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In homophobic Scientology, you are required to write up your sins or else

Sunny Pereira was going through some old things recently when she came upon a bit of a goldmine — some handwritten letters she had been required to pen while she was being punished in Scientology’s ‘Sea Org.’ We asked her to explain the significance of one forced confessional letter which we found particularly striking.

When a person is declared a “Suppressive Person” in Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard wanted to give them a chance to make right, to redeem themselves and be welcomed back into the group. The procedure he described for that redemption is called Steps “A to E.”

In early 2004, I had already been in the Sea Org for 17 years, and I had two strikes for bad behavior (I went to the RPF for two years for making out with a guy, then was demoted for hugging a guy). I had always had a rough time with Scientology, where I never really agreed with or cooperated with the rules. I was, to Scientology, a non-conformist. I questioned things around me often, and was not always satisfied with the odd answers that I would get. This attitude lead me down a path of discovery that Clear was fake. After I realized that, nothing about Scientology and the Sea Org’s purpose mattered to me at all.

In the middle of all of that, I dated a woman, this was kept secret by both of us, because homosexuality was forbidden in the Sea Org. It was considered perversion by Scientology. We broke up after a short time.


Soon after this break up, she wanted to leave the Sea Org, and I was ordered to do her confessional sessions. I should have refused. But if I did refuse, I would have to say why. This is where things got very complicated. While I was being ordered to sec check (interrogate) her, I was also regularly visiting my nephew locally in the hospital who was fighting a rare cancer. If I explained why I could not sec check this woman, I knew I would have immediately been imprisoned under round-the-clock guard. I would not have been allowed to speak to my brother or see my nephew.

And so I sec checked this woman. She left the Sea Org. I don’t know if we were looking out for each other by neither of us bringing up our affair. We both knew it meant big trouble. We both knew that we were in a tough spot.

Shortly after, my crime was reported by someone else, and I was immediately removed from the org and placed under 24 hours “baby watch” (24/7 guard posted to make sure you don’t leave). I was ordered to do hard physical labor such as cleaning and construction, while waiting for sec checking by an auditor. This was my final strike, which put me in the cross hairs of a “Suppressive Person” declare. I spent from January to May 2004 (yes, 5 months) in this situation. In February my actual goldenrod colored SP declare order was handed to me. I was still on Scientology property getting interrogations for months after that. I did not ever have the chance to have that conversation with my brother.

Part of speeding up the process to be able to leave is showing ethics change. Showing that you are trying to be better, trying to do the right thing by Scientology standards. When you are SP declared, the only thing you can do to show you are “with the program” is to start on the A to E steps. There comes a point where you weigh whether you want to sit under 24/7 watch or do anything you can to speed things along. I came to a point where I would have admitted to murder (so to speak) to get out of that situation.

It was difficult to find my humanity under such inhumane conditions. That’s no excuse for some of the things I did, both under orders as well as to get my needs met. I did some things wrong and hurt people without considering the damage it would cause to them, and to me, even to this day. Bringing this letter up here does not at all negate the fact that there were things I wish I did differently. To those people, I want to say, I’m still finding my path, and I am truly sorry for being blind to the hurt I caused, back then, and up to today. At the same time, my point in writing this public announcement, while under duress of lock up, could not be valid or true. You cannot lock a person up for months and get a heartfelt and honest “confession.” A person can and may say anything to get out of a bad situation, when it goes on too long.

So I began the steps. Step A is pretty simple: stop committing suppressive acts. Its almost like making the decision, and that is it. Step B is where we make a public announcement that we have stopped committing these heinous acts.

This written letter by me, is my public announcement stating that I have realized the wrongs of my ways, and that I want to get back in good graces. It is a public announcement that was sent out to all local orgs.

It is important in the announcement to show as much “it was me, my fault” as you can. It indicates that you see the error in your ways and are willing and able to “repent.” We are seeing here, in a nutshell, that my flirting and misbehavior is destroying Scientology and its ability to save mankind. That is a pretty normal perspective in Scientology.

And here’s the letter:

3 Feb 04

Sunny Pereira
Steps A-E

A. I have stopped committing PT overts and knocked off any out-ethics actions that would be an attack or suppression of Scientology or the Sea Org. I am doing this, on my own cognizance, having seen my actions to have been suppressive.

B. (see attached) (I am finding out if I need to send via IJC/CJC, once that is done, it will be sent to ASHO staff, NWCI, some Flag staff, CMOI terminals, RTC terminals, WUS and others.)


3 Feb 04

Public Announcement (Step B of A to E)

My name is Sunny Pereira and I have been involved in actions contrary and suppressive to the goals of Scientology and the Sea Org. Through my actions I have covertly attacked the only group successfully helping mankind.

My actions were unfounded, and have not assisted in the betterment of man, but have in fact put beings down the chute and made them less aware and more introverted.

My reasons and motivations for attacking this group covertly were unfounded. The reasons behind the attack have no relation to Scientology or the Sea Org, but come from things I have been fighting with long before I ever encountered this group. I have been trying to attack long-gone enemies who are not in my present time environment at all.

My actions were not in the form of open or verbal attack, but on a covert line of destroying the group by introverting it into unethical second dynamic activities, to the detriment of the group. Specifically on the second dynamic, I have created trouble with the Sea Org (by my activities) since I arrived to the Sea Org in 1985. I first believed, and got others to believe, that I have only been involved in second dynamic out-ethics activities since 1999. This is false and factually I have used the second dynamic to pervert and introvert people for a very, very long time.

Even addressing this with Scientology processing has not lessened my out-ethics actions in this regard, as I have refused to take any responsibility for my actions and its affect or the individual, myself, Scientology and the Sea Org.

I have used the second dynamic to control and get what I wanted, instead of acting sane and rational.

I have misrepresented Scientology, the Sea Org, training, the state of Clear and OT by my suppressive actions.

I have also attacked and made wrong those who tried to help me solve this matter. This includes any investigation into my actions, any attempt at ethics handling on me, any efforts to rid me of charge through auditing and word clearing.

I have been involved in an active campaign to hide my actions from supposed enemies, which were only in my own mind, and not actual or factual.

By my actions I have separated myself from the group of ethical Scientologists and Sea Org members and do not have rights accorded to those who have been ethical and are striving for spiritual freedom. I have imposed this on myself, by my actions. No one is forcing any such thing on me, I have lost my rights (correctly) through my actions.

I have ceased these suppressive acts and actions and wanted that be known by those related or affected by my irrational and suppressive behavior. I do not and will not condone out-ethics activities from here on out.

This is true.

Sunny Pereira

Writing something like this is looked upon in a good light. It shows I am no longer desiring of continuing suppressive actions and I am ready to get back onto a righteous path. The next step? Paying back $500,000 I supposedly stole from Scientology by training up and then leaving…. Its called “freeloading” and
all ex-Sea Org members are considered guilty of it.

When I am asked today why I got SP declared, sometimes the answer to that seems to me to be too complicated. Was I SP declared for a third strike? Because it was a female? Or because I did sessions on the person later? Two things we know for sure: First: My SP declare has “pervert” all over it, and refers to a female relationship. Second: Whatever I was SP declared for, my (forced) confession was acceptable as a proper redemption step.

Unfortunately my brother and I remained disconnected for several years. I was unable to be there for him and his family when his son passed away in January 2005. We have since reconnected and have a very close relationship. Of course, my mother, the Sea Org member, has disconnected from my brother, which we knew would happen when he got back in touch with me. Despite my mother being disconnected from both of us now, this has not stopped the registrars from hounding my brother’s family for money, to this day.

— Sunny Pereira


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