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A stunning Scientology call to arms for our politically divided times on this dirt ball

It’s not too often that we’re treated to a broadside like the one Scientologist Jeff Pomerantz shared with his fellow Hubbardites recently.

Pomerantz is very well known in Scientology. Not only is he the announcer at big Scientology events, but he is remembered for being on the “front lines” at the Religious Freedom Crusade, the Battle of Portland in 1985, something he reprised in 2018 by showing up at a rally in Hungary wearing the same kind of yellow “Scientology Works” shirt he wore in Oregon.

So it was fun to spot this rallying cry Pomerantz posted to Facebook, addressing our politically divided times and urging his fellow Scientologists to set an example of unity while the rest of the world seems to be burning down around us.

It’s inspiring stuff, but naturally, since this is a Scientology appeal, it eventually boils down to the usual solution: Send your money to the IAS. Ah, well.


Still, we thought you’d enjoy this prime example of Scientology zeal.


A Message from Jeff Pomerantz
IAS Freedom Medal Recipient

In 1985 thousands of Scientologists rallied to quite literally save Scientology. We were united in a desire to right a wrong and continue to work to improve our world.

Today there is dissension and disagreement within our country — and within our group, a unique group, which contains many thousands of truly well-intentioned individuals. I believe it is time once again to be united to right wrongs in our society.

As Scientologists I believe we should be acutely aware that in terms of politics there are “strings from above,” no matter what individual political view one has, manipulating puppets, “running” our governments. Meaning there’s “The Great Oz” behind the curtain, and things are most often not what they seem. Additionally, it would be good to step back occasionally and look at the fact that ALL the politicians and leaders still possess reactive minds. Yes, Congress, the Senate, The Executive Branch, the Supreme Court, ALL are composed of human beings possessing reactive banks.

All that said, rather than debating, besmirching, lambasting, name-calling, and exacerbating differences, alloying affinities within our group, etc ad infinitum and invalidating each other’s point of view & therefore wasting time, energy, and lots of theta, the real question is, WHAT ARE WE DOING ABOUT IT — because SOMETHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT!

Basically, the GENUINE ANSWER to ALL that we complain about and disagree about lies in the ULTIMATE SOLUTIONS that LRH has blessed us all with — i.e. all our Social Salvage programs: The Way to Happiness, Drug Free World, Volunteer Ministers, Narconon, CCHR & Applied Scholastics. All of which are funded through grants from the IAS — as are all new AOs and Ideal Orgs in strategic locations.

So, rather than arguing with each other the suggestion is that we channel our desire to change things for the better through supporting LRH SOLUTIONS — something we can all AGREE ON. And that means increased support of the IAS. THAT is SANE. THAT is wearing our hats as Scientologists.

I admonish each and everyone of us (myself included) to decrease “Facebook/Twitter time” — and increase our survival potential as individuals and as a country through our greatly vibrantly increased support of IAS.

It’s certainly about more and more monetary support but it can also be by being more active in those programs.

Let’s rehabilitate this dirt ball!

Thanks for reading this.

Jeff Pomerantz

And here’s a bonus: That photo at the top is taken from a video of Pomerantz at the website “,” where Pomerantz delivers this endorsement of Scientology’s leader:

That man has — you see an intensity, you also, if you observe him, see incredible competence and a tireless viewpoint. I mean, if the job needs to be done he will get the job done. I don’t think that man has ever, ever considered that somebody else should do a job that he would not be willing to do himself.

There is a dedication that exists in Mr. Miscavige and a real integrity. You know it’s — I mean these, these are just words in society. But he exemplifies those things.

I was about to become a father and I approached him and I said, “Sir, there simply is no one else I would trust my daughter with and I’d like you to be her godfather.” Not only did he accept but for 27 years he has never missed a birthday. He’s in comm with her and I try validating him about that — years later and he said, “When I take on a hat, I wear it.”


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Posted by Tony Ortega on April 3, 2019 at 07:00

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