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Defeated in court, L. Ron Hubbard’s son boasted about spreading lies in new FBI document

[Ron DeWolf and his grandson, Jamie]

Journalist Emma Best, at the Muckrock website, has convinced the FBI to cough up even more documents about the Church of Scientology, and in the latest batch there’s a pretty interesting 15-page letter written by Ron DeWolf to the IRS in 1985.

“Ron DeWolf” was the name that L. Ron Hubbard Jr. adopted in order to distance himself from his famous father after he turned away from the senior Hubbard and his Scientology movement. DeWolf’s family nickname was “Nibs,” and he was a fascinating and problematic figure in Scientology history.

In 1952, Hubbard pulled his son out of high school to help as he was regrouping from a disastrous year of bankruptcy and divorce to start something he called “Scientology” after the failure of his “Dianetics” movement.

For the next seven years, Nibs became a very important figure in early Scientology, but eventually he became disillusioned with it, in part because he was making so little money while his father was becoming so rich. In 1959, Nibs walked away, and over the rest of his life he alternated between denouncing his father and cooperating with government investigations of Scientology and then switching his allegiances, recanting what he’d testified to. We’ve documented previously about what a flip-flopper he was.

In our book about Paulette Cooper, The Unbreakable Miss Lovely, we also described how, in the summer of 1972, he worked with Paulette to produce a really remarkable 63-page manuscript they titled “A Look Into Scientology, or 1/10 of 1 percent of Scientology.” In the essay Nibs calmly takes apart his father’s myths about himself and about Scientology. It’s a cogent and devastating takedown of L. Ron Hubbard, and we excerpted some of it in the name of Fair Use in our book. Unfortunately, Nibs signed over his copyrights to the Church of Scientology in a settlement later in his life, and so we can’t publish the entire document. But we can tell you that it has none of the more outlandish claims that characterized Nibs’ later attacks on his father, such as the really hard to credit things he said in a 1983 Penthouse interview, and some of the things he says in this 1985 letter to the IRS which we’re printing here in full.


It’s also important to remember that Nibs was writing this letter after a bitter court fight. In 1982, Nibs and his attorney, Michael Flynn, became suspicious that a fraudulent attempt to steal money from an L. Ron Hubbard bank account they learned about suggested that Hubbard had actually died and someone was trying to cash in on it before that news became public.

Convinced that Hubbard was either dead or incapacitated, Nibs filed a 1982 probate lawsuit in California that produced a massive amount of bad publicity for the Church of Scientology. In fact, Hubbard wasn’t dead, but was hiding out, and he produced a fingerprint and a letter that convinced the court that he was still alive and not incapacitated.

After their very public defeat, Nibs was angry with Flynn and the other defendants Flynn was representing against the church. And it was at this point that he sent his letter to the IRS and its criminal investigations division.

For more thoughts on what’s in the letter, we asked historian Chris Owen to look it over. Here’s what he sent us…

It’s rather a peculiar document, isn’t it? Nibs was not a well man at this point (he died of diabetes complications in 1991). By the time he wrote this letter, Scientology had regarded him as an enemy for 25 years. It had evidently taken a toll on him, which comes across in the letter’s rambling and self-justificatory tone.

The letter was written at a point when Scientology was going through a chaotic period of uncertainty. L. Ron Hubbard had disappeared into seclusion in California but was still pulling strings from behind a wall of security intended to protect him from grand juries and process servers. Scientology was still convulsed by the aftermath of the Guardian’s Office scandal, when 11 senior Scientologists, including Hubbard’s wife Mary Sue, were convicted of conspiracy against the US government. David Miscavige was beginning to execute his eventual takeover of Scientology, creating a new organisational structure, pushing out veteran Scientologists such as Hubbard’s personal auditor David Mayo and forcing Mary Sue Hubbard to resign from her positions.

To add to the complications, numerous lawsuits had been brought against Scientology and Hubbard personally by people alleging that they had been harmed by the Guardian’s Office (Paulette Cooper, Gabe Cazares, etc.) or had suffered personal harm through undergoing Scientology courses (Julie Christofferson Titchbourne, Larry Wollersheim, etc.). Many of the personal injury lawsuits were managed by a Boston attorney, Michael Flynn, who is evidently the redacted 5-character name in the letter.

It’s hard to say how much of what Nibs says can be believed, but he claims to have been pursued and used by all of the various factions for their own ends. He is clearly very bitter about Flynn’s involvement and feels that he was exploited by Flynn. Nibs refers to the case he filed in Riverside, California in November 1982 in which he sued his father’s estate in the belief that Hubbard was either dead or incompetent, and that this was being covered up by Scientology. Hubbard proved to the court’s satisfaction that he was neither. The failure of the case left Nibs with substantial costs. According to Nibs, Scientology approached him with a proposal that if he told them everything he knew about Flynn they would not try to collect the cost judgment. He refused, they collected the costs and launched a fresh lawsuit in retaliation in 1984 when Mary Sue Hubbard filed a $5 million suit against him for fraud over his 1982 lawsuit.

Nibs’ claims towards the end of the letter, such as that Hubbard wanted him to steal an H-bomb, don’t come across as credible. He had made a series of outlandish claims in various interviews and articles in the early-to-mid 1980s, and he admits in his letter that “I’ve written several pieces which were fictionalized. Fictionalized with great purpose and great care.” I think it underlines for me that he was at heart a fantasist, like his father.

He makes a lot of his supposed incorruptibility and desire to maintain communications with all sides, while not becoming a partisan in the factional fights among Scientologists. But it’s telling, I think, that only a year after he wrote this letter he gave up the fight and surrendered to Scientology. He had to have emergency medical surgery which left him deeply in debt. He reached a settlement with Scientology in which he recanted all his previous statements, allegedly in exchange for a financial settlement and presumably the termination of the 1984 fraud lawsuit.

— Chris Owen

We want to thank Emma Best for sharing with us this interesting document before she made it public this morning. In her piece at Muckrock, she points out that the specific claim Nibs makes about a homosexual KGB source, Tom Driberg, is very problematic…

“DeWolf alleged that Hubbard and Driberg had ‘held hands … under the table.’ It’s unclear if this was meant as a euphemism for dirty dealings or homosexual behavior…CIA’s declassified database mentions Driberg a handful of times in open source records, none of which seem to connect him to Hubbard or Scientology. Perhaps most significantly is that it currently appears that the FBI, despite having been made aware of the allegations (as shown by their possession of a copy of the letter), do not seem to have investigated them. If the Bureau had taken the allegations seriously, it undoubtedly would have prompted an investigation.”


So, with all that in mind, here is Ron DeWolf’s letter to the IRS. Proceed with caution.

Ronald E. DeWolf
1401 E. Long St. #101
Carson City, NV 89701

(702) 883-6738

February 11, 1985

Alphonse V. Ristuccia
Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service
Criminal Investigation Division
P.O. Box 2151
Los Angeles, CA 90053

Dear Mr. Ristuccia;

I do apologize for my lack of alertness during your visit. I pride myself on my precision but the body just wouldn’t respond. I was surprised at my lack of stamina. It wasn’t the subject matter or you, it was my physical condition. If any area we covered was less exact than you need I will be very happy to attempt to pin point it further or furnish a source that could.


I also sometimes suffer from, “I thought everyone knew that”. The mere fact my father didn’t graduate from college caused defections when it hit the press and media. I’ve known he flunked out for over 40 years.

Another example: In 1983, Mr. Paul Wilson, District Council of the IRS in L.A. came to see me. I guess he was having a minor problem or two in tracking the money flow. We just sort of sat around and engaged in what seemed to me to be idle chit-chat. We talked several hours. All of a sudden rather out of the blue he said “so that’s how they do it”. He never did say what “it” was or what it was I had said that turned a light on. I’m still mystified; which isn’t important, but illustrates the problem.

As you are now probably aware, anyone who says they are in “direct comm” with LRH such as the Commodore Messenger Organization (CMO) holds the reigns of power or think they do or hope others think so. It’s been a known fact that, what I term the Org faction; ie: RTC/COST/ASI etc. and the people in and around them have been using every means possible to stay in power and control. There are, as you and everyone else knows, about three dozen of them. Then there is the “O.T. Committee” faction that I’ve already mentioned to you. They wish to take over and/or continue the “game”, I call these people the Mayo Faction. The standard bearer of standard tech”.

Then there is the Non-Mayo Faction. Those are people such as Bent Corydon of Riverside. They feel Scientology still works but don’t believe in David Mayo or his claim LRH gave David all rights to “standard tech” for 25 years. They don’t like David secretly pretending to be an LRH clone, only nicer.

Then there is the Faction I call the Independents. They have come out of Scientology but now use a mixture of “isims” and “ologies”.

Then there are the Legal Factions. It would seem every defector in the last four or five years has a lawyer and are rushing into court (stumbling all over themselves and everyone else in the process) to get their claim in and win their own case before the roof totally caves in. One common denominator is they all name my father L. Ron Hubbard as a defendant; knowing he will not or can not show up; therefore they are assured of a piece of the pie — they think. (It is truly amazing to watch perpetrators turn victim so quickly.) Therefore it is to their benefit to keep LRH “alive and well” as long as possible or until they win their various civil cases. What I keep finding is they want to help law enforcement — but only so much. They want me to help them — but only so much.

Scientology is a power and money game and has been since 1950. It is therefore rather easy for me to defense against it. Mary Sue Hubbard has run numbers on my head since 1951. I’ve been declared fair game since January 3, 1960 and every group or faction has in one way or another tried to get me to; A) endorse their tech. B) join them. C) get me out of the way. D) find out what I know. E) shut me up, and the list goes on. It is very similar to the movie “It’s a Mad Mad Mad World”, but made with used 16 MM film and a hand cranked camera, directed by Dr. Fu Man Chu and edited by an orangutan with boxing gloves on using a chain saw. I think you and all the other law enforcement people will tend to agree when it’s over and done with. It may sound humorous but it is deadly serious. They think it’s a game. I don’t. The world may be a stage but it sure isn’t a play.

I am very independent. I have been for many years and I’ll continue to stay so. I am a faction of one. A group of one. I’ve taken a lot of lickings, but I keep on ticking. All these various factions have alternately bombed and wooed me and sometimes switched in mid-stream. But, as usual, I manage to sort it out eventually and keep moving forward.

I am not a nice guy but I am not a law breaker. I love the law as much as my father hated it. I love facts as much as my father loved fiction. You want the facts and I want the facts and let’s both let the chips fall where they may.

It wasn’t until after you left that parts of the jig-saw puzzle started falling into place. Do you remember me asking you how long you have been on the case? You said June of 84. Click.

[Redacted] and [redacted] apparently have been working as hard against me as they have been telling me and others they are working for me.

I realize that when the tax man comes to the door people suddenly get very cooperative. That isn’t the case here. I have actively and openly helped law enforcement, governments and the military since 1962. I’ve taken a lot of flak for it but that’s the way things are in the real world.

For legal reasons I can’t tell you that I am more interested in truth and fact than money. Also for legal reasons, I can’t tell you some of my sources because I might break a client/attorney privelege of some sort. I can, however, repeat what I told you when you were here that in my view criminal investigation and criminal prosecution take precedence over any civil litigation.

For the sake of easy reference I shall divide all the various factions into three groups; 1) the bad guys, 2) the good guys and 3) me.


I am firmly convinced that both the good guys and the bad guys have a vested interest in keeping the facts from me regarding my father. Is he dead or alive? If dead when, where and under what circumstances and who did it. What was his physical and mental condition prior to his death or if alive, what was it or is it?

If he is alive he should be brought to trial. Every last microscopic fact of his actual history and true activities must be laid before this world for everyone to see. I honestly and sincerely believe there isn’t a single law of God or man he hasn’t broken many times over. If he is dead the same applies but the problem becomes more difficult because of the very nature of Scientology itself. He could or would exert control as a spiritual leader still leading from the spiritual realm or some science fiction world. It must not be allowed to happen. The only solution is the facts. And apparently the only way I am going to get those facts is from you, or other law enforcement and/or government bodies. And, in fact, the only information I’ll believe will be from these sources. I was extremely disappointed when Mr. Frey of the FBI and you were unable to tell me.

I am convinced [redacted] and [redacted] know the facts as well as Mary Sue Hubbard. Each of course have their own reasons in witholding those facts from me. Mary Sue Hubbard. Each of course have their own reasons in witholding those facts from me. Mary Sue’s reasons are obvious. [Redacted] and his other clients have yet to complete their civil litigation. They feel of course it must be completed and won before LRH is “found”. One can not sue a dead man and one can not sue an incompetent man.

Therefore I pose a major problem to both sides. I won’t play ball with either side. I won’t jump on their band wagon. I won’t roll over and play dead. Both sides have tried every dirty trick in the book to get me to comply and conform. I haven’t. I won’t.

The bad guys think that since they are going down the tube they want to take as many others with them as possible by whatever means they can create. The B boys also think that if they can’t have it no one else will either. Over the last five years these fanatics have gone berserk in all directions. Now please keep in mind I have 50 years of experience in the subject. The words fanatic and berserk are well founded.

Apparently the game plan of the good guys is to get you to bring the several hundred million dollars from overseas to the U.S. They think you will take only a very few million and hand over the rest to them because they have (or hope to have) all these civil judgements before LRH is “found”. Again for legal reasons; I can’t tell you I already have everything in life I left Scientology for and you can’t buy them.

One of the things I learned after I climbed down from Mount Olympus and returned to the human race is that we are a nation of laws, not of men. I do not ask favors. I neither give nor ask quarter. I never forgive and I never forget. I do not break the law. And I’m probably the most persistent cuss you will ever meet. I do not use people. I’m not using you or the press or media. All I ask is you do your job. Straight people asking straight questions get straight answers. I’ll repeat what I’ve already mentioned to you: My files and knowledge are open to you. They are also open to the FBI or anyone else who has a right and need to know the facts by law.

Now, I can go into exact detail if and as you wish and supported by external fact and sources.

I’ve already mentioned to you about the people trying to sneak in the back door. Their basic motto is “the tech works regardless of what LRH did or didn’t do”. After your visit I suddenly received phone calls from: 1) [redacted] 2) [redacted] and 3) representative of [redacted] are, in effect, telling me to play along. That money should be here in 60 days and how worried their other clients are about me. [Redacted] is still trying to make out like I’m LRH (I’m not). He, [redacted] has been in fact, faking LRH’s voice and feeding information into the Orgs and other factions in order to stop me or get me to conform. He is apparently behind the “O.T. Committee” in that group’s declaring me fair game in May of 1984 (or several weeks earlier); because I wouldn’t play ball in [redacted] court case. Why should I help a theif who stole documents, papers and family memorabilia photos, etc. that were stolen from my grandfather and I by the Orgs?

In effect, [redacted] is a thief who stole stolen goods. My goods. What [redacted] took and what Mary Sue still has hidden away are worth millions. You might please note that when it comes to assets and collecting taxes. [Redacted] is telling everyone a “few letters” are mine. No. That material doesn’t belong to Mary Sue. She has never been legally married to LRH. When Harry Ross Hubbard, my grandfather died, Mary Sue had her head Guardian Office goon, [redacted] strip my grandfather’s house bare within 24 hours or his death in Bremerton, Washington. (He died in December 1975.) Then they tried to blame me for his death!

My grandfather served in the U.S. Navy form 1902 with great distinction. A man of enormous integrity. Duty, honor, country: and he meant every word of it; in word and deed. I gave him my word and I’ll keep it to the end of time. LRH trashed him almost as bad as he has tried to trash me. Grandad had sent me box after box of material for safekeeping and the G.O. stole that. Ask [redacted] and [redacted] about that. Ask my [redacted]

And when I am told I must be deposed by Virgin Mary to “prove myself” I get incensed. It is to the advantage of the bad guys to try to make people believe I caved in, sold out or are on their side in some way (standard Org tech). It is also to the advantage of the good guys. I attach one piece of paper to prove I didn’t submit to their standard fear, force, intimidation, coersion and blackmail. And for your information you are the first person I’ve shown this to outside of the people directly involved. You may wonder why I haven’t shown it to [redacted] I told him verbally but it seemed not to make a difference in abating the hurricane. You see; he wasn’t my attorney at the time. During this time period the several factions in their madly dashing to their respective goals were trying to give me a world class case of whiplash.

I have a prime rule that I will talk with or listen to anyone: friend and foe alike; which is in direct opposition to “Standard Tech”. My talking with people is a high crime in LRH’s book. So I communicate. That does not mean I agree.

“Standard Tech” also decrees that one must know everything and as long as they think they have an “operation” going one is fairly safe as long as you keep them “knowing” things. I’m very good at creating cosmic ka ka. Like Scheherazade I keep my head as long as I can keep them listening. And frankly Al; I was running a little dry waiting for you, the FBI, Canadian and German law enforcement to catch up to the bad guys.


Scientology is “the science of certainty”. They just plain can’t handle uncertainty. So I keep them uncertain and off balance. Would the U.S. government like a seminar on non-violent gorilla warfare and cults?

You must realize that from the time [redacted] was found in conflict of interest in my Riverside petition in early 1983, I was alone. I had stirred up a hornets nest and cracked the Scientology Iron Curtain plus freed a lot of people and everyone was running for cover — except me. I have no money, (I make $204.50 a month) I have no health, my friends are being bought and sold like an Africian slave market, I am under constant surveillance by a legion of Org goons; so what do I do? I get very creative. The game was to keep on being effective while living a transparent life.

I’ve always assumed my phone is tapped and talk accordingly. I’ve been proven correct over the last quarter century, so I play games on it. Now I don’t mind if law enforcement places a legal tap or bug — I never have. Maybe then they would pick up on some of the incredible stuff being tried on me.

I even telephoned the FBI a while back really complaining. All they said was they didn’t involve themselves in civil matters. I’m being run over by a fleet of Mac trucks and they think it’s a civil matter?

Thank God I do have at least a few friends and one or two in law enforcement. But of course they can’t make a move until I’m laying in a pool of blood. All I asked them to do was to look beyond the surface evidence and I’ve furnished them with enough data to do an indepth investigation.

I know of at least three assassination attempts on me in the last 25 years and at least one major contract put out on me (see [redacted] FBI informant).

From the time period of November 1982 to early 84 see [redacted] the secret head of the ASI and general flunky of [redacted] He is a slippery fool and I bet he sings like a bird to save his own neck. He would blackmail his own mother for a dime and then blame her when the cops showed up. He visited us at least six times, spreading his brand of cheer and salvation and appeared on many TV shows with me. He called them “dog and pony shows”. He is the only man I know who could talk for an hour and never say a thing. I bet he has or will go for immunity. There is, as you know, a wonderful catch on being given immunity: one lie and you loose it. I will review his testimony with great care. I bet [redacted] has or will crack wide open once he sees the golden rivet or the canvas and holystones coming his sway (old Navy terms).

After the [redacted] trial, starting in early 84, we move from the O.T. declare to your entry in June 84. I was not informed of your entry but at that point the battle really heated up. Both sides had to stop or bury me before you, the FBI, Canada and Germany caught up with them and/or LRH is found and/or they got their civil cases won and/or into court and/or took over the “church”.

Now you can talk to [redacted] (we already gave you his address), [redacted] (in Southern California area) who by the way, say they have had continuous and direct comm with LRH for years. [Redacted] are first class con artists and are part of this hidden control/take over scheme (ask [redacted] about [redacted].

This group also, according to reliable sources have secretly (and illegally) made 10 hours of tape recordings of me in person and on the phone. Suspecting such activity they got my cosmic run-a-round. I would assume the tapes are highly edited. I have not come into possesion of a set but, as usual, I will and will take whatever lawful action that may seem appropriate at the time. All reasons for making those tapes are invalid.

Now if you want to start at the other end of the tunnel; I was invited to a meeting in June 1984 by a [redacted] office [redacted]; attending were, besides myself, [redacted] The meeting was openly tape recorded. The stated purpose was to form some sort of independent group (I refused) and/or join a class action suit (which I refused). The RTC had sued [redacted] over copyright infringement and [redacted] was winning it hands down. Later, unknown to me, [redacted] removed the tapes. My statements if circulated within the Scientology community would have put quit a dent in their illusions. I had expected and assumed they were made for that purpose and I was very disappointed they disappeared.

Let me jump forward to November 5, 1984. Please see attached document from [redacted] dated November 5th. He caved in to the RTC; gave up the fight and here again this [redacted] was involved. I wonder how much the Orgs paid [redacted] under the table. [Redacted] had them cold. Since this was a civil suit and criminal investigation takes precedent, you should find it easy to open that can of worms if and as you may find appropriate in your tracking down money.

Back to the meetings: The actual purpose as secretly promoted by both sides in a complex cross feed was to: A) find out what I know, B) get me off center and into their respective pockets, C) get me “out” of Scientology, D) shut me up.

One of my standard procedures has been to always come at such operations rather than run from them. The one thing a Scientology mind can not handle is failure of any of their operations. It is a high crime to fail. Failure is punished rather severly. So I let them build their house of cards and rig it so at the last minute the scam falls apart. When that happens they start their own SS/gestapo tactics on their own people for the failure. I don’t have to do a thing. I put the secret agent between a rock and a hard place. He suddenly finds his friends turn on him with a vengeance because he failed his mission. The most ineffective thing I could do would be to get violent physically or emotionally with them. Regardless of the pressures and temptations to do so, I haven’t and won’t. My remaining cool short circuits their brain. Their subjective mental “construct” collapses. That is why I’ve always been so very careful not to hurt even one hair on their head — not even LRH’s. O.T. power is no match against human power.

One other trick I’ve done for years is to write outrageous statements within the context of some letters in order to “tag” them. As one more recent example, the Orgs were trying to tell everyone I was a homicidal suicidal manic (I’m not). So I write some things that lean that way and send it to suspected secret Org/faction agents and see who or how I get it back. I, in effect, force their hand by putting an overload on the comm circuit. It’s a basic method of mine I use to sweep and identify an operation and its players. Since I have only myself and my family it is a simple and inexpensive way of staying alive and for me to keep on trucking down my center path in getting the truth and fact out and around about LRH, finding LRH himself and/or what happened to him and maintaining my legal position and stance, which for legal reasons I can’t tell you is quite secondary and which I hold because money is so primary to the bad guys and other factions. The more they push the more intractable I become. Rather Newtonian in an inverse ratio. I guess to some people, when it comes to the “LRH millions”, the means always justifies the goal, but I just won’t play that way. Don’t get me wrong. I’m like most normal people; I would love to be rich but I don’t and won’t rape and pillage for it.

As you are discovering and I’ve known since 1950, LRH owned and controlled very last penny. His only legal marriage was to my mother. I am his legal son. At the right time and place, I or my wife or my children or grandchildren will lay only two pieces of paper on a judges desk and walk away. I can prove Mary Sue and everyone else since 1951 to the present have been actively trying to chop those two pieces of paper to shreds in a vain attempt to make those two little pieces of paper not so. Maybe 10 years down the road I or my family may receive three cents. But of course those two little pieces of paper, by then, will have done their job: They will have done the job I’ve intended for them to do for the last 25 years: The complete disassembly of one of the biggest criminal empires of the 20th century.

So as you can see, I’m a loner. I love people as much as my father hated them. I will see the man stand before the people of, by and under the law. He has a million questions to answer asked by a million people. And if he is alive I shall see he gets the finest medical care possible. I will not let him escape into insanity or physical degeneration. He will answer for his crimes in the full light of day. There are thousands of people who would dearly love to tear him limb to limb. I would prevent that. There are thousands who feel he has the power of ten Popes and would bow to him. I would stop that too.

It is quite conceivable LRH and his little band faked his own death and are in what they hope is permanent hiding. Say maybe [redacted] and Dr. Gene Denk and LRH. There is some scuttlebutt to that effect and also they may have purchased citizenship in Singapore for $250,000 each. LRH’s M.O. was always to cut, run and hide while blaming everyone else. He always gave all the orders and let everyone else take the falls. But being alive and well in Singapore is only speculation. He would need moist warm air at sea level and “returning to the Orient” would fit his profile. Over the last several years he seems to have regressed and retreated to his earlier days and childhood and would therefore try to retrace his childhood.

If you want or need the finest psychiatric evaluation of LRH I’ve ever heard (absolutely 100% accurate) contact [redacted] who is geriatric psychiatry specialist. He is a good friend, an intellectual giant and has been of great help to me and a world renowned expert in his field.

Back to June 84; Because I refused to go along with some sort of class action suit and/or form or join some kind of committee both sides came down on me with a ton of bricks in a criss-cross manner; each feeding the other. I became totally confused at times from June of 84 to the early part of 85 when I discovered the O.T. committee declare. When you told me you had been involved since June of 84 it clicked everything in place. You caused enormous pressure on all factions. [Redacted] had told me he had talked to you late last year and told me at a later date you would be entering the case soon. He also said three months or so after that last statement. You had already been on the case for months at that point and he didn’t tell me because it served his purpose at the time. He had to keep me in orbit because during this time period he was talking with [redacted] about this “back door take over”. I didn’t know this at the time and I’ve got the Org faction, MSH and this O.T. committee running games at me. I really couldn’t sort it out at the time. My solution was to go into battle mode on all fronts and treat everyone as an Org agent, which was really ridiculous.

On March 3, 1983 the Canadians raided the Toronto Org. I really cheered. The bad guys in the slammer at last — I thought. A year and half later they are still dinking around. The IRS civil case was won after 10 years and several failures (“it’s a church ya know, we have to be very careful”). So, anyway, I’m ducking, dodging and dancing in all directions waiting for law enforcement to do its thing. I knew the FBI had egg on their face for missing several “red boxes” in their big operation Snow White raid. They were playing very cool this time around and I knew IRS-CID would be in the act sometime. I did not know you were already involved until the day I telephoned you. By that time I had a handle on the flow and source chart. If I had known in June you were in it I would have made a bee line to your office and hid under your desk. Fact.

Now to confirm some of this you can contact, besides those I’ve listed at that meeting at [redacted] Pacific Coast Commodities, 465 California St., San Francisco, 94104 (415) 392-2506, an Australian who would dearly love to get a $200,000 refund from the Org; [redacted] Mill Valley Travel, (415) 383-7200), who is a closet lesbian who was/is an G.O./RTC agent who wanted to use me to leave her husband and of course was playing everybody against everybody in her quest for happiness.

[Redacted] a bi-sexual girl who acted as cell communicator and messenger. She worked/works at [redacted] office. She devoutly believes Scientology works!

Then, of course, there is [redacted] an old time con man boiler room operator and ex-registrar at the San Francisco Org who keeps talking about getting $500,000 to buy a ranch in Mendocino County California.

Their Lake Tahoe contact was/is [redacted] who after I disengaged out of Frisco came into the picture with a hidden tape recorder under her jogging suit.

During all of this the various people out of the Clearwater Org were popping in and out of the scene secretly. Behind all of this was a heavily pocked marked faced man out of the Clearwater Org. I don’t recall his name but I would recognize him in a second. He was at the hearing in Reno, February 7, 1984 to look into my finances and ability to pay the cost judgement obtained against me by [redacted] They didn’t want it paid. They had scrambled my financial history to bring criminal charges and try to get me to commit perjury of some sort. [Redacted, 11 ch. 2 words] had promised to handle it for months. I “persuaded” him to keep his promise. It was paid (see attached).

In late 1983 Vaughn Young, [redacted] (Church of Scientology attorney) and [redacted] office tried to get me to tell all I knew about [redacted] If I was a good little boy and played puppet they wouldn’t try to collect the cost judgement and wouldn’t serve [redacted] and I with a lawsuit regarding the petition. I refused (see letter from [redacted] They went for the collection (paid) and served their law suit: Mary Sue Hubbard v. Ronald E. DeWolf, [redacted] and does 1 through 10, inclusive; Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles No. C 474 789. [Redacted] said he would handle everything. So far in that battle its MSH 3, me 0.

Meanwhile [redacted] is writing a book about LRH with a $50,000 advance (taxes gentlemen?) [Redacted] who wrote a couple of gawd awful pro-Scientology books and who was to author the “authorized life story” of LRH is paid over $200,000 not to write the book (taxes?) by the Orgs when [redacted] defected. Now against contractual agreements and pay off with and by the Orgs he is secretly helping [redacted] write [redacted, 6 ch.] book.

[Redacted] by and through many people has been telling everyone “he knew everything” (which he doesn’t) and rather clearly let me know he had documents like early wills of LRH and if I played along so he could write his book and get “his million” via a lawsuit against LRH he wouldn’t bring forth these “documents”. Well Al, my goal always has been to let it all hang out and I’ve flown under the rule that I could not expose LRH and Company without exposing myself. So be it. I also never bluff and I also call anyones bluff. I also take all threats seriously and respond accordingly. First, last and always; I’ll tell it like it was and is. I am a respecter of the law, but not of persons. I love people but I bend my knee to no man. I just plain don’t take kindly to threats of any kind. People accuse me of threatening them. I don’t. I just tell people how it is and the way it will be. To people who still operate under the Scientology mind set (in or out) the whole world is a threat and/or a potential trouble source (PTS) or a suppressive person or group (SP). As with all cults they must have the enemy within and without. In the case of Scientology that would correspond to “declares’ and “the international conspiracy”, which included just about everyone on the outside. Plus their ability to face reality and fact is almost nil. There is a general rule among anti-cult activists such as [redacted] that one does not attack the leader of the cult. I buck that trend. I go nose to nose with Dad. In fact, I’ll take on anyone in my drive to see the truth and fact laid bare. I’m a little like Ralph Nader when he took on General Motors. A seemingly impossible task but he won and he did it of, by and under the law and never laid a finger on anyone.

Gamey people who want to play games get games in return. Straight people get straight stuff. Straight people are such people as press and media, law enforcement, true and actual victims, (not black hats who suddenly switch to white hats or devils who instantly sprout halos), governments etc. I will not serve any vested interest group or special interest group, I am neither black or white. I am me, warts and all.

If you want to know what I’m really like ask any reporter who ever interviewed me. Ask any of my employers. Ask any of my children. Ask [redacted] of the Carson City FBI office or dozens of others in government. Ask me a straight question and you get a straight answer, and the sources. And a full and complete explanation. And the documents.

I’ve written several pieces which were fictionalized. Fictionalized with great purpose and great care. They contain “booby traps” and “tags”. Remember always: I have spent 25 years in a running gun battle. They had the guns; I had the battle. I’ve always told people those writings were scrambled and/or fictionalized. I’ve never tried to sell fiction as truth. I will someday unscramble and defictionalize them at the right time and place; where it will do the most good; Such as open court and/or as a matter of public record and/or in public. So that the actual facts can not be destroyed.

If you want the non-fictionalized version of my fathers mafia/drugs/KGB connections ask Mary Sue. She, as you know, handled all of LRH’s personal finances. Ask her who they rented their house on Tatum Blvd from in Phoenix Arizona in 1952. Then plug that name into the IRS/FBI mafia org and flow chart. His first name was Nick. Ask the Attorney General of the State of Arizona about the Scientology/organized crime connection. Ask the government of Mexico about the Scientology activities in Baja. Do a cross reference with Scientology and Snyanon; the “April Committee”. Do a cross reference between the top leaders of Scientology and Synanon and Scientology’s “Sea Org” and Synanon’s “Imperial Marines”. They were well connected. Charles Manson was a Scientologist.

Ask MI5 and 6 in England about a man named Driberg. My father held hands with him under the table. LRH called him “dribble”. “Dribble” was a KGB connection. LRH (for money of course) allowed the Russians to cruise through all of the English preclear and student files for usable date; among other things.

Ask the Bavarian and German Federal Police to track the flow of KGB trained East German agents from East Germany to Denmark to Scotland and England to Canada to the U.S. That of course would mean the computers of Interpol would also have to get involved.

A couple of years ago the U.S. Army CID found plans of one of their bases in San Francisco in the hands of a group called “Wellspring”; an “isim and ology” group. “Wellspring” is an offshoot of “Lifespring”; which were running Scientology style classes on Air Force bases. The Air Force found this group pumping Air Force personnel for sensitive and secret information. The Air Force threw them out. Wellspring is an offshoot of EST. EST is an offshoot of Scientology Training Drills (TR’s); which I helped invent.

Starting in the mid-1950’s LRH wanted any and all military personnel targeted for recruitment into Scientology; particularly Air Force. The Air Force naturally got rather curious and started investigating. The investigation was stonewalled in the same manner as used against the IRS Civil Division and against Canada since March 3, 1983.

In the late 1950’s my father asked me to steal an H-Bomb. I refused. By some strange method in 1962 the Air Force received all this background information and about Lifespring a few years ago and the Army was informed about Wellspring a couple of years ago. As my grandfather said; Duty, Honor, Country. I, of course, during the first half of my life, under the tutorage of my father, was too busy being a god to join the military or accept my grandfather’s work in getting me into Annapolis — which was virtually arranged. But then again, if I had joined the Navhy maybe I wouldn’t have known what my father was really up to.

Ask [redacted] of Long Island New York about their daughter.

Ask [redacted] about the death of [redacted] Susan.

Ask [redacted] about her husband.

Now maybe you may understand why I left Scientology. Now maybe you may understand why I’ve been “Fair Game” for 25 years. Now maybe you may understand why I won’t shut up or quit. Now maybe you may understand my statement that my father, L. Ron Hubbard, created, owned and controlled one of the largest criminal empires of the 20th Century.

[Redacted] wants his book and his million. [Redacted] wants her 12 million and her new book. [Redacted] in Portland wants his 70 million after he already made 10 million in Scientology and perjured himself to keep it and himself out of jail. Mary Sue is suing me for 5 million for telling the truth. She helped LRH make a billion but of course, one can never have enough money I suppose. [Redacted] would love her $15,000 refunded. [Redacted] would love his $200,000 back. [Redacted] would love to continue the “church”. David Mayo would love to be “standard bearer of standard tech”. [Redacted] would like half of everything and C of S/COST/RTC/ASI would love to nuke the whole planet; I seem to be such a terrible impediment to so many people.

A truly amazing and mysterious thing happened within a day or two after your visit. I suddenly started getting the most oh so friendly mail and phone calls. [Redacted] telephoned on behalf of [redacted] inviting me to speak before their group, [redacted] telephones sweating bullets. [Redacted] calls and tells me there is a change of plans (???) [Redacted] invites me to a conference and I receive a tape from Sweden from a girl who heard my tape of June 29, 1984 and was in tears over the truth of LRH that my tape contained. And you know what? I didn’t do or say a thing about your visit to prompt all of this response. A goofy Org goon did however show up at the back door asking about apartments about a half hour after you left. I’ve also heard that Mary Sue is seriously reconsidering her position. And maybe so are a number of other people.

This letter may be of little importance or interest to you but it is at least in the record and will be, at least, stored away in some government cavern retrievable and usable by somebody someday. It’s a pity the thousands of documents gathered by the Justice Department for the FDA case were dumped. Maybe all of the IRS/Justice Department papers being rounded up will hang around a few more years and be made available to the general public through the various lawful avenues open to them.

I am the lawful son of L. Ron Hubbard. I have a legal right to know where he is and his condition, dead or alive. Therefore, when you or any other government agency, city, county, state, federal, foreign or domestic find out that information and can under law tell me; I would deeply appreciate it.

And if during your investigations you uncover evidence that may require my signature on a criminal complaint or my filing such a complaint, you have my full cooperation.

If my father is dead I will of course see to it his murderers are brought to justice of, by and under the law. It is conceivable that if he is dead it may have been caused by medical malpractice, neglect or by voluntary or involuntary manslaughter or the like. I play hard ball in the real world and let the chips fall where they may.


Ronald E. DeWolf

We did our best to preserve the original, including DeWolf’s typos. Here’s the document itself…


Ron DeWolf 1985 Letter to the IRS by Tony Ortega on Scribd


Scientology disconnection, a reminder

Bernie Headley has not seen his daughter Stephanie in 4,962 days.
Brian Sheen has not seen his grandson Leo in 108 days.
Clarissa Adams has not seen her parents Walter and Irmin Huber in 1,171 days.
Carol Nyburg has not seen her daughter Nancy in 1,945 days.
Jamie Sorrentini Lugli has not seen her father Irving in 2,719 days.
Quailynn McDaniel has not seen her brother Sean in 2,065 days.
Claudio and Renata Lugli have not seen their son Flavio in 2,559 days.
Sara Goldberg has not seen her daughter Ashley in 1,599 days.
Lori Hodgson has not seen her son Jeremy and daughter Jessica in 1,311 days.
Marie Bilheimer has not seen her mother June in 837 days.
Joe Reaiche has not seen his daughter Alanna Masterson in 4,926 days
Derek Bloch has not seen his father Darren in 2,066 days.
Cindy Plahuta has not seen her daughter Kara in 2,386 days.
Claire Headley has not seen her mother Gen in 2,361 days.
Ramana Dienes-Browning has not seen her mother Jancis in 717 days.
Mike Rinder has not seen his son Benjamin and daughter Taryn in 5,019 days.
Brian Sheen has not seen his daughter Spring in 1,125 days.
Skip Young has not seen his daughters Megan and Alexis in 1,528 days.
Mary Kahn has not seen her son Sammy in 1,401 days.
Lois Reisdorf has not seen her son Craig in 982 days.
Phil and Willie Jones have not seen their son Mike and daughter Emily in 1,487 days.
Mary Jane Sterne has not seen her daughter Samantha in 1,731 days.
Kate Bornstein has not seen her daughter Jessica in 12,840 days.


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