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For once, a target of Scientology gladhanding did his homework and said no thanks

[Dr. Patricia Adelekan, at the 2016 grand opening of the South Coast Mission]

One thing Scientology counts on is that if you puff up your local police, politicians, and public advocates with enough praise, they will gladly pose for photos and accept small trophies and other trinkets.

It’s one of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s key strategies that he called “safepointing,” and we’ve documented it pretty heavily here at the Bunker, especially with the help of Rod Keller.

In one recent example, Scientology front group maven Mary Shuttleworth gave a “Human Rights Hero Award” from the group she created, Youth for Human Rights, at a recent event that took place at the United Nations. And the result? A photo of recipient Rev. Travis Ellis, a Washington DC pastor, smiling with his new tchotchke. Mission accomplished.



Scientology pulls off this maneuver practically every day, and as we’ve pointed out again and again, the people being gladhanded never seem to catch on that what’s really going on is Scientology’s scheme to create relationships so that it will be less likely for the government to dig into what’s really going on back at the compound.

Well, today, we have a counterexample.

Today, we are saluting an activist in Orange County, California who did what so few others seem to do, and who actually bothered to do his homework before accepting an award from a Scientology front group.


[R. Josh Collins]

R. Josh Collins is a Christian advocate for the homeless who says he speaks at a lot of city council meetings, and one of the people he got to know there was another activist by the name of Dr. Patricia Adelekan.

Adelekan runs a few different organizations, including something she calls “Youth-on-the-Move Education International” and the “International Educators Hall of Fame.” Both apparently hand out a lot of awards.

Out of the blue, Collins says, he received a message from Adelekan telling him that he was one of about ten people who had been chosen to receive a new award that Youth-on-the-Move was putting out, called “The Nelson Mandela Spirit Awards.”

“She said it was for my work in the community. They sent me a letter, and I thought maybe this is a good thing,” Collins tells us. “Other activists I know were also named as winners.”

The awards were handed out this past weekend, but as the date approached, Collins says he became suspicious. He noticed, for example, that the ceremony was taking place at the Church of Scientology Ideal Org in Santa Ana. Also, the announcement by Adelekan, which Collins shared at his Facebook page, explained that the awards were “sponsored by Youth-on-the-Move, Inc. with support from United for Human Rights.”

Collins did some searching online, and realized that United for Human Rights was a Scientology front. And a friend sent him a Scientology press release showing Adelekan heaping praise on Hubbard at a 2016 grand opening of a new “Ideal” Scientology “mission” in Lake Forest, California.

“Read his many books and articles, open yourself up and discover a fascinating and mighty new world that aims to help every man, woman and child on earth!” she said at the event (see photo above).

Also — and this really threw us for a loop — Adelekan was a supporter of one of the craziest Scientologist political candidacies we ever saw. Back in 2016, a Scientologist named Clay Bock ran for city council in Garden Grove, California, and one of his chief supporters was Patricia Adelekan…



Well, not only was Bock a Scientologist, but he had been heavily involved in Scientology’s most unhinged front group, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, and once we brought that up here at the Bunker, brave Paulien Lombard went to a city council meeting and publicly announced that she and Bock, when she was in the church, had both worked together as Scientology spies! Oh, that was something else, it really was. Bock didn’t get elected, we’re relieved to say.

Collins didn’t know about the Clay Bock connection (we told him about that later), but he had seen enough about Adelekan’s ties to Scientology to be horrified. He sent a link to an ABC 20/20 program featuring Leah Remini to the other award recipients, and he let Adelekan know that he wasn’t interested in attending the ceremony or accepting the award.

Only one of the other award recipients announced that she also was not planning to go, a woman who didn’t explain her reasons for not going. “But after I put out my message about it being connected to Scientology, she told me privately that she was staying away for the same reason,” Collins says. He thinks a couple of others might have decided not to participate as well. But photos show that the event did come off on Sunday, and some people did accept their awards from Adelekan.


We hope you realize just how perfect it is that one of the people Adelekan chose to receive a Nelson Mandela Spirit Award was none other than former Scientology spy and failed political candidate Clay Bock.


We asked Collins if he ever heard back from Adelekan after he notified her that he wasn’t interested in one of her awards.

“Patricia never responded,” he says. We also left a message for her, hoping she might explain the origin of the awards and why Scientology was involved with them. We’ll let you know if she gets back to us.

“It’s such hypocrisy,” Collins says about a Scientology front, United for Human Rights, handing out awards in the name of Nelson Mandela. And he’s concerned that some of the other recipients didn’t back out, even after he sent them his message. “I sent them the information, but they didn’t want to back out. I think some of them understood it was evil, but they went anyway,” he says.

A pretty plaque and a free meal is just too tempting for some do-gooders to turn down, apparently.


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Posted by Tony Ortega on July 25, 2019 at 07:00

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