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Monthly Archives

DRONE FLYOVER: Scientology’s failed underground vault project in Wyoming

 The drone pilot is back! Since last September, the Underground Bunker has been the beneficiary of a shadowy anonymous drone operator who has allowed us to premiere his amazing overhead views of secretive Scientology []


DRONE FLYOVER: An even closer look at where Scientology is keeping Shelly Miscavige

 The anonymous drone pilot just had to go back for a closer look. []

DRONE FLYOVER: Scientology’s Int Base and its hilltop camouflaged ‘Eagle’s Nest’

 The mysterious drone pilot is back! []

DRONE FLYOVER FINALE: Getting a close look at Scientology’s secret New Mexico compound

 And here we are, at the end of our weekly series of dramatic footage shot by an anonymous drone pilot who has flown over Scientology’s most secret []

DRONE FLYOVER: Scientology’s secret saucer-looking underground vault in Northern California

 It’s Wednesday, and that means we have more breathtaking footage from an anonymous drone pilot who has flown over some of Scientology’s most hidden locations. []

DRONE FLYOVER: First images of Scientology’s Gold Rush mine in California

 Another Wednesday brings us more unique footage from an anonymous drone pilot who has flown over some of Scientology’s most secretive sites. []

DRONE FLYOVER: Scientology’s secret ranch where L. Ron Hubbard departed this Earth

 Two weeks ago, an anonymous drone pilot gave us a view of Scientology’s secretive international management base (“Int Base”) that we’d never seen before. Then, last week, he flew us over the even more secret “CST” headquarters compound in the mountains above Los Angeles, where we believe Scientology leader David Miscavige stashed away his wife []

DRONE FLYOVER: Scientology’s secret base where David Miscavige keeps wife out of sight

 We’ve written numerous times about Scientology’s secretive subsidiary called the Church of Spiritual Technology. CST has a strange mission — to build underground vaults where L. Ron Hubbard’s writings can be stored to survive for tens of thousands of years. And CST has a super-secret headquarters, a small mountain compound east of Los Angeles near []

Drone footage of Scientology’s secretive Int Base: The reaction from former base employees

[DJI Phantom 4 drone, like the one that took images of Int Base]

It’s been 24 hours since we posted stunning drone footage of Scientology’s secretive Int Base near Hemet, California, and those videos, made by an anonymous drone pilot, are still up at YouTube where you can view them for yourself or even download them, []

Scientology’s secret sites: The Bunker premieres drone footage never before seen of ‘Int Base’

 Recently, the Underground Bunker was contacted by an anonymous source who said he had something rather spectacular he wanted to share with our readers. We were stunned when we saw what he was talking about. He has made super-high-quality films of Scientology facilities, using a 4K camera mounted on a []