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Vivian Kubrick Surfaces in the Oddest Possible Way: At an Alex Jones Rally

Vivian_KubrickThe Underground Bunker hopes you are about to enjoy a wonderful holiday weekend, and we offer you this treat as you prepare for family, food, and fun. (We’ll assume that our non-U.S. readers know that this is a big four-day weekend here.)

We couldn’t think of a better way to send you on your holiday than with a video that came to our attention last night. It’s from last week’s brutal display of police misconduct when some peaceful protesters found themselves on the receiving end of shocking government atrocities in the city of Dallas.

Wait, you didn’t hear about that?

Well, that’s no surprise, because the New World Order didn’t want you to know that crusading hero and radio host Alex Jones was the victim of shocking police barbarity, and it was all caught on tape.

Jones, the Austin-based radio maverick, had staged a rally in Dallas last Friday as nearby, a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination was being held by city officials. With a gaggle of his followers at his side, Jones bravely led a march to protest the government’s many lies and obfuscations about Kennedy’s death, when they were met by sheriff’s deputies who had the temerity to trample on Jones’s free speech rights.

As can be seen in videos of the event, Jones was the victim of what can only be described as robust pawing by several deputies who decided that Jones and his followers needed to be herded in a different direction.

Jones could hardly believe that the forces of tyranny had exposed their true agenda in such a naked show of aggression.

And while pro-government patsies like Mediaite and Wonkette poked fun at Jones, implying that being pushed by cops (who didn’t end up arresting anyone) didn’t exactly put the march on a par with Selma, Jones and his fans were clearly shocked by the misuse of force, and let the deputies hear about it.

In this video, skip to the 5-minute mark to hear Jones give this fiery speech to some officers, who frankly look a little bewildered: “This is unbelievable! These cops want to physically attack us. They hate Americans. They hate anybody who doesn’t work for their criminal mafia government. They absolutely think they’re tough…When the revolution comes, man, you’re in deep crap.”

Whew. What a day for liberty.

Anyway, here’s the surprising coda to that remarkable day: One of the freedom fighters among Jones’s admirers turned out to be a very surprising figure. It was Vivian Kubrick, daughter of the late great filmmaker, Stanley Kubrick, and Jones appeared to be absolutely starstruck that she showed up among his fans.

In this video posted yesterday, Jones and Kubrick engage in a gushing tribute to both her father’s films and the coming tyrannical apocalypse being unleashed by the Muslim pretender in the White House.

Not once in the 25-minute paranoiac lovefest between the two, however, is Vivian’s dedication to Scientology ever brought up, nor does either of them mention that her commitment to L. Ron Hubbard’s wacky church caused her to cut off all ties with her famous father in 1999, as he was editing his final film, Eyes Wide Shut. (He died that March, four months before the film opened in July.)


In fact, some knowledgeable folks have theorized that some of the pain that runs through Eyes Wide Shut was inspired by Kubrick’s feelings of loss after Vivian “disconnected” from her family in typical Scientology style.

Vivian reportedly showed up at her father’s funeral with a Scientology handler. Her separation from the family only deepened after that, and when her sister Anya died of cancer in 2009, Vivian didn’t show up at the funeral, even though she and her sister had been inseparable as children.

Vivian’s disconnection was keenly felt by her famous father, who had been treating her like a protege. She filmed a documentary about the making of her father’s horror classic, The Shining, while she was only 17, and composed the score for Full Metal Jacket at 24. But she turned down his offer to help with Eyes Wide Shut as she dedicated herself to Scientology.

“Stanley asked Vivian to compose the score, but at the last moment she said she wouldn’t,” Kubrick’s widow Christiane told the Guardian in 2009. “They had a huge fight. He was very unhappy. He wrote her a 40-page letter trying to win her back. He begged her endlessly to come home from California. I’m glad he didn’t live to see what happened.”

Is Alex Jones completely unaware of that history? That appears to be the case, as he tries repeatedly to drop in references to Stanley’s movies as he strokes Vivian during the video, egging on her anti-government spiel.

As for a Scientologist showing up among Jones’s followers, we’ve noticed that some Hubbardites tend to be susceptible to the wing-nut end of the political spectrum. But on the other hand, Scientology poster boy Tom Cruise generally gives to Democratic causes. Scientology itself doesn’t have an overt right or left lean, but if we had to generalize, we’d say most of its members congregate to the right side of the aisle.

Anyway, we’d love to hear more from Vivian about her political views, and we wonder what Jones thinks of Scientology. Perhaps after stuffing ourselves this holiday, we’ll get after it.


Mark Bunker on the Evolution of Scientology Protest

Great video about recent years by Karen de la Carriere, J. Swift, and Angry Gay Pope…



Posted by Tony Ortega on November 27, 2013 at 07:00

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  • GlibWog

    Could someone link me to Black Rob’s link on WWP .. I swear to God..Every time I go over there I get lost..and then I will Bookmark it .. Duh.. thanks Baby

  • Suppressive Tomato

    In a special celebration of ignorance, I’m watching the 2004 IAS video with the full-length Tom Cruise Freedom Medal Of Valor extravaganza. The first half, I hadn’t seen before; the second half is what probably everyone here has seen with his black turtleneck ramblings.

    So I have a question. If he is the most upstat, dedicated Scn ever, why isn’t he Sea Org? Where’s his billion year contract and fancy gold lanyard? Can he confront that question?

    • jeff

      Marc Headley said in his book that DM calling TC the “most dedicated Scientologist” was offensive to him and others in the Sea Org.

    • GlibWog

      Mr. Tomato..


      • Mooser

        I have, I would guess, the ultimate rank. I have never seen a single goddam Tom Cruise movie, except “Top Gun” (and that’s the one which convinced me he was a must to avoid.) I wouldn’t know him from Adam.
        Anyway, if our fighter planes are as creaky as that straining vehicle, we are in big trouble.

        • GlibWog

          Good Answer Capt Mooser.. You may proceed.

    • ThetaBara

      I’ve heard/read that he wanted to but DM told him he was more useful out being a movie star. I don’t have a cite for it, though.

  • Robert Eckert

    The miasma that is Espiando’s birthday has reached the east coast of the US, although it won’t be until the next hour that it actually reaches him. I’d tell you to have a happy one, but I know you would refuse!

  • media_lush

    Skip Press has an interesting piece on “Black Scientology”

  • Lurkness

    Somehow I have missed this. If you havent seen it, for your viewing pleasure, a short silent movie (taking from Metropolis) about the life and times of eller aich.

    • Jo

      Yikes, Mary Sue was an evil bitch, lol. This short is so funny.

  • Charlotte

    I am crying my eyes out over this. *refresh for image*
    I wonder what life is really like for that 12 year old. I wonder what that mother will feel when she learns the truth. I want to hug all my children and never let them go.

    Bloody hormones.
    Edit: posting didn’t work. Trying again

    • Lurkness

      This YT video is not available for viewing in US, unfortunately.

      • Charlotte

        Oh bollocks!

        It’s The IT Crowd, Season 4, Episode 3 – Spaceology intro.

  • Nightshade09

    WOW! I’m surprised Tony Ortega (former editor of the main stream magazine Village Voice) knows about and writes a somewhat positive piece on Alex Jones and Infowars?!.

    That’s news-story in and of itself!

    Come on Tony Alex Jones isn’t all bad.. Even main stream writers such as Naomi Wolf has been on his show and supports some of Jones stands. Give the man a chance. He makes a lot of sense.

    Even those of us against Scientology including Anonymous agree with Jones work.

    • Robert Eckert

      His writing is dripping with sarcasm, which I am amazed that anyone can miss. Alex Jones is a dangerous evil lunatic.

    • media_lush

      as trolling goes I would have to call that A FAIL

  • DodoTheLaser

    I hope Howard Stern will go – “So Kirstie, how is your friend Leah doing?” CRAZY, I tell ya!

    • Charlotte

      Yes, KA, crazy indeed. Do you think she’s trolling with this status? It does seem to invite a response.

      • DodoTheLaser

        It’s Twitter. And it’s part of her PR campaign for her new goofy show.

        • Charlotte

          I know it’s Twitter, I mean I wonder if she’s baiting to see who will focus on ‘crazy’ and launch an attack. So that she can Twitter fair game them and have her fans cheer her on. As in, the kind of shit other celebs pull for attention.

          • DodoTheLaser

            I doubt it, but you never know.

            • Charlotte

              Maybe I’ve spent too much lurking around Z list celeb twitter feeds (I’m blaming Miss Tia), because that’s exactly the crap that many pull. Sad part is that it actually works.

            • DodoTheLaser

              May be. Love your new avy, btw! 🙂

            • Charlotte

              Gracias. Been wearing the mo’ with pride this month.

            • KJP in Portland

              Hey, lookie there! You grew a caterpillar! I likes! 🙂

            • Charlotte

              Thanks! It’s growing on hubby too. Chortle chortle.

            • Casabeca

              She was lovely in the red dress for the encore.

    • GlibWog

      OMG Dodo.. You need to write a list of questions for Howard to ask Krusty… and send it to him.. You know he hates Scilllllooneytunes..

      PS Happy Turkey day big guy..xoox Baby

      • DodoTheLaser

        Thank you! Same to you, Baby!

        And it’s a good idea! Questions like:

        – Kirstie, why weren’t you at the Super Power building opening?
        – Shelly Miscavige wasn’t there either, how’s she doing?
        – Are you still friends with Lisa Marie Presley and Leah Remini?

        Oh, this can be a long lulzy list!

        • marti

          -So, where did Shelly spend Thanksgiving? Hemet?

          • DodoTheLaser

            Nah, Hemet is for peasants. Shelly is in a special secret RTC/CST OT resort.

        • GlibWog

          And you know we would all help you with the list! Woo Hoo..

    • Krew13

      Bitch is right. She’s certainly CRAZY.

      • DodoTheLaser

        Well, years on OT VII can be a bitch.

        • marti

          That is funny. I do so wish she was reading this right now!

          • DodoTheLaser

            Heck, for all we know she might be posting here as Bury The Nuts.
            (If you won’t hear from me in the next 24 hours, it means BTN didn’t like this joke and she hunted me d…)……… ds;k sd?D?/……………

            • marti


            • KJP in Portland


          • marti

            Good Morning KJP.

            • KJP in Portland

              Hi Marti! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • marti

      Of all, Wendy will ask the tough questions. Don’t let us down Wendy.
      Why? BeCOS.

    • Miss Tia

      i think stern has a twitter….DING! 🙂

  • DodoTheLaser

    End of DWTS chapter.

  • cdub

    Just saw the idle orgs web site now and yesterday the narconon reviews site. A few more of these, please.
    On a personal note I’ll be missing this blog for a long while, starting in a day or three, because I’ve taken a job driving trucks over the road and it starts soon. I’ve been told the wi-fi costs lotsa money at truck stops and since I hate spending money for computer stuff, that’s not very likely.
    Happy Thanksgiving to us Americans (Canadians too a few days ago I know), and to everyone keep up the good work!

    • DodoTheLaser

      It’d be nice to hear more of your story some day.
      Either way, good luck and thank you!

    • aquaclara

      Good luck to ya….and hope there are some good free wifi spots on your journeys. Or at least a little time to catch up on some books during the downtime. Be safe.

    • GlibWog

      Happy Thanksgiving cdub..

      When I was a young girl.. my dad would tell us while we were traveling ..

      ” Wave at the Truck Drivers.. they miss their kids.. and it will make them happy.. ”

      So all 4 of us in the back of the Station Wagon would wave our arms off like the ” Beverly Hillbillies..”

      and of course the Truckers would honk and wave..and laugh and smile at us..

      ( Do you know how many truckers there were between Oh and Florida ..and this was before I 75 S.. ) ha..

      Good luck with your job..we will miss you and just stop in when you can.. xoxo Baby

  • Krew13


    Lawyer: “Why does your church harass and intimidate critics?”

    Tommy: “You don’t have the fucking rank to ask that question!”

    Lawyer: “Actually, I do, we’re in a court of law”.

    Tommy: “This court doesn’t have the fucking rank to allow you to ask me anything!”

    Judge Waldrip: “Actually, it does, as set out in the Constitution of the United States of America”.

    Tommy: “The United States of America doesn’t have the fucking rank to allow this court to allow this lawyer to ask me anything!”

    Judge Waldrip: “Actually, it does, and now I’m going to hold you in contempt of court. Bailiffs, remove Mr Davis from my court and take him to the county jail”.

    Tommy: “You don’t have the—”

    Bailiff: “Bitch, shut the fuck up”.

  • Krew13

    Slappy in prison

    Bubba: “Hey boy. Come over ‘ere.”

    Slappy: “Do you know who I am?! I am COB! I am the leader of the world’s fastest growing religion! I am–”

    Bubba: “I tell you what you is, boy. You is my bitch. Now come on over ‘ere so I can fuck you up the ass!”

    Slappy: “I will have you taken to the RPF!”

    Bubba: “Boy, you better stop shouting at me or else I’ma kiss my fist all over your face, ya hear?!”

    Slappy: “Where are my guards?! Guards! Remove this man!”

    Bubba: “Bitch, you ain’t home no more. This be Bubba’s house and I say what goes ‘ere, boy.”

    Slappy: “I’m going to–”

    Bubba: “Do what? Boy, you smaller than a midget’s dick. I’ma whoop yo ass and you gonna like it.”

    Slappy: “Please, I beg you.”

    Bubba: “Too late for that, boy. Now pull down them pants. Bubba need some gooood lovin'”.

    • Charlotte

      Props on your ability to effectively paint a scene.

      Now I need to go rock back and forth in a corner.

    • DodoTheLaser

      Believe it or not, I wouldn’t wish this scenario on anyone.

      • Krew13

        Not even Hitler or a paedophile?

        • DodoTheLaser

          I thought the same thing seconds before i read your question.
          With that in mind – the goal is to stop the abuses and restrain the abusers.
          Generating more of the same is playing their wicked, insane game, imo.

          • Krew13

            Not really because pedophiles have been shown to have the highest recidivism rates of any category of prisoner. Basically, they’re incapable of rehabilitation and will reoffend at every given opportunity. Since we put don’t sex offenders to death, their time in prison should be as unpleasant as possible. I’ve never bought into the bleeding heart mantra that society should treat the worst criminals kindly.

            • Charlotte

              I agree with so much of what you’re saying, but I don’t want to have to contemplate this here.

              So, thank you for your creativity and writing talent, and adieu

            • DodoTheLaser

              Kindly and justly is not the same.
              Justly doesn’t mean prison rape though.

              I belief criminals are mental cases.
              Kill them or try to rehab them. Or just keep them locked.

              No need for sick revenge games.

            • Krew13

              Well, I’m not saying revenge games would be something actually enforced as some sort of law or rule. I’m saying it happens, it goes on, and sometimes it happens to people who deserve it. Last year a prisoner in the UK who bragged about raping underage girls was killed by two other prisoners. I won’t go into the details of what they did but I didn’t feel one iota of sympathy for him.

              More recently, the lead singer of the band Lostprophets and two female fans have pled guilty and await sentencing for abuse which I’m not even going to mention here. When I read in the news what they did, I actually felt sick for about three hours, and that’s the stuff the press were ALLOWED to report. I won’t deny my reaction is emotive but I don’t apologize for saying people like him and the two women deserve to suffer for what they’ve done. My hope is that he in particular suffers a similar fate to the other man I mentioned.

            • George Diaz

              Rape in prison, happens mostly to innocent young people in for say, a the victimless crime of a cannabis possession charge. And if you want to get sick for three hours, I can point *you* in the right direction. I’ll give you a little taste, such a young man having all his front teeth knocked out; I’ll let you use your imagination for the rest. This particular young man I am thinking of, committed suicide, right after his rape. This is the epitome of savagery and cruelty. I agree with *Dodo* and *TheLaser* assessment he gave you. Just as violence begets violence, any act of *cruelty* and *inhumanity* begets more cruelty & inhumanity. Same with *revenge*. “That’s all I have to say about that”. “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get”. (Both quotes by Forrest Gump)

            • Mooser

              I wonder if the total of reported sexual assaults is higher in prison, or in the military. I wonder if Google knows.

            • George Diaz

              I’ll check out of curiosity but I was in the military, stationed in a place called Baumholder, in Germany; well, servicemen also called it, Bumf*ckEgypt and the 8th infantry of which I was part was almost sent to Egypt or the Middle East – they had us on high alert – in 1973 and I can tell you that I never felt nor saw that was a problem. I never had a problem with that; never heard of it being a problem & never knew anyone that had been raped. I’d not feel as comfortable about that in a prison, is all I can tell you. And I know it happens in prison a lot, from what I’ve read. And with awful consequences, at times. No, I’ve never been in prison; nor do I intend to be. I’m a law abiding citizen without a blemish on my record, not even a car accident; much less a criminal record.

              Okay, on a cursory check, consulting only Wikipedia, I say the incidence of “male to male rape” is much higher in prison (as I thought it would be, using common sense):

              “In 2007, the American Journal of Public Health (AJPH) reported rates of MST were approximately 22% among female Veterans and 1.2% among male Veterans.[4]

              In 2010, AJPH reported MST rates among U.S. Veterans returning from the recent wars in Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom, OEF) and Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom, OIF) to be 15.1% among female Veterans and 0.7% among male Veterans.[5]” — Wikipedia article on “Military Sexual Trauma”
              In contrast:

              “In 1974 Carl Weiss and David James Friar wrote that 46 million Americans would one day be incarcerated; of that number, they claimed, 10 million would be raped.[1]

              A United States Department of Justice report, Sexual Victimization in Prisons and Jails Reported by Inmates, states that “In 2011-12, an estimated 4.0% of state and federal prison inmates and 3.2% of jail inmates reported experiencing one or more incidents of sexual victimization by another inmate or facility staff in the past 12 months or since admission to the facility, if less than 12 months.” [2] However, advocates dispute the accuracy of the numbers, saying they seem to under report the real numbers of sexual assaults in prison, especially among juveniles.[3]

              A 1992 estimate from the Federal Bureau of Prisons conjectured that between 9 and 20 percent of inmates had been sexually assaulted.[1] Studies in 1982 and 1996 both concluded that the rate was somewhere between 12 and 14 percent. A 1986 study by Daniel Lockwood put the number at around 23 percent[1] for maximum security prisons in New York.” — Wikipedia

            • MaxSpaceman
            • George Diaz

              I fail to see the point of you sending me this but yes, that’s sick and yes, he’ll probably be raped, himself, in prison. That’s reality. Sick but reality.

            • MaxSpaceman
            • Casabeca

              Beautifully said Dodo.
              I like your big, kind heart, and your help in answering with details ands kindness for a never-in like me!
              I appreciate you.

            • HelenNPN

              So you want to be a rapist to show a pedophile the error of their ways? Have you really thought that through? Doesn’t sound like it.

            • Krew13

              WHERE did I say I want to rape a pedophile? I said I wouldn’t feel sorry if they suffered in prison.

            • HelenNPN

              As the imagineer and author of the scripted rape scenario above, you definitely give off the impression that if you were not Bubba himself, you consider Bubba your proxy.

              Perhaps you are unaware of how really disturbed your scripted rape scenario for “humor” or “revenge” actually appears.

            • Krew13

              By that logic, Quentin Tarantino and John Boorman, directors of Pulp Fiction and Deliverance respectively, also have a sub-conscious desire to commit rape, given that both their films feature a similar scenario.

            • MaxSpaceman

              Krew 13 said he wouldn’t feel sorry if someone like Ian Watkins (if found guilty) suffered in prison for this crime list:


      • ThetaBara

        Thank you, Dodo. Rape is not funny. The fact that it seems to be built in to the american prison system is shameful.

        • Mooser

          It’s built into the military, too. Got to think of our soldier’s morale!

        • Casabeca

          Happy thanksgiving and many up votes for this.
          I hope we become more civilized & still fight hard for justice.

  • Charlotte

    Posting to MonkeyKnickers to say Happy Thanksgiving, I’m guessing by now (or very soon) you’ve got two beautiful new things to be thankful for 🙂

  • George Diaz

    First of all, *Happy Thanksgiving* to everyone.

    I just wanted to say that this Alex Jones demonstration was staged, IMHO. It’s complete and utter bullshit. Alex Jones, I highly suspect, is nothing but a fear mongering, rabble rouser and tool or shill for the same people he supposedly criticizes or “attacks”. He’s a sensationalist bullshitter making a lot of money from the gullible who pulls stuff out of his ass and reports it as FACT. One perfect example was his Y2K scare, where the Russians were attacking the U.S. & Europe

    /watch?v=7WkGyAqVmCk – “….hundreds of thousands dying…” <= Y2K
    But there's lots more where that last came from:

    /watch?v=CHgCopVQ5Ek – 26 Alex Jones LIES Debunked
    /watch?v=m7t0fqD83TI – 123 Alex Jones Lies
    /watch?v=ZwURLwd8pEA – 42 STUPID Alex Jones PREDICTIONS

    Take your pick. The guy's a liar and a conspiracy theorist, which he denies. He's misleading & deceiving people.

    • Rock Jurgens

      He thinks he’s wrapped up in a Bond movie and some shadowy front is pulling all the strings. I think it’s dangerous in that I know RL people who are swayed and frightened by his gravel toned rabble rabble.

      He’s basically yelling fire in a crowded theater, daily.

      • George Diaz

        I agree 110% with all you said. It’s the Cult of Alex Jones and his frightened devotees. NWO, BOO! Illuminati, OMG! RUN!!!

  • Mooser

    “He wrote her a 40-page letter trying to win her back.”

    Gosh, you never know how the other half lives, do you? A 40 page letter? My parents settled the entire thing with just a few words in the will. And it was unbreakable. I wasn’t so lucky.

  • HelenNPN

    Tony, love ya, but you missed the boat here. She was well spoken regarding the events at hand. From reading your write up, I thought Alex Jones made it all up, but he was actually quite shoved around. This was wrong. This is how the police start “police riots”. You do a great job usually, this is a rare exception to that record. In this case, the snarky tone of your article is inappropriate. Comments below about mental illness are simply unjustified by what is displayed in this video.

  • WhitleyGilbert

    Very interesting. You know, come to think of it, I used to be a lot more interested in keeping up with the various ex-scientology news and boards. But then a lot of comments by people on the “ex” boards were making about politics and culture in general made me very uncomfortable. So uncomfortable that I kinda stopped caring as much about the issue and stopped visiting most of the sites. Now a days I read here, but that is about it. So, yeah, I find this very interesting…..

  • Rock Jurgens

    “…but if we had to generalize, we’d say most of its members congregate to the right side of the aisle.”

    Damn. Again with that crap. I’ve seen Scobee and Magoo say that once or twice, but I’d have to venture a guess – being purely judgmental – that Scobee and Magoo have voted left wing their entire lives. (when they could get out to vote, that is)

    Keep the right/left dynamic to yourself. I’d certainly say that Village Voice skews left, yet here I am…

    I like coming here, and I like sifting through the comments, but this anti republican $%^& has to stop.

    Alex Jones is a nut who could find a conspiracy in a bowl of Cheerios. He’s hardly a representative of the American right.

    In other news…

    Keep fighting, we’re winning.

  • El Con Blubbard

    It is appalling that Vivian Kubrick talks about “being unaware” and yet she has no clue that the Cult of Scientology is insane and committing evil crimes daily! Just fricken amazing how clue less she is about her “Church” yet she can see it out in the World. Wake up Vivian Kubrick!! LOOK at your “relgion” and do something about it!

  • ImSoBoredWithTheUSA

    There’s a strange amount of overlap between Alex Jones & L. Ron Hubbard: Earth is a Prison Planet; the IRS is evil; doctors are evil – ESPECIALLY psychiatrists – and modern medicines are scams; both scientologists & Jones’s sovereign-citizen fans file multiple, frivolous lawsuits against perceived enemies; they both are huge egotists who think only they know what’s REALLY going on; they’re both shameless self-promoters & liars; they’re both paranoid to the extent that they apparently believe that sci-fi movies are actually documentaries; they’re both obsessed with celebrities; and – of course – they both got rich by fleecing the rubes.

    • salin

      And dangerous.