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Scientologists Warned about Facebook “Entheta” After Leah Remini’s Departure

Run away! Leah Remini's in your Facebook!

Run away! Leah Remini’s in your Facebook!

Oh, this is rich. One of our tipsters forwarded to us a message that has been sent to Scientologists about how to avoid all the “entheta” — negative press — that has enveloped Scientology, especially since the departure of Leah Remini.

Since the news of Remini’s defection broke on July 8, Scientologists — who are obsessed with rules and regulations and can hardly put on their shoes in the morning without instructions from the church — have been asking for help understanding what’s going on.

The problem is, how do you warn your fellow church members about being exposed to online entheta without running into it yourself? And how do you find out which of your so-called friends is actually in contact with evil “Suppressive Persons” that you’ve now been ordered to cut out of your lives? These are the kinds of questions that haunt the members of Tom Cruise’s congregation.

Well, here’s some helpful advice to keep your Facebook page SP-free, courtesy of the nice folks at Scientology…

There is a way to help keep entheta off our lines. Using the new facebook graph search you can simply type “My friends who are in [insert SP group here]” and it will pull up a page where you can message all of your friends in that group. This way you can help your fellow Scientologists without exposing yourself to further entheta.

Also, if you discover that you have mistakenly added an SP as a friend on FB, you can (before you block them) use “My friends who are friends of [insert SPs name here]” to see who of your friends are connected to that person.


Let’s not validate nor put extra attention on the entheta; why, I’m really not interested to make it more solid!!

Let’s flourish and prosper while keeping on sharing great news!!

Let’s unpack that message a little. In Scientology, when someone is “declared” a “suppressive person” or “SP,” they have been labeled an evil outsider and everyone else in the church must completely cut off ties from them, even if it means severing ties with a close family member.

In the first instruction, Scientologists are being told how to find if their friends have unwittingly fallen into an SP group and need rescuing — and with this trick, it can be done without subjecting yourself to the “entheta” of the group itself. Neat and clean!

In the second instruction, you can find out if your friends are connected to known SPs, and help them delete the evil bastards.

And here’s the main thing: Scientologists, despite their claim to superior communication skills and the ability to “confront,” dare not actually read about what it was that motivated Leah Remini to ask hard questions about her church — the vanishing of Shelly Miscavige, for example, or the toxic policy of disconnection. Better to be shielded from that information than actually let it enter their delicate minds!

The latest information we have is that Leah Remini has not yet been declared an SP, but she is considered “not in good standing,” and Scientologists are being told to disconnect from her anyway — and to disconnect from her family members, who have all left the church with her.

We’ve been told by several Scientologists that they were asked to come down to a Los Angeles-area “org” to view a video to help them deal with the “entheta” of Remini’s departure, and this morning, for the first time, we heard from a reliable source inside the church that a “dead agent pack” has now been assembled about Remini. DA Packs are usually assembled by Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs (its intelligence and covert operations wing), and they include negative information about the target in order to poison the subject’s reputation so that the easily-swayed can be convinced it’s better not to trust anything the subject says.

We’re doing our best to get more information about what’s in the video and the DA Pack.


Posted by Tony Ortega on July 25, 2013 at 15:30

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