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Jenna Elfman, Scientology celebrity


Current lifetime: Born September 30, 1971 in Los Angeles
Most famous for: Dharma
Joined Scientology: Recruited by her husband Bodhi Elfman, whom she married in 1995
Fun Scientology completion: Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress, 2005
Jenna shattering suppression: “What crimes have you committed? Have you raped a baby?”

Elfman is one of those our Celebrity Centre source considers “Bitter Enders,” with little chance that they’ll ever defect. Jenna has not only been in Scientology for more than 20 years, but she’s obviously militant about it.

“She’s so hard. She’s never getting out. She seems so negative now, and at events she comes off like she’s irritated. Something’s going on with her, but I have no clue what it would be.”

Jenna Elfman parties like it’s 1999 on People TV

Jenna Elfman was lofted a softball on People TV in August 2018 and dutifully answered as if nothing had transpired in the last 20 years or so regarding the public’s greater awareness of Scientology. Asked to respond to criticism of the church coming from Alex Gibney’s HBO documentary Going Clear and Leah Remini’s A&E series Scientology and the Aftermath, Elfman spewed the most scripted “it’s been a great part of my life” spiel you will ever see a Scientology celeb vomit forth. Seriously, this is textbook stuff.

Here’s the transcript…

Well I’ve been a Scientologist for 28 years and that’s a huge part of what helps us keep our communication going in our relationship. You know, we’ve never cheated on each other, like we’ve never broken up, like, we hang in there. Raising children. Maintaining my sanity in a crazy world — like, our world is crazy. It’s getting crazier, and Hollywood is like the ne plus ultra of crazy. And I use, you know in Scientology there’s tools on communication. You could do a course, it’s a communication course, on how to communicate and understand people, how to improve relationships with others, that’s another course in Scientology. It has one of the most successful drug rehabilitation programs in the world. It’s got a criminal reform program that uses Hubbard’s methodology. I think for people who do the Criminon program for inmates it’s got a 98 percent success rate, like, no recidivism. And right now, our recidivism rate is like 85 percent in California alone? So I think anything that works tends to get attacked. I think that…

What do you think is the biggest misconception about Scientology and why does it get picked on so much?

I don’t know. I just, it’s like, it’s been so workable for me. I don’t even… Yeah, like why… I use it every single day of my life, and it keeps me energized and vivacious and happy and, I like literally have so much going on why am I going to you know, let me go put some negativity in my life. Let me go see who’s being a bigot. Why would I search for bigotry in this world when it’s the one thing that’s been this huge help in my life to keep me sane and to raise great kids. And, I just think people should check it out for themselves and not just believe everything that they may happen to just hear or read on the Internet. You know, and you go to and find out for yourself. How about that? That’s a novel idea.


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