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Leah Remini starts third season with bombshell Scientology escape story

[Valerie Haney]

After two “special” episodes — one about Jehovah’s Witnesses and one about the emotional pain of leaving Scientology — A&E’s Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath officially kicks off its third season tonight with an absolute blockbuster of an episode.

Valerie Haney’s story is one that we’ve been waiting to hear for a long time. We actually wrote about Valerie five years ago, but we didn’t tell you her name at that time. In fact, Valerie was still confined to Int Base then, working as a casting agent for Scientology films, and we learned her story from a close friend who was an eyewitness to what had happened to her — that she had suffered some of the blowback when Shelly Miscavige fell afoul of her husband, Scientology leader David Miscavige.

Valerie didn’t escape from the base until 2016, and now she is telling her story for the first time on tonight’s bombshell episode.

We’re not going to spoil any of the big surprises for you, but there is so much in this episode that we are going to share a few of the smaller revelations to whet your appetite.

Mike and Leah begin the show by reminding us of the shocking allegations about David Miscavige and his treatment of his Sea Org minions that came out some nine years ago when former top officials like Marc Headley and Jefferson Hawkins and Amy Scobee joined Mike Rinder to reveal their secrets in a huge series published by the Tampa Bay Times and then on Anderson Cooper’s show and other subsequent programs. Scientology denied that Miscavige was abusive, and some years have gone by now. Are things in the Sea Org still as bad?


That’s where Valerie comes in. A 37-year veteran of the church who spent 22 years in the Sea Org, she worked closer with Shelly and Dave than anyone, day in and day out, and she had a front-row seat for the beatings and the prisoners being held in “The Hole” — Miscavige’s bizarre office-prison for his executives that was first created in 2004.

Valerie now confirms what we had been hearing elsewhere — that in 2016 when she left, the Hole was still in existence, and that one of its prisoners is Heber Jentzsch, the president of the Church of Scientology International who is now 82 years old and has been a prisoner for some 12 years.

Her memory of how Heber in particular was treated, including one incident involving the filming of a video praising Miscavige — well, it’s truly astonishing and we’ll let you hear about it from Valerie.

Valerie’s own role involved working as a steward to Dave and Shelly, which had her serving meals and taking care of the most personal needs of Scientology’s most powerful couple, working in their private rooms. And she got an up-close view of how David Miscavige, over time, became more and more unhinged.

As Miscavige’s behavior became more unpredictable and abusive, his wife Shelly would ask Valerie about it, clearly concerned about the effect it was having on people. Valerie says Shelly even tried to find ways to shield people from Miscavige’s wrath by having them reassigned. But that blew up in her face when Miscavige went ballistic over her meddling. Shelly then vanished.

As we’ve reported many times before, Shelly Miscavige disappeared from Int Base in August or September of 2005, and we are pretty confident that in the 13 years since (except for a day to go to the funeral of her father in the summer of 2007), Shelly has been living and working at a very isolated small compound near Lake Arrowhead, California, the headquarters of a Scientology entity known as the Church of Spiritual Technology. Valerie doesn’t go into that here, but we believe that Mike and Leah will finally be diving into this subject later in the season.

Anyway, once Shelly was gone, Valerie was out of a position and she was reassigned to grueling manual labor that took its toll. Then she got the job of casting agent, but things didn’t really improve. She made multiple attempts to “route out” and ditch the Sea Org, but her requests were always denied — because she’d worked so closely with Miscavige, she could never leave.

But the final straw? Oh, it’s so ironic.

Scientology had decided to make a film that portrayed a historical situation that was so on point about Scientology’s own treatment of its employees, it stunned Valerie into a moment of clarity. (We’re dying to tell you about it, but again, we’ll let you find out the subject of the film for yourself).

After that shock, Valerie decided she had to make a break for it.

How she got away is easily the most amazing Scientology escape story of all time. And we won’t spoil it for you here, just make sure you bring some popcorn for tonight’s episode.

And there are more surprises in this episode besides Valerie’s brave escape. Just wait till you see how Scientology reacted when it realized that Valerie was working with Leah on the show.

You might have seen that Scientology posted a video yesterday of Valerie’s still-in Scientology relatives denouncing her for working with Leah. It’s pathetic, even by Scientology’s standards. But Scientology’s real reaction, revealed in the episode, is much more gripping. We look forward to your reactions here in the comments section tonight.


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Scientology disconnection, a reminder

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