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Scientology for your plants? In the grand tradition of L. Ron Hubbard, yes!

[Fulvio Balmelli]

Rod Keller has some good news today for plant lovers and Scientologists.

Organic Earth Tech is a two-year old Scientologist-owned company in Clearwater, Florida that markets the Kyminasi Pipe, an insert into a farm irrigation system that the company claims can produce healthier and larger yield crops without the use of herbicides or pesticides. The product consists of three lines of metallic chips that lie along an irrigation pipe which are then wrapped in duct tape and protective foam. It was invented in Italy by medical practitioner Fulvio Balmelli who has been a Scientologist since at least 1992. Balmelli claims the chips communicate with the plants through the irrigation water.



From the company’s literature:

The technology is based on the most organic element known to man, COMMUNICATION. The chip itself holds whole programs of communication frequencies that mimic all of a plants [sic] natural resources. If you can imagine that the water a plant receives today is supposed to be H2O, however, with all of the environments unforeseen pollution, water is no longer, H2O. It is now H2O + fluoride + toxins + chemicals + + + +. If you can imagine H2O being provided to the plant as nature intended it, pure H2O, mimicked as a frequency of H2O, well — now you’re giving a plant a pure ingredient.

The quote is certainly in the style of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, and many Scientologists seek to emulate him in their lives and business endeavors. To be an inventor of any “technology” is a strong motivation, particularly in an area so central to Hubbard’s writings as communication. Communication is as central to Scientology as Hubbard’s theory of the Reactive Mind. It is embodied in some of the first steps of Scientology in the Communication Course and the theory of the ARC triangle all the way to the OT levels, in which Scientologists communicate with body thetans. Scientology “touch assists” and all of Hubbard’s theories on healing are based on the idea that a thetan can get out of communication with their body, and if that communication is restored medical problems can be cured. Scientologists consider themselves preeminent in the field of communication.

“Postulates and live communication not being MEST and being senior to MEST can accomplish change in MEST without bringing about a persistence of MEST. Thus auditing can occur.” – Axiom 51. “MEST” in this case is an acronym for matter, energy, space and time, so communication is senior to the physical universe and can create changes in the universe. It’s a theory Balmelli believes applies to the growing of vegetables.


[L. Ron Hubbard]

In 1959 Hubbard claimed to have grown giant vegetables at his estate in England, Saint Hill Manor, using radiation. It is nearly impossible that he obtained radioactive material to perform such experiments, and the famous photos from that time show Hubbard, a tomato plant, and an e-meter, which doesn’t measure radioactivity. It’s more closely related to communication, and he may have been trying to communicate with the tomatoes. In that respect, Balmelli is carrying on his work.

Organic Earth Tech is selling a set of chips for US $2,000, and one of their illustrations shows four pipes in a manifold. It’s a pricey set-up, and they are not saying exactly what the chips are or can do. We can say instead what they are not. They are not in contact with the irrigation water, so none of the chip material dissolves to enter the system. In videos they are handled quite casually so they are not radioactive. They don’t stick together so they are not highly magnetic. They don’t have a battery so they don’t generate a current or produce sound waves.


The only explanation provided is that they are “trade secret communication technology” that impart something to water that has a “wave frequency” that affects photosynthesis. Without sound or some form of electromagnetic energy, this seems impossible. Even with sound or magnets, it is difficult to imagine a mechanism by which the water carries communication or helps plants grow.

Francesco Arlia is the President of the company, and addresses the opinion of scientists and academics regarding the device in a promotional video.



They want overwhelming proof before they can get the funding in order to do a full scientific study to document why the technology is actually working. Hence, I’m inviting you into that study. By you testing the technology yourself, submitting documentation to me, then we can get that full white paper report done and get actual scientific documentation. But right now seeing is believing, and therefore we are bringing the technology forward to you. You need to see for yourself how this amazing technology works.


We asked Dr. William Lamont, Jr., Professor of Vegetable Crops at Penn State University and Dr. Gary Clark, Senior Associate Dean and Professor of biological and agricultural engineering at Kansas State University for their opinion of the product. “I can’t say I’ve heard of anything like that before. I’ve done research on drip irrigation for years, and I haven’t seen or heard of it before. He says there’s some way you can communicate with your plants. I think it’s better to stick to the basics of having enough water, sunlight and nutrients according to their particular requirements. I’m not sure what he’s trying to do,” says Dr. Lamont. Dr. Clark tells us he remembers a product more than 30 years ago that worked with magnets that sold for $1,000 and felt “it didn’t really do it what it said it did, and wasn’t going anywhere.”


The claims by Organic Earth Tech are like Scientology itself, that the only way to evaluate a product or service is through personal experience. Any scientific research conducted by L. Ron Hubbard has never been found, the proof that his theories are correct is through his personal assertion that it works and it must be experienced personally rather than tested. Customers of Organic Earth Tech are similarly invited to try it for themselves in uncontrolled conditions. Like Scientology, some will become convinced that it works as advertised because the desire to believe is powerful.

— Rod Keller


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