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DRONE FLYOVER FINALE: Getting a close look at Scientology’s secret New Mexico compound


And here we are, at the end of our weekly series of dramatic footage shot by an anonymous drone pilot who has flown over Scientology’s most secret compounds.

Five weeks ago, we started this series with a view of Scientology’s secretive international management base (“Int Base”). Four weeks ago our pilot flew us over the even more secret “CST” headquarters compound in the mountains above Los Angeles, where we believe Scientology leader David Miscavige stashed away his wife Shelly eleven years ago. Three weeks ago we got an unprecedented look at the ranch in San Luis Obispo County where Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard died in 1986. Two weeks ago, he took us over Scientology’s vault location in the Sierra foothills of California, the Lady Washington Mine. And last week, we got a look at another secretive “CST” underground vault site owned by the church, one which is located in California’s far northern coast, near the town of Petrolia.

For his final act, our anonymous pilot this week has taken us over perhaps that most iconic of CST vault locations, the secret complex in New Mexico near the town of Trementina.

The property is in a very remote location, and isn’t easy to get to, as John Sweeney and Marc Headley learned a couple of years ago. Here’s a map showing its location in relation to Albuquerque and Santa Fe…



The compound is pretty easily spotted and prominently labeled on Google Earth, and the CST logo carved into the high desert is easily visible, along with the nearby landing strip…


The vault itself is carved into the side of a cliff between the airstrip and the CST logo. In past years, a house had been built to camouflage it. Dylan Gill, the former CST worker, called it the “ventilation house” — it was more a prop than a dwelling…


But as you’ll see in the video, that house has been removed entirely. Now, a fake rock wall covers up the vault entrance, and there’s a new structure that’s been built down the hill from the opening itself.


Here’s a closer look at that new building, and what appears to be ongoing work on the grounds around it…


And the vault entrance…


On the way to the CST logo, there’s the stately LRH House, where L. Ron Hubbard, once he returns to Earth in a new body, will have a luxurious place to live until he’s ready to take over the reins of Scientology again.


And here’s the breathtaking footage itself. You know the drill. Go full screen and soak up the incredible detail recorded by the 4K camera.


There is one more CST property, located in Wyoming. But our drone pilot says that he didn’t find any online evidence that structures or a vault had been built there yet, and so he decided not to attempt a flyover there.

We are grateful that he did make such amazing flights over Scientology’s other secret locations. We’ve never seen them in such detail. And he included links at his YouTube page so anyone can download the files in full and use them however they want, he says.

We don’t know who he is, and after sending us a final message, he deleted his email account.

Now, there’s just his YouTube account, where he refers to himself as Angry Thetan. What a mystery! And what footage!

Here it all is again. Let’s hope the videos stay up indefinitely.

1. Scientology’s secretive 500-acre international management base, “Int Base” or “Gold Base,” near Hemet, California…


2. The Church of Spiritual Technology’s headquarters compound, near Lake Arrowhead, California, where we believe Shelly Miscavige has lived and worked since 2005.


3. The “Whispering Winds” ranch near Creston, California, where L. Ron Hubbard lived out his final three years in seclusion, dying there on January 24, 1986…


4. The Lady Washington Mine, in the Sierra foothills near Tuolumne, California…


5. The dramatic spaceship-shaped vault structure at the CST property on the northern California coast near the town of Petrolia…



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