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Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard has some ideas about your ‘eternity’

The new Source magazine is here, and as usual it’s just one big advertisement that’s meant to convince Scientologists to drop everything, write a big series of checks, and go to the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida for Scientology’s upper level mumbo-jumbo.

But one thing we’re always interested to see is which old L. Ron Hubbard corpus they bring out of mothballs to convince you that he actually was the greatest human being who ever lived.

We thought we’d share this issue’s piece with you because it provides an interesting overview of the entire Scientology experience, and Hubbard acknowledges that it isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time, effort, and yes, it goes without saying, a whole lot of cash.

And what’s the payoff? Well, you will be better equipped for “eternity.” We put that word in quotes because it’s so important to Scientologists but it’s clear that they don’t have the slightest idea of what it means. The human mind, in fact, is ill equipped to conceive of lengthy time periods. Living only for a number of decades, it’s really difficult for us to perceive what time passing in centuries, millennia, and geologic time periods really represents. But sure, go ahead and prepare yourself for the next couple of million centuries by dropping a few hundred thousand at a compound in Florida. Why not, right?


Anyway, we’d really like to hear your thoughts about Hubbard’s outline of the Scientology experience. Are people today really interested in this kind of thing?

As I continue to research, I never cease to be amazed at the amount of gain potentially available to an individual.

There are six rough divisions of case gain.

1. From raw public to a realization Scientology works and should be continued.

2. The realization that, through his auditing, one will not get any worse — an arrested decline.

3. The whole band of gains we call the lower grades. The very least of these gains (and there are many), by pc testimony, is stated to exceed by far any advance in personal gain ever before achieved in any former practice known. (A simple flying of ruds can get more gain that ten years of psychoanalysis!)

4. The band that achieves, in a final burst of glory and freedom, the state of Clear.

5. The pre-OT levels, leading to personal spiritual freedom. These carry up through all New Era Dianetics for OTs (NOTs), audited and Solo. What is amazing here is that each one of these levels, according to rave reports, has, each one, its own spectacular level of gain.

6. The actual OT levels beginning now with New OT VIII and going on up.

According to the spiritual research records and pre-OT and OT reports, the AMOUNT of gain available to one person is never really conceived, in an aberrated state, to potentially exist above him.

It is a never-ending source of wonder to people, going truly on this route, that there could be such QUANTITY of gain available to one being.

Thus in an aberrated state, the person is not likely to turn his eyes up very high and still keep a reality on it.

In the age of speed, people may conceive it all should happen in a minute. Or maybe a minute and a half. Or as the result of a needle jab which will make them free forever.

Alas this universe isn’t built that way.


This universe is based on QUANTITY. There’s an awful lot of it.

The number of electrons in an atom, the number of atoms in a molecule, the number of molecules in a drop of water is awesome arithmetic.

The number of planets in systems, the number of suns in a galaxy, the number of galaxies add up to mind-boggling figures.

TIME, on this very short-lifed and hectic planet, is hardly conceived of at all. Just recently geologists concluded that Man might have been here for a million years. HAH! Little do they know!

The age of this and other universes is very, very long. It is not eternity but almost.

So, without getting into questions as to how long you’ve been around (the brain-theory boys might object since they’re TERRIFIED of spirits), let’s ask this question:

If a being had half an eternity to louse himself up, how loused up could he get?

Right. Go to the head of the class. Plenty!

And you now can get an inkling of how much spiritual gain might be available. And this could explain why, at each one of the six levels, there are so many new gains according to testimonies collected.

All right. Got that? Good.

We now come to the next question, since one and all are being very bright this morning:

If it took a being half an eternity to louse himself up, how long would it take to unlouse him?

Now before your mouth turns down at both sides and before you collapse into apathy considering it, let’s look at the next miracle of Dianetics and Scientology:

It doesn’t take half an eternity. It doesn’t take millennia — though this could be reasonably expected. It doesn’t take centuries. It only takes years.


That’s right. Years.

The above six rough divisions of gains are sort of on an expanding scale.

The first one could take, with an introductory session or assist, maybe half an hour plus a few evenings reading books.

The next level (consisting of formal auditing and Purification), possibly could take a week or two.

The third level, consisting of the lower grades and more books could, due to scheduling of time and all that, consume a month.

The fourth level, depending on the case, might take bit longer. But it can result in “Clear.”

The fifth ban now begins to really lengthen. To become a Solo auditor and go up through the levels to OT III could take months. And through OT III can stretch out considerably. And then audited NOTs and Solo NOTs really adds time on. The gains at each point of progress can make, according to reports of pcs, progress at the lower end look like inches. Yet the lowest of these bands is above any progress Man had made before.

Now when we get to band six, get ready for a long haul. It won’t happen in a minute.

So what we’re looking at here is time proportional to reported gain.

Once one has gone Clear and gets to Solo, one has to plan one’s time to each day put his auditing time in and just keep at it.

Some balk when they have gone a ways. Life looks too interesting. Or they bog and they are “too busy” to get a repair and get them going again. They are, after all, moving at a much faster pace personally — their interests may have multiplied.

But if they will just keep at it and make the arrangements necessary to be able to do it, according to the rave reports, it is very worthwhile.

So what is one really looking at? The higher the level, the longer the time — because one is handling a higher band of potential gain.

And what is one rising to, after all?


One is rising to eternity.

You think time is behind you?

Have another thought. Look AHEAD. There’s eternity!

And you’ll be in it.

You’ll be in it in a good state or a bad one. Really, I am sorry to have to tell you, there’s no choice. One may be able to step off the planet. One isn’t going to step off life.

In this time and in this place — for possibly just a little while — we have this chance. To go free and to make it. Planets and cultures are frail things. They do not endure.

I cannot promise you that you will make it. I can only provide the knowledge and give you your chance.

The rest is up to you.

I strongly advise you to work hard at it — don’t waste this brief breath in eternity.

For that is your future — ETERNITY.

It will be good for you or bad.

And for you, my dearest friend, I’ve done what I could to make it good for you.

— Ron’s Journal 35, 9 May 1981
“From Clear to Eternity”



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Posted by Tony Ortega on August 30, 2019 at 07:00

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