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Scientology says it’s ‘partnering’ with Miami police for Super Bowl anti-drug quackery

Is it really too much to expect a police department to enter the words “Foundation for a Drug-Free World” into a search engine and get a clue that this is one of Scientology’s sneaky front groups looking to rook law enforcement into its L. Ron Hubbard-burnishing, quack anti-drugs schemes?

The South Florida chapter posted this photo to its Facebook page yesterday with this caption: “Honored to partner with Miami’s Police Department for our 2020 Super Bowl program.”

Oh for fuck’s sake.

Sure, we expect Drug-Free World to try and take advantage of the big game, which takes place a week from today. They’ll round up some volunteers and hand out a bazillion pamphlets outside the stadium like they do at so many other events in a mostly ineffective attempt to rope a few people into Scientology itself.


They’ve already started asking for church members to step up and help bring in the raw meat…


But they must have some real geniuses there wearing badges down at Miami’s cop shop. Oh hey, free anti-drugs pamphlets! That’s just what we need to keep that Super Bowl party in bounds!

If they’d bothered to make even the most meager attempt at checking out this group before “partnering” with it, the Miami police might have discovered that for decades Scientology has claimed to be the “the expert” on getting people off of drugs, when actually they’re spreading L. Ron Hubbard’s nonsense about how drugs work in the body.

In 2017, when a small school district in Pulaski County, Missouri fell for Drug-Free World’s scam, our Rod Keller laid out some of the bogus statements in Scientology’s “Truth About Drugs” pamphlets:

— Small amounts of drugs stored in fat are released at a later time causing the person to re-experience the drug effect and desire to use again
— Drugs are poisons
— The amount of a drug determines if it acts as a stimulant or as a sedative
— Drugs ruin creativity and dull senses

And what most people tend to miss about the mission of this “Drug-Free World” front is that it’s not dreaming of a world free of drug abuse, but a world free of all drugs altogether. That’s right, because these are Scientologists operating on the delusion that L. Ron Hubbard’s “technology” of the mind can take care of any ailment and that drugs — even the useful disease-fighting ones — are superfluous.

The year before Rod’s story about the Missouri school district, Jeffrey Augustine had discovered for us that Foundation for a Drug-Free World’s address was really just a mail drop in Los Angeles, and its registered agent was Kendrick Moxon, a Scientology attorney who was named an unindicted co-conspirator in Scientology’s notorious Snow White Program, this country’s biggest infiltration of the federal government, resulting in the largest FBI raid in that agency’s history up to that time.

And we also had a success story: In 2017 we profiled the police chief of a small Minnesota city who was flown by Scientology to Washington DC once they found out he was falling for the Drug-Free World come-on, but after our story, he told us that he’d changed his mind and his town wouldn’t be using Scientology’s materials.


So if a small-town police chief could figure that out, what’s Miami’s excuse?



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“So you’re looking for a process which will clear somebody in five minutes, huh? [Audience: Yes.] Well there is one. Forty-five caliber applied to the roof of the mouth. And there’s where memory goes, because there’s where reality goes on past lives. It’s a shift of the rate of havingness. Remarkable, fast shift. When you find somebody actually remembering a life, he’s remembering a death. Well, he’s sort of stuck on the whole thing and it gets real and unreal and so forth, it couldn’t have been a very violent death. There are much more violent deaths there, and they are utterly submerged because the change of the rate of havingness was fantastically fast.” — L. Ron Hubbard, January 26, 1954


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Posted by Tony Ortega on January 26, 2020 at 07:00

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