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KID CORPS: Scientology wanted cadets as young as 6 dealing out justice to each other

Like anything else in Scientology, how children are treated is governed by a huge number of policies and reports, and in this series we’re looking at documents that show how children were treated under the ideas of L. Ron Hubbard. We’re fortunate that one man has done so much to collect huge numbers of such documents — Mark “Warrior” Plummer, who left Scientology in 1983, and is pretty legendary for the collection of church materials he’s amassed. Also helping us is Sunny Pereira, who spent several weeks working with Mark to pull out key documents for us to discuss.

The Bunker: Sunny, you forwarded this document to us calling it “the worst thing that ever happened to Sea Org kids.” That really got our attention. Please explain.

Sunny: The Cadet Org is commonly understood to be staffed by the children (the youngest age 6, oldest around 15, but most joined the Sea Org by then or even earlier), but back in the 70s, the executives of the Cadet Org were staffed by adult Sea Org personnel (at least the post of “CO” which stands for “Commanding Officer,” who is the top person in the org). So the first instructions on this issue are talking about a parent not being allowed to give orders to their own children without those instructions first going through the CO Cadets. The CO Cadets is the person in charge of the children assigned to the Cadet Org, and, at the time of this writing, was manned by an adult.

The Bunker: A Sea Org parent couldn’t tell their own kids what to do, but would have to go through the Cadet Org?


Sunny: That’s right. The second point talks about any discipline needing to go through the Cadet HAS and MAA. HAS is the divisional head of HCO Division One in any org board. They are in charge of Personnel, Communications and Ethics Departments. The MAA is in the ethics department, which is part of HCO (The MAA “Master at Arms” answers to the HAS). This means that any child having problems in the Cadet Org, or at home, must get ethics and justice through the Cadet Org. And if a parent is having trouble with their child, that child would get a Committee of Evidence, run completely by other children.

The Bunker: So, like a justice court, run by Scientology kids?

Sunny: According to Hubbard, a committee of evidence is supposed to be a fact finding body. It must have a minimum of four persons on the committee. When someone is brought before a “Comm Ev,” a list, called a “Bill of Particulars,” is presented which states the offenses that the Board must check into. (Examples of offenses: “Refusal to uphold discipline,” “not following the 10 points of Keeping Scientology Working.”) Whether the person pleads guilty or not, the “fact finding body” reads all of the reports written on the person and decide if they are guilty or not. Once guilt or innocence is determined on each offense, then the committee must assign the appropriate penalty for the offenses. It could be 50 hours amends (which has to be done outside normal work hours), lower condition assignments, RPF assignment, booted out of Sea Org and so forth.

The Bunker: And all decided by children.

Sunny: Right, so let’s say a parent is having trouble with their child. The parent is not allowed to do anything about it, except request discipline on their own child by other children. In order to make the request, this parent cannot verbally state what the issue is with the child. They must write a “Knowledge Report” on their own child and turn it in, and wait for these other children to “fix” the child, with this Committee.

The Bunker: That’s like something out of a Twilight Zone episode.

Sunny: The next line is about keeping children in the RPF. The purpose of this issue was to prevent the parents from interfering with the Cadet Org. They want the Cadets producing and learning how to become full Sea Org members. Remember, the Cadets must sign a billion-year contract just to be in the Cadet org (otherwise they are “children,” not cadets, and live with the children in the old building by Celebrity Centre). The billion-year contract is not activated until they sign up for full Sea Org proper, which means going onto the “EPF” (Estates Project Force).

Mark: This is so totally screwed up because it’s nothing more than a demonstration of Scientology’s intention to mold kids into the mindset of Hubbard. Let’s make them Hubbard mind-infected clones. And in the process, let’s take away the parents’ roles in raising their children, and give it to some unqualified staff member with a history of criminality or sexual perversion — Aides Order 203-71 substantiates my claim with their admission “the CEO also had a large number of DBs [degraded beings], criminals and perverts posted in it.” This CMO directive is totally ridiculous and is something I completely rejected and ignored.

Sunny: As you can see from Mark’s comment, many parents protested these types of changes and tried to not let them happen. But in the end, Scientology always wins.

The Bunker: And here’s the document itself…



CMO ED 411

29 August 1979
(Blue on Blue)


The following are some Consultant Advices which are for the Cadet Org and which are to be known and followed by all staff:

1. “No order to a child or about a child must be permitted to go off lines. Parents must pass any order to the child but through the CO Cadets who may alter or cut it if off pgm.” (Consultant)

2. “Any discipline goes through the Cadet Org HAS and MAA. Any Comm Ev is committee’d only by children” (Consultant)

3. “Make it known to the children that any act of vandalism, theft or out-ethics or any crime committed by a child will be immediately followed by placing that child in the RPF under severe restrictions.” (Consultant)

By following these, the Cadet Org will be allowed to be able to hold the form of an org and thereby be able to produce its products of:

A. “Completed successful Cadet Missions that eliminate undesireable conditions in PAC” (Consultant)

B. “Competent and well trained children who are a credit to the SO and are resources and valuable personnel assets.” (Consultant)

Steve Crivello

Approved by

for the
of the


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Phil and Willie Jones have not seen their son Mike and daughter Emily in 1,493 days.
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Kate Bornstein has not seen her daughter Jessica in 12,846 days.


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