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Scientology, Your Proprietor, and the Airwaves


It’s self-promotion day here on the fringes of the Internet!

We’re trying to get some big stories finished up here in the Bunker (as well as another chapter of the book, which is coming along nicely), so this morning we’re going to plague you with some examples of our recent appearances on local media.

Allison Hope Weiner has had us on her show “Media Mayhem” before, and we always enjoy her interest in the subject of Scientology. Our old Los Angeles friend Mark Ebner has also been a regular on the program.

See if you can struggle through it, and hey, a couple of our cats make impromptu comments in the background — bonus!



Yesterday we were also welcomed on Rick and Brad’s morning show at KATT-FM in Oklahoma City. We’ve been on the program before, and Brad always asks great questions. No cats this time, though.


Hopefully that’s all the horn-tootin’ we’ll be doing for a while, so fear not, we’ll be back to breaking hard news stories soon enough. We have several on the way!


Another Document That Establishes an RTC-Narconon Link

Yesterday, we brought to you the lengthy response that Jeff Harris put into the court record opposing Scientology’s motions to dismiss in the federal class-action lawsuit in Georgia against Scientology and its drug rehab network, Narconon.

Scientology’s controlling entity, the Religious Technology Center (RTC), is trying to get out of the lawsuit by saying it has nothing to do with Narconon — which is usually the church’s strategy.

Harris’s briefing came with 31 exhibits of Scientology’s own documents establishing the control that RTC has over every level of Scientology, including its “social betterment” programs, which include Narconon.

Now, a tipster has forwarded to us a 1987 document that we imagine Harris would like to see. Entitled “Social Coordination Strategy,” it uses the old name (Social Coordination, “SOCO”) for the social betterment programs under the umbrella of the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE).

Its tone is strong: “Any idea that a SOCO group is there for any other reason than getting LRH’s tech out to society and replacing the unworkable tech that has been introduced, must be cast aside.”

Most importantly, note the annotation near the end: “Authorized by AVC Int,” which we explained yesterday is a division of RTC — Authorization, Verification, and Correction.

Thanks to our tipster for giving us this glimpse of RTC bluster…


SOCO Directive 1987


Posted by Tony Ortega on July 26, 2013 at 07:00

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