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Confirmation of the 2009 FBI trafficking probe of Scientology that the church denied

Melissa Cronin over at RadarOnline dropped a bomb this morning that she let us in on recently: The FBI had complied with her request for documents related to its 2009/2010 human trafficking investigation of the Church of Scientology.

She tells us that she received a 300-page file pursuant to her request, and she posted a few of the initial pages this morning just to show finally that yes, this investigation did occur, even though the church lied repeatedly, saying that it did not.

“The church has no knowledge that this ‘examining’ ever occurred,” Scientology spokeswoman Karin Pouw said in 2013.

It was Lawrence Wright, in his epic 2011 New Yorker story about Paul Haggis who first revealed that the FBI investigation had taken place, although as we showed later, by that time the probe had already been abandoned.

Why the investigation ended was a complex situation that we wrote about at some length. Cronin tells us that the 300-page FBI file abruptly ends in May 2010, and sheds no new light on why it stopped.

But now, at least, there’s no doubt that the FBI did take this investigation seriously, denoting it a “Sensitive Investigative Matter” as it looked into the way Scientology’s most hardcore members, who had signed billion-year contracts, were being treated, particularly at its secretive international management base near Hemet, California:

The reporting agent received information that the elite branch of the Church of Scientology known as the “Sea Organization” (Sea Org) houses and employs thousands of Scientology members, including children and adults, utilizing force, fraud and coercion.

And the description the FBI gives summarizing the allegations by their informants should sound very familiar to readers of this website…

Based on interviews of former Sea org members (hereinafter Complainants), the Church of Scientology (COS) tricks young Scientologists into joining the Sea Org, promising good salaries, regular work hours, vacation and family visits. However, once Sea Org members begin their service, they are housed and held at secure locations where they work 15 hour days in various positions for Scientology-based companies. Sea Org members are given no days off, and are permitted only limited and monitored contact with anyone outside the camps where they live and work.

We expect to get a lot more information about this soon, and we’ll be adding reactions from some of the investigation’s participants to this piece.

As we told Cronin, with Leah Remini’s second season coming, this file could not be coming out at a worse time for the embattled church.

Reaction from Marc Headley: I know for a fact that many Ex-Sea Org members spent time with FBI agents sharing information about the Int Base and the Sea Org. I don’t think Claire or I have ever spoken about this on the record. If I can make it to HowdyCon, maybe I can tell you about what the FBI shared with us. Some of it was so exciting, it is how my second book starts out. I am pretty sure it will blow your mind.

Lori Hodgson: Glad this is finally getting out. I was a part of this FBI Human Trafficking investigation regarding my son Jeremy while he was in the Sea Org. The Sea Org made my son sign at age 16 a $3 million gag order to keep him quiet. They also kept him isolated for a couple weeks when he wanted to leave and made him do Security Checks. The Sea Org broke the law stating my son had official schooling when he did not. People wonder why I left Scientology…. here it is.

Mat Pesch: Like many other ex-Sea Org members, Amy Scobee and I were interviewed during the FBI’s investigation into Scientology. Amy and I were interviewed separately for hours over a two-day period. The agent was very professional and detailed. For example, when I mentioned that the passports of foreign staff were held by the church in a locked file cabinet, the agent wanted the exact location of the file cabinet. I got the idea that this was important for a potential raid. The agent wanted to know the “blow drill” that was done when a staff member tried to escape. The exact security at the location where the staff and RPF live, etc. To the agent it was all indicative of human trafficking. I was asked if I would be willing to help point out things if the FBI did a raid. I was also asked what I thought about the possibility of going back into the Sea Org to work for the FBI. The agent was very concerned about the information being gathered from multiple sources.

Jefferson Hawkins: I spent a full day with FBI agents, answering their questions. I briefed them in some detail about conditions at the Int Base and on the PAC RPF. The two agents were very knowledgeable about Scientology and asked very intelligent, probing questions. They told me that they had interviewed many Ex-SO, but did not say who. And yes, it was about human trafficking. They also told me, interestingly, that they were deliberately keeping the Clearwater FBI office out of the loop, as they knew there was someone in that office leaking information to Scientology.


Bonus items from our tipsters

Thanks very much to the tipster who sent us this invite that went out to all members of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, which is responsible for the Emmy Awards. And that means, our tipster points out, that pretty much all of Scientology’s celebrity actors would have received this invite. D’oh!



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Scientology disconnection, a reminder

Bernie Headley has not seen his daughter Stephanie in 4,739 days.
Quailynn McDaniel has not seen her brother Sean in 1,842 days.
Claudio and Renata Lugli have not seen their son Flavio in 2,336 days.
Sara Goldberg has not seen her daughter Ashley in 1,376 days.
Lori Hodgson has not seen her son Jeremy in 1,088 days.
Marie Bilheimer has not seen her mother June in 614 days.
Joe Reaiche has not seen his daughter Alanna Masterson in 4,703 days
Derek Bloch has not seen his father Darren in 1,843 days.
Cindy Plahuta has not seen her daughter Kara in 2,163 days.
Claire Headley has not seen her mother Gen in 2,138 days.
Ramana Dienes-Browning has not seen her mother Jancis in 494 days.
Mike Rinder has not seen his son Benjamin in 4,796 days.
Brian Sheen has not seen his daughter Spring in 903 days.
Skip Young has not seen his daughters Megan and Alexis for 1,305 days.
Mary Kahn has not seen her son Sammy in 1,178 days.
Lois Reisdorf has not seen her son Craig in 759 days.
Phil and Willie Jones have not seen their son Mike in 1,264 days.
Mary Jane Sterne has not seen her daughter Samantha in 1,508 days.
Kate Bornstein has not seen her daughter Jessica in 12,617 days.


3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on May 3, 2017 at 07:00

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  • Ha.

  • Jack99

    “…this file could not be coming out at a worse time for the embattled church.”

    Life’s a bitch, huh, Dave?

    • Observer

      And so is he. A petty little one.

  • Darn you RadarOnline! Every time that I assign them to the news bitbucket for fluff, they actually manage to have some real news.

    • Meh. My comment there seems to have disappeared, however their comment software makes Disqus look solid and reliable.

  • 0tessa

    Big question: why did the FBI didn’t take the investigation further? What happened?

  • TexasBroad

    May what stopped, start again.
    As to the A&E invite, I’m sure whomever opens Tom’s mail made sure it never reached him.

  • Markthehungarian

    Interesting. Would be great to know what caused the investigation to falter, stall and then be shelved. Perhaps our proprietor will find out…

  • Rasha

    “…former Sea Org members (hereinafter Complainants)…”

    ’nuff said.

  • Graham

    ‘“The church has no knowledge that this ‘examining’ ever occurred,” Scientology spokeswoman Karin Pouw said in 2013.’

    I’m wondering when Karin Pouw last issued a statement. We seem not to have heard from her for a long, long time.

    Where is Karin Pouw?
    Where is Shelly Miscavige?
    Where is Heber Jentzsch?
    Where is Thomas Cruise Mapother, Teegiak’s #2 Big Being?

    • Bob

      I think Karin is housed in the new upgraded and plush “hole”.
      Rubbing elbows with Heber, Norman Starkey, Greg Wilhere, Ray Mithoff, Mark Yeager and a host of other execs who have offended the mighty small one.

      • PickAnotherID

        Or doing “reno’s” on that AOSH LATAM facility, and not allowed outside where anyone could see them.

  • And the government has handed out thousands of Religious Worker Visas so that people could come to America, go to Clearwater, and join

    the elite branch of the Church of Scientology known as the “Sea Organization” (Sea Org) houses and employs thousands of Scientology members, including children and adults, utilizing force, fraud and coercion.

    Umm, hello?

    • ze moo

      When Leah Remini was 12 or 13, she became what amounts to a hotel maid and cleaned hotel rooms. How ‘ecclesiastical’ is that?

      It only takes one active Sea bOrg to complain and the whole ball can get rolling again.

      • There’s the FBI ball, which could result in charges and a ten year court fight.

        And there’s the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services ball, which could close the Sea Org lifeline and depopulate Flag in five years.

        • salin

          Under current conditions/priorities – I think the latter is the better bet.

          • Maybe. CoS has to know how much damage a major flap and cancellation of their R-1 visas would cause. At the top end, they have lobbyists and religious friends protecting that, and they probably have some kind of fix at the local end in Clearwater.

        • chukicita

          What about the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Dept. of State)?

          • There’s the special religious Office of International Religious Freedom‎ within that bureau where CoS has pull (Thanks Bill Clinton!), and it might get complicated.

            Category:US State Department

            • chukicita

              That’s a zit that needs popping.

    • The US tax payers must so proud that they get to sponsor this….

  • Princess Poopypants

    It’s weird to see this as “human trafficking”, because when you lived it, it surely seemed voluntary. Though it was “voluntary” (and yes, things would be promised and then totally different would occur), there were many times you would think “well this sucks!”, but don’t think that out loud. Hell no.
    There are thousands and thousands that have been trafficked through Scn (Sea Org specifically), but few actually see that is what it was.

    • Bob

      Yes, when you are in it it’s all voluntary.

      • HailToTheSheep

        I sometimes need to remind myself that one of DM’s more appalling incidents of psychological and physical torment — the musical chairs game in The Hole — had people fighting each other to stay in. The purported “punishment” for losing was going to be their freedom.

    • dchoiceisalwaysrs

      symptoms of hypnotism? of thought control? of being completely conned?

    • The FBI was probably paralyzed by the idea that if they conducted a raid, a lot of the people that they released would turn around and walk back in again.

      • PeaceMaker

        Someone like Headley or Rinder has reported that they advised the FBI that is exactly what would likely happen, and it was not too long after that point that plans for a raid were scrapped.

        The law needs to catch up in dealing with situations like this, just as is slowly has with regards to other situations of influence, intimidation and control, such as domestic violence – another prime example where victims themselves often stymie prosecution, and even want to return to their abusers. It occurs to me that the phenomenon at work are similar to what is popularly known as Stockholm Syndrome, and at least in the Patty Hearst kidnapping case, that got some legal recognition.

  • Observer
    • Chee Chalker

      One of your best!

    • Jenyfurrrrr

      Gotta agree w/Chee- this is pretty perfect!

    • BEETEE

      HOLY XENU that is funny!! ^^^^^ Now – excuse me as I have to wipe off the coffee that was sprayed all over my screen!

      Thank you Observer

      • Jenyfurrrrr

        I highly recommend one of those keyboard-protector mats that keeps food/liquid out before viewing ANY of OBS or Mark Foster’s shoops!

    • WhiteCentauress

      This has got to be my favorite so far. Perfect in every way. The howling beagle is just the cherry on top. 😂🤣😂🤣💦

  • Vault Digger

    Cronin tells us that the 300-page FBI file abruptly ends in May 2010, and sheds no new light on why it stopped.

    I would say that this lends a bit of credence to the Proprietor’s hypothesis about why the investigation ended. If there was an issue with sharing intelligence between different cases the FBI would not want to get egg on their face by documenting this/sharing it via FOI. If the Headley case was the cause of the investigation being dropped it seems reasonable to at least have documentation that explained this (or at least mention it as part of the event backdrop of the time).

    The last line of the Radar story reads

    For the revelations from the explosive file, and why charges were never filed, stay with Radar!

    Do they know something that the documents don’t yield?

    • 0tessa

      That would be fantastic!

    • FredEX2

      Or is it possible that tho it appears to have stopped in 2010…perhaps it has actually continued and is quietly open & ongoing?

      • TonyOrtega

        If that were the case, by law they could not release this file to the public.

        • FredEX2

          Yes, that’s true. ~it was just a fleeting hope. Perhaps with all the new exposure and with Leah’s coming 2nd season of ‘Scientology~ the Aftermath’…the FBI will reopen their investigation on this.

  • PickAnotherID

    Now if the Immigration people would just stop harassing ‘Dreamers’ for a couple of days, and pull some unannounced ‘religious worker visa’ checks at “Flag” and “Big Blue”. Including all of the related $cientology facilities in those areas.

    • That would require the US authorities to not be infiltrated by the Criminal organisation known as the church of $cientology…

      • FredEX2


      • dchoiceisalwaysrs

        Yes, and I have no idea why you would ever think a cherch would ever have anything to with such activities. But maybe a cult would or even a politically motivated cult with a department of governmental affairs. Never, I gotta go now and watch Snow White and the Fatman and his dwarf.

  • ze moo

    On the face of it, it seems that $cientology has violated the human trafficking laws. By holding passports of non-US citizens, they are in deep doo doo. Given all the non-religious work they do, these foreign workers are used as domestic servants. Ok, so they get occasional ‘auditing’, but does that justify the ‘religious study visa’?

    Why immigration doesn’t get into the act is beyond me. This situation should be their turf.

    By offering free booze, A & E will attract a nice audience for their round table. The Hurricane continues to blow at Force 5. May 15 will provide a very nice lead in to the next season. Now, start planning season 3.

    • Tracy Schmitz

      i hope this will be a episode storyline for leah’s 2nd season!…. along with the child slavery…

      • Jenyfurrrrr

        The Clearwater land-sale story provides the perfect segue to “dig deeper” into what truly goes on and how children are harassed, essentially stalked and harangued until they agree to sign an SO contract. I can’t wait to see what stories and info (esp regarding their work in trying to get gov’t officials to take note) Leah & Mike have for this season! It’s interesting that CO$ has been so public in their usual machinations vs the CMA and city council even while knowing Leah has people getting government officials and politicians paying attention in hopes of finding someone brave enough to be the US’ own Nick Xenophon!

  • Jack99

    Kirstie Alley got an invite to the Leah screening?

    That’s an irreplaceable Ming Vase, Krusty! Better put it down! Don’t…!

    Oh, dear.

    • Chee Chalker

      Maybe Michael and Denice Duff will bring some stale bread to the screening
      Oh wait, Michael won’t be invited because he doesn’t have any credits to his name…..

      • John Prince

        No doubt jenna elfman, donkey-dan, krusty, tom crooz & Co. will be fighting for Front row seats

        • Gus Cox

          Leah would be thrilled! I’d love to see her take them apart!

    • ze moo

      Can lemurs live on rice and beans?

  • madame duran

    More belated birthday gifts for David Miscavige!!! Captain Four Thirteen must be feeling real BLESSED. *giggles*

    • John Prince

      Isn’t it great? captain’s wettin’ himself for SURE and WE’RE havin’ a Party 😎 ..Every Day a New Gut-Punch for the Clampire, just your chickens comming home to roost cob, YOU PULLED IT IN

  • Chee Chalker

    When reached for comment, spokeswoman Karin Pouw said “Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes?”

    Monique Yingling’s response: “The FBI would have found a workers paradise……would you like a muffin?”

    • Observer

      Autocorrect strikes again!

      • salin

        Or clever unmasking of the name, perhaps now a nom de plume for DM the tiny pope,

    • salin

      And of course Karin would add: That is some Provable Bull Sh%t!

    • dchoiceisalwaysrs

      And Miami mayor calls up Pasadena mayor and says.. Do you know what a ‘useful idiot” is?

  • As I think most of the longtime Bunker readers know, this “church” is like a cockroach infestation that manages to avoid getting stamped out. The cult survived the 1977 convictions of many of its top executives in the wake of “Operation Snow White.” So Melissa Cronin does a disservice when she takes a great scoop — getting the FBI case file on the human rights investigation — and turns it into the breathless prediction that this could bring about the end of the cult.

    Tony’s right that this is a bombshell PR mess for the cult. It certainly pours gasoline on the flames of the Leah Remini mess and makes it that much harder to counter her accusations as lies from yet another bitter defrocked apostate.

    I think the documented proof of a human rights investigation will have one significant effect that has been stubbornly resistant to attack: it can be used to undo “safepointing” of local politicians by the cult. All those smiling Miami morons issuing proclamations praising all the human rights work of the various Scientology front groups should now be properly embarrassed, as there is proof from the FBI that the cult routinely abuses staff.

    Ultimately, if we’re able to get that information to appropriate local officials, it should erode any support for the cult. When combined with news of the cult’s “sour grapes” campaign against the city of Clearwater after it was shut out of the land deal it wanted, any local politician ought to understand that it’s toxic to be even minimally supportive of this organization. And it’s actually OK to be actively opposing it, as Clearwater did and as the folks in Maryland are by denying the Narconon facility the permit to take over that fishing camp.

    • PickAnotherID

      “…it can be used to undo “safepointing” of local politicians by the cult.”

      I wouldn’t hold my breath, or lay a lot of money, on that one.

      • I agree that the existence of this investigation won’t inherently shut down local pol support of the cult. But a quiet and patient campaign by various people to bring this proactively to the attention of political staffers of reps that the cult is likely to target would likely yield some results. All you need is for someone in the office to recognize that anything to do with front groups on this handy list are all Scientologists and human rights abusers and they’ll get a form letter rejection instead of a “yes.”

        One has to remember that a lot of the staffers for local politicians are either well-meaning volunteers or are young idealistic 23-year-olds who often don’t have the time to check out an organization. But a list of Scientology front groups that they can check would be helpful in the 3 minutes of due diligence that they spend on these requests. Evidence of negative press coverage for supporting them and evidence of Clearwater’s total lack of support for the cult that owns so much of the city’s real estate will also help.

        • dchoiceisalwaysrs

          “But a quiet and patient campaign by various people to bring this proactively to the attention of political staffers of reps that the cult is likely to target would likely yield some results.”

          This is a project I had done a tiny bit of prepatory work on some 6 or so years ago, but for various reasons never kept at it. Also I didn’t feel up to doing the task professionally which I think would enable it to be very sucessful.

    • ze moo

      Local officials will only take notice if there is a big backlash for supporting or even acknowledging $cientology. I don’t see a big backlash in the Miami area, yet. Other officials have been educated about $cientology when they supported the clampire. Miami needs more schooling as does Mexico City.

      • salin

        To your point, wasn’t it last year that a local official supported one of the Human Rights front groups in Michigan, which was reported here – then a bunkeroo sent the video ‘Going Clear’ to said local politician – who then backed expressed dismay and backed away from future support – in embarrassment? New ‘educational material’ courtesy of the FBI – makes for a mighty big piece of education to put in the arsenal for educational efforts of local officials.

        • ze moo

          All that ‘education’ is after the fact. The clams got their picture of the local official at their shindig. I love the story of the Minnesota police man who went to an ‘awards ceremony’ in Washington DC and who was then schooled in the ways of the clam.

          But all of that is after the fact. $cientology still got their picture of the ‘award ceremony’. Those in the bubble were treated to a little bit of pro-$cieno propaganda.

          Now the problem is educating everyone about the Clampire before they declare ‘Lron Hubbtard Day’. Thanks to so many, that job is being done and more and more are being educated.

          • salin

            That is the one I was thinking of, Minnesota -not Michigan.

            Very true about the after the event allows the pictures – which is the whole point (internal consumption – and use for future safe pointing.

        • Robert Eckert

          I think you are recalling Qbird’s intervention with an official in Minnesota.

    • April

      Can’t the CO$ just say that since there were no charges filed by the FBI, that the investigation was baseless?

      • As I recall, the DOJ declined to prosecute after the investigation was complete. At the time, I did some digging into the DOJ budget and discovered that the human trafficking division, which would have handled prosecution of the case, was the smallest and least funded of the various branches of the DOJ. Most of what they do is specialized prosecution of human trafficking rings such as “coyotes” who smuggle illegal aliens over the border and other sorts of sexual exploitation.

        They need to stretch their dollar by maximizing the deterrent effect of what they prosecute. So I have to believe that the decision not to prosecute Scientology after this investigation was complete was made in furthering that goal — they would have drained the budget on one unique case and had to soft-pedal prosecution of many more scumbags to do it.

        Having enough evidence to go to trial but not having the budget to do it is a far cry from charges that are baseless. These charges are quite definitely based in reality.

        • ze moo

          Sounds like a job for Ivanka Trump.

        • As much as I’d like to see Scientology prosecuted, human trafficking for sexual exploitation is truly brutal, ugly and evil. If that was their reason, then *sigh* I can’t fault them for it.

          • Jenyfurrrrr

            Agreed RM! It’s a tough pill to swallow that something like budget kept it from advancing but knowing some of the horrific trafficking and exploitation going on, I’d have to choose that as the priority also. Especially when faced with potential victims that don’t view themselves that way vs the poor souls who get kidnapped, sold, etc clearly against their will.

        • chukicita

          I would think that the ROI on shuttering Scientology as a nonprofit organization, replacing properties on local tax rolls and redistributing its assets would be totally worth the investment.

          • PeaceMaker

            chukicita, the IRS would only get money, if at all, on a very extended timeline. John P. has pointed out previously, that the IRS probably has a similar problem with budgets and returns, as he outlines here for the FBI.

            The last time that Scientology had their tax exemption revoked, if I understand the history, they spent something like 26 years fighting it, and not paying the taxes (or at least not all of them) – until, infamously, they intimidated the IRS into settling, got the tax exemption restored and even got some taxes paid back (that may just have been for individual members, I’m not certain). I suspect that nowadays things would move more quickly towards resolution, and asset seizure if necessary, but it would still be a gamble for the IRS as to when and even if they’d see any money.

            I think that the case of Benny Hinn (a prosperity gospel televangelist recently raided for the second time) will be an interesting example to watch – and it’s possible even a deliberate test case for going after other groups like Scientology. And Hinn was actually claiming on his website, that the lack of a prosecution after the first time they raided him, showed that he was innocent.

            • chukicita

              You’re right about Benny Hinn. Thing is, the IRS doesn’t have to be the lone agency questioning Scientology’s right to rip people off. Every state’s division of consumer services. Local officials. District courts. A thousand paper cuts, or a million butterfly bites.

          • Jenyfurrrrr

            It’s definitely worth it, but when weighed against those who’ve been kidnapped, auctioned off and potentially sent overseas where it becomes tougher to recover them (and sadly there is greater PR value to some in power in dramatic stories of recovering the victims of trafficking rings vs victims who may require substantial therapy before agreeing they are victims and who were stowed in Clearwater or LA).

            So if forced to choose between which to prosecute… its tough. Plus our government is very gun-shy about the PR and legal risks in going into any religious “compound” type situation.

    • dchoiceisalwaysrs

      I agree. But I have one question.. how did you manage to get so good at reading every damned thing in my mind?

      • 3feetback-of-COS

        Maybe JohnP is really OT X??

    • chukicita

      I’m sure Scn, Inc. is just going to say ‘well, the investigation found nothing.’

      • Yep. False accusations, thoroughly investigated by the FBI no less.
        Proves them to be “unfounded”.
        I bet they use that word.

        • Robert Eckert

          “provable bullshit”

          • “It’s provable? ohshit.”

      • TexasBroad

        The “examining” found nothing — because Scn uses understandable, proper words, but not very often in understandable proper ways.
        Edited to make the sentence make sense (yes – I get the irony)

    • HailToTheSheep

      Tony’s right that this is a bombshell PR mess for the cult.

      It’s possible the same info could be spun into a win by the cult since the investigation was dropped. Unfounded, unsubstantiated, unproven — they can claim anything since apparently the government isn’t telling. As for lying about the investigation, cult officials can plausibly claim they didn’t know about it since the FBI seems only to have been gathering sub rosa info from exes. The agency typically doesn’t alert the subjects of its investigations.

  • Awesome work! Kudos to Ms Cronin.

  • Panopea Abrupta

    A raid on Flag would find hundreds of people without their passports.
    This is one of the criteria to determine that human trafficking is happening.

    There is little doubt however that Co$ skates because of the First Amendment.
    It creates incredible reluctance on the part of politicians and law enforcement
    to investigate unless the crimes are so repulsive as to raise a forest of red flags.
    Even then, it took years to jail Warren Jeffs.

    Fraud is a more likely avenue for prosecution or perhaps inurement.
    Can you say RICO?
    As has been pointed out here on several occasions, while the IRS could shackle
    the entire criminal enterprise by revoking the tax exemption, it is extremely unlikely
    to happen.The investment of resources would be excessive, especially faced with
    a cornered rat like Miscavige.
    DM would use scorched earth tactics and his deep pockets to cripple such an
    Death by a thousand cuts it will be, Dave.

    Tick Tock.

    • Kestrel

      Instead of going after the organization they would have to focus on finding wrongdoing by individuals. That way, it’s just a money/people thing and has nothing to do with the practices of organization.

    • chukicita

      Death by a million butterfly bites.

  • Volunteer SP

    This is also confirmation that Karin Pouw has ZERO credibility as she lied to the media about this investigation, claiming it didn’t exist.

    Can we ask Karin why she lied about this matter?

    • FredEX2

      If you can find her…

      • AntoniaW

        Indeed. Just how missing is she?? I mean, is this another Shelley?

    • AmoVolare

      We have ask Karin Pouw for a comment on this matter and we’ll let you know her answer as soon as it reaches us….

      • ze moo


      • dchoiceisalwaysrs

        ha ha ha…when will that be? After the planet is Cleared? OMG I have no patience for that.

      • Dee Findlay-DeElizabethan

        Yes, I love when I read that… never happens.

      • It has been received:
        “These false accusations, were thoroughly investigated by the FBI no less.
        They were proven to be unfounded.”

    • Silence of the Clams

      Is Karin Pouw just Davids drag name? I’ve never seen this person.

    • Missionary Kid

      Karin Pouw and Sean Spicer are birds of a feather.

  • Sci-Fi

    If Karin Pouw denies something, is that not proof enough that it happened?

  • Fink Jonas

    I hope John Travolta comes to the special screening, he is a member.

  • MrsShark

    I normally stay away from the radar online rag, but Mel is getting a big thank you from me today!

  • nateht

    And the hits just keep coming.

  • KingofSweden

    Dear Jenna (and Krustie, John, Tom, Mossy, DonkeyPunch, Vonnie, Chick, etc etc):

    Palmolive Entheta: you’re soaking in it!

    • dchoiceisalwaysrs

      scientology can help them with that entheta. They just need to go in session and audit it out.

  • ze moo

    The next season of Aftermath is going to cause the dinky miscreant some sleepless nights. By now he has an idea of what the next season will be showing. You can be sure that the OSA intelligence apparatus has been watching the producers and talent and what they have been doing.

    The first season ended with Mike and Leah going to a lawyers office and then the scene ended. Nothing was said about what that visit was about. That foreshadowing is going to figure in the new season. At the moment, Aftermath is the best tool in use for educating the public. Get your local government officials to watch it.

    Only you can prevent future glad handing and safe pointing.

    • Jeb Burton

      The mayor of Clearwater told me months ago by E-mail that he was watching. Seems the whole council was.

    • Tracy Schmitz

      i only wish it was on “regular’ tv not cable and that it would literally be shown monday thru friday nights for a long time! gosh knows there is enough material to do so!!!!

    • John Prince

      It’s catching on like Wild-Fire 🔥. .Season 2 hasn’t even started yet and I’m already hearing Talk of Season 3! Xenu know’s Leah has enough new stories to showcase, more every Day

  • PickAnotherID

    Maybe this can be used to convince the powers that be in LA that naming a street after the founder of an organization that engages in human trafficking was not such a great idea after all.

  • stillgrace2

    There’s definitely a reason the FBI investigation was terminated and I don’t think it was because no wrong-doing was discovered. I’m glad that scientology’s lies regarding the investigation are exposed. I’m glad that this story is still in the limelight. Thanks to Melissa Cronin and Tony Ortega.

  • Science Doc

    Can we read anything into the timing of the documents release? I’m confident this isn’t the first FOI dropped on the matter. Why now? And why Radar?

    • Tony Ortega

      Our document hound, R.M. Seibert, also made this same request a couple of years ago. Melissa, however, apparently asked before we did, and she was simply first in line.

      We’re just thrilled that she’s working with us to produce and write about these documents as a joint effort.

      Much, much more to come.

      As for why the FBI released them now, it’s always hard to tell when they’re going to get around to a request like this. They can drag their feet for years. But I would bet they would say it was just the normal work of their records department independent of anything going on in the news.

      • Jeb Burton

        Won’t Scientology just say the investigation was dropped because there was nothing to it? Seems like that’s their modus operandi.

        • Tony Ortega

          Sure they will. So? The evidence in these 300 pages will demonstrate quite clearly that there wasn’t “nothing to it.”

          • Jeb Burton

            Can’t wait.

          • Silence of the Clams

            You would think the FBI would be obliged to offer some reasoning for dropping such a hot potato. They work for us don’t they?

      • MissCandle

        I will sit on the edge of my seat, nervous in the service, with ants in my pants and ‘bated breath.

  • PickAnotherID

    Maybe it’s coincidental, but it’s fitting this comes out on: (f5)

  • madame duran

    Who’s got the “provable bullshit” now, Ms. Pouw?

  • Tony Ortega

    Reaction from Marc Headley added to the post.

  • AntoniaW

    Too much excitement, def need beta blockers. Just a thought, though: I’ve read our proprietor’s link to his piece on why the FBI investigation stalled, and I have to confess to still only partially understanding it. Is there anyway someone could help out with a thicko’s guide to events? – partly so that when/if the Cherch’s adherents respond, they can’t get away with alleging that the FBI went away because there wasn’t any evidence.

  • pluvo

    Marc Headley: “If I can make it to HowdyCon, maybe I can tell you about what the FBI shared with us.”

    3…2…1… and the OSA undercover anti-Scientologist is booking a flight for Denver.

  • Aslan’s Own

    If anyone knows who to give credit to for this, I’ll be sure to add it.

    • Aslan’s Own


    • pluvo

      Surely they enjoy it:

      RPF rules:

      – No time off. No free time, no vacation, no weekends, no holidays, no evenings. Zero time off. Every single day is a full day of work, study and confession. For years and years.
      – Confined to “base”, except on “authorized work cycles” when they would be under guard. That is, they are imprisoned on the Church of Scientology property.
      – 1/4 pay. Since Sea Org members get a few dollars a week, this is, essentially, nothing.
      – Completely isolated from everybody else.
      – Cannot originate and communication to anyone outside the RPF. No letters, no phone calls, nothing. According to this document, they will be allowed to answer letters from family, but it is questionable whether that actually happens. If such a thing were allowed, it would be carefully censored to omit any mention of the RPF.
      – Must wear a distinctive uniform and must run everywhere.
      – May not enter staff or public areas. May not use public or staff bath or restroom facilities.
      – “May not have with him in the RPF any radios, TV, taped music, musical instruments, magazines, novels, games, cameras or any entertainment or luxury items.” In practice, this last has been extended to cell phones (of course), computers and, well, everything else. One assumes that singing, laughing, smiling and such are quickly suppressed in the RPF.

    • chukicita

      I’m thinking Blinky is leaning heavily on the #2 definition, “to benefit from”, and her use of the word “they” means Scn rather than the workers. Acceptable truth.

      take delight or pleasure in (an activity or occasion).
      “Joe enjoys reading Icelandic family sagas”
      synonyms: like, love, be fond of, be entertained by, take pleasure in, be keen on, delight in, appreciate, relish, revel in, adore, lap up, savor, luxuriate in, bask in; More
      possess and benefit from.
      “the security forces enjoy legal immunity from prosecution”
      synonyms: benefit from, have the benefit of; be blessed with, be favored with, be endowed with, be possessed of, possess, own, boast
      “she had always enjoyed good health”

    • Observer

      My guess would be Nat. She’s the Gif Queen.

      • Aslan’s Own

        She is! Hope she’ll claim it — it’s a good one!

  • pluvo

    Oh yeah, Marc’s second book, I forgot all about it. Looking so much forward to it.

    Marc, any estimate of time when it will be released or will it be a surprise?

  • Science Doc

    I just wish we had the addresses of 500 Scientologists in LA we could mail this to.

  • Mighty Korgo of Teegeeack

    A prediction– If Scientology acknowledges this it will be to say that the investigation is proof that everything they do is on the up and up and only paranoid, bitter, suppressives view them as anything but a huge benefit to America and the world in general. But, they will more likely say nothing at all.

  • Lori Hodgson

    Right On!! Glad this is finally getting out. I was a part of this FBI Human Trafficking investigation regarding my son Jeremy while he was in the Sea Org! The Sea Org made my son sign at age 16 a 3 MILLION DOLLAR GAG ORDER to keep him quiet!!! They also kept him isolated for a couple weeks when he wanted to leave and made him do Security Checks. The Sea Org broke the law stating my son had official schooling when he did not. People wonder why I left Scientology…. here it is!😡

    • Silence of the Clams

      13 million? Geez, didn’t the sleep depravation, lack of food, sec checks and threats of disconnection get the job done? I sincerely hope team Remini has some deeper investigation coming this new series. Public exposure is what is needed to get our lame government to start protecting their citizens from criminals like scientology. Hope you are doing ok Lori.

      • Lori Hodgson

        I’m hanging in there and always hopeful for that phone call from my kids! ❤️❤️❤️

        • Mark Foster

          Dear Lori,
          Just today I talked with an older brother I only recently found out about.
          Miraculous! So…don´t give up. I have a feeling that you´ll be posting
          a photo of your re-united family here sooner than later. Wishing you
          peace and strength!

          • Lori Hodgson

            Thanks for sharing, Mark….brought happy tears to my eyes. Really happy you got to talk with your brother. Miracles do happen! I can’t wait for the day I can share a pic of me and my kids together again! ❤️❤️❤️

            • Mark Foster

              Remember that you & your kids have lots of empathy and support. It´s gonna happen, trust & believe 🙂

    • balletlady

      A MINOR signing a “legal document”….REALLY?

      • Mark Foster

        ¨legal document¨ is an oxymoron in scientology, yes.

    • Harpoona Frittata

      Say it with me everyone, “Class action lawsuit!”

      The cult preys on the young and impressionable minds of children whose parents are $cilons in order to recruit them to a life of indentured servitude in the $ea Orgy through lies, false promises and the intentional misrepresentation of what their life in the SO will be like, and those knowing and willful deceptions involve both the targeted minor-age recruitee and their parents, who must sign off on their child’s decision to join.

      Instead of ensuring that minor age children who become $ea Orgy members complete their high school education and are fully prepared to pursue college/vocational training, they routinely receive sub-standard minimal high school level course work in preparation for passing the GED, while being worked long hours, under harsh conditions of sleep deprivation, duress and threats of punishment. When they eventually escape the cult, this intentional deprivation of a basic education acts to handicap them in ways that can negatively impact them for the rest of their lives, unless they undertake remedial education on their own in order to make up for the deficits in skills and knowledge that they failed to acquire as a result of being intentionally lied to and manipulated by $ea Orgy recruiters.

      The recruitment of minor children to the SO, based on lies, false representations and intentional manipulation of both the targeted SO recruitee and his/her parents is a systematic fraud which SO recruiters are drilled on to implement flawlessly and with callous disregard for the minor’s well-being and with full knowledge that the sub-standard education that they will receive prepares them for nothing except continued indentured servitude to the cult.

      Bringing a class action suit against the cherch for its fraudulently deceptive recruitment practices, which routinely and systematically deprive minor-age SO recruitees of a standard education so they can work long hours for little pay and under conditions of sleep deprivation, duress and threat, could prove to be a very effective strategy in putting an end to this unconscionable practice and provide those affected by it with compensation for the damage done to them. In addition, bringing these despicable practices to public light will also serve to raise public awareness about them and inoculate children and parents against the deceptive and manipulative recruitment methods of these “chicken hawk” SO recruiters.

      • Glen

        I think Laura DeCrescenzo’s law suit is very important in this regard. The files that $ci was required to relinquish are very revelatory. I cringe to think of a deceptively recruited child, far away from home and parents, as being “out ethics” for being homesick.

        • 3feetback-of-COS

          I wish the media would pick up on this lawsuit.

        • Harpoona Frittata

          I completely agree! Documenting the fact that coercion, threat and duress were used systematically on all pregnant $ea Org staff, with the full knowledge of cherch officials and under their explicit direction, will be key here in opening the way for others who’ve suffered the same fate as Laura to successfully sue the cherch.

          There’s just nothing that screams, “Criminal Killer Cult” to the public at large like the systematic implementation of a Sea Org-wide policy of enforced abortion!

          Interestingly, the upcoming premiere of the new Hulu series, The Handmaid’s Tale, starring $cientologist Elisabeth Moss, revolves around the central theme of enforced child bearing. It’s bizarrely ironic that a member of a cult which prohibits its female staff members from reproducing would be starring in a fictional role in which she’s forced to give birth. I sure hope that point is driven home often and by many because the fictional future depicted in that story is actually being enacted by Moss’s own religion in the present.

          Does Ms. Moss know about her church’s policy of coerced abortion within the $ea Org? Has she met victims of it, such as Laura D.? If not, then this would appear to be the perfect opportunity for a little public consciousness-raising intervention!

  • Tony Ortega

    This is going to be at least a two-post day. Look for the second post in the early afternoon.

  • Sherbet

    I’m grinning from here…………………………….to here.

  • “I am pretty sure it will blow your mind.”
    I am ready.

    • picketflag247

      I think Hubbard said once he refused to leviatate over Times Square because it would blow peoples minds too much …

      • WhiteCentauress

        Or he’d be mistaken for the Goodyear Blimp.

      • Missionary Kid

        Hey, I just teleported to you and back, and you didn’t see me?

        • picketflag247

          That wasn’t a hallucination caused by the rum and the pinks and greys?

          • Missionary Kid

            No. You had gone exterior and were somewhere else when I got there. I didn’t want to disturb you, so I came back.

      • EricS

        Yeah. Scientology will give you God-like powers but you mustn’t ever use them.

        The Suppressives of the universe are just waiting for anyone to demonstrate any real power, and then BAM! you’re vaporized. Don’t be getting all stupid and blowing the whole game for all of the rest of us. Let them laugh at you for now. When there are enough of us, and we are strong enough, we will make our move and take over the whole show. And believe me… that time IS coming, in fact the technology is already in place, and if you do EXACTLY what I say, without question, we will succeed!

        Gee mommy, Hubbard really is evil… When are the good guys going to come to the rescue?
        We’ll see.. Go to sleep now honey, I will read some more tomorrow.

  • gtsix

    Oh boy. I love this whole post. A&E… that’s awesome, way to promote a good show!

    FBI docs… yep, never happened eh lying twat whore. Off to read. Thanks for sharing Melissa!

    Oh, and did ya’ll notice the “lovely” lying Erin Banks showed up to lie to the press about the mighty my mammy ideal morgue?

    Someone give that dipshit mayor a copy of today’s post. So he can shit in it. Caged gerbil.

  • TexasBroad

    Marc: “IF I can make it to HowdyCon…”
    You can’t drop a tease like that and then not deliver. Looking forward to seeing you there!

    • Uh, Marc, you live in Colorado and that nice lady you live with is going to be there, so . . .

      • Marc Headley

        I might be out of town on a work project. If I can I will try and work around this and be here for at least one of the days. We’ll see.

        • pluvo

          Marc, what about the release of your second book?

          • Marc Headley

            I need a few months of uninterrupted time to spend on it. So busy right now. No time to do anything like this for awhile.

        • Can’t blame a bunkerista for trying. And we can be very trying. Hope to meet you there!

  • flyonthewall

    where there’s smoke, there’s BBQ. Let’s eat this fuckin cult already

    • The best source for all things BBQ:
      Meathead Goldwyn is God.

      • flyonthewall


      • Missionary Kid


        • The guy really knows his stuff.
          And its science based.
          De-bunks a lot of BBQ myths.

          • Missionary Kid

            I don’t have the time to read it all the way through, but it sure looks interesting to me. I bookmarked it. I don’t do much BBQ’ing now, but there’s a lot to learn.

            • No, it would take a year to read it all. Its a great reference for when you need it.
              Here’s just one:
              “Myth: Soak wood before using it
              When I soaked wood chunks overnight, they gained about 3% by weight. Chips gained about 6%. I cut the chunks in half and penetration was only about 1/16″. DOH! That must be why they make boats out of wood! Wood doesn’t absorb much water! If you toss wet wood on a hot grill, the small amount of water just below the surface will evaporate rapidly, negating any effect of soaking. On charcoal, the wet wood cools off the coals when it is important to hold the coals at a steady temp. Learn more about the Science of Wood.”

              Ha, ha….”That must be why they make boats out of wood! “

            • Missionary Kid

              I’m thinking that things cooked in an oven that have soaked wood chips at the bottom of the pan, with the meat held above it and the whole thing covered to hold the vapor in would be different than burning the wood chips in a BBQ. The release of the wood flavor from the vapors would be much slower and have a better chance of flavoring the meat.

              Maybe that’s where the idea for soaking the wood chips in BBQs came from?

            • Smoke is different than vapor.
              One really isn’t going to get a smoke flavor with wood steam.

            • Missionary Kid

              That’s true, but I believe that eventually, the wood dries out enough to start producing some smoke. Oh, hell. I happened to have the TV on PBS last Saturday while I was reading the Bunker, and Martha Stuart did that for some dish and claimed that it gave the meat “a smoky flavor”. ???

          • mark

            “De-bunks a lot of BBQ myths”, Hmm, maybe we need an underground BBQ site to get rid of all the BBQ Squirrels.

  • Tracy Schmitz

    please please i hope this event with leah is filmed and will be able to be seen by all of us!

  • NOLAGirl (Stephanie)
    • balletlady

      FISH CAKE perhaps for our feline favorites! Love this!

  • HailToTheSheep

    It’s of course in their own self interest, but still nice to see the Emmy push by A&E. I would be very surprised if Aftermath wasn’t nominated — c’mon Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series!

  • dchoiceisalwaysrs

    Marc Headley said “….many Ex-Sea Org members spent time with FBI agents sharing information about the Int Base and the Sea Org….”

    Thanks Marc, this is very encourgaging to hear. We know now that the FBI knows. It is just so hard to watch people continue to get hurt and a person DM with full blown necrophilia(see ETA) still on the loose …for now.

    ETA: I am intending to using necro philia to indicate Necro or death and philia love of. I see that the word is very commonly, or almost always used as sexual attraction and or having sex with the dead.
    In my opinioin DM behaves as he does because he loves destruction or death and we see in his actions attempts to bring about destruction or death and he loves or is motivated by that.
    If you look at his actions towards others example the Lisa McPherson case, towards scientology as put out by hubbard, towards the financial status of scientologists do we not see his destruction?
    He apparently has also a fascination with sex acts but always at least in what we know of him publicly, a denigration of element added into it. Consider his use of Tom Cruise’s session reveals where DM would gossip about them to other INT staff. His CICS and YSCOHB tirades.
    Call it Malignant Narcissim if you will, but if you cut the little guy up into pieces you would probably find he is happy that life has ended because he is in hell and projecting it.
    So yah, he is screwing with life and he loves to see it turn into death.

    If my reasoning is off, then I would be glad to be shown where.

  • Marc Headly! Book!! I’m getting excited!!!

  • LoriB

    A second book from Marc Headley! (first I am hearing of it). I loved the first book; it is always on my list of books that I recommend to friends. When can we expect to see the second?

  • dungeon master

    This all takes me back to the 1977 snow white raids. All those RPFers locked in the basement, and none took the opportunity to blow. They were there to get better, make amends to ‘ the group’ for their supposed crimes. I doubt that even if the FBI were to prosecute them, many would leave (unless they had expired visas or were in the country illegally). The mind fuck is so strong it subjugates the individuals instinct to SURVIVE! as old Hubs would put it.

  • I have obtained an advance copy of Karin Pouw’s statement:

    “These false accusations, were thoroughly investigated by the FBI no less.
    They were proven to be unfounded.”

    • dungeon master

      ‘proven to be unfounded’ provable bullshit. FIFY.

      • I’m betting on “unfounded”.

  • Never_in

    I can’t wait to find out how the A&E special screening turns out. This event seems to be another big move in bringing the cult into broad daylight.

  • FredEX2

    “If I can make it to HowdyCon, maybe I can tell you about what the FBI shared with us. Some of it was so exciting, it is how my second book starts out. I am pretty sure it will blow your mind.” ~Mark Headley

    ‘If’ Mark? Please say you’ll be there! The whole gang is going! 🙂


    • Missionary Kid

      Is that the Bunkeroo of the year award the duck is holding? I’m not going to out which Bunker posters are in that picture. You know who you are.

      • Missionary Kid

        I shoulda said, “Bunkaroo of the year award.”

    • I don’t always drink champagne
      but when it’s to toast the downfall
      of the big Sham of Pain with my fam
      I do it using a straw while wearing a 3pc suit

      (this pic is super ginchy and I lol’d, btw 🖤)

      • Missionary Kid

        Jeezus. I haven’t heard or read the term “ginchy” since the 60’s on TV, uttered by someone who was supposed to be hip. I’m racking my brains (or at least what’s left of them) to remember if I ever heard anyone use the term IRL.

        I googled the term, and one reference that came up was Ed “Kookie” Burns, a character in the TV series, played by Ed Byrnes. The show was 77 Sunset Strip, which ran from 1958 to 1964, and supposedly has been showed again on Me TV.

    • WhiteCentauress

      This is so funny. Now I’m wondering…….Will there be poker games with Xenu?

      • GoneToPlaid

        except that’s Cthulhu…

        • WhiteCentauress

          I wasn’t quite sure what Xenu looked like….(cousin, maybe?)

  • May_West

    Despite the cult’s claims to only take those 18 or older in the sea org, they have taken some 16 year olds from Canada. Seems 16 is the magic age to get a long stay visa.

  • Mat Pesch

    Like many other ex-Sea Org members, Amy and I were interviewed during the FBI’s investigation into Scientology. Amy and I were interviewed separately for hours over a two day period. The agent was very professional and detailed. For example when I mentioned that the passports of foreign staff were held by the cherch in a locked file cabinet, the agent wanted the exact location of the file cabinet. I got the idea that this was important for a potential raid. The agent wanted to know the “blow drill” that was done when a staff member tried to escape. The exact security at the location where the staff and RPF live, etc, etc. To the agent it was all indicative of human trafficking. I was asked if I would be willing to help point out things if the FBI did a raid. I was also asked what I thought about the possibility of going back into the Sea Org to work for the FBI. The agent was VERY concerned about the information being gathered from multiple sources.

  • Noesis

    Most of the folks from the FBI that were involved in the Snow White raids / prosecutions have retired, passed on or otherwise left the services. But institutions have long memories and many at the FBI were deeply offended by the post raid PR blitz that the church engaged upon vilifying it for “persecuting” Scientologists. There are folks at the IRS who are still angry that their criminal investigatory work on the church was swept aside by the 1993 non-profit decision.

    IMHO – If / when the FBI (and other agencies) move again against Scientology it will not be a hurried or small matter. It will be an overwhelming takedown of most of the key players and the cases will already be solid – regardless of what is discovered during the arrests / raids. Nobody likes to be played for a sucker and there are folks in law enforcement looking forward to another round with the church.

    EDIT to add: If I were an equity partner at one of the law firms that has been enabling the Scientology swindle for the last few decades, I’d be concerned about my own complicity. If I were a junior lawyer hoping for a partnership, I’d be expecting a few “openings” up above (assuming the firm survives at all.) Uncle RICO is going to come knocking on the door soon.

    • Mark Foster

      I sooooo hope that your assessment is correct…

      • Noesis

        For ex’s that have a thing about acronyms they do not recognize etc., here are a few definitions from the address header of the FBI memo that Tony posted so that you do not “go blank” from MU’s while reading it. (LOL)

        HQ / CRU – (probably) Headquarters / Civil Rights Unit

        LAFO / SAC – Los Angeles Field Office – Special Agent in Charge

        SSA – Supervisory Special Agent

        SST – Support Services Technician

        CR -1 (probably) “Conditional Resident -1” a designation for unit personnel involved in a particular type of VISA examination procedure for vetting those non-citizens wishing entry into the U.S. who are already married to a U.S. Citizen

        ACS – Automated Case Support system – sort of like INCOMM, but used to keep track of searchable, centralized information for investigations (and other matters) going on throughout the bureau.

  • Panopea Abrupta

    The Case of The Missing Missions
    Having examined the Missions of New England and Texas,
    we are in delta-country.
    Here’s what we are looking at:
    And we have discovered Lake Charles and Lafayette Missions to be closed.
    Moving East from there,

    Keen Regs and Spam
    (or the story of the two remaining active Missions in Louisiana)

    Mission of Baton Rouge,
    9716 Airline Hgwy,
    Baton Rouge,

    They moved here from Common Street a couple of years ago.
    It was a Chinese restaurant.
    Now they serve spiritual chop suey.

    Dominic Boudreaux, senior exec., is younger than most of those
    saddled with the unenviable task of selling a Thetan in a poke:
    Keen regs and spam?

    They have a nearby Narconon which explains a good deal of the activity:
    They also try to insert themselves into local businesses:
    They are agressive in their agenda.
    And recruited new staff in March 2016:

    Irony, thy name is $cientology:

    Next, we will go on to the
    Mission of New Orleans

    • WhiteCentauress

      So Theresa Fields was “staff-considered” for TEN years before giving in to them. Wondering if she took a test or bought a book ten years ago and has been hounded ever since.

    • Here’s one for your Mission project in case you haven’t covered it.
      Ironically it was very near where Tony had a book event, and we partied afterwards.
      Cleveland postal, but I think it was actually in Parma.

      • Robert Eckert

        They’re at least not totally dead as they keep spamming Craigslist.

        • WhiteCentauress

          I like Pan’s “Green Eggs and Spam” reference.

        • Man, we should have raided them.

  • Can too much Schadenfreude be bad for you, does anyone know? (Refresh):

    • Depends on who you mean by “you”.

  • Jeb Burton

    I went and read why the investigation was shelved. I don’t understand why the Justice Department was anxious to bail out, according to Rathbun. Is there something I’m missing?

    • Tony Ortega

      What Rinder and Headley and Rathbun were telling me was that once it became known that an FBI agent may have helped out the Headley case by supplying their lawyers with that document about Tommy Davis, the church (specifically someone like its then major and powerful DC attorney, Gerald Feffer) would have put pressure on the Justice department that the investigation was now irreparably damaged because the FBI agent had exposed their bias against the church.

      Scientology is very good at exploiting opportunities like that. Rinder and the others believe that this is what happened, but at this point there’s no confirmation of it.

      • Jeb Burton

        I see. So the FBI couldn’t get over what seems to be a small hurdle when you’re talking about human trafficking. A good lawyer is nice to have.

        • gtsix

          Money is hard to beat, and our govt doesn’t bother against money or religion, unless it is slam dunk.

      • And one of the players (Marty maybe?) has said, if I recall, that the FBI asked him what the people would do if they raided the joint, and he told them, to the effect, that they would claim they’re happy where they are.
        If true, and the proposed scenario is likely, I can certainly see the FBI not wanting to be in this scene.

    • Robert Eckert

      Andrew Jackson was so angry when he saw what was happening with the FBI investigation. He said “There’s no reason for this.” People don’t ask that question, why?

      • Kestrel

        I’m dyin’ here.

      • Missionary Kid

        I snorted at that one, until I realized that our President is just so ignorant of American history, to believe that Andrew Jackson, a slave-owner who died 17 years before the civil war, would have prevented it.

        • Marshall

          Wouldn’t you love for the donald to take the US citizenship test that those “immigrants” that we’re so afraid of take? I can only imagine how much he doesn’t know – it just makes me so sad.

          • Missionary Kid

            Yet he kept telling us how smart he was, and how easy the job would be and what a great memory he has. He is Chance, the character from Being There with braggadocio.

  • Robert Eckert

    “Blown for Good” was the first of the books I read in this area, and remains among my faves. I can’t wait for “Blown for Bad” (or whatever he calls it– just a suggestion there!) to come out.

  • stillgrace2

    I must post this photo from the link to Tony’s previous story about the FBI investigation. Why? Two reasons:
    1. Living well is the best revenge.
    2. The color coordination is delicious.
    *******P.S. Marc, tell us NOW!!!******** F5

    • Sherbet

      Now you need one with all three boys.

      • Kestrel

        This time in green and white.

    • Marc Headley
      • moonnfire

        Mark, you and Clair have the most beautiful family. So glad you both decided to blow and make your life together into something amazing.

      • Free Minds, Free Hearts

        Marc, every time I see a picture of you and your beautiful family it makes me smile. Thank you. SO glad you are out and together!

    • Harpoona Frittata

      Exactly! Why wait until HowdyCon? First-hand accounts of all those who were interviewed by the FBI in conjunction with their dead-ended investigation should receive broad public dissemination now, rather than later, for two related reasons.

      First, the official-source, documentary evidence that’s now being published provides proof beyond any reasonable doubt that the cherch knowingly lied concerning the fact that it was under investigation by the FBI on suspicion of human trafficking. The fact that the FBI’s investigation did not lead to raids, charges being filed and prosecution does not mean that evidence of human trafficking wasn’t uncovered, but only that the weight of evidence discovered, and the surrounding circumstances bearing on the perceived likelihood of successful prosecution, did not warrant pursuing the investigation in the minds of those FBI and Justice Department officials who made that determination.

      Thus, documenting the cherch’s knowing and willful misrepresentation of the facts in this serious matter further undermines whatever credibility that the cherch might continue to retain and casts suspicion and doubt on their denial of criminal wrongdoing in many other instances in which serious allegations have been made as well. Since this FOIA-obtained evidence has now been made public, ex-members who were interviewed by the FBI during the investigation are under no obligation to continue to remain silent so as not to jeopardize an ongoing investigation.

      Second, there’s a building wave of public outrage at the cherch for its unconscionable acts in harming individuals and destroying families through its vile and systematic practices of forced disconnection, SP Declare and Fair Game tactics that’s about to break on this killer cult’s evil head with the premiere of the second season of Leah’s series.

      While the individual stories of all those who’ve been victimized by the cult have been deeply moving, what’s additionally required here in order to document these abuses as being routinely and systematically engaged in by the cult is documentary evidence coming from official sources, such as the FBI and Justice Department, which support and corroborate their personal accounts of crimes and abuse perpetrated by cult officials against them. While the weight of evidence required by the FBI to launch raids and criminal prosecution against cherch officials may not have been considered sufficient to ensure criminal convictions, it is very likely to be enough to convict them in the court of public opinion, and thereby prompt further and more extensive investigation of the cherch.

      This is the perfect moment for the inside story of this FBI investigation to be told by all who were interviewed in conjunction with it because doing so will serve to add to the weight and momentum of the huge wave of public outrage and revulsion that’s about to wash over this killer cult!

  • O/T but I think this April 20th 2017 article “What Would It Take to Change Your Mind” explains a lot of questions about how smart people can so easily be misled. Our academic friend who tried to take on Tony a couple days ago made me think it relevant. I still come to the Bunker and Rinder’s blog because my journey here has made me learn from my own mistakes in thinking I finally have things figured out, especially regarding cognitive dissonance in my own mind. I’m a wiser person for my experience in the Bunker, even if it means I know less than I think I used to, which can be a good thing for many of us. Thank you Tony and Mike Rinder for both of you deserve public awards for your great service. After Miscavige is hauled away to stand trial, the next movement will be to get our proprietor his well earned Pulitzer.

    Some of you know I’m publishing an e-book this August “The Real History of USA Tennis Instruction: How the Eyes Couldn’t See What the Mind Didn’t Know” (will be double edited, for those Bunkeroos who know I write in run-on sentences, lol). Below are small excerpts that I find relevant to the subject of “experts.” Essentially, my 2008 excerpts I published for free for the entire tennis world to see proved once and for all, using the “experts” pictures and words from recent history that regarding tennis instruction “the emperor had no clothes.” I admire the many catalysts who fight as part of the movement to take down scientology because I know it is making a difference. I was part of a reformation movement that that hammered the USTA in tennis blogs and articles online and in tennis conferences face to face and eventually forced the USTA Director of Player Development to admit upon being hired in 2012: “We have fallen behind coaching-wise quite a bit with part of the rest of the world,” + (note the the plus sign behind a comment indicates it is a footnote in my book).

    Excerpts from my upcoming book: This theory of innovation coming from outside an industry by Kuhn’s 1962 book is backed by a very well respected 2004 book on coaching skills which states “the more you now about the content, the more likely you will be seduced into the role of the expert.” + The author does not does use the word “expert” as a complement.

    History shows this battle over how to start beginners has been going on a lot longer than most students of tennis thought when I first went on internet tennis forums over a decade ago to tell the “experts” what I had discovered from examining tennis books written the last 100 years. I was anything but popular and certainly not making a good name for myself in established tennis coaching circles when I pointed out USA grassroots coaching was so bad that research by well respected coaches discovered that skiing coaches who didn’t know anything about tennis could get students to play tennis better than certified tennis coaches. “Upon reflection, the reason became clear. The tennis coaches were seeing the tennis students in terms of their technical faults; the ski coaches who could not recognize such faults, saw the participants in terms of the efficiency with which they used their bodies. Body inefficiency stems from self-doubt and inadequate body awareness. The ski coaches, having to rely on the participants own self diagnosis, were therefore tackling problems at cause, whereas the tennis coaches were only tackling the symptom, the technical fault. This obliged us to do more training with the tennis coaches to enable them to detach themselves more effectively from their expertise. “ +

    • Missionary Kid

      I subscribe to the Skeptic newsletter, too. I set it aside to read later, but I’ll be reading it sooner than I anticipated because of your comment.

      Thank you.

  • Kristen

    I don’t see mention of foreign Sea Org workers’ passports being confiscated. That is a huge part of human trafficking, and we know the cherch does this.

    • Tony Ortega

      This is just the first three pages. The passports are mentioned on page 4.

      It’s a 300-page file.

      • NOLAGirl (Stephanie)

        I am so excited. *squeee*

        • Kestrel

          Gee. Squeegee.

    • 0tessa

      Not only Sea Org staff’s passports were taken in. Also public studying on the Freewinds had/have to hand over their passports to ‘security’ when coming on board.

  • Pezza

    While it sucks the probe was dropped he docs couldint come out at a better time. I wonder if it will have any legal sway in places since the church officially lied about it. Marc please make it to Howdycon! I was planning to bring a copy of his book to sign just in case he was also there this year. I am so excited to see everyone again 😊

  • iampissed
    • HailToTheSheep

      Nice! Two more down in the Narconon whack-a-mole game. Funny that the paper zips right past that and directly to “Scientology facilities.”

    • Missionary Kid

      Those people weren’t providing drug therapy, they were providing a jail. What they did was false imprisonment.

  • Aaron Smith-Levin

    (link fixed) Morning everyone! I’m finally fully over being sick and ready to get back to it. Just a short one today that’s a breakout from an earlier interivew regarding “Can one believe in a Supreme Being in Scientology”. I’d love to hear from anyone who spent decades in Scientology and genuinely held a belief in a single Supreme Being throughout, and how you were able to reconcile it.

    • iampissed

      I think your link isn’t working.

      • Aaron Smith-Levin

        Fixed, thanks!

        • iampissed

          Thanks Aaron

    • Rasha

      I think “edit” should be “watch” in the link.

      • Rasha

        …..nvm. ^_^

    • flyonthewall

      glad you finally found who/what you were PTS to. Was it the Insane Clown Posse? Prob was. I was PTS to them awhile back and was much happier/healthier once I cut them out of my life

      • Aaron Smith-Levin

        We ended up having to do a full L&N to find my item; turns out my item was “the body thetan in my knee”. I named him Steve. Then I sent him a disconnection letter. In the theta universe of course.

        • flyonthewall


    • Noesis

      I used to wear a Supreme Beanie (but I never “believed” in it) – is that the same thing?

    • Marc Headley


      • Taffy Sinclair

        Post-Thrombotic Syndrome?

    • Princess Poopypants

      The Supreme Being and God have always been a question from newcomers in Scientology, and the answer has always been to review the dynamics and specifically word clear the eight dynamic, which is “God, or Infinity”. So it was very much open to interpretation.
      Never in Scn did I think that God was “out there”. I thought if there was a God, it was more of a creation of ourselves (makes it sound like I thought I was a God, which is NOT what I mean at all). In other words, God was “in me” (in the same way He is “in” everyone else).
      If we really are all thetans, and we all decided to “be” and this just made us appear? That one confused me for decades. I think some thought this decision to be was about material things such as the creation of life forms and planets. Others took this to be the thetan themselves. The thetan decided to “be” and there he was.
      And then later up the Bridge, you separate out from all other BT’s, who blow, and then you are just yourself. And I heard a rumor that later levels (which I have not seen anything about since being out, this was something I caught wind of while still in) you find out that all beings are actually ONE being, who is all 8 dynamics, and is God.

      • EricS

        Ahhh. But I seem to recall somewhere where Hubbard said that the notion that “we are all one” is false. The concept of a “Godhead” is false. (I am not sure if he said it was an “implant”, but as good as… So, again, which is it going to be?

        Whether I recall correctly or not, one thing is for certain – Hubbard lied, made sh-t up and lied about that too, considered that whatever nonsense that he came up with was true but insisted that it was the result of “scientific research”. Nothing that Hubbard says, as “source” is anything but Hubbard. The “truth” is insignificant when weighed against the proclamations of “source”.

        Sounds to me like Hubbard has simply avoided the word “God” and replaced it with “source”. Wouldn’t surprise me if, at some point, he “admits” that he is, in fact, the creator of the entire universe… “truth revealed”… and when you believe that you will be totally free… free of any reasoning power what-so-ever.

  • Lousy Ratatouille

    I hope the FBI investigation on Human Trafficking of the Scientology Sea Org will be reopened some day soon.
    Here’s some music for the FBI when they continue their investigation of the Scientology Sea Organisation and Int. Base. Maybe they skipped some people or places in the RPF last time and should order to have some locked rooms opened up.

  • Sci-Fi

    Saying to the Bunker there will be a new post in the afternoon is a bit like saying ‘walkies’ to a dog.

    • flyonthewall

      who said walkies!!??

  • Opticheart

    Oooh an undercover Sea Org member. Now that would be interesting but very hard. They’d have to send someone who didn’t crack!

  • Tony Ortega


    • Robert Eckert

      And I was down to only 47 posts left to read on this one!

  • Roger Larsson

    Scientologists making it out from $cientology makes it out from crocodiles gap. Operation “snow white” was black coal.

  • Sherbet

    From Jefferson Hawkins: “They (FBI) also told me, interestingly, that they were deliberately keeping the Clearwater FBI office out of the loop, as they knew there was someone in that office leaking information to Scientology.”

    THAT is creepy.

    • 0tessa

      Standard OSA procedure I’m afraid.

  • davegrille

    There could be dozens of failed human trafficking investigations ,but one successful one is “lights out”.

  • Elizabeth Lavet

    The list of the disconnected printed above is always sobering for me and powerful. Thanks for keeping it as part of your daily postings.

  • exccla

    I’m curious why we never heard about this before. All these great x-scns haven’t talked about this before that i’m aware of. So glad to know all this . Thanks to Tony and the others who are quoted here. Great story.

  • Free Minds, Free Hearts

    I am so Oatee!!! I have been away from my computer and decided to refresh the page and thought “maybe there will be a second post” and – wait for it – There Is A Second Post” ! For my next endeavor, I will find a parking space.

  • AnyOldName1

    Wow! Just Wow! Great job Melissa Cronin for getting this into the public domain & Radar Online for publishing it.

    My favorite quote from the article: “journalist and noted Scientology *expert* Tony Ortega told Radar….” so glad to see Tony considered and referred to as a “journalist” and an “expert”. (Rather than using the SciBot designated “critic” label)

  • mandymarie20

    Wonder if there is any way someone like Tony can get a hold of the entire document. Hopefully Melissa Cronin or the people at Radar explore this instead of just putting it in a drawer. It takes actual guts to talk about this. I hope Radar has them.

  • AngryNotSoOldHippy .

    Gee, I wonder how many “human rights advocacy groups” get Federal agencies planning no-knock armed raids against them to free people being held against their will, kidnapping, and human trafficking.

    Let me count them all…

    1: Scientology

  • WhatAreYourCrimes

    Oh man, that noose is tightening on the leadership of scientology, isn’t it?

    To all current-in scientologists, bail on it before it is too late, or offer up evidence to get you off the hook. The FBI will treat you well, as whistle blowers.

    This “Free Winds” Titanic vessel is going down, so you better find a life jacket.

  • dreamcatcher
  • Bert Allen

    I can’t wait to see more about this case. There was another FBI/IRS investigation of the COS back in the early 1990s that some enterprising journalist might want to do FOIA requests on. It started with an allegation that a California judge in LA hearing a COS copyright infringement case against David Mayo was extorted by the COS and developed a lot of information of OSA operations against opposing attorneys. The initial allegation was never sufficiently proved to move forward with a referral to the US Attorney’s office.