Screaming during the day is now probably 24/7 at a volume of 11.

        What I would like to know is exactly how friggin’ close to mental and physical deterioration do they have to get to before Homeland Security, the FBI, and state attorney general and other agencies comes to end this? Not much has been leaked that I know of about Jenna Miscavige Hill’s book, but now I’m wondering about some of the more recent Hole Escapees. Flag and PAC must be at DefCon 1.

        • Ze Moo

          Law enforcement can only bring charges for visa abuse and hopefully people trafficking. The poor food and no pay are a labor matter and unfortunately, religious exemption usually trumps any complaints. If CO$ were caught dumping sick staffers and Sea Orgres on the public health system, it would only result in bad publicity. CO$ has been getting away with that for as long as it has existed.

          A very good audit of CO$ finances would probably get Miscavige indicted for taking church funds for his personal use, but the FBI usually does such investigations and they don’t seem to be interested in the CO$,

          • TheHoleDoesNotExist

            tks. Understand the legal holes. This isn’t about lame poor food or pay. I’m talking about vile, hideous, nauseating 24/7 torture ala scientology style. As far as I know, there are still some who are trying to keep watch as best and close as they can. Hopefully Miscavige’s lawyers will get the word that he better put the whip down and back off.

            • Ze Moo

              What we call ‘Torture’ the CO$ calls ‘Training Routines’ and other ‘sacraments’, they may be very afraid of the Homeland Security probe. There are several CO$ practices that could be defined as human trafficking. It will take a large federal agency to do anything about CO$ crimes. Few agencies have the money to withstand the legal onslaught that Scamatology could bring. I do hope that the mind control becomes widespread public knowledge, that is the best answer to their crimes. If the public is forewarned, they are forearmed.

          • moxonmoxoff

            A thought: if states can go after baby daddies for welfare payments to mama . . . why not go after CO$ for how they tax the public health and welfare system (hospitals, abortion clinics, etc.)?

            • Deckard__Cain

              Well, with the Affordable Care Act now in place Scientology management is going to have to figure out how to all get health insurance for the Sea Orgers and staff members. I’m just waiting to see how that plays out.

            • Ze Moo

              Roman Catholics take care of their priests and nuns because of a sense of responsibility. Other religions pay for health insurance for their pastors and rabbis and their families. Scamatology seldom demonstrates responsibility, though there are a few recent instances of them taking care of the loyal minions. Given past performance, parting with a dollar is the last thing CO$ will do.

            • N. Graham

              Unless Wee Davey needs an Alexander Calder mobile for the jet or a new Persian rug for the TC guest quarters.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      To answer your question, No. Miscavige has no balls, he only has Holes.

  • Cerulean Blu

    Does anyone know who is the most recent celebrity to become a scientologist?

    • 1subgenius

      Straight line?
      OK, I’ll play Ed McMahon, “No, who?”

      Or, trick question?
      Has to be at least 20 years ago whoever it was.

      • Cerulean Blu

        No, I can’t think of any. That was really the point of my post… can anyone think of a recent one?

        I think The Google is too strong a match for Ol’ Hubtard.

        • Midwest Mom

          High five!

        • N. Graham

          How about Laura Prepon from That 70s Show? But she seemed to be out as soon as she was in.

    • Midwest Mom

      No. But isn’t Usher a secret Sci?

    • Can’t think of anyone after Will Smith.

  • Ze Moo

    Below is a quote from the comments section of a Salon . com article MOOK first posted. I find a nice mix of trolls and stalkers. See if you can detect ‘Louanne’s’ new userid.

    “Show me a religious leader who doesn’t die in a trailer park where
    he’s been dodging tax and fraud indictments, and I will show you someone
    who simply lacks vision.”

    • BuryTheNuts2

      That was too easy!

  • BuryTheNuts2

    The hits are lining up like dominos. It certainly “feels” like the tipping point.
    If nothing else,…I think David Miscavige’s time is just about up.
    This is so exciting!

    • Cerulean Blu

      I think the only way Miscavige will go away is if someone proves that he belongs in jail..

  • Sherbet

    Wouldn’t cos have more credibility (Ha! cos + credibility. Now that’s an oxymoron) if the spokesperson were to say, simply, “We have nothing to say on this matter, as we continue to expand our spiritual influence in the world.” Of course, that’s baloney, too, but to immediately jump into the fray to discredit their critics has become predictable, hollow, and juvenile. It sounds like school playground stuff: “Well, he started it, and he’s a poopy-head, anyway.”

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      Because they can’t, Sherbet. Remember scientology PR is a division of OSA. Let that sink in for a moment and you’ll understand that there are explicit instructions from Hubbard on how to handle media, reporters, public relations, and that these are handled by his intelligence/spy/infiltrator/attack dog henchmen. If someone does Not attack, they will be Punished.

      • Sherbet

        I didn’t remember that. You’re right, of course. There is dignity in silence, but I guess cos + dignity is another oxymoron.

  • Captain Howdy
    • Midwest Mom

      Iggy! A Michigan boy!

      Captain, I’ll be honest with you – I cried like a rain storm last night when I read your post. Please take care of yourself, you pinko commie punker.

      I liked the video link from the other thread – the lead singer reminded me of a long lost Traveling Wilbury. 🙂


      • Midwest Mom


  • moxonmoxoff

    A bit on the Wright book and Paul Haggis in the WSJ:

    I liked this quote:

    “Dincalci [a former Hubbard aide] had long since come to the conclusion that Hubbard was not an Operating Thetan. He was obese and weird and he failed to exhibit any of the extraordinary powers that are supposed to be a part of the OT arsenal. Moreover, he was under siege by various countries. Why couldn’t he simply set things straight? Wasn’t he supposed to be in control of his environment? How could he be so persecuted and powerless? What was he doing hiding out in Queens, wearing a wig and watching television when the planet needed salvation?”

    And this one:

    “”Going Clear” is sometimes hard going on account of its subject matter. But it is an utterly necessary story even so. As “In Cold Blood” is now a monument to the age of New Journalism, “Going Clear” may wind up a monument to an age of enlightened corporate journalism, a time when powerful magazine editors and their book-publishing counterparts had the wherewithal to devote resources to vital stories of scant direct pertinence to their readers—stories told by full-time, expenses-paid writers backstopped by researchers, fact-checkers, lawyers and insurance companies.

    The surprise isn’t that Mr. Wright presents Scientology as a perplexing and alarming organization. The surprise is that he has managed to tell its story at all.”

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      That’s a thing of beauty. Including a reference to “In Cold Blood” with “Going Clear” is a thing of beauty.

      And there should be a plane flying a banner over the Indie Camp that uses that quote, already in my Fav’s:

      ” What was he doing hiding out in Queens, wearing a wig and watching television when the planet needed salvation?”

    • BuryTheNuts2

      I can’t stop smiling today! I am almost dazed by it all.

  • California

    It just keeps getting better and better and better…… what a 2013!

  • California

    RE: more, more, more….. we want the shut down of Narconons.

    Interestingly, the focus on ALL bad rehabs, due to the laxity in the state laws, is starting to be addressed, state-by-state. As I keep telling other Narconon folk, a laser-like focus on just Narconons is good but aligning with groups concerned about the laws-rules-regs of rehab facilities in general, state-by-state, works well.

    Too many fly-by-might rehabs are coming up like mushrooms in a wet Spring. Fortunately, this is drawing the attention to bad (or non-existent) laws-rules-regs in terms of state governance. In California, we now have a Democratic super-majority and I predict we will see much better regulation and the philosophy and practice of market-place generated lack of governmental over-sight will cease here.

  • N. Graham

    Here, in my opinion, are the Top 10 Scientology Media Disasters of the 21st Century:

    1. The South Park TV show reveals many of Scientology’s upper level secrets including Xenu and the volcanoes. They also parody the personality test and the litigious nature of Scn, as well as
    skewering Tom C. and John T. They miss it on the wee one though.

    2. Mr.Cruise, the Scientology philanthropist, explains why Scientologists have to stop at car accidents and envisions a world without SPs in a spectacular video that inspired Anonymous to be at cause to making Scientology pay for trying to screw with the Internet.

    3. Katie Holmes escapes from TomKatness and Hubbard’s granddaughter and Wee Davey’s dad
    blow, all in the same week! Ahh, good times…

    4. Anderson Cooper has a multi-show series about Scientology climaxed with the best robots since Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner and SP Nicole Kidman in Stepford Wives explaining how Wee Davey couldn’t have hurt hubby because they knew every inch of his suppressive body and there weren’t any bruises!

    5. Four deaths in two years at Oklahoma Narconon. Lawsuits in Georgia, game over in Quebec. Narconon is banished to no longer be considered part of Scientology, except when Wee Davey surfaces to make another self-congratulatory address.

    6. Tom jumps on couches and explains glibness to Matt Lauer.

    7. Scientology is the model for the movie The Master in which the only positive thing for Scientology is that the movie makes Mary Sue Hubbard (“Peggy”) look like Amy Adams.

    8. Battlefield Earth, John Travolta’s film paean to L.Ron, goes into the running to be the worst film in two different millenniums.

    9. Wee Davey on Nightline. ‘Nuff said.

    10. Lawrence Wright New Yorker article punctuates the anger of bitter apostates and starts to open the door to an extent that it can never completely close ever again.

    Lisa McPherson’s death and cover-up just missed the list since it mostly happened in the 1990s. Other possibilities considered and part of the over-all bad media is the various new books on Scn, and websites such as Ex-Scientologist Kids and Ex-Scientologist’s Message Board, and Tony O’s blog.

    I’m hoping Nancy Many’s docu-drama on I-D or the Paul Haggis/Lawrence Wright Rock Center has the impact to make the list!
    Feedback welcome!

    • Ze Moo

      Please add the 4chan/anonymous demonstrations and raids that continue to this day. They started in 07 or 08 and really brought all of the CO$ insanity out into the media mainstream. Those Guy Fawkes masks brought a lot of attention that most media had previously ignored.

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        Absolutely. It was Anonymous that helped me find information and links to all the other forums and news about media events, including the above, and books and of course, docs and moar mind blowing docs.

        • N. Graham

          I agree, I put Anonymous at #2 as part of the Tom Cruise video but should have been more specific about them.

    • sizzle8

      “The Truth Rundown” in The St Pete Times has to be in the top 10!

    • BosonStark

      I’d put the Cruise video as #1 but the Wright book has the possibility of eclipsing all of these! Haggis speaking out again could send new shock waves too.

    • The thing that really got me hooked was the John Sweeney showdown/meltdown with Tommy Davis. Probably more of a UK thing, though.

    • J. Swift

      Excellent list N. Graham.

      The Church of Scientology is a case study in just how badly a group can destroy its own reputation and image through its own sadism and idiocy — and this while denying that it is either sadistic or idiotic. And then of course there is the Church’s bad side: Yesterday’s piece in the Atlantic was a staggering display of David Miscavige’s malignant narcissism writ large for Culture to ridicule.

      There has been an unbroken chain of ever-worsening Karma for the Cult since 2005. In addition to the items N. Graham listed, here is a list of ten additional items that add even more disturbing evidence for use in describing how the Church of Scientology is caught in the intractable grip of its own paranoia and self destruction:

      1. Debbie Cook’s e-mail completely derailed the Church for at least six months in 2012. The Debbie Cook e-mail is still online and is still a problem for the Church of Scientology.

      2. The shocking refusal of the Church of Scientology to allow Karen de la Carriere a chance to see her dead son’s body and kiss him goodbye. This single malicious act is to the eternal disgrace of the Church of Scientology. This act was yet more proof of just how utterly vindictive and cruel the Church of
      Scientology is in actual practice. All of the Church’s “humanitarian” talk has always been a lie and will always be a lie; the fact is that Disconnection exists even after Death.

      3. The arrest of Daniel Montalvo on trumped-up charges. Scientologists killed Alexander through neglect and then Scientologists had Daniel arrested on bogus charges. These are but two examples of how Scientologists treat their young people.

      4. The murder-suicide perpetrated by young Scientologist Johnny Lewis. Why did this occur? Why was the Church of Scientology unable to prevent this?

      5. The suicide of OT Steve Brackett. Again, why was the Church of Scientology unable to prevent this?

      6. New OT VIII Rex Fowler murdering an employee after which Church attorneys moved in to ensure that the Church was not ever mentioned in the trial. Rex Fowler had undergone something like 24 Intensives at Flag prior to committing a homicide, but the Church immediately distanced itself from the OT killer.

      7. The colossally failed OSA Op that was the Squirrel Busters. The amateurish and bellicose nonsense of the Squirrel Busters only served to underscore the point that the Church of Scientology is both stupid and malicious. This is a very dangerous combination in the hands of a billion dollar cult led by a Madman.

      8. The strange and unholy alliance of the Nation of Islam and the Church of Scientology.

      9. David Miscavige’s now decades-long failure to open the Super Power Building. Super Power is truly a scam writ large in concrete and plaster.

      10. Tommy Davis: The Last Spokesman. The strange Scientology odyssey of Tommy Davis was as intriguing as it was infuriating. I truly hope Tommy leaves the Church and speaks out. His life is far from over and he has the power to reinvent himself. I wish him all the best.

  • 1subgenius

    OK, the media has investigated up the wazoo, and found….ta-da…..Scientology is bad, mmmmkay.
    We now need shows investigating why nothing has been done by the authorities.

    • moxonmoxoff

      Agreed. That is a story I’d really love to hear.

    • moxonmoxoff

      Very well done, sir.

      • Thank you. This book fucked me up.


        • BuryTheNuts2

          That was a stirring review. Thank you for all you have done.
          The times they are a changin’….

        • moxonmoxoff

          Yes, that is quite apparent from your review. I’ve had books do that to me, although I suspect not nearly on the same level. It’ll take some time to process and assimilate the thing in your head, no doubt. You in particular have the ability to do this because of how you approach things and I wish you well on that journey. Not that it will be easy, but I believe you can and will find a way to put it to rest. Selah.

    • Deckard__Cain

      Excellent review, Alanzo. I was also laughing my way through the absurdity at the beginning but becoming increasingly upset by the end, but I’ve never been a Scientologist so my upset (not meant in Scio-speak) was combined with anger that this dangerous cult is allowed to exist. This book hit an entirely different nerve with you and I’m glad that you shared your thoughts with us. It helps us to understand the impact this group has on people and helps you to work through it.

    • Midwest Mom

      Alonzo. John Sweeney quotes a part of your review a provides a link to your review on

      • Wow. My hero quotes me.

        This ruins all my self-debasement. That’s a lot of hard work down the drain now.


  • burythenuts

    How cool is this… My boss is sending me to Clearwater on a business trip…
    I said, uh OK , but I will probably be irritating the Scions downtown instead of working.
    He looked at me…smiled…..and said: Godspeed.

    Oh my!

  • In the midst of this global entheta shit-storm, Marty Rathbun has a very honest, open and sincere post today. He’s been doing that a lot lately, and I am really stoked about the trend I am seeing with him here.

    I just had a question about it, and lo and behold, it turns out that I am not presently banned from Marty’s blog this afternoon! My question went through and is awaiting moderation. I am hopeful that he gives me as open and as sincere an answer as my question was intended.

    Alanzo | January 12, 2013 at 5:00 pm | Reply

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Marty –

    I loved this chapter of your book. In it you detail Hubbard’s slide down the tone scale, and the CDEI scale, with regard to “the psychs” as his life progressed, and show how Scientology teachings themselves followed that slide in this area.

    I can see why you became aware of this, because Monique and your father in law acted as spectacular examples of real life that did not correspond to Hubbard’s teachings. I like to think that you “woke up” with regard to Hubbard’s teachings in this area.

    Have you ever traced Hubbard’s, and Scientology’s, declines in other areas besides the psychs?

    For instance, what about civil rights? The Creed of the Church of Scientology of the 1950?s recognizes many civil rights as what “We of the Church Believe”. But by the early 1960?s in his lecture on “Handling the Public Individual” Hubbard says “What has rights? Those computing circuits?”

    This reduces human beings down to their “mental circuitry” and their “banks”, and denies them civil rights in environments controlled by Scientology. Hubbard also said in 1951, that anyone below 2.0 on the tone scale should have “no civil rights of any kind” in “Science of Survival”. This stance on civil rights is highly problematic for anyone who believes in a free society.

    There are a lot of other areas where Hubbard degraded as time went on. I believe that the creation of the Sea Org itself was a dive into the anger band of the tone scale, and the enforce band of the CDEI scale.

    So if you are aware of all these areas of degradation and decline of Scientology as Hubbard himself degraded mentally, and you have come to see with your own eyes how Scientology manifested as a philosophy in the Church, I am asking you sincerely: How can you responsibly recommend Scientology to others knowing ultimately where following Hubbard will lead?

    I am asking you this sincerely and without intention to insult you. You recommend following Hubbard to others, and you are responsible for those recommendations. How will you avoid these degradations in others who take your advice, and who know less than you where the problems areas lead, and who study Hubbard as a spiritual leader?

    I know that your easy answer is “Don’t take him literally”. But you must acknowledge that when L Ron Hubbard is not writing figuratively, he is writing literally – especially if one is to follow “standard tech, ethics and admin” with no false data, MUs, or alterations.

    So with your experience and your training in Scientology, and knowing where following Hubbard leads in these areas, how do you handle your recommendation to follow Hubbard responsibly for those who are not as experienced or as trained as you are?


    • 1subgenius

      Thanks for your efforts.

    • burythenuts

      Snowballs chance in hell….but offline….I think you made Marty cry.

      • He posted it and answered me.

        And then when I posted a follow up, it disappeared and sent me back up to the blog mast, which either means that I am banned again, or in some kind of limbo state where my reply is being shit on by obscene dogs, and roasted over a fire by demons.

        For me, posting to Marty’s blog has always felt like L Ron Hubbard’s definition of “humiliation”, “taking another’s anchor points and holding them out, and not letting the person pull them back in again.”

        Oh well.

        He posted it and answered me.


        • Midwest Mom

          Wow. Monique sounds like an incredible woman. Alonzo, I left a comment on your review. I gave your review five stars!

        • burythenuts

          Baby steps man!
          I love u

        • sugarplumfairy

          Marty’s blog seriously feels like quicksand to me.. You get sucked in and then you get all miscombobulated and you’re not sure you can get yourself back out..

          You’re terrific, Alanzo.. You’re too logical to be allowed over there.. Yah, Marty may be making pogress, but you still need to make sure that whenever you go there, you always have a low-hanging branch to grasp onto..

          • burythenuts

            SPF….u rock , and u right

        • washington23

          He may have answered you…but the response “it’s all in my book” is a pretty frequent one unfortunately. So no one will really know if that’s actually true unless they read it.

    • Chocolate Velvet

      I’ve noticed that trend too, Alanzo. Marty is definitely broadening his subject matter on the blog. And his tone is becoming more human and accessible. I’m a big ol’ softie, so that moves me a lot.

      It’s funny to me that it causes such controversy among a few of his regulars. They complain as if they are somehow required to read his blog and accept his POV, and they don’t like being “forced” to read what he’s posting lately. Weird. If Tony O shifted the tone or subject matter here, and I didn’t like it, I’d just find another blog to follow. I would not gripe and try to convince him he was wrong-headed, or damaging the “cause”.

      I’m glad Marty posted your comment. It was still up when I was there, and I think you ask good questions. You are always (that I have seen) respectful and compassionate, even when you are challenging him. Keep it up!

    • The Dakini

      You rock my dear. What a fantastic post.

    • Midwest Mom

      Alonzo, do you know where your popcorn popper is right now? I’ll get the popcorn, Howdy, could you please crank up the music? Bury, how about some beverages? Thanks! Clear the dance floor, it’s time for a party!

      • burythenuts

        on it!

    • sugarplumfairy

      Well.. Tony did ask for More!


    • sugarplumfairy

      Amazing article.. “…In the end, the FBI’s criminal investigation yielded no charges…”

      how is that frking possible?

    • DeElizabethan

      Good one Alanzo, txks

      So happy to see another great article by these reporters. This inside story of the cult certainly needs more exposure. This cult is dangerous in many other ways too. Abusing children should be a crime, no matter if called a religion. Keeping them ignorant, working them as much as an adult while filling their little minds with lies and turning them into robots. They will work as slaves, learn how to con the public, promote the cult through more lies for money which goes only to the cult. They help no one but themselves, even if you read their PR, it is only a facade.

  • burythenuts


  • villagedianne

    Wow! I remember when I first became an avid Scientology watcher, in 1999. At that time there were only a few people who were willing to throw themselves into the electrified fence by criticizing the Church publicly. And the Church won these battles with depressing regularity. “Damn!”, I used to think, “Why do they always win?”.
    Those days are gone forever, at least in the US and Western countries. Now the Anti-Scientology infowar needs to go global. Especially in Third World countries.
    Essentially Miscavige is turning the COS into a Third World country. A few rich people at the top, the “whales”, and a whole bunch of imporverished exploited people at the bottom, staff and Sea Org. And Miscavige, the “strong man” at the very top, living like an Oriental potentate.