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Stephen Kent’s New Article on Scientology’s War With Psychiatry

Professor Stephen Kent is one of our favorite voices on Scientology. The University of Alberta scholar has one of the deepest archives of material known to exist, he is unafraid to speak truth about such subjects as the Sea Org’s RPF prison program, and he has regularly testified in court cases about his research.

He let us know that he’s published a new article with one of his graduate students, Terra Manca, about Scientology’s long war against psychiatry in the journal Mental Health, Religion & Culture.

As you’d expect, the scholarly work is weighty and rich, and we expect to be gleaning information from it for some time. And we’re happy here at the Bunker to make it available to our readers in its entirety, with permission from the good professor.

Please dive in, and in our comments section help us pull out the best bits from this hefty work of scholarship. It’s a community effort!

Stephen Kent: Scientology versus Psychiatry

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