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How to get yourself removed from Scientology’s legendary mailing list: A case study

One of our sources forwarded an actual text conversation (it was sent to us in screen captures) that we thought you would find pretty interesting.

The conversation was between a former member of the Church of Scientology who had been texted, unsolicited, by someone at the church attempting to update her in Scientology’s legendary mailing list database. The church’s mailing list is one of those infamous things about the church that even people only barely acquainted with the church seem to know — once you get on it, the junk mail comes and comes and it’s almost impossible to stop it. And even if you move a few times, the church somehow always tracks you down. (See our story at the Voice about a guy who had moved more than ten times, across the country, and had not been involved in Scientology for forty years and still, the church kept hounding him.)

People often ask us how to get themselves removed from Scientology’s mailing list, and we’re never sure what to tell them. So we thought the following conversation might be edifying for anyone who’s tired of receiving Scientology mail. It’s also simply an entertaining read, thanks to Shannon (who asked us not to include her last name), and we thank her for turning this over for our readers to see. We’ve typed up the conversation to make it easier to read, but we can verify that it was all captured in actual screenshots. Enjoy.


Dan: Hi Shannon. My name is Dan Seabaugh. I am texting to update your mailing record with the Church. The address we have is [redacted]. The email is [redacted] and the record shows you have done some beginning services in Dianetics and Scientology. Is this all correct?

Shannon: YOU ARE IN A DESTRUCTIVE CULT. GET OUT NOW! There are groups that will help you undo their brainwashing. Their statistics are lies. What they’ve told you are all lies. Please get out and find help. REMOVE MY NAME FROM THE DATABASE. I WILL NOT BE HARASSED BY A CULT. DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN.

Dan: Have you ever gotten mail from us or is this just a wrong number?

Shannon: Remove my name from your database immediately and do not contact me. Scientology is a cult and destroying people. Get out. Find your family. Build a real life. You’re being lied to. Everything you’ve been told is a lie. Hardly any Scientologists exist. It is helping NO ONE. Psychiatrists are not evil. David Miscavige is evil. Scientology is nothing but a scam to make money. All those new orgs are empty. The stats you’re told at events are lies. They only buy these properties to keep their tax exempt status. Please read about your own religion and learn the truth. Get out and get help! It’s not too late.

Dan: Thanks for your advice. If you want off this list I need to know if you ARE the person in the records or just another person we never contacted that is simply a wrong number. So, did you even have any contact with Scientology or get mail from us? I want to take you off. So, your cooperation on this would be great. Thanks.

Shannon: I was raised in that cult so I know exactly what I’m talking about. You’re being used. You’ve been lied to. I know you’re under strict instructions not to read anything negative about Scientology but ask yourself why, if they’re so great, what would they need to hide? They’re hiding the truth from you. They’ve destroyed countless families, bankrupted thousands of people who lost everything so some reg could make their stats for the week. Thousands have flooded out of Scientology after learning the truth. People who were at the highest level of Int for decades have left because of the abuse and because they found out it’s all lies. Learn about your own religion. Ask why you aren’t allowed to. Isn’t that itself a red flag for you? The “tech” was stolen and much of it originated in the world of psychiatry. None of it is real. Stop helping destroy people and start helping take down this cult.

Dan: OK, Thanks. So you are this person and I will take you off the list. The truth of Scientology is only in the writing and lectures of L. Ron Hubbard. Anything else is simply an alteration or opinion to lesser or greater degree. Of course you have your own reasons for choosing to believe otherwise and have made your own choices on this which you will have to sort out for yourself if you choose to do so. Good luck to you and thanks for your comm. I will be taking you off our lists for now.

Shannon: I was raised on the writings of L. Ron Hubbard. What he wrote has been mostly stolen from the world of psychiatry or other groups. The rest he made up. You are being brainwashed. I know it’s not easy to hear but it’s true. If you get into the real world you’ll understand. If you disconnected from family please find them. It’s not worth it. What Scientology is telling you is not true. They aren’t helping people or growing their numbers. It’s all lies. They have lost most of their numbers and are doing nothing but amassing wealth. Please do yourself a favor and learn about the religion you’ve signed a billion years to. The world outside of Scientology is great, not the hellscape they tell you it is. If you have a family you’ve disconnected from I guarantee you they miss you and have probably tried to contact you. Scientology breaks people apart. They break people’s minds in order to brainwash them. I’ve been in it. I know what you’re going through. Please open your eyes and at least LOOK at the data out there on what Scientology is really doing. You’ll never learn it from the inside. That’s why they’re so controlling of you. Help yourself! L. Ron Hubbard is nothing more than a fiction writer. He was not even a war hero as they tell you he was. He moved onto the Apollo for tax evasion purposes! He was horrible to his wife, and his teachings destroy children. Nothing they tell you about him is true! Find the truth or they will use you up until you have nothing left to give, then they will toss you aside. They don’t care about you. They only care about the free labor they get from you. Scientology is not helping the world. They are a well known cult. Please just take some time to learn so you can see for yourself!


Dan: Thanks for your comm. Go take a very long walk with no one influencing you at all until you feel much better. No matter how long it takes. Hours if needed until you are calm and in present time and feel very good about it. Then re-study the Scientology Axioms in a new unit of time and the first book of Science of Survival and re-assess the tone levels of those you are in comm with and their levels of truth in their comm. You should realize something I hope at this point. If not, take more walks until you are totally in present time and re-study the axioms and tone scale without any influences on your lines and re-assess your contacts. Good luck to you. You can stay in comm with me on this if you want. Talk to you later if you wish. Good Bye for now.

Shannon: Oh honey, I’m quite calm and quite in present time. I spent decades in that cult. I was raised on the teachings of LRH. I lived at the FH when LRH died. I’m not some new baby Scientologist you can control. You are in a cult not a religion. You are in a dangerous cult who has caused you so much damage you have no idea. You are in a cult who has amassed billions of dollars and caused MANY Scientologists to lose everything taking out loans to pay for services that are made up. I assume you haven’t reached OT3 where you learn about all the dead aliens sticking to you. Or OT8 when you find out that everything you’ve learned to that point is bullshit. I feel sorry for you because you think you’re doing good. It’s not your fault, it’s theirs for taking advantage of you. If you can’t even look into the allegations then at least ask yourself why. Ask yourself what they’re so desperate to hide that you’re not even allowed to know about it. You’ve been fed lies. If you have been disconnected from family because of Scientology I am happy to help you get in touch with them. I’m guessing you’re quite young, since they have you doing this. I was 16 when I was taken from my family and put to work too. You need to find out what else is out there. You need to free yourself from the lies you’ve been taught. I can help you if you want to leave. It’s adorable that you think long walks will make total bullshit appear more true. Please get yourself some real education. Did you even get to finish high school before pushed into joining the Sea Org? You should take a long walk, get in present time, then go to a library and use their computer to learn the truth about Scientology. There are many people out there who will help you. You will not be alone. It can be hard to deprogram cult members but life becomes so much easier and worthwhile, I promise.

Dan: Sorry Shannon, lost contact somehow. Did not get your last message. Did you ever do advanced courses? I think we may have another record for you that I also need to take off. Did you have another last name while in Scientology? Let me know so I can ensure you do not get mail from us or any more calls. Thanks. The address we have is [redacted].


Shannon: I will resend my last message. You will not get me to hand over more personal information to put in a cult database. I know you think you are doing good and helping but you are being lied to and are helping a destructive and evil cult. Educate yourself. There are groups available to help you. Get out and help the world in a real way by helping to destroy Scientology and expose it for the destructive cult it is. [Previous message re-sent.]

Dan: Were you in the Sea Org?

Shannon: I can send you all the information you want about the lies of Scientology. I will help you get in touch with those you’ve disconnected with because of this evil cult. How old are you? How long have you been in Scientology? How long have you been in the Sea Org? All that information would help me.

Dan: All I want actually at this point is to make sure we do not bother you any more by sending you mail or calling you. So, if you can tell me any names you had and what you did in Scientology. That would help.

Shannon: I would like to know how old you are and how long you have been in the Sea Org.

Dan: Have you ever been on staff or in the Sea Org?

Shannon: How old are you? How long have you been in the Sea Org?

Dan: What have you done in Scientology?

Shannon: How old are you? How long have been in the Sea Org? Why won’t you answer those questions?

Dan: Why won’t you answer those questions?

Shannon: If your parents are in too and you feel you have nowhere to go there are groups to help you. You have plenty of information about me. I would like to know a little about you. How old are you? How long have you been in Scientology? How long have you been in the Sea Org?

Dan: What were your parents’ names?

Shannon: Are you in your 60s perhaps? Around 65? What are your parents’ names?

Dan: Did you ever do a TRs course or any course on

Shannon: How long have you been in the Sea Org? Dan, worked at HGB. Right? What’s the matter, Dan?

Dan: Kind of busy here. Where were you on staff?

Shannon: Is that you? Worked at HGB as DTS back in the 90s?

Dan: When did you leave the Sea Org? Was it after BPI?

Shannon: Is that you who worked at the HGB in the 90s? What made you join a cult? Why have you dedicated your life to slave labor? Why are you afraid to look into the allegations against Scientology? How old were you when you joined Scientology? How old were you when you joined the Sea Org? Did your parents join? How many people have you disconnected from because of Scientology policies? Do you have any contact with the real world a/k/a: outside of Scientology? You’re the one who texted this number and started demanding information. I feel I should be allowed to demand some information too. How did you get this phone number? Who gave it to your cult? When did that happen?

Dan: Good luck to you Shannon in the future. When you decide to really LOOK at the world give me another text. Until then I suggest you read the ethics book. Good Bye.

Shannon: Your ethics book is written by a scam artist. It is fiction. You have been fooled by a cult. No need to be embarrassed, it happens. But there is help for you to get out and learn about the lies you’ve been told. There’s plenty of information out there and it’s easily accessible. I hope you use some logic and choose for yourself based on reality not the lies of a science fiction writer with delusions of grandeur. Maybe you and your cult should rethink contacting random phone numbers in the future. Good luck to you, Dan! I hope you get out while you still have time left. There’s plenty of help available to you. By the way, you need to be in the world to really look at it. Kind of silly advice coming from someone locked away in a cult, isn’t it? So long, Dan. I’ve valued our friendship and hope you’ve learned something from it. Mostly that there is help when you’re ready to escape.

Programming note: Look for another release of information about the Scientology FBI investigation this afternoon.

Also, on Monday, a special treat: The drone pilot is back! — Ed.


The ghosts have left the ghost town

Tracey McManus of the Tampa Bay Times has a piece on the latest development in Clearwater — Scientology’s latest act of retaliation over losing out on a land deal downtown is that its Sea Org members are apparently boycotting businesses on Cleveland Street.

Clay Irwin at the Lucky Anchor Pub tells us he had noticed the sudden and total absence of Sea Org on the streets downtown. But we have to wonder, will it really impact businesses much that the Scientologists, who are paid pennies an hour when they are paid at all, will not be spending money in Clearwater?

UPDATE: We have live video on the scene in downtown Clearwater as Scientologists are seeking cover to stay out of sight…



Aaron Smith-Levin answers your questions

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Mary Jane Sterne has not seen her daughter Samantha in 1,510 days.
Kate Bornstein has not seen her daughter Jessica in 12,619 days.


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